GH Transcript Wednesday 7/25/07

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/25/07


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Tracy: I was looking for something to use against Scott Baldwin so he would drop the kidnapping charges against Luke and me. I found out he has an illegitimate son. Lulu, meanwhile, meets this boy named Logan. As improbable as it sounds, Logan turns out to be Scott's illegitimate son, and Logan knew it all along. Of course, Scott denies it. Please sit down. The point is, the apple does not fall far from the tree, and Logan is as sleazy as you know Scott is. Disaster is looming, unless you can stop your sister. Of course, it might already be too late.

Lulu: I'm not proud to admit it, but I've never given much thought to the reality of war. It just seems so far away, like it's happening in another universe, but hearing you talk about it makes it so visceral, and it makes me humble and so grateful to guys like you and -- and Coop for carrying that burden so that idiots like me don't -- we can live our lives without ever having to think about it.

[Knock on door]

Scott: Open up, it's Scott Baldwin.

Logan: Damn it. What do you want?

[Logan sighs]

Scott: Ah. We got to talk, and I'm sorry to see you here.

Logan: Look, that's none of your business. I'll ask you again. What do you want?

Scott: Well, we need to get something settled. I'm not your father.

Cody: Did you get the pills?

Maxie: I couldn't. Actually, I could, but I didn't. Look, last summer, I made the mistake of enabling someone's habit by supplying their drugs, and I don't want to do that again.

Cody: You don't get it. I need those pills.

Maxie: I know you think you need them, but what you really need is professional help. Oh --

Cody: You don't want to play games with me, okay? So just give me the drugs and this won't have to get ugly.

Sonny: Uh -- I'm going to be seeing a little more of Kate Howard. So I would like you to treat her with respect. No remarks about rebound relationships. Don't, you know, compare Kate to Miss NASCAR 2000, you know? You know what I'm saying?

Max: Yeah. Ahem -- I got it, boss. Sorry.

Milo: Mr. C?

Sonny: Yes?

Milo: Ms. Howard has checked out of the Metro Court.

Sonny: Gone where?

Milo: Back to Manhattan, I guess.

Amelia: What possible reason could you have for protecting Sam? She stood by and watched while your baby was kidnapped. Jake would probably still be missing if I hadn't heard him crying when I spoke with Maureen on the phone.

Jason: I understand, and I owe you for your help with Jake. But that doesn't mean that I have to help you destroy Sam.

Carly: I'm going to make you pay for every lie you've ever told.

Sam: Don't you ever choke on your hypocrisy?

Carly: No, because I'd rather kick your ass.

Maxie: Let -- let go of me!

Cody: Give me the drugs!

Maxie: I told you, I didn't get them.

Cody: Wrong answer!

Maxie: Oh!

[Gun cocks]

Coop: Get your hands off of Maxie now.

Lulu: Okay, pay attention. Logan really is your son, and this is very difficult for him.

Scott: Lulu, he is conning you, just like he's trying to con me. Him and Tracy are in on this together.

Lulu: Tracy hired a P.I. to check and it turned out you really fathered a son in Texas, and that son is Logan.

Scott: No. So what's in this for you, huh? What -- what are you getting out of this?

Logan: Oh --

Scott: Cold cash here? How much is Tracy paying you, you weasel?

Logan: Just get out, now.

Scott: I am here for Lulu, not you, you grifter.

Logan: Oh, right. Helping Lulu out of the goodness of your heart? After you framed her own mother for your own crime?

Lulu: Okay, okay, can you guys just -- it's -- I know that this is very difficult for you, and you didn't even know that you had a son that existed, so could you please just ease up a little bit?

Scott: Well, are you happy with yourself? You actually got Lulu bamboozled into defending you.

Logan: Baldwin, drop the act. If you gave a damn about Lulu or her mother, you would not have gotten yourself declared --

Lulu: Whoa, whoa, whoa --

Logan: Her legal guardian.

Lulu: Do not bring me or my mother into this. This has nothing to do with that. It's about you and him and your father/son relationship, and how you guys need to work on it.

[Knock on door]

Logan: Who is it?

Nikolas: Nikolas Cassadine.

