GH Transcript Friday 8/17/07

General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/17/07


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Diane: Oh, this pasta is to die for. Where did you get this?

Sonny: My kitchen.

Diane: You didn't -- did you make this?

Sonny: Yeah, I just threw a few things together, you know what I mean?

Diane: Oh. You never cease to amaze me.

Sonny: Right back at you.

Diane: Mmm, mmm.

Sonny: You know what? You did brilliant trial work. First of all, you got Jason exonerated and then you got, you know -- you just pulled Kate right out of lockup without even breaking a stride.

Diane: I'm just doing what you pay me for.

Sonny: Can you stop with the false modesty? It doesn't really look good on you.

[Diane chuckles]

Diane: Fine. I'm fabulous.

Sonny: Yes, you are, and I want you to keep working that magic. Can you -- can you tell me what you need to do to drop the charges against Kate?

Diane: Yeah -- okay. I have been reviewing Kateís case and I'm afraid the charges are not going to go away as easily as you or Kate would've liked.

Sonny: Tell me what you need me to do.

Diane: It's not you -- no. In order -- if there's going to be even a "chance" of finessing these charges --

Sonny: Right.

Diane: Kate has got to appear remorseful. The judge has to be convinced that this whole unfortunate affair has left Kate Howard a changed woman.

Kate: Oh, Diane -- good. You saved me a phone call. You need to postpone my hearing. The European fashion consortium is meeting on Monday, which means I need to leave for Paris tonight.

Customs officer: One more time what is the nature of your visit to turkey? Business or pleasure?

Carly: Neither. I already told you, I am here to track down my worthless, cheating husband.

[Jax sighs]

Jax: Morning -- or is it still night, because it's a little hard to tell these days. I seem to be missing my plate. Breakfast for one, I guess, huh? That's my punishment -- making me sleep tied to a chair and eating in front of me while I starve? You're not still upset over my escape attempt yesterday, are you?

Irina: Not at all. In fact, I should thank you. By lying and double-crossing me, you've proven you're no better than your brother. That knowledge will make it much easier to dispose of you when Jerry arrives. I'm expecting him today.

[Knock on door]

Lucky: You stay the hell away from my family.

Sonny: You going to Paris tonight? What, are you nuts?

Kate: Oh, well, I am well aware for all intents and purposes that Paris shuts down for the month of August, which is precisely why the E.F.C. uses that time to have their meeting.

Sonny: So you don't get the seriousness of what's going on here, do you? I mean, or are you just doing that deliberately?

Kate: Doing what?

Sonny: Doing -- doing what? Acting oblivious.

Diane: Oh, okay. What -- what Sonny's concerned about, as well he should be --

Sonny: Oh, yeah.

Diane: Is -- is the fact that you have been released into his custody, so if you just jet off to Paris tonight, that constitutes jumping bail. You'll be subject to re-arrest.

Kate: Yes, but, Diane, surely you understand -- this is an emergency. Karl and Donatella called me personally. They want my input for their fall collections. Diane, you're a lawyer. Do something lawyerly.

Diane: I'm afraid it's not quite that simple.

Kate: I'll tell you what -- fix this pesky bail thingy, arrange to take a week off, and you could join me. Mm-hmm -- we could make a girls' fashion week out of it.

Diane: Oh --

Kate: I could introduce you to Calvin and Karl and Stella -- she's young, but one must keep her eye on the future. There will be parties and dinners and I'm sure that we could find some one-of-a-kind ensemble for you. What do you say?

Diane: Uh --

[Sonny snickers]

Diane: Well -- well, if I'm diligent, I may be able to find a legal loophole in the bail decree -- or we could just cover up the fact that you left town.

Sonny: Sure! If Kate Howard, you know, gets caught, she goes to prison. And she'll be ensembled in one of those, you know, those bright, all-season orange jump suits? But, hey, you know what? She can use her fashion hoo-ha -- because she's Miss Kate Howard -- to make the jump suits a new trend for the fall season.

Kate: It's orange, really? No one can wear orange.

Sonny: Okay, then, Kate. I guess you have to ask yourself -- is it worth it to be in a bad color just so you can go to some stupid fashion --

[Diane gasps]

Sonny: Stupid fashion show?

Jax: Be honest. What do you really expect to get out of this ole revenge plot? Do you think it's going to make up for the past or make you feel better?

