GH Transcript Monday 6/18/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/18/07


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Michael: Okay. Hey, it's really cool that you're coming to dad's barbecue with us, Jax.

Jax: It's going to be a fun Fatherís Day.

Carly: Celebrating Jax being a stepdad.

Jax: Yeah, that's right.

Carly: Yeah?

Jax: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Hey, Morgan? They're at it again.

Jax: Hey --

[Carly chuckles]

Kate: My lobster, my shrimp, my salad and crab puffs are now all covered with a layer of grass cuttings. My guest is going to arrive momentarily; it's too late to reorder. I'm completely without --

Sonny: Up a creek?

Kate: What?

Sonny: You used to say that all the time Bensonhurst -- "I'm up a creek without a paddle."

Kate: Okay, well, I used to say a lot of things I no longer find amusing.

Sonny: Who's the guy?

Kate: "The guy" is Warren James. He's the publisher of "Couture" magazine.

Sonny: Oh. Did he used to be Wally Jerenetsky from Queens?

Kate: Okay, see -- this is exactly why I couldnít possibly invite him over for lunch with you.

Sonny: What, are you afraid I'll slip up and call you Connie Falconeri --

Kate: You might. I don't know if I can trust you.

Lulu: Come on, Lucky, are you sure you really want me around on Fatherís Day?

Lucky: Yeah, you're family and I love you, and even though I don't understand your taste in boyfriends --

Lulu: Okay, can we, uh, move on from that?

Lucky: Yeah, okay. Please, just stop by and see how happy I am. You know, being Jake's father is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Elizabeth: All right. Here you go, monkey. Okay. Here you go. Here, let me cover you up. Cam, do you need help with that? Okay. Oh, let's see what you got going on here. You know what? When we go home, we're going to practice tying our shoelaces. You want to do that? Okay, there you go. Now, let's get Jake and go home, okay? Okay. My God. Oh, my God -- Jake? Jake? Jake! Jake! Have you seen a baby? He was in the stroller, and -- and then he's gone. Did you see anybody with a baby? Anybody? Have you seen any -- somebody help me! Somebody help me! Somebody took my baby!

Nikolas: There's really no point in talking in circles here. You want to keep the peace with Jerry, and I won't rest until I stop him, so --

Emily: By "stopping," you mean kill?

Nikolas: Whatever.

Emily: Even though you know that if Jerry dies, I could end up in prison for espionage, and if you antagonize him, he could turn me in for spite?

Nikolas: I -- yeah, I -- I do know that, but I just -- I can't live my life like this. I won't allow some -- some psychopath to control your life or mine.

Emily: Nikolas, that's what's happening when we fight. We're not getting anywhere. Jerry would be thrilled. All I want to do is love you, and he's making this impossible.

Nikolas: I wish I could see it that way, Emily, but I just can't. I'm sure it's because I'm a Cassadine, and because I love you too much. I will not stop until he is no longer a threat to you -- or anyone else.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Hello? No, you have the wrong number.

Jax: You thought it was Jerry, didn't you?

Carly: I don't want -- I don't want to talk about your brother, I don't want to hear his name.

Jax: Okay, fine.

Michael: Someone needs to buckle Morgan into his booster seat.

Carly: Okay. All right. We're on our way.

Michael: Hey, do you like our dad now?

Jax: Sonny and I have decided to get along because we care about the same people.

Michael: Like Mom?

Jax: I meant you and Morgan, as well.

Michael: I'm just glad that no one's fighting.

Jax: Yeah, that's a good thing.

Michael: Hey, today's going to be a great day. I just hope that rude neighbor lady does not show up.

Carly: I don't think Kate Howard would be caught dead at a barbecue.

Sonny: I didn't sabotage your dinner with your special friend.

Kate: Oh -- Warren and I do business together, nothing more.

Sonny: Well, have you made up your mind? Do you and -- Wayne?

Kate: Warren.

Sonny: Warren -- you guys want to come by? Carly's going to bring the kids --

Kate: Carly? No, thank you. I'd rather be boiled in oil -- partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

Sonny: Well, it's up to you. I promise you I won't hint that you started out in Bensonhurst.

