GH Transcript Tuesday 6/26/07

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 6/26/07


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Sonny: Ahem.

Kate: Okay, so the last thing that I want is any kind of connection between you and me, Michael.

Sonny: You just said "Michael." I must really have you rattled.

Kate: You are not hearing me.

Sonny: I am hearing you. I'm just -- you're not making any sense. I was in my office, after-hours because I didn't want to offend anybody. It was -- it was private, entertaining a lady friend, and you come in, right, and try to burn down my building.

Kate: I did not try to burn down your building.

Sonny: You triggered the alarm.

Kate: And I had a very good reason -- I wanted you caught with someone who isn't me.


Elizabeth: Lucky --

Lucky: It could be about Jake. Maxie?

Maxie: I -- I just -- I wanted to say that I'm -- I'm really sorry about your son.

Amelia: See for yourself. Bill Monroe was my father.

Alexis: I'm very sorry for your loss, Ms. Joffe, but this report says that a woman by the name of Angela Monroe was acquitted for his murder.

Amelia: Mm-hmm. Angie Monroe -- A.K.A. Samantha McCall, A.K.A. about a half a dozen other aliases. Sam and my father had just celebrated their four-month anniversary when he got a call that his bank account had been emptied. He rushed home, discovered his little cupcake packing her things. She was going to take the money and run. He confronted her; she picked up his 12-gauge shotgun and blew his chest wide open. How proud you must be of your little girl.

Sam: Just say something, Jason. Say that you're sorry, or you didn't mean it, or -- or it wasn't your fault! Say something to justify why -- why you lied to me for all these months about being the father of Elizabeth's baby. At least -- Jason, at least have the honesty to admit that much.

Jason: It's true. Jake Spencer is my son.

Man: Thanks for the call. You're smarter than you look. Now prove it by finding yourself something important to do in the back.

Jax: You know, whatever you're getting paid for this job, I can double it.

Man: Shut up! Man, if you weren't leverage for Jerry, you'd be dead.

Carly: You son of a bitch. I told you your brother was bad. I told you, and now we're going to die, and our kids are going to be orphans!

Jax: I need to calm down my wife, okay?

Carly: No, don't you touch me! Do you hear me? Don't you touch me!

Jax: Just, Carly -- calm down --

Carly: I hate you, you son of bitch!

Man: Calm down, lady!

Jax: Who you working for?

Carly: We got to go.

Jax: And what do they want with Jerry Jacks?

Carly: Jax, we got to get the hell out of here, let's go!

Sonny: It's actually sweet how you've had a torch for me all these years. I just wish you hadn't used it to try to burn down my building.

Kate: Okay, I already gave you a perfectly good explanation, and I don't care if you believe me, just like I don't care who you're sleeping with, as long as no one thinks it's me.

Sonny: Why? Because you're ashamed of me?

Kate: You know, I don't think about you enough to feel shame or anything else. In fact, I barely know you.

Sonny: "Kate Howard" barely knows me. But Connie Falconeri -- she knew me very well. As a matter of fact, I taught her how to French-kiss.

Kate: You did not.

Sonny: And maybe Connie doesn't want me re that with anybody else, because we all know what French-kissing can lead to.

Kate: Oh, man. You have always been too arrogant for your own good. Stop it.

Sonny: Stop --

Kate: Stop flirting with me.

Sonny: You don't want me to flirt with you, you don't want me to have sex with anybody else. What the hell do you want?

Kate: I want you to go back to being someone I used to know, and not someone I have to deal with every single day!

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Hey, you know what?

Kate: No, don't answer the door! Don't --

Sonny: Hey, Clarice. We weren't expecting you.

Clarice: I am so sorry, Ms. Howard. I didn't know you had a guest.

Maxie: I'm not going to stay. I know you both have a lot to deal with. I just wanted you to know that I'm praying they find your son. And in spite of everything, I would never wish anything bad to happen to you or your baby. You both deserve some happiness.

Lucky: Thank you. We'll take all the prayers that we can get.

Maxie: Lucky knows this, but you ought to know that Mac and the rest of the police force -- they're not going to rest until they bring your son home.

Lulu: What are you doing here?

Alexis: You allege that it was Sam who murdered your father. It says that she was exonerated for his murder.

Amelia: Sam admitted to firing the shot that took my father's life.

Alexis: According to this report, it was self-defense.

Amelia: Oh, please. She is more than capable of throwing herself down a flight of stairs to simulate a beating if it helps her get away with murder.

