GH Transcript Monday 6/25/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/25/07


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Sam: No!



Lucky: You might as well admit it. I can see it in your face.

Elizabeth: I can't do this right now. I have to stay focused on Jake.

Lucky: What is it? You -- you don't think that I can rescue our son from a kidnapper but Jason can?

Elizabeth: I don't give a damn who rescues my son. I just want my baby back.

Jason: Okay. This is how it can work, okay? You rig the cell doors to open and the alarm to go off at 1:30 a.m. -- that's when the guards rotate shifts. We're going to cause maximum confusion at that point. This is the best shot I've got, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Okay, perhaps some deep breathing is in order? Okay, just a little something to regain your Zen-like cool --

Jason: No, I need you to focus right now.

Spinelli: Okay, my humblest apologies, stone cold, but the Jackal can't help you escape. In fact, I refuse.

Jax: Well, something tells me you know my brother, Jerry.

Bartender: Jerry who?

Jax: Obviously, Jerry caused you some kind of trouble. I'm willing to pay for the damages. I have the resources. But if I'm dead, your options for restitution dwindle considerably. So why don't you put the gun down and we can talk about it.

Bartender: You already know my price. Unfortunately for you, someone else already paid it.

Jax: Well, I'm willing to negotiate upward. How's triple grab you?

Bartender: Too late. Your money won't buy you out of here. But I'm sure this gun will convince you to get up off that stool, walk nice and slow to the storage closet in the back.

Jax: Mind if I take my beer?

Bartender: You know, I don't think I like your attitude.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: You can take that gun off my brother-in-law. My husband, Jerry, is expecting you.

Sam's voice: "Dear Ms. Joffe, this notice will hereby serve as confirmation that Mrs. Angela Gibson Monroe was exonerated of all criminal charges related to the fatal shooting of your father, Bill Monroe."

Bill: Bitch.

Sam: No!

Bill: You were lying from the start.

Sam: Please --

Bill: Shut that mouth, shut it!

Sam: Don't -- no, no, don't!

Bill: I own that mouth, just like I own you. I bought and paid for you, just like I bought and paid for this!

Sam: Get off me!

Bill: You think you can steal from me and get away with it? You're not taking one more thing that's mine! You should've told me you were a "whore," Angela.

Sam: Why would you hit me?

Bill: I paid to sleep with you, just like I'd pay to sleep with any streetwalker hooker.

Sam: No, no! Please, no --

Bill: But no, you wanted to make a fool out of me.

[Sam groans]

Sam: Get away.

Bill: The idea of marrying me so you can "rob" me --

Sam: No, please --

Bill: You stupid tramp.

Sam: Ow! God, no!

Bill: Did you really think I'd let you get away with that?

Sam: No, no, no!

Bill: You filthy slut! You're going to pay for what you did!

Sam: No, please -- agh!

Bill: Damn it!

Sam: No. No!

[Bill screams]

Sam: Ugh!

[Bill groans]

Bill: You stole from the wrong man, Angela! You're going to get what you deserve!

Sam: Leave me alone.

Bill: So you can rob some other poor sucker? You made me look like an idiot, buying you clothes and jewelry, introducing you as my "wife"!

Sam: Please --

Bill: Do my friends know you're a slut? Are they all laughing at me?

Sam: Please -- no! No, no -- no, Bill! No! No!


Wes: Find what you need?


Sonny: What the hell?

Amelia: I don't feel [missing]

Sonny: Wait. Wait.

Amelia: What are you doing?

Sonny: It could be a setup for an ambush.

Amelia: Oh --

Sonny: Just stand behind me.

Sonny: Smell any smoke?

Amelia: No.

Sonny: Probably a glitch in the system.

[Alarm stops]

Amelia: Well, be it an actual fire, an ambush, or a mechanical glitch, it's effectively broken the mood. I guess I'll head home.

Sonny: Well, I've been known to re-create mood pretty quickly in my day.

Amelia: Another time.

Sonny: I -- I'll call the guard, make sure you get home safely.

Amelia: Actually, I was going to head back to the studio, but my hotel room's sounding good now. Want to meet me there?

Sonny: I'll have to take a rain check. I got to figure out what the hell went on here.

Lucky: I want Jake back, too. It's not fair for you to insinuate that I don't.