Kate: I think I'll play it safe and cancel.

Mike: Do -- do I know that woman?

Sonny: She's my new neighbor.

Mike: Really? Well, she looks very familiar.

Sonny: Yeah, she works for a magazine. What are you doing here?

Mike: Well, Carly stopped by and picked up a whole lot of sides, and she told me about the barbecue. I thought it was a good opportunity to drop this off.

Sonny: You know, you're welcome to join us if you want.

Mike: Look, I'm not -- I'm not fishing for an invitation, so don't worry. Here.

Sonny: What do you got? You make this?

Mike: Barbecue sauce -- you know, for all those Fatherís Day cookouts we missed.

Sonny: Thanks. I mean, it looks great.

Mike: Wow -- you know, the kids are going to love this.

Sonny: Carly tell you she's bringing Jax?

Mike: Well, I guess that's how blended families are supposed to work, huh? I don't know.

Sonny: I'd -- I'd like you to stick around.

Mike: Well, I'd hate to miss the fireworks, but I have plans. You know, I wish we'd done things like this.

Sonny: Well, you're here right now, right?

Mike: Yeah -- better late than never, huh?

Sonny: I finally realized, you know, that life's too short, you got to do what you got to do.

Mike: But even so, this -- this can't be easy for you.

Sonny: If Jax and I get along, then it's easier for the kids.

Mike: Yeah. Well, you know, you are a good father, Michael.

Sonny: Thank you.

Mike: Yeah. Happy Fatherís Day.

Sonny: Right back at you.

Man: You and the little one stay calm. I'll alert the park staff and call the cops.

Elizabeth: Hurry, please.

Man: Do you have any idea what happened?

Elizabeth: I just looked away for a second, and it happened so fast. Just call the police, because whoever has him might still be in the park, please. Just please find him. Please find him.

Lulu: I guess I can't miss the chance to see you try and flip a burger.

Lucky: It won't be pretty, but I'll figure it out. I just -- listen, I just want Jake and Cam to have a Fatherís Day to remember -- with a cookout, you know, Mom and Dad, Aunt Lulu -

Lulu: Yeah, Mom would like that.

Lucky: Yeah, she'd want us together.

Lulu: I wish Dad would just check in, though.

Lucky: Hmm. So do I.

Lulu: Well, um, if you -- if you want to double-check with Elizabeth about inviting me to Father's Day -- Spinelli and I actually saw her in the park with Jake and Cam. Cameron was having so much fun, and Jake is so cute -- he never gets upset about anything.

Lucky: Yeah, he gets that from his mom. You know the only thing that Jake resembles in the Spencer family are his eyes? Which are --

[Phone rings]

Lucky: Excuse me. Yeah?

Elizabeth: Lucky, somebody took Jake.

Nikolas: Just because Jerry's disappeared doesn't mean -- doesn't mean that he won't try and create havoc somewhere else.

Emily: Where'd these come from?

Nikolas: Hmm?

Emily: These -- where'd they come from?

Nikolas: Oh. Norma picked them with Spencer in the garden.

Emily: We could be walking in the gardens, you know? Or along the cliffs. Or we could be like a lot of other people on a nice summer day. People sitting on blankets, enjoying themselves. People with all kinds of problems -- serious and not-so-serious. People who choose to enjoy themselves, especially on a day like this.

Nikolas: You know that Alfred's about to bring tea, right?

Emily: Yeah, you better close the door.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Nikolas: This is a nice surprise.

Emily: Mm-hmm. You like surprises, don't you?

Nikolas: Yes, I do.

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Happy Fatherís Day!

Sonny: Hey --

Morgan: Happy Fatherís Day.

Sonny: Get over here.

Carly: Hi!

Sonny: All right, come here.

Michael: Whoa.

Sonny: Buddy.

Carly: I have the presents here.

Jax: And I got everything else.

Sonny: I'm glad you came by.

Carly: Give me your coats.

