GH Transcript Thursday 6/21/07

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/21/07


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Pilot: We're at cruising altitude. There's no turbulence, no clouds, you can take your belt off.

Carly: I don't even know where we're going.

Jax: Hey. We're at cruising altitude. There's no turbulence, no clouds, you can take your belt off.

Carly: I don't even know where we're going.

Jax: Well, the mystery's half the fun.

Carly: Okay, see, I would love to do that. I would love to just say "whatever" and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Jax: Well, why don't we just enjoy the ride?

Carly: What are you trying so hard not to tell me?

Elizabeth: I don't see the point in reviewing my statement yet again.

Lucky: You're the only one who really knows what happened to Jake.

Elizabeth: I told you what happened over and over.

Lucky: Maybe you saw something before you turned your back that could help us find him.

Lulu: Stop blaming Elizabeth. This is not her fault.

Sam: Enough already. Enough with the hints. If you have something to ask me, enough w if you have something to ask me, just ask me.

Amelia: Fine. Did you kidnap Jason's son?

Sam: Oh, come on. What if I said yes? What would you do?

Sonny: I can't force Jason to do anything.

Diane: Okay, so then I'm going to assume that you know what's really going on with him.

Sonny: Possibly.

Diane: Sonny, being evasive wastes my time and your money. Jason is facing a first-degree murder charge, and now suddenly he wants to be released from jail to deal with some family emergency?

Spinelli: Um, my most humble apologies for interrupting, Mr. Corinthos, Sir, but the Jackal and the Godfather must join forces to eliminate Samantha as a suspect in the most grievous napping of the innocent one. Um -- no doubt, you can validate my hypothesis, mob lawyer?

Diane: Excuse me?

Spinelli: Um -- the absence of a smoothie does not prove guilt.

Jax: Why do you automatically assume that any surprise is going to be a bad one?

Carly: Because things have been crazy lately with Jerry. They have, and I know he's your brother, and I know you are extremely loyal to him. I just think it's wasted on your brother, because he has no problem putting you in harm's way.

Jax: My brother's lost faith in everyone, with the possible exception of me. And that's why he keeps testing the boundaries to see if -- if I'll continue loving him.

Carly: Morgan tests boundaries. Jerry hurts people, sometimes he kills them.

Jax: I know it was difficult for you to help protect Jerry, and I really appreciate it -- more than I can say. But Jerry's not on the plane with us right now, okay? So --

Carly: Are you sure about that? Did you check? Did you look at every place --

Jax: Put Jerry out of your mind, okay? That's the whole point of this little adventure.

Carly: Now I'm really curious.

Jax: That's the idea.

Edward: Go with the nice men, Tracy.

Lainey: You don't have to be afraid. We'll take good care of you at Shadybrook.

Alan: The harder you fight, the worse you look.

Tracy: Look, we're not having a Blanche Dubois moment here. I have never in my life, ever depended upon the kindness of strangers.

Alan: [As Stanley Kowalski] Hey, Stella!

Tracy: "Look --" the reason Blanche got carted off to the bin was because she lost her base of power. "That" is what's going on here. Daddy is trying to outmaneuver me.

Edward: The paranoia seems to be getting worse.

Tracy: Oh -- he's trying to get control of ELQ.

Edward: She has been deteriorating like this for months, and I'm sorry, I just can't see it any longer.

Monica: Now, I think everybody in this house, including the furniture, could use a rest from Tracy.

Tracy: I'm not going anywhere. Alice, you see everything that goes on in this place. Tell these nice people I'm perfectly sane.

Lainey: Have you noticed Tracy speaking to the furniture?

Alice: Well -- um -- only when she's not yelling at me. Sorry.

Edward: You see, she is -- she is grieving for Alan.

Tracy: I don't give a crap about Alan!

Alan: [Normal voice] Oh, that was uncalled for.