Elizabeth: "Fair"? You want to talk about fair? How fair was it when you were conspiring to get me evaluated for postpartum depression, to practically accuse me of hurting my own son? You know, this conversation is not going to go anywhere good, so why don't you just go back to work, or I'll go to Gram's, because I am too sick and worried about Jake to muster up any more understanding for you.

Lucky: Excuse me?

Elizabeth: I said I do not have the energy to deal with your inferiority complex.

Lucky: Okay, I resent that.

Elizabeth: No, what you resent is Jason -- and your dad, and any other man who comes through your life and makes you not feel good enough. And whenever that happens, you expect your -- your good little partner to just drop whatever she's doing and to pick up and fix your broken ego. This is pointless. This is pointless, because my son is out there somewhere. I don't know where he is, I don't know who he's with! Could Jason find him? Maybe. I don't know. But I wish to God he were out there trying, because Jason would only be concerned with finding Jake. He would not be wasting time blaming me for turning my back for two seconds. And he would not be using this as an opportunity to prove to himself and to the rest of the world that he's man enough for the job. And he certainly wouldn't be doing what you're doing right now -- turning my son's kidnapping into some stupid macho competition.

Jason: What, you're refusing to help me find my son?

Spinelli: I'm trying to be a voice of reason.

Jason: You said you could make it happen!

Spinelli: Okay, look, it pains me to fundamentally disagree with my mentor here, but just hear me out, okay? Look -- look, if -- if you break out of here, you're going to be Port Charles' most wanted. Okay, you -- you won't be able to focus your energy on finding your son because you're going to be looking over your shoulder all the time, looking for cops with orders to shoot to kill. Even worse for the innocent one, the D.A. of darkness will have to take cops off of that case to look for you.

Jason: The cops have been searching for Jake for 24 hours. They sent in a shrink to question Elizabeth like she would hurt her own child. You know what they've done? They've managed to find an abandoned baby and confuse him with Jake. Aside from that, they've done nothing! Not one lead!

Spinelli: With deepest humility, I just ask you, what makes you think you can be more successful where -- where a combined effort of law enforcement has failed?

Carly: Maybe you didn't hear me. If you value your life, put the gun down. And if you hurt one hair on his head, Jerry will take a blowtorch to your tongue.

Jax: You know, actually, I'd rather have you shoot me than spend one more minute with my brother's biggest mistake.

Bartender: That's the first I've heard of Jerry Jacks being married.

Carly: Really? You should take that up with him. And while you're at it, tell him that you practically called his wife a liar. He should be here soon. I only came early to make sure this moron was okay. Okay, while you're pondering -- and try not to strain yourself -- here's a suggestion. Put that hand to real use and pour us two shots of tequila.

Bartender: Jerry said I was supposed to keep his brother here. He didn't care how. I was about to lock him in a closet, but if you want to do shots instead -- these are on the house.

Carly: You're a gentleman.

Jax: What the hell are you thinking?

Carly: How about "thank you, Carly," because that bartender almost blew your head off.

Jax: He was bluffing and he said so.

Carly: What difference does it make? Now you know that Jerry set you up, so you don't have to stay here -- right?

Amelia: How was the run-through?

Sam: Not so great, actually. The show sounded a little stilted. I was kind of wondering if we could ask the writers to take another pass.

Amelia: Well, that's the first time you've ever given dialogue notes.

Sam: Yeah, you keep reminding me that I'm the star of "Everyday Heroes," I'm the one who has to say this crap. So the show will only be better if I'm comfortable, don't you think?

Amelia: Yeah, of course. Uh -- call the writers and see if they can knock out a quick revision -- more conversational, yeah?

Sam: Yeah, hey, I have -- I've been wondering something. I haven't been exactly an easy project. You had to work really hard to convince me to take this job. And -- um -- well, considering my life has been a never-ending series of problems, you had to go into the show's budget to pay off the man who was blackmailing me. I'm just curious if you -- I don't know -- ever regret any of this.

Amelia: Don't be silly. Things have turned out even better than I imagined.

Sam: Yeah, well, I'll bet.

Lucky: How long have you been sitting on that?

Elizabeth: You asked.

Lucky: I love my son. Every move, every choice I've made since yesterday has only been about finding Jake.

Elizabeth: Then just do it. Quit wasting time questioning my loyalty, or sulking because d to go see Jason.