Irina: I expect Jerry to suffer unspeakable pain while watching you die, the way he didn't suffer when he thought I died.

Jax: No, you're wrong -- Jerry did suffer. Jerry lost his mind. That drove him to put himself at the center of a hostage crisis. Yeah, there was a standoff with a swat team and police, and Jerry set off explosives and it didn't end too well for Jerry or the hostages. Look, when my brother first told me about you, he told me how much you were in love. Then he told me how he thought he caused your death. I've never seen him so distraught about anyone. He's been walking through a self-made hell ever since. And it gets worse because Jerry drove our mother away. She never wants to see him again, she doesn't want to talk to him. And he lost me.

Irina: Yet, here you are.

Jax: Yeah, well, it's in my nature to protect my family when they're being threatened. But that doesn't mean I want Jerry in my life. I donít. Jerry will never be an uncle to my kids. He'll never win the good graces of my wife. Jerry walked out of that torture chamber alive minus everything else that made it worth living, so you understand -- in a way, you've already won.

Irina: You know, you possess something Jerry doesn't -- the purity of spirit, and that's beautiful. That's how I know Jerry could never truly lose you. Your heart is too big to shut him out. And if I know that, Jerry does, too. And when he's forced to witness the death of his younger, beloved brother, he will feel the same pain I felt when he shattered my heart! Make no mistake -- Jerry will pay, according to plan.

Carly: I'm a good woman, I'm a loyal partner. When I make wedding vows, I want to keep them -- "forsaking all others till death do us part." But him?

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: Him. You know what he was doing? He was reciting, like kids do when they're in school and they're trying to memorize something. Forever turned into six months until he started chasing after another woman. He came all the way here from New York City. I'm going to hunt him down and I'm going to make sure he knows I'm not going to hand him over to some predatory female. It's not going to happen.

[Customs officer sighs]

Customs officer: I give you polite apologies, but your domestic problems cannot concern me. I must call department superiors, perhaps have you sent back to United States.

Carly: No, no, no -- wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, no! You can't do that. Okay, look, you got to be reasonable here. I don't even want to stay in your country very long -- I don't, okay? I just want to find my husband and make him pay for what he's done to me. I can't deal with the red tape, all right? I canít. He knows I'm following him. Look. If you let me leave here and you tell me whether or not my husband has been through the customs office in the past 24 hours -- look at that. That would be yours -- cash on the line.

Customs officer: You ask for information I cannot give. And now that you attempt to make bribery, you are restricted from leaving this office.

Elizabeth: Cameron, I know it was Daddy's turn to take you to daycare today, but Daddy had to sleep at the station last night, so I need you to be on your very best behavior.

[Jake cries]

Elizabeth: You're just fine. Come here -- let me wipe your mouth, okay?

Sam: Oh, look -- it's the Spencer brigade. Hey. Wow!

[Jake screams]

Sam: My goodness -- look at you! You are getting bigger every day! What do you say, Jake? You going to grow up big and strong just like your cop daddy, yeah? I don't suppose I could hold him, huh?

Elizabeth: I think I've made my feelings perfectly clear on the subject of you and my kids, so we're just going to pass on you holding him and I have to get to work. Come on.

Sam: On foot?

Elizabeth: Car's in the shop.

Sam: Well, what -- what about Lucky? Can't he give you a ride?

Elizabeth: He's busy. Have a good day.

Lucky: You stay away from Elizabeth and my kids.

Jason: What happened between me and Elizabeth was one night, almost a year ago.

Lucky: Yeah, and you've been hanging around her ever since -- hanging around playing hero.

Jason: Okay, look, if I'm guilty of trying to help Elizabeth, I'm not going to apologize for that.

Lucky: You know, you're such a standup guy. How can you justify seducing a married woman?

Carly: I'm sorry, okay? I'm -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to break any rules or insult you. I'm just trying to show you how desperate I am to get out of here right now.

Customs officer: I am sorry, but I must detain you until my superior returns.

Carly: Okay, look, you're not hearing me. This is urgent. I mean, surely you must realize that when you love someone, it can make you do things that you wouldn't normally do, like bribe a very honest civil servant. Look, the man I love is being held by a very dangerous woman right now. Irina has no scruples. She was his first love, you know, and -- and that wields a lot of power and I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to break the hold that she has over him.

Customs officer: My heart is not immune to your story.

