GH Transcript Wednesday 8/8/07

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/8/07


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Lulu: Morning.

Monica: Oh -- well, you're up early.

Lulu: Hmm. Not really.

Edward: I cannot remember the last time you had breakfast with us or rolled out of bed before noon. What's the big occasion, huh?

Lulu: I just couldn't sleep. Has anyone, um, called for me this morning?

Monica: Not that I know of. Alice?

Alice: No, no phone calls. Oh -- but we did get this package delivered by courier. Here you go, Dr. Q.

Monica: Oh. Thank you.

Alice: You're welcome. I'll bet you're hungry. How about some nice coddled eggs? They're very delicious today.

Lulu: No, I'll pass, thanks.

Edward: Come on, Lulu. Cook went to a great deal of trouble to fix these. The least you could do is have a taste.

Lulu: Oh --

Monica: Happy birthday, Lulu.

Alice and Edward: Happy birthday.

Lulu: I can't believe you guys remembered.

Alice: Are you kidding? We've been planning a big party for you for weeks.

Edward: Mm-hmm. And it was scheduled for tonight, but the party's been canceled.

Jerry: Breathtaking, isn't it?

Carly: It's beautiful. Jax would love it here.

Jerry: Well, perhaps the two of you could come back for a visit. There won't be any sightseeing on this particular trip. The program for today is we're visiting a local bank.

Carly: You can forget it. I didn't come all the way down here to help you steal Lorenzo’s money.

[Jerry sighs]

Diane: Good morning.

Jason: Ahem.

Diane: In light of yesterday's proceedings, I think there are a few things we need to discuss before we set foot back in the courtroom, starting with your behavior. Ric's entire case hinges on proving that you are a violent and dangerous man. There is no need to help him drive that point home by showcasing your temper in front of the jury. So today, do us both a favor and keep your anger in check no matter what transpires.

Jason: Do you know how hard it was to sit there while -- while Ric attacked Elizabeth?

Diane: Mm-hmm. Get used to it. Albeit in very poor taste, the district attorney's line of questioning was within the boundaries of the law. However, we may be able to regain some ground by calling Elizabeth back to the stand.

Jason: No, no. I want -- I want you to leave Elizabeth alone.

Elizabeth: Jason's attorney called. She wants to put me back on the stand this morning.

Lucky: Do I need to be there? Let me put it another way -- are there going to be any other secrets coming out that you and Jason have been keeping from me?

Patrick: Where the hell is my blood work on Mr. Thorpe?

Epiphany: In my hand, and if you ask like a human being, it could be in yours.

Patrick: May I have the blood work on Mr. Thorpe? Please?

Robin: Bad morning?

Patrick: I went for a run, took a shower, came to work, and then took another one -- a very cold one.

Epiphany: Okay, now the picture's getting clearer -- not that I want it to.

Robin: Patrick is taking exception with me because I'm taking exception with our parents dating.

Patrick: Okay, whoa, whoa. I don't appreciate using our parents as an excuse not to sleep with me.

Robin: Well, I can't really help it. Every time you touch me, all I think about is your father doing the same thing to my mother.

Epiphany: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Way too much information this early in the morning, people.

Robin: Look, I'm sorry, but as long as our parents are seeing each other --

Patrick: Yes, I get it -- I get cut off. I just don't see how that's fair.

Noah: Why aren't the labs back on my patient in 1024 yet?

Epiphany: Looks like you're not the only one getting cut off.

Patrick: Wait a second, did you -- something happen between you and Anna?

Noah: She bailed on me. You happy?

Jerry: Going somewhere?

Carly: Home. You know what? I was so desperate to help Jason, I ignored what I already knew, which was you don't care about Jason. You just wanted a scam to get your hands on Lorenzo’s money.

Jerry: That's absolutely false. Although I wouldn't mind getting my hands on Lorenzo Alcazar's ill-gotten gains, that's not why I brought you to Caracas, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, you did it out of the goodness of your heart, right?

