GH Transcript Wednesday 7/4/07

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/4/07


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Carly: Help me! Help me, I'm stuck here again! Please, somebody open the door! Can you hear me?

Jerry: I can! You were a problem during the robbery, and you're a problem now. That's why I sent Jax away.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Jerry: When I see a problem, I deal with it!

Carly: No! No. Oh --

Michael: What were you dreaming about?

Maxie: It's time to wake up.

Coop: Oh, yeah. Oh, I got to get to work.

Maxie: Not yet.

Coop: Whoa -- wait -- whoa. What's wrong? You almost seem desperate.

[Music plays]

Dillon: Hey.

Georgie: Lulu's not here.

Dillon: I'm not -- I wasn't looking for -- okay, yeah, I was -- I was looking for Lulu. She's been avoiding me, actually.

Georgie: Why is that?

Dillon: Um, I -- I think she -- she's mad because I'm not fighting hard enough to keep my mother out of Shadybrook. And maybe she's right, you know, but it's not like I'm going to take my grandfather on and win. You know, thinking that is, like, almost as crazy as -- well, talking to Alan.

Georgie: Dillon -- Dillon?

Dillon: Yeah?

Georgie: I'm really not trying to be rude here, but listening to the Quartermaine craziness is like breathing second-hand smoke.

Singer: Never wanted to jump so

Ned: Hey, little brother!

Dillon: How are you?

Ned: Alice said I'd find you here.

Dillon: Oh, yeah. Wait a minute, you -- you drove all the way from Manhattan in Fourth of July traffic just to see Mom? Are you crazy?

Ned: No -- just to see you. I'm here to change your life.

Patrick: I can't believe we're working on the Fourth. It must be Ford's way of getting back at us for supporting Monica for chief of staff.

Robin: Well, what would you rather be doing?

Patrick: There's stock car races all day at the fairgrounds, there's a demolition derby, monster trucks, there's a pig roast.

Robin: Aw, I feel so bad for you. Why don't you let me make you feel better?

Patrick: Hmm.

Nurse: By all means, Doctors, don't let us interrupt.

Patrick: Jolene, isn't it?

Jolene: Yeah.

Patrick: Robin, you've met Jolene, and she's one of our new student nurses.

Robin: Yes, I have. And your friends are --

Jolene: Regina Thompson and Leyla Mir --

Regina: Hello.

Jolene: Meet Dr. Scorpio and Dr. Drake.

Robin: Nice to meet you.

Patrick: Hi. Mir -- that's, I'm guessing, Middle Eastern?

Leyla: Yeah, parents are from Iran, I was raised in England.

Patrick: Well, welcome to General Hospital, all of you. Aside from the regular bureaucratic nonsense, it's a great place to work.

Regina: It was our first choice.

Jolene: I'm still nervous.

Patrick: Nah, don't be. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask any of the senior staff.

Robin: You should probably deal with the nurses so that the doctors can focus on the patients.

Patrick: Well, not necessarily. We'd be glad to help.

Epiphany: Dr. Drake? They need you in the O.R., stat. They have a head trauma coming up from the E.R.

Patrick: Okay, did you get my CAT scan and blood work?

Epiphany: Yes. Is Dr. Drake your supervisor? Then why are you looking at him?

[Dillon laughs]

Ned: So? What do you think?

Dillon: I -- I --

[Ned laughs]

Dillon: I can't believe you recommended me. That -- that is amazing.

Ned: And should -- should anyone care, this is definitely not nepotism. You are a talented kid, and this is a perfect position for you. And besides, I'm sure you'll make me look good.

Dillon: Um -- so -- well, if I'm dreaming, don't wake me up, I'll tell you that much. Um --

Ned: Does this mean we're on?

Dillon: Well, it's -- uh -- it's going to -- I mean, it's going to take months, right? It's like --

Ned: At least seven, maybe more.

Dillon: Okay, so I would have to -- I'd have to drop out of, uh, school, you know?

Ned: Definitely. Yeah.

Dillon: What about Mom? I mean, Ned, she -- Grandfather's hell-bent on keeping her in -- in Shadybrook.

Ned: Dillon, that is not your fight.

