GH Transcript Wednesday 7/18/07

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/18/07


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Lulu: What are you two doing here?

Tracy: We are stopping you from making a terrible mistake.

Jerry: I appreciate you taking the time to see me, Skye.

Skye: Yes, well, better to meet you here than to come home and find you searching my house, which you're always threatening to do.

Jerry: I'll get right to the point. I want proof that Jason Morgan didn't kill Lorenzo Alcazar.

Skye: Why on earth would you want to do that?

Jerry: I have my reason.

Skye: Considering Jason tried to kill you, I should think you'd want him to rot in jail.

Carly: Jerry is trouble you don't need.

Nikolas: Carly, the man's a killer, he takes people hostage, he's a thief, and that's just a few of his crimes. He belongs in prison for the rest of his life.

Carly: Okay, you need to accept the fact that's not going to happen, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Because of a lot of misguided people like yourself who continue to protect him.

Carly: I get why you're angry.

Nikolas: No, you don't! No, you don't! Obviously, you don’t. Otherwise, why do you keep protecting him?

Carly: I am trying to be realistic. He has managed to evade prosecution; he's not leaving Port Charles anytime soon. Why do you keep attacking him?

Nikolas: So -- so I'm just supposed to ignore the fact that he framed Emily for treason? I'm just supposed to --

Carly: She can live with it. Why can't you?

Nikolas: Okay. You know, Emily believes that the only way to break this chain of violence is to let him go free -- I don't --

Carly: Maybe she's right. You know, think about it -- maybe she's right.

Nikolas: Yes, but she's sincere. You, however, don't do anything without a motive, and I assume that it's out of concern for Jax. Otherwise, why would you go to such great lengths for Jerry?

Elizabeth: Lucky, I know you mean well, but I don't think I'm ready to go back to the park.

Lucky: You know Cameron loves the playground. We can't avoid it indefinitely.

Elizabeth: It's only been a few weeks since Jake was kidnapped.

Lucky: And I will be right by your side. Cameron and Jake will be with us every minute. Trust me, it'll be fine.

Elizabeth: I do trust you, but the memory of turning around and seeing that stroller empty --

Lucky: I was just hoping that I could try and help you face -- or overcome your fear.

Elizabeth: Well, I'm not sure that I'm ready to test that theory.

Lucky: We can do this. Elizabeth, we can rebuild our life -- if we do it as a family.

Sam: Say something. Yell at me.

Jason: You did what you did.

Sam: Aren't you going to ask me why, though, Jason? Don't -- don't you want to know why? I'm supposed to be the woman that you love. Shouldn't you want to know the reasons as to why I stood by and watched while your son was stolen?

Jason: You wanted to punish me.

Sam: You -- Jason, you, who promised never to lie to me, was lying all the time -- day after day, month after month. I gave you so many chances to come clean, to tell me that Jake was your son. I arranged for us to meet up with them in the park, and -- and you would just hold back. You would shut down on me, and it just -- it was killing me. Then this woman, Maureen -- grieving over the loss of her own child -- took Jake in the park, and I let it happen. I stood by and watched it happen because I completely lost faith in you.

Lulu: Tracy, it is not okay for you to come barging in here and police me.

Tracy: Somebody has to protect you from your worst instincts.

Lulu: Oh, please.

[Lulu laughs]

Tracy: Lulu, I realize that I was the one that wanted you to work Logan, but this wasn't what I had in mind.

Logan: Uh, "work me" how?

Scott: Well, you see, Tracy was running a scam -- she got Lulu to get you to pretend to be my son -- but it's not going to work.

Logan: The best defense is a good offense, huh, Baldwin?

Scott: You know what? If you ever put your grubby hands on Lulu again, I will lock you up and I will throw away the key!

Logan: On what charge?

Scott: I will make something up -- I'm very creative that way.

Lulu: Oh, isn't that a little self-righteous for someone who framed my mother for murder?

Scott: Your mother would want me to protect you from this "lizard."