Carly: See, you may be able to sympathize, but I don't think you can really understand. I mean, it is torture. It is torture when you know the person you love has been in love with someone before you ever came into the picture, and they may only be with you because they just want to forget about that person that they love -- do you understand that?

Customs officer: The only woman I ever loved -- Lara -- left me for her first love. His name is Yuri, a doctor, a poet, a revolutionary. Lara mistakes these things as being more romantic than working for my country in customs office. She never look back.

Carly: See, see, see? Gregory, you do understand. You do understand and you need to help me. Come on, let's score one for the wronged in love, and not just for us but for the people who have been through the devastation that we have in common. Come on, please, help me.

Gregory: Yes. I help you change your destiny.

[Speaking foreign language]

Gregory: Jerry Jacks. No Jerry Jacks listed through any customs office.

Carly: Okay. Can you check a James Brosnan?

[Speaking foreign language]

Gregory: James Brosnan. Oh? Yeah. I find your husband for you.

Carly: Oh, my God.

Gregory: Here is hotel address for you.

Carly: Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Jerry: Who is it?

Man: Silas.

Jerry: Get in -- in. I paid you a large sum of money for a very simple job -- to lure Jax away from the United States and make him believe he was on my trail to keep him incommunicado, out of harm's way. You failed miserably.

Silas: I can explain.

Jerry: I don't want any excuses.

Silas: No excuses, just fact. Everything was fine until your brother suddenly drop out of sight. But not to worry, my friend -- my contacts have come through. We now know who's holding him.

Jerry: You're not going to say Irina Adivar, are you?

Silas: Yes.

Jerry: No. No, no, no, that's impossible. It's a tiresome joke someone's playing on me, and when I find out who it is, they'll be very sorry, indeed.

Max: Are you sure your mom hasn't checked in from her business trip yet? Maybe with Leticia? No, no, Michael, I'm not worried. You know, I'm sure with the time change, she's just catching up on her beauty rest. You know how she is about that. Okay, buddy. Um, well, listen -- if you hear from her, call me and I'll do the same. All right. Oh.

Milo: What's wrong?

Max: Nothing.

Milo: Come on. I'm your brother and I know when you're upset.

Max: Look, you want me to sign an affidavit? I said I'm fine.

Milo: You're worried about Carly. Yeah. I can tell because not only did you check in with Michael, but you called her mom and the hotel, too.

Max: What can I say? You're a flipping genius.

Milo: Look, I -- I just -- I don't think you need to sweat it, bro. I me, if Carly's plane had trouble, God --

Max: Don't you even fix your mouth to say that.

Milo: I was going to say "God forbid," okay? It would've made the news.

Max: Look, it's not Carly's flight I'm worried about -- it's her destination!

Milo: Uh -- I don't follow.

Max: Oh -- what else is new? Look, Carly ran after Jax -- to the Black Sea?

Milo: The Black Sea on the other side of the planet?

Max: Yeah, and -- and Jerry's there, too, and who knows if Jax is in danger or if this is some crazy game?

Milo: Huh.

Max: You know what's worse?

Milo: Uh-uh.

Max: Is if Sonny and Jason find out I knew about this, I did nothing to stop it -- I'm your dead brother.

Jason: You need to listen to the truth, okay? You were dealing with your own problems at the time, I'd just found out that Sam had slept with Ric. Now, I'm not trying to justify anything, but the night that Elizabeth and I had was not planned and it never happened again.

Lucky: Yeah? Well, why should I believe you when both you and Elizabeth lied?

Jason: I'm sorry about that.

Lucky: Yeah, too little, too late. I'm still the father of Elizabethís children, so I want to tell you again. You stay away from my kids!

Lulu: What's going on?

Lucky: Lulu, what are you doing here?

Lulu: Looking for Spinelli.

Lucky: You tell Spinelli to stay away from my kids, too.

Jason: You okay?

Lulu: I'm not the one who just got banned from seeing a child that's really mine. What are you going to do?

Jerry: Whoever pointed you to Irina must be working for the person who abducted my brother. And whoever that was made a similar move to his wife, Carly.

Silas: What do you mean?

Jerry: Hmm. Carly received an anonymous call dropping Irina's name for the expressed purpose of getting under my skin since they must know that I watched Irina die in front of my eyes.

Silas: Maybe you only thought you did.

