GH Transcript Monday 8/6/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/6/07


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Carly: What the hell is wrong with you? Are you insane?

Jerry: What's wrong with you, Irina? This is no time to play hard to get.

Carly: You know what, Jerry? Snap out of it! Irina's dead, and I'm Carly, your brother's wife.

Jerry: Oh --

Carly: And you're going to wish you were dead if you try something like that again.

Ric: You might want to get used to the new order, Sonny, because Jason's never leaving police custody ever again. The most light of day that man's going to see is an hour of exercise in the prison yard.

Sonny: You should know better than I do, Ric -- a trial is a living, breathing thing, especially a jury trial. All it takes is one doubter to put a wrench in your celebration.

Ric: Well, there's not going to be any doubters, Sonny, reasonable or otherwise, because I finally have Jason just where I want him.

Sonny: Yeah, we'll see about that, Ric.

Ric: Oh, here it comes -- the false bravado, right?

Sonny: No.

Ric: It's kind of like the other false things about you, Sonny, kind of like this -- this big show of loyalty that you have towards Jason.

Sonny: My loyalty to Jason's never been in question. He's like a brother to me.

Ric: Uh-huh.

Sonny: Kind of like the brother I never had.

Ric: You know what? I don't doubt for one second that you actually believe that. But it doesn't change the fact that the tide's turning. Jason is going to prison. And you know what? I know you're going to feel the pain -- I mean, for a minute. Jason's loss is going to leave a huge hole in your organization, but you know what? You'll fill it. Hey, Logan Hayes is waiting in the wings, eager to be molded, do your bidding. He'll step in -- I mean, him or somebody else. Life will go on as you know it. It'll be as if Jason never existed. And then you can conveniently ignore the fact that you are the one who ordered Jason to kill Lorenzo Alcazar, and then you left him to take the fall all alone.

Lucky: Maybe you lied on the stand today -- for whatever reason. But I am your husband and I do have a right to know the truth. Is Jake my son?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Sam: Come on, Jason. I know you can see the way she's boxed you in. Elizabeth made sure you would never be able to tell the world that Jake is your son because you would open her up to perjury charges. She got exactly what she wanted in that courtroom today.

Jason: You're wrong.

Sam: I am not wrong! She stole your only son, and there's only one way to make this right! Let her suffer the consequences of her actions. Admit that Jake is your son -- or I will do it for you!

Jerry: Irina, we have to break --

Carly: Whoa, no, you stay down and relax.

Jerry: No, no, we have to leave. We have to get the disc out of the country or we're dead.

Carly: You're not going anywhere with the wound in your side.

Jerry: No, grab the medical bag and take me, Irina, now, hurry!

Carly: For the last time, I'm not Irina, okay, and we don't have a medical bag. We are in a hotel in Venezuela, and we're here to get information on Lorenzo Alcazar. Now, do you know what I'm talking about?

Jerry: No.

Carly: Jerry, knock it off! Knock it off!

Jerry: Ow. Carly? What happened? What's wrong?

Carly: You have a wound in your side. It's infected, you're feverish and delusional. Do you know I'm Carly, do you know where you are?

Jerry: Yes, yes, I know you're Carly, yes.

Carly: Can you be okay for a little while so I can run out and get something to help you?

Jerry: I knew I was right.

Carly: Right about what, Jerry?

Jerry: I knew that one day you would put your life on the line for me. I didn't know it was that soon, though.

[Jerry laughs]

Carly: Let me be clear. The only reason I'm lifting a finger to help you is because I want to save my husband and my best friend. So while I'm gone, get over yourself.

Ric: Why don't you try being honest for a change, you know? I mean, come on. Jason's a mindless, cold-blooded killer, but you made him that way, Sonny. You had to know that eventually he was going to get caught, that he would go to prison protecting you with his last breath -- I mean, talk about loyalty? I mean, it's mindless, but it's a hell of a lot more generous than what you're serving up. Even now, Jason could make his case better by rolling over on you, but, oh -- hell would freeze over, right?

Sonny: What's your point?

Ric: I'm just trying to make you understand the true meaning of loyalty. I'm giving you the opportunity to live by those words that you so easily preach. You have the power to save the man that you call "brother." All you got to do is tell the truth about the fact that you ordered the hit on Lorenzo Alcazar. You do that, I'll lessen the charges against Jason. I mean, make that mental deficiency of his work in his favor for once. He'll still do time, but he will see the sun again. What do you say? Yeah, I know. I thought so. Oh, well. I guess we're just going to let the chips fall where they may, right?