Monica: It is so hard to watch her argue with somebody who isn't there, somebody that I -- I loved very deeply.

Tracy: Yes, Monica's upset because he didn't leave her very much in the will.

Monica: I never saw Alan's will, Tracy. I only saw the one that you forged.

Alan: I warned you, but do you listen?

Edward: She is not rational. There's no sense in arguing with her.

Tracy: Said the man who's trying to take over ELQ.

Monica: You see? It just gets more confusing by the second.

Alan: Why don't you just go to Shadybrook and call a lawyer? Maybe they make you weave a basket or two; you're out in 48 hours.

Tracy: Alan, would you please shut up!

Alan: You probably shouldn't have done that.

Tracy: Oh, my God, I don't need a running commentary from you!

Alan: They're prepping the straitjacket.

Tracy: Oh, thank you, Alan, thank you! And thank you for making me look like a lunatic! Oh --

[Tracy grunts]

Lulu: It's not Elizabeth's fault that Jake was kidnapped.

Lucky: Okay, you need to stay out of this.

Lulu: She doesn't have postpartum depression. She didn't do anything wrong.

Lucky: Jake is still missing, isn't he?

Lulu: And what, you're punishing Elizabeth for being the victim of a crime? Wow, that is so fair and compassionate.

Lucky: Okay, he is my son, too.

Elizabeth: Please stop fighting. This doesn't help anybody find him.

Lulu: Elizabeth is a great mother and you know it. She would never do anything negligent or careless.

Lucky: It looks bad if you don't talk to Lainey.

Elizabeth: Bad for who?

Lucky: Because you look guilty if you don't follow procedure.

Elizabeth: But I didn't do anything wrong, Lucky! And I'm sick and tired of being treated like a suspect, like a stranger, and that's how I feel right now -- like I don't even know you.

Spinelli: Simply because a person says that she is going to leave the park to purchase a concoction -- a tasty concoction of strawberries and bananas -- and does not, in fact, purchase said concoction does not mean said person was participating in nefarious activities.

Diane: Okay, "nefarious activities" -- I got that, I heard that. Nefarious activities -- yours or someone else's? Because I can only defend one murder charge at a time.

Spinelli: Ahem.

Sonny: Talk English, or get out of here.

Spinelli: Um -- I'm referring to Stone -- oh -- I'm referring to -- to Jason's special -- special project, and may I most humbly suggest that I'm almost positive that Stone Cold would certainly want me and you, Mr. Corinthos, Sir, to -- to work together on this special project above all others?

Diane: Okay, this is just a wild guess, but is the special project the same as Jason's "family emergency"?

Spinelli: You told her?

Diane: Told me what? Look at me, look at me. Told me what?

Spinelli: Uh --

Diane: What is it that has my client so distracted that he doesn't care if he's convicted of murder?

Spinelli: Okay, see, this special project supersedes even the prospect of spending life in the dungeon, and, look, it's a -- it's a time-sensitive matter, okay? The -- the odds of a positive outcome are slipping away drastically with every passing hour.

Diane: "Positive outcome" for what?

Spinelli: Ooh!

Sonny: Don't talk. We’re under attorney/client privilege, am I correct?

Diane: Of course.

Sonny: Jason is Jake Spencer's real father.

Diane: The baby that was kidnapped?

Sonny: Yes. And he thinks Sam did it.

Sam: Hypothetically speaking, if I took Jake, would you cover for me?

Amelia: I'd assume that you gave in to a bad impulse and regret it, which would explain why you're getting plastered in the middle of the day when you're supposed to be working. I'd start damage control as soon as possible.

Sam: Oh. Oh. Oh, okay, you'd -- you'd protect me?

Amelia: That's my job.

Sam: Why, Amelia? Why? Why? I still haven't been able to figure out why you're so nice to me.

Amelia: "Nice" has nothing to do with it. I saw potential and I followed up. I've made a substantial investment of time, effort, and the network's money.