Jerry: No, no. You don't understand. You see, after I got caught, after I told them Irina had what they were looking for, they dragged her in front of me and I watched. They forced me to watch as they executed her. What are you doing?

Silas: I think I can access the surveillance photos from here.

Jerry: And you think --

Silas: If -- if it isn't Irina, she's got a double.

Jerry: And when do you think these were taken?

Silas: Yesterday.

Jerry: Where's the ship?

Silas: Uh, a kilometer, up the coast.

Jerry: Show me.

Silas: Here, take a look.

[Jerry chuckles]

Jerry: Oh, God. The joke's on me. Irina's been alive all this time.

Kate: Will you just stop making it sound as if I'm out on bail for first-degree murder? I side-swiped a car, a dirty one at that.

Sonny: Okay, you want to go -- you want to fly to Paris? Go ahead, fly to Paris. You think the pcpd can't arrest you there? They'll do it in public, in front of all your friends. Is that what you want?

Kate: Okay, enough, Sonny, enough with the scare tactics. Why don't you just admit it? You want me to stay in Port Charles because you like to be in control of me. That's why you had Diane release me into your custody.

Diane: Kate -- may I call you "Kate"? That's simply not true.

Kate: Diane, you are a fashion-conscious woman. You know that the E.F.C. dictates style for the next season and coming trends and my presence in Paris is crucial!

Diane: While I sympathize with your position -- and I do -- I just lost my head for a moment and I -- and I almost became your accomplice, but thankfully, reason has prevailed. And while I deeply regret admitting this, Sonny's right. You cannot go to Paris.

Kate: Really? Just try and stop me.

Lucky: You know, I don't think anybody's home.

Sam: Well, you're here. I mean, isn't -- isn't this your home?

Emily: Hey. Did Lucky ever come home last night?

Elizabeth: No, and I haven't heard from him.

Emily: Oh. Well, he just needs to clear his head. Things are going to settle down.

Elizabeth: I wouldn't bet on it.

Emily: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you saying?

Elizabeth: Lucky's world just got knocked off its axis, again. He didn't know that I had been to court, and then he gets blindsided by seeing the footage of me hugging Jason? To Lucky, it was just one more example of me sneaking off to with him.

Emily: My God, but it wasn't like that. You were happy that Jason won his freedom back -- we all were.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, you try explaining that to Lucky. It is so frustrating because I understand where he's coming from, but come on -- it was just a hug. It's not like he caught me kissing on him or professing my undying love.

Emily: Look, I think Lucky's just raw over finding out about you and Jason. He's going to be okay.

Elizabeth: I don't know. I've never seen him so furious. And now, he's starting to doubt everything we have ever been to each other, and honestly, I'm having doubts of my own.

Emily: Oh, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I can't help it. I'm starting to think my marriage is over.

Lulu: I actually came over to apologize.

Jason: For what?

Lulu: How obnoxious I've been about Jake, telling you what to do with your own child, like I have any right to make that decision.

Jason: You didn't ask to know the truth and then I'm actually the one who asked you to keep it a secret, so --

Lulu: Well, the more that I live with this, the more I realize that there are no good and bad people. Nobody's perfect. Fights happen, people get hurt and angry and they lash out. People make stupid mistakes and they end up hurting themselves or the people that they love or both. You and Elizabeth had your reasons for sleeping together. And you had your reasons for keeping it a secret, too. And when Elizabeth lied in court and said that Lucky was Jakeís real father, she had her reasons for that, too.

Jason: I was being tried for murder -- not a great time to announce that I'm the father.

Lulu: Exactly.

Jason: Yeah.

Lulu: So, you guys are all adults, so you get to choose. I just hope that whatever happens -- I was going to say I hope that everyone comes out of it okay, but I guess that's impossible, isn't it? Somebody has to lose.

Lucky: You know, I honestly don't even know what's happening. I haven't even exactly figured out what I'm going to say to Elizabeth.

Sam: Where did you sleep last night?

Lucky: The station. You know what? I think my dad was right.

Sam: About what?

Lucky: About the house. That it's a trap. That love dies a painful death. Or maybe was just a fool to think that Elizabeth and I could start over, even after what happened last year.

Sam: Well, look, hey, if that's true, then I am the same kind of fool for trying with Jason. I -- I wanted so bad to get a place in his heart, when clearly, he was involved with Elizabeth.

Emily: Every marriage faces difficult times.

Elizabeth: And not all of them survive.