Elizabeth: I know hearing that I slept with Jason in the middle of the trial was a shock, but I -- I did not intend for you to find out this way.

Lucky: As if you wanted me to know?

Elizabeth: Yeah, you're right, I didnít. But now that it's out, do you want to talk about it? You want to hear about it from my perspective?

Lucky: Yeah, I want to know the truth -- the truth that you said on the stand. Were you only with him one night?

Elizabeth: Yes. Yes, and it was because I honestly believed that you and I were over.

Lucky: Was being with Jason something you think about?

Elizabeth: No! No.

Lucky: You know, the whole town was in a blackout. That means you walked up however many flights of stairs to get to him.

Elizabeth: God, I was angry, Lucky, I wasn't counting stairs. I just -- I needed a friend. And it turns out Jason needed one, too. It --

Lucky: When you found out you were pregnant, it must've occurred to you that the baby could've been his.

Elizabeth: There was an equal chance that it was yours.

Lucky: Huh. So you weren't sure?

Elizabeth: No, and I didn't -- I didn't know for two months because that's how long it takes to get a paternity test.

Lucky: Did you keep this secret all to yourself?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Lucky: You didn't tell Jason?

Elizabeth: No.

Lucky: You know, what I don't understand is that you didn't believe in me enough to be honest. That you let me choke upon the guilt the past year. And I apologized over and over again about my affair with Maxie, while you yourself knew that you were unfaithful with Jason. How could you do that?

Elizabeth: Because I was trying to protect you.

Jason: Do I have to remind you what I'll do if you tell anyone that I'm Jake's father?

Sam: No. I got it loud and clear. You will turn me in as an accessory to Jake's kidnapping. Because in a moment of weakness, during probably the worst time of my life -- aside from the death of my daughter -- I froze, I panicked.

Jason: Sam, I -- I do not want to hurt you. But I'm not going to let you turn my son's life inside out, either.

Sam: Don't you mean "Lucky's son"? After all, he is Jake's father of record, but he shouldn't be permitted to know the truth because you and Elizabeth have -- have spoken. Well, you know, Jason, I happen to disagree. And the more this drags on, the more I know I was right. Maureen may have been half crazy from grief. But she couldn't be any worse of a mother than that lying, manipulating Elizabeth Spencer.

Clarice: Oh, my God, Ms. Howard -- were you mugged?

Kate: Oh, Clarice, don't be ridiculous.

Clarice: But what happened to your hair? Your clothes? Where are your shoes?

Kate: Oh. They must be around here some-- oh, there they are. Sonny had me watch his kids, so I let them play out here.

Clarice: Oh, you poor thing -- you hate unscripted children. It must've been torture.

Kate: Actually, contemporary women need to be able to incorporate children whenever necessary. Yes, it's part of the "we can do, have anything" lifestyle. See, fashion, Clarice -- it's not just about clothes, it's about -- it's about a way of life. Besides, I actually had fun.

Clarice: "Fun"?

Kate: Mm-hmm. Yeah. You should look it up and try it sometime. Okay, now, this is enough. Why don't we go inside, and you can tell me what Esteban has planned for the Paris shoot.

Logan: Everything is soaked clear through -- I guess that makes it official.

Lulu: What?

Logan: This date's a bust.

Lulu: Why do you keep saying that?

Logan: Oh, come on. First, I torture you with the hike from hell, then I burn blisters on the roof of your mouth with the salsa. Throw in the humidity and the torrential downpour -- what do you call it?

[Logan sighs]

Lulu: Well, under the table was nice. Anyway, despite a few obstacles, I've had a good time.

Logan: The chairs are soaked.

Lulu: So? Sit on the ground. So, you know, it's fine. We -- we still have sandwiches and chips. Oh.

Logan: Oh -- all right, you know what? When the -- when the summer storm drenches your pastrami, that's fate's way of saying "cut your losses and run."

Lulu: Screw fate. What if I don't want this date to end?

Logan: I guess I'd say okay.

Lulu: Okay. Then let's just see what we can salvage and pick up where we left off.

Elizabeth: I slept with Jason the night that I found you and Maxie having sex in our bed. I felt that you would never stop choosing her -- or your pills -- over me.

Lucky: So your first stop was Jason's?