Scott: Well, come on in. Join the party.

[Logan sighs]

Nikolas: I'm getting you away from these two immediately. Let's go.

Milo: I delivered the flowers to Ms. Howard's house this morning, and the foreman said she was going back to Manhattan.

Sonny: Just probably for a couple days, right?

Milo: Ah, well, I went to the Metro Court and they confirmed it. She has checked out.

Max: Ooh.

Milo: Yeah.

Sonny: It's all right. All right. Good, thanks.

Milo: Ahem.

Max: I'm sorry, boss. You know, maybe it's for the best. Yours and Ms. Howard's life, you know, just aren't really that compatible.

Sonny: Max -- you're my friend, right? And my trusted employee? Don't give me advice about relationships.

Max: I'm sorry. I was jut trying to look out for you.

Sonny: Yeah. And I can look out for myself. In the meantime, we got business to take care of.

Max: Logan Hayes?

Sonny: I've been waiting for him to show his face after he botched the shipment landing. But for whatever reason, he stayed away, so what I want you to do is I want you to drag him in here so he can tell us how he practically handed over that shipment to Ric.

Epiphany: You've been out to visit Jason lately?

Elizabeth: Why do you ask?

Epiphany: Hmm. Just wondering if there was any word on his murder case.

Elizabeth: Well, I think your son would know more than I do.

Epiphany: Oh, now, Stanford tells me nothing. That's why I'm asking. Now, I might not agree with how Jason makes his living, but I like him. I don't want to see him convicted. But as a mother, I can't help thinking that it might be a good thing -- you know, the wake-up call that Stanford needs.

Elizabeth: To rethink his career.

Epiphany: Well, if the untouchable Jason Morgan goes to prison, maybe Stanford will get out of the mob and avoid getting into the same boat.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I can understand why you're concerned. But when I see Jason, we don't really discuss the case.

Epiphany: You just talk about Jake?

Ric: Elizabeth, can I speak to you for a moment?

Elizabeth: Yeah, sure.

Ric: I wanted to do this in person in case you had any questions or concerns.

Elizabeth: Okay. About what?

Ric: You're being subpoenaed as a witness for the prosecution in the murder trial against Jason Morgan.

Jason: I want you to leave Sam alone. There's been enough damage.

Amelia: That's a generous attitude considering the pain and fear she's inflicted on you and Elizabeth.

Jason: It's over, Amelia. Jake is safe at home.

Amelia: Yeah, Elizabeth believes that, but you don't. You're a realist, and you know as well as I do that anything could have happened to Jake. Sam had no way of knowing that Maureen wasn't dangerous. She could have left him in a ditch, or worse.

Jason: I'm not going to turn Sam in for aiding and abetting.

Amelia: Look, if you're worried the truth about Jake being your son will come out --

Jason: Jake is with Elizabeth and her family, and that's the end of it. Sam and I are over, and so is your revenge. Leave Sam alone.

Amelia: Or what?

Carly: Ah!

Sam: Oh! Get off!

Carly: Get off!

Diane: Both of you stop it at once! The police are on their way.

Cody: I let her go.

Coop: Get out of here, Maxie.

Maxie: I'm okay. He didn't hurt me.

Cody: Go ahead, pull the trigger. I'm messed up, man. There's no chance of rehabilitation. I'm a waste of a life.

Coop: Shut up!

Cody: Don't you want to know what I was doing with the girl?

Maxie: He wasn't doing anything.

Cody: I told her to get me drugs. So she goes to the hospital, comes back and tells me she doesn't have any. But your girlfriend is a liar, Coop. I know she's got them on her somewhere, but I want to know where.

Maxie: What is your problem? Do you want him to shoot you?

Coop: Yeah, he does. One bullet and he doesn't have to remember what happened in Iraq.

Cody: Listen to you, Private. Now you're a junior psychologist.

Coop: Find another way to deal, Cody. I'm not going to kill you.

Cody: Yeah.

Coop: Unless you threaten Maxie again.

Cody: You haven't changed a bit, Private. You're still the quiet one with no initiative -- until all hell breaks loose, and all of a sudden, you're super-soldier. You are basically useless unless you're being shot at, Coop. That's the only time you really know what to do. I guess that's why you're becoming a cop. But still, got to wonder if your mental health is any better than mine, man.

