GH Transcript Friday 7/13/07

General Hospital Transcript Friday 7/13/07


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[Glass breaks]

Patrick: Robin, you okay?

Robin: Call 911!

Anna: Oh, it's all right, honey.

Robin: Don't you knock?

Anna: Oh.

Guard: It's a detective from the Port Charles P.D. You don't have to speak to her without your attorney present.

Elizabeth: I just have a couple questions to ask you about the kidnapped baby.

Jason: Yeah, I'll hear what she has to say.

Guard: Sit.

Jason: Is something wrong with Jake?

Elizabeth: No, no, he's wonderful.

Jason: What -- what are you doing here?

Elizabeth: I had to see you.

Lulu: You've been shot.

Logan: Do not get involved. You need to leave right now.

Lulu: No, and you need to sit down. Is the bullet still in you? I am not leaving until I see it for myself.

Logan: Oh, my God, you're a pain.

Lulu: I -- I just need to see it.

Logan: Easy.

Lulu: Okay.

Lulu: Oh, my God. I think I'm going to barf.

Logan: Oh

Carly: My husband doesn't tell me what to do; you're not going to start.

Sonny: Your husband's not in the country, and if he were, I hope he'd care for you enough to tell you not to hang out with his psycho brother. Now, somebody's got to try to stop you, and since our kids are involved, that's going to fall on me. If you ignore the signs and you get involved with Jerry, he's going to wind up dead.

Alexis: Sam, you still there?

Sam: I thought you went home.

Alexis: I did. I mean, I almost did. I realized I left my P.D.A. here somewhere. Have you seen it?

Sam: Oh, okay. Let me help you look for it. Well, you were sitting over here, so --

Alexis: You going to drink this now, by yourself?

Sam: I thought about it, I did. I was going to, but you know what? I said, "I am tired of feeling sorry for myself."

Alexis: Sam? He's going to be okay, all right? Jason is going to be all right. He's got a good attorney. Diane is perfectly capable of handling this. Sit. Sit, sit, sit. Talk about it. It's not often that a mother of a grown child gets to feel useful.

Sam: Okay. Okay, fine. Even if -- if Jason does beat the murder charges, I don't think he's coming back to me, and I don't know if I'd want him if he did.

Jason: Do you know the trouble that you could be in if you get caught?

Elizabeth: You didn't worry about trouble when you jumped bail to find our son. I just wanted to thank you for bringing Jake home to me.

Jason: Elizabeth, you already -- you already thanked me.

Elizabeth: I know, but not enough. Jake had a checkup today. He's perfectly healthy from head to toe as if nothing even happened. And all I can think about is how you deserve to know.

Jason: If Jake's good, that's -- that's all that matters.

Elizabeth: I know, but you're being punished for finding him. It's not fair.

Jason: I don't have a single regret.

Anna: Oh, sweetheart, it's so good to see you. Hmm! I love the bangs --

Robin: Oh, thank you.

Anna: They're really cute. Oh, hi, Patrick. Damn -- I forgot how cool he is.

Robin: Mom --

Anna: Sorry.

Patrick: Did you hear? We -- we have a door now.

Anna: Oh, that is so pedestrian. Okay, I'm sorry; I should've probably called first before I dropped in.

Robin: Could we get rid of the evidence, and close the skylight so whoever's following Mom won't know where she disappeared to?

Patrick: Yeah.

Robin: Thank you.

Anna: That's my girl. Ain't she special?

Patrick: The best.

Robin: Mom?

Anna: Hmm?

Robin: Who's following you --

Anna: Oh --

Robin: Spies, terrorists?

Anna: This is such a cool place.

Robin: Thanks -- are you working with Dad?

Anna: No.

Robin: What's happening? I haven't heard from him in ages.

Anna: Oh, Dad -- I don't know. He is so deep, deep, deep undercover. It has something to do with black market alien remains -- I -- don't ask. Actually, I just thought you and I should celebrate.

Robin: It's not my birthday.

Anna: No. I know. It's October, right?

Robin: Yes.

Anna: Okay. Whew. No, I thought we should celebrate life, because I missed you, and I wanted to make sure for myself that you're okay.

Robin: I'm okay.

Anna: So, I have these tickets, and you're coming with me.

