GH Transcript Thursday 7/19/07

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/19/07


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Lulu: No -- no --

Lulu: No -- no -- what the hell are you doing?

Sonny: Is that my computer?

Spinelli: Ah. Greetings, Mr. Corinthos, Sir. I will return your hard drive to you in mere moments. Or now. Uh, now is good.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Spinelli: Well, someone's got to, you know, protect Stone Cold's interests while he's being most unrighteously incarcerated in -- in Pentonville, so the Jackal is -- was. I -- I was, um, separating Stone Cold's assets from any account that had "Corinthos" in the title.

Sonny: Okay, hold on for one second. Are you -- are you trying to tell me you are protecting Jason from me?

Elizabeth: Hey, baby. Did you have fun on the swings?

Cameron: Yes!

Elizabeth: Oh, good.

Lucky: Am I interrupting something?

Elizabeth: No, Amelia and I were just talking.

Lucky: About Jason?

Amelia: Oh, actually, about Sam. It's no secret that she and Jason have been having problems for a while. As a producer, naturally, I'm concerned with how Sam's breakup with Jason will affect the show.

Sam: You're serious, aren't you? If I tell Lucky the truth, you would "really" turn me in for Jake's kidnapping? My God, Jason. How far are you willing to go to protect Elizabeth's lie?

Jason: You stood by and watched while my little boy was stolen from his mother. You say one word to Lucky or to anyone else about who Jake's real father is, and I will turn you in.

[Music plays]

Mike: I just got off the phone with your sister.

Maxie: Yeah, you don't look too happy about it. Did she try and bail on one of her shifts?

Mike: Actually, she called to let me know she was running late because another volunteer at the hospital bailed on her shift.

Maxie: I completely forgot about that.

Mike: Yeah. Well, you can make up for it by covering for Georgie.

Maxie: Look, I really don't think you want me waitressing -- I'm not big on customer service.

Mike: Well, you know, that's too bad, because tables six and five need busing. Get moving.

Maxie: Oh Ė

Singer: Will you take me

Singers: Far away

Singer: As I lay

Singers: Wide awake

Singer: Thinking about you you take me

Singers: Far away

Maxie: Oh --

Coop: I don't believe it -- Maxie Jones is ruining a manicure on the meatloaf special? Mike, you got a camera back there?

Maxie: Ha-ha.

Coop: What are you doing?

Maxie: Georgie is running late.

Coop: And you offered to cover?

Maxie: Don't look so surprised -- it wasn't my idea.

Coop: I didn't think so.

Mike: Excuse me? Less flirting, more busing.

Maxie: Got it. So how was your day?

Coop: Everybody down at the station was real impressed with how I handled the stakeout.

Maxie: That's good.

Coop: Yeah, I guess.

Maxie: You have got to stop feeling guilty about shooting Logan. It was his fault for being there in the first place.

Coop: That doesn't matter. I almost killed my best friend.

Maxie: No, Logan got a flesh wound, and he's milking it for all it's worth. Sides, why don't you just let Lulu nurse him back to health? She seems really happy to do that.

Logan: You were the one who kissed me.

Lulu: I was angry and I wasn't thinking.

Logan: Hey, I don't mind.

Lulu: Well, I do. It was -- it was a kiss, it wasn't an invitation to start grabbing.

Logan: I was following your lead.

Lulu: Oh, please.

Logan: Why else would you sneak out of your own bedroom window and then hightail it back here to my place to see me?

Lulu: Maybe because you have a bullet hole in your arm. Call me crazy, I just wanted to make sure that you're okay.

Logan: You wanted something, all right, but that wasn't it.

Lulu: Oh, my God, you are such a jerk.

Logan: You know what? You can twist this around any way you want, but I'm not the bad guy here.

Lulu: Now you really sound like your father.

Logan: Well, according to Baldwin, he doesn't have a son. So unless you know someone else who knocked up my mother and bailed, you can stop trying to change the subject. I am not the one with the problem, you are.