Lucky: You know what? That's what I don't understand. Our son, our -- our baby was abducted, and you find it easier to go talk to a man behind bars than your very own husband!

Elizabeth: Do you want to know why? You want to know why? Because Jason gives me hope. Because he makes me believe that it's only a matter of time before Jake is found. He doesn't attack me, he doesn't suspect me, he doesn't make me feel like I did something wrong for tying my other little boy's shoe.

Lucky: Jason didn't lose a son!

Elizabeth: Then why has he shown me more empathy than you? Why does he listen to me when you won't?

Lucky: You know, I'm sorry.

Elizabeth: If Jason can't possibly understand how terrified I feel, then why is it that Jason's the one who makes me believe that Jake is still alive, and that I will hold my son again?

Lucky: You know what? I'm so remind again -- that your "hero" is behind bars. I'm what you've got to count on! But you can't do that, can you? You have no faith at all in me anymore.

Elizabeth: I'm going to see if there's any news on my son.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, the -- the Jackal is in awe of your stupefying capabilities. But I just respectfully submit you're not a detective. Okay, you're not -- you're not trained in the fine art of -- of finding missing children. Okay, you can't call resources from other law enforcement agencies from other counties or states. I mean, you -- you can't call the F.B.I. You know -- believe me, I understand your innate suspicion of the law-abiding ones, but this time they're on your side. Okay, they -- they firewalled the city, they're -- they're scouring it as we speak for the innocent one, not to mention that the protectors of the night at you deployed -- you and Sonny deployed? Baby Jake's face is -- is plastered all over the media. Che 9000 and I, the Jackal, are working in tandem, trying to harness clues from the internet. Samantha and Amelia are under 24-hour surveillance just in case, for whatever reason, they turn out to be the baby snatchers -- though, in -- in my heart, I believe Samantha's innocent.

Jason: Well, you can help me prove that. Get me out of here. I'm going to find the real kidnapper, Spinelli.

Spinelli: I -- I know how desperately you want to find your son, and I know you'd lay your life down for him. But this time I think you're going to have to do something even more difficult for you. You're going to have to wait. Come on, don't -- don't distract the cops, okay? Trust me, trust -- trust your wingman, okay? You're going to help Jake even more by just staying put.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: You've said your peace, you can go now.

Spinelli: Okay, that's somewhat inconclusive.

Jason: That's all you're going to get.

Spinelli: All right.

Jason: Spinelli? Thank you.

Sonny: If I accept what you're telling me, that means the alarm wouldn't go off for no reason. Obviously, there wasn't a fire, so someone set it off on purpose. Right?

Barista: It --

Sonny: That would-- that wouldn't have happened if you had locked the door in the first place.

Barista: I -- I am so sorry, Mr. Corinthos. I must've forgot to lock the door when I took out the trash.

Sonny: You must have forgot, and you know what? We need to get a new system here, and you know what that system is? You're fired! Get out! You're fired -- that's the system.

Alexis: Bad time?

Sonny: Depends on what you want.

Alexis: The estate attorney drew up papers for Kristina's new trust, so I thought if you sign them, I can mail them tomorrow.

Sonny: Sure. Now, do I need to real all this or -- what's going on?

Alexis: It's boilerplate.

Sonny: Okay. I trust you.

Alexis: Sucker. Why where you being so mean, and why did you fire that poor, defenseless barista?

Sonny: I'll tell you why. Because somebody set off the fire alarm.

Alexis: Well, why would somebody do that?

Sonny: Uh -- why would I know that?

Alexis: Well, touchy-touchy.

Sonny: I'm sorry. It's a very stressful night.

Alexis: Sorry.

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis: Jason?

Sonny: Partly.

Alexis: Any progress on the bail?

Sonny: Diane came by and she gave me an update, and she's pulling out all the stops, but things are going slowly.

Alexis: Oh. I'm sorry. All right, take it easy.

Sonny: All right, you got the thing? Good night.

Alexis: I got the thing, I got the thing, and you know what? Looks like "somebody" lost an earring.

Sonny: And I know who did.

[Kate shrieks]

Kate: Clarice, what the hell are you doing here?

Clarice: I'm so sorry to startle you, Ms. Howard. I was just leaving the mockup for the October issue.

Kate: Well, why didn't you just call me and tell me that they were ready?

Clarice: I tried -- your cell was off.