Sam: Hmm.

Amelia: So far, it's paid off. I'd like to ensure that it continues to do so. So answer the question --

Sam: Hmm?

Amelia: Do you know where Jake Spencer is?

Lucky: You've been under a lot of strain.

Elizabeth: Having a new baby is stressful.

Lucky: But I caught you crying several, several times for no reason.

Elizabeth: Do you really believe that I could do something to my child? My sweet little boy that I carried around inside me for nine months? Do you really think I could hurt him?

Lucky: I can't -- I can't rule anything out.

Elizabeth: Put yourself in my shoes for a second. What if you had taken the boys to the park and something happened to Cameron and I blamed you? How would you feel?

Lucky: I've hurt you, and I don't -- I don't mean to. I -- I'm just trying -- I'm just trying to find our son.

Elizabeth: I keep running it over and over in my head. Was somebody watching from the trees? Did the kidnapper just casually stroll by? How come I didn't hear anything? How come my baby didn't cry?

Elizabeth: The house was so empty last night. And I kept going upstairs, just praying that Jake would be in his crib, and that this would all just be a really bad dream. How could you think I did this?

Lucky: I'm sorry.

Lucky: I'm so sorry.

Logan: Since when does the D.A. personally question people about unpaid parking tickets?

Ric: I'm going to give you the opportunity to make those tickets go away --

Logan: Hmm.

Ric: And help the city of Port Charles all at the same time.

Sonny: Sam has a questionable past. She's -- apparently, she's made a living as a con woman.

Diane: In other words, by committing fraud and grand larceny.

Sonny: Well, you know what? There's a lot of things I didn't know about Sam, and, uh, she's capable of anything at this point. What?

Spinelli: Okay -- um -- mystery of Samantha aside, I -- it doesn't follow that Samantha would steal the innocent one just because she couldn't provide Stone Cold with an innocent one of their own.

Diane: You've got to translate.

Sonny: Okay, Sam can't have children, and Jason blames himself. But then again, Jason got Elizabeth Spencer pregnant, and he's agreed to allow her to raise the baby as Lucky's.

Diane: So the theory is that Sam stole the innocent one -- excuse me -- Jake because she can't have children of her own?

Sonny: We can't rule out any possibility, Diane.

Spinelli: Samantha would never steal the innocent one!

Sonny: Sit down. Sit -- sit down. Sit down! Okay, Sam has lied about a lot of things, okay? She's desperate to hold on to Jason. Having a kid for Jason is his priority. If he doesn't have the kid -- you get what I'm saying?

Diane: Yes, I get what you're saying. It makes a lot of sense now why Jason isn't really concentrating on his defense. This is terrible.

Sonny: Well, Sam's known that Jason has been the father for a long time, she never confronted him. Maybe she was just waiting for a chance to make a move.

Diane: I'm going to assume that you're dealing with all of this.

Sonny: Yeah, I'm having her followed and Jason asked me to tap her phone.

Diane: No, I don't hear any of that, I didn't hear it. I just want to know. Didn't hear it.

Sonny: Can Jason get released if he tells the court that Jake's his son?

Spinelli: But that can't happen.

Monica: Thank you, Alice.

Alice: Uh-huh.

Dillon: Hey. Is Lulu back yet?

Edward: I haven't seen her.

Monica: Neither have I.

Alice: How about a scone and some fruit?

Dillon: Yeah. Sure. That smells fantastic.

Monica: Cook really outdid herself today.

Edward: And the tea is marvelous, as well.

Alice: Why, thank you, Sir.

Dillon: Where's my mother? Grandfather, where's my mother? Guys?

Alice: She's resting, uh, comfortably.

Dillon: Where? Upstairs? Because she doesn't sleep this late, Alice. Is something wrong, maybe?

Alice: There's a dust bunny.

Dillon: Guys, what -- well, what's going on here?

Edward: It's for Tracy's own good.