Lulu: Are you kidding? You try and grope me, and somehow this is all my fault?

Logan: Face it, sweetheart, you want me, and it scares the hell out of you.

Spinelli: Um, the Jackal meant no disrespect to Mr. Corinthos, Sir.

Sonny: Except that you accuse me of stealing from Jason.

Spinelli: No, I -- you are -- you are Stone Cold's most trusted advisor and friend. I would -- ha -- I -- I would never even suspect -- let alone accuse -- you of pilfering from his accounts. I am merely trying to do for Stone Cold what he cannot do for himself -- for example, moving money from the Cayman account to a high-yield hedge fund.

Sonny: I pay a very touchy accountant a boatload of money to make sure that those accounts aren't noticed by the FBI.

Spinelli: Right, it's good -- good thinking. But me and the bernificent one -- we are simpatico when it comes -- comes to super-stealthy methods of money movement.

Sonny: If one transfer out of those accounts gets traced back to me and my business, we will end up in a cell next to Jasonís. You ever been in prison, Spinelli? A kid like you wouldn't last very long. Unless you want to find out why, stop hacking into my accounts.

Lucky: Sam and Jason broke up?

Amelia: Yeah, it's -- it's actually kind of sad when you think about it. I mean, the man jumped bail to help rescue an innocent little boy, and now Jason's not only lost his freedom but his girlfriend, too.

Lucky: Jason is being charged with murder. Since Jason and Sam broke up, wouldn't it be better for you and the network if Sam kept her distance?

Amelia: Well, it'll certainly make the publicity department's job much easier.

Lucky: Why do you feel bad for Jason at all? I mean, since Jason and Sam broke up, it gets the network off your back.

Amelia: Well, I'm -- I guess I'm able to separate my professional feelings about Jason with my personal ones -- at least long enough to feel sorry for him. Jason took a huge risk, and now he has lost everything. But in the end, I guess it's all for the best. I mean, little Jake is home safe and that's all that matters, right?

Sam: I can't believe you're actually threatening to turn me in to the police.

Jason: You watched Maureen kidnap Jake right out of his stroller and did nothing to stop her!

Sam: I froze, Jason, I froze! Why is it so hard for you to accept that I made a mistake?

Jason: "A mistake"? You let me suffer for days. I didn't know if my son was alive or dead!

Sam: Are you kidding me? You're acting like I'm the one who stole Jake. It was Maureen. Maureen kidnapped your son! I didn't do it.

Jason: Sam --

Sam: Why can you forgive her and not me?

Jason: You -- you were mad at me for lying about Jake and you used him to get even.

Sam: Where is your compassion, Jason, where is your empathy? Is Elizabeth the only one who can't do any wrong around here?

Jason: Elizabeth's the one who had her child stolen!

Sam: She stole that baby from you first, but you refused to see it, because in your eyes, Elizabeth can do no wrong. Well, lucky for you, there is no me to worry about anymore. You lost any chance of that happening when you decided to blackmail me -- Jason, "me" -- to protect Elizabeth's precious lie.

Jason: I'm protecting my son. And for some reason, you don't want to see it that way.

Sam: You are such a sucker. She has guilted you into thinking you are too dangerous to raise your own child.

Jason: I'm not going to put Jake at risk by letting the world know that he's mine -- and neither will you

Sam: It is pathetic. It's pathetic -- the way she's got you wrapped around her finger. This has nothing to do with Jake. Elizabeth is protecting herself.

Spinelli: Um, obviously, there's been some sort of breakdown of communication today, I --

Sonny: Spinelli, don't leave yet. I got something to say, and I'm only going to say it once.

Spinelli: Yes, Godfather.

Sonny: I'm not going to say -- okay --

Spinelli: Sorry.

Sonny: For whatever strange reason, Jason trusts you.

Spinelli: Yeah.

Sonny: All right, he maybe gives you jobs, whatever, keeps you out of trouble. But ever since Jason's gone to prison, you've been all over the place. You have no purpose, so I'm going to give you a purpose right now. Do not, under any circumstance, mess with Jason's accounts or mine. Because if you do, I will consider you a threat. Understand me?

