GH Transcript Monday 7/16/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 7/16/07


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Robin: It's bad enough that my mother is a rock 'n' roll groupie, that she had to travel across the world, rappel through our skylight so that she wouldn't miss an Eli Love concert.

Patrick: Robin, you need to calm down.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Do you understand that my mother just said to your father to drop his pants?

Anna: Oh, just do it.

Noah: I have to check my pager.

Anna: You just checked it twice -- and you picked up your messages, and you called downstairs to the lab to see how Eli's doing waiting for his cat scan.

Noah: I'm not dropping my pants.

Anna: I thought you said that you would step in for Eli at the Lifebeat concert. You want to raise money for all those AIDS charities, don't you?

Noah: Yes, I do, but I don't --

Anna: Of course you do, because you are a healer and a saver of lives.

Noah: Yes, I'm a --

Anna: And you have the chance to save thousands of lives. And all you have to do -- a little rock 'n' roll, that's it.

Kate: I can't believe I almost slapped you.

Sonny: You don't have to apologize. I kind of like the fiery Connie.

Kate: Um, so when is Amelia planning to go public with this -- and you swear that you didn't tell her?

Sonny: You know I'm not a snitch.

Kate: Then how did she find out?

Sonny: I don't know. Maybe she caught a vibe between us, and her research team wanted the story, and they got proof that you're Connie from Bensonhurst.

Kate: When Amelia goes public with this, I'm going to lose everything.

Carly: Wow. Even I didn't think you were skeevy enough to cheat on Jason with him.

Lucky: I'm tired of you making up excuses. I need to hear the truth. Do you love Jason?

Elizabeth: No.

Patrick: Your mother's a little carried away, that's all.

Robin: "A little"?

Patrick: Well, she's probably had all kinds of fantasies about Eli.

Robin: Obviously -- she had him sign her chest.

Patrick: Technically, it was her camisole.

Robin: You know, this was your idea, by the way.

Patrick: I suggested that my father stand in for Eli during the Lifebeat concert. I said nothing about your mom getting involved.

Robin: I know. I get it. He could literally die if he even tries to show up to the Lifebeat concert.

Patrick: All he has to do is try and pretend to be Eli for one show. I mean, it is great that your mom's trying to help.

Robin: But she's trying to transform your father into the man of her wildest dreams.

Patrick: It's for a good cause.

Robin: I know, I know. It's just -- it's just so much like my mother to throw herself into something without thinking about the consequences.

Patrick: Well, in her line of work, you have to think quickly and decisively.

Robin: She's not stopping a revolution; she's trying to undress your father.

Patrick: I do admire how she goes after what she wants, though.

Sonny: Amelia Joffe will not go public with this story.

Kate: Really? When did she tell you that -- when you were rolling around on her desk?

Sonny: You're not jealous, are you?

Kate: Sonny, Amelia Joffe is a television producer. She will take great ratings over great sex any day.

Sonny: What do you mean, ratings? I mean, who cares if Connie Falconeri is Kate Howard?

Kate: Kate Howard is the final say on style in some circles. The last two first ladies called me directly to discuss their inaugural ball gowns. I advise people on what to wear to award shows, royal weddings, political fundraisers. This sort of thing actually does matter, Sonny, especially these days when media's everywhere all the time.

Sonny: Well, I never thought of it that way.

Kate: I'm good --

Sonny: Okay.

Kate: At what I do.

Sonny: Right.

Kate: But if an ambitious television producer can prove that I've been lying for years about who I am and where I've come from -- I mean, really, it's a good story, Sonny. Why wouldn't Amelia run with it?

Sonny: Self-preservation.

Amelia: I need to be at the studio in 12 minutes, please. Thank you.

Nikolas: Uh -- I'm -- I'm sorry. Excuse me, is --

Amelia: Nikolas Cassadine?

Nikolas: Yes. Do -- I'm sorry, do we know each other?

Amelia: I'm Amelia Joffe.

Nikolas: Oh -- right, right. You produce "Everyday Heroes," right? Right, right, Sam McCall's my cousin.

Amelia: I'm -- I'm well aware, but I'm just back from a quick trip to the city, I'm fighting a production deadline. I'm afraid you've gotten in the wrong car.

