GH Transcript Monday 7/9/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 7/9/07


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Eli: You people aren't getting it. I have a concert to do.

Patrick: I see. So massaging your ego is more important than saving your life?

Eli: It's a charity event, mate. People are counting on me. I'm not going to cancel so you can massage your ego by playing God with my brain.

Patrick: Maybe I didn't make myself clear. Either I do the surgery, or you drop dead onstage.

Eli: Well, at least I'll go out doing something I love.

Carly: Jason is sitting there all alone. Why? Because he put everything on the line to rescue your son. He has done everything you've ever asked him to do. He has gone against his happiness, his heart -- everything.

Elizabeth: You don't know what you're talking about.

Carly: The hell I don't know what I'm talking about. I know everything he's given up for you.

Elizabeth: We agreed. It's what Jason wants, too. Please, Carly, just stay out of this.

Carly: What does Jason want?

[Jake cries]

Carly: What does Jason want, and what do you want me to stay out of?

Elizabeth: How about my life? Because as usual, when it comes to you, this conversation is pointless.

Carly: Well, I think -- I think I hit a nerve. You don't want me to see Jason. What are you so afraid he's going to tell me?

Sonny: You got quiet all of the sudden. Go ahead and deny that you didn't just stand there and watch Jason's son get kidnapped and you did nothing about it.

Sam: I don't know where you got this information or why you are suddenly so angry with me, but maybe I need to remind you, Sonny, that I am the one who was hurt. I'm the one who was lied to and betrayed by Jason.

Sonny: You know what? For the record, the person I should be mad at is myself, because it's my fault that Jason got tangled up with you in the first place.

Tracy: Sweetheart --

Alan: Isn't this cozy? The gang's all here. Tracy, you look fabulous.

Ned: So you went to all the trouble of disguising yourself, engineering an escape from Shadybrook, and making your way back here just to stop your son from following his heart? Nice parenting.

Tracy: Who are you to point fingers? When's the last time you saw Brook Lynn?

Ned: Last week, as a matter of fact.

Alan: Well, you know how insecure Tracy is. If she doesn't have a death grip on someone, she thinks they'll stop loving her.

Tracy: You know, if you have to be here, a little support would be nice.

Edward: Uh-oh. Here we go.

Monica: Oh, please, not this.

Skye: Who's she talking to?

Edward: Nobody. Weren't you listening? Tracy is a loon.

Ned: The grounds for commitment. Mother sees Alan.

Skye: Oh, right! I'd heard about these episodes, but I never actually saw one. She's very convincing.

Tracy: Would you stop talking about me like I'm not in the room. I'm right here and I am in full possession of my faculties.

Skye: Do you really see Alan?

Tracy: Ha-ha. See him and hear him. And let me tell you, he is just as annoying in death as he was in life.

Alan: Oh, you're not that pleasant to hang out with.

Skye: Is Alan here now?

Tracy: Right there in that chair.

Monica: For God's sakes, Tracy --

Edward: Don't encourage her.

Skye: Well, if there's the slightest chance that Alan's spirit really is trapped, I'd -- I'd like to make sure that he knows how much I really loved him.

Alan: Will you tell Skye that I love her always just as much?

Tracy: What do I look like, a carrier pigeon? Don't answer that. You tell Skye if you've got a message for her. Haunt her!

Edward: You see how nuts your mother is? She really needs you here.

Ned: Translation -- Grandfather wants you to come to your senses and run E.L.Q. so he can die in peace.

Tracy: I do need you here, Dillon, but not because I'm nuts. Because you're my son.

Alan: [Imitating a vampire] And you still have some blood for her to suck out.

Tracy: Please stay.

Scott: Laura?

Tracy: Guess again, you fool.

Robin: You committed yourself to a charity event, and you want to honor that commitment. We understand that. It's just that you could suffer an embolism anytime, and you would miss it anyway.

Patrick: Yeah, like backstage over a urinal. Paparazzi would love that.