Robin: Uh-oh. Tickets to what?

Anna: To see Eli Love at the Lifebeat Concert -- front row!

Lulu: We need to clean that wound.

Logan: I'm okay.

Lulu: It has bled through the bandage; it will get infected if you let it sit.

Logan: I'm all right, I'm all right! Just -- please.

Lulu: Huh.

Logan: Just forget about it. Who are you calling?

Lulu: 911 -- you need an ambulance.

Logan: Hospitals have got to report gunshot wounds.

Lulu: What, you want to bleed to death?

Logan: Oh -- agh!

[Logan groans]

Carly: Please stop threatening Jerry.

Sonny: Didn't you say you hated him forever, Carly?

Carly: I do, I do, but I need Jerry to find out where Jax is and how he is.

Sonny: Jerry's not going to tell you anything -- he sends his brother on a wild-goose chase out of town so he can cozy up with his sister-in-law.

Carly: No, he is just trying to broker a truce with me, okay, so I'm his advocate, not his enemy.

Sonny: And you're buying that line of bull?

Carly: I don't have to like Jerry, but I have to tolerate him so I can find Jax and bring him home.

Sonny: You know what? I bet Jax would show up for Jerry's funeral.

Carly: Would you please stay out of it? Believe me, when I know who Jerry is and what he's capable of.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? You once forgot who alcazar was, and look how well that turned out.

Carly: All right, we're just going to keep going around and around in circles --

Sonny: Well, I mean, you know --

Carly: Whatever -- whatever this is about, okay, I love Jax, and for his sake, I have to keep Jerry alive.

Sonny: I -- Carly. I'm -- I'm trying to respect you, the marriage, you know, this whole life you're going to make -- you want to make for yourself, but we have kids. I can't put them at risk, so I'm telling you -- no, no, I'm not telling you. Hold on. I'm asking you -- please stay away from Jerry.

Carly: I don't get you. You're the one who told me keep my friends close and my enemies closer.

Anna: You do look wonderful, darling. I was so worried when I heard that you'd been shot in that hostage situation. If there had been any way for me to get to you, I would've pulled you out of that hotel myself. You know I would.

Robin: I know. Mom was caught in a cargo hold in the middle of the Amazon River that night.

Patrick: You told me.

Anna: Well, there was no way to get out. I mean, there were no phones, no airstrip -- nothing. And then by the time I got the message, it was over, and you had rescued her, you lovely man -- over the phone, no less.

Patrick: The pleasure was mine.

Anna: Did they ever catch up with that psycho, James Craig? Did they get him?

Patrick: Uh, you know what? It's kind of been a rough --

Robin: Well, actually, they never found a body, but he could very well be dead. How did the Amazon go?

Anna: Oh, the coup was averted. Anyway, then I heard about the concert, and -- well, you know, back in the day, I had the hugest crush on Eli Love. Oh, good Lord! I mean, you have to admit that that was when I -- I had very, very big hair and "huge," you know, shoulder pads.

Robin: She did.

Anna: I did, so there's no accounting of taste. However, he was the standard of hotness, and as far as I can tell, he still has it. All that sexy charm -- he's just cute.

Patrick: Yeah, time's a thief.

Anna: You know, women -- they just used to kind of, like, slingshot their knickers right up on the stage.

[Anna clucks]

Anna: I -- I never did that. I never did that. I did think about it, but I didn't do it. And this concert -- you know, it's for the AIDS charities, the Lifebeat -- I -- I just think, how cool is that?

Robin: It -- it is cool, and -- and I think it's cool that you came all the way out here to see the concert, except -- well, there's not going to be one.

Anna: Yeah, there is -- I have tickets.

Patrick: Uh, you know what? Eli Love is a patient at G.H. right now. He needs surgery, so, sorry, there's not going to be a concert.

Anna: Could you introduce me?

Carly: Whenever you start acting all macho and possessive, you always do something irrational just to prove you're right.

Sonny: And when you try to change the subject, that means you know you're wrong. And, you know, all the deflection in the world is not going to change the fact that Jerry, Mr. Craig -- whatever the hell he calls himself -- is dangerous.

Carly: Can't you trust me to take care of myself with Jerry and my family?

Sonny: You mean "our family"?