Dillon: What is?

Monica: Edward had your mother committed.

Lainey: Well, I imagine you'll be more comfortable once you're out of that thing.

Tracy: No, I think I'll leave it on, just in case I start frothing at the mouth, barking like a dog, or quoting Tennessee Williams, because I am hopelessly insane.

Lainey: Severe depression following the death of a loved one is not unusual.

Tracy: I can't decide if you actually believe that or if Daddy bought you off. Either way, I am prepared to pay you a year's salary -- if you end this farce right now.

Logan: Why don't you just tell me what this is really about?

Ric: Working for Sonny Corinthos is a serious mistake.

Logan: I happen to think that I'm ideally suited for the coffee business.

Ric: Oh, you got it all figured out, don't you?

Logan: You know, you got to be really careful about your career choice. Some guys -- they just want to wear a uniform, take orders, and pick up a paycheck. Others are more independent. They need a career that, you know, allows them opportunity for advancement.

Ric: Oh, right, like coffee?

Logan: Exactly.

Ric: Yeah, cut the crap. You want power -- or at least the illusion of it, right? You think you're going to get it and believe that you're going to get it because you're going to be a made man, an indispensable part of Sonny's little organization, right? Well, that's the guy you're replacing. There are two more that are doing life without parole.

Logan: I actually saw worse in Iraq.

Ric: You ever consider -- speaking of Iraq -- that the politicians that started that particular war are never on the frontlines? That's how it is with Sonny. Okay, he and Jason are the only two members of their organization who manage to stay alive or out of prison -- but, see, Jason's luck has even run out because we got him cold on first-degree murder.

Logan: Are we done?

Ric: You know what? I would hate to see you go all the way over to Iraq, only to come back home here and be a criminal and wind up like this guy or the other two in prison, but I can help you and you can help me. I need an informant.

Logan: You want me to betray Sonny Corinthos over some unpaid parking tickets?

Ric: I want you to consider your future, Mr. Hayes, and where your advantages lie.

Logan: Are we finished?

Ric: Yeah. You hang on to that. You think about it -- that, or Jason being in lockup. Because that, my friend, is what it is like to be part of Sonny's organization. My offer's not going to be on the table for long.

Sonny: Jason tolerates you, I don't. If you ever contradict me again, I will break your fingers. Do you understand me?

Spinelli: I apolo -- I apologize most deeply and sincerely, but Stone Cold does not want it publicly revealed that he's the true real father of the innocent one.

Diane: Look --

[Sonny sighs]

Diane: Sonny --

Sonny: This guy --

Diane: It's a moot point as far as the court is concerned. Jason is not going to make bail on the grounds that he is the father of a kidnapped child. And the risk to the baby is obvious, especially if whoever has him realizes that he is the son of a well-known crime figure.

Sonny: They'll panic, abandon, maybe even kill the kid --

Diane: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: To cover their --

Spinelli: Yes -- another compelling reason to keep the --

Sonny: Shut up!

Diane: Look, at this point, my advice --

Sonny: Mm-hmm?

Diane: Is to let everything lay the way it is. And you didn't hear this from me -- and neither did you -- but I think it's a very wise idea to keep a close eye on "the fair Samantha."

Sonny: Go ahead.

Spinelli: Look, I don't -- I -- I don't like contradicting with you -- it hurts. But, look, Samantha may be heartbroken and disappointed, but she's not a kidnapper.

Sonny: You may be right, but there may be some things about Sam that you don't know.

Kate: I need you, Sonny. It's an emergency.

Elizabeth: Cameron holds the stroller with his -- his left hand. I'm pushing the stroller, I can see both boys. Cameron waves to the elderly couple. Spinelli and Lulu arrive. Spinelli hangs back, I -- I tell him it's okay to hold him. Lulu helps him, Spinelli holds Jake. Then Sam arrives.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Hi. Uh -- I want to talk to you about your baby.

