GH Transcript Friday 8/10/07

General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/10/07


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Alexis: What do you mean, you want me to "back Sam off"?

Elizabeth: I think she's after Lucky.

Alexis: You mean, because of what happened with you and Jason?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Alexis: You have to admit she has a legitimate reason to be upset.

Elizabeth: Well, then tell her to take her upset out on me and to leave my children and my husband alone.

Lucky: Uh -- did you find the phone?

Sam: Yeah. Got it. Sorry. It was so careless of me to leave it -- or drop it on the --

Lucky: It's okay. You're welcome anytime.

Sam: You know, you have been so nice, and it just -- it -- it kind of makes it worse, you know?

Lucky: Why? What is it?

Ric: You're positive it was Jason Morgan that you saw outside the Alcazar home that afternoon?

Donald: Yes, Sir. He was loading Lorenzo Alcazar's body into the back of an SUV like it was so much garbage.

Diane: Objection -- prejudicial.

Judge: Move on, Mr. Lansing.

Ric: Why haven't you come forward before now, Mr. Mancini?

Donald: I was afraid he would kill me.

Spinelli: Fine, assault my body, loyal one, but just spare the computer, okay? Thank you.

Sonny: Thank you, Max.

Max: I'll be outside.

Spinelli: Uh -- you asked to see me, Mr. Corinthos, Sir? Perhaps you're in need of my cyber-skills? Um -- an update on Stone Cold, perhaps? Maybe a patch into the courtroom? Or no. Great. Well, uh, most grateful thanks for the audience, but I'm just going to --

Sonny: Stop. Turn around, look at me. It is time for you to be of some use.

Logan: What's this?

Maxie: Foreplay. Lulu loves daisies. They're like her -- all bright and perky.

Logan: She's not that perky once you get to know her, and I don't do, um, flowers.

Maxie: Well, you better do something, or I'm not going to keep up my part of the deal.

Logan: I'm not that worried.

Maxie: Okay, well, why don't you give Lulu a single daisy? It'll be like a little burst of sunshine for her sad, sad life. You'll have her in bed in no time.

Logan: What -- what's the rush here?

Maxie: Trust me -- tonight's the night.

Coop: You don't strike me as the superstitious type.

Lulu: Huh. Um, my mom used to always do it -- I don't even really know what it means.

Coop: I'm sure you miss her.

Lulu: Are you trying to find out where my dad took my mom so you can score points with Scott Baldwin?

Coop: I stay as far away from Baldwin as possible.

Lulu: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gotten suspicious. It just weirds me out that Scott is Logan’s long-lost father. I mean, it's no fun for Logan, either. He's all over the place.

Coop: I'm sure you probably don't want to hear this, but my warning about Logan still stands.

Alexis: You know, Sam's had a pretty messy life. She really doesn't handle disappointment all that well.

Elizabeth: And Lucky is vulnerable, too, and I'm afraid she's going to take advantage of that.

Alexis: Well, she's probably in a free-fall situation right now. She's built her whole life around Jason. She's never said a bad thing about him, and yet he turned to you anyway.

Elizabeth: She's always been jealous of my friendship with him.

Alexis: This is a little more than jealousy, Elizabeth. You can't blame Sam for acting out a little.

Elizabeth: I just walked in on Sam holding my baby, chatting up my husband. Would you say that's acting out a little or a lot?

Sam: I am so sorry.

Lucky: Sam, you don't have to keep apologizing.

Sam: No, it just -- it hits me with no warning. Something will remind me of my little girl, and then --

Lucky: It's okay.

Sam: I would've had a child of my own. She was fine the day before, and then within minutes, it was just -- I can't stop thinking about it. Jason and I, we would -- we would be together, and we would have a family of our own.

Lucky: And when Jake vanished, I got some idea what it would be like if I lost a child. It must be hell for you.

Sam: Yeah. I mean, my little girl turned me around before she was even born.

Lucky: Like Jake -- he gave me purpose, he got me back into rehab.

[Sam sighs]

Lucky: I just wish -- you know, I just wish Elizabeth could've trusted that.

Sam: Well, at least the truth is out now, right?