Alexis: How is it that in all your grief, you manage to track Sam down and make her into a television star?

Amelia: It's clear Sam won't go to prison for killing my father, and I'm not stupid enough to take the law into my own hands, so I used my strong suit. I saw a chance to make Sam a celebrity, give her a taste of fame, get her hooked on her own star instead of some man's, and then once she was in, expose her for the lying tramp that she is. When your face is on every bus stop and every billboard in the country, the fall from grace can be devastating. The public can be very unforgiving.

Alexis: Wow. That is really creative. What a unique way of seeking revenge. I'm not sure that would've worked, though, not that that matters. Do you honestly think that I am not going to leave here right now, go straight to my daughter and warn her that you are out to destroy her?

Sam: I went to the hospital to congratulate Elizabeth on her happy news, and you were already there, as always. And as I started to enter the room, I overheard Elizabeth thanking you -- for letting her raise your son with Lucky -- your son, Jason. And I thought I'd get sick, not because Elizabeth and you had a child together. The knife in my heart was realizing you had lied to me.

Jason: I'm -- I'm sorry that I had to keep it a secret.

Sam: You didn't trust me enough to tell me the truth? And no doubt because that's the way Elizabeth wanted it, and Elizabeth always gets what she wants, including your son!

Jason: Elizabeth told me that I was the father when we were trapped in the elevator, and my first instinct was to tell you. I started to tell you when we were in the E.R. that morning, but you told me that you couldn't have a baby.

Sam: No, Jason, I had found out right before the hostage crisis, and all I could think of was I had to get to Jason, you, the man that I love and trust -- like somehow you would be able to make it all right.

Jason: No one can make that right. And right or wrong, I thought if I told you that I was going to be a father, it would just make things worse.

Sam: Worse for who? Honestly -- do you honestly think it was kinder to keep it from me, to lie and pretend for months, while you and Elizabeth have this secret between you?

Kate: Mr. Corinthos was just leaving.

Sonny: I'm not in a hurry, actually.

Kate: Business to take care of.

Sonny: I got a business, too, some fire safety stuff I got to take care of.

Kate: Okay, would you just please call Gabriela back and tell her I'm sorry? There's at least 50 emails to answer.

Clarice: Well, I thought I'd go to my room and order in room service --

Kate: Okay, do I look like I care?

Clarice: No, Ms. Howard -- I mean, yes, Ms. Howard. You wanted to approve --

Kate: Will you just tell me what it is?

Clarice: Vandemere sent it over for your approval. It's for next month's cover -- with scarlet.

Kate: They sent the real stones?

Clarice: They thought you might want to wear them this evening to try them out.

Kate: But I don't have anything to wear them with.

Sonny: That's better, ain't it?

Kate: I'll get back to you, Clarice. Thank you.

Sonny: Bye, Clarice.

Kate: Bye-bye.

Sonny: I take it popularity isn't something you do very well?

Kate: I'm popular.

[Sonny chuckles]

Kate: You mean with Clarice? Look, I pay her, that's enough for her to worship at my feet.

Sonny: Who's Vandemere?

Kate: Vandemere is only the largest diamond company in the world. They control all of the markets, they -- they own the mines -- I mean, even you have heard of Vandemere.

Sonny: I don't do business in South Africa.

Kate: You want to know why Connie became Kate? This is why. Connie Falconeri could never even dream of a necklace like this. But Kate Howard gets it delivered to her door with an invitation to wear it.

Lucky: Lulu, it's okay. Maxie just stopped by to show her support.

Lulu: Maxie will use any horrible tragedy to get what she wants.

Maxie: That's not true. I just --

Lulu: Well, don't listen to her lies, okay? The more you guys suffer, the happier Maxie is. She just wants you to be so desperate and torn apart so that she can move on in, be little Miss Sympathy, and gain your trust back again.

Maxie: No, I happen to feel horrible about what Lucky and Elizabeth are going through. But then again, you wouldn't know what it's like to lose a baby, since you threw yours out like yesterday's trash.

Lulu: I didn't mourn a fake baby like you did. Lucky and Elizabeth's loss is real.

Maxie: And I feel bad about that --

Elizabeth: Would you stop it? Jake is not dead, he's been taken, and we will find him.

Lucky: Whatever your reason for coming by, thank you, but itís time to go.

Maxie: Of course. I'll go. But for the record, I really do feel bad about your son.

Lucky: Where are you going?