Spinelli: I -- I'm just -- I've never -- I've -- I've never really been a threat to Stone Cold, because, see, I'm -- I'm his loyal wingman and really devoted apprentice and -- which is why I -- I can assure you that, um, Stone Cold would be most upset if he were to be released from prison and find that I've been -- buried in some untimely way. He'd be upset.

Sonny: Jason may not always agree with me, but you know what? He knows I have his best interests. Give me that.

Spinelli: No, no, no -- please, please, please, not that! I -- I beg of you, please don't --

Kate: Oh -- clearly, I'm interrupting.

Spinelli: Oh! And I love you for it, queen of "Couture." Bye!

Sonny: Watch your back!

Kate: Ahem -- that was a little uncalled for, don't you think?

Sonny: I just got to -- I just got to keep him in line, you know? He gets --

Kate: Yeah, by terrorizing him. Sonny, you haven't changed, and you never will.

Coop: Hey, Cody?

Cody: Cooper Barrett. I almost didn't recognize you without the fatigues.

Coop: Yeah, I'm not surprised. It's been, what -- gosh, a year?

Cody: 14 months. I didn't know you lived around here.

Coop: Well, I was just passing through and I liked what I saw, so I decided to stick around a while.

Cody: And made the switch from soldier to cop.

Coop: I'm working on it. I joined the academy about a couple months back. What are you doing? How are you adjusting to civilian life?

Cody: Oh, it's nothing but nightmares and panic attacks ever since I left Iraq -- all thanks to your buddy, Logan Hayes.

Lulu: You may think that you're God's gift to women, but you're far from it.

Logan: Then why did you kiss me?

Lulu: Believe it or not, that kiss had absolutely nothing to do with you. I was really upset at Tracy and the Quartermaines for ordering me around, so I came over here to prove to them that they don't run my life. Yes, it was stupid. I should've known that you were going to be the crude, sleazy jerk that you usually are in between the rare moments that you actually slip up and become a normal human being.

Logan: You're right, I can be a jerk, but you know what? That's not why you're mad.

Lulu: Oh, really?

Logan: Yeah, you've shown your hand too early, and now I know how you feel about me.

Lulu: Oh, don't flatter yourself.

Logan: Lulu, you want me.

Lulu: Really, I donít.

Logan: Huh. You know what? You -- you are just too scared to put yourself out there again, and I can't blame you. You sleep with Dillon, you get burned. Now you're hanging out with guys like Spinelli and Milo, who are, a) too shy, or, b) too stupid to put a move on you.

Lulu: Spinelli and Milo are my friends.

Logan: Right, right, right. When are you going to quit hanging out with those tools and go after what you really want?

Lulu: Trust me; you're the last thing I really want.

Jason: People who are close to me get hurt. You know that better than anyone.

Sam: You are not a danger to me, and you are not a danger to Jake. Jason, if I ever thought you were, I would've never wanted to start a family with you. Elizabeth is playing on your fears to cover her own selfish butt. She doesn't want the world to know that she slept with you, lied to everyone -- including her husband -- for months.

Jason: Whew.

Sam: The saddest part of this whole thing is that she has enough influence over you to convince you to threaten the woman you claim to love.

Jason: I'm sorry it had to go down like this. I am sorry you got hurt. But I have to look out for my son. And this is the best way I know how.

Sam: And the hell with everyone else, right? I can't believe I ever thought I loved you, Jason.

[Door unlocks]

Sonny: You are making way too much out of this.

Kate: Oh, so you only meant to scare Mr. Spinelli, not actually see him or his precious laptop come to any physical harm?

Sonny: The kid's going crazy because Jason's in prison. He does not understand that if he keeps messing around with our offshore accounts, he's going to get in serious trouble.

Kate: Hmm. Just like you thought that my reputation would get in serious trouble if I spent too much time hanging around Donny Giardi back in Bensonhurst?