Maxie: I can explain.

Coop: Don't.

Lulu: Did Tracy put you up to this?

Nikolas: She's concerned about you, as am I. You shouldn't be here.

Lulu: It was my choice to come here.

Nikolas: Well, it was a poor choice, Lulu, because Logan is linked to organized crime, and Scott took us to court for custody of our mother.

Scott: Again, this lizard is not my son.

Lulu: How can you keep denying it? Don't you have any feelings for your own child?

Scott: You know, I would if he was, but he's not. Your brother's right -- he's a loser. Stay away from him. And since you're here, you can handle this mess.

[Door opens and closes]

Lulu: Do you hear the way that he talks to Logan? He has every right to be angry with him.

Nikolas: Is he your father?

Logan: Scott got my mom pregnant and left town before I was born. My mom sent him some letters, but they got marked "return to sender." You know, Baldwin's obviously not very big on the father/son relationship, but at least he's consistent.

Nikolas: You two can work out all that stuff amongst yourselves. We're leaving -- let's go.

Logan: Lulu can leave when she wants.

Nikolas: I'm not talking to you.

Lulu: Whoa. Whoa, whoa. Nikolas, I really appreciate that you're trying to help, but this is completely my decision.

[Knock on door]

Nikolas: You're quite popular, aren't you?

Logan: Just lucky, I guess.

Max: Mr. Corinthos would like to see you.

Nikolas: As I was saying

Amelia: You aren't in a position to threaten me.

Jason: Try me.

Amelia: Sam is walking around without a care while my father is dead, murdered. Why shouldn't I want to make her pay for all the damage she's caused, to me and to you?

Jason: I told you, I just want this to end.

Amelia: So we're back to your empty threats now?

Jason: Okay, you know what? Go after Sam. If you do, evidence linking you to organized crime will be leaked to the network, and your career will be over.

Amelia: So you can get ruthless? Which makes me wonder why in the world you left yourself so wide open to Sam. I'm not your problem, she is, and Sam is going to cause a lot more damage before she's finished.

Diane: I have been advised that the PCPD have a warrant and are arriving any moment to search this place for evidence.

Carly: What do they think they're going to find? Lorenzo Alcazar's dead body stashed in the closet?

Diane: Okay, Carly, you see, that is the kind of comment that can be twisted around to hurt Jason. I need you to get out of here --

[Knock on door]

Diane: Before the police arrive.

Sam: Ah. Too late. Hello. Good day. Good evening, good night.

Mac: Looks like we walked in on a domestic disturbance.

Sam: No, Carly and I were just, you know, sparring. No harm done.

Carly: What do you want, Mac?

Mac: I'm sure Ms. Miller warned you. We're going to search this place top to bottom for evidence tying Jason to the murder of Lorenzo Alcazar.

Singer: And it's hard to be me

Lulu: Okay.

Nikolas: Ahem.

Lulu: Look, Nikolas, I know that you're doing this because you care, but I have way too many people sticking their noses in my life right now.

Nikolas: And rightfully so. Why are you spending time in Logan Hayes' apartment?

Lulu: We're friends, okay?

Nikolas: I don't think he thinks you're just friends.

Lulu: Nikolas, I'm 18. I'm free to make my own decisions. Please don't start policing me around like the Quartermaines are trying to do. I'm not going to listen. In fact, I'm probably going to do the opposite of what you want just to prove a point.

Nikolas: You're my sister, and I love you, and I'm just concerned, that's all.

Lulu: Why is everybody acting like Logan has horns and a forked tail? Because he doesn't. He's a pretty decent guy.

Nikolas: Lulu, he may or may not be Scott's son. It doesn't matter. He works for Sonny Corinthos, and that's trouble you don't need.

Lulu: Oh. And what do I need? A mom and a dad? They're not available. A way to forget all the bad stuff that's happened this past year? It's not possible. I'm living every single day the best way that I can, and -- and I haven't told any whopping lies this summer, and so far, I'm not pregnant, and not considering an abortion. So I consider myself ahead of the game.