Dillon: Yeah, no -- she's been -- she's been talking to furniture for months now. She thinks she sees Alan. And -- and she tried to dress up like Laura, did you know that? She tried --

Ned: Dillon, Mother is in Shadybrook because Grandfather wants to take back control of E.L.Q. That's what this whole thing is about.

Dillon: But, I mean, if she's really seeing ghosts --

Ned: Let her. You need to start focusing on you. And don't think for one second that our mother is not capable of taking care of herself.

Tracy: No, I do not see Alan. I never have. And what will it take to convince you?

Alan: Give it up, sister, the ship has sailed.

Lainey: I saw you arguing with an empty chair because you believed Alan was sitting in it.

Alan: I was.

Tracy: He wasn't.

Lainey: I saw you yelling at this bed.

Alan: Yeah, you should hear her yelling at the chair.

Lainey: It's not unusual for people to try to hang on to their loved ones after they've passed, to see ghosts, to speak with family members. I mean, the subconscious is a very complicated place.

Alan: Oh, no kidding. I get lost in hers all the time.

Tracy: There's nothing complicated about my subconscious.

Alan: Oh, please.

Tracy: I told you -- I made up the whole Alan thing to manipulate my father.

Lainey: Hmm.

Alan: She knows you're lying.

Lainey: Why would you want your father to think that you're mentally unstable?

Tracy: So that he thinks he has the upper hand.

Alan: Um, you need to stop talking now.

Lainey: Your marriage put you under a lot of strain.

[Alan laughs]

Alan: That's serious. I mean, she marries a guy who's still in love with his catatonic ex-wife and then helps him run away with her? I mean, you really are nuts.

Tracy: Enough, Alan! I can't hear myself think!

Lainey: We have a lot of work to do.

Carly: Well, that's what I get for not sleeping in my own bed, huh?

Michael: Uh -- why didn't you?

Carly: Well, I was hoping Jax would call, and I know if he called, it would be late, and I didn't want him to wake the whole house up. But he didn't call -- and not that that's a problem. You know, he's probably a little delayed and all. Nothing to worry about. So what are we going to do for our Fourth of July picnic? I could whip something up. I can't mess up peanut butter sandwiches.

Michael: Okay, uh, I'd rather have pizza.

Carly: Okay, pizza's good. Do you want to go to the park?

Michael: Speedboat?

Carly: We can't do the speedboat. Your dad's in Puerto Rico, Jason is temporarily in Pentonville, and Jax is just, uh -- well, he's nowhere to be found, so we can't do a speedboat this year.

Michael: Sure we can. Uncle Jerry said he'd take us.

Maxie: I'm sorry; I didn't know you had such a problem with my enthusiasm.

Coop: Hey, when you're all happy and on edge at the same time, I know there's something upsetting you.

Maxie: Uh, no, there's not.

Coop: It's okay, you don't have to cover with me. Everyone has a few secrets.

Maxie: Do you?

Coop: Yeah -- you know all of them.

Maxie: Well, my favorite one's how we met. I think it was very romantic.

Coop: Well, if you say so.

Maxie: Oh, yeah, technically, I was your hostage, but I felt safe with we that vault. I mean, once we got past the fear, it was us against them.

Coop: Why do you keep looking at the door?

Maxie: I don't.

Logan: Morning.

Coop: Damn it, what is with you?

Logan: I'm sorry. I just came by to thank Maxie for how awesome she was last night.

Coop: You were so drunk last night you probably don't even remember what happened.

Logan: Oh, I remember. Don't you, Maxie? You were great.

Maxie: It was no big deal.

Logan: Well, it was to me.

Maxie: All I did was make him finish that grilled cheese and drink the orange juice.

Coop: I know -- that's why I left him with you.

Maxie: I should've let him suffer there, thank you.

Coop: Hey, I get that you're all messed up about being Scott Baldwin's son, but that doesn't give you the right to disrespect Maxie.

Logan: Oh, a guy tries to come in, express a little gratitude, and this is the thanks I get?

Coop: You'd be waking up in a drunk tank if not for me, and you'd be sick as a dog if not for Maxie. Show some appreciation.

Logan: I appreciate Maxie in ways that you cannot possibly even imagine.

Maxie: Ugh --

Coop: Oh, that is it.

Maxie: You know, Logan, why don't you crawl off someplace and get drunk again? Mac will press charges, Scott Baldwin will make them stick, and God knows what Sonny Corinthos would do to you.