Jerry: Would you just shut up for once in your life and listen? No, I don't give a damn if Jason never sees the light of day again. No, I don’t. I only helped him because I want us to improve our relationship. I want you to trust me. I mean, while you excel at improvisation, you have a pitiful lack of foresight. First of all, stop talking about Lorenzo Alcazar in the past tense if you want people to believe that he's alive. Secondly, if Alcazar is in hiding, there will be evidence of him moving money around to prevent people like me from stealing the money. Now, are the pieces falling into place, or do you want me to continue spelling this out?

Carly: Well, how was I supposed to know that was your plan?

Jerry: Just trust me for once, okay? Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get ready. Thank you.

[Door opens and closes]

Edward: We were planning to make your birthday a real family celebration. The Spencers were all invited -- Lesley and Bobbie and your two brothers -- and Emily and Elizabeth were invited for dinner.

Monica: Yeah, but the fact that Lucky now knows about Elizabeth’s affair, we felt it would just really put a damper on it.

Lulu: Yeah. Um, Lucky shouldn't have to eat cake and pretend to be happy.

Alice: But that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate.

Lulu: Oh, thank you, but I'm not that big on birthdays. My mom would, you know, throw me these parties when I was little, hoping that I wouldn't notice that my dad wasn't around, but, actually, it just made it more obvious that he forgot. So, thank you for the muffin, um, but I should get going.

Edward: Wait, wait, wait -- it's bad luck if you don't make a wish.

Lulu: I'm old enough to know that blowing out a candle isn't going to make your dreams come true.

Edward: Oh, you never can tell. Wishes may come true when you least expect them.

Monica: Edward, just -- just ask the girl, all right?

Edward: Oh --

Lulu: Ask me what?

Edward: Uh -- we know that you're very close to Lucky and Elizabeth.

Monica: And we -- well, we were wondering --

Edward: If there is any chance that Jason could be little Jake’s father.

Diane: Jason, our best option will be redirecting Elizabeth’s testimony to paint a picture in the jury's mind of exactly how twisted and vindictive Ric Lansing can be.

Jason: All that's going to do is make Ric angrier, and he's going to go looking for proof that Jake is my son.

Diane: You don't know that. However, you do know that if you are convicted of murder and sent away to prison, you will be unavailable to help Elizabeth -- and your son.

Elizabeth: If you want to be in the courtroom for the rest of my testimony, that's your right. But nothing is going to come out that you don't already know.

Lucky: In that case, I'll stay here. Spending the days with the boys will be a good reminder why I'm fighting for our marriage.

Elizabeth: It doesn't have to be a fight, Lucky.

Lucky: Yeah, I just don't want to wake up one morning and realize I've been wasting my time.

Elizabeth: I have to go to court.

[Door opens and closes]

[Knock on door]

Lucky: Were you standing there waiting for Elizabeth to leave?

Sam: Well, I really didn't feel like explaining to your wife why you invited me here.

Robin: If I did anything to --

Noah: If you did anything? You go running to your mother with concerns about her and my relationship, even though we're both adults and we can -- you know, we can decide what we want to do with our lives, and if that includes mind-blowing, headboard-banging sex --

Robin: Oh --

Noah: Then I don't think that's any of your problem!

Robin: Okay --

Epiphany: Hey, keep your voice down, or it's going to wind up being this entire hospital's problem.

Noah: Why couldn't you have just left it alone?

Patrick: Okay, wait a second. Now, Robin is just being honest about her feelings.

Noah: Well, why couldn't she have been honest with you, left Anna and me out of it? Now, Anna -- you know, she -- she wants to respect Robin's wishes, so she won't even return my phone calls.

Robin: I'm sorry.

Noah: Well, I'm sure you're sorry -- now you got what you wanted.

[Epiphany sighs]

Robin: You know, you don't agree with me interfering in our parents' relationship any more than your father does, so why did you just stick up for me?

Epiphany: It's simple -- now that Drake Sr. has been cut off, Drake Jr. Figures he can make up for lost time.