Emily: Elizabeth, you and Lucky would have already been halfway there if that news footage wouldn't have set him off.

Epiphany: I swear. You people make me so glad that I am not involved with anyone right now. There's one crisis after the other. I saw that news footage. What's the big deal?

Elizabeth: My husband took exception to me hugging Jason.

Epiphany: Was it a prelude to something?

Elizabeth: No, of course not. Jason had just been acquitted of murder charges. I was happy for him.

Epiphany: Did you tell Lucky that?

Elizabeth: He won't hear me.

Epiphany: Well, then that's his problem. It doesn't become your problem unless it keeps you from completing my duty roster by 2:15.

Elizabeth: I love that that woman is so cut-and-dry. And I am cursed with seeing all the gray areas. I understand why Lucky is so upset, and I hate that I have caused him -- God -- so much pain and confusion. I don't know if we should even try anymore.

Emily: Wow. Okay, so you were serious about before?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, I think Lucky and I are through.

Emily: Okay. Um -- what if you are?

Elizabeth: I'll be on my own.

Emily: Unless you end up with Jason.

Lulu: Can I ask you a personal question?

Jason: Yeah.

Lulu: You probably won't answer. You'll probably just shut down the way that you do. Carly says it's because you feel too much.

Jason: You know, Carly says a lot of things.

Lulu: Yeah, I think she's right. I think that you don't let yourself show how you feel, because if you did, then you would drown in it. I mean, you have this baby that you love, that you hardly ever see, and when you do, everyone's talking about how he's Lucky's son. It has to kill you.

Jason: Yeah, I just want -- you know, I want Jake to be happy.

Lulu: Yeah, me, too. That's why I'm starting to wonder if Elizabethís plan is really going to work. I mean, Lucky's humiliated and furious, and he has every right to feel those things. But it doesn't make for a happy home environment. And Elizabethís not even fighting back -- which is okay, because she doesn't want to be a hypocrite, but who wants a mom that's suffering in silence, and a dad that's furious and trying to pretend that everything's okay? Which does not mean that I am trying to tell anybody what to do. I just think that it's sad that everybody's good intentions led to this. Which leads me to my personal question.

Jason: I thought you forgot you were going to ask one.

Lulu: Do you love Elizabeth? Because I think that she loves you.

Jason: You were right before. Um -- we just -- you know, we have to figure this whole thing out.

Spinelli: Blond One? Huh. Warmest greetings. What brings you to our humble abode?

Lulu: I, um, just wanted to tell Jason that I'm finished telling him what to do about the baby and everything else.

Spinelli: Oh. Well, that's very gracious of you. Huh. Although, I have no -- no doubts that Stone Cold is grateful for your discretion on the subject of his -- of his progeny's true parentage, and, you know, his -- his silence, however misguided, was --

Jason: Spinelli -- Spinelli --

Spinelli: Sorry. You go ahead.

Jason: I appreciate the concern. I do, from both of you. And I promise whatever happens, I'm going to do the best that I can for Jake.

Sam: I have been feeling really guilty all these months knowing that something more than friendship was going on between the two of them. Lucky, there were so many times where I wanted to tell you. I just -- I really wish I had.

Lucky: You know what? Don't -- don't blame yourself. You know what? I can't imagine the kind of pressure they put you under to be quiet.

Sam: Um --

Lucky: Ahem.

Sam: Okay, look, it was a little bit more than that. My own selfishness played a part big-time.

Lucky: How so?

Sam: Okay, well, I was kind of afraid that if you found out that Jason and Elizabeth slept together, you would walk out on her and then that would clear the way for the two of them to be together. I am -- I am so sorry, Lucky. I was protecting my own screwed-up relationship, and I know, you can say it -- you probably think I am the biggest loser right now.

Lucky: You're not the loser. You didn't do anything wrong.

Elizabeth: I've given my relationship with Lucky so many chances, and every time we run smack into another roadblock. Maybe we're not meant to be. And if that's true, if it really is the end, then I need to be honest and look at what direction I want my life to take. And in the spirit of honestly, I have to admit that I've always wondered what would've happened with me and Jason if I'd given it more of a chance. Maybe now's the time.

Spinelli: May I offer assistance with the putting away of the armaments?

Jason: No, I can -- I can handle it. Shouldn't you stay away from guns?

Spinelli: Not a bad idea.