Robin: Well, that's not the only scenario. You could also have a stroke.

Patrick: Might paralyze your autograph hand.

Eli: Hmm. You know what? If you've got medication, I'll take it. But Mr. Happy here doesn't get to play air guitar inside my head.

Parick: What the hell is wrong with you? What is it about imminent death that you don't understand? Or is that preferable to becoming "Eli who" in a few years?

Eli: Oh, come -- that's it, I want another doctor! Jeez. You got any nice ones?

Robin: Excuse me. Listen, you need to back way up. That man in there may look like your father, but he isn't. So if you can't manage to know the difference, I suggest that you do what I advise and resign from the case.

Sam: You're saying that Jason and I wouldn't have ended up together if it hadn't been for you? How arrogant of you.

Sonny: You realize what you've put Jason through, Sam? Stuck in lockup going crazy, thinking somebody stole his -- his kid? Not being able to do anything about it. And all the while, you knew who took him. Some woman you knew. Why did you do that? I think I know why. Because Jason had a baby with Elizabeth, and you can't stand it.

Sam: Okay, now you're making a lot of assumptions.

Sonny: No, I'm not making assumptions, I'm speaking the truth. And I got a reliable source.

Sam: Really?

Sonny: Yeah, really.

Sam: Who, Amelia? A woman who hates my guts? A woman who wants anything bad to happen to me?

Sonny: You've made yourself look bad here, Sam. Amelia has every right to hate you. You married her father, you soak him for every cent that he has, and then you blow him away!

Sam: In self-defense! Why, Sonny? Why are you so quick to believe the worst in someone you made a child with?

Elizabeth: You know, for someone who claims to be Jason's best friend, you don't seem to have any comprehension of what he needs beyond what you want. Ric is dancing off the ceilings since Jason's been arrested, because finally he's in a position to take Jason's life away and make what's left of it a living hell. And you want to antagonize Ric by bringing up this whole panic room thing? And for what, Carly? So that you can get in to see Jason so he can baby you with your never-ending problems?

Carly: Stop with the high and mighty, okay? I know I'm selfish when it comes to Jason, but you're in no position to throw stones.

Elizabeth: At least I know when I'm being selfish, and what it costs Jason when I am. Oh, Carly, I do not want to fight with you, but you need to put the brakes on before you do something that Jason lives to regret, and I'm going to help you. There's no way I'm coming forward about this whole panic room thing, or anything else that you want to use against Ric.

Carly: Wow. You have absolutely no gratitude for Jason --

[Elizabeth sighs]

Carly: And anything he's done for you, certainly not if it means messing up your happy home. But you know what? The bottom is going to fall out, and it is all going to come crashing around you, and when it does, I will be first in line leading the cheers.

Lucky: Carly! Get away from my wife.

Scott: Well, I hope you enjoyed your little excursion --

Tracy: Ow!

Scott: Because the men in white coats are going to be here soon and they are going to throw a butterfly net over you and take you away for this little --

Lulu: Hey, try to have a human moment. Tracy only came home to say goodbye to her son.

Tracy: But I'm not going to have to, am I, darling, because you're not going anywhere.

Alan: Refusing to accept reality -- sure sign of mental illness.

Tracy: You are supposed to be my conscience, not Greek chorus. Sweetheart, isn't it obvious how desperately I need you here?

Ned: No, what's obvious are your ham-handed, Grandfather-like tactics.

Tracy: Ned, you have said enough. This whole thing is your fault!

Ned: Dillon, listen to me. Mother doesn't have a lock on the insanity factor in this household, okay? It runs rampant. It never ends, and it never will. So ask yourself -- is all of this worth missing the chance to pursue your dream?

Patrick: Okay, maybe I overreacted. But watching this guy be so blasť about saving his own life is driving me mental.