Nikolas: No, no, actually, I haven't, but I can drop you off on the --

Amelia: This is -- it's my car, isn't it?

Nikolas: No, no.

Amelia: It's not?

Nikolas: My butler sent this for me.

Amelia: Oh. I'm officially embarrassed.

Nikolas: No, no, don't -- listen, it's okay. I can drop you off at the studio on my way home.

Amelia: Well, you really are a prince.

Nikolas: No, actually, I'm just a businessman with a title, that's all.

Amelia: So you're just back from a business trip, as well?

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Amelia: Is it pushy to ask what kind?

Nikolas: No, no. I was trying to kill a man.

Jerry: Well, in fairness to sweet Sam, the entire proposition was my own idea.

Carly: Have you ever said no, just once?

Sam: What do you want, Carly?

Carly: I came here to tell you to keep Alexis away from him, but I guess I'm a little too late. Are you doing them both? It wouldn't be the first time.

Sam: Actually, Jerry was just leaving.

Carly: No, I should go. You guys deserve each other.

Sam: No, Carly, hold on. You, get the hell out of my house.

Carly: Jason's house. That would be Jason's house.

Jerry: I'm leaving, with apologies. There you are, you're cross again, and all I want is for us to get along together for Jax's sake. Goodbye.

Sam: Why do you think it's okay to just come into my house whenever you feel like it?

Carly: Hey, if you want Jerry Jacks, go for it.

Elizabeth: Emily is one of your best friends. You would do just about anything for her, but you don't love her any more than I love Jason.

Lucky: You can't compare the two situations.

Elizabeth: Why not?

Lucky: Because I've known Emily since I was a kid.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, I've known Jason since you ran away from home and moved into the boxcar. Jason helped you -- he was your friend, remember? And I know a lot of time has passed, and life has taken you in two completely different directions, but come on, Lucky, he brought our son home to us. I'm grateful. That's why I went to see him.

Lucky: Yeah, behind my back.

Elizabeth: Well, how can I tell you when you were the one who arrested him?

Nikolas: Yeah, I -- I went to Russia to track down Jerry Jacks. I thought that he may be involved in the kidnapping of Jake Spencer, but -- you know.

Amelia: Why would you make that assumption?

Nikolas: Let's just say we have a bit of a history.

Amelia: I'd say so if you were trying to kill him.

[Nikolas chuckles]

Nikolas: Yeah. So I understand that the real kidnapper was a woman that Sam interviewed on her show, yeah?

Amelia: Yeah, Maureen Harper. She just lost her own infant daughter in a fire. She saw Jake in the park and snapped. It's a tragic situation.

Nikolas: Hmm. Lucky told me that you -- you helped track her down.

Amelia: Yeah, that's right.

Nikolas: Thank you. Thank God. I'm very grateful for that.

Amelia: Don't speak too soon. My intentions weren't completely benign.

Carly: You know, hooking up with Jerry Jacks -- perfect way to end you and Jason forever.

Sam: Oh, I thought Jason was ready to kick me to the curb.

Carly: Well, you know Jason -- he feels obligated. He said he'd stand by you after your baby died.

Sam: No, he knew that was the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

Carly: And you knew that Jason could never turn his back on a kid, so all of a sudden, you want to be mommy.

Sam: You have no idea what you're talking about.

Carly: I know Jason deserves to be a father, as long as you're not the mother.

Sam: Trust me, there are worse alternatives.

Carly: You know, you didn't even care to try to go see Jason. That's fine, that's fine, but you have a choice. You can stay here and watch this relationship die a slow and painful death, or you can have a little bit of respect for Jason -- and for yourself -- and walk out of here with some dignity. It's up to you.

Logan: You don't have to stay.

Lulu: I'm staying.

Logan: Look, it was just a graze that bled a lot, all right?

Lulu: Well, it might start again.

Logan: Oh. It's a good thing Maxie and Coop came over -- she did a very good job patching me up.

Lulu: Yeah, well, Maxie was just trying to make Coop jealous.

Logan: You think?

Lulu: Maxie never does anything just to be nice. There's always something in it for her.