Logan: And you know, I'm sick of your lies, man. Why don't you just admit that I'm your son?

Skye: Lorenzo did own a ranch in Venezuela and several other properties in the U.S., but he never really did discuss his business dealings with me.

Jerry: Hmm. And have you heard of any of his associates since his disappearance?

Skye: Not a word. I expected his attorneys to contact me, but they haven’t.

Jerry: Oh, I imagine they will at some point. I mean, Lila’s presumably alcazar's sole heir, and you as her mother is about to gain quite a control over a considerable fortune.

Skye: Well, Lorenzo did leave all of his properties in trust to Lila, so that's my top priority.

Jerry: You're not giving me much to go on.

Skye: I'm sorry. I don't know any information that could help you exonerate Jason.

Jerry: And if you got called to testify, what would you say?

[Phone rings]

Skye: Hello?

Edward: Oh, Skye. I need to see you at the house as soon as possible.

Skye: I'll be there. Sorry, I got to go.

Jerry: That's quite all right. Well. Well, well, well, well. If it isn't Maxie and our brave police cadet. So, how are things at the PCPD these days?

Coop: Fine.

Maxie: We're having a private conversation.

Coop: Maxie --

Jerry: You see, what Three is trying to tell you is not to antagonize me. It's a wise solution for both of you. You never know when a friend might come in handy one of these days, right?

Elizabeth: I don't want to go to the park -- it's too soon after the kidnapping.

Epiphany: Why didn't you just say so?

Elizabeth: Because Lucky was so insistent.

Epiphany: You let your man tell you what to do?

Elizabeth: We've been going through a really hard time. He wasn't thrilled with the fact that I went to Pentonville to see Jason.

Epiphany: He's got a point there.

Elizabeth: Jason's in prison because he broke the terms of his bail to go find Jake. He's being punished because he brought my son home -- it's not fair.

Epiphany: That's the explanation you gave to Lucky?

Elizabeth: He still doesn't understand why I had to go see Jason. You know, he asked me, point-blank, if I love him.

Epiphany: And you said --

Elizabeth: Lucky's the man I chose to marry. I am going to be with him for the rest of my life. I'm committed to him and my family.

Epiphany: Who are you trying to convince, Elizabeth -- me or yourself?

Sam: I've been trying to figure out how we ended up so far apart, and I thought it was because of your lies -- just not telling me that Jake was your son -- but now I realize that it started way before that, Jason -- when Manny shot me in your arms and I woke up in the hospital and you told me you were breaking up with me.

Jason: I couldn't watch you get hurt again because of me.

Sam: It was cruel. I am in love with you. You are everything to me. And you yanked it all away without even stopping for a second to consider what I might want, or how I might feel.

Jason: I was wrong. I was. I tried to fix it --

Sam: But you didn't, Jason. You never really tried as hard as I did. I -- I kept working really hard to hold on to what we had, but you had already given up on us. Too much has -- had already gone wrong, and -- and you just wouldn't fight for us. And for a year I kept making excuses as to why we weren't connecting the same way, lying to myself, trying to get you to try again. Until my perception of reality was so twisted and distorted that I stood by and watched your son being kidnapped. I was wrong. On every level, I was wrong. But you were wrong, too, Jason. You were wrong to hurt me. You were wrong to give up. And you are wrong to just sit there and stare at me while I open up a vein. Say something, damn it. Say something -- even if it's just to tell me that --

Jason: What do you want me to say?

[Sam sighs]

Jason: That you're right? Fine. You're right about all of it. But you still stood there in the park, and you watched my son get kidnapped!

Tracy: Okay, Lulu, come on, we're going home.

Lulu: No, you do not get to tell me what to do.

Logan: Are you going to admit you're my father or just keep lying through your teeth to everyone?

Scott: I'm not going to be conned by a punk like you.

Tracy: See, I don't often agree with Scott, but in this case, he's right -- the kid is a punk. I don't want you near him.