Logan: Oh, don't worry, Maxie, there -- there won't be a next time. You've completely changed my perspective.

Maxie: I have no idea what he means by that.

Coop: I am sorry for dumping him on you last night.

Maxie: That guy has some serious issues.

[Coop sighs]

Coop: It's almost like he wants to hurt me just for trying to help him.

Maxie: I think that's pretty messed up.

Coop: Yeah, but that doesn't give him any right to be rude to you.

Maxie: I love that you want to be so protective, but getting mad at Logan just gives him the reaction he's looking for. So the best way to deal with him is just blow him off.

Coop: Well, you're smarter with people than I am, so deal with Logan however you want.

[Coop sighs]

Epiphany: Put these files in alphabetical order, and familiarize yourself with the needs of the patients. You two -- come here, please.

Jolene: She's the strictest nurse in the hospital.

Regina: No, the tougher she is, the better we'll be in the program.

Leyla: I heard she only takes 15% of the class.

Jolene: What are you worried about? You have straight A's.

Regina: Well, grades aren't everything. You still have to be good with the patients.

Epiphany: I've got good news, and I've got bad news. My third nurse just took an early maternity leave, which means I have too many people out on vacation. Now, I can't help this, but I'm going to have to assign you three to the E.R. on Saturday. So come prepared to work all night -- that's the good news.

Leyla: What's the bad news?

Epiphany: Well, you have just skipped the frying pan and are into the fire.

Lainey: Your symptoms may indicate guilt that you're manifesting in the form of your brother.

Alan: She's good. You should listen.

Tracy: How can I listen with your incessant nagging?

Lainey: What is he nagging you about?

Tracy: Who?

Lainey: Your brother.

Tracy: My brother's dead.

[Alan gasps]

Alan: Nice strategy -- act confused, act crazy.

Lainey: The first step towards getting well is admitting you need help.

Tracy: I don't need help, and I -- I don't have any guilt!

Lainey: Do you know why you're getting so angry?

Tracy: Oh, yes, I do. Because my father bribed his good friend Judge Thomas to commit me so that he can take over E.L.Q. while I'm in here wasting my time listening to your insipid questions. So why don't you take your damn briefcase, notebook and pen, and your bad attitude and get out?

Edward: I'm sorry if she's becoming abusive.

Tracy: And who let you in here?

Edward: She's getting worse, isn't she?

Tracy: Daddy, why don't you tell the nice doctor your scheme du jour.

Edward: I only want what's best for my family.

Tracy: Ooh! I rest my case.

Edward: This affidavit merely says that you feel that Tracy is not competent enough to run E.L.Q., and it is just a formality that allows me to step in and save the company.

Carly: Never call my house again.

Jerry: Oh, and a happy Fourth of July to you, too. Now, I have to compliment you and Jax. I mean, the brunch was excellent -- although, that, you know, caramelized fig spread's a bit too sweet.

Carly: Stay away from my boys. Don't call them, don't talk to them, and stop trying to use them to manipulate me.

Jerry: I was just trying to be a good brother-in-law, and since I have two new nephews, you know, I thought it'd be a good thing to do.

Carly: Don't invite them anywhere without asking me first.

Jerry: Oh, I see. It's about the boat ride, right? You're invited, actually. You know, I wanted this to be a family outing.

Carly: We're not family.

Jerry: I'm only trying to help out, and, you know, two energetic young boys need a man around for the holiday. And since that father obviously has other priorities, I thought I'd step up for Jax.

Carly: You want to do something for them? Tell us where their stepfather is. Where the hell is Jax?

Jerry: Okay, you don't want them to go to the lake, we won't go, but you know what? Michael and Morgan were really excited about the plans. So if you want to ruin their holiday just to spite me -- you know, I think that's really bad parenting.

Carly: Don't insult me for protecting my kids.

Jerry: I don't hurt children.

Carly: Really? What about Jake? You nearly killed Elizabeth before he was born.

Jerry: Oh, come on, the tyke came out with his toes and fingers, didn't he?

Carly: No thanks to you.

Jerry: Oh, come on, I'm trying very hard to make peace with you, Carly.

Carly: No, you're not. You're playing games and you're trying to use my kids.