Logan: So that's why you're staying over here -- to get over on Maxie and make her jealous, that kind of thing?

Lulu: You might be delirious.

Logan: Why are you really staying over here with me?

Patrick: You know what? My father has probably already backed out of it, that's what he does. He never follows through with anything.

Robin: Yeah, well, my mother is relentless.

Patrick: And so are you, and it can be a turn-on in the right circumstances.

Robin: Hmm?

Patrick: Yes.

Anna: Oh, sorry. Don't mind us. Carry on.

Robin: You're supposed to be downstairs waiting for tests.

Patrick: Are you trying to trigger an embolism? You want to pass out right in front of your biggest fan?

Noah: Hey, hey, just relax, all right? It's me, it's your father.

Patrick: Oh.

Lulu: You got shot after standing me up on our first date. You can't bleed to death, too. I would be scarred for life.

Logan: Sounds like you really care about me.

Lulu: Hey, you have a fever and you look like hell -- that's why I'm staying, okay?

Logan: If you say so.

Lulu: Huh. All right, you can't start bleeding again or anything, because I might actually pass out.

Logan: I'll try my best.

Lulu: And it's not, like, a big deal that I'm staying here. You know, I would stay here for anyone.

Logan: Even Maxie?

Lulu: Okay, go to sleep. No -- actually, no, stay awake, because you might have a concussion.

Logan: Why don't you just admit you like me?

Lulu: Are you trying to make me leave?

Logan: I'm just trying to figure you out.

Lulu: Well, it isn't that complicated. I am not that into you, and I don't trust you at all.

Elizabeth: I don't want to fight about Jason, okay? I just want to agree to disagree. You had your reasons for arresting him, and I had my reasons for visiting him, so can we just leave it at that?

Lucky: But you're still angry with me.

Elizabeth: I'm trying to get over what you did, just like I want you to get over what I did.

Lucky: Because you could've been arrested for taking my badge!

Elizabeth: But I wasn't.

Lucky: Because I covered for you.

Elizabeth: I know, and I am grateful, thank you.

Lucky: But you're not acting like it.

Elizabeth: I've been dealing with a lot, okay? Like my child was just kidnapped, the police think that I had something to do with it.

Lucky: So this is really what this is about, isn't it? Because I doubted you when Jake was taken, but Jason never really did. Is that really where this --

Elizabeth: Lucky -- come here, baby.

Carly: I mean, for once, have the grace to know when to leave.

Sam: You would love that, wouldn't you? You've always hated that Jason loved me.

Carly: I always knew that Jason would come to his senses, and hallelujah, the day has come.

Sam: You are ridiculous -- running all over town, charging in here, acting like you have any idea what's going on when you don't.

Carly: You keep dropping these hints about this big secret of Jason's. I don't care. If it really mattered to him, he'd tell me.

Sam: Yeah, don't be so sure. He knows you can't keep your big mouth shut. And by the way, he hates that you follow him all around, all territorial and possessive. You never really got over him, did you? You have this fantasy that you and Jason will get back together one day. That's why you hate me so much -- you're jealous.

Carly: I'm not jealous -- protective, and happily, happily married.

[Sam laughs]

Sam: Yeah. Where is Jax these days? And why is his brother after you?

Carly: You shouldn't worry about Jax, and you really shouldn't worry about Jason. You should worry about getting your freeloading butt out of here.

Amelia: How well do you know Sam?

Nikolas: Well, we're not -- we're not particularly close. But I -- I still would have a problem if anyone tried to hurt her.

Amelia: Hmm. Before Sam landed in Port Charles, she was running a very lucrative scam which involved marrying rich men and stealing their money.

Nikolas: That's a -- that's a pretty serious accusation, don't you think?

Amelia: No, it's a fact. Sam doesn't dispute it. When she married my father, she was calling herself Angela Monroe. When he discovered that she was stealing all of his money and about to head out of town, he confronted her. She killed him, shot him through the chest, got off on self-defense, and vanished.

Nikolas: Oh -- okay. So -- so you -- you tracked her down to, what, to -- to avenge your father?