Scott: Did you hear that? Stay away from Lulu.

Logan: Oh, thanks for your words of wisdom, Dad, but please don't take it personally if I choose to ignore them.

Scott: You shut up with this "Dad" bit, all right? You keep mouthing off and you will go to jail!

Logan: Where you should be!

Scott: You know what? Why don't you do everybody a favor in this town and just get yourself a ticket "out."

Logan: Oh, no, you see, that's your M.O. You knocked up my mother, and then you pulled the world's fastest disappearing act! But I am not going anywhere, and you know what? If you don't like it -- even better.

Tracy: Had enough yet?

Lulu: You should be applauding -- this is exactly what you wanted.

Logan: You know what? If you were working me on your stepmother's behalf, congratulations. Truly, great job. Now, I will see all of you around.

Lulu: I wasn't working you, Logan, I care about you.

[Logan scoffs]

Tracy: Okay, that's it, we're out of here. Come on, go, go, go.

Scott: That's the best idea you've had all day. You -- go stick out your thumb.

[Door closes]

Carly: When are you going to prove that Jason's innocent?

Jerry: Oh, my God, patience has never been a virtue with you, has it? I mean, I only just started this very complicated -- if not impossible -- task, remember? May I have a grace period before you demand results, please?

Carly: That's always your answer -- clever little lines that prove you don't give a damn, huh?

Jerry: Yes, I don't give a damn about Jason. That's right. That's absolutely right. I am doing this for you, and for you alone.

Carly: This isn't a favor, it's a deal. You get Jason acquitted, and I will be your biggest supporter with Jason and Sonny and whoever else you want.

Jerry: Well, that's easier said than done, since Jason is not innocent. You see, he absolutely killed Lorenzo Alcazar --

Carly: I don't care.

Jerry: Which makes it very difficult for me to prove otherwise.

Carly: While you're figuring it out, you bring Jax home.

Jerry: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I can't do that.

Carly: Bull. You took him away, you know where he is -- bring him home.

Jerry: No, it's better off if Jax doesn't come back until Jason's fate has been decided one way or another. Understood?

Lucky: Yay. What about this, Cam? Is this a good spot?

Elizabeth: Yeah, you like this spot?

Cameron: Yeah!

Lucky: Yeah! All righty. Hey, come here.

[Lucky grunts]

Lucky: We got a good spot. Yeah? Huh? It's good, huh?

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Jake? Jake? Jake!

Lucky: Okay.

Elizabeth: Lucky, I can't do this.

Jason: I know I hurt you.

Sam: Then why did you do it, Jason? Why did you betray my trust?

Jason: Elizabeth wanted to protect Jake from the violence in my life.

Sam: "Why" is it always about what Elizabeth wants? I am supposed to be the woman that you are going to spend the rest of your life with! Did you ever once stop to consider what might work for us?

Jason: Of course I did. But I believe Elizabeth is right -- Jake is better off with her and Lucky.

Sam: You trust her so absolutely that you would give her your only child? How did that happen? How did she earn that trust? Did you ever once question the fact that she climbed 15 flights of stairs in a blackout to talk to you about her problems? That was not an accident, Jason. She came to "our" house to sleep with you.

Jason: That's not true.

Sam: It is true!

Jason: No.

Sam: She has been yanking you around from day one. Once she got pregnant with your kid, she could do whatever she wanted, because you had already betrayed me. You have been emotionally unfaithful for months -- sharing a secret with another woman. How many times, Jason -- how many times did you meet with her behind my back? How often did you confide in her when you were closing down on me?

Jason: It doesn't matter because I'm not going to fight with you; it won't change anything that happened.

Sam: That's right, Jason. I cannot change the past, but I can damn well make sure it doesn't happen again.

Edward: Skye, thank you for coming so quickly.

Skye: You're being nice to me. What's the catch?

Monica: I told you this was a bad idea.

Edward: Well, Skye, I -- I really can never forgive you for Alan’s death. But right now we're -- we're very concerned about Lulu -- she's missing.