Jerry: You know, that's why I lured Jax away from you -- the constant bickering, the constant fighting. I'm trying to take this opportunity to have a truce.

Carly: You want to help Jax? Tell me where he is, and then I want you to disappear -- now!

Jerry: No, because do you know what? You'd see me in every shadow, you'd blame me for everything, and Jax would be in the middle of it -- as he is now. We're ripping him apart. It needs to stop now.

Carly: This isn't the way to stop it.

Jerry: I'm not going to argue with you. I can't change anything that happened at the robbery, but it seems to me that we could make things a little easier for my brother -- like trying to get along -- and it seems to me a family outing is a reasonable start. It's only a boat ride.

Carly: Boats are dangerous.

Jerry: Oh, come on. What could possibly happen?

Carly: I would be stuck in the middle of a lake with you, and you would be controlling the whole situation.

Jerry: Do you know what? If it makes you feel better, you can take a gun and shoot me if anything happens -- how's that?

Carly: I will.

Jerry: Good. Does that mean we're on?

[Music plays]

Logan: Hey, Georgie, sweetie, this coffee's cold. Can you --

Georgie: "Sweetie"? No, um, there's a fast-food place down the block.

Logan: Oh -- why do you hate me?

Singer: Crazy am I losing myself?

Georgie: Because you are an accident waiting to happen. You know, when that accident happens -- and it will -- my sister is going to get hurt. Stay away from her.

Coop: I'm supposed to be patrolling the park later, so I could be pretty late.

Maxie: Okay, just make sure you're back in time to watch the fireworks with me.

Coop: I always see fireworks with you.

[Maxie giggles]

Logan: Hey, Georgie, would you grab your sister a cup of coffee, please? I have a feeling she has plenty to tell me.

Singer: But I wanna kiss her and let her in

Tracy: Lainey did not sign that affidavit because she knows I'm not crazy.

Alan: I wouldn't go that far.

Edward: She's incompetent, she's a quack. We'll get a real psychiatrist.

Tracy: Oh, fine, Daddy, get a hundred. You're not forcing me out of E.L.Q.

Alan: Hey, dopey, don't threaten him, let him think he won.

Edward: You know, Tracy, you're really too ill for this kind of a fight -- and don't change your tune on me, let me think I've won, because it won't work.

Tracy: Never were much of a strategist, were you?

Dillon: Thank you. I'd like to, um, speak to my mother, please.

Edward: Well, that's fine if she can stop talking to that bed long enough.

Tracy: I'm not talking to that bed.

Edward: You know, it's tragic, it's really sad, something that your son should not have to --

Dillon: Please be quiet. This is not going to be easy for me.

Edward: Oh, stop your whining. Quartermaines don't whine.

Alan: Since when?

Tracy: You whined every single time Mother threatened to leave you.

Edward: You're missing the point. Your son is a spineless --

Dillon: Grandfather, would you just get out of here? I need to talk to my mom, please! Just go. Go.

Edward: You -- you mutt. Why don't you learn some -- some respect?

Alan: Way to go, Dillon!

Tracy: Oh, good, you got rid of him. Now we can figure out how to get me out of here.

Dillon: This isn't about you.

Alan: Da-da-da-dum

Dillon: I'm leaving.

Alan: Da-da-da-dum

[Shower runs]

Jolene: Saturday shift in the E.R. -- I don't know whether to be thrilled or terrified.

Regina: Well, how about both?

Jolene: The E.R. can get pretty crlly on a Saturday night.

Leyla: Hey, we'll deal with it. I mean, what choice do we have?

[Shower stops]

Leyla: You know, dealing with the unexpected is part of our job description, right?

Jolene: Yeah.

Patrick: Oh -- sorry. I thought I was alone.

Jolene: So did we. I -- I mean that -- that we were the only ones here. I -- I mean that -- that nobody else was here. I'm -- I'm so sorry.

Regina: Oh, so am I.

Leyla: I'm very sorry.

Patrick: No need to be.

Leyla: Then why are we all apologizing?


Patrick: That was completely innocent, by the way.

Robin: I know. It's a locker room, and we see each other naked all the time.

Patrick: I'm just saying it -- it could look suspicious -- you know, three beautiful nurses and a doctor wearing only a towel.