Amelia: More or less. I was working in New York as a producer. The news of the metro court explosion made the national feed. When I saw the woman who murdered my father being hailed a hero, it made me physically ill. I wanted to drive to Port Charles and confront her and call the cable networks, tell the whole world the truth. And then I had a moment of clarity -- inspiration, if you will. I decided to build a show around Sam, make her a star, then destroy her.

Nikolas: But that's not what happened.

Amelia: My revenge didn't turn out quite the way I expected.

Nikolas: It rarely does. I'm learning that all over again right now.

Sonny: Amelia and I, we have an understanding. If she comes out about your story, then I'll come out with the fact that, you know, we -- we had a bit of an involvement.

Kate: Well, I guess that would be the polite euphemism for it.

Sonny: I mean, she's already had to deal with rumors that I'm underwriting "Everyday Heroes." If the network finds out that she slept with me, they would drop her like a bad habit.

Kate: Yes -- unless she decides to call your bluff. Can you imagine the ratings if she decides to challenge the network? She could take it all the way to the Supreme Court, and it would be just in time for sweeps.

Sonny: She's already agreed to do what I say.

Sonny: But I'm telling you right now, at some point the truth's going to come out. So why not take charge of the information and just admit the truth?

Kate: I can't.

Sonny: What do you -- "you can't"? You haven't done anything wrong. You grew up in Bensonhurst as Connie Falconeri. Yeah, you were a little bit different than the rest -- you had big dreams, you worked very hard to achieve them.

Kate: And I lied --

Sonny: You didn't --

Kate: Every step of the way.

Sonny: Okay, did you cheat to get into Princeton, or the hard work that you did there?

Kate: No, of course not, I got a full scholarship. And I legally changed my name before I started my freshman year.

Sonny: What about "Couture"? Did you -- what, I mean, that's the only job you've had, right?

Kate: Yeah.

Sonny: Did you sleep your way to the top?

Kate: Who has the time?

Sonny: Well, I mean, you know. Didn't your boss say that you were the reason that the magazine was such a success?

Kate: Sonny, this is my point. If warren finds out that Kate Howard -- who he believes grew up rich in Connecticut -- really grew up Connie Falconeri -- blue-collar from Bensonhurst -- he'll feel foolish, and so will the readers and so will the advertisers.

Sonny: Well, they'll get over it. Your work's going to stand on its own, isn't it?

Kate: It's one thing to create an image. It's quite another to lie about who you are and where you've come from. I will have made a lot of very rich, very entitled people feel ridiculous, and they're going to have to shut me out in order to save face.

Sonny: Well, I understand that.

Kate: And this person that I created, Kate Howard -- she'll be a joke.

Sonny: It's hard for you to come back from that.

Kate: I've made a lot of sacrifices, Sonny, and my career will be over. But I guess that's what you wanted after all.

Sonny: You know, I mean -- hey. I mean, I'd -- I'd never want you to lose your job.

Kate: But you want me to be Connie Falconeri from Bensonhurst.

Sonny: Ah. You did what you had to do, I would've done the same thing -- that's how the world works. I mean, it doesn't matter if it's a fancy office on Seventh Avenue or going to a meeting with a bunch of bodyguards in a warehouse. It's all about perception and respect.

Kate: That's true.

Sonny: And I understand about creating an image. You know, it's -- once that image is established, you can't put it down. People depend on you; they make decisions based on what you want them to do.

Kate: That's -- you get it.

Sonny: I mean, we're a lot alike. I mean, you're smart, you're driven, you're good at your job. But, see, in my world, if there's a slip-up and if anything real or vulnerable comes through, then the violence starts. People get hurt.

Kate: Well, it's the same in my world. I mean, it's a little more civilized, I suppose, but --

Sonny: Yeah.

Kate: It's life and death -- at least, it is for me.

Amelia: So what have you learned about revenge the hard way?

Nikolas: Nothing relevant to your situation. Look, if you've -- if you've set out to destroy Sam, then why did I just see her picture on the side of a bus in New York City?

Amelia: It's ironic, I suppose. "Everyday Heroes" is a hit. Sam's numbers keep going up, so do the ratings -- that makes me the network golden girl. It would be career suicide for me to destroy Sam -- at least, at the moment.