Monica: If Jake were to turn out to be Jason's son, he would be so welcome in this family. I mean, knowing that Alan has another grandchild out there -- well, it would mean an awful lot to all of us.

Edward: And imagine what it would do for that little boy's future. Imagine the power of the Quartermaine name -- prestige and power and wealth -- and now that Dillon has turned his back on the family, that little Jake could inherit all of E.L.Q.

Alice: You're not writing off Dillon, are you?

Edward: Well, he may be living in la-la land, but I certainly am not, and the chances of Dillon’s ever coming back into the family fold are slim at best. So, speak up, girl. Could little Jake be Jason's boy?

Lulu: I really wish I could tell you guys what you want to hear, but Elizabeth has never said anything to me about Jason being Jake’s father.

Edward: That doesn't mean it isn't true.

Lulu: Elizabeth swore under oath that Lucky was the father. Do you really think she would get on the stand and lie?

Monica: Yeah, Edward. You know, as much as we would love to believe this, I know Elizabeth did take a paternity test, and it did turn out to be that -- that Lucky is the -- the father, so I guess it's not Jason, right?

Lulu: Yeah. Well, so, that settles it. Thank you for the muffin.

Monica: Mm-hmm.

Alice: Hold on, you're not going anywhere. You haven't told us what you want us to do for your birthday yet.

Lulu: Honestly, I -- I think I'd just rather skip it this year.

Alice: Oh.

Alan: Would you please sit down? All this walking back and forth -- you're making me seasick.

Tracy: It's Lulu's birthday, and I'm stuck in here weaving metaphorical baskets when I should be out celebrating with her.

Alan: Oh, you mean instead of stealing E.L.Q. from Father?

Tracy: I thought you were going to take a break and leave me alone.

Alan: I wish. Just when I thought I was out, you pull me back in. Someone has to call you on your lies.

Tracy: I am not lying. Father is running E.L.Q. right into the ground.

Alan: Then quit wasting time, and let's go and outsmart Father the old-fashioned way.

Tracy: What do you want?

Alan: Nothing good.

Logan: Mrs. Spencer --

[Logan sighs]

Logan: I think it's time that we had a talk.

Tracy: How much to make you go away?

Logan: I don't want any money.

Tracy: Why else would you be here?

Logan: I would like to -- um -- I would like to date Lulu.

Bobbie: Noah?

Noah: Huh. [As Eli] In the flesh, baby. In the flesh.

[Bobbie laughs]

Bobbie: Very convincing. I wasn't sure it was really you.

Noah: [Normal voice] Well, let's hope thousands of screaming fans feel the same way when I get onstage.

Bobbie: Well, I don't think you have to worry because you are good. Maybe too good.

Noah: It's club soda. You're welcome to check it if you want.

Bobbie: I don't want to police you.

Noah: Well, you're welcome to. I mean, you know, the voice, the clothes, the partying -- it's just an act.

Bobbie: There's a part of you who used to be a lot like Eli Love. You know, when I first met you, you were this fun, charming playboy who didn't want to be tied down. Is there any reason that Noah Drake can't exist without losing his sobriety?

Logan: I like Lulu a lot, okay? She's -- she's smart, and she's gorgeous --

Tracy: And she's Luke Spencer’s daughter, and you're Scott Baldwin’s son.

Alan: Like slimy father, slimy son.

Logan: I get it, all right? I got it -- you don't like the guy. Well, you know what? I don't like the man that much, either.

Tracy: This goes way beyond dislike. This is a decades-old grudge that has already ruined one life, and I'm not going to let you add Lulu to the list.

Logan: What about what Lulu wants?

Alan: He won't go quietly.

[Door opens]

Tracy: Sweetheart!

Lulu: What are you doing here?

Tracy: I'm so glad you're here! Happy birthday!

Lulu: What -- what is he doing here?

Tracy: Oh, he's just hitting me up for money to leave you alone.

Logan: Oh –

Ric: Still in mourning over Alcazar?