Elizabeth: Not because I wanted to sleep with him, but because I needed a friend. I didn't know until I got there that he had a -- a similar shock -- he just found Sam with Ric. I mean, that night, we were like the walking wounded. Our relationships seemed -- they seemed unsalvageable, so we -- we just -- I -- I don't know. Do you want me to keep going?

Lucky: I want it out. I want all of it.

Elizabeth: After I left Jason's house the next morning, I honestly -- I believed that I didn't have a marriage to go back to. So I was -- I was going home to tell you that things were over, but you weren't there. Instead, I found a note saying that you had gone to your first N.A. meeting. Of course, I -- I thought it was a lie, that you were just appeasing me so you wouldn't have to deal with the consequences of being caught with Maxie -- for the second time -- so I went to the hospital to see for myself. And there you were. You were standing in front of a group of people admitting your addiction and -- and pledging to change. You promised me that if -- if we gave our marriage another chance, it would help you stay in the program. How was I supposed to turn away? How was I supposed to crush you with admitting that I had been with Jason? So I kept quiet.

Lucky: You know, maybe you were justified at first. But I have been clean and sober over the past year. And during that time, I asked you -- I asked you to marry me again. Didn't you think during that time, it might seem like a good idea to be honest with me?

Jason: I know you like to paint Elizabeth as some cold, unfeeling monster who gets off on lying to everybody, but you're wrong. And if you could possibly think this isn't hurting her, you're wrong again. This has got nothing to do with you anymore. And this is what I want for Jake, and I'm not going to let you wreck it.

Sam: So, what, we're all just supposed to sit back while you and Elizabeth hijack Lucky's entire life?

Jason: Well, since when do you care about Lucky so much?

Sam: Since we are both sitting on the same side of the fence looking in at the liars club, Jason. I thought you learned something from Alanís death. I thought that you regret how you treated him, and how you kept A.J. from Michael, but you are still playing with another man's dreams of fatherhood, all in the name of protecting a child who would be just as happy with you as I was. I never thought I would say this, but you deserve every bit of pain you've caused for yourself.

Robin: Can you believe your eyes right now? Dr. Noah Drake is bopping around to music in the middle of the hub. Really, what is our world coming to?

Patrick: Robin, I just covered like crazy to avoid tipping my father's suspicion radar.

[Robin sighs]

Patrick: Having your eyes glued on him is not going to help this.

Robin: I'm sorry, I can't help it. It's just Noah is acting so Eli lately. I mean, not even like a role he's playing, but like a new way of being, which I'm sure my mother loves --

Patrick: Okay, I --

Robin: Her favorite rock star in the face and body of a brilliant neurosurgeon.

Patrick: Didn't we agree to downplay and ignore?

Robin: It's a little bit difficult. I just talked to Epiphany; she said that my mother stopped by to see Noah earlier. Aren't you the least bit curious about that?

Patrick: I am, and I agree. If our parents decided to get into a real relationship, it would be awkward and disconcerting. But right now, he's just looking for attention -- from your mother, mostly from himself.

Robin: What does that mean?

Patrick: It means my dad gave up everything but booze after my mother died. He passively aggressively committed suicide for years. Now this magical opportunity comes up. He gets to reinvent himself, rediscover his adolescence -- if you will. And your mom is a perfect companion for this. She's -- she's intelligent, she's adventurous, and, you know, let's face it -- she's ridiculously hot.

Robin: Now you're checking out my mother?

Jerry: Oh --

Carly: Oh, my God.

Jerry: I missed you.

Carly: Yeah, well, I was hoping you were dead so I wouldn't have to go through with this.

Jerry: I'm so sorry to disappoint you. Whew.

Carly: Okay --

Jerry: Were you followed?

Carly: I don't think so.

Jerry: You sure?

Carly: I'm sure. Okay, look, I have what I think are some antibiotics here. And I got some threading, so I'm going to have to stitch you up myself -- for better or for worse.

Jerry: I'm not worried; I have the utmost confidence in you.

Carly: Okay. Let me take a look at this. Oh, wow, that's really gross. Oh! Okay. All right, you're going to have to scoot down a little bit. Okay, come on --

Jerry: Oh --

Carly: Scoot down.

[Jerry coughs]

Jerry: Ow --

Carly: Well, I can't believe that I have to do this to you.

Jerry: Well, you could let me die -- I mean, that would be a fitting revenge, don't you think?