Skye: What? How long has she been missing?

Edward: She didn't come home last night. Now, you were friends with her for a time, we thought maybe you might know where she was.

Skye: Well, no, I don't, and have you even bothered to call the police?

Monica: We're going to do that if she doesn't show up.

Edward: You see, Lulu is a very charming girl, but she -- well, frankly, she's attracted to the wrong element. Lord knows what kind of trouble she might've gotten herself into. Now, I've allowed Tracy to come out of Shadybrook on a day pass to see if she could help.

Alice: That's how desperate he is.

Edward: I will do anything in my power to keep that little girl from self-destructing.

Lulu: I cannot believe you teamed up with Scott.

Skye: Lulu, there you are.

Monica: Are you all right?

Lulu: I'm fine.

Tracy: See? I'm not the only one who's frantic.

Edward: You are never to go running off like that again, young lady, do you hear me?

Monica: And definitely not staying out all night.

Tracy: 11:00 curfew.

Lulu: "Curfew"? Are you serious?

Edward: Your stepmother has made a very excellent suggestion.

Skye: Lulu, where were you? We were worried.

Lulu: It's personal.

Tracy: She spent the night with a no-good drifter, thanks to Scott.

Scott: Uh --

Skye: What? How could you take advantage of Lulu like that?

Edward: Now, look, if you're going to live in this house --

[All talk at once]

[Knock on door]


Ric: It's D.A. Lansing.

Logan: Oh -- I'm coming.

[Logan groans]

Ric: Moving slowly. I'm guessing it's because you were working the shipment that Sonny landed last night. I'm also guessing that you might be the guy that the police said got shot while trying to escape.

Logan: Is this where you arrest me?

Ric: No, this is the part where I remind you of the proof that I have of your dishonorable conduct in the military.

Logan: I -- I was the one who told you where the shipment was going to land.

Ric: The shipment was intercepted by the cops, Mr. Hayes, so you screwed up. Now, my recommendation is you get back in Sonny's good graces before he boots you out.

Logan: Yeah, I'm working on that.

Ric: You do that. Because right now, you feeding me information on Sonny's organization is the only thing keeping you from recall to active duty, followed by a rather ugly court-martial and a long stretch in prison.

Carly: What do you mean, it's better if Jax doesn't return yet? Don't you give a damn about your brother?

Jerry: I have no reason to believe that Jax is in danger.

Carly: Well, I do, because I haven't heard from him in weeks. Are you keeping your brother prisoner?

Jerry: Oh, how dare you say that. I've been in prison myself, and I would never inflict this on my brother.

Carly: Then where is he? Where is he?

Alexis: You know, Jerry, I have a thought -- since you were so grateful for my help, maybe you could pay me back by telling me where I might find Jax.

Lucky: Here you go, Cam. Why don't you get some toys there? You okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah. I don't want to scare the kids, but I can't do this.

Lucky: You're safe, Elizabeth. Nothing is going to happen.

Elizabeth: Can we please just go home?

Lucky: Hey, don't shut down. You do this when you get upset and it's not healthy for you -- or for us. You know what? Why don't you try and put what you're feeling into words.

Elizabeth: Well, I just keep flashing back on that day. Jake was in his -- in his stroller, Cameron needed help tying his shoe, so I -- I tied his shoe and I turned back around, the stroller was empty. It didn't even register -- how could -- how could Jake be gone? How could I not hear Maureen? Why wasn't I more in tune to what was going on?

Lucky: Elizabeth, you are a wonderful, wonderful mother. I was wrong, you know? It was unfair to say what I did to you.

Elizabeth: I was so scared. I have never had such an intense feeling in my entire life. And I just wanted to curl up in a ball and wait for him to come home.

Lucky: You know what? It's okay now.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Lucky: It's okay.

Elizabeth: I just don't want to be afraid anymore, you know?