Skye: Lorenzo was the father of my child.

Ric: Yeah, save the sentiment, Skye. I think you and I both know that Lorenzo was a means to an end for you. Now that he's out of the picture, you are well on your way to being an extraordinarily wealthy woman. Nice job.

Skye: Why do you keep insinuating that I had something to do with Alcazar's disappearance?

Ric: I got a little more than a hunch that you were instrumental in Alcazar's death. I mean, Jason may have pulled the trigger, but you did open the door -- so to speak.

Skye: Is that why you subpoenaed me here today -- to try and prove that I'm an accessory?

Ric: No, I just think that you'll be very helpful in my case against Jason.

Skye: Well, I've already told the police everything that I know about Alcazar's disappearance -- which isn't much.

Ric: Hmm. I have a feeling you're going to remember a hell of a lot more once you get up on that stand.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Jason: Hey, what are you -- what are you doing?

Elizabeth: Diane asked me to come by. She said you were upset with her plans to recall me as a witness.

Jason: Well, I am because you've been through enough.

Elizabeth: Jason, if I didn't think I could handle it, I wouldn't have agreed.

Jason: Look, I know that you want to help me, and I appreciate that, but I'm not going to let Ric use you to get to me.

Elizabeth: I'm not afraid of Ric.

Jason: He tore your life apart yesterday. You get back on that stand, Elizabeth, and he's going to hurt you even more. Just tell Diane that you don't want to do it.

Elizabeth: Look, I know you don't do this very well, but for once, try and be selfish, because the only thing that matters is getting you out of here.

Sam: When you called me over, you said that you had some more questions about Jason. What did you want to know?

Lucky: Was Elizabeth the reason you broke up with Jason?

Sam: Come on, Lucky, we've already been over this.

Lucky: Yeah, that was before I found out that Jason slept with my wife.

Sam: Lucky, I --

Lucky: Listen; I've lived with enough lies. Please, just tell me the truth.

Sam: Okay, it's the least you deserve. The answer is yes. Jason and I are over because of the secret she asked him to keep.

Sam: I know an apology really isn't going to change anything, but I really do want you to know how sorry I am.

Lucky: For what?

Sam: Well, you know, Lucky, I kind of set this whole thing in motion. If I wouldn't have slept with Ric the night of the blackout, Jason would've never slept with Elizabeth, your marriage wouldn't be falling apart.

Lucky: You need to stop punishing yourself, Sam.

Sam: Are you serious? Can you honestly tell me you don't blame yourself? If you hadn't been in bed with Maxie, do you really think that Elizabeth would've slept with Jason?

Lucky: You know, we made a lot of mistakes that night. One doesn't excuse the other. It'd just be a hell of a lot easier to get past it if Elizabeth would've been honest.

Sam: I know, but you are still here trying to work things out.

Lucky: It would be a whole different story if that little boy upstairs wasn't mine.

Sam: Oh, what, are -- are you saying that you wouldn't be with Elizabeth if it turned out Jake isn't yours?

Judge: Mrs. Spencer, I'm going to start by reminding you that you're still under oath.

Elizabeth: Yes, Your Honor.

Judge: You may proceed, Ms. Miller.

Diane: Thank you, Your Honor. Mrs. Spencer, could you please tell the court how long it's been since you and Mr. Lansing got divorced?

Elizabeth: About four years.

Diane: And why did your marriage end?

Ric: Objection. Your Honor, the dissolution of my marriage to the witness is of no relevance to these proceedings.

Diane: I can assure this court, it is extremely relevant.

Judge: Overruled. But keep this line of questioning brief, Ms. Miller. The court has no interest in a history lesson.

Diane: Certainly, Your Honor. Mrs. Spencer?

Elizabeth: Ric was obsessed with getting revenge against his brother.

Diane: "Brother"? You are speaking of Michael Corinthos Jr., Jason Morgan's business partner, are you not?

Elizabeth: Yes. He proved again and again that revenge was more important than me or our marriage.