Dillon: You had my mother committed? And you -- you didn't try anything to stop him?

Edward: Your -- your mother is paranoid. She's talking to the furniture!

Dillon: You -- you used to talk to Grandmother all the time, Grandpa.

Edward: Well, just occasionally, but I never once thought she was actually in the room with us.

Monica: And neither does Tracy. She's just trying to manipulate this family.

Dillon: Oh, yeah -- yeah, Monica, by acting crazy.

Edward: Then you admit that she's troubled?

Dillon: No, not at all.

Monica: Then you have to admit that she's faking it.

Dillon: Stop putting words into my mouth. Alice -- Alice, why haven't you done anything to stop them?

Alice: Well, I'm sorry, but she was doing it right in front of the shrink. I mean, she was yelling at "Alan in the chair."

Monica: And honestly, Dillon, I have really had it with your mother using my husband's memory in every ridiculous scheme she's running.

Edward: Your mother is sick, Dillon, and if we can prove that she is incompetent, then she can't be prosecuted for helping Luke kidnap Laura.

Dillon: Yeah, and you know what? She can't run ELQ, either.

Edward: That has nothing to do with it.

Dillon: Wait -- ELQ was on the verge of bankruptcy, guys, and she saved it. She saved it.

Monica: Excuse me. Do I have to remind you of the Enduro condom disaster?

Dillon: No, no, but she got you through all that. Now that the lawsuit's settled out of court, the -- the company is posting record profits. And you should be thanking her, not throwing her in an asylum.

Monica: Tracy denied my husband's last wishes. Being locked up in Shadybrook is the very least of what she deserves.

Tracy: So, how would you like to be paid -- cash, check, or wire transfer? Oh -- and there's an extra $50,000 for you if you manage to get my father committed in my place.

Alan: I hate to tell you, Tracy, but she still thinks you're nuts. She's just humoring you.

Lainey: Is there something wrong with the bed?

Tracy: You don't expect me to sleep on that, do you?

Lainey: Do you see Alan in the bed?

Tracy: No, I don't see Alan on the bed, because Alan is dead. And the sooner you get me out of here, the sooner you get your check.

Lainey: Are you mourning your brother?

Tracy: What business is that of yours? And F.Y.I., I was only pretending to see the ghost of my brother to manipulate my family.

Lainey: So what did you expect to get out of pretending to see your deceased brother?

Alan: And you used to be so good at this.

Lainey: Perhaps you feel guilty.

Tracey: I don't feel guilty. I didn't touch that will.

Lainey: I mean you felt guilty because Alan left you such a generous inheritance.

Alan: Oh, I love this.

Tracy: With that in mind, how would you like to be paid?

Lainey: Why don't you rest a while, and I'll be back and we'll talk later.

Alan: So, Tracy, why don't you just relax, because you're going to be here for a while.

Tracy: This is just a setback, Alan, that's all. You can haunt me until you're blue in the face. Never mind. You never got me when you were alive, Alan, and you ain't going to get me now.

Alan: We'll see about that.

Amelia: I'm here to see Jason Morgan, please?

Ric: He's not taking any meetings at the moment.

Amelia: Well, I've visited him before.

Ric: Yes, I saw your name on the visitors' log. And I have to wonder, what does a television producer want with Jason Morgan?

Amelia: Maybe I'm planning an expose on how he was railroaded.

Ric: Oh, see, but he wasn't. See, we have evidence and a long history of mob activity -- not the sort of thing that "Everyday Heroes" would be interested in. So what's going on with Jason that could benefit you?

Sam: I -- I feel terrible about Jake and I want to help. I want to help.

Elizabeth: Well, I appreciate anything you can do, but I --

Sam: The police -- they came to question me, but I thought maybe -- I thought maybe if you and I -- we -- we would -- we would sit down and talk things through, and I would be able --

Elizabeth: Actually, that's what I'm doing right now. I'm writing everything down to see what I'm missing. Can -- do you remember what happened after you showed up? Spinelli, I know, was holding Jake, and -- Sam?