Jax: Appreciate the invitation.

Carly: Want to open the presents?

Sonny: Of course. Yeah, sure, let's -- let's do it. Um --

Jax: Oh, is that -- you got something for me?

Michael: Yea we didn't want you to feel left out.

Jax: That's very thoughtful of you.

Michael: Eh, no problem.

Jax: Do you want to go first?

Michael: Uh -- Morgan helped me with the mug, and I did the special cup and saucer in art class.

Carly: Oh, wow! Way to go, Morgan.

Sonny: I'm going to bring this to work every day so I can -- I can use them. This is -- this is great. Thank you, guys.

Michael: No problem.

[Carly laughs]

Michael: Now you.

Jax: Okay, all right. Oh, wow -- a skimboard! That is so cool.

Michael: Do not forget the sunglasses.

Jax: Oh, there's more?

Michael: Yes, there is.

Jax: Okay.

Morgan: Right, the sunglasses.

Jax: I guess we're all wearing these, huh?

Michael: Yes, we are.

Jax: All right! Oh, these are cool. See you at the beach!

Michael: Yeah!

Morgan: Yay.

Jax: Whoa, those are cool.

Lucky: Hey. Hey.

Elizabeth: I'm so scared.

Lucky: We're going to find him.

Mac: Check every stroller. Get an I.D. from anybody with an infant. Go on.

Elizabeth: And he has his hat on with his name on it.

Mac: Did you get that? All right.

Elizabeth: I don't know when this happened. I mean, he was right there, and I just -- I turned away for a second. I -- I don't know -- I mean, how could somebody -- he didn't even cry. Lucky, he didn't even cry.

Lulu: I'll -- I'll take Cameron to Audrey's.

Lucky: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Lulu: And I'll call, um, Nikolas and -- and Bobbie.

Elizabeth: Please don't take your eyes off of him, okay?

Lulu: Okay.

Lucky: Hey, I know this is scary, big guy, but don't worry. Those policemen -- they're my friends, all right? They're going to help us find Jake.

Cameron: Okay.

Lucky: Okay.

Elizabeth: How could somebody do this?

Wes: What is going on out there, traffic? Sam's late, too.

Amelia: Sam's not here?

Wes: Not yet. Look, crew's at lunch, but if we don't get started right away, we're looking at overtime. What were you doing, running laps?

Amelia: Errands.

Wes: Since when? Look, everybody knows Amelia Joffe doesn't run, doesn't sweat, no heavy breathing. As for your errands, that's why you got three production assistants.

Sam: Hi. Hey, I'm here. I'm sorry to keep everybody waiting.

Wes: Be ready to go in 10.

Sam: Um -- uh -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Wes, I'm sorry. Did I mess up the taping schedule?

Amelia: No, no, it's -- it's fine. I just got here, too.

Sam: Okay, that's -- where were you? Where did you go?

Amelia: I was just about to ask you the same thing.

Nikolas: Love on a bed of flowers.

Emily: Hmm.

Nikolas: It's quite adventurous, don't you think?

Emily: Hmm. If I've learned anything in the past few months, it's that the world can change in an instant.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: One minute you're in the middle of a party, and the next minute you're a hostage. Can't change what Jerry's done, but we sure don't have to give him this afternoon. Uh-uh.

Emily: Hmm.

Nikolas: Thank you for continuing to remind me what's important.

[Phone rings]

Nikolas: Oh, God.

Emily: What, do you have to? No, no, no. No.

Nikolas: If it's not family, I'll just let it go to voicemail, okay?

Emily: Okay.

Nikolas: Hold up. It's Lulu. Hey, Lulu, I'm kind of busy at the moment, so if you just Ė

Spinelli: Hi, hi -- um, look, Jason Morgan is being unrighteously and most unfairly withheld from the outside world, where his presence is required posthaste.

Officer: Get lost, or I'll throw you in the drunk tank.

Spinelli: What Ė

Officer: Visiting hours are over.

Spinelli: Look, it's a family emergency of dire proportion. I need to see Jason Morgan!