Sonny: The guy was after one thing, wasn't he?

Kate: Yeah -- and you threatened him within an inch of his life until he agreed to stay at least 50 feet away from me at all times. Sonny, it's a little excessive, don't you think?

Sonny: I made my point, didn't I?

Kate: Oh. It's the same old Sonny -- that's going to be a problem if I want my idea to work.

Sonny: What idea?

Cody: Sometimes I feel like I'm still over there in Iraq -- fighting for my life, not knowing who the real enemy is from one day to the next.

Coop: Yeah, a lot of bad things happened over there.

Cody: And the worst part wasn't because of some I.E.D. or an ambush. It's because of that miserable son of a bitch, Logan Hayes. You were a good soldier, coop. How could you be friends with a guy like that?

Coop: We all did what we had to to come back home. Now that we are, the best thing we can do is just forget we were ever there.

Cody: It's not that easy for me.

Coop: You need some help? I mean, I got some money; I'll give you what I can.

Cody: I appreciate that, but I'm not looking for a handout.

Maxie: Hey, there you are. I thought you left to go check on Logan.

Cody: You know Logan Hayes?

Lulu: You're right about one thing, I was burned by Dillon. He was in love with Georgie and I knew it, and I tricked him into bed. I made a mess of everyone's lives, including my own, and for what -- sex?

Logan: So now you're just going to give up on it completely?

Lulu: It's not worth the heartache, nor the regret.

Logan: Lulu, you cannot shut yourself off because you're afraid of getting hurt. If you do, you're going to miss out on one of the best parts of life.

Lulu: Oh. Wow. Well, maybe sex is a little more important to you than it is to me.

Logan: I'm not talking about sex. Everyone goes through life hoping to find that special person, all right, someone who cares about them and only them. Don't you want to know what that's like -- to have someone feel something for you and only you?

Lulu: I think the word that you're reaching for is "love," and I don't see much of that working out in the world, either.

Logan: Why not?

Lulu: Because even if you love someone, if you're not honest with them from the start, it's never going to work.

Logan: Have you told me any lies?

Lulu: Why, are you looking for a relationship?

Logan: Maybe.

Lulu: Oh -- sorry, but I don't trust you. So that means even if we do date, we can never sleep together.

Spinelli: Um, Damian Spinelli for the defense.

[Door closes]

Jason: What -- what are you doing here, and why do you have my suit on?

Spinelli: Because it looks good? Um, don't worry, okay? Everything is real -- I mean, at least the phone number on the -- on the card is. So if he goes to check my credentials, he will reach a voicemail message for Jackal and Stone, attorneys at law.

Jason: "Jackal and Stone"?

Spinelli: Would you prefer Stone and Jackal?

Jason: No, I would prefer that you just stay home, okay? Everything's fine.

Spinelli: Okay, that's kind of why I'm here, because maybe it's fine for you, but I think Mr. Corinthos, Sir is planning on erasing me from the mainframe.

Jason: What happened?

Spinelli: Innocent, really. I was just trying to diversify your portfolio a bit -- you know, try to make your money make even more money for you while you're incarcerated, and maybe even set up a secret fund for the wee one? But I -- I don't think Mr. Corinthos, Sir took too kindly to me combing through his personal accounts, or using his office.

Jason: Okay, you need to stay out of Sonny's accounts, and stay out of Sonny's way.

Spinelli: I was just -- I was just trying to help.

Jason: Yeah, I know that, but that's somebody's money. You don't touch anybody's money, okay? You're going to drive Sonny crazy.

Spinelli: You know, I think he might actually be in a better mood if, you know, you were "released"?

Jason: No. No. I want no plans from you; I don't want you to hack into the system. This is not the PCPD. You cannot break me out of here.

Spinelli: Well, I -- I know. I think my cyber-skills speak for themselves, okay? I mean, didn't I -- I got fair Samantha in here to see you, didn't I? Speaking of which, how -- how did that -- how did that go? Did you mend fences and hearts?

Jason: Sam and I are over.