Nikolas: You're hurt. You're hurt, and that's asking for trouble.

Maxie: I know that you're mad

Coop: You could have been killed. Is that not registering?

Maxie: It wouldn't have gotten that far, Coop. Cody's not a bad guy, he's just strung-out. He's not thinking straight.

Coop: Cody has posttraumatic stress disorder.

Maxie: Which means he's depressed, right?

Coop: Which means he doesn't process rage or anything else in a normal way. On top of it, he has a drug problem, which is why I warned you to stay away from him!

Maxie: Well, I'm not getting him drugs, so he'll probably stay away from me!

Coop: Maxie, you look for trouble, all right? You take chances, you set yourself up to get hurt. Now, I'm not judging you for it. We're all messed up in our own way. But Cody is a loose cannon.

Maxie: I'll be okay.

Coop: Hey, you're not hearing me, all right? If Cody lost it, he could hurt you or kill you before he even knew what he was doing.

Maxie: Coop, it's really sweet that you care --

Coop: Maxie, I don't know what I would do without you. All right? You -- you helped me turn my life around.

Maxie: I think you're giving me too much credit.

Coop: You're not just some girl I meet up in my room for sex. You're my best friend.

Maxie: Oh -- look, most of the time, I'm self-destructive, and when I do things and stuff goes wrong for me, even though I hate it, I know I deserve what ends up happening. But, Coop -- oh -- things are different with you. You're good for me.

Coop: Then trust me, okay? Stay away from Cody. Quit messing with Logan.

Max: Frisk him.

Milo: Max, Sonny said you need to bring him in, okay? Why don't you frisk him?

Max: All right, what the heck? He's probably not armed. I just picked him up at his apartment with Lulu and Nikolas, so --

Logan: Whoa. Dude, take it easy, man.

Milo: You were with Lulu?

Logan: Yeah.

Milo: Yeah, yeah? Stay -- how many times -- stay away from her.

Logan: Yeah, I've been hearing a lot of that lately.

Milo: Yeah, well, start listening, punk.

Logan: You guys ought to show me some respect. Mr. C would not be very happy with you.

Max: You know, I don't think so. He's not real happy with you right now.

Milo: He's unarmed.

Max: Okay. Let's go.

Max: Here you go, boss.

Sonny: Thank you, Max.

Sonny: You lost my shipment. You got my crew busted by the cops. That makes you a liability. One I need to get rid of.

Mac: Well, that's quite an arsenal.

Diane: My client has a license and the proper paperwork for every weapon.

Mac: I'm all for home defense, but that seems like overkill for a coffee importer, doesn't it?

Diane: Hmm.

Scott: Well, well, well, what do we got here? Resisting arrest?

Diane: Commissioner Scorpio is executing this search warrant. I fail to see why the special prosecutor should be involved.

Scott: Oh, well, you see, the PCPD -- they get a little sloppy when it comes to Morgan and Corinthos, so I'm here to make sure that nothing gets overlooked.

Carly: Right, you mean you want to plant evidence, right? You snake.

Scott: Well, suspicious minds.

Carly: Helping Ric frame Jason -- that's even low for you, isn't it?

Scott: There is no frame here, okay? We have proof that Morgan killed Alcazar.

Officer: Sit at the opposite side of the table. No physical contact with the prisoner.

Elizabeth: Yeah, okay. Thanks.

Jason: Is Jake okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah, yeah, he's fine. I'm here about your trial. I've been called to testify against you.

Maxie: Well, it won't be a problem for me to stay away from Logan because I don't like the guy anyway.

Coop: Well, you talk to him enough.

Maxie: Yeah. And every time I do, he's an obnoxious jerk, always asking me why I like you, implying that I'm using you somehow. But you know what I think it is? I think he's jealous.

Coop: Yeah, probably, because you're my girlfriend and not his.

Maxie: No. Logan always makes fun of you for being the good soldier. Taking orders so well, risking your life in the line of duty. Because he knows you're braver and more honorable than he'll ever be.

Coop: Well, thanks for the compliment, but I don't think that --

Maxie: No, you are a good guy, Coop, way too good for Logan. And I wouldn't put it past him to double-cross you somehow.