Carly: The only reason I came in here was to warn you about Alexis, she is half falling in love with him.

Sonny: That sounds like another deflection to me.

Carly: She wasn't in the lobby with us, okay, she didn't see how vicious he was. And to her, he's charming and he's seductive, and she is neurotic enough to fall for it. If you want to worry about someone, you worry about Alexis. Soon Kristina's going to be calling Jerry Jacks "Daddy."

Sonny: You know what? I'm worried about you right now.

Carly: I didn't come here to fight with you, okay?

Sonny: Okay.

Carly: I'm in no danger from Jerry -- I'm too valuable.

Sonny: The man likes to play games, Carly. If you play along, you're going to get hurt.

Carly: Tell Alexis -- you should be warning her, not me.

Alexis: I know that it's been a struggle with you and Jason -- for the past few months in particular. I mean, you have Amelia -- she's drudging up your background and making your life difficult -- that -- that can't help. Jason's in Pentonville, it completely cuts off your communication. You two believe in each other. If you keeping doing --

Sam: We don't. We don't -- that's the thing. There's too many lies, too many secrets. Jason, of course, had his lies and his secrets, and I had my secrets, and we just don't trust each other anymore.

Alexis: Well, but there's always an opportunity to make something right again.

Sam: Okay, fine, but why does it have to be me that has to make it right when Jason is the one who has the biggest secret of all?

Alexis: Do you think that Jason caused you pain on purpose?

Sam: Whatever he meant, it feels like a knife in my heart. And I can make all the excuses in the world, but I hate the fact that Jason has ruined everything that was wonderful between us.

Jason: I don't want you taking risks to see me.

Elizabeth: To quote someone I know -- "It's my choice and I'll deal with the consequences."

Jason: Okay, you know what? That's not fair -- using my own reasons against me.

Elizabeth: Well, I'm sure Carly found a way in to see you.

Jason: Yeah, she -- she pretended to be my wife.

Elizabeth: Well, that was going to be my second choice. She probably couldn't wait to tell you about the fight we had, how I defended Lucky's right to arrest you.

Jason: No, she never mentioned a fight.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, Carly attacked Lucky for arresting you and I took his side, and now I feel like I betrayed you and I'm sorry.

Jason: Look, I'm not in here because of Lucky; I'm in here because I'm being accused of murder, and for violating bail.

Elizabeth: A part of me wants assurance that you would never kill another man, and the other part knows better than to ask. I better go. It probably wouldn't be good for a detective to burst into tears while questioning a prisoner. Please be careful.

Jason: I will. Elizabeth? Please don't take a chance like this again, okay? If everything is fine with Jake, then there's no reason for you to see me.

Patrick: So this is what it's like to have a mother who rappels in on a rope?

Robin: Yes, my mother is all about her work, so I do not want her knowing that Jerry Jacks is James Craig.

Patrick: I thought you could tell her anything.

Robin: No, because she will spend her entire visit trying to bust him, so, shh, okay? Hi.

Anna: Hi.

Robin: Hi, you changed.

Anna: Yes. Well, I could hardly meet the rogue of rock 'n' roll in my work clothes, can I?

Robin: Well, I just thought maybe you wanted to take a rest at the hotel or something.

Anna: Are you trying to get rid of me already? Oh, no, come on; "please" take me to see Eli. "Please," please. Come on, please.

Robin: I happen to have a patient right now.

Patrick: Yeah, I -- I'm busy.

Anna: Oh, you know what? You're just lame. Fine. It's not like I need a chaperone or anything -- I'm a grown woman, for God's sake. Oh, my God! Eli Love -- I can't believe it.

Robin: Mom?

Anna: Hmm?

Robin: Maybe I should show you where it is, just in case you get lost.

Anna: I broke into the Louvre, and I cracked the code at MI6. I can certainly find my way around this joint. So, uh, critical-care wing -- this way?

Robin: Uh, no, it's that way.

Anna: Oh -- they moved it.

Robin: Please tell me she is too mature and sophisticated to fling her underwear at him?

Patrick: I can pretty much guarantee you she's not wearing underwear.

Eli: You know, Doc --

Noah: Hmm?

Eli: Women show up backstage and ask me to autograph parts of their bodies. How can I give that up?

Noah: You've seen one, you've seen them all.