Elizabeth: Let Daddy tie it on your wrist so you won't fly away.

Sam: Wow, isn't this sweet? The perfect little Spencer family, out for a perfect little day in the park. Well, you better enjoy it while it lasts.

Lucky: What's that supposed to mean?

Sam: Sooner or later, you're going to realize that every word out of your wife's mouth has been a lie.

Kate: While I was having brunch yesterday with my dear friend Niles, who happens to be the curator of the museum of modern art, I arranged to have you nominated for a position on the board.

Sonny: Well, that's all nice and stuff, but modern art isn't my thing.

Kate: Well, that's just because you haven't been properly exposed to a Hockney or a Pollock.

Sonny: Well, I remember being exposed to some very colorful graffiti on the side of your uncle's garage.

Kate: Really? You're going to honestly compare priceless works of art --

[Sonny laughs]

Kate: To the Minucci brothers' destruction of private property?

Sonny: Well, isn't art an expression, right, and Moose and Eddie -- they were just expressing their feelings --

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: The Bensonhurst kind of way.

Kate: Well, this is an opportunity for you to broaden those horizons.

Sonny: Yeah? What are you talking about?

Kate: When you're a patron of the arts --

Sonny: Mm-hmm?

Kate: You become a respected member of society. Now, a climb in the social ladder will cost you.

Sonny: How much?

Kate: A little donation of half a million dollars.

Sonny: You got to be kidding me.

Kate: Oh, Sonny, you have money, I don't see the problem.

Sonny: I do see the problem, because I'm not going to -- I'm not going to cough up a half a million to kiss up to a -- a bunch of those kind of people.

Kate: So when you say "those kind of people," I assume you're referring to snobs like me?

Logan: What are you doing?

Lulu: Huh -- I came by to see if you were all right, you are, so I'm leaving. Have a nice life.

Logan: Lulu, I -- I don't want you to go like this.

Lulu: You don't want me to go, period. Admit it; I just blew a big hole in your pride. You think that you can get any girl any time you want, and I just proved you wrong.

Logan: Lulu --

Lulu: Oh, don't touch --

[Logan groans]

Lulu: I'm --

[Logan stomps on floor]

Lulu: Sorry, I'm so sorry.

Logan: Hmm. God, woman, that is a hell of a backhand -- agh.

Lulu: I didn't mean to hurt you.

Logan: Hmm. Neither did I, and, obviously, I did. I'm very, very sorry.

Lulu: Damn it, donít.

Logan: "Don't" what?

Lulu: Be nice to me.

Cody: Why didn't you tell me Logan was in town?

Coop: I don't want any trouble.

Cody: I can believe you are still protecting that son of a bitch.

Coop: Leave it alone, it's over.

Cody: The guy's a loser and a coward. You should've done us all a favor and let somebody frag him.

Maxie: What is that?

Coop: Nobody's going to frag anybody, got it?

Maxie: Wait, I want to know what "frag" means.

Cody: It's when you take out the dead weight of your company by accidentally tossing a grenade in the tent.

Coop: I mean it. Leave Logan alone, it's not worth it.

Cody: You're right. You take care of yourself, Coop. It was good seeing you again.

Maxie: Who is that guy?

Coop: It doesn't matter.

Maxie: "It doesn't matter"? He just threatened to kill Logan right to your face. Don't tell me "it doesn't matter." What was that about?

Coop: Something that should've been left in Iraq.

Spinelli: Maybe the distance between you and fair Samantha is temporary -- a -- a break, if you will, not a breakup. You know, once you secure your freedom, you can devote your time and energy --

Jason: Spinelli, it's not going to make a difference.

Spinelli: But, I mean, you only kept Jake's true parentage a secret to -- to keep her from experiencing more pain. That's --

Jason: I know, but it's a lot more complicated than the lie about Jake. Last summer when Sam got shot -- I mean, it -- it hit me really hard. I realized that I can't fully protect the people I love, so, you know, I -- I ended it.