Diane: Mm-hmm. After your marriage ended, did Mr. Lansing ever attempt to rekindle your relationship?

Elizabeth: Yes, but I wasn't interested.

Diane: What were your feelings for him at the time?

Elizabeth: Nothing. I had moved on.

Diane: Did you ever express this to your ex-husband?

Elizabeth: I did.

Diane: Yet, when your relationship with the defendant ended, you chose to maintain a friendship with him, did you not?

Ric: Your Honor, objection. Other than the relationship with Mr. Morgan, the witness' past relationships have absolutely no bearing on this case. This is about a murder, Ms. Miller.

Judge: Overruled. Proceed, Ms. Miller, but stay on point.

Diane: Certainly. Mrs. Spencer, do you have any reason to believe that Ric Lansing is jealous of the defendant?

Elizabeth: Oh, yes.

Diane: Can you elaborate?

Elizabeth: Ric and I argued several times about my friendship with Jason. He constantly warned me to stay away from him.

Diane: And when you refused?

Elizabeth: He got upset, mostly with Jason. That's why he dragged my personal life into this trial -- to provoke Jason.

Ric: Objection, Your Honor. Speculation.

Judge: Sustained.

Diane: Thank you, Mrs. Spencer. No further questions.

Judge: Mr. Lansing, your witness.

Ric: Thank you, Your Honor. Mrs. Spencer, were you married when you slept with Mr. Morgan -- yes or no?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Ric: And did you lie about that to your husband?

Elizabeth: I kept it from him, yes.

Ric: No further questions.

Judge: You may step down, Mrs. Spencer.

Tracy: Logan is a lying chip off the old Baldwin block.

Lulu: Why should I listen to anything that you have to say?

Tracy: Because you didn't last summer, and we all remember what happened. And I would think you'd want to save yourself the pain. He is using you to get to my money.

Alan: Nice argument -- though, the reference to last summer might be pushing it too far.

Lulu: Is that true? Are you using me?

Logan: No, no. I came here to ask her if we could see each other, you know, because I don't want us to have to sneak around anymore.

Lulu: Huh. Well, you're wasting your time --

Tracy: Oh, yes! Good girl!

Lulu: Because Tracy doesn't control my life.

Tracy: You know what? You can hate me all you want, but you need to believe me when I say this boy is so bad for you.

Lulu: Thank you for showing me who I can trust. Come on.

Tracy: I could've used a little help! What about all that free advice you give?

Alan: It was too late -- Lulu had already made up her mind.

[Tracy sighs]

Robin: Your father's right. We're all adults here -- or at least we're supposed to be -- and here I am, blackmailing my own mother into dropping Noah. I mean, really, what is wrong with me?

Patrick: There's nothing wrong with you, you just got to figure out what you want -- or at least let the dust settle in between the 180-degree turns you keep making.

Robin: You really don't have an opinion on this, do you?

Patrick: Do I have to? Okay, fine. I think it's a great idea. Let's get Mom and Dad together in a hotel room so they can work it out. Better yet, let's go on a little family vacation up in the forest. We'll get a little cabin.

Robin: Stop it. You're just saying that because you think it's what I want to hear. Correction -- you're saying that because you think it'll get me back into bed with you.

Patrick: So sue me, Robin. I enjoy making love to you. When did that become such a crime?

Robin: Oh!

Man: I wasn't sure letting you impersonate Eli was going to work, but I have to admit you got the guy down cold. I'm beginning to think you may actually pull this whole thing off.

Noah: Well, it's a big difference between shaking a few hands at a cocktail party and getting up onstage and belting out Eli’s greatest hits.

Man: Relax, have a little faith. I do, along with a hell of a lot of gratitude. Not only have you helped us raise a ton of cash for a great cause, you've saved Eli’s life -- not to mention my career -- by keeping him off that stage. Here's to you. Yeah.

Noah: Ahh.

Tracy: I know why Lulu's doing this.

Alan: Well, it's not too hard to figure out. After all, she is a teenager.