Sam: Elizabeth, you never -- you never really get over losing a child, you know? You try -- you try and just put it into the back and you try not to think about it, but you always grieve, always.

Elizabeth: I know.

Sam: I remember having this -- this dream -- I would have it all the time -- about rocking my little girl to sleep, and she was so beautiful. Oh -- it seems so real. I -- I would look in her eyes and I would see her eyes, and she would grab my finger and know that -- that was a good dream. That was a good dream. Those were good days --

Elizabeth: Sam, I'm really sorry about your little girl, but my son is not dead.

Sam: At least you have Cameron, Elizabeth. You have Cameron, you have Lucky -- you have Lucky, you can have another baby.

Elizabeth: What?

Sam: You can have a baby. You know, maybe that would make it easier to forget about Jake.

Elizabeth: What?

Sam: I just don't know --

Elizabeth: Get out.

Sam: "Get out"? I am trying to help you.

Elizabeth: You're drunk -- get out of my house!

Sam: You lost a child, I lost a child! We're the same now, aren't we?

Kate: I apologize -- clearly, you're in the middle of something -- but this is extremely urgent.

Spinelli: No, look, I -- I understand. Um, capisce? Uh -- you obviously hold great sway over Mr. Corinthos, Sir, and the Jackal would never want to interfere with --

Sonny: "The Jackal" is leaving.

Lulu: Hey. Any new leads on Jake?

Spinelli: Uh -- so far, the Jackal's search has been fruitless.

Lulu: I am not sure how much more Lucky and Elizabeth can take. You should hear how they're fighting -- it's awful.

Spinelli: I fear the disharmony between your brother and fair Elizabeth is to get much worse.

Kate: What I am about to say will, no doubt, sound trivial to you, but I cannot overemphasize its importance to me. It is life and death -- at least, in terms of my career.

Sonny: What are you talking about?

Kate: I cannot, under any circumstances, be romantically linked to you.

Alan: Why don't you just think of this as an opportunity to work through personal issues?

Tracy: Why don't you think of this as an opportunity to leave me alone?

Alan: Why don't you just admit that you forged my will, and you'll be rid of me forever?

Tracy: Let me think about that -- no.

Alan: Ha! On the other hand, you'd still have to face the fallout from you helping Luke kidnap Laura. Now, that was really nuts.

Tracy: Okay, Alan -- ahem -- if you ever loved me at all, if you ever had any compassion as a doctor, a man, a brother, couldn't you just go away?

Dillon: Thanks. Mom. Hey. You all right?

Tracy: Do I look all right?

Dillon: You know, Grandfather had no right to do this to you.

Tracy: Call my lawyers.

Dillon: I did. He got a court order and Dr. Winters signed off on it -- and then he made a huge donation to Shadybrook. But I'm -- look, I'm going to get you out of here.

Tracy: Really? You mean that?

Dillon: Yeah, yeah, I'll do anything.

Tracy: How about blackmail your father?

Carly: Montreal is our city. It's our haven, it's -- oh, especially the old city, it's so romantic.

Jax: Beautiful architecture there, that's for sure.

Carly: And those old colonial mansions are just amazing.

Jax: Yeah, they are, aren't they?

Carly: Yeah.

Jax: That's why I wanted to go back there for a little while. We made -- we made promises to each other in Montréal to spend the rest of our lives together. And in case you were wondering, I still want that.

Carly: So do I. More than ever.

Spinelli: Mr. Corinthos, Sir knows that Stone Cold is the real and true father of the innocent one.

Lulu: Who told him?

Spinelli: Stone Cold, I -- I guess, but it's weird. Mr. Corinthos, Sir doesn't consider the information sacred or -- or private. It seems he'd tell anyone today if it meant Stone Cold could get out of jail.