Kate: Oh. Right. Look -- sorry, it's -- it's been a harrowing evening.

Clarice: I've got just the thing. I'll put it on ice while you check the mockups.

Kate: Thank you, Clarice. You think of everything.

Clarice: My life's easier that way. You lost an earring.

Sam: Jason picked this spot for you. Because I couldn't. I was drowning with grief -- sick with it, actually. But Jason took charge, because he was wonderful and kind and caring. You know, it's ironic that Jason and I fell in love because of you. And now we're falling apart because of another child. Jason has a child with Elizabeth, a son. I'm not supposed to know about it, and I do, and I really can't stand it. It has made me so nuts that I have suddenly forgot how to talk to Jason, how to be honest with him. I can't avoid it anymore. I've got to tell Jason everything I've done.

Jason: No, Diane. You're supposed to be the best attorney around, that's why we pay you so much money. No, I need to get out of here tonight!

Jason: So? Is there anything new?

Elizabeth: No, nothing. Whew.

Jason: What's -- what's wrong?

Elizabeth: Lucky accused me of not believing in him. He is convinced that I think he can't find Jake and you can. And I know that I should've supported him, I should've reaffirmed my faith. But if I was being honest, I would bend over backwards to make him feel like the greatest man in the world, but I have been lying to him for such a long time. I let him believe that he's Jake's biological father. And it just -- it makes me so angry inside when he acts like this whole competition with you is more important than finding Jake. So I left, and now I'm here.

Jason: I'm sorry.

Elizabeth: Oh, it's all falling apart, Jason. This marriage I've built on lies this family I've tried to create -- none of this works without Jake.

Clarice: Why didn't Club Dalo make our "Best of Madrid" article? Ms. Howard? That's the third time you've zoned out.

Kate: Oh

Clarice: Are you sure you're all right?

Kate: Well, no. Clearly, I'm distracted. Why don't we just put this off till tomorrow. First thing?

Clarice: I'll be here.

Kate: Oh, and before you go, could you just leave Gabriela's number? I have some questions about her advice column this month.

Clarice: See you around 8:00.

Kate: Thank you.

[Door closes]

Kate: Gabriela? Kate Howard. Oh, no, no. Actually, I have no problems with the column -- we love it. I just -- well, I just got back from dinner with some friends, and this interesting hypothetical came up, I thought I might run it by you. Great. Okay, so, let's say you meet up with a man that you were attracted to many years ago -- I mean, I'm talking literally another life. Right. So, what would you do to go about -- stopping those feelings? Well, why? Because -- well, let's just say the man is completely inappropriate.

[Knock on door]

Kate: Hold on, Gabriela. I don't need turn-down service, thank you!

Sonny: It's me.

Kate: I'll call you back.

Sonny: You looking for this?

Carly: You heard the bartender -- Jerry paid him to hold you here. He lured you away from our home again, and dropped you down in front of a stranger with a gun. Why is that? Because it's a thrill, because he could?

Jax: You don't know that Jerry isn't actually in danger, do you?

Carly: And you don't know that he is. And I would say with Jerry manipulating and lying, the odds are in my favor.

Jax: What if Jerry paid the barman to hold me here to keep me out of harm's way?

Carly: Oh, my God. That is just as ridiculous as you saying that Jerry shot Robin to wound her and not to kill her, and every other excuse you keep coming up with. You are completely defenseless when it comes to Jerry, and you know what? When we're defenseless, we need the people we love to step in and take over.

Jax: Oh, is that why you came after me? You think that I've lost the ability to reason?

Carly: Yes, I do. I get that you care about your brother and I know you love your brother, but all I'm saying is you got to learn to set some boundaries here. You have to look at your life and figure out your priorities. You made a commitment to me and my kids, and that's why I'm here. I'm going to force this issue, because I want to know what's more important to you -- your brother or your family.

Sam: I don't know why I'm going on like this. I guess it's the simple, sad fact that I have absolutely nobody to talk to. I can't trust Amelia. She is the daughter of a man that I shot in self-defense, and she hasn't bothered to tell me. She's biding her time for what? I haven't been able to figure it out. Our -- our careers are tied together, there's no way that she's going to risk her future. Oh. Maybe I gave her the one piece of ammunition she needed. I told her that Jason was Jake's father, she know that we're keeping it a secret. Which makes it more crucial for me to be honest. Jason needs to hear it from me that I know that Jake is his son.