Robin: Exactly. You're losing your objectivity. Eli love gets to risk his life if he so chooses, and you would agree with me on that if he didn't have your father's face. This is pushing personal buttons for you; it's bringing back the whole liver transplant debate.

Patrick: Right, and my father would've died if we hadn't have gone ahead without his permission.

Robin: Yeah, but you can't do that this time, can you? You don't think you can do this at all. The resemblance, both physically and attitudinally -- hits way too close to home for you. Withdraw from Eli's case.

Patrick: No.

Robin: Now who's being stubborn?

Patrick: Robin, I am a doctor. It is my duty --

Robin: It is your ego. Talk about bragging rights -- the man who saved Eli Love's life?

Patrick: I know this case better than any other doctor. I am doing the procedure and that's final.

Robin: Fine. But there's someone that we need to speak to before we go any further.

Sonny: Do not bring up the daughter I lost, Sam.

Sam: I lost her, too, Sonny. I will never stop grieving for our daughter.

Sonny: Then how can you stand by and watch Jason and Elizabeth go through the hell of thinking their child was stolen and not lift -- lift a finger to do anything about it when you knew you could? I know you were angry -- I get that. You felt betrayed because Jason had a baby with somebody but you know what, Sam? He -- he took you in, he gave you a home, he defended you to everybody who doubted you. And how do you repay him -- by standing by and watching his child get stolen? Unless you were losing your mind or unless you were just scamming him all along and you thought that this baby was going to screw things up.

Carly: Look who it is -- super cop. Let me see -- wasn't it exactly a year ago when the only thing you could think about was scoring your next bag of pills? But you didn't do anything illegal to support that drug habit, did you?

Lucky: You can't compare the two.

Carly: Yes, I can. You got to slide on all your crap for no one's benefit but your own, but Jason -- Jason is sitting in Pentonville because he jumped bail to find your kid.

Lucky: Jason broke the law.

Carly: That's not why you arrested him -- you did it because you were jealous. Jake had been kidnapped and you were beyond useless, and Jason found out where he was and saved the day again, just like he did when Elizabeth collapsed and almost died. You wouldn't have him right now if it wasn't for Jason, but instead of being grateful, you put him in prison. Why -- because he did something you couldn't. You are a disgrace to the Spencer name.

Elizabeth: All right, that's enough, Carly. You don't know Lucky and you couldn't be more wrong.

Dillon: Mom, I'm not -- if I'm doing it, I'm not doing it to hurt you.

Tracy: Then don't.

Scott: You know, I'd like to say something.

Edward: Who asked you?

Tracy: Stay out of it.

Alice: Who wants me to kick his ass and throw it out the door?

Monica: That's always amusing.

Scott: You know, I don't usually give the benefits of my experience, but I'm going to. Sometimes there's these life-turning moments and you don't realize because you're young, so you just go with your gut. When I was about your age, I was married to Laura on this exact day, and everybody said that we were too young, but we went with our hearts. And after everything that happened between us, I got no regrets. So whatever ride you're on, if you can say that, Dillon, you're making the right choice.

Dillon: Thanks.

Tracy: Wonderful -- life advice from the man who threw everybody's life into hell so that you could gain legal custody of a catatonic woman who dumped you two decades ago. Nobody wants to hear you wax poetic about your personal failures.

Lulu: I would. You've tried more than once to get me to understand what it was like between you and my mom, and this would be your anniversary and I can see that it still means something to you, so I'll be willing to go someplace and listen to what you have to say.

Scott: I'd like that. Come on, let's go.

Lulu: Okay.

Monica: Well, for some unknown reason, Lulu's managed to distract Scott from calling Shadybrook.

Edward: You know, Tracy, this might be a good time for you to turn yourself back in, just make it easy for yourself.

Tracy: Daddy, Lulu just bought me time for one more appeal. Excuse me. Sweetheart, tell me you'll ignore all the awful things I've done to you --

Ned: Including this?

Tracy: And stay.

Coop: Do you know what's going on?