Carly: Well, you know what? As much as I would love for that to happen, I would never find Jax, and he would never forgive me for leaving you here to die. Then there's Jason, who needs your help, and I need you to give it to him. So I'm just going to have to settle for making this as painful as possible.

Jerry: Agh!

[Jerry groans]

Ric: Well, I took a gamble today. It only paid off by half. See, I would've bet money that you were really Jake's father. Well, I'll take it as a victory. At least I was able to establish that you and Elizabeth slept together.

Jason: Oh, congratulations, Ric. You blew a hole through the life of an innocent mother -- that's great.

Ric: It's all relative, isn't it, Jason? I mean, I could say the same thing about you, but that's a debate for another day, right? Because the only thing that's really important is what the jury believes, and that is if Elizabeth was misguided enough to want to sleep with you, then maybe she was also misguided enough to want to protect you.

Jason: All right, cut -- cut the crap, okay? You put Elizabeth through hell to push my buttons. You want me to lose it again in the courtroom to make everybody think I'm some kind of animal.

Ric: Well --

Jason: "Well." "Well"? "Well"? You can choke on waiting for your so-called victory, because I'm not going to give you what you want.

Elizabeth: There was never a right time to tell you that I had been with Jason. First, you were struggling on your own to stay clean, and then you were in rehab fighting for your life. And you kept telling me that the only thing giving you strength to stay on the path was knowing that at the end of all of this, you were going to be a husband to me and a father to my children. I prayed and I hoped that you would never find out -- never find out that I was with Jason. But it's in the past, and you were my future -- and I hope you still are.

Lucky: Then why do you keep dragging Jason along with us? You've always claimed that he was nothing more than just a friend. But now knowing what I know --

Lucky: I have to ask you again. Are you in love with Jason?

Michael: Help! Somebody help!

Kate: Michael, what? What is it?

Michael: Morgan's drowning! In your pond, and he's stuck!

Patrick: Don't be absurd, there's no way I'm attracted to your mother. But I have eyes, and I can see how other guys -- especially my father -- would find her smoking hot. Like mother, like daughter -- you're smoking hot, too, in your own way.

Robin: Oh -- "in my own way." Let me interpret that --

Patrick: Okay --

Robin: With what I have to work with, I'm not doing so bad.

Patrick: Robin, hey, listen to me, that's not what I said. You know I find you amazingly beautiful and very sexy, you know that. I'm just saying your mom's got the whole accent, the rappelling from helicopters, the whole kung-fu'ing people thing going on for her.

Robin: So you're saying she's unique?

Patrick: Yes, yes. She's unique.

Robin: And I'm depressingly ordinary.

Patrick: No. Hey, you're unique, too.

Robin: Okay, maybe, but you would prefer it if I sounded like Keira Knightley and if I climbed into your apartment through the skylight. Maybe I should wear a ninja suit to bed.

Patrick: That's not a bad idea. Come on, seriously, you -- you don't think I'm attracted to your mother?

Robin: I don't know.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Okay. No.

Patrick: Good. Now, I'm just saying -- for the sake of the conversation -- your mother is a catch, and I wouldn't blame my father for wanting to attract her attention.

Noah: I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support. I'll be sure and let Anna know you approve.

Lulu: I'm impressed.

Logan: What'd I do?

[Lulu chuckles]

Lulu:  Well, you-- it was very smart of you to cover the wood under the tarp.

Logan: Oh.

Lulu: And, Lucky for us, you managed to cover the dessert -- which is, by far, the most important meal of the day -- in covered plastic.

Logan: Well, when they shipped us off to Iraq, the first thing they taught us was "protect the s'mores."

Lulu: Hmm. So is that why you wanted to go camping today -- because you're used to being outside in Iraq?

Logan: No. I've been camping and hiking when I was a kid. You want to know the truth?

Lulu: Yeah, that'd be nice.

[Music plays]

Logan: I brought us out here so we could be alone. No fronts, no walls, just -- just real.

Lulu: Well, thank the rain -- it washed all the product out of my hair. Singer: An angel

Logan: I thought you were onboard for the real thing.

Lulu: I am.

Logan: Then why the deflection?

Singer: How could I ever

Lulu: Force of habit.

Singer: Begin to be

Logan: Fair enough. Ahem. Want to know something else? I also brought you out here so we could get away from all the interruptions -- primarily, your little buddy, Spinelli, who's always screaming, man, yelling at me about how I'm not worthy, you know --

Lulu: Okay, please don't start on Spinelli, because I will be compelled to defend him.