Robin: I'm not jealous.

Patrick: You're not?

Robin: You're upset that I'm not jealous?

Patrick: I'm just saying it wouldn't be inappropriate. Actually, I'd be kind of nice.

Robin: Well, sorry.

Patrick: Wait a second. I don't do anything for you?

Robin: No, not a thing.

Patrick: Nothing?

Robin: No.

Patrick: You're a liar.

Robin: It's all about the time and the place.

Patrick: Right, and we're in the locker room. We love the locker room.

Robin: We don't love the locker room right now.

Patrick: That makes no sense.

Robin: How does it not make sense? Why does time and place have to static? Things move and change all the time, why can't attraction be the same way?

Patrick: Exactly what I'm saying -- I love you, you love me. But I'm a young, virile male, and the sight of one, two, three nurses is -- is sometimes nice, so --

[Door opens and closes]

Epiphany: Do you have plans for the Fourth?

Lainey: You're looking at them.

Epiphany: Same here. I knew I was going to find the other workaholics here.

Lainey: Hmm.

Stan: Hey, Mom, I got your message, you said it was -- urgent. I hope this isn't what it looks like it quite possibly could be.

Epiphany: Two women working, while you waste your time and talents providing tech support for criminals? Stanford, my son, you need a reason to straighten up and fly right.

Stan: No.

Epiphany: Yes.

Stan: No.

Epiphany: Yes.

Stan: No.

Epiphany: "Yes." And you are not going to leave this hospital until you ask Lainey for a date.

Stan: Mom, come on, that -- that's embarrassing for her. Why -- would you -- just stop. Come on.

Epiphany: Uh-uh.

Lainey: Oh, actually, I'm getting quite used to it. And I'm really flattered that Epiphany thinks so well of me.

Epiphany: Thank you.

Lainey: But you obviously have a problem with it.

Stan: Uh, yes. My mother fixing me up on a date? Absolutely.

Lainey: So then let's go somewhere private and settle this one-on-one.

Singer: Well, I'm over her

Maxie: If you kiss me again like you did last night, I'm going to tell Cooper.

Logan: No, no, no, no, no. See, then I'd have to tell Coop about our little deal -- you know, the one where I seduce Lulu, and in return, you go to bed with me.

Maxie: He would never believe a word out of your mouth.

Logan: No, no, no -- he might. Anyway, you're too scared to risk it. But this has nothing to do with Coop because you and I both know it doesn't matter how rude I am to you, or how mad you get at me. You don't want me to stop kissing you. Oh.

Singer: And I'm wondering

Georgie: Why are you giving that loser the time of day?

Maxie: He's Coop's friend.

Georgie: He's a jerk, Maxie.

Maxie: He's having a tough time adjusting to civilian life.

Georgie: He's trouble, and that's why you're flirting with him. It's self-destructive and, Maxie, he's going to hurt you, and he's going to enjoy every minute of it.

Maxie: No. Logan is Coop's friend. That's why I'm nice to him, okay? I can't even stand the guy.

Georgie: Great. Then do something smart for once in your life and stay away from him.

Edward: Oh, Ned, if you -- if you wanted a meeting, why didn't you stop by the house or come to the office?

Ned: It's good to see you, too, Grandfather. Have a seat.

Edward: I can only assume that your mother sent out an S.O.S. asking you to rescue her or -- or take over E.L.Q. -- or both.

Ned: Sorry to disappoint you once again.

Edward: So what do you want?

Ned: Ah. I was actually encouraged to hear that you had Mother committed.

[Edward chuckles]

Ned: It obviously means you're feeling better, and you're getting used to life without Alan. But that's about as far as I can go with this family right now. My career is just starting to take off.

Edward: Oh, God, your career has never been in music and it never will be.

Ned: Grandfather, I'm not going to fight with you about this. I'm happier now for the first time in my life. This is about Dillon, and I want Dillon to have a shot at his own dreams -- before you and Mother turn him into a wishbone.

Edward: Just because you didn't have the backbone, there's no reason to think that Dillon couldn't --

Ned: There's no reason to insult me, Grandfather! I won't take the bait, or become embroiled in family politics.

Edward: Oh, you're above all that now, huh? God.

Ned: Although, I will say this. Mother has had quite a ride at E.L.Q., and I think you're a damn fool to try and take it away from her.