Coop: Hey, Logan is my friend. He wouldn't mess with me.

Maxie: There you go defending him again.

Coop: Logan saved my life in Iraq. All right? But he also did some things he shouldn't have.

Maxie: Such as?

Coop: All right, it's over, all right? It's behind us. I -- I thought Logan acted that way because we were in a war zone. Well, Iraq is a crazy place. You had to be crazy to survive.

Maxie: But now, you're not so sure?

Coop: Yeah, Logan was dangerous. Maybe he still is.

Nikolas: So how do you know Logan?

Lulu: He's friends with Cooper Barrett, who lives upstairs. Logan hangs out here, and so do I.

Nikolas: And he just struck up a conversation with you?

Lulu: Yeah, we spoke a few times. And when Scott came in here harassing me about the hearing for Mom's guardianship, he backed me up.

Nikolas: So you're grateful?

Lulu: Well, it seemed like at first, he was purposefully trying to start a fight with Scott, but then I realized that he was really angry with him for abandoning his mom when she was pregnant.

Nikolas: Oh, I see. So he backed you up because he hates Scott. Well, I hardly think that's a reason to be friends with him.

Lulu: When I was upset about Jake's kidnapping, he listened to me and he understood and -- no, you know what? That's it. That's the end of the story. You know what? You don't need to worry about this.

Nikolas: Listen, listen, my point is, is that, you said so yourself that it's been a difficult year. Mom and Luke are gone, Tracy's locked up in Shadybrook, Dillon left to go pursue his dreams --

Lulu: I'm happy about Dillon.

Nikolas: All right. Well, you used to be in love with him, didn't you?

Lulu: A year ago. I am not nursing a broken heart.

Nikolas: Yeah -- all I'm trying to say is that Dillon leaving is just another loss for you. So maybe being with Logan is just a way to distract yourself?

Lulu: Oh -- I'm not that desperate.

Nikolas: Look, I'm not questioning your motives. I'm questioning his.

Sonny: You didn't have the guts or the loyalty to make things right. You didn't call, you didn't report in. You made no attempt to tell me what happened.

Logan: Listen to me. I can explain why --

Sonny: I should have followed my instincts from the beginning when you came looking for a job, sniffing around in here. That's when I should have gotten rid of you.

Milo: What was Lulu doing at Logan's apartment?

Max: Don't ask me. I don't know.

Milo: Max, please. What were they doing when you got there?

Max: Oh -- um -- nothing. Look, Lulu's brother Nikolas was there, too, so --

Milo: Oh, man. That's a bad sign, Max. That means Nikolas must have stepped in to help, which means -- which means the unworthy one must have done something to her.

Max: "The unworthy one"? What --

Milo: Well, yeah, yeah. That's -- that's the name Spinelli calls Logan.

Max: Of course.

Milo: Yeah. He's right.

Logan: Just listen to me, all right? The -- the supplier had to have a snitch working for the PCPD, man. They opened fire on us in the alley. I was shot. I barely made it back to the apartment.

Sonny: I'm still not hearing why -- why you didn't call me.

Logan: I --

Sonny: What?

Logan: I was worried that the cops would follow me, you know?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Logan: And I didn't want to do anything to link you to that shipment. So I just sat tight and I waited for you to contact me.

Sonny: How come I don't believe you?

Logan: I'm -- I'm telling the truth.

Sonny: You're telling the truth? I'm not saying it's -- it's not a plausible excuse. It shows creativity, that you can stay cool under pressure. You still may be some use to me, Hayes.

Carly: You're not prosecuting this case, so get the hell out.

Scott: Well, you know what, Carly? You don't get to make that call.

Diane: Actually, Carly has a valid point. D.A. Lansing is prosecuting Mr. Morgan. I'm very curious as to what the special prosecutor's interest is.

Sam: You -- you all got what you came for. I think it's time to leave.

Scott: Why are you trying to get rid of us? Trying to hide something?

Sam: No, that's harassment. I could very easily call my mother, and she'll come down here.

Scott: Mac, search again. You might have missed something.