Lucky: Yeah. But the more I think about it, I just think Elizabeth and Jason -- I mean, I think they've been seeing each other all along.

Sam: Yeah, it looks that way, doesn't it? Which makes me feel even worse because I started this whole thing.

Lucky: Sam, you didn't make Elizabeth go to Jason that night.

Sam: Lucky, I loved Jason so much. I trusted him; I planned to spend the rest of my life with him. And I just -- I -- I can't stand the thought of the two of them sleeping together the whole time. I mean, who knows? Maybe they haven’t. But, still, you know, sometimes when Jason and I were together, I would still feel completely alone.

Lucky: Yeah, that's exactly how I felt with Elizabeth.

Sonny: I understand you were called to testify in Jason's trial.

Spinelli: That is -- that is correct. The Jackal has been called as a witness for the defense.

Sonny: Diane's got to be out of her freaking mind.

Spinelli: Uh, on the -- on the contrary, I think the savvy and strategic-thinking mob lawyer is planning to use the Jackal's defense as a -- a method of establishing Darth Alcazar's long-standing animosity towards Stone Cold, as well as the possibility -- nay, near certainty -- that evil Al faked his own death.

Sonny: Is that what you're going to say on the witness stand?

Spinelli: The Jackal's words will be the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me, gods and goddesses of all the universe, cyberspace, and this mortal coil.

Sonny: Are you planning on talking like that on the stand?

Spinelli: I'm sorry, like what?

Sonny: "Like what?"

Spinelli: Yeah.

Sonny: Like, weird -- the way you always talk?

Spinelli: Well -- no. I mean, not if it will harm Stone Cold.

Sonny: Okay, first of all, do not call him "Stone Cold" in court.

Spinelli: Right. Of course --

Sonny: And none of that stuff about grasshoppers and, you know, cyberspace -- whatever you talk.

Spinelli: Um -- did, um -- did Stone Cold refer to me as "grasshopper"?

Sonny: You talk way too -- stand over there.

Spinelli: Oh --

Sonny: Okay, first of all, you babble a lot, okay? And I want you to know that when you get on the stand, I don't want you to babble. You answer "yes" or "no," don't elaborate.

Spinelli: I was just thinking that -- no, no, the D.A. of darkness has -- has rallied all the forces of the legal but flawed system to destroy Stone Cold, so we have to do everything in our power to support and help Stone Cold -- even if it means delving into my regrettable -- if lucrative -- employment for the presumed dead but always evil Al. Fortunately, his files are still accessible. Recently, I triple-checked when I was looking into Darth Alcazar's South American holdings, and there is no evidence --

Sonny: Why?

Spinelli: "Why" like -- I mean, like, specifically, or more in the cosmic --

Sonny: Why -- why were you looking at Alcazar's business records?

Spinelli: Um, the Valkyrie requested that I do so just before she left --

Sonny: You mean the Valkyrie, right? You mean -- as -- the Val-- you mean Carly?

Spinelli: Uh -- yeah. Affirmative. The -- the Valkyrie is most intent on -- uh --

Sonny: Okay, shut up.

Spinelli: Yeah.

Sonny: Where did my --

[Spinelli gulps]

Sonny: Tell me where Carly went.

Jerry: There -- proof that Alcazar is alive and well is officially dispatched.

Carly: Who'd you send it to?

Jerry: People who know what to do next.

Carly: And then what?

Jerry: And then let's drink to celebrate.

Carly: That's it? You -- you hit "send" and you want to have a drink?

Jerry: Well, it's a waiting game at this point. Jason's attorney will try to establish that there's reasonable doubt, and this information will help her do that.

Carly: I wanted to deliver it.

Jerry: No, that would be counterproductive, darling.

Carly: And I'm just supposed to trust you on that, huh?

Jerry: Well, haven't I proved myself?

Carly: No, not even close.

[Jerry chuckles]

Ric: Why were you afraid of Jason Morgan?

Donald: The guy's a cold-blooded killer.

Diane: Objection! Your Honor, my client has never been convicted of any crime. Move to strike.

Judge: Sustained. Jury will disregard. And, Ms. Miller, you will save your comments for cross. Proceed, Mr. Lansing.