Eli: That is absolutely not true. Besides, Lifebeat tells me this concert's sold out. That translates to quite a few million for AIDS research, you know?

Noah: I -- I told you that I would stand in for you if you wanted me to.

Eli: You do understand that standing in for me doesn't mean "standing in for me"? There is some movement involved.

Noah: Well, how hard could it be?

Eli: Oh, I tell you what -- while you're onstage pretending to be me, I'll just duck into the operating room and perform a little brain surgery. You know, that's how hard it is -- and I never lip-synch. You can't possibly duplicate my voice.

Anna: I'm so sorry to intrude! Oh -- oh. There's two of you? Wow -- this is my lucky day.

Logan: You've already done more than enough, honestly. I'm just sorry I didn't throw the phone out the window.

Lulu: Oh, get over it. You need help, and there's not many people I could call, and I had to call someone.

[Knock on door]

Lulu: Hold this. Who is it?

Coop: It's me.

Lulu: Oh. Oh -- why'd you bring her?

Maxie: Because I'm the one that took the supplies from G.H. Tell me something useful you've done lately.

Coop: Hey, can the hostility, ladies, all right? Let's just patch Logan up and get the hell out of here.

Logan: Does anyone else get the irony here? You called the guy who shot me in the first place.

Sonny: Yeah, the next shipment arrives as scheduled. We're just going to have to write last night off as a loss. Well, you know what? Whoever works for me knows that -- you know, what they were getting into when they signed up for this. Yeah, I'll talk to you later.

Amelia: So Sam's been giving me grief about honoring her contracts. I've been working on a side story to fill in. You are mentioned, but I will try to keep it to a peripheral reference.

Sonny: Is this about Sam witnessing Jason's kid getting kidnapped?

Amelia: I've been digging into the glamorous world of a woman who seems unreasonably smitten with you. It turns out Kate Howard, queen of publishing and all things high fashion, is, in fact, Connie Falconeri of Bensonhurst -- your old neighborhood. Coincidence? No way.

Clerk: I'm so sorry, Ms. Howard, but we're doing the best that we can.

Kate: Well, if this is your best, it's sadly lacking. Does this face look happy with your job performance?

Carly: It's okay. You got a problem?

Kate: Yes, actually. Your staff has lost my dry cleaning -- it's not the first time. It's unacceptable.

Carly: It's a good thing you sold your house and you're moving back to Manhattan, where your cleaners will always have your clothes whenever you want them.

Kate: Actually, I've decided to stay in Port Charles and finish the renovations.

Carly: To be close to Sonny. Wow, that's sweet.

Kate: Carly, why do you care so much? You're married to another man.

Carly: I don't care if you and Sonny roll around naked in the grass.

Jerry: Oh, my goodness. What -- what are the odds? Two beautiful women, one thirsty man -- an invitation is in order. It seems my brother's wife is not too receptive to the idea. You look really crossed with me.

Carly: Be careful before you trash me. I just saved your life -- again.

Maxie: You should be thanking Coop, not attacking him. We didn't have to rescue you, you know. We could've let you bleed to death or go to jail or something.

Coop: I did shoot Logan. He's got a right to be pissed.

Maxie: No, you risked your career to save his worthless butt. Look, Coop was on his first stakeout, he should've just arrested you.

Logan: He shot me.

Coop: Hey, let's get our facts straight here -- you reached for your gun first. Or was that for -- just for target practice?

Logan: I was about to be busted.

Coop: They asked me to I.D. you back at headquarters, I didn't. So you can sit there and argue and bleed to death --

Logan: Well, I guess I don't have much choice, do I?

Maxie: All right, so which one of you Good Samaritans is going to clean him up and bandage him up so we can go? Why the hell are you looking at me?

Noah: I'm sorry, are -- are you a friend of Mr. Love's?

Anna: Not yet. Uh -- oh, "Noah Drake"? Ha! Anna Devane.

Noah: Oh, oh, Robin's Anna? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard a lot about you. We should get together and talk about those two crazy kids.

Anna: Oh, um, can I talk to you just for a minute outside? Because -- just -- you know, like that. Okay, stay there. Is he -- uh -- oh, wow. Uh, here's the thing. This is incredibly vain, really stupid and silly and all the rest of it, but, um, I just -- I just wonder if you wouldn't mention the fact in front of him that I have an adult daughter?