Logan: Your guess is as good as mine. Coop, are you in some kind of trouble?

Logan: Come on, how long have we known each other? I don't let anybody get the goods on me.

Coop: That's not the same as being innocent, is it?

[Knock on door]

Ric: Come in. Ah. You, have a seat. That'll be all, Barrett. Thanks. We meet again, hmm?

Logan: My answer hasn't changed, and it's not going to, no matter how many times you ask. I didn't do anything wrong, I'm not ratting on Sonny.

Ric: Okay. It's my understanding that you and Coop served together in Iraq.

Logan: Serving your country a crime in Port Charles?

Ric: That's your service record, wise guy.

Logan: Ahem.

Ric: Of course, it's vague. Clearly, the Army tried to cover up whatever crimes you committed, but I made a few calls. Tell me -- does your buddy Coop know everything you did in the name of your country?

Sam: Who the hell are you to judge me? When Carly wanted out of your marriage, you took her kids. You didn't let her see Michael and Morgan. If I did happen to watch Jake being kidnapped, it was a moment of weakness compared to what you did to Carly and the months of deliberate lies from Jason.

Sonny: I wasn't proud of the way I acted during that custody hearing. But Carly and I have managed to -- to work things out. There was no crime committed. At least my kids weren't stolen by some flipped-out stranger.

Sam: Not that time, anyway.

Sonny: You don't know the extent of that woman's guilt and the damage that was done to her because she lost that baby. Now, you want to say it's a moment of weakness, that's up to you, Sam. But the fact is it was better for you if that baby was never seen.

Sam: Oh. It just -- it must be wonderful to be one of the chosen few. You and Jason and Carly, your tight little circle, gets to sanctimoniously decide what's best for everyone else, who we get to love and how much. You get to do whatever you want; we're just supposed to take it. And God forbid, Sonny, God forbid if one of us have the gall to act out in hurt or frustration -- you'd beat us with the consequences and tell us we had it coming. I am "not" falling in line anymore.

Sonny: The best thing, Sam, for you to do is let Jason go because -- save him the pain of telling you he never wants to see you again.

Sam: You don't speak for Jason, and you do not tell me what to do.

Lucky: You don't have to defend me.

Carly: Well, there's no defense.

Elizabeth: Hey, Lucky did everything he could to find Jake.

Carly: But it wasn't enough, was it?

Elizabeth: Okay, I'm not going to minimize what Jason did because I will forever be grateful that he found Jake. However, he was in the right place at the right time. Amelia had just realized that Maureen took Jake when Jason walk to the studio, and he was the one that she told.

Carly: Don't tell me that he should've called the police or that he deserved to be arrested. You can't possibly be that much of a hypocrite.

Lucky: Okay, Jason could've called me, Jake's father, to tell me that he had a lead on my son so I could find him.

Carly: Oh, yeah, and in typical clubfooted fashion, you guys would've showed up, sirens a-blazing, and tipped off Maureen. Then she would've ran even further with Jake. Speaking of Maureen, is she in jail?

Lucky: No.

Carly: No. Jason is. You know, I'm going to make sure I tell him how grateful you are the next time I see him -- whenever that might be.

Lucky: Did you mean what you said? Or were you just siding with me because you were mad at Carly?

Patrick: This is ridiculous.

Robin: Just humor me, all right?

Patrick: It's not going to work.

Robin: Maybe it will work. Clearing the air is good for the soul.

Noah: Hey, I got your page. Look, I can be big about this, all right? I'm available for consult, even though you stole my patient.

Robin: Actually, Noah, I'm the one that paged you.

Noah: Oh. So what's up?

Robin: Okay, we have a situation here. Eli Love is uncomfortable with Patrick performing the surgery because of his attitude.

Noah: Hmm. Two massive egos collide. I'm not surprised.

Robin: Well, it goes a little deeper than that -- for Patrick, at least. See, because Eli looks so much like you, it is tapping into his residual resentment to regarding the whole liver transplant ordeal.