Ric: Thank you, Your Honor. Could you please read back the testimony regarding the day of the murder?

Diane: Objection! Your Honor, the district attorney has no conclusive evidence that Mr. Alcazar is even dead!

Judge: Sustained.

Ric: The day Mr. Alcazar went missing.

Stenographer: "Loading Lorenzo Alcazar's body into the back of an SUV like it was so much garbage."

Ric: Thank you. Now, Mr. Mancini, why didn't you go to the police?

Donald: It would've been my word against his -- and what if he tried to shut me up?

Diane: Your Honor?

Judge: Tone it down, Mr. Mancini.

Donald: Sorry. I'm just nervous -- the way he's looking at me.

Diane: Objection -- prejudicial.

Judge: Sustained. Just answer the questions, Mr. Mancini. Proceed, Mr. Lansing.

Ric: Thank you, Your Honor. Did Mr. Morgan seem upset when he was loading Mr. Alcazar's lifeless body into the back --

Diane: Objection -- leading the witness!

Ric: I'll rephrase. What was Mr. Morgan's demeanor that morning?

Diane: Asked and answered, Your Honor.

Judge: Overruled. Answer the question.

Donald: He didn't really show any emotion at all -- like it was just a job, something he did all the time.

Ric: Thank you, Mr. Mancini. You've done a very brave thing here today by coming forward.

Diane: Your Honor!

Judge: The jury will disregard the D.A.'s comments. You know better, Mr. Lansing.

Ric: My apologies, Your Honor.

Judge: Ms. Miller, your witness.

Diane: Your Honor, I would like to request a brief recess.

Judge: Granted. The court will reconvene in half an hour.

Jason: This guy is lying.

Diane: How can you be sure?

Kate: Yes, will you prepare my bill? I'm checking out immediately

[Kate sighs]

Kate: Clarice, I'm returning to the City. Will you call the chopper and have them pick me up? No, Clarice, no excuses. I want to get out of here right away -- Clarice, just do it! Because I told you so! Because I'm -- I'm Kate Howard!

Sonny: Tell me where Carly is.

Spinelli: I don't know.

Sonny: Tell me what you do know, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Venezuela.

Sonny: I didn't hear you.

Spinelli: Venezuela? It -- I mean, it's -- it's a South American country, capital, Caracas --

Sonny: I know -- I know where Venezuela is. What's Carly doing there?

Spinelli: Um -- trying to free Stone Cold.

Sonny: Carly went to Venezuela to free Jason?

Spinelli: No, if she can -- if she can prove that evil Al is maybe still alive, then Stone Cold could --

Sonny: She went with Jerry Jacks, didn't she?

Spinelli: Most astute observation.

Sonny: Why didn't you tell me?

Spinelli: I -- the Valkyrie and the unhinged one swore me to secrecy!

Sonny: So you let Carly go to South America with a maniac?

Spinelli: Okay, now, with all due respect, I mean, the Valkyrie -- she is a bit of a force of nature, I didn't have the power to stop her.

Sonny: Okay, you listen to me, you freak of nature.

[Spinelli gulps]

Sonny: If Carly gets hurt because you did not tell me, I will send you to cyberspace -- forever.

Carly: You drag me to Caracas, you get me shot at, you pretend to help Jason, and now, what, I'm just supposed to trust you?

Jerry: It was your idea to come along.

Carly: And now it's my idea to take the information we have to help Jason back to the states.

Jerry: Carly, has anyone mentioned to you that you have a one-track mind?

Carly: The only reason I've been putting up with you is because I need your help with Jason. You've probably been working me the whole time here.

Jerry: Why are you surprised? After all, I'm insane. I'm a homicidal maniac, a psycho -- as you so love to remind me.

Carly: You're also my only connection to Jax and the only person I have to help me with Jason.

Jerry: Perhaps -- unless I've lied about everything from the start.

Carly: I'm going home.

Jerry: You will get killed. It's dangerous out there. Now, why don't you just trust me once and for all, Carly?

Ric: Still want to pull me out, replace me with Baldwin?

Mayor Floyd: Not today, anyway. So where did you find this eyewitness?

Ric: He came forward.