Mac: I'll do it, but it's a waste of time. All right, Morgan is a professional. He's not going to leave evidence in his own apartment.

Scott: Listen, don't assume anything. You flatfoots used to think that Jason was above the law. Well, guess what -- he's not!

Carly: And you're not looking for anyone else. You're trying to frame Jason. And don't think I don't know what's going on, Scott.

Diane: Carly, I just -- I just need one word with you. Just one word.

Carly: You know that I'm right, okay? You know that I'm right. They've been trying to put him behind bars for years.

Diane: Yes, I know you're right, but you are not helping.

Carly: Well, Scott Baldwin is a worm -- he knows exactly what he's doing.

Diane: Fine! But I have been paid to use my considerable power to get Jason acquitted of murder. Now, I will deal with the commissioner and the special prosecutor as I see fit. I need you to stay out of this.

Carly: Fine. But you keep an eye on Sam.

Diane: Wait, is that a -- is that a specific warning, or is just general garden-variety paranoia?

Carly: Jason and Sam just broke up and she's not exactly known for her loyalty. She will betray him the first chance she gets.

Elizabeth: Ric served me in person. He apologized for involving me, but said I had important testimony to offer.

Jason: It's going to be okay.

Elizabeth: Jason, I'm a witness for the prosecution. I'm sure I know something that's going to damage you. I just don't know what it is.

Jason: Okay, whatever Ric asks, just -- just tell the truth.

Elizabeth: What if it's the truth that hurts you?

Jason: Well, this is exactly why I've never discussed my business with you. Because you can get up on that stand and you can honestly say you have no idea about my business or my dealings with Alcazar.

Elizabeth: And Ric -- I'm sure he knows that, so why is he calling me to testify?

Jason: Because Ric is trying to mess with my head. He knows that you're important to me and he's trying to use that against me.

Lulu: How can you judge Logan? You talked to him for all of two minutes.

Nikolas: Tracy told me that he was Scott's son, and even if he is, it doesn't matter. He works for Sonny Corinthos.

Lulu: So you think he's working some kind of scam?

Nikolas: Yeah, I think it's a reasonable assumption, yes.

Lulu: Logan didn't tell me that Scott was his father. I was the one who figured it out.

Nikolas: But why is he working for Sonny?

Lulu: Milo works for Sonny, and he is one of the most kind, trustworthy guys that I know.

Nikolas: I didn't find you at Milo's apartment.

Lulu: Okay -- really, I get that you're doing the protective-older-brother thing, and that's great, but please do not make a big deal out of this.

Nikolas: Someone has to look out for you.

Lulu: I have an entire house of Quartermaines thrilled to take on that job. It's given them a great excuse to bicker and fight. But really, you don't need to worry. Logan is not dangerous. And even if he is, I'm just his friend, nothing more.

Nikolas: Well, at the risk of sounding like a Quartermaine, you're protesting this too much.

Coop: Hey, sorry to interrupt, but could I speak to you? It's important.

Max: What are you doing here?

Logan: Sonny told me to wait.

Max: Yeah? For what?

Logan: He said he wants me to be available for another job. I'm sorry to disappoint you guys, but it looks like you and your muscle-brained brother will not be eliminating me anytime soon.

Carly: Is Sonny in his office?

Max: Yeah, I'll announce you.

Carly: I'll announce myself.

Max: Of course.

Sonny: I'll handle it, Diane. Thank you.

Carly: Oh -- you are never going to believe this.

Sonny: I know what happened at Jason's.

Carly: Okay, I was about to kick Sam's ass when Diane and the cops interrupted. I don't trust her, Sonny. Jason is sitting in prison completely vulnerable.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Oh, yeah. Come on in. Well, you're too late. Your friends from the PCPD have already come and gone.

Ric: Well, actually, I'm here to see you on a related matter. You're being called as a witness for the prosecution to testify against Jason Morgan.

Jason: Well, Ric must have figured out I was visiting you in the hospital the afternoon Alcazar went missing.

Elizabeth: So? So you came by my room, we talked about the baby. What if Ric asks about Jake?

Jason: Just answer -- just answer his questions.

Elizabeth: Jason, Ric knows that we slept together. What if he brings that up in court? What if he finds out that Jake is your son?