Tracy: No, she wants answers, and she thinks Logan can give them to her.

Alan: Answers to what?

Tracy: Everything she believed about her parents' love was shattered in an instant. She has been scrambling to put the pieces back together ever since. She wants to see the good in Logan the way her mother sees the good in Luke. That way, she can believe that the fairy tale is true. Unfortunately, life does not work that way.

Alan: Life isn't the problem, people are.

Tracy: Who made you smart?

Alan: Well, we learn as we go. You know, it's not too late for you to do the same.

[Knock on wall]

Edward: Okay, I'm here -- against my better judgment. What's the emergency?

Tracy: Lulu. She's falling in love with Scott Baldwin’s son, and it's my fault.

Edward: Hmm. Why am I not surprised?

Tracy: I can fix it, but I need to get out of here.

[Edward chuckles]

Edward: Here it starts.

Tracy: Save your breath, Daddy. Lulu needs a parental presence, and whether you like it or not, I happen to be it.

Edward: You have already tried and failed so miserably with your own children. I doubt if there's anything you can do for this little girl. So why don't you tell me what this is all about?

Tracy: I just told you.

Edward: Hmm. You're afraid. You are afraid that when Luke comes back and he finds out that his precious little girl is hanging around with the likes of Scott Baldwin’s son, there will be hell to pay -- starting with you.

Tracy: If you don't let me out of here, the only one that's going to pay will be Lulu.

Logan: So what were you doing at Shadybrook? I thought you and your stepmother didn't get along.

Lulu: We don’t. I was only there to see Tracy to see if my dad had left a message about --

Logan: About what?

Lulu: Doesn't matter.

Logan: Oh, I think it does. What kid wouldn't want their father to remember their birthday?

Lulu: Oh -- how long have you known?

Logan: It was a covert operation; I'm not at liberty to discuss the details.

[Lulu laughs]

Lulu: I cannot believe you did all this!

Logan: Oh, stop it. It's just some balloons and a cake -- it's not a big deal.

Lulu: Oh, it is to me. Now I really feel bad about the way Tracy treated you.

Logan: Tracy was just being protective, and I can't say that I blame her. I've been a -- a real jerk sometimes.

Lulu: Yeah, well, you definitely have your moments --

Logan: Uh-huh.

Lulu: Then you go and do something like this. Thank you.

Logan: You're welcome.

Noah: Patrick? I got your page. What's up?

Patrick: A 34-year-old pregnant woman with acute subdural hemorrhage.

Noah: How far along is she?

Patrick: 19 weeks.

Noah: Whew. Wow. Pretty risky. Well, you got to go in and stop the bleeding without interfering with the blood and oxygen supply to the baby.

Patrick: Yeah.

Noah: Anesthesia will just complicate things. What do you need from me -- consult?

Patrick: Well, don't be too shocked, but, uh, I'd like you to scrub in.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you, God?

Skye: I do.

Judge: You may be seated.

Diane: Please tell me she was not an eyewitness.

Ric: Thank you for joining us, Ms. Chandler-Quartermaine. I realize how difficult this must be for you -- the death of your child's father so fresh in your mind still?

Diane: Objection! Prosecution has yet to prove that Lorenzo Alcazar is, in fact, dead.

Judge: Sustained.

Ric: What were you doing the day that Lorenzo Alcazar -- excuse me -- "went missing"?

Skye: We were preparing to leave Port Charles to go to his ranch in Venezuela.

Ric: Vacation?

Skye: No, we were moving there permanently.

Ric: Why is that?

Skye: Well, Lorenzo felt that his time in Port Charles was finished.

Ric: "Finished" or "no longer safe"?

Diane: Objection -- leading the witness.

Judge: Sustained. Rephrase, Mr. Lansing.

Ric: Yes, Your Honor. In the last year, did Lorenzo Alcazar receive any threats on his life?

Skye: Yes.

Ric: From whom?

Skye: Well, he was shot in the head by Sonny Corinthos in the first week of January.