Mayor Floyd: Will his story hold up?

Ric: He's telling the truth.

Mayor Floyd: Possibly. I really don't care, as long as the jury buys it.

Ric: They already have.

Mayor Floyd: Hmm. Well, Ms. Miller has yet to cross-examine him. If she turns another witness, it could undermine your credibility with the jury.

Ric: No, this guy won't turn. He has personal reasons for hating Morgan.

Diane: How do you know that Mancini is lying?

Jason: Because, hypothetically, I would never use my SUV to transport a body.

Diane: Jason, I cannot explain to the jury that my client -- hypothetically -- would've found another way to dispose of the body. I have to discredit this witness. Why would Alcazar's gardener want to send you to prison?

Jason: Because, hypothetically, I killed his brother.

Sam: Yeah, I -- I mean, when you and I make a mistake, it's the end of the world. But Jason and Elizabeth --

Lucky: Their mistakes never count.

Sam: Yeah. And why is it that everything we do is suspect? You can't even look at Maxie, and I've got Carly running all over town saying that I was only with Jason for his money.

Lucky: You know what? Carly has no room to talk.

Sam: Yeah, I know, and I -- I kind of feel like there's no point in arguing with her, so I just sort of ignore her. But the point is I got out on my own without a dime of Jason's money, and I kind of think I'm -- well, I think I'm doing okay.

Lucky: The TV star.

Sam: Oh, I know. I -- I got to tell you, it's a lot more exciting than being a hotel desk clerk. However, it's really embarrassing -- you know, the whole "Everyday Heroes." "Star" magazine did a write-up, saying something like I -- uh -- "Everyday Hero Testifies Against Killer Ex-Boyfriend" -- or something like that.

Lucky: Jason's supposed to be on trial. It's everyone around him who's paying the price.

Sam: I am so sorry. Again, I wish -- I wish I would've told you the truth before it came out in court.

Lucky: No, Elizabeth is supposed to tell me. You did the best you could with Jason -- with all of it. Jason -- he's a fool to let you go.

Sam: Oh, come on. You don't have to say that.

Lucky: No, it's true.

Sam: Oh, I am just tired of being labeled "the bad guy."

[Door opens]

Lucky: Same here.

Logan: Stop messing with the computer.

Maxie: You need a little music for this special occasion. Kill me Before I'm Famous -- I think Georgie said that's Lulu's new favorite band.

Logan: I do not need any help with her, okay?

Maxie: Have you slept with her yet? You need help.

Logan: All right, yeah -- not flowers and some stupid music.

Maxie: Why not, Logan? She's totally falling for that "bad boy with a good heart" routine -- you'll look awkward and thoughtful.

Logan: She's going to get suspicious.

Maxie: Make sure she doesn’t.

Logan: You know what? I stopped taking orders when I got out of the service.

Maxie: Logan, try and have a little perspective -- once you get Lulu into bed, you get to have me.

Logan: Oh, you can't wait, can you?

Maxie: Stop stalling.

Logan: Huh. What's to stop Lulu from running to Coop when I dump her?

Maxie: I'll handle Coop. You take care of Lulu.

Logan: You know what? You are just going to have to have some patience because I'm reeling her in slowly.

Maxie: I'm going to repeat myself -- you are stalling, probably out of some misguided attempt to save Lulu's innocence -- as if she has any.

Logan: Bitterness is so unattractive.

Maxie: Maybe, but I see right through you. You're starting to get sappy for that girl.

Lulu: I know that something bad happened to Logan in the war and, obviously, he didn't handle it well, and maybe that's why I empathize -- I've made some pretty disastrous choices myself.

Coop: Nothing like this.

Lulu: I'm just saying I understand Logan better than you think.

Alexis: Hi.

Sam: Hey.

Alexis: Thanks for meeting me.

Sam: Yeah. Is something wrong?

Alexis: Why would you say that?

Sam: Well, I -- I don't know. You seemed a little keyed up on the phone. Besides, you normally don't call me unless you have a reason, so --

Alexis: Sam, I heard about Elizabeth’s testimony?

Sam: Yeah, well, who hasn't in this town by now?

Alexis: I'm sorry. That couldn't have been easy for you to hear.