Nikolas: Look -- look, I'll -- I'll buy out her contract -- whatever I need to do. But I -- I can't just stand around and allow her to -- to work for someone who's out to destroy her.

Amelia: Well, I appreciate your loyalty -- as misplaced as it may be -- but trust me, I'm not Sam's problem. In fact, I may turn out to be the best friend she has.

Lucky: "Then the big brother bear went fast asleep in his warm den. He dreamed of summer, of catching fish in the cold river, of climbing all the trees in the forest. Then 'Waa, waa, waa!' It was baby brother bear, who said, 'help! Help!' He cried. 'I'm scared of the dark. Waa, waa, waa!'" Who does that remind you of?

Cameron: Baby Jake!

Lucky: Yeah, baby Jake. You know, Jake is very lucky to have a big brother like you looking out for him. Hmm.

Robin: Just seeing this could trigger an embolism.

Patrick: No, don't worry. Epiphany's stalling the tests. Eli's stuck downstairs until I give word.

Robin: This may take a while.

Anna: So, now, you can't walk onto the stage like a doctor heading for the E.R., all right?

Noah: All right.

Anna: You have to strut. So, this is it. You just strut, stride, strut. Okay? Kind of like this. You strut, and you take in the stage, you take in the room, and every woman in it.

Robin: Mom, I think he has it, okay?

Anna: Working here.

Noah: I -- I can handle this.

Anna: All right. So go, strut.

[Noah sighs]

Anna: Yeah, that's -- that's fine. You're really close, really close.

Noah: Okay, all right.

Anna: Um, so we'll work on that. Now, the music -- music. You have to keep in mind that it's only rock 'n' roll, that it's three chords with "attitude."

Patrick: I'm going to be sick.

Anna: I think you're going to have to watch all of Eli's videos, but I know every nuance of every song ever written. That is why I think it's going to be better for us to work one-on-one. Do you play at all?

Noah: Uh -- I've dabbled.

Patrick: Ah, see? You have secretly always wanted to be a rock star.

Robin: Shh.

Anna: Oh. Well, Dr. Drake, now your dreams are going to come true. So, go for it. You hold that in this hand.

Noah: What, now?

Anna: There's a young girl in the front row just about to throw you her panties.

Robin: Mother --

Anna: I'm trying. So come on, Dr. Drake, show us your stuff. A little hot power chord and a "ooh, baby." And -- go.

Noah: Ooh, baby.

Anna: Yeah.

Noah: Ow -- yeah, baby!

Anna: You all right?

Noah: Yeah, I'm all right. What do you think?

Patrick: You know what? It's not too late to change the plan.

Noah: What, you think I can't do this?

Anna: Oh, oh, you -- you have to.

Patrick: Okay, but the idea is to raise money for Lifebeat, not start an angry riot with fans. They're paying big money to see Eli Love, and it doesn't matter how much you look like it -- the minute you start singing, it's over.

Robin: Well, have we completely ruled out the idea of lip-synching?

Anna: Well, Eli -- he would never lip-synch his own material.

Robin: Well, you know what? It's not too late to cancel.

Noah: No, no, nobody's -- we're not going to cancel this. This was your idea, Patrick. I'm not going to back out now and have you moan for the next 20 years about how I let you down.

Patrick: You'll look like an idiot.

Anna: You will be brilliant. Shut up. Okay, so, these are the three basic chords. Memorize those, all right, and practice your strut -- try not to hurt yourself -- and I will see you in the morning, all right?

Noah: I am going to do this, don't try and stop me.

Robin: This is not going to work.

Anna: Oh, I've had tougher assignments. I can't quite think of them at the moment, but I -- I know I have.

Sam: Spinelli? Hey. I'm -- I'm really glad to see you.

Spinelli: Greetings, fair Samantha. Hey.

Sam: Where have you been?

Spinelli: Around.

Sam: I need to see Jason.

Spinelli: Right. Uh, well, he's in maximum security -- no visitors.

Sam: Listen, I understand that, but Carly -- you know, she -- she got in to see him.

Spinelli: Well, she is a force of nature, now, isn't she? So sneaky and crafty and wise, and she even ransacked Stone Cold's private safe -- I'm in awe.