Officer: Coop? Can you handle -- this?

Coop: Yeah, yeah. Get over here. What are you doing?

Spinelli: Okay, baby -- baby Jake Spencer has been snatched in the most grievous and dastardly manner. Stone Cold must be informed.

Coop: All right, now, you said this was a family emergency, right?

Spinelli: Yes, yes, of dire proportion!

Coop: Well, what does Lucky Spencer's missing kid have to do with Jason Morgan?

Elizabeth: I haven't even moved the stroller.

Mac: Are you sure Jake was in the stroller?

Elizabeth: Of course I'm sure. I had just put him in there!

Mac: Well, is it possible that he crawled off the blanket?

Elizabeth: Come -- Mac, he doesn't even sit up yet!

Mac: I'm sorry. I just -- I have to ask.

Lucky: It's okay. You know what? Mac's just trying to make sure he understands what happened.

Elizabeth: I know, I know. I -- I just put him in the stroller, okay? Cameron needed -- needed help with his shoelaces, so I tied his shoelaces, I turned around, and he was gone.

Mac: How long was your back turned?

Elizabeth: 30 seconds maybe? We were right here, Mac! I wasn't far from him!

Mac: Did you hear anything?

Elizabeth: No, I didn't hear anything.

Mac: Well, someone has to be pretty bold to just grab a kid like that.

Lucky: Maybe somebody followed Elizabeth and was lying in wait.

Mac: Possibly. Did you hear him cry?

Elizabeth: No. Nothing.

Mac: Okay.

Lucky: You know what? Maybe it wasn't a stranger.

Mac: Look, let's start over, okay? I want to know everything, everything that happened when you came into the park -- the people you spoke to, everyone you saw.

Sam: I went for a walk and got a smoothie. I wandered around a little bit, did some thinking.

Amelia: About Jason and his baby?

Sam: Well, really about all the good things in my life, actually -- how much Jason and I really love each other and how committed we are to each other -- and it made me think that, why am I asking for all this trouble? And I guess I need to really focus on helping Jason through this murder trial.

Amelia: Okay, well, we'll have to look at the taping schedule, see if it conflicts with the court dates, and decide on a spin.

Sam: Where were you? What were you doing?

Amelia: Well, that's private.

Sam: No, I'm serious. You're normally here, like, four hours early on taping days.

Amelia: Contrary to popular opinion, I do actually have a personal life.

Jax: You want some help?

Michael: Uh --

Sonny: No, I got it.

Michael: Yeah, Dad never takes any help from no one, especially Mom.

Carly: Which is fine with me. That's why I brought my stuff from Kelly's. Is that sauce over there? Did you make that?

Sonny: Mike brought it. Hey, buddy?

Michael: Yeah?

Sonny: You want to put the sauce on the steak like we always do?

Michael: Uh -- sure, just tell me when you're ready. Hey, do you want to go play goalie like we did in the park?

Jax: Sure.

Michael: Okay, I'm going to go --

Jax: Just, maybe you should wait -- okay, I'll be right there.

Carly: He wants to help you with the sauce. You know he does, he just wasn't thinking.

Sonny: Oh, I know. He's just a kid; he's got to play, right?

Carly: Yeah. And they love you, they respect you. Jax is never going to take your place, you know that.

Sonny: I know. It's just that it's hard for -- you know, that he -- you know, he comes to my house, playing with my kids, you know, and he -- he shows up with my ex-wife. It's just a little hard to adjust, that's all.

Carly: I know.

Kate: Hello? Hello? Is that invitation still in effect?

Carly: You didn't.

Sonny: No, she was in a bind, and their catering -- catering truck broke down --

Carly: What is wrong with you?

Sonny: What do you mean? So you changed your mind, huh?

Kate: Well, Warren smelled the barbecue, and when I had mentioned that we had been invited --

Warren: Warren James.

Sonny: Hey, Sonny Corinthos. Hey, nice to you meet you. This is --

Carly: Carly. Hi. I'm Sonny's ex-wife.

Warren: It's my pleasure.