Noah: You still gnawing on that old bone?

Patrick: Oh, you're not?

Noah: Well, I'm not the one being rejected for my attitude.

Robin: Okay, well, it's clear you two aren't going on any father-son fishing trips anytime soon, but this -- this you can put behind you, so -- Patrick?

Patrick: Me?

Robin: Those two words that we talked about?

Patrick: Fine. Ahem. I'm sorry.

Noah: Well, certainly lacked the ring of sincerity. I'm kidding. Okay, half kidding. Look, I guess I got to hand it to you. I mean, if you're willing to bury the hatchet with me to perform a successful surgery, that certainly says something about your professionalism and your commitment. So, what else can I do but accept your "apology" in the spirit it's given.

Epiphany: You better keep a closer eye on this one, because he was halfway out the door by the time I caught him.

Eli: Take it easy, Della. Oh, are you available for night work? I could use you on my security team.

Patrick: You try this again and your security team will be pulling duty as pallbearers.

Dillon: You know, it's ironic, um -- here I am, finally at a point in my life where I don't need my mother, and you're reaching out. When all that time in Europe, I mean, like, the first -- the first half of my life when you were dragging me country to country, you barely knew I existed.

Alan: You shouldn't remind her of that.

Dillon: What are you so afraid of? Why is it that all of a sudden now you need me so badly?

Tracy: I'm afraid you'll never come back.

Georgie: Oh, thank God I'm not too late.

Tracy: No, you're right on time. Please convince him he's making a terrible mistake.

Georgie: I can't do that. Dillon, I'm going to miss you, but I'm happy for you. I know how much an opportunity like this means to you. You're going to be wonderful.

Dillon: Thank you. Thank you.

Tracy: Don't all of you realize that you're convincing him to waste his life?

Dillon: You are being overdramatic. The most I would be wasting is a year or two, and so what? I've got the money. Who cares? Big deal, right? I mean, that's -- that time in Europe I just mentioned -- Mom, we never stayed put long enough for me to make a single friend. You know that? A single friend, and you -- I -- I barely even saw you.

Tracy: I know.

Dillon: I --

Tracy: I should've paid more attention.

Dillon: Yeah, but you didn't. And so -- what was I to do? To pass the time, I started watching films. Those characters, those guys, the old black and whites, they became more of a constant for me than anything else. Those movies put magic in my life. They gave me joy. They gave me focus. And now I have an opportunity to make that magic myself and pass it along to somebody else. Why can't you support that?

Edward: For God's sake, Tracy, for once in your life, make a choice that isn't about you.

Sonny: Good. You got my message?

Coop: Yeah. More like command.

Sonny: That's some attitude for somebody who could be facing prison time for taking part in the Metro Court robbery.

Coop: I'm your informant, just like you wanted.

Sonny: Right, right.

Coop: And I see and hear more than people know.

Sonny: Well, now's your chance to prove it. I want every piece of information and evidence that Ric and the cops have on Jason for Alcazar's murder. He needs to be a free man, and it's up to you to make it happen.

Ric: This is more than just a little black mark on your record under the heading of "dishonorable discharge." Well, what's in this file could send you to Leavenworth, not to mention turn you into a social pariah. Now, what I can do are two different things. I can contact the proper authorities or I can keep your little indiscretions between us, but I'm going to need a little incentive for that.

Logan: All right, I got the picture. What -- what do you want?

Ric: Oh, I think you know. See, setting Jason up for murder warms my heart, but it's not enough. I want Sonny. Fortunately, you're perfectly placed to get me the evidence that I need. So, you get me that evidence, and I make this disappear like magic. Hmm? Any questions?

Elizabeth: I don't have time for this. You have to get back to work, and I promised Gram that I'd take the boys over for dinner.

Lucky: And dinner can wait. This is about family.

Elizabeth: All right.