Sam: That's great, but do you think you can get me in?

Spinelli: Well, the Jackal knows no boundaries, so --

Sam: Okay. Okay, well, assuming that's a yes, how long do you think it's going to take?

Spinelli: Look, even the Jackal cannot always grasp the wishes of his master.

Sam: Spinelli, Jason and I have a lot of things to discuss, and the sooner I get in there, the better it's going to be for the both of us. I am so sorry. I've been so rude to you lately, and -- I don't know. I guess I -- I want you to know that I've been under a lot of pressure.

Spinelli: Well, I mean, Stone Cold's being held for first-degree murder. I mean, no disrespect to you, but isn't that a little more stressful than hosting a TV show? So, why have you been so distant?

Sam: I watched while Maureen Harper walked away with Jake, and I did absolutely nothing to stop it.

Lulu: Three -- okay, now two -- awesome guys really want to date me.

Logan: The muscle man and the geek.

Lulu: Why do you say stuff like that?

Logan: What do you see in those guys? Here.

Lulu: They are sweet and they're funny and they treat me with respect.

Logan: But you're not attracted to them -- not like you are to me.

Lulu: Oh -- I am so not attracted to you. I am repulsed by you. You are rude, you are arrogant, and the more you go on and on about how much I want you, all it makes me really want is a shower. In fact, most of the time -- like right now -- I don't even like you.

Logan: You go ahead and walk out, because what you're seeing right now, here, this -- this is who I am.

Lulu: Yeah, most of the time. But every now and then I see a little glimmer, a tiny hint of a pretty decent guy who is nice, even kind. But -- you know, I think that's who you really are, but I'm not going to waste a whole lot of time or effort trying to find out.

Kate: If I lose my job, I'm not going to vanish. They're not going to find my body at the bottom of the harbor 10 years from now. I won't get shot.

Sonny: That's always good, right?

Kate: But I'll be gone just the same. All the work I've done, all the influence I have -- it'll be meaningless. All the hard choices I've had to make will be for nothing. It'll be gone -- the prestige, the notoriety, the sense of purpose. It'll all come crashing down like a house of cards.

Sonny: Did you ever think about telling the truth?

Kate: Mm-hmm. Yeah. I was in my mid 20s, and I was up for assistant managing editor -- a promotion -- and I began to realize that Connie Falconeri -- she could have made it to this level. She -- she had all the qualities, all the qualities that I grew up with -- being smart, thinking on my feet, not backing down. They'd all served me very, very well, and I began to think that my career could actually survive the truth. But then one day my mother called. Now, we didn't have secretaries back then, so an associate picked up, and, um -- do you remember my mother's accent? Yeah. She wasn't supposed to call -- except under dire emergencies anyway. It was -- my grandmother died. Ma didn't identify herself, and she tried really hard to sound correct. She said, "it was a matter of extreme and vital importance, and of a personal nature." So, I picked up the call. And when I hung up, everyone was staring at me. I realized in that moment that I -- I could never tell these people the truth. There was no way that they could know.

Sonny: What happened?

Kate: Um -- well, you see, these people were going to be working for me any day, right?

Sonny: Right, right.

Kate: And they were --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Kate: And I fired most of them.

Sonny: Good.

Kate: But for the rest of the day, they made jokes all day about that woman who called -- about her accent, why it was so important. I finally just told them that it was the cleaning lady. I went to the bathroom and I cried for half an hour. Then I realized that there was no looking back, that I had to keep climbing.

Sonny: Those are pretty hard moments, you know -- knowing you -- you made a choice that you can't take back.

Kate: When I tell you that this job is my life -- Sonny, I mean it. I have -- it's cost me everything -- having children, a serious relationship. I have starved myself for years, and I am not just talking about food. I've given up so many things that I love, and I -- I tell myself that it matters, because it does, it has to.

Jerry: Carly, I'm afraid I have some bad news.

Carly: Is it Jax?

Jerry: It's the situation between us -- it's not working. I was hoping that, realistically, we could work out some sort of agreement.

Carly: What are you talking about? I've been running interference for you with Sonny. What else do you want -- Sam? Have her.

Jerry: I want a peaceful coexistence between us.