Sam: No, it wasn’t.

Alexis: You're angry.

Sam: And humiliated. And frustrated. And strangely relieved because the truth is out, and I don't have to protect Elizabeth and Jason's lies anymore? Yeah.

Alexis: The good news is you're not alone. I mean, Lucky must be devastated.

Sam: Yeah.

Alexis: Have the two of you been commiserating?

[Sam sighs]

Sam: I -- um -- I was -- I was with -- Lucky and I were together, yeah, when you called.

Alexis: Do you think that's wise?

Lucky: Sam -- she forgot her phone, she stopped by to pick it up. It was not a big deal.

Nikolas: Okay. Well, how many times has Sam actually come here to visit since the night Elizabeth was with Jason came out in court, huh?

Lucky: You know what? What does that have to do with anything? Jason -- he shows up at my house anytime he wants, why shouldn't Sam?

Nikolas: All I'm saying is that you're upset, and allow yourself a little time to hurt over this before you do something you can't take back.

Lucky: So, tell me, do you think that Elizabeth and Jason were just a one-night thing?

Nikolas: Yes, I do.

Lucky: Yeah, is that what you told Emily when you went out on her?

Nikolas: Wow. I nearly lost Emily for good because I was unfaithful to her, and I'm just trying to keep you from making the same mistake!

Lucky: Elizabeth has lied to me for months!

Nikolas: To -- to protect you, I believe.

Lucky: Oh, I get it, because I'm the pathetic drug user, right? I don't have the right to know that my wife has been cheating on me!

Nikolas: Maybe -- maybe Elizabeth was wrong. Maybe I was, too. Maybe I should've told you from the very beginning.

Lucky: Yeah, you should've told me -- you're my brother! How long have you known Elizabeth has been sleeping with Jason?

Jason: Well, hypothetically, the gardener's brother was selling drugs to kids, okay? And he had me tied up in a chair, had a gun, and he --

Diane: Okay, Jason -- Jason? The details are not admissible in court, so I don't need to hear them. I need to focus on Mancini. If I could just put him someplace else.

Jason: Yeah, but, see, the problem is Ric's going to have that covered. He probably recruited Mancini and told him exactly what to say.

Diane: Oh. Oh, don't tempt me. Don't tempt me.

Jason: What are you talking about?

Diane: Oh. I just had a brief, delicious fantasy of charging the D.A. with suborning perjury. Watching him squirm while he's stripped of his office and license to practice law. Sipping a very cold, very dry martini with my feet up, watching as Ric Lansing apologizes on the evening news for betraying the public trust.

[Diane giggles]

Diane: But I'd have the break the witness on the stand, and that doesn't seem likely.

[Diane sighs]

Spinelli: Stone Cold, um, the -- the grasshopper is in dire need of his master's sage counsel.

Diane: Excuse me -- hello? Hello? You will not be called to testify until the defense presents its case. In the meantime, stay away.

Spinelli: My sincere apologies, tense mob lawyer who has her work cut out for her. I am most grateful for your efforts to free Stone Cold --

Jason: Okay, Spinelli, just tell me what happened.

Spinelli: The Valkyrie fled the country with the unhinged one.

Jason: Carly took off with Jerry?

Diane: Oh, thank God for small favors -- that's one loose cannon out of town.

Jason: Where do you -- where you do think they went?

Spinelli: Venezuela.

Diane: The shooters were from Venezuela.

[Jason sighs]

Spinelli: Most timely observation, mob lawyer. Uh -- but -- see, there's more. Mr. Corinthos, Sir is most upset about Carly’s sojourn, and he's going to kill me because I let it happen.

[Knock on door]

Kate: Uh, Clarice, I'm going to call you back. Good -- that was fast.

Sonny: Running away again?

Kate: I have business in the City.

Sonny: Looks like you're not coming back.

Kate: I'm not.

Sonny: You know, it's interesting. You -- you were never a coward. I guess that's one more way you've changed. The incumbent has not run a clean campaign.

Kate: I don't have time for you to provoke me into an argument.

Sonny: I don't want to fight.