Diane: Objection! That incident was ruled self-defense. Mr. Corinthos was cleared of all charges.

Judge: Sustained.

Ric: After Mr. Alcazar was shot, did he take any added precautions?

Skye: Well, he increased security at work and at home.

Ric: Hmm. Isn't it true that he also placed listening devices throughout the house, including one that he affixed to the underside of his desk, which he left running at all times?

Skye: Yes.

Ric: No further questions.

Judge: Your witness, Ms. Miller.

Diane: Did you love Lorenzo Alcazar?

Skye: Well, he was the father of my child.

Diane: Yes -- that wasn't what I asked. You and the father of your child -- whom you may or may not have loved -- were never married, were you?

Skye: No.

Diane: Do you know if Lorenzo Alcazar has any other living relatives?

Skye: No.

Diane: So if he were, in fact, dead, your little girl would inherit his entire estate, correct?

Skye: Well, I don't know about that. I've never seen Lorenzo’s will.

Diane: A dead man with no will? What was Lorenzo Alcazar's line of work?

Skye: He was a businessman.

Diane: What was his type of business?

Skye: I'm afraid I can't answer that. Lorenzo made it a point not to discuss his business with me.

Diane: But it was dangerous enough to make him paranoid?

Skye: Lorenzo was careful.

Diane: Do you happen to know if he had any other enemies?

Skye: It's possible.

Diane: "Possible." So it's possible that someone other than the defendant could be responsible for Mr. Alcazar's absence?

Skye: Yes.

Diane: When was the last time you saw Lorenzo Alcazar?

Skye: We were up in the nursery with our little girl.

Diane: Did you see the defendant anywhere near your house that day?

Skye: No.

Diane: Did you hear or see any signs of a struggle -- anything that may indicate foul play?

Skye: That mocking bird don't sing

[Silenced gunshots]


Skye: No.

Diane: So for all you know, nothing happened to Lorenzo Alcazar on Wednesday, May 23, of this year?

Skye: That's correct.

Diane: Thank you. No further questions.

Ric: I have one. Lorenzo Alcazar had a brother, a niece, and a son all murdered in this town. Now, do you honestly believe that he would vanish, leaving his last vestige of family behind?

Diane: Objection -- supposition.

Judge: I'll allow it.

Ric: I'll ask the question again. Would Lorenzo Alcazar abandon his daughter if he were still alive?

Skye: No.

Carly: I knew that wasn't going to work, and that was probably our one and only chance to free Jason.

Jerry: I didn't think you were the type to give up so quickly.

Carly: What are you talking about? We went to the bank to access Lorenzo’s account and we were completely shut down. So now no one's going to believe that Lorenzo is alive, and Jason is going to be convicted of murder.

Jerry: Are you always the one to jump to the worst scenario? It didn't go that badly. Come on.

Carly: This trip has been a complete waste of time -- not just for us, but for Spinelli. Do you know he spent hours trying to hack into Lorenzo’s files to get us his password, his account number, and for what? The police are probably on their way over here right now to arrest me. Is that the kind of attention you want --

Jerry: That's exactly what I wanted. What I wanted was to send a red flag so that people would be aware of Alcazar's presence.

Carly: You don't get it -- Lorenzo was overly cautious.

[Knock on door]

Jerry: Who is it?

Man: Carlos Medina from Banco Municipal.

Jerry: Senor Medina, mucho gusto. How can I be of some assistance?

Carlos: I'm here to follow up on an account you tried to access, then I will be notifying the police.

Jerry: I wasn't aware that making a withdrawal in this country constituted a crime.

Carlos: Where did you get that password to access el Senor Alcazar's account?

Carly: Lorenzo gave it to me. He wanted all of his money transferred to an offshore account, and he asked me to make the arrangements.

Carlos: That is impossible. El Senor Alcazar is dead.

Carly: Lorenzo's in hiding. He faked his own death to protect his daughter. If anyone finds out he's still alive, that little girl would be in serious danger.