Lucky: The night that Jason was arrested -- you were furious with me. I mean, you even called me "pathetic." But everything you said to Carly was the truth. What Jason did was wrong.

Elizabeth: See, that's the difference between you and me. I don't feel like I'm in a position to criticize anything Jason did that night. All that matters to me is that Jason found -- our son.

[Sam sighs]

[Knock on door]

Sam: I am so not in the mood for you. Do you think I'm kidding?

Carly: Look, as soon as I get what I came for, I'm out of here.

Sam: You're not hearing me, Carly. This is my house. You're not welcome in it. Leave or I will throw you out.

Carly: I will go where I want and do what I want in this house, especially when it comes to Jason. Now get out of my way or I'm going to move you.

Sam: You can't stand it, can you -- that any woman might intrude on what you consider your turf? Well, guess what, Carly -- Jason's not yours, he's not your husband, he's not your lover. He hasn't wanted you in a sexual way in years and probably never will, so suck it up and get out of my house.

Carly: See, I've tolerated you because Jason's a man and he needs something in his bed, but you are deluding yourself if you think you will ever be anything more than that.

Sam: Oh, well, eat your heart out, because I already am.

Carly: I don't think so. See, from where I'm standing, you're skating on thin ice when it comes to Jason. Maybe he's over you; maybe you're not worth the energy. I'm wondering how hard I have to push him to finally kick you to the curb. Don't touch me.

Lucky: You know I was eventually hoping that you would see my side on this.

Elizabeth: See, that's the problem, Lucky -- you're turning this into sides. You can't just be grateful that Jake is home and leave it at that?

Lucky: I -- I'm --

Elizabeth: A cop? Yeah, I know you're a cop.

Lucky: Actually, I was going to say that I'm Jake's father. I was kind of hoping that would give me some leeway.

Elizabeth: I want to get past this, I really do. I think our children need us to. But all I keep thinking about is how Jason put my baby back into my arms and a half an hour later, he was taken off to prison for his troubles. Yes, I know he made a conscious decision to violate his bail agreement. That's because he cares more about Jake than his own consequences. And now he's being punished for it? I backed you up because you're my husband. Doesn't mean I agree with you. And I will never understand how you think what you did to Jason was right.

Epiphany: There you go, Mr. Rock star. You think everybody knew your business before? Try leaving this hospital without these.

Eli: Wow.

Patrick: Epiphany notwithstanding, you do have the right to leave -- after I give you the results of your latest test.

Eli: Aw, gee, let me guess. I could drop dead at any time?

Patrick: That's right.

Eli: Well, you know what? I want a second opinion. I mean, no offense, Doc, but you seem to lug around an awful lot of emotional baggage for a doctor.

Patrick: And there's a reason for that. You know the doctor who looks alarmingly like you? That's my father, and he can be as pigheaded and frustrating as you when it comes to a medical crisis.

Eli: Well, obviously there's a lot more going on here than I first thought, and frankly, you know, I'm not that interested. But what I am getting from you is that you're very committed to your work. I can appreciate that. I'm the same way.

Robin: Mr. Love, have you ever canceled or postponed a concert?

Eli: Actually, no, I haven't, and I'm not going to start now. Now, this is a benefit, and a lot of people are counting on me. It's for pediatric AIDS and -- you know, it may not mean anything to you guys, because it's not your specialty, but it's a cause very near and dear to my heart. And come hell or high water, when that concert date rolls around, I will be on stage.

Patrick: Maybe that's more of a possibility than we originally thought.

Scott: You know, just so you know, I know the only reason why you're talking to me is because you were trying to let Tracy buy some time there.

Lulu: I'm listening.

Scott: Well, let's sit over here. You know, everybody calls me cockroach and snake and all of these other horrible names. Well, you know, I wasn't always that guy. I mean, there was a time when I was, you know, I was young, you know. I was idealistic and I was, you know, clean as a whistle.

Lulu: That's hard to imagine.