Kate: Okay, good. So you can leave -- and my house is going on the market. If you want to put in a preemptive offer, you can just call my business manager.

Sonny: You scared yourself, didn't you? When you stood up for me in court? When you made those paintings with my children? Your dress got dirty, didn't even care. Jumped into the pond --

Kate: Okay, the water wasn't that deep, Sonny.

Sonny: But you still were scared, just like Coney Island -- when I held on to you and we walked into the surf.

Kate: Now, I just hope that your children don't bother the new neighbors as much as they tormented me.

Sonny: One night. It was only one night, what happened with us.

Kate: Okay, see that? That is precisely my point.

Sonny: It's okay if you want it to happen again.

Kate: Oh -- I can assure you that is the last thing that I want.

Jason: Why does Sonny blame you?

Spinelli: Oh, well -- the Valkyrie was in -- in full warrior mode -- you know, really fierce and determined -- and so when she called me, I couldn't turn her down.

Jason: Okay, what -- what did you do, Spinelli?

Spinelli: I accessed the records of evil and presumed dead Al and then delivered them to the unhinged one's lair at the Metro Court.

Jason: Okay, I -- didn't -- didn't I tell you what to do if Carly asks you for help with one of her stupid plans?

Spinelli: Yeah. Alas, the Valkyrie was too powerful to resist. I mean, she is determined on saving you from the D.A. of darkness.

Diane: I am seriously reconsidering putting you on the stand.

Spinelli: Oh, no -- no, fear not, tense mob lawyer. See, if the Jackal still draws breath --

Jason: Okay, I need you to focus. What did Carly think she could do for me in Venezuela?

Spinelli: Your dearest friend and the unhinged one are looking for proof that evil Al is still alive.

Jason: I knew she would do something like this.

Spinelli: I mean, what was the grasshopper supposed to do to stop her?

Diane: Who's the grasshopper?

Spinelli: I.

Diane: I thought you were the Jackal.

Jason: Can you -- can you get me a postponement?

Diane: Not a chance. Jason, you're being tried for murder. You can't just get a leave of absence because the Valkyrie's -- ugh -- because Carly took off with an alleged psychopath. Look, if she's seriously in trouble, Sonny will find a way to track her down. In the meantime, you can do nothing to help.

Spinelli: But they are friends of the highest order.

Diane: Zip it. Carly got herself into this, Carly can get herself out. Or you can just say goodbye to your life, including the grasshopper and everybody else who depends on you.

Elizabeth: Lucky, you can be as mad at me as you want, but please, please do not yell with the kids in the house.

Lucky: You're real concerned about the kids.

Elizabeth: Everything I have done from the very start has been about protecting my children.

Lucky: Yeah -- when you've had time to think about them between work and Jason.

Elizabeth: I slept with Jason one time, one night, while you were eating pills like candy and sleeping with Maxie Jones in my bed.

Nikolas: Stop, stop, stop! We've all made mistakes here, okay? Can we please just find a way to move forward?

Lucky: Sure -- as soon as Elizabeth admits she's been sleeping with Jason all along.

Alexis: You're angry at Elizabeth. You want to hurt her -- she hurt you -- and sleeping with Lucky would be a really good way to do it.

Sam: This is nothing like what happened last summer with Ric.

Alexis: I hope not, I really hope not. Because you and I have managed to forge a relationship after what happened last summer. And while I am far from emotionally detached from this, I know that you slept with Ric because you were lashing out, but you hurt yourself as much as you hurt me, and I just don't want to see you do that again.

Sam: Did Elizabeth put you up to this?

Maxie: You're falling for Lulu's lost little girl act just like the rest of them.

Logan: Jealous?

Maxie: Not a chance.

Logan: Because you keep finding excuses to see me. You know, why don't you just go for what you so obviously want?

Maxie: I have someplace to be.

Logan: Mm-hmm. Don't let me stop you.

Maxie: You know, if you want to forget the plan and stay faithful to Lulu, that's fine. I'll just find some other way to --

Logan: To what?

Kate: It's true. My priorities were confused for a while, and that snake bite was a wake-up call of -- of sorts. I've been neglecting my magazine.

Sonny: All you ever do is work.