Dillon: Ned is producing the music for Leonid Mueller's new film, which -- which is amazing enough in itself.

Tracy: Leonard who?

Dillon: Leonid Mueller -- he's one of Hollywood's most important directors right now, and Ned got me a job as his assistant.

Alan: That's wonderful!

Tracy: His assistant?

Dillon: Yeah. Mom, it's -- Mom, it's -- it's an opportunity to -- to learn the field from a director that I really respect. We're going to be -- we're going to be shooting in the woods of Montana, we're going to be shooting in the streets of Seattle. There's -- there's going to be studio work, there's green screen. I will be there, from preproduction all the way to post.

Tracy: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Alan: It doesn't matter. Look at the light in his eyes -- he's happy!

Dillon: Mom, this -- this is more important to me than anything I could learn at PCU., than anything I could learn in film school. I want this, okay? I want this, and just once, I want you to say, you know, "Go for it."

Alan: Come on, Tracy. Tell him you're proud of him; tell him he's got talent up the gazoo!

Dillon: Mom?

Tracy: Fine. Go for it, enjoy yourself. Never mind that I'm locked up in here with a bunch of loons who howl at the moon and find worms in their -- cereal.

Dillon: Mom, listen, isn't this what you would do? Isn't this exactly what you would do if you wanted something as badly as I want this?

Maxie: How did you get in here?

Logan: Oh, these locks aren't exactly burglar-proof.

Maxie: Get out.

Logan: Oh, come on. It's not like you never had a guy waiting in your room before.

Maxie: You know what? I am sick of this. I'm not going to let you ruin what I have with Coop, okay? The deal is "off."

Logan: Okay. But I got to warn you, Coop is a noble and courageous soldier. There is no chance he won't jump at the opportunity to save Lulu from any mess she gets into, and he does have a tendency to fall in love with the women that he saves.

Maxie: I'm not worried.

Logan: Sure you are. Everybody's falling in love with Lulu these days. It's a lot simpler with you and me.

Maxie: The bad soldier who would never save anyone?

Logan: Oh, I don't have to. You know, women, they eventually come to me -- kind of like you did last night?

Maxie: You were so plastered, you don't even remember what happened.

Logan: Oh, but I'm sober now. Nobody's here, we got all day. Let's finish what we started, huh?

Maxie: No, no, no! Get -- oh -- get out! Oh.

Logan: Sure.

Maxie: Go!

Logan: Okay. So -- uh -- the deal's off, then?

Maxie: No, the deal's -- the deal is on. Sleep with Lulu.

Logan: You think you can watch without getting jealous?

Maxie: Oh --

[Door closes]

Stan: So here we are just you, me, and all the pigeons. So, okay, tell me that you're not serious about actually considering my mother's request about us going on a date --

Lainey: Well, fir--

Stan: Just because she wants us to?

Lainey: First of all, I have great respect and admiration for your mother.

Stan: Okay, so do I.

Lainey: Hadn't really noticed that, but, okay. Anyway, your mother loves you; she wants you to be happy.

Stan: No, no, my mother's trying to run my life, okay?

Lainey: Well, would it really kill you to do this one little thing for your mother, especially since you know she's not going to stop until we do what she wants?

Stan: Oh, you got that right.

Lainey: All right, so let's just go out. I mean, let's just get it over with. We can split the check, we can just go out as friends -- it's nothing serious. We don't even have to enjoy ourselves if that makes you feel better.

Stan: Look, look, Lainey, I'm -- I'm trying to live my life my way, you understand? Okay, I want to make a difference in the world my way, okay, and I can't do that if I'm trying to please my mother.

Lainey: Brother, one date with me is not going to stop you from organizing the revolution.

Stan: You know what, Lainey?

[Lainey laughs]

Stan: No offense, but you're not really my type.

Lainey: Hmm.

Stan: Oh, boy.

Lainey: Well, just out of curiosity, who is?

Stan: It doesn't matter, just anybody a little less buttoned-down.

Lainey: Well, then we're even.

Stan: I'm sor-- excuse me?

Lainey: What makes you think that you're my type?

Stan: Oh, so we're back on that again? Okay, so now I'm not good enough for you? Is that what you're saying, Ms. Psychiatrist?