Lulu: No, he can't.

Spinelli: I'm --saying is that it might be advisable to tell Lucky and Elizabeth.

Lulu: No, no, no. I am not telling anybody anything. Lucky and Elizabeth can't take this on top of everything else. And a lot of people have kept this secret for a long time, so it's not fair for Sonny to take it upon himself to make it public. So you have to find a way to convince Sonny to keep his mouth shut.

Spinelli: Look, I have no sway over Mr. Corinthos, Sir.

Lulu: Well, find some, please? I'm counting on you.

Logan: Hey, you know what? I've been thinking about your situation, and I thought that --

Lulu: I'm sorry, I don't -- I don't have time.

Spinelli: Look, Mr. Corinthos, Sir does not -- does not want to be bothered, okay?

Sonny: "Romantically linked" -- what does that mean, exactly?

Kate: Okay, don't -- don't. Do not make a joke out of this, okay?

Sonny: Okay.

Kate: A New York tabloid is about to run an item on its gossip page. If the editor of "Couture" magazine is connected in any way to a mob boss, it could reflect badly on the magazine -- it could even jeopardize my position as editor in chief.

Sonny: Where does the press get the idea in the first place? I mean, you only stayed in my --

Kate: Okay, for the record --

Sonny: Yeah?

Kate: I slept "in" your house. I did not "spend the night." Nothing happened.

Sonny: Don't worry about it, I don't kiss and tell.

Kate: We did not kiss.

Sonny: Connie Falconeri used to kiss "really" good. How does Kate Howard kiss?

Kate: Yeah, okay, you don't seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation. No one can know about Bensonhurst or Connie Falconeri or us.

Sonny: What do you want me to do?

Kate: Use your influence.

Sonny: What does that mean, "influence"?

Kate: Just stop playing with me. This could destroy my career.

Sonny: Oh -- but, look, if the newspaper wants to, you know, put out a story that you're my girlfriend, I can't stop them.

Kate: You could file an injunction, right? Your attorney seems quite capable of doing that. Stop them from printing this lie.

Sonny: What's in it for me?

Amelia: Sam -- for whatever reason -- is loyal to Jason, which can only hurt "Everyday Heroes." I'm assessing the cost of damage control so the network can decide whether or not to kill the show.

Ric: That's plausible -- for a cover story. There's something else going on here.

Amelia: But my interest is strictly professional. Personally, I could care less what happens to Jason Morgan.

Ric: Well, he's going to be convicted. I'm sure Sam's going to cry buckets. You know, she'll get all hysterical, she'll call for justice, etc., edtc. But when the smoke clears and Jason goes off to Pentonville, she'll land on her feet. That's what Sam does. I don't think there's any danger of your show going anywhere.

Amelia: You really don't like Sam, do you?

Ric: Why do you sound so happy about that?

[Tracy sighs]

Alan: You know, Dillon's a nice kid -- he actually turned out a lot better than you deserve -- but he's a romantic, he kind of lives in a movie fantasy. That is, when he's not following Lulu around like some lost puppy.

Tracy: Well, he helped Luke on some -- capers, so the larceny must've rubbed off.

Alan: If you think he can swim with an old shark like his grandfather, you really are deluded.

Tracy: This is the revenge you wanted, isn't it -- to make me look nuts so I'd get committed?

Alan: Why don't you just admit you forged my will and I'll be gone?

Tracy: Alan, you left the bulk of your estate to imaginary children -- they don't exist! Jason, hopefully, will never reproduce. So, know this -- when I get out of here -- and I will get out of here -- the first thing I'm going to do is get rid of you.

Edward: Please do what you can for her.

Lainey: Aside from her visions of Alan, she seems perfectly normal.

Edward: Oh, this trip to Shadybrook is long overdue. Think of the embarrassment and expense I could've saved the family if she had been committed before she married that reprobate, Spencer.