Carly: So, are you Kate's boss?

Warren: Well, at the moment, I'm just a friend and a dinner guest.

Carly: So, do you hate children as much as she does?

Warren: Thanks. Actually, I'm one of six brothers, and everybody's favorite Uncle Warren.

[Carly chuckles]

Warren: I love kids, but work has always been my priority. I didn't know you hated children.

Kate: Oh, I love children.

Carly: Then why do you kick mine off your property every time they come by to visit you?

Sonny: The kids can be a little rambunctious -- they take after their mother.

Carly: It takes a lot of energy to run a business and to be a mom -- I do it every day. So do a lot of women, but not the women "Couture" wants for readers.

Kate: Is that what you think?

Carly: Well, last time I picked up an issue of "Couture," it had nothing to do with the average woman.

Kate: Yes, well, "Couture's" not meant for average people.

Carly: Clearly.

Warren: Carly has a point, though, you I mean, it never hurts to broaden the readership, especially these days with the internet closing in on us.

Carly: Hey -- oh, you okay?

Michael: Somebody moved that rock.

Carly: Hey, you guys, say hello. Do you remember Ms. Howard, the nice neighbor?

Michael: Uh -- I thought you said that she wouldn't be caught dead at a barbecue?

Carly: Yeah, I know.

Jax: Warren?

Warren: Jasper Jacks. How the hell are you? How wonderful to see you.

Jax: Same here. I see you've met my wife.

Warren: Indeed I have.

Carly: You know each other?

Warren: Well, Jax is the only captain ever to beat me in the Borneo black-tie regatta.

Jax: Yeah. Kate, it's always nice to see you. Although, once again, you've caught me by surprise.

Kate: I could say the same.

Jax: You do realize this woman is your magazine? Anybody who's anybody in New York or Europe knows that "Couture" is nothing without Kate Howard.

Mac: Then touch base with the team canvassing the park, then go door to door around the perimeter, all right? Come on, let's go.

Nikolas: Lulu just called us.

Emily: Yeah, how can we help?

Mac: Lucky and Elizabeth are at the police station, we're putting out an Amber Alert.

Nikolas: You have any leads?

Mac: Not yet.

Nikolas: Did you check Canadian borders, all the borders?

Mac: We've been in touch with the personnel on the borders, along with the airports, train stations -- the whole protocol. But, look, at this point, the best thing you and Emily can do is stay out of the way.

Nikolas: We'll look for Jake with or without your support.

Emily: Look, Mac, we've been through this. There's got to be something that we can do.

Mac: Do you know anybody that might want to take this baby?

Emily: No. Lucky and Elizabeth don't have any enemies.

Mac: Has anyone been hanging around Elizabeth and the baby, you know, maybe showing a little bit too much interest?

Emily: No, not that I can think of.

Nikolas: No.

Mac: How would you characterize Elizabeth's state of mind lately?

Emily: She's been fine.

Mac: Yeah, but she just went back to work, she's got a preschooler, a new baby, and her husband's a cop.

Nikolas: Where -- where are you going with this, Mac?

Mac: Could Elizabeth be suffering from postpartum depression? Maybe blocked out what really happened?

Spinelli: Yes, yes, yes. Baby Jake is a Spencer, and yes, it is a Spencer family emergency, but Stone Cold would want to know.

Coop: Why?

Spinelli: "Why?" Well, because he saved Elizabeth's life, and that of the unborn innocent one, okay? He -- he kept them safe from the unhinged one and the conglomeration of doom. And more recently, he found Elizabeth bleeding on the floor and sped her to the hospital just in time. Baby Jake wouldn't even be alive if it weren't -- weren't for Stone Cold's heroics, okay? So we need to immediately inform him that baby Jake has been snatched from his mother's loving arms by evil and dark forces!

Lucky: Spinelli! You were in the park with Elizabeth and the kids.

Spinelli: Yeah, yeah, I was.

Lucky: Yeah, then why did you run to Jason when you found out my son was taken?

Amelia: Why are you making this so difficult? We went through all of this at the production meeting.