Noah: I will if you stop staring at me.

Anna: I'm sorry. I can't help it. I mean, this is so weird, you know? I mean, everybody always says that we have a twin somewhere in the world -- it just so happens I do. But you and Eli -- uncanny.

Noah: Well, actually, we're very different once you get below the surface, for which I am happy.

Anna: Oh, no, he is so talented. Oh, my God, you just got to go to one of his concerts and find out for yourself.

Noah: That -- that is the plan.

[Pager beeps]

Noah: Oh, uh, you know what? I got to get this page. I have a feeling that we will meet again.

Anna: Oh, yeah, no doubt. No doubt at all.

Eli: Where's my doctor?

Anna: Uh -- he's left you in good hands. I'm so sorry you're in this horrible, horrible place. I'm Anna Devane.

Eli: Yeah, I -- I heard. Eli Love.

Anna: Yeah, I know -- big fan, huge fan! "Huge."

Eli: Huh.

Anna: There was a time that I saw every single one of your concerts -- the "Red Tide" tour, the "Which Way to Forever" tour, and that was right after you released the triple-disc retrospective -- that was brilliant! The first date was in San Francisco, huh, right? The last gig -- Sao Paolo. Ha.

Eli: That was a worldwide tour.

Anna: Yes! Well, I travel a lot for my work. Oh, I'm so sorry, I -- oh -- very presumptuous of me to be in your hospital room. So, what I was wondering -- you know, if it wasn't too much and if you didn't feel like I was imposing, if you had a minute or -- you know, would it be possible --

Eli: Hey, it's not the first time I've been asked since I got into the hospital. Where do you want it?

Robin: I don't have to worry about my mother, she's an adult, and she's not going to do anything to embarrass herself. Mother!

Sonny: Where'd you get this idea that Kate Howard isn't who she says she is?

Amelia: Hmm, not confirming or denying -- tells me plenty. Really, Sonny, it's not hard to figure out. I observed the two of you together and you didn't read as new acquaintances.

Sonny: I don't think it's anybody's business.

Amelia: Well, Kate Howard is a major media figure. I'm a journalist; I know a big story when I see it.

Sonny: You mean tabloids, right?

Amelia: Well, "infotainment" is the polite term, but we don't care what it's called, as long as it sells.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Amelia: Celebrity dirt is our bread and butter. The fashion icon known as Kate Howard sprang out of thin air when she was 18. I followed the paper trail that we all leave, found out that Constanza Louise Falconeri of Bensonhurst changed her name, her history, her whole past. I assume that includes her history with you?

Sonny: I'm sure you did your homework on me a long time ago, right? So you know that I don't make idle threats. You go public with this story, and I'll go public with what's been going on with us. Do you understand what I'm saying? I may even make insinuations like, you know, maybe I bankrolled "Everyday Heroes."

Amelia: You didn't.

Sonny: Paid off a few affiliates, you know? Your broadcast license won't be worth the paper it's printed on.

Amelia: Come on, you're not serious?

Sonny: Oh -- dead serious. You do what you want with Sam. I don't care. But you leave Kate Howard alone.

Alexis: If what you're telling me is that you think that your relationship with Jason has run its course, then I'm sorry. I honestly know how disappointing that is for you, because it's very disappointing to have a vision for the future and how you think your life is going to be with that person and it doesn't turn out that way. Sam, if that's how you feel, then my only advice to you is to get out of it as gracefully as possible, and sooner is better than later.

Sam: Right. Right, because it -- it -- I mean, it won't hurt any less, it'll just be over with sooner.

Alexis: You just are making it very clear that you and Jason seem to have failed each other somewhere. And if you're ready to do this, Sam, do it, because if you're going to hang on beyond that point, it will get ugly.

Sam: I hate that love wasn't enough. I do, and that it was just one more bad decision.

Alexis: Why are you being so hard on yourself? Do you think no one else has ever done this? Do you know how many women would do the same thing that you did? I mean, Jason -- he's difficult to resist. He's handsome, he's charismatic, he's strong, he's unpredictable, he's dangerous, he's a bad boy. And even though you want him to change, you hope that he does it for you. But you also know that he won't, because the signs are all over the place, and you ignore them --

Sam: I think I -- I get the feeling that we've changed the subject on to you.