Logan: It's not -- it's not just Spinelli, all right? I was thinking about, you know, any random guy that would come up and start hitting on you, and I knew that I would get all territorial -- even though I -- I know I have no right to be. And I would start doing all that macho crap that I -- that I know you hate, and it would just make you mad, you know, and turn you off.

Singer: Something is happening

Lulu: Well, if you are aware that you go off and go crazy like that, why don't -- why don't you stop yourself?

Elizabeth: I understand why you feel the need to ask. But the answer is no. I don't love Jason.

Lucky: Then exactly what is he to you?

Elizabeth: An old friend who has been there for me whenever I need him. Yes, I care about him, but we were together for only one night. One night, and it has not been an ongoing affair. Baby, I'm so sorry you had to find out this way. It kills me to know that I am -- I'm responsible for causing the pain that I see in your eyes right now. But even so, I don't regret what happened that night because it was part of a chain of events that led to me realizing where I belong, and that's with you. Because I love you, and I always have, and I always will. Please say you believe me.

Emily: Hey. Can you handle a visitor?

Jason: Of course I can if it's you. Yeah.

Emily: Don't take this the wrong way, but you look awful.

Jason: It wasn't a -- it wasn't a good day in court.

Emily: Yeah. It's all over the news.

Jason: What -- what are they saying?

Emily: That you and Elizabeth slept together one night last August.

[Jason sighs]

Emily: Both the mayor and Ric gave out these press conferences claiming that Elizabethís testimony could've been biased.

Jason: What -- what a bastard. That's not even why he did it.

Emily: I know. Ric's twisted, Jason, he's horrible. When I think about the fact that Elizabeth was actually married to him -- I'm just grateful that she's not anymore.

Jason: I know, but he -- he wanted me to lose it in court, and at -- and at one point, I mean, I -- I guess I did. I jumped up, I yelled. He thought he could push me more -- that's why he kept going after Elizabeth.

Emily: And I hope you sat there that way you do -- like you don't feel or care, like nothing can touch you. I'm sure it makes Ric furious, and, hopefully, the jury will realize that he's the one who should be on trial, not you.

Jason: Oh -- Ric offered me a plea bargain, and I'm starting to think that he's going to continue to beat up on the people that I care about until I take it.

Emily: Jason, don't you dare give in to that -- slimy toad!

Kate: Okay. Michael: That was awesome! You pulled that big tree right off Morganís foot like it was nothing!

Kate: Morgan, can you take a deep breath, huh? Good. Did you take a lot of water?

Sonny: What the hell's going on? Hey, hey, hey, hey Ė

Logan: Here you go.

Lulu: Yay!

[Lulu giggles]

[Logan chuckles]

Lulu: Oh, God -- it is so good, you have to try.

Logan: Okay, okay.

Lulu: Mmm!

Logan: Mmm. Wow. Excellent, if I do say so myself.

Lulu: Aren't you glad that we stayed?

Logan: S'mores, company of a beautiful lady -- mmm -- it doesn't get much better. You know, you asked me earlier why I let myself act like a jerk, and I didn't answer you.

Lulu: You don't have to. I tend to stick my nose in other people's business.

Logan: No, no, no, no. No, it was a fair question. You know, the truth is, Lulu, jerky behavior is -- um, it's kind of how I protect myself. I'm sure that probably doesn't actually make a lot of sense to you, but --

Lulu: I actually understand you better than you think. My family is ready to tear their hair out because I'm either acting up or pretending like I don't care, when the truth is I probably care too much. You know, if people saw this side of you, you would probably have a lot more friends.

Logan: Oh --

[Lulu chuckles]

Logan: You know, I'd settle for one if it was -- if it was you.

Lulu: You have a little marshmallow on your face.

Logan: What? Where?

Lulu: Just a little --

Logan: Where?

Lulu: Over here.

Kate: I realize it looks strange, but I wasn't trying to hurt Morgan.

Sonny: I'm sorry about my first reaction. I just didn't know what was going on.

Kate: No, it's understandable.

Sonny: I appreciate what you did, I'm just -- I'm going to take Morgan home, put him to bed. Okay, you and I are going to have a serious discussion about the consequences of disobedience, do you understand what I'm saying?

Michael: We're really sorry, Dad.