[Spinelli chuckles]

Spinelli: Um -- wow, there's a lot of room in there -- extra space without fair Samanthaís lovely things.

Jason: Yeah, there is.

Spinelli: Maybe the extra room needn't go to waste. Just a thought. Uh, maybe there's enough room for Elizabeth and her little boys.

Max: I should've plugged Jerry Jacks the second he strolled into the hotel claiming he wasn't Mr. Craig.

Milo: Yeah, I know, but it wasn't your call.

Max: Who cares? At least Carly wouldn't be dealing with this freak. None of us would.

Milo: No. You want my advice?

Max: Eh.

Milo: All right. Come clean with Mr. C.

Max: Oh. You know, it's true. He's the boss, and more importantly, he's Michael and Morganís dad. And if Carly's -- he deserves to know what Carly's up to, especially if it's dangerous.

Milo: Exactly.

Max: Oh. Can I ask you a question?

Milo: Shoot.

Max: Why did you wait till now to start making sense? Look, the problem is, is I made a promise to Carly, and I gave her my word, and if I go back on it, she's never going to trust me again. And like it or not, Jax is her husband. So if Carly wants to chase him all over the globe, she can. And Sonny and Jason have no right to stop her.

Milo: You just don't want Carly mad at you.

Max: Okay, that, too.

Kate: You both can keep talking till you're gasping for air, but I'm going to Paris, and you can't stop me. And by the way, attorney-client privileges are in effect here, so if the cops get wind that I've left the country, I'll know who leaked it, and you both can be wearing orange jump suits with me.

Diane: Well, that's not -- that's not exactly the way it works, but don't let reality stop you.

Sonny: Well, you know what? At least it won't be crowded, because I hear lockup clears out for the month of August.

Kate: Wow.

Sonny: What?

Kate: You think that my job is insignificant, don't you? You think that "Couture" is some toy that could disappear tomorrow and no one would even notice. Well, let me enlighten you. I have reams of people who depend on me for their livelihood, and that may not be important in your world, but it matters to me. I will not let my work slide because some provincial bureaucrat has decided to go on a power trip.

Diane: While I appreciate your position, and I do, that is exactly the kind of attitude that's going to get you convicted.

Sonny: Don't worry, Diane, because I'm about to step in.

Kate: Oh. Meaning?

Sonny: Meaning I'm about to teach you a lesson on humility and respect.

Jax: If this is about that caviar I ordered, I can explain.

Irina: There has been a change in plans. Your brother moving faster than I anticipated.

Jax: He's close?

Irina: In a hotel room on the coast. It won't take him long to figure out which ship we are on. And I can't risk a rescue effort yet.

Jax: So the change in plans involves a move?

Irina: In part.

Jax: And what's the rest?

Irina: I now believe it's safer for me to watch Jerry arrive too late and find you already dead.

Irina's voice: I don't know this guy! Why am I here?


[Doorknob turns]

Carly: Get your hands off me!

Sam: The one who's been wronged here is you, Lucky. All you've been is devoted and -- and true. You tried your best to preserve your family. Elizabeth, she threw it all away. That makes her the biggest loser of all. I can't tell you how much I have wished for someone in my life to make me the priority.

Lucky: We both deserve better.

Sam: Yeah.

Sam: Sorry. I can't do this.

[Door opens and closes]

Jason: Elizabeth isn't going to be moving in here with her kids, okay? Above everything else that's going on, she knows that she has to protect Jake.

Spinelli: But if the maternal one and Lucky are truly over, which definitely appeared to be the case last night, why should she raise her children alone? I mean, you -- you love the small stone cold one, which is only good and natural because he is your son, and you are his most capable and loving father. I have -- I have no doubts that you'd be just as awesome to little Cameron. Look, do you honestly believe that the innocent one is safer with his mother alone with no one to protect them? His secret forever vulnerable for some evildoer to discover? So why not take advantage of this chance to raise your son now that fair Elizabeth might soon be free?

Jason: Well, if, um -- if Elizabeth could handle the danger, "if" she wanted to try, I would want to try.

Elizabeth: Hey, Cameron, we can play ball later, okay, but first, we're going to go to Jason's house because Mommy has something very important I want to discuss with him okay?

Man: Keep quiet and we won't hurt your kids.

Elizabeth: What do you want?

Man: We know that you and your kids are linked to Jason Morgan.

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Emily: Elizabeth really wants you.

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