Spinelli: Yeah, but you -- you ended it to protect her.

Jason: Yes, I know, but was bad timing, and Sam -- Sam kept telling me that she could handle the violence, and I kept pushing her away and pushing her away, and she finally gave up and slept with Ric.

Spinelli: Ugh -- which she regrets. She regrets it every day.

Jason: Yeah, I know, but I can't regret the night that I had with Elizabeth, I canít. I can't be sorry. I mean, we -- we created this beautiful little boy, and it has changed life forever.

Elizabeth: You're obviously upset about something.

Sam: No -- what gave it away?

Elizabeth: Okay, whatever happened, I don't want to do this in front of my kids.

Sam: I just wanted to let you know that Jason and I broke up. Technically, I broke up with him, and it's been a long time coming, because it took me about three years to realize that I'm never going to be a priority to him. Somebody is always going to be first -- Sonny, Carly, you.

Lucky: Okay, why don't you just take this somewhere else? There's kids here.

Sam: You have been lied to long enough. Don't you want to know the truth?

Lucky: The truth about what?

Sam: The truth about your loving, loyal wife having a thing for Jason.

Elizabeth: Oh, that's ridiculous.

Sam: Is it ridiculous, really? How come you're always going to Jason for help? Why is it that you're always coming up with excuse after excuse just to spend time with him? Have you ever asked yourself why your wife is going to another man for help? I know I did, and I finally got the answer.

Elizabeth: Okay, I am sorry that you and Jason couldn't work things out.

Sam: You are such a liar. You've been praying for this to happen for months. I'm here to tell you that your prayers have been answered.

Lucky: Okay, you know what? This is enough.

Sam: Oh, don't worry, Lucky. Even though she's in love with him, she's not going to leave you. Because you would have to be honest with yourself and tell him the truth, and you certainly don't have the guts to do that.

Elizabeth: I told you coming to the park was a bad idea.

Lucky: I think it's about time I made things a little easier.

Kate: Your children deserve this.

Sonny: Hmm -- you think so?

Kate: I do. I think it would be nice if at least one of their parents had a modicum of social panache, and since your ex-wife is clearly a lost cause, the burden falls on you.

Sonny: I am who I am -- take it or leave it.

Kate: And your children be damned. This is an opportunity to secure their future, Sonny.

Sonny: I have more money than you can spend in 10 lifetimes. In the end, Michael, Morgan, and Kristina -- they're going to have it all, so I'd say they're pretty secure.

Kate: Yeah, financially, but what about socially? Don't you want your sons to be respected?

Sonny: Respect comes with money and power.

Kate: Not always. Why take the chance?

Sonny: Because I don't want my kids growing up thinking they have to change who they are to get ahead in life. I didn't go to museums when I was a kid, I didn't spend summers in the Hamptons. But I've done just great, right?

Kate: Yeah.

Sonny: No? I haven't?

Kate: Yeah -- no, it's very clear, Sonny, that you have done well for yourself.

Sonny: Okay.

Kate: But you still feel like an outsider. You are afraid to be judged or considered ignorant for your lack of social experience. Why pass those same insecurities on to your sons? A seat on the museum board would open doors that would otherwise be shut.

Sonny: You mean open doors into your world?

Kate: If you want to put it that way.

Sonny: What is so great about your world that I'd want to expose myself or my kids to it?

[Knock on door]

Maxie: It's me. Can I come in, please?

Maxie: I'm sorry.

Maxie: I'm sorry.

Coop: For what?

Maxie: Mentioning Loganís name in front of that guy --

Coop: You couldn't have known it would set Cody off like that.

Maxie: What did Logan do in Iraq to make that guy so angry?

Coop: Logan made a mistake, it happens. All right, I covered for him, Cody can't get past it.

Maxie: No, it's more than that. That guy looked like he wanted to kill Logan. What really happened?

Coop: Things happened over there that I want to forget, all right? That's all you need to know.

Maxie: Okay. Huh. Sorry I asked.