Lucky: You know what? Well, we're all a family again. Jake -- he's -- he's healthy and he's safe, and he needs you -- and so does Cam. You are an amazing woman and I know you'll do whatever it takes for the sake of your children.

Sam: I was wrong. I was so wrong to let Maureen take Jake. But when I watched it happen, I -- I was trapped, Jason. I was trapped. I -- I couldn't tell what I had seen without betraying myself.

Jason: So you left Jake with a stranger while Elizabeth and I and all the people who love him were with sick with fear?

Sam: "Sick"? I was sick, too! I was sick with all the lies that I was forced to swallow to stay with you! You've got to hit rock bottom before you can start to recover. When Jake was taken, I hit rock bottom. The next couple of days, I was choking on guilt. I was afraid, Jason. I was afraid to admit the truth, but you suspected me anyway.

Jason: I knew you were hiding something.

Sam: The night Jake was taken, I had gotten a delivery -- an outfit that I had ordered for him. How's that for irony -- it was one last thing I was going to do to get you to tell me the truth. But, Jason, I don't want to live that way -- manipulating you, trying so desperately to -- to make you give me what I need. You can't love me and support me and believe in me. You won't put me first, and I won't accept anything less.

Tracy: You claim to love Laura. How could you let her daughter get involved with that lowlife Logan?

Scott: "How could I?" It was your bird-brained blackmail scheme.

Tracy: You fathered him in the first place.

Lulu: Would you guys stop bickering?

Tracy: You stay out of it.

Scott: Logan Hayes is not my son, Tracy.

Skye: Oh, really? Why not take a paternity test to prove it?

Scott: Oh, yeah, yeah, that's a good one. You people pay off some lab technician for some phony results -- I don't think so.

Edward: Why would we do that?

Scott: Because you don't want me to prosecute Tracy here for kidnapping.

Edward: Oh, come on, Luke kidnapped Laura.

Scott: Tracy helped. You know, you Quartermaines, you know, you shred each other apart, but an outsider comes in, you band together like a bunch of wild coyotes.

Tracy: Alice, throw Mr. Baldwin out.

Alice: Love to.

Edward: And then call Shadybrook and tell them to come and pick up Tracy and take her back where she belongs. She found Lulu, and now I want her out of my sight.

Scott: And I'll be more than happy to give you a ride, Tracy.

Tracy: I'm not going back. In fact, Alice, would you tell cook that I'd like lamb chops for dinner, and lemon soufflé for dessert?

Scott: Uh, Tracy, I got a little news bulletin for you -- you're going to be eating bologna sandwiches unless you go back to Shadybrook, because that's what they're serving in lockup for kidnappers.

Edward: It's Shadybrook or the slammer, Tracy. Your choice -- make it snappy.

Tracy: Don't let Lulu near Logan again.

Alice: Ah-ah-ah. Your father would thank me for this.

Logan: Look, I'll -- I'm going to make things right with Sonny.

Ric: So you have a plan?

Logan: Here's a radical idea. How about I tell the man the truth -- that one of his suppliers must've leaked information about where that shipment was going to land?

Ric: Mm-hmm. And why would Sonny buy it? Why wouldn't he just assume that you're the snitch?

Logan: I've saved Sonny's life twice -- once down in the cellar when gunmen where shooting at him and Jason --

Ric: Oh -- oh, boy.

Logan: And once when his own employee was paid to poison him. All right, Sonny has no reason to doubt my loyalty.

Ric: Of course. Why would he? He's known you for, what, all of three months.

Logan: Sonny cannot dump me now, man. He's got -- Jason's in jail. He's got to have guys he can count on.

Ric: Okay. So you give Sonny a name. You tell him that you figured out the snitch is a guy named Teddy Garcia -- he works for Sonny's Puerto Rican supplier.

Logan: Why are you giving up an informant?

Ric: Teddy's no longer useful to us, but you are. That is, provided you can convince Sonny that you're loyal.

Logan: No problem.

Ric: I hope not. Because I would hate for your name to be the next one that's turned over to Sonny.