Sonny: Okay, your brother could've been hurt. If Kate wasn't here, he could've been --

Kate: It was an accident -- Sonny, it was an accident. Morgan just got scared. He -- he slipped in the pond and his foot got stuck and he was scared, that's all.

Sonny: Okay, listen to me. You don't -- you don't have to try to minimize it. You saved my son's life, and I'll never be able to thank you for that.

Kate: Well, you just did.

Sonny: I'll see you later, okay? Let's go. Whoa.

Michael: Thank you, Ms. Howard, and I'm really sorry.

Sonny: Bye.

Jason: "Slimy toad"?

Emily: What? Are you denying that Ric Lansing is both slimy and a toad?

Jason: Whew.

Emily: Unless, of course, you think that he looks and acts more like a rat --

Jason: Hmm.

Emily: In which case, I might have to agree with you.

Jason: Now you sound like my lawyer.

Emily: I definitely admire that woman. I don't think I could sit there and listen to Ric Lansingís little lies with a straight face.

Jason: When did you get so fierce?

Emily: Right around the time my big brother was arrested for murder. I'm sorry I haven't visited more often.

Jason: No, you know what, you've been busy -- looks like you're still busy. Don't -- don't even worry about it.

Emily: Yeah, it's been a really tough rotation. Sometimes I get so tired, Jason, I wonder, why am I even doing all of this? And then I think about Dad.

Jason: Alan would be really proud of you.

Emily: Yeah. If he were alive, he'd be here, you know? He'd be saying all of the wrong things, probably driving you crazy, but he'd be on your side. He loved you, Jase.

Jason: Yeah, I know.

Emily: And I love you, too. I don't say that enough. Which is probably fine with you, since you're not really into big, public displays of emotion.

Jason: Yeah, you know, you don't need to say it. It's --

Emily: Maybe I want to. You are an amazing, essential person in my life. And you're going to beat this, because I can't lose you.

Jason: It's going to be okay.

Robin: Mom?


Robin: Oh, God!

Jason: I didn't expect to see you tonight. How'd it -- how'd it go with Lucky?

Elizabeth: I honestly don't know. I lied to him -- again. I assured him that he's Jake's father. And then he asked me if I was in love with you.

Jason: What did -- what did you say?

Elizabeth: I said we were just friends -- friends that shared one night that'll never happen again.

Jason: Did he believe you?

Elizabeth: He seemed convinced that Jake is his son, which is good for him. I gave him something to hold on to, and it's the best thing for Jake -- even though I'm starting to hate myself.

Jason: I know how difficult this is to keep this secret.

Elizabeth: Lucky's hurt and he's angry, and I don't blame him because I, too, was furious last summer when he was lying to me.

Jason: Elizabeth, I'm -- I'm sorry that this trial has -- has brought you so much pain.

Elizabeth: I would go through it all over again -- and more -- if it meant you could walk out of here.

Lucky: What are you doing here?

Sam: Sorry. Um -- I was in the neighborhood, and I kind of noticed Elizabethís car wasn't here, so I thought it was a good time to come by to -- apologize.

Lucky: Why? You got cheated on, too?

Sam: Yeah, look, Lucky, the difference is I knew about it. I have known all of it, and I didn't tell you.

Kate: Oh, I have to go. How's Morgan?

Sonny: He's fine. The doctor said he wants to check him tomorrow, you know, just in case.

Kate: And Michael?

Sonny: Yeah, Michaelís -- he's grounded. I mean, I hate doing it to the kid, but he's got to know he can't be wandering around on people's property without their -- you cold?

Kate: Um, just a little bit.

Sonny: It's -- it's hot in here.

Kate: I'm just lightheaded. I -- I probably should've had some of that pizza. You can take your --

Sonny: Hey, hey -- you all right?

Kate: Oh --

Sonny: Connie Ė

Jerry: Congratulations. If you wanted to make me suffer, you've succeeded admirably.

Carly: Yeah, well, it wasn't any fun for me, either.

Jerry: Oh, really? You only hurt the ones you love?

Carly: I guess the needle didn't jab anything important -- you got your energy back.

Jerry: Well, agonizing pain will do that to you, darling.

Carly: Oh, just admit it -- you were faking your delirium.

Jerry: Why would I want to do that?

Carly: Because you wanted to get to me, you wanted to kiss me.

[Door kicks open]

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Sam: I wanted to tell you the truth. Elizabeth asked us to keep it a secret from you.

Jason: What about Lucky?

Elizabeth: He needs to decide.

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