Elizabeth: Sorry. I shouldn't --

Jason: No, you don't have to keep apologizing for how you feel. And if, you know, all I can do is help you through this, at least it's something, you know?

Elizabeth: It's so much more than you know.

Jason: I have been bouncing off the walls being stuck in here, not being able to look for Jake. But I see you and I feel the ground under my feet again.

Elizabeth: If you said that just to make me feel better, it worked.

Jason: It's true.

Elizabeth: I guess we both just have to remember that a lot of people are looking for Jake.

Jason: Yeah -- including every man Sonny's got.

Elizabeth: So someone's bound to find him, right? From here on out, I'm just going to -- I'm not going to let fear take over me. I'm going to do whatever I can that's positive.

Jason: Good.

Elizabeth: Like finding Jake, and giving him the family I promised you he'd have.

Kate: Thank you. You just saved me from major panic. I only just noticed it was missing when you knocked on the door.

Sonny: Looks expensive.

Kate: Oh, of course it is. I -- I don't own cheap jewelry.

Sonny: When do you think you lost it?

Kate: Probably when I was over at your coffee shop earlier.

Sonny: Which "earlier"?

Kate: Well, there was only one. You know, when we were talking, and your attorney, Diane, interrupted us to discuss something legal with you?

Sonny: Yeah, I thought maybe you came back, and that's when you lost it.

Kate: No, if I recall, our conversation was miles past boredom when Diane mercifully put it to its end. I am very, very busy, I have October mockups. Why in the world would I come back to your little coffee shop?

Sonny: I don't know. Maybe you forgot something -- like your cell phone, your address book. And then you came back to get it, and you realized that I was with another woman. Then you set off my fire alarm.

Jax: This isn't about me choosing between you and Jerry. This is about me choosing g help my brother and you understanding it. You need to give me the room, okay, to make sure that Jerry's fine.

Carly: When is this going to end? Is Jerry going to be what comes between us all the time, what makes you leave me and the boys at the drop of a hat?

Bartender: Hey, if your husband wanted his brother henpecked to death, I would've known about that.

Carly: Why don't you mind your own business? Your brother is an addict, just like an alcoholic, except his drug of choice happens to be danger, and who cares if he's risking his own life, but he doesn't care at all about risking yours. He doesn't care if you're dead, he doesn't care if you get hurt.

Jax: Carly, I don't believe that.

Carly: Clearly, clearly, you don't. And that's the blind spot that will let Jerry lead you to something lethal, or maybe even worse -- make you compromise who you are. Have you ever thought about that, Jax? Have you, "what will I do for Jerry?" Because you've already broken the law to protect his identity. What's next? Will you kill for Jerry? Will you betray me or -- or your mother just because Jerry asks you to? I mean, when are you going to say enough's enough -- before or after you lose everything you're supposed to care about?

Lucky: I wanted to go out and look for you. But I was afraid that I'd end up at a liquor store or worse -- maybe even try to score some pills.

Elizabeth: Do you really see that as a possibility?

Lucky: I don't want to. I'm just -- I'm just terrified, Elizabeth. I'm just afraid that we're never going to see our son again.

Elizabeth: No, no, n no, I am not going to let you think that way. It's -- it's defeatist, it's counterproductive. We're going to find Jake. I won't believe anything else.

Lucky: You know, hearing you say that makes me want to believe, too. And you're right; the only thing that is important is finding Jake. And I should be here to comfort you, instead of making everything harder.

Elizabeth: We just both need to do better -- for Jake.

Amelia: Was Sam over here?

Wes: Yeah. She came by to pick up the new copy -- or, the old new copy.

Amelia: What were you thinking?

Wes: What? What happened?

Amelia: The file is here.

Wes: Oh, I -- I didn't -- I didn't know.

Amelia: Did Sam say anything?

Wes: Not to me.

Amelia: Give you any indication that she saw the file?

Alexis: Hello again, Ms. Joffe. I hope I didn't come at a bad time.

Amelia: Actually, it is. We're right in the middle of something.

Alexis: Oh. Well, then I'll be sure to be brief.

Amelia: We'll finish this up in a minute?

Alexis: Thank you.

Amelia: What can I do for you?

Alexis: I've been looking over Sam's contract and I have a few problems with it -- two, to be exact. One is the DVD residuals, and the other is your option to fire my daughter without cause.