Jason: Just tell Ric the truth about what happened that day in the hospital.

Elizabeth: You -- you came by my room, I asked you if you wanted to hold Jake. He was in your arms. I -- I thanked you again for saving him. Your phone rang.

Jason: That's right.

Elizabeth: It was a quick call. I don't know what the conversation was about. You hung up, and then you left.

Jason: That's it. That's all you need to say on the witness stand, that's it.

Elizabeth: Okay, but I know Ric. He's going to make it seem like that was the call to go kill Alcazar. If I don't mention the phone call, then --

Jason: Just tell Ric what he wants to hear and he'll leave our personal relationship out of it.

Elizabeth: No, forget it. I am not going to help Ric prosecute you.

Milo: I'm warning you, "Logan." You stay the hell away from Lulu.

Logan: Or you'll do what?

Milo: Honestly, you don't want to know.

Logan: Look, try and comprehend this, bicep brain. The problem is going to be keeping Lulu away from me.

Milo: Yeah, I bet that's the problem.

Maxie: I need to talk to you.

Milo: Later.

Maxie: The deal's off.

Logan: Since when?

Maxie: Since I realized you're bad news that even Lulu doesn't deserve.

Logan: Where the hell did this come from?

Maxie: Look, I'm not paying up by sleeping with you, okay? It's over. Just stay away from Lulu.

Logan: Huh -- I ain't Coop. You don't order me around.

Maxie: Look, I'm the one who told you to seduce Lulu in the first place, and now I'm telling you you're off the hook. So just go find a girl who's more your style.

Logan: Lulu's my style, and I'll be seeing the girl anytime I want.

Coop: Thank you for helping Logan.

Lulu: Well, you're welcome, but it's on Logan to thank me, not you.

Coop: Yeah, well, I'm sure he's grateful, but that doesn't mean he won't take advantage.

Lulu: Oh, let me guess -- you're warning me off of Logan, too? Well, take a number, because I've already heard it from my brother, my stepmother, and the entire Quartermaine family.

Coop: Hey, I know Logan more than any of you.

Lulu: And you're supposed to be his friend, so back off. If I'm going to hang out with him, I'm going to hang out with him.

Coop: Hey, Logan can be dangerous.

Lulu: Dangerous how?

Coop: Well, you remember when he beat up Spinelli and forcibly kissed you? All right, when things go wrong, Logan tries to dig his way out of it, and it only ends up making it worse, all right? Like that -- when he manhandled you.

Lulu: Okay. Logan has done some stupid things, but I've done stupid things, too.

Coop: Yeah -- he acted without thinking. He doesn't back off, he just pushes harder and ends up making everything worse.

Lulu: Okay, you've known Logan longer than I have. If he's that terrible, why are you still friends with him?

Coop: I'm just saying it's a pattern, all right? He likes you. He wouldn't want to hurt you, but he might. It's just better if you stay away.

Elizabeth: Hey. Thanks for covering for me.

Epiphany: You saw Jason today?

Elizabeth: Yes, and I know why I've been subpoenaed, and I'm pretty sure of the questions Ric is going to ask me. I just don't know how I'm going to answer them.

Epiphany: Tell the truth.

Elizabeth: Funny, that's what Jason said.

Epiphany: Honey, you do not want to play with the legal system. You just answer the questions and let the lawyers worry about how to spin it.

Elizabeth: Jason has helped me so much. I would just like to be able to protect him for a change.

Nikolas: Excuse me, sorry. Can I speak to you again for a moment?

Epiphany: Why not? Everyone else has.

Elizabeth: I'll be right back.

Epiphany: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: What's going on?

Nikolas: I need some advice on Lulu. She's -- she's been spending time with this guy Logan Hayes. Works for Sonny. You know? Now, she insists that he's a decent guy, but --

Elizabeth: Well, if she sees good in him, who are we to tell her she's wrong?

Nikolas: Because she could get hurt.

Elizabeth: Oh. Nikolas, I know you really want to protect your sister, but if you tell her to stay away, you might just push her right towards him.

Nikolas: Well, then how do I handle it?