Jerry: You know what? This is both humiliating and very disappointing. I mean, two beautiful, charming women are vying for my attention, only to inquire about my baby brother -- wonderful.

Carly: Jax is my husband. You're not scoring points by keeping him away.

Jerry: Well, perhaps the project I'm working on for you will change your mind.

Alexis: What project?

Jerry: Oh, it's an agreement between brother- and sister-in-law. I apologize for mentioning it, really.

Alexis: No need. Just tell me where Jax is.

Jerry: Well, you seem worried, but there's no cause for concern, I assure you.

Carly: Really? I have an idea -- why don't we call Jax right now and we can ask him ourselves?

Jerry: Jax is perfectly fine. I would do nothing to harm him.

Alexis: That's funny, because Nikolas just implied the opposite. He seems to think that Jax is in danger -- from you.

Lucky: What are you doing in there, huh? Hey, you want to go to the swings?

Cameron: Yeah!

Lucky: Yeah? Right now?

Cameron: Yeah!

Lucky: Will you and Jake be okay by yourselves?

Elizabeth: Yeah, we'll be fine.

Lucky: All right, buddy, let's go see how high you can go. Come on, let's go.

Elizabeth: Have fun.

Lucky: All righty, come on!

Elizabeth: Mommy is being silly, huh? There's nothing to be afraid of here at the park. It's all in the past. And Lucky is such a good daddy. Everything is going to work out just fine.

Amelia: Hey, I don't mean to intrude.

Elizabeth: Oh -- it's okay, you startled me.

Amelia: Well, you and Jake look very happy. How's he doing?

Elizabeth: Wonderfully -- healthy and well. Thank you, again, for everything you've done, for all of your help. Lucky and I are deeply grateful.

Amelia: Well, I appreciate the gratitude, but we both know it was really Jason who brought Jake home.

Sam: You used to confide in me. We would talk about everything, Jason, we would share our feelings. And that all started to disappear and I just didn't understand why, so I kept trying to hold on, but the more I would hold, the more you would push away.

Jason: I don't know what to tell you.

Sam: That's just my point. You have nothing to say to me after I loved you with everything I had.

Jason: What you did to Jake --

[Sam sighs]

Jason: Was not love.

Sam: I stayed silent about something life-altering -- same as you. You're furious at me, but you're not going to yell at me. Because you made a commitment, right? An obligation -- is that what I am to you? Did you ever even love me at all, because it sure as hell doesn't feel like it. There were so many people you put first -- Sonny, Carly, the kids.

Jason: Sam, they're my family, you've always known that.

Sam: That's right. They're family, and I'm not. You have a loyalty to them that you never quite felt for me, and now you have a son of your own, so all of them will take priority, and I just can't live like that, Jason. I shouldn't have to, so I am releasing you from all of the promises that you ever made to me, and I'm going to break all the promises that I ever made to you. We're over.

Tracy: If Lulu sleeps with Logan because I am not there to supervise, it's on you.

Scott: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, leave me out of this. I've already done my good deed for the day.

Tracy: We are talking about Laura’s daughter and your son.

Scott: This "son" gag is starting to grow whiskers. Now, read my lips here, Tracy -- that con artist is not my son!

Tracy: Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Scott. So why don't you be responsible for once in your life and keep Logan away from Lulu? Tell him about the tortured history between the Baldwins and the Spencers -- whatever it takes to keep him away from her!

Scott: At the risk of sounding like a stuck record – a), the kid is not my son, and, two, he's a weasel, all right? He doesn't listen to a word I have to say, he hates me.

Tracy: Well, you're just going to have to figure that one out, aren't you? Because "if" they do sleep together, and Luke finds out -- hmm. I think there's going to be hell to pay.

Logan: What are you doing back?

Lulu: I would've been here sooner, but I had to climb out of my bedroom window, since the Quartermaines forbid me to see you.

Logan: Well, we see how well that worked.