Wes: But you're the one who changed your mind. You said leave the lights alone.

Amelia: Okay, well, now I'm saying change them.

Sam: Is everything okay?

Amelia: Yes, fine.

Sam: It's just I've never really heard you talk to Wes like that. Are you -- did anything happen?

Amelia: Look, I'm busy. I don't feel like being quizzed.

Sam: Oh -- oh -- um -- Amelia, I'm sorry. Look, I just -- I just realized that you know a whole lot more about me than I know about you.

Amelia: This going somewhere?

Sam: Yeah, it is. I've dumped all kinds of personal stuff on your lap, so I'm just trying to let you know if -- you know, if there's anything that you want to tell me, I'm here.

Amelia: I appreciate that, but I'm fine.

Sam: You see, that's exactly what I'm talking about. I don't know what it is, and I don't know if it's anger or pain or -- I -- I don't know. It's something.

Amelia: Try sleep deprivation.

Sam: Okay. Wow. Are you -- are you seeing someone -- I mean, besides the boss?

Amelia: Brandon is nothing serious.

Sam: Okay. All right, I'll -- I'll back off, but I just -- you know, I wanted to let you know that -- okay, whatever. I'm here.

Amelia: That's very generous, but we need to get back to work. Take this last page. We made a much stronger tag to get us through to the commercial.

Det. Rodriguez: Sorry to interrupt, but we need to speak with Sam.

Amelia: Can I ask what this is in reference to?

Det. Rodriguez: Lucky and Elizabeth Spencer's baby boy was kidnapped in the park this afternoon. We're hoping you can help us find him.

Warren: The steak was extraordinary. What was that cut?

Sonny: Flank steak. I marinated it with a little olive oil and garlic. Nothing fancy, you know?

Warren: And I love the sauce.

Sonny: Yeah, it's, um, my father's recipe. Thanks.

Warren: Well, clearly, you know food, and it's obvious you've made a killing in the coffee business. You ever decide to open a restaurant, I have some connections in the City.

Sonny: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

Kate: Okay, well, if we're going to discuss the December issue, Warren, we really better get going.

Warren: No. See how she makes me work?

Jax: Whoa! Hey, hey -- careful, you guys.

Sonny: Hey, come on, you guys!

Michael: It bounced off a rock!

Warren: That was some fancy footwork.

Sonny: You know what? That kind of reminds me of my dodge ball days when I used to play in Bensonhurst. Do you ever -- Kate, I'm sorry. Did you ever play?

Kate: No, I've -- I've never had the opportunity.

Sonny: Oh.

Jax: Hey, what about cookies? You know, we brought, like, a really nice array of cookies.

Warren: Cookies? Kate hasn't eaten cookies in years.

Kate: I'm afraid he's right. Well, Jax, it was a pleasure to see you. And, Sonny, thank you again for your hospitality.

Sonny: Yeah.

Warren: The party was terrific. Thanks so much. Hope we do it again. And you -- I'll look for you at the next regatta.

Jax: Is that a challenge?

Warren: You just say the word.

Jax: All right, we'll see you in Borneo, then. I meant what I said about Kate. Port Charles is a far more stylish place with her around. Say goodbye to Ms. Howard and Warren, kids.

Michael: Bye. Bye.

Morgan: Bye.

Warren: See? They're nice kids.

Carly: They're the best kids.

Warren: Maybe Jax can make a crew out of you guys.

Jax: Oh, they'd be a good crew.

Warren: I bet they would.

Michael: First mate.

Warren: Thanks again, Sonny, it was a pleasure. See you next time.

Jax: See you in Borneo.

Carly: Um -- Kate? Would you like some leftovers?

Kate: No, thank you.

Carly: Are you sure, because we have coleslaw and potato salad, baked beans, and tons of cookies. I can't imagine that any, well, normal person would ever go a year without eating a cookie.

Kate: Yeah, I'm sure that you and your children will enjoy this food much more than I ever will.

Sonny: You know what? Why don't I walk you to the gate?

Kate: That'd be great.