Elizabeth: Uh -- you're not going to like my answer.

Nikolas: Listen, I'll respect your opinion, but don't tell me to mind my own business.

Elizabeth: If she wants to see Logan, she will. When you care about somebody, you don't do as your family tells you; you just follow your heart.

Carly: Apparently, Sam went to Pentonville and broke things off with Jason.

Sonny: I know. Jason told me.

Carly: And you're calm? Why are you not upset about this?

Sonny: Because -- you've never liked Sam. Isn't that a surprise?

Carly: No, I don't like Sam, and I think she's a user, and I think Jason is lucky to be rid of her, but don't you think the timing is a little strange? When Sam and Jason were together, Sam had to put this phony act about being loyal. She doesn't have to pretend anymore.

Sonny: I am not defending Sam, I'm just saying they were in a long-lasting relationship. It wasn't just, you know -- what?

Carly: What? You think Sam's going to be nice because she had a whole bunch of fuzzy, warm moments with Jason?

Sonny: I'm just saying, the -- the breakup was complicated.

Carly: Why are you being naive? Sam is furious, Sonny. Jason's situation is getting worse by the minute.

Sonny: Don't you -- don't you jump to conclusions and think of something crazy to do here.

Carly: Let me tell you something.

Sonny: What?

Carly: Jason cannot sit through this trial. We've got to break him out now!

Sonny: So you want him to spend the rest of his life on the run?

Carly: Better than spending that life in prison.

Sonny: Okay. Whatever you're thinking, don't. I'm going to handle it.

Carly: Jason is my best friend. I'm not going to let Sam trash his life.

Sonny: Okay, you -- you need to listen to me. You're going to -- you're going to stay out of this.

[Door closes]

Diane: The good news is you are being transferred back to Port Charles.

Jason: Okay.

Diane: The bad news is the trial starts the next day.

Jason: Okay. May as well get it over with.

Diane: Ric Lansing has added some interesting names to his witness list. A Donald Clooney and Mrs. Elizabeth Spencer. Ric is almost certain to ask Elizabeth about that phone call that you received on the day you visited her in the hospital, the day that Lorenzo Alcazar disappeared. Now, I'm going to try and get most of that thrown out as hearsay.

Jason: No, just let Ric ask whatever he wants, get Elizabeth off the stand as fast as possible. That's what you do.

Diane: Her testimony is potentially incriminating to you.

Jason: Ric knows that Elizabeth and I slept together.

Diane: Does he know that you are the baby's father?

Jason: I don't think so. But if he asks Elizabeth under oath, she's going to tell the truth, and then everybody is going to know that Jake is mine, and that's going to put him in a lot of danger.

Diane: I understand that. I understand that, but we need to steer Ric away from the subject of that phone call.

Jason: No, I don't want you to steer Ric away from anything.

Diane: Jason, listen to me. If Ric makes a connection between that phone call and Lorenzo Alcazar's disappearance, and manages to convince a jury of that connection --

Jason: Diane, I don't want Ric digging into my private life, because I will do "whatever" it takes to protect my son!

Diane: Even if it means sending yourself to prison for life?

Sam: I'm not really sure what you want me to say. I told you I wasn't in town when Lorenzo disappeared. I was on a location shoot.

Ric: Hmm. Well, you lived with Jason for almost three years. You were well aware of the animosity between him and Alcazar.

Sam: Lots of people hate each other -- doesn't mean they resort to murder.

Ric: You know the kind of violence that surrounds Jason. I'm sure you were aware of his dealings with Lorenzo Alcazar. Probably heard a few death threats exchanged. We can make a very strong case for motive.

Sam: If -- if the jury believes me.

Ric: Sam, I hope you're not planning to cover for Jason on the stand. It would be unadvisable. That is, unless you want to be charged with perjury, or at the very least, as his accomplice.

Sam: Don't worry, Ric, I'll tell you anything you need to know.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth: Please don't turn on him.

Carly: I want Jason free. What can you come up with?

Jason: I'm being transferred back to Port Charles.

Sonny: Ric will bury you.

Ric: Jason Morgan is a violent criminal. They want him brought to justice, and I'm going to deliver him.


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