Carly: Then bring my husband back.

Jerry: Not yet.

Carly: Why not? What the hell do you want?

Jerry: Jax will come home eventually. I don't want him to come back to this bloody war zone. That's why I sent him away in the first place. I want us, first, to get along. I don't want him to be ripped apart.

Carly: I want the same thing.

Jerry: Then what will it take to win you over?

Carly: How good are you?

Sam: When I saw you and Lulu in the park with Jake, I -- I didn't leave.

Spinelli: As I am aware, but I --

Sam: What do you mean, "aware"? Aware how?

Spinelli: Well, from surveillance. I --

Sam: Jason had you spy on me?

Spinelli: I reviewed some security footage at Stone Cold's request.

Sam: Jason doesn't trust me anymore, which only makes sense because I don't trust him. Spinelli, if he would've been honest with me and just told me that Jake was his --

Spinelli: I tried -- I tried to convince Stone Cold to tell you, but he just -- he just thought it would cause you pain.

Sam: The lies hurt worse. Spinelli, I gave him so many chances to tell me that Jake was his son.

Spinelli: Allowing an unstable person to walk away with the wee one seems a bit harsh and unwarranted.

Sam: Oh, I know! I know I made a mistake! I -- I froze. I should've ran after her, but I didn't! I just -- I couldn't. I froze.

Spinelli: You could've informed the authorities, right? The innocent one shouldn't have to pay for your pain.

Sam: I -- I never, ever wished Jake any harm, and I am so happy -- I'm happy that he's home and he's safe. But Jason should've been honest with me. And now we have a lot to deal with, and -- and whatever it is, I want it to be face to face.

Spinelli: Yeah. I know what it feels like to be cast aside.

Sam: Hmm.

Spinelli: Yeah. I'll get you in to see him.

Sam: Thank you.

Elizabeth: Jake's asleep -- and so is Cameron, thanks to you. You know, I could've raised these kids on my own -- that's what I planned to do. I have a good job, I have plenty of daycare. But I love you, and I chose to make a family with you.

Lucky: But we turned against each other when Jake disappeared.

Elizabeth: Because we were terrified. And sometimes we're just not that good in a crisis. But we always find our way back to each other.

Lucky: Does that mean you forgive me for turning Jason in?

Elizabeth: I will always believe that you had better options, but I love you anyway. And I love nights like this, where we can all be home together as a family. That's all I want.

Sonny: When I came to Port Charles I -- ah. I already had a taste of the real life -- money, suits, cars. But, you know, it's like I couldn't afford any of it --

[Kate chuckles]

Sonny: But I let other people think that I -- I could.

Kate: Yeah, no, I've been there.

Sonny: So I came to Port Charles to run a strip joint. It was called the Paradise Lounge. But then Frank Smith died, and I -- I saw an opportunity and I took it, and I -- I started running the whole organization. I cut old ties, made new ones, and I paid the price along the way -- so did a lot of other people. But I didn't care, because I wanted -- you know, I wanted it more than anything. And I got it. I'm rich. I got everything I want, except one thing. I'm alone.

Kate: Me, too.

Max: I'm sorry to interrupt, boss. We have a problem with the vista, it can't -- can't wait.

Sonny: Yeah, I'm going to -- I'm going to have our driver take you to the Metro Court.

Max: He's actually waiting outside.

Kate: Uh -- thank you.

[Sonny sighs]

[Max whispers]

Carly: You did business with Lorenzo Alcazar, right?

Jerry: Oh, yes, I did.

Carly: So you would know if someone wanted to kill him or where he might go if he were still alive? It doesn't really matter, as long as Jason's acquitted of his murder.

Jerry: You want me to clear Jason's name.

Carly: I want Jason to be a free man and I want all charges dropped. If you can make that happen, I won't only be your advocate, I'll be the best friend you ever had.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Robin: Eli Love needs your help. He's running out of time.

Anna: Remember me?

Sonny: What did Jerry do now?

Alexis: It's not Jerry, it's Kristina.

Carly: How did you know where Jake was, and what made you tell Jason where to find him?

Nikolas: I shared a car with Amelia Joffe -- she had a lot of information about you.

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