Carly: Hmm.

Sonny: Hey, boys, help me out here, will you?

Michael: Okay, okay.

Carly: You should go with him, because I am sure that you have, like, a million more wonderful things to say about the fabulous Kate Howard.

Jax: Do you really want Michael and Morgan's visits to Sonny to be about Kate Howard? Shouldn't they be spending time with their dad instead of antagonizing the neighbor?

Carly: Do you have to be so right and so reasonable all the time?

Jax: I thought you loved that about me, come on.

Carly: I do. I do.

Jax: Okay.

Sonny: Go in the house and get it, will you?

Michael: Fine, fine.

Spinelli: I know nothing of the napping of the innocent one, okay?

Lucky: His name is Jake.

Spinelli: Yes, And he must be found while the statistics are still in his favor. That's why I need to talk to Stone Cold. Even from his dungeon, he has access to resources unavailable to most. Imagine if he was outside --

Lucky: Okay, Jake is my son!

Spinelli: Hmm!

Lucky: You know what? And I will find him. But if you know something that you aren't telling me -- you know what? Get out of here. Just go, all right? Get him out of here!

Elizabeth: Lucky -- Lucky --

Lucky: Everyone is a suspect until we find our son, honey.

Lainey: Hi, Lucky. Hi -- oh, hi, honey.

Elizabeth: Oh, Lainey.

Lainey: Hi. I'm so sorry. So, Mac asked me to take your statement.

Elizabeth: Why? I already told him everything.

Lainey: I know, I know, but in a situation like this, sometimes it helps the mother to talk to another woman.

Lucky: Okay, but Elizabeth has told me everything she knows.

Lainey: I know, but it won't hurt to go over it again. Listen, we all want the same thing -- to help you find your son.

Det. Rodriguez: Elizabeth said she saw you in the park just before her baby was kidnapped.

Sam: This is -- this is terrible. How's she doing?

Det. Rodriguez: I'm not sure.

Sam: Do you have any leads?

Det. Rodriguez: Well, we're in the process of gathering some information.

Sam: Okay -- so you want to know if I saw anything suspicious?

Det. Rodriguez: Did you see Elizabeth in the park?

Sam: Yeah, sure, of course. I -- I spoke to her. And then I -- got my shake, and I realized I was late for work, so I practically sprinted down Van Ness. I'm -- I'm sorry. It's probably not much to go on.

Lulu: Okay, Spinelli, you need to get a grip.

Spinelli: Look, I'm trying, Blond One, okay? I'm trying, okay? It -- it's most fortunate that you came into the station when you did, before I did something foolish.

Lulu: "Before" you did something foolish? What were you thinking trying to tell Jason about Jake?

Spinelli: Well, he needs to know.

Lulu: No, we need to let the police handle it.

Spinelli: Look, we don't have time, okay? Survival statistics are not in the innocent one's favor. We have to tell Mr. Corinthos, Sir so we can get his protectors of the night to go search for him.

Lulu: If we get Sonny to help, then we're going to have to -- oh, my God.

Spinelli: What?

Lulu: Oh, my God, what if someone figured it out? What if somebody kidnapped Jake because they know he's Jason's son?

Norma: You see? Spencer's fine.

Nikolas: I know. I just needed to see for myself. Thank you for waking him up.

Norma: Is there any word on your nephew?

Nikolas: No. No, not yet.

Norma: I'm very sorry.

Nikolas: Thank you. Look, I won't lose him again, so don't -- don't let him out of your sight, not even for one second, okay?

Norma: I won't. Don't worry.

Nikolas: Thank you. I know exactly what Lucky's going through right now.

Emily: I know. That's why he needs you here, Nikolas. He's holding himself together for Elizabeth, but he needs a place to vent. And at least with Spencer, we had a pretty good idea of who took him. This just seems so random.

Nikolas: No, not really to me, it doesn't.

Emily: Why? Who do you think did it?

Nikolas: Jerry Jacks.

Michael: Uh -- don't fall. This was a fun barbecue.

Sonny: Thanks again for the presents.