Scott: Well, that was the me that your mother was in love with. And, Lulu, make no mistake -- your mother, she was in love with me. I mean, we were young, you know, a young married couple, so we had problems, there was growing pains and all of that kind of stuff, but our feelings, I mean, they were true. We were pure, we were innocent, we were looking to the future. I made your mother happy. I did. And then your -- your father came along and he did what he did, and you know about that now. That act of violence, that control -- that murdered Laura's innocence. And it murdered mine, too.

Lulu: Well, I can tell that you're sincere. But if you really know my mother as well as you say you do, you have to admit that no matter what my dad did to her, she still loved him -- not to say that she didn't love you first. But my dad has her heart, and he has for a long time and he always will. And I think that you'll be a happier and better man if you find a way to accept that.

Scott: Well, you're an extraordinary girl. Thank you for listening to me.

Eli: You weird me out, dude.

Noah: Yeah, I know the feeling. So why am I here? Did you change your mind about the consult?

Patrick: In a way, yes.

Eli: Hey, look -- there's not going to be any operation. I have a concert to do.

Patrick: Okay, correction -- Eli Love needs to play the concert. Now, I'm thinking you can have the operation and my father can take your place on stage.

Noah: Are you crazy?

Eli: No way in hell, mate.

Edward: Don't you understand, Tracy, the boy needs to do this.

Tracy: That isn't what you said before.

Edward: Then I was wrong, and I admit it, and you can do the same.

Alan: I wonder what inspired this change of heart.

Tracy: I wonder what inspired this change of heart.

Edward: Alan asked for my support when he decided to change from business to medicine, and I refused hi in fact, I spent the rest of his life making him feel embarrassed about that. I never once spoke to him about pride in his accomplishments. Now that he's gone, I -- I don't know why -- because I really was proud, and he never knew.

Alan: I know, Father.

Edward: Don't make the same mistake with your son.

Tracy: I do love you. And I believe in you 100%, but I also believe 100% that this is a mistake.

Dillon: I know. It's okay. You wouldn't be my mother if you agreed with me.

Dillon: I'm taking Ned up on the offer.

Ned: You won't regret it. Now, we have to leave tonight.

Dillon: Yeah.

Tracy: Are you sure?

Dillon: I'm positive.

Tracy: Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay, I won't stop you, but I am still your mom and I won't say goodbye. Go.

Dillon: Works for me. Works for me. I don't need to say goodbye. I'm not going to -- it's not goodbye, I'm not going to say goodbye to any of you. I'm going to remember you all just like this.

Georgie: I am really going to miss him.

Skye: I know.

Edward: So, there's only one thing left to do. Alice, would you please call Shadybrook -- tell them to come and get Tracy and take her back where she belongs.

Logan: You want to see me?

Sonny: With Jason out of the picture, people need to start stepping up, picking up the slack. You know what I mean? So I need you to supervise a shipment. Think you can handle it?

Logan: I won't let you down.

Sonny: Well, you better not, because you won't get a second chance.

Ric: I've had my eye on you. Your conduct, efficiency and obligation to duty are only matched by your high test scores and impeccable military record. And you impressed me this afternoon. I know that you and Logan are friends, but you brought him in here twice without any question or objection. I want you to start working for me as a liaison between the D.A.'s office and Commissioner Scorpio.

Coop: What would that entail?

Ric: I want you to be watchful of all working cases, starting with the murder case against Jason Morgan.

Sam: What did you take?

Carly: Something that's going to help Jason.

Sam: Yeah? Well, consider yourself warned, because the first thing I'm discussing with Jason when he gets home is putting a lid on you.

Carly: Okay, you do that. You throw down with Jason and you force him to choose between the two of us -- his best friend and you? Be real careful before you go down that road, Sam.

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Amelia: You might want to rethink that.

Officer: Your visitor will be in shortly.

Jason: Is it my lawyer?

Officer: Your wife.

Carly: Act happy to see me.

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