Jerry: Well, if you saved my life and even had a kind thought for me, I'm both very flattered and very grateful.

Kate: Uh, this is turning into a conversation I no longer want to be a part of. You kids have fun.

Carly: Kate? The next time you address my staff, say "please."

Kate: Huh.

Jerry: So what do you say? Why don't you fill me in on your heroics over a nice drink?

Carly: Sonny's not happy that you're paying me so much attention.

Jerry: No, Sonny isn't, is he? But how do you feel about that?

Carly: I want Jax to come home. I want you to bring him back from this bogus rescue mission, but you say I have to be your advocate, the one person who defends you. So I bite my tongue until it bleeds, I defend you to Sonny, and I wait. I wait for you to be satisfied so my husband can come home.

Jerry: You know what? My brother's a very lucky man.

Anna: Oh, I'm going to wear this to the concert and then frame it! Whoo!

Robin: Can you please close your blouse? This is where I work.

Anna: Sorry. Sorry.

Robin: Besides, Patrick told you -- there will be no concert.

Anna: I wouldn't be so sure. Eli -- and I totally feel I can call him that now -- well, he said that he thinks that there's going to be a concert, there's every chance.

Robin: Mom, he is a rock star, which means he's used to getting his own way, okay? But he has an embolism, and unless Patrick goes in there and fixes it, there will be no more concerts.

Anna: Oh. That's disappointing.

Robin: Well, cheer up. Maybe Patrick will talk Noah into taking Eli's place onstage.

Anna: Yeah. You know, I mean, they really do look alike. It's just that Noah doesn't have that indiscernible -- hmm -- something that separates rock stars from mere mortals. Hmm. He could be coached. I mean, it would certainly take a lot of work, but it's possible.

Robin: Except Eli hates the idea of Noah taking his place onstage, and he refuses the surgery, which means that he could die.

Anna: Oh. We'll see about that.

Maxie: One more piece of tape --

[Logan groans]

Maxie: Should do it.

Coop: Hey, no one's looking for you -- the guys I arrested aren't talking.

Lulu: Thank you for your help, Coop -- both of you.

Coop: Maxie was great, huh?

Maxie: Well, there had to be some reason I wasted all that time volunteering at the hospital.

Coop: Logan was grazed. You rest for a week and you'll be fine.

Logan: Unless Sonny's men waste me first.

Coop: Well, that's something you're going to have to work out with Sonny. You ready to go?

Maxie: Mm-hmm.

Coop: Lulu, you coming?

Logan: Go ahead, Lulu. Go on, I'll be all right.

Lulu: You're right, you will -- and I'm going to make sure of it.

Jerry: Hello, darling. Imagine my surprise of getting a phone call from the star of "Everyday Heroes" requesting the pleasure of my company. For what, I'm not sure, but here I am.

Sam: It's real simple -- stay away from my mother, or I'll kill you.

Diane: I heard that a police detective from the PCPD was here to question you. Of course, I heard this when I was in the middle of trying on a stunning pair of burgundy sandals. I hate it when my shoe shopping is interrupted.

Jason: It wasn't a cop. It was Elizabeth.

Diane: Nope, not feeling better about it. What did Mrs. Spencer want?

Jason: She wanted to thank me for bringing Jake home.

Diane: Does she appreciate the fact that it cost you your freedom? I worked a miracle to get you released on bail, and you violated the terms in -- in less than five hours. But -- but this isn't all about me, Jason, far from it. No, no, this is your story, top to bottom, and I am not one to pass judgment --

Jason: Then don't.

Diane: On your personal life, but you are my client. And you are facing some very serious charges with some very damning evidence. The D.A. has a digital recording of Lorenzo Alcazar's final moments, and he says your name, Jason. Actually, what he says is "Morgan." And then you hear a shot, and then a thud. Now, I am going to argue that it's a setup, that Lorenzo Alcazar has effectively framed you. But there is no guarantee that a jury is going to buy this. You are going to be dissected in that courtroom. I need you clearheaded.

Jason: I understand --

Diane: There's no room for any mistake.

Jason: I understand.