Lulu: To make sure that bitch stays away from the both of you.

Amelia: You're not completely wrong. I would've preferred to keep my dislike for Sam under wraps for a little while longer, but we are coming to the end game now.

Alexis: This is a game to you? You're actively trying to take out another human being, and you think that's worthy of keeping score?

Amelia: Sam deserves to suffer, even if it's just tanking her career on national television. Never underestimate the power of public humiliation.

Alexis: It sounds like you're conducting a Salem witch-hunt.

Amelia: You're an attorney. Weigh the evidence and tell me your daughter didn't exploit five different men -- and I'm not even counting Jax, Sonny, and Jason.

Alexis: You're making an awfully huge assumption.

Amelia: I've given you the evidence. Sam finds a mark, targets him, exploits him, and then moves on. Jason appears to be the one exception -- who knows why? Maybe she was taking a little break. But believe me, it's temporary, because Sam has a pattern. She's a user. I bet she's used you, too.

Sam: All that time you were so eaten up by something, and I wanted to help. Jason, you made me think that you were grieving over your father.

Jason: I was grieving. That hit me harder than I ever thought it would. Losing Alan made this decision to give up my son that much harder, Sam.

Sam: Why did you do it, Jason?

Jason: Everything happened at once! You told me you couldn't have a baby. Alan died the same day I found out I was going to be a father! Monica asked me to sit with her that first night, I said yes! The next morning Elizabeth said, "I'm going to remarry Lucky." She asked me to let her raise the baby with Lucky as a family.

Sam: Really? And what was her excuse, huh? What, was she afraid that Lucky was going to get hooked back on pills if he found out that the two of you had slept together?

Jason: That -- that's part of it, yeah.

Sam: Yeah? Well, then what's the part, Jason? I suppose Elizabeth's perfect little world doesn't have room for a father whose life is filled with danger. Or was she waiting for you to dump me -- so you could go to her and be with her and her kids?

[Jet runs]

Carly: How long till the pilot's going to have the jet ready, Jax?

Jax: Airport security is pretty good here, okay? Whoever those men were, they're not going to be able to come in here.

Carly: Well, I think Jerry's enemies can get around metal detectors, don't you?

Jax: I said nothing is going to happen, okay? Nothing is --

Carly: I'm not going to feel better till we're back in Port Charles. We're going back to Port Charles together, aren't we?

Jax: You shouldn't have come after me, Carly.

Carly: Well, I'm sorry. Thank God I did, or you'd be a prisoner or worse right now.

Jax: Thank you for what you did, but I could've handled that myself.

Carly: No!

Jax: Yes, I --

Carly: This is not fair! You don't get to risk your life for Jerry when you promised to spend it with me.

Jax: I love you.

Carly: Jax --

Jax: But as much as you need to go home, I need to stay here and find my brother.

[Kate sighs]

Kate: Hello?

Sonny: All you had to do was ask.

Kate: Well, a gentleman doesn't have to be asked.

Sonny: All right. You know, I'll tell you, you're right about one thing. If Connie had stayed in Bensonhurst, there's no way she would've seen diamonds like these, I can tell you that right now.

Kate: Well, no -- unless she was looking at the Vandemere window display on Madison Avenue.

Sonny: You do know that's just a -- a necklace, right? I mean, just a -- a thing?

Kate: Okay, I have seen your house. You are a fan of things. Not my taste, but they certainly make a statement.

Sonny: Well, don't get me wrong, I -- I love nice things. But I -- I would give them all away to keep my children safe or protect my -- protect my family. You know what? That necklace won't keep you warm at night any more than a marbled statue or an overpriced fishpond.

Kate: Koi. Ornamental koi. And please do not tell me how this is about me regretting not running away with you when we were too young to know any better.

Sonny: No, all I'm saying to you is sometimes you tell yourself that you have everything you want without really knowing what you're missing.

Kate: I am at the top of my profession, Sonny, against all odds.

Sonny: I know -- you're famous, you're respected in the business -- but you know what I see? You are very lonely.

Kate: I'm most certainly not.

Sonny: Okay.

Kate: What, you want to see my P.D.A.? I have the numbers of the rich, the famous, the powerful, all their private lines.

Sonny: Oh, yeah, yeah. Can you count on them? Can you -- can you trust them? If you -- let's say you disappeared tomorrow. You don't think they'd give their private numbers to the next editor in chief?

Kate: Don't do that. Don't -- don't talk to me like this.