Coop: Things happened over there that changed me -- and not in a good way. I was headed down a really bad road when I met you. I -- if I hadn't, I could've easily ended up like Cody. You saved my life, Maxie.

Lulu: Are you sure you're okay?

Logan: Ooh -- if the army could harness the power of that backhand of yours, they'd have one hell of a weapon.

Lulu: God, you're bleeding again. I was supposed to come over and help you, and instead, I come over and hurt you and reopen your wound.

Logan: Lulu, stop. Just stop, all right? I'm the one who should be apologizing to you, all right? You came over here to help me, and instead of being grateful, I tried to jump your bones without any consideration of the personal crap you're dealing with. I guess I am -- what did you call it -- "a sleazy jerk" or something?

Lulu: Stand up. I think I threw "crude" in there somewhere.

Logan: Well, you know what? I'm all that and more, and I know that's not much of an apology, but if you could --

Lulu: Okay, see --

Logan: I'm just not very good at this, I'm sorry.

Lulu: All right, this is -- this is what makes me crazy. See, you -- you are being real, and you're being funny and even almost nice -- could you just stop confusing me?

Logan: Agh --

Lulu: I'm sorry. What's wrong, what's wrong?

[Logan groans]

Lulu: Oh, my God.

Logan: Nothing, I'm -- I'm fine.

Lulu: No -- really, really, tell me, what -- what can I do?

Logan: If you could re-bandage this, and -- and then if you can make it through that, would you -- would you make me some of those eggs you talked about?

Lulu: Oh, you want me to cook for you?

Logan: Look, I'm starving, and I promise, if you just -- you fix me some food, I'll go right back to being a jersk so you don't have to be confused anymore.

Lulu: Okay, I will make you a deal. I will stay and help you out, as long as you hold off on the "jerk" part. I'd rather not be confused for a little while.

Jason: I mean, I should've told Sam about Jake from the start. I owed her that. But I didn't, and now, you know, we're over.

Spinelli: Sam told me that she witnessed the abduction.

Jason: Yeah, the -- the woman who took Jake saw Sam standing in the park, Spinelli. That's what she was hiding -- she knew who had taken Jake the whole time.

Spinelli: I -- I know. Come on, but you and I both know that it's not in Sam's makeup to hurt a child. That's why I know -- I know that she would've come forward with the truth had you not found Jake when you did.

Jason: It doesn't matter anymore.

Spinelli: Come on, how can you say that?

Jason: Because too many things have happened, we're not -- we're not good for each other.

Spinelli: Do you not love Samantha anymore?

Jason: I'm saying that Sam -- I mean, she really does deserve someone who could put her first. And after Jake was born, I realized that I can't -- I can't do it.

Amelia: We are already two days behind schedule. The minute Sam gets here, I want to start taping. Let's keep hair and makeup to a minimum --

Sam: What about what I want? I'm sorry, guys, but the producer and I have a few more artistic differences to work out. Why don't you take an early lunch?

Amelia: This is beginning to be a bad habit with you.

Sam: Well, there are some things I need to say that I didn't think was appropriate to say in front of the crew.

Amelia: I take it your visit with Jason didn't go well.

Sam: Jason and I are over, yes.

Amelia: Hmm.

Sam: I'm the one who broke up with him, so you're going to have to come up with a new way to manipulate me. You cannot use Jason anymore.

Amelia: Well, I'm glad -- maybe now we can get back to work. I think your personal life has held up production for long enough.

Sam: Yeah, well, I think a lot of things are going to have to change around here for me to even consider staying with this show.

Kate: I admit -- there are many shallow people and empty pursuits in the crowd that I travel through.

Sonny: It looks to me like you need to find yourself some new friends.

Kate: However, there are also many worthwhile aspects.

Sonny: Yeah? Tell me.

Kate: I will tell you.

Sonny: What are they?

Kate: There's arts --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Education --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Culture. Did you know that the world is much bigger than Port Charles and the business that you struggle to keep control over? Your sons should be given the opportunity to see that world. I'm just proposing a way in.

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