Kate: Well --

Sonny: Well --

Kate: We lost Angelina. Now we have no cover for fashion week, and I can assure you that everyone on Seventh Avenue has noticed, including the advertisers.

Sonny: That's not why you're leaving.

[Kate sighs]

Kate: Look, Sonny, we had our -- encounter. Our paths crossed and it was random chance and -- you know, look, we can just move on and we can feel good about things, because things have worked out well for us overall.

Sonny: Except you're alone, and all you ever do is work.

Kate: Okay, how many times have you been married, hmm?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Right. And you work all the time --

Sonny: Right.

Kate: And you're very much alone. And I've worked very hard for this life and I'm not going to give it up. I'm not going to give it up for you or for anyone.

Sonny: I see.

Kate: Okay, good. Good. So you see that it's nothing personal? Okay.

Sonny: It's just like Coney Island. When you thought I carried you out too deep -- you're in a blind panic.

Lulu: What happened?

Spinelli: Oh, Blond One. I have trudged through the netherworld of fear and despair and I seek solace.

Lulu: Would you settle for an orange soda?

Spinelli: You are an angel of the highest degree -- and -- and so unaware.

Lulu: What happened?

[Spinelli sighs]

Spinelli: The Valkyrie has fled to Venezuela with the unhinged one, on a dangerous quest to prove Stone Cold's innocence, and Mr. Corinthos, Sir blames me.

Lulu: Not good.

Spinelli: Yes, my time on earth may be drawing to a close, but I have not forgotten what matters. Happy birthday.

Lulu: Thank you. What is it?

Spinelli: Well, two gifts, actually. See, I -- I jackaled your laptop -- I made some -- just a couple respectful adjustments, so now you can work at warp speed and call anyone in the world for free.

Lulu: Wow. Thank you.

Spinelli: Yeah. And then -- uh -- I wrote you a sonnet, Shakespeare style.

Lulu: Nobody has ever written me a sonnet before.

Spinelli: Oh -- may I?

Lulu: Oh --

Spinelli: Ahem. "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art cooler and more temperate. Thou rough friends do chase your true buds away and lure you towards a dubious fate."

Lulu: Um, if you mean Logan --

Spinelli: No, wait -- it's the best part, it's --

Lulu: Oh.

Spinelli: "But thy eternal summer shall not fade, nor lose dominion over your fair smile. Nor shall the unworthy brag that you he made, for the cosmos shall be your domicile."

Lulu: Um, I really want to --

Spinelli: Just --

Lulu: Okay.

Spinelli: "So long as I can breathe and these eyes see, so does our friendship, and gives life to we."

Lulu: That's beautiful.

Spinelli: Thank you.

Lulu: But --

Spinelli: "But"? But -- but what?

Lulu: Forget it. I -- I can't -- I don't need to --

Spinelli: No, no, no, no. You -- you're my friend. You -- you can tell me anything.

Lulu: It's about Logan.

Alexis: Elizabeth did come to me and ask me for help.

Sam: Perfect -- and, of course, you're on Elizabeth’s side.

Alexis: There is no side to take here. I'm simply trying to be a good mother and give you good advice, which is for you not to act on your worst impulse out of anger. Because you may wind up doing something that you live to regret for the rest of your life --

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: Again.

Diane: Mr. Mancini, you have testified that you've been Lorenzo Alcazar's gardener for six years.

Donald: That's right.

Diane: Do you see him very often?

Donald: Occasionally.

Diane: Could you be more specific?

Donald: I saw him sometimes.

Diane: Would it be unusual to go for long stretches of time without seeing Lorenzo Alcazar

Donald: I don't really notice if he's home or not. I work, I don't chat up the boss.

Diane: Mr. Mancini, just answer the question.

Donald: Yes.

Diane: So for all you know, he could be out of the country?

Donald: He's dead, ma'am.

Diane: Move to strike.

Judge: Jury will disregard that last comment.

Diane: Okay, let's clarify. You've testified that you saw Lorenzo Alcazar being loaded into the back of an SUV -- which has not been located by the police -- and even though you believed he was dead, you did nothing.

Donald: I was afraid.

Diane: Oh. Do you or the D.A. have even one shred of evidence to support your claim?