Lainey: No. You are an arrogant, narrow-minded jerk.

Stan: Thank you very much.

Lainey: Whatever. But you know what? You are right about one thing -- a dinner between us would be a complete disaster.

Stan: Ha-ha-ha. Oh, so now you're running from the situation? Is that what you're doing?

Lainey: Okay, whatever you say.

Stan: No, you know what? I -- I think you had the idea right the first time. Let's just squash this and get it over with, all right, and the only way we can do that is to have that date. Let's have a date.

Lainey: Hmm.

Carly: Leticia, please get all the sand off Morgan!

Michael: Hey, that was very fun. I can't believe you drove the boat that fast.

Jerry: I know.

Carly: It's because he's used to being chased. I need you to go upstairs and take a shower.

Michael: Come on!

Carly: Yes, please, because Morgan's going to stay here with Leticia, and you're going to come to the hotel with me and watch fireworks.

Michael: Yes!

Carly: Yes!

Michael: Hey, um, are you going to be there?

Jerry: Well, I imagine I'll be watching the fireworks at some point.

Michael: All right, see you there.

Jerry: See ya.

Carly: They had fun.

Jerry: As did I. I suppose it's my cue to leave?

Carly: Well, you didn't have to follow us back here.

Jerry: Well, you were -- for a long time in the sun, you didn't drink much of my water -- I suppose it was fear of drugs and poison.

Carly: You made sure the kids had a good day.

Jerry: Well, that was certainly my intention.

Carly: Don't expect me to say thank you.

Jerry: I don't. But you do seem relatively serene -- I mean, one might almost think that you have an agenda.

Carly: You never know.

Jerry: Well, perhaps I'll see you and the boys later.

Carly: Wait -- just so we're clear, I hate you, and I always will.

Jerry: I expect nothing less.

[Door closes]                                                                                                                                               

Tracy: Maybe you don't realize what it's like for me. My husband is gone with his ex-wife, and I am locked up in here in the loony bin -- I traded places with Laura.

Alan: Laura would never do this to her kids.

Tracy: I am completely at your grandfather's mercy. And when it comes to E.L.Q., he has none, because E.L.Q. is more important to him than I am.

Dillon: Mom, E.L.Q. is more important to Grandfather than all of us. And even -- even if I stay, it doesn't mean I'm getting you out of here.

Alan: He's right.

Tracy: You're right. And if you really believe that this is a good opportunity, why squander it on me? I'm difficult and overbearing, and I have no talent as a mother -- but I'm not crazy.

Alan: But you are heartless.

Tracy: Please. You have the rest of your life to be in the film business. Stay here, I need you. Just -- just get me out of here, okay, and then I'll do everything in my power to help you realize your dream.

Dillon: I will think about it.

Tracy: Thank you!

Alan: You should be ashamed of yourself, but you're not. Which means you'll never get rid of me, which means, ergo, you will never, "ever" get out of here.

[Rock music plays]

[Fireworks go off]

Singer: Like a flower in front there's an opening we're born to my heart it's beautiful but underneath my skin I hate the shape I'm in I'm afraid to reveal who I really am is their new story better than the outing? 'Cause it's one more stop till we all get off this carousel that is e and I wonder if it's worth it do I doubt if dreams come true or if I ever love love like I love you my angel from above? Why not play a game? But I can't face another day and I just wish you'd stay a story

[Fireworks whistle]

Logan: Nobody's here, we got all day. Let's finish what we started, huh?

Singer: A moment of grace I find upon your face and I fell apart again it happens every time you look into my eyes and crash into my soul I love being whole I can't cover up when you realize what we're looking up and I want to stop but I can't get off this carousel that's spinning here and I wonder if it's worth it do I die if dreams come true or if I ever love love like I love you my angel from above? So, come on, play a game but I can't face another day I just wish you'd stay do I doubt if dreams come true or if I'll ever love love like I love you my angel from above? Don't wanna play a game but I can't er day and I just wish you'd stay a story

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Carly: We are not going to be spending a lot of time with Uncle Jerry.

Jerry: Hello. Am I too late for breakfast?

Amelia: What happens to you, Sam, when Jason kicks you to the curb?

Sam: Help. Jason needs to hear from me.

Sonny: You are afraid to live.

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