Lulu: It is just -- it's so stifling in that house. You know, it would've been one thing when my dad was living there, because he's married to Tracy, so we're kind of family. But now I'm there on my own, living with these dysfunctional adults who think it is their job to hover over me and tell me what to do.

Logan: Well, at least they care about you.

Lulu: And that's the weird part -- they -- they don't even know me, and they were so flipped out when I was missing. Why do I end up doing this with you?

Logan: Doing what?

Lulu: Spilling my guts?

Logan: I don't know. Why do you?

Lulu: No, no, no, no. No, now it's your turn to talk. I mean, it had to hurt, you know, when Scott denied being your father.

Logan: Baldwin's a lying hypocrite, all right?

Lulu: And that's it? That's it? There's no -- no, you know, "I wish I had a dad"?

Logan: Would you want that guy as your dad?

Lulu: Well, no --

Logan: I rest my case, then.

Lulu: Scott wants to keep us apart just as much as Tracy and the Quartermaines do, but it's not going to work.

Logan: You sure about that?

Lulu: Yeah.

Jerry: Hey, it's obvious that Nikolas loathes me for many reasons -- I did poison him, though I resisted the temptation to kill him.

Alexis: How reassuring.

Jerry: I thought it was quite generous, you know, all things considered. I mean, it stands to reason that Nikolas bears a grudge against me and he's ready to accuse me of every conceivable error.

Carly: Which you committed when we were all held hostage at the metro court.

Jerry: Yes, but you keep omitting the fact that you are alive and well, my darling.

Carly: What about Alan Quartermaine?

Jerry: Oh, come on. Be that as it may, I wouldn't hurt my brother. I'm protecting him as best as I can from the fallout of my actions. When the dust settles, Jax will come home, okay? Good.

Carly: Still want to date Jerry Jacks?

Alexis: Stop it. Just stop it. It is a figment of your overactive imagination. He's amoral.

Carly: Unfortunately, he's the only person who knows where Jax is.

Alexis: Well, he wouldn't be so confident if he weren't getting regular updates about Jax.

Carly: I need to figure out where he's getting those updates from.

Alexis: You don't seriously think you're going to trick Jerry into giving you the information, do you?

Carly: And you think you can?

Alexis: As much as I hate to admit this, I think that we need to make a coordinated effort.

Carly: You want to work with me?

Amelia: Jason was determined to find Jake. Even when we got to Maureen’s, he was the one who convinced her to give Jake up. He clearly cares a great deal about you and your son.

Elizabeth: Jason's been a good friend.

Amelia: It's none of my business, but I -- I know that your marriage had a few rough spots during the whole kidnapping ordeal. So if you're interested in Jason but holding back out of respect for his relationship with Sam, you should know that Jason and Sam are pretty much over.

Lucky: Hey -- what's that about Jason?

Sam: It's kind of funny, isn't it? I'm breaking up with you while you're in prison facing murder charges -- it makes me look like the user everyone accused me of being. You want to accuse me, too?

Jason: I know that's not why you're doing this.

Sam: No, you want to know why I'm doing this, Jason? I'm doing this because you proposed marriage to me, told me you were going to spend the rest of your life to me, and when things got ugly, you just gave up. You threw it all away. I hate that you lied to me, and -- and that you didn't tell me the truth. I hate that I had to force out of you that Jake was your son. I hate that you never wanted to share your life with me, your child with me, the same way I was willing to share my life and my child with you. I hate that your lies destroyed us, Jason. I don't want those lies in my life anymore. I'm going to have to tell Lucky that Jake is your son.

Jason: It's not for you to tell. And if you do, I'm -- I'm going to have to give you up as an accessory to Jake's kidnapping.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth: Amelia and I were just talking.

Lucky: About Jason?

Amelia: Oh, actually, about Sam's breakup with Jason.

Sam: How far are you willing to go to protect Elizabeth's lie?

Jason: You watched while my little boy was stolen from his mother. You say one word to Lucky, and I will turn you in.

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