Sonny: Is there a reason why you -- you came to my office after-hours, stalked me?

Kate: Okay --

Sonny: You --

Kate: No.

Sonny: Well --

Kate: No, I'm not going to explain myself again.

Sonny: There are other ways -- all I'm saying, there are other ways to draw attention from you and me --

Kate: There is no "you and me."

Sonny: Okay. That's really what -- what you want?

Amelia: If I have my facts straight, Sam seduced your husband after the two of you discovered you were long-lost mother and daughter.

Alexis: I fail to see the relevance.

Amelia: A woman has to have ice in her veins to sleep with her mother's husband, especially when said mother is -- what, breast cancer?

Alexis: Lung cancer. And that doesn't make me incapable of suing you on my daughter's behalf. That is, of course, if you expect your revelations to make me turn my back on my daughter.

Amelia: Sue me on what grounds?

Alexis: Any number of them. You can be stopped.

Amelia: Hmm. I'm quaking in my boots.

Alexis: Very sensible, Ms. Joffe. You have, by the way, made it very clear how much you dislike my daughter and the lengths that you will go to to humiliate and isolate her.

Amelia: She's a liar, a swindler, and a glorified prostitute, since her scams e sleeping with men for monetary gain. At the very least, she deserves to end up alone and abandoned.

Alexis: I don't doubt that's your intent. You're clearly a very determined woman.

Amelia: Sam is under contract to this show and to the network. "Everyday Heroes" is doing very, very well. Sam is a star, thanks to me. So I dare you -- or anyone -- to argue that I have damaged Sam or her reputation at all.

Lucky: Let me know if anything changes.

Elizabeth: Nothing?

Lucky: They're going to send another team back to the park to see if they missed anything.

Elizabeth: Oh. Okay, good. Then that's good, because Jake is going to be okay. We just need a break, a clue -- something, anything to help us find him.

Lucky: I'm -- I am so sorry.

Elizabeth: Tell me we're going to find my little boy. Just tell me we'll find him.

Lucky: We will. We will. We will find him.

Elizabeth: Just hold me.

Lucky: I will never let you go.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Jason: I am sorry. I'm sorry for hurting you.

Sam: Jason, I don't want an apology. I want a reason I waited and waited for months for you to tell me the truth, to be honest with me. Why didn't you tell me?

Jason: I'm not going to make excuses. I had already agreed to give him up.

Sam: Why? "Why? Why?"

Jason: From the -- from the moment I found out the truth, I wanted to raise my son. It wasn't the best choice for Jake.

Sam: Did you even once stop to think about joint custody? That maybe you and I would be able to take care of your son together?

Jason: I am in jail. This is a part of my life. Elizabeth was convinced that the baby would have a safer and better life with her and Lucky.

Sam: Why? Because they're married? No, Elizabeth doesn't have a marriage, Jason, she has a pack of lies, and every single second she spends with Lucky is a deception.

Jason: But Elizabeth wants what's best for the baby and so do I, and I know the dangers of my life, and my life is not set up for kids.

Sam: It's ironic how Elizabeth used your own excuse against you, Jason. We couldn't have children because of the danger. And now that's the same exact reason why you have your son. And after all that, Elizabeth's lies and your big sacrifice -- there is no baby. Jake is gone.

[Jet runs]

Carly: You made a commitment to me. The most wonderful man I've ever me promised to spend the rest of his life with me.

Jax: I am not leaving you, okay?

Carly: That's what you said almost exactly a year ago! When I begged you not to, but you left me flat. And in case I didn't make it clear, I have a hard time being left. It makes me needy and desperate.

Jax: You are my world, you --

Carly: And things are different this time -- we're married, and they're supposed to be different.

Jax: We could go home now, and how long is it going to be before Jerry shows up in trouble again?

Carly: You don't even know where he is! You don't even know where he is, you don't know what kind of danger he's in, Jax. If you die trying to help him, I swear to God I'll never forgive you. I won't. And I know your will -- I've seen it, I get almost everything -- and I will buy things that you hate. I will buy chemical plants that pollute the environment, I will give Sonny the rest of it. I swear I will.

Jax: I promise I will be careful, I will be extra careful.

Carly: Jerry has chose to betray everyone around him, because he doesn't have a wife or two little boys that depend on him. You are walking away -- no, you are walking away, and don't you dare blame it on Jerry. Because you're the one doing this.

Kate: They're not hubcaps, Sonny. You can't put your hands all over them because they're shiny and pretty.