Carlos: Unfortunately, the instructions on the account are very specific. I cannot release any funds unless I speak with el Senor Alcazar himself.

Jerry: Well, that won't be a problem because he's been expecting your call. If you'll excuse me -- si, buenos dias, Senor Alcazar. Acabamos de venir del banco, y el Senor Medina quisiera hablar con usted. Si. Mr. Alcazar would like to speak to you.

Patrick: The patient's 34 years old, 19 weeks pregnant. She slipped in the kitchen and hit her head on the marble counter. So once we move in, we're going to have to work fast or compromise the risk of the baby, having to call Dr. Lee for cesarean. I could really use another set of steady, experienced hands -- yours are the best I know.

Man's voice: Here's to you.

Patrick: So? You in?

Noah: Not this time, no.

Patrick: Why not?

Noah: You don't need me.

Patrick: What -- Dad, this is your procedure.

Noah: No, Patrick, you've taken this procedure and made it your own. The patient couldn't be in better hands, okay?

Patrick: Am I dreaming, or did my dad just give me a surgical triumph?

Robin: I believe he did.

Lulu: Mmm -- thank you for a very special birthday.

Logan: It's not over yet. Um --

[Logan sighs]

Logan: Make a wish. I got to find the candles, and open that, all right?

Lulu: You didn't -- you did not have to get me anything.

Logan: Just open it up, open it.

Lulu: Oh --

Logan: It's a charm bracelet. I got it; I thought it was maybe something that we could build together.

[Music plays]

Logan: I -- if -- you know, if you don't like it, then I can -- I can take it back.

Lulu: No, it's perfect.

Logan: Why are you so upset, sweetie?

Singer: Look like an angel

Lulu: Nobody's ever done anything like this for me before. Thank you.

Logan: You're welcome.

Singer: World's spinning how could I ever begin to think with you?

Lulu: What's wrong?

Singer: But there's something about you now

Logan: Are you sure about this?

Singer: I don't think I'll ever figure it out

Lulu: Well, it depends. Can I trust you?

Logan: Yeah.

Singer: And there's something about you now

Lulu: Then I'm sure.

Singer: That makes everything beautiful if I only believe

Ric: You are a criminalist with the Port Charles Police Department, is that correct?

Man: Yes.

Ric: And did you perform an analysis on a digital recording that was found in the residence of Lorenzo Alcazar on May 29 of this last year?

Man: I did.

Ric: Do you recognize this as the digital recorder, which was previously marked as "Exhibit F," which was found taped to the underside of Lorenzo Alcazar's desk?

Man: Yes.

Ric: Is the voice on the recording Lorenzo Alcazar?

Man: Yes. We matched his voice pattern to documented recordings, including legal testimony.

Ric: Mm-hmm. Was there a gun fired on the recording?

Diane: Objection.

Ric: I'll rephrase. Could the additional sound heard on the recording be that of a gun firing?

Man: It's a perfect audio match for a 9 millimeter fired through a silencer.

Ric: Your Honor, I would like permission to play the recording for the jury so that they can hear Mr. Alcazar identify his killer.

Diane: Objection! Prejudicial, Your Honor, and Mr. Lansing is blatantly addressing the jury.

Judge: Sustained. You may play the recording, Mr. Lansing, but you are skating close to a contempt citation. Maybe you better refresh your memory on the rules of procedure.

Ric: Understood, Your Honor.

[Recorder plays]

Lorenzo's voice: Morgan.

[Silenced gunshots]


Lucky: Look out, Cam, here comes the tickle monster!

[Lucky growls]

Lucky: You better run before I get to you, agh!

[Lucky laughs]

Lucky: I got you now!

Sam: Oh -- oh, he's a big boy. Hi. Wow, look who's home.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lucky: I didn't expect you back so soon.

Elizabeth: Apparently not.

Diane: Lorenzo Alcazar could've said Jason Morgan's name, fired off a silenced weapon, and then dropped to the floor.

Carlos: Senor Alcazar?

Carly: What kind of trick is this?

Lorenzo: Carly?

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