Donald: I could see.

Diane: What was Mr. Alcazar wearing?

Donald: A shirt and a tie.

Diane: What color was the shirt?

Donald: White, I think. It was all covered with blood, but I'll never forget his face.

Diane: How close were you?

Donald: Close enough.

Diane: Did he have a beard or was he clean-shaven?

Donald: He had a beard, I think -- I'm not sure.

Diane: Oh, you just testified under oath that you'll never forget his face.

Donald: There were branches in the way, but I know it was Alcazar.

Diane: Oh, okay. So, let me see if I have this straight. Your testimony is now that branches were obscuring your view, but you saw a man in a bloody shirt that may have been clean-shaven, may have had a beard, being loaded into the back of an SUV, which has never been located by the police?

Donald: I saw what I saw, and it was him loading the body -- Jason Morgan.

Diane: So that's your sworn testimony now?

Donald: Why would I lie?

Diane: Indeed, Mr. Mancini. Why would you risk perjury in your transparent attempt to convict my client? Why do you have it in for Jason Morgan?

Nikolas: Look, knowing how angry Lucky is, why -- why can't you just stay away from Jason?

Elizabeth: I wasn't with Jason. I was with Alexis, asking her to keep Sam away from my husband.

Nikolas: Well, Sam's hurt, too.

Elizabeth: Oh, and since I'm the one who did the hurting, I can't object? Is that how it works?

Nikolas: Look, Lucky feels betrayed, he's angry, and -- and at least some of that is justified. I'm not saying that that makes it any less painful for you, but you need to decide for yourself if you're going to stick this out and love him through it.

Spinelli: I -- I thought you had -- had spurned the unworthy one.

Lulu: I did, but I saw another side to Logan.

Spinelli: Your heart is too fair and generous.

Lulu: I knew that this was a bad idea.

Spinelli: No -- I'm -- I'm sorry.

[Lulu sighs]

Spinelli: Um -- no, share the truth, okay? Just as Stone Cold is a friend to the Valkyrie, the Jackal is a friend to the Blond One.

Lulu: For a long time, I didn't want to hook up with another guy, ever. But Logan changed that, and I want to be with him.

[Knock on door]

Kate: I'm making a clean break, that's all.

Sonny: Is that your -- is that your bathrobe?

Kate: What?

Sonny: This. Are you so upset you're stealing things?

Kate: No, it was a mistake -- and not the only one I've made in recent days.

Sonny: Because, you know, you can buy them down at the lobby.

Kate: Sonny, I don't need a bathrobe.

Sonny: I'm just saying.

Kate: Okay, you -- you are going in the past, where you belong --

Sonny: No, no --

Kate: The sad-eyed teenager I cared about when I was young before I walked away.

Sonny: Like you're doing now? Hmm? Come here.

Kate: Yes. Yes!

Sonny: What?

Kate: Goodbye, Sonny.

Mac: Katherine Howard, you're under arrest.

Diane: Do you have a connection with my client, Mr. Mancini? A grudge, perhaps? Some sort of personal bias that would make you want to send Jason Morgan to prison?

Donald: He should be imprisoned.

Diane: And why is that?

Donald: Because he killed Lorenzo Alcazar!

Diane: And left no forensic evidence whatsoever, and no witnesses -- except you, conveniently cowering behind some bushes!

Ric: Objection, Your Honor, she's badgering the witness!

Judge: Sustained.

Diane: I have no further use for this witness.

Ric: Mr. Mancini, have you told the truth in this court today?

Donald: Yes. I only wish I'd come forward sooner for Mr. Alcazar, who can no longer speak for himself. He deserves justice.

Ric: Thank you, Mr. Mancini.

Diane: Your Honor, permission to present new evidence?

Judge: What kind of evidence?

Diane: Proof that Lorenzo Alcazar is alive.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Mac: You have the right to remain silent.

Sonny: There's no way she would break the law.

Elizabeth: I made a choice to keep my family together.

Sam: Elizabeth trashed me.

Lucky: You don't need Elizabeth making things worse.

Judge: Present your new evidence.

Diane: Photographs of Lorenzo Alcazar, dated two days ago.

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