Sonny: They're just nice. They're really --

Kate: Why are you acting like this all of a sudden?

Sonny: Because you have this effect on me.

[Kate sighs]

Sonny: Here, why don't I help you?

Kate: No, I'm perfectly capable of doing --

[Kate gasps]

[Necklace falls through grate]

Kate: Oh, my God!

Sonny: What? What?

Kate: There is a grate down here.

Sonny: Did the necklace fall through?

Kate: I've got it.

Sonny: Why don't you stand up?

Kate: Because if I open my hand to get it out of the grate, I will lose the necklace. Hello? Don't just stand there, do something!

[Kate sighs]

Jason: If whoever took Jake realizes that I'm his father, they could panic and he could be in even worse danger than he is right now.

Sam: It's your decision, Jason. I -- I can't even begin to tell you what to do.

[Sam sighs]

Sam: All right, there's something you need to know about me. I had a scam. And I would move someplace and find lonely, single, wealthy men. I'd get them to marry me, I would be their trophy wife for as long as it took for me to find out bank account and P.I.N. numbers.

[Sam sighs]

Sam: And then I would clean them out and disappear -- new town, new guy, new name. And it worked like a charm every single time. Up until number five -- Bill Monroe. He caught on to what I was doing, and he got really angry and he almost beat me to death, so I shot him, Jason. I shot him in self-defense.

Jason: I'm sorry you had to go through that.

[Sam sighs]

Sam: Amelia Joffe is Bill Monroe's daughter, and I'm pretty sure she's in town looking for payback. My new best friend is out to destroy my life.

Lulu: Stay away from my brother.

Maxie: You know, this probably doesn't register in your unbalanced brain, but this is a hospital, and I'm a volunteer here minding my own business.

Lulu: Huh. The only reason that you volunteer is to fool your father into thinking you have a single redeeming quality. That way, you can go sneak off with Coop and have sex at Kelly's -- by the way, how's that going? Have you gotten knocked up yet, or you going to fake it like your last one?

Maxie: At least my father actually gives a damn. How is Luke doing, by the way? Oh, and, Lulu, your behavior here is totally inappropriate.

Lulu: Wow, Maxie, big word -- hooray for you. Here are two syllables I don't think you'll have trouble remembering -- "stay away." My brother doesn't need you.

Maxie: And I don't need Lucky. Like you said, I have Coop.

Lulu: Yeah, give it time. Coop will see you for the scheming, pathetic slut that you are, and when he dumps you, you'll need someone else to obsess over.

Maxie: If anyone's obsessing, it's definitely you.

Lulu: Really? You were the one who went to the e to sniff around Lucky and remind Elizabeth of how you tried to destroy their lives. I swear, stay away, or I will tell Mac every skeeving thing you've ever done, especially your nonstop sex with your wannabe cop boyfriend.

Maxie: Look, come after me all you want, okay, but leave Coop alone. You could get him kicked out of the academy.

Lulu: Well, he deserves it if he's dumb enough to sleep with you. Just stay away from my brother and his family, stay the hell out of my face, or there'll be payback like you couldn't believe.

Maxie: Logan, it's me. We need to talk about Lulu.

[Cabinet door creaking]

[Shaking cereal]

Jax: If you ask me to choose, you know what I'll say.

Carly: I'd like to think that you'd choose us.

Jax: Of course I would, and we would go home and we would get on with our lives. But I think we both know what will happen over time.

Carly: Resentment, constant worry -- let's see, bitterness, and then Jerry would show up and he'd start manipulating you all over again.

Jax: Oh.

Carly: Or you know what? You could choose not to let him play you.

Jax: I accepted a long time ago that you would move heaven and earth if Jason or Sonny were in trouble -- not because you love them more, but because a part of you needs them. You count on them, you count on each other. And you should know by now that you can count on me, as well, just like Jerry can count on me.

Carly: I don't want to lose you.

Jax: You're not going to lose me.

Carly: I don't want to lose you.

Jax: You won't lose me, I promise, okay? Carly, this isn't about us. And despite the terrible things my brother has done, he still loves me. And he would do the same for me if the tables were turned.

Carly: They're never turned. You're such a good man. Jerry doesn't deserve you.

Sonny: Can't -- I can't get it loose.

Kate: Why would anyone put a grate right in the middle of the room anyway?

Sonny: Wait a minute, wait a minute -- try this.

Kate: Your hand's not going to fit.