Michael: No problem.

Sonny: Hmm!

Michael: All right.

Sonny: All right, buddy.

Michael: Hey, when are we going to go sailing?

Jax: Ready for the Borneo black tie, are you?

Michael: Do we really have to wear a black tie?

Jax: No. Come on, come on, get in the car.

Morgan: Drive? I could drive.

Carly: Bye.

Sonny: Bye.

Kate: You know how rambunctious boys can be -- they always forget to wave bye, even on Fatherís Day.

Sonny: I cannot believe that you're back so soon.

Kate: Hmm. Same old Sonny -- there's the smile. You must really be hurting.

Nikolas: I'll meet you in Paris. I'm leaving for the airport the moment we hang up -- okay.

Emily: Wait -- Nikolas, wait, you can't actually believe that Jerry took Jake.

Nikolas: Well, maybe he didn't with his own two hands, but he's definitely involved. That baby's more leverage than you are.

Emily: No, you're using this as an excuse to go after him.

Nikolas: It doesn't mean that I'm wrong.

Emily: Lucky needs you here.

Nikolas: Lucky needs his son back, and if Jerry didn't take him, Jerry knows where he is.

Emily: Nikolas, please. I'm begging you, don't do this.

Nikolas: Look -- look, Emily, I'm counting on you to -- to help Elizabeth, to help Lucky, to look after Spencer, okay? I'll be home as soon as I can. All right, I love you.

Emily: I love you, too, but --

Nikolas: No -- no "but." I'll call you, okay?

Emily: Okay.

Nikolas: Okay?

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: All right.

Lulu: Okay, are you sure you did not tell anybody that Jake is Jason's son? Swear to me.

Spinelli: I swear, okay? I -- I didn't tell anyone, and I don't -- I don't think anyone could've accessed my computers.

Lulu: Well, maybe -- maybe Elizabeth let it slip, and who knows? What if somebody overheard us in Sonny's coffeehouse?

Spinelli: Look, a -- a baby barter could be in the works, okay, and if that's the case -- since Stone Cold is in the dungeon, the evil stealers of the innocent one are going to go to Mr. Corinthos, Sir. Therefore, he needs be apprised of the truth.

Lulu: No, stop, stop, stop. We cannot make this worse than it is. We have to assume that it is a random kidnapping that has nothing to do with Jason, because if Sonny finds out, then Lucky might find out. And that's the only thing that could make this worse -- if Lucky finds out he's not really Jake's father.

Lainey: I mean, you're certain about the amount of time that you left Jake?

Elizabeth: I didn't leave him. I turned my back for as long as it takes to tie a little boy's shoe, that's it. Why does everybody keep asking me this?

Mac: Uh, there's still no word. You know, why don't you take Elizabeth into the interrogation room where it's a little quieter.

Elizabeth: I don't need quiet; I need you to find my son!

Lucky: We're going to find Jake, and soon. We got to believe that. Why don't you go in here, and we'll be here in a second. Mac? I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong.

Mac: We have to follow procedure, Lucky.

Lainey: Elizabeth wouldn't be the first mother with postpartum depression to -- do something to her own baby.

Sam: Well, that's -- that's all I remember.

Det. Rodriguez: So you'll give us a call if you think of anything else?

Sam: Yeah, of course. I -- I hope you find him.

Amelia: My God, how awful.

Sam: Oh, yeah, it -- it really is.

Amelia: It's odd, though. Mean, you didn't say anything to me about being in the park, much less seeing Elizabeth and Jake.

Sam: I -- uh -- I didn't really think about it. What?

Amelia: You don't -- you don't even really seem that upset that Jason's child was kidnapped. And, apparently, you were the last one to see the baby. I don't know -- it just seems -- ironic? Because you were just wishing that Jake would disappear.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Sonny: I didn't know you were paying such close attention to how I feel.

Sam: If you're implying that I had anything to do with Jake's disappearance, you couldn't be more wrong.

Lucky: Elizabeth may have done something with our son.

Jason: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Jake's gone.

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