Amelia: Forgive me for being blunt, but what business is it of yours?

Alexis: Now, that's an interesting reaction. Forgive me for being blunt. I'm her mother. I'm also functioning as her attorney, and as such, your one-sided contract gives me cause for concern.

Amelia: Please. Your barracuda of a daughter is the last person who needs protecting.

Sam: Hi. Um, I need to see Jason Morgan.

Officer: I'm sorry, we just took him back to his cell.

Sam: So can you please just get him out? It's very important.

Officer: No, Morgan's had enough visitors today.

Sam: Look, you either bring Jason up here right now, or I'm going to call Diane Miller and make your life a living hell. And then -- and then when she's doing that, I'm going to call my mother, Alexis Davis, who is the former D.A., who will jump in competitive with Diane in a second to see who can bust you hardest and fastest for a civil rights violation. And once that's set into motion, I will call a press conference --

Officer: Okay, okay, okay. Why don't -- why don't you just have a seat in interrogation one, and I'll go get Morgan.

Sam: Thank you.

Kate: Oh, please. That is the most ridiculous accusation I have ever heard. I am the number one editor in the fashion industry. What on earth would I be doing sulking around coffee shops, using lighters to set off fire alarms?

Sonny: You just tripped yourself up. I knew you would if I gave you enough rope.

Kate: I have no idea what --

Sonny: I didn't tell you how the alarm was set off.

Kate: Of course you did.

Sonny: Wrong. I intentionally didn't mention the lighter, and for whatever reason, it showed up missing about the same time that you left. And as far as your earring, I found it under the sensor. You were there, Connie. You reverted back to type.

Kate: Just don't call me that. All right. I'm sorry. It's true, I did -- I did come back to your office, and I heard -- noises. And I thought, "oh, how fortuitous?" Here is a perfect opportunity for me to draw public attention to a relationship with you and e else. You know, that whole deflection tactic we decided upon.

Sonny: That's -- that's funny, because we didn't agree to any deflection tactic. And I -- you know what? I know why you set off the alarm. And I got to tell you, it's kind of flattering that you would go to such childish tactics to stop me from seeing another woman, which only tells me --

[Kate sighs]

Sonny: That you must want me for yourself.

Carly: At some point you're going to be doing more than helping Jerry, you're going to be enabling his behavior, and that's going to make you an accomplice, and that's not who you are and that's not the man I married.

Jax: Carly, I do have boundaries. There are lines that I won't cross even for Jerry. I know that I haven't hit them yet, but my eyes are open and you need to trust me.

Carly: You need to do the same. You need to trust me when I say that you need to come home and have a life with me. Man: You better hope that Jerry Jacks cares enough to bargain for your lives.

Elizabeth: We chose to remarry, for better or for worse. Having your -- your child taken from you -- it's one of the worst things a parent can go through. And we can either let it tear us apart, or we can choose to hold on, fight for the family we've made. I choose to fight.

Lucky: Hmm. I love you so much. And I love both of our boys. You're everything that matters to me.

Alexis: For someone who chose to gift-wrap a career and hand it to my daughter, you don't seem to like her very much.

Amelia: Well, I'm sorry if I gave you that impression.

Alexis: Truthfully, how you feel about my daughter is neither here nor there, the issue is this farce of a contract. So either you need to amend it, or please note that I will take you and your network to court.

Amelia: Before you waste a lot of time and money protecting your poor, taken-advantage-of daughter from all the big, bad wolves, take a look at what she is capable of. Sam McCall conned, married, and robbed at least five different men. The last one was my father -- until she murdered him.

Jason: Hey. I got worried. Is everything okay?

Sam: Um -- well, you'll be happy to know that I'm sober, at least.

Jason: Well, that's good, yeah.

[Sam sighs]

Sam: Okay, Jason, listen, I haven't been completely honest with you about why I got drunk -- it was because of Jake.

Jason: Yeah, you -- you mentioned that.

Sam: But there's more. Jason, I know that you are Jake's father, and I have known for weeks.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Amelia: Angie Monroe, A.K.A. Samantha McCall. How proud you must be of your little girl.

Jason: It's true. Jake Spencer is my son.

Sam: You didn't trust me enough to tell me the truth?

Kate: There is no "you and me."

Sonny: That's what you want?

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