Sonny: I'm trying to loosen the grate, okay?

Kate: Okay, just -- you know what? Just stop it because people next door are going to think that we're --

Sonny: Doing something that we're not?

Kate: Why can't you just move it?

Sonny: Okay -- for starters, it's bolted in place, okay? And if I break your hand, you're going to let go of that beautiful, exquisite necklace that you're clutching, and aside from that, I'm not a carpenter. I pay people to do these things.

Kate: Okay, well, finally there's something that we agree on.

Sonny: Okay, you got two choices, okay? Drop the necklace --

Kate: No! Okay, then I'm going to call the hotel staff.

Kate: No, no! They're going to jump to conclusions and assume that we're -- you know?

Sonny: What?

Kate: Oh.

Sonny: You know what? They might, but you know, you're in no position right now to object. As a matter of fact, from what I can see, you're -- you're -- you're in a kind of position that's kind -- I don't want to go there, but if you want to stay in this position, I'm not going to object because, uh, you know, it's a -- it's kind of a nice view.

Sam: I told Amelia that you were Jake's father. Jason, I -- I thought she was my friend and I was really hurt and confused and I needed a sounding board. And I got drunk and I unloaded on her more than once because I thought I could trust her. But -- but it might've been a terrible mistake, not only for me but maybe for Jake.

Jason: What's -- what's it got to do with Jake?

Sam: Well, I don't -- Amelia could've easily followed me into the park. She could've saw that I was there with Elizabeth, saying hi to the kids, and then once I left, she could've easily snatched Jake.

Jason: Why would Amelia do that?

Sam: To frame me!

Jason: Maybe it's simpler than that. Do you know something about Jake?

Elizabeth: We're going to find Jake, and we're going to bring him home where he belongs, okay? Oh. Oh. Oh, God. Jake.

Jason: There you go.

Elizabeth: Oh. Thank you. Thank you, Jason. I knew you'd find him.

Jason: I -- I can't let you go again. I can't walk away from you and Cameron and Jake. Elizabeth, you're my family.

Elizabeth: I love you.

[Elizabeth cries]

Kate: Okay -- okay.

Marty: There you go, Ms. Howard.

Kate: See? See? This is the only reason that I was -- and, well, we were -- this unique piece of jewelry fell down the grate and --

Sonny: Hey, thank you, guys, for the quick work and I appreciate the discretion. This is for you, and this is for you, and this is for you.

Man: Hmm.

Kate: What did you do that for?

Sonny: They -- they showed up in the middle of the night to save you -- they earned it.

Kate: Well, you could've told them that the necklace fell accidentally down --

Sonny: Oh, it was pretty clear what happened here.

Kate: Oh -- you know damn well what they were thinking.

Sonny: No -- well, you know, people come here and have nasty affairs all the time. It's not a big deal.

Kate: Out.

Sonny: Ah -- was there anything else I can assist you with?

Kate: Out!

Sonny: Was there anything else I can assist you with? Sorry.

Marty: Everything all right, Mr. Corinthos?

Sonny: Couldn't be better.

Marty: Discretion, gentlemen. Carly can never find out that her ex-husband was sleeping with Kate Howard.

[Jet runs]

Jax: You need to go -- your plane's waiting.

Carly: What am I going to do without you?

Jax: Just relax, okay? I'm not going to join the French resistance against the Nazis.

Carly: This isn't funny. It's not at all funny because I don't agree with you. I feel abandoned and betrayed right now.

Jax: You know I love you more than life.

Carly: I'm still so mad at you.

Jax: Hey, I'll make it up to you, I promise.

Carly: And I meant what I said -- if you die, I will squander all your money, every penny. I'm not kidding.

Jax: You need to go. Just walk away, okay?

Carly: Jax, I don't want -- I don't want to go.

Jax: Carly, I promise I will come home soon. I will come home soon. I promise, okay?

Carly: You better.

Jax: Just go, go.

Sam: You think I stole your child?

Jason: I'm just asking if you know anything.

Sam: Amelia hates me, Jason. She has motive and opportunity! Why don't you go ask her if she had anything to do with your son disappearing, not me -- the woman you're supposed to love and trust -- my God, Jason! What has happened to you? What's happened to us?

[Door opens and closes]

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Michael: Look who's here.

Alexis: She claims that you killed her father.

Amelia: Sam told me that she wished that Jake never existed.

Sam: I'm going to give you fair warning -- underestimate me at your own risk.

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