Diane: I'm not sure that you do. Because, you see, Jason, you are preoccupied with a secret child. That's not a criticism, that's a fact. Now, it's obvious that you love your son, and I'm going to guess that you love your son's mother. So why not just tell her and be done with it?

Lucky: The boys are sleeping. You know, I got a very interesting phone call tonight -- from Pentonville. Yeah, they wanted to confirm that officer "L. Spencer" visited with Jason Morgan.

Elizabeth: I was going to tell you.

Lucky: Yeah, then you used my badge -- to sneak in and see Jason Morgan?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Lucky: I covered for you.

Elizabeth: You didn't have to. Lucky, I didn't tell you that I was taking your badge because I wanted you to be able to have deniability.

Lucky: What the hell is going on, Elizabeth? What is so important that you have to go see Jason Morgan?

Elizabeth: Jake.

Robin: Did you get a page, too?

Noah: Yeah. What's going on?

Patrick: I have no idea. He's getting tests done.

Noah: Well, he's not back yet.

[Anna hums]

Robin: Mom, you are not a groupie. We can't take souvenirs.

Anna: Oh, don't be ridiculous. I'm trying to help you save a rock legend.

Patrick: How?

Anna: Well, just quick thinking and utter devotion. Uh -- so, drop your pants, sweetie.

[Knock on door]

Kate: I got your message. Is it safe to come in?

Sonny: We're alone.

Kate: Well, I -- I don't know why you couldn't have just told me what's so important.

Sonny: Okay, you might want to sit down because I didn't want to leave this on -- on your voicemail.

Kate: Great -- some tabloid is going to print that we're having an affair, right? That I bought my house to be close to yours -- it's fine! If they go to print with it, then I will just sue their asses from here to Coney Island.

Sonny: I'm taking care of it, Connie.

Kate: Sonny, will you just be specific?

Sonny: Amelia Joffe knows you're Connie Falconeri.

Kate: You bastard.

Sonny: Whoa, whoa, hey.

Jerry: I talk to Carly, Sonny threatens me. I talk to your mom, you want to kill me.

Sam: Well, now you know how it feels.

Jerry: But if you're referring to James Craig's behavior at the Metro Court, I'm in town to prove that he's not me.

Sam: I think you're a liar, and I'm telling you to stay away from my mother. She's been through enough; you are the last thing she needs.

Jerry: Oh, come on. I've been nothing but kind to your darling mother.

Sam: Just stay the hell away from Alexis, okay?

Jerry: Well, I could, but I would need a little incentive. You see, I nailed you so perfectly when we were first getting to know each other -- your willingness to survive at all costs. So what's my incentive for leaving your mother alone? I mean, they say that it's a man's fantasy, you know, to have mother and daughter at the same time, but, you know, personally, I find it in really bad taste. I'm not going to do that, no.

Sam: Well, then just --

Jerry: By that logic, if I take you to bed, mommy dearest falls off-limits. Okay?

Jason: I don't want to discuss my personal situation.

Diane: No, I know you don't. But my point is it's adversely affecting your case. Elizabeth Spencer drove all the way up here to Pentonville and used her husband's police badge to get in here to see you -- why? So that she could tell you that Jake has graduated from cereal to strained peas? No. Elizabeth Spencer loves you. So as your attorney -- and the person responsible for getting you off on a murder charge -- I'm begging you. Please, please tell that woman the three little words she is dying to hear, or tell her to let it go -- so that this dysfunctional family drama doesn't end up doing even more damage and sending you to prison for life.

Elizabeth: Jake could've been hurt. He could've been killed. But he wasn't because Jason took a risk to bring him home to us. And instead of being rewarded, he got arrested -- by you of all people. I just wanted to thank Jason in person. I wanted to let him know that Jake is okay.

Lucky: Jason's a criminal. We work on opposite sides of the law, but you don't seem to care. I have asked you to stay clear of him and you don't. I want you to be honest for once. Are you in love with Jason?

On the next "General Hospital" --

Robin: She's trying to transform your father into the man of her dreams.

Anna: Come on, Dr. Drake, show us your stuff.

Kate: When Amelia goes public, I'm going to lose everything.

Carly: Even I didn't think you were skeevy enough to cheat on Jason with him.

Lucky: Do you love Jason?

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