Lainey: Well, I thought this was about her residual grief over Alan.

Edward: Oh, it is, of course. And I am so grateful for the care that she's getting here. Because, unfortunately, Tracy may need to be here indefinitely. Hmm.

Logan: Look, no computer geek is going to tell me when I can see Sonny and when I can't. You're just the tech support.

Spinelli: All right, the Jackal needn't argue with simians, okay? I have work to complete for Mr. Corinthos, Sir.

Kate: I am a public figure, which essentially means anyone can write anything about me and I can't sue.

Sonny: You want me to break a couple kneecaps or something?

Kate: Absolutely not. That would only incite them more.

Sonny: No, we wouldn't want that, now, would we?

Kate: Okay, technically, you're just a coffee importer --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Kate: And a very private citizen. Your attorney can go with that. She seems quite competent.

Sonny: Oh, so I'm -- okay. So I'm supposed to pay my attorney to try to stop a story that I don't care about?

Kate: I care.

Logan: I need to speak with Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Okay, get out.

Logan: Hey, listen, it's about your slimeball D.A. brother --

Sonny: No, listen to me. You interrupt me a lot lately, I don't like it. Leave. Where were we?

Kate: Okay, see, I cannot afford to be linked to a mob boss, alleged or not.

Sonny: Wait, wait a minute here. You just said I was a coffee importer.

Kate: Oh -- you know what?

Sonny: What?

Kate: You know what? Forget it. Your attorney will just make things worse.

Sonny: Okay, no -- no kneecaps, no injunctions. What do you want me to do?

Kate: It's so obvious. I don't know why I just thought of it now. I want you to have a very public love affair with someone very high-profile -- immediately.

Carly: I promise you won't have to drag me out the door again.

Jax: Well, I did it for me, as well -- you know, one perfect afternoon we spent in the moment. I really like that about you. You're not afraid to live life.

Carly: If I'm like that, it's because of you.

Jax: Really?

Carly: Yes.

Jax: Well, thank you. Did I mention I have a gift for you, as well?

Carly: A gift for me?

Jax: Yep.

Carly: You have a gift for me?

Jax: I do.

Carly: When did you get a gift for me? We were together the whole time.

Jax: Um, it's just -- it's something -- something small. I hope you like it.

Carly: I'll probably love it.

Jax: What do you think?

Carly: Is this a deed to one of those old colonial mansions?

Jax: Yeah, it's -- it's the one that -- you know, in the square, the one that you really like so much. I want to renovate it, turn it into a boutique hotel -- very stunning, exclusive.

Carly: It's going to be lots of work.

Jax: Yeah, yeah, it's going to be a lot of work, but you're up for the task.

Carly: You want to keep me busy. You're leaving me again, aren't you? So you can go after Jerry?

Lulu: Hey. Where's Lucky?

Elizabeth: He's at work.

Lulu: Have you eaten?

Elizabeth: No, I can't think about food right now. What happened to Jake has got to be right in front of me. Maybe you can help me; maybe you can look at this and tell me what I'm missing.

Lulu: Look, Lucky knows this isn't your fault. He blames himself more than anyone for not being able to find Jake.

Elizabeth: But I'm Jake's mother. I'm responsible for him. If I had made different choices from the start, none of this would've happened. Jake would be safe -- at home.

Det. Rodriguez: You were with us all night; you know we're doing everything we can.

Lucky: Okay, somebody must've seen something, the kid didn't just disappear.

Sam: Lucky? Lucky?

Lucky: What, do -- do you remember something?

Sam: I need to talk to you alone now.

Lucky: What is it?

Sam: Oh.

Lucky: What is it? Do you remember something about my son?

Sam: He's not.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Sonny: You want me to date someone? Got any ideas?

Carly: You're walking out on me again.

Lulu: Try not to go to the worst-case scenario.

Lucky: What are you trying to tell me about my son? Jake is not what?

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