GH Transcript Friday 6/15/07

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/15/07


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Georgie: Ah. Good morning -- or is it afternoon yet?

Maxie: Did Mac ask about me last night?

Georgie: Lucky for you, he pulled an all-nighter, so I didn't have to cover for you.

Maxie: But you would have, and that I appreciate.

Georgie: You know, Maxie, why do I feel like I was born covering for you?

Maxie: Georgie, you are a great sister.

Georgie: Well, even great sisters have limits, and I'm reaching mine.

Mike: Order ready for table seven -- hey. Here you go, I'll take that.

Georgie: Thanks, Mike.

Maxie: So I definitely need to do some sisterly damage control.

Coop: Hmm.

Maxie: But I'll do that later.

Lulu: Mike?

Mike: Hey.

Lulu: Hey, do you have an extra room for rent?

Mike: Why is this place beginning to feel like a dorm? I mean, what's -- what's wrong with your brother's house?

Lulu: Uh -- well, actually, Tracy had me dragged back to the mansion and the Quartermaines are driving me insane.

Maxie: Oh -- yeah, right. If Lulu moves in, I'm spending every single night in here.

Coop: Well, I won't complain, but you have no reason to worry about Lulu.

Logan: So, is this a day that you're speaking with me or not?

Lulu: That depends. Are you going to tell me what Scott Baldwin did to your family?

Carly: You know what? I'm beginning to think that I married the perfect man -- handsome, so handsome, savvy, savvy businessman, and so good in bed.

Jax: But can he barbecue?

Carly: Huh?

Jax: What, you don't think I can?

Carly: I just can't picture you in an apron and a mitt.

Jax: Really? Well, start picturing.

Carly: Are you serious?

Jax: Does it look like I'm kidding?

Carly: You don't have to do that.

Jax: No, no, no, no, this is -- this is my first Father's Day with Michael and Morgan, and I want to be, you know, the -- the best barbecuer I can possibly --

Carly: Sonny's, um, having a barbecue.

Jax: Oh. Well, you know, then the boys will have two delicious meals -- assuming, of course, Sonny's, you know, is as good as mine.

Carly: Please don't tell me there's going to be a barbecue war?

Sonny: You're a father; you need to do what's right for your son.

Jason: I'm under arrest for murder. Jake deserves better, he's better off with them, Sonny.

Sonny: "Better off with them"? You'd rather your son grow up living a lie?

Elizabeth: It doesn't seem fair that I get to go spend a gorgeous summer afternoon in the park with my boys while other people are locked up inside.

Lucky: Hey, the point is to enjoy yourself, not feel guilty about it.

Elizabeth: I'm not sure I can.

Sam: Jason and I have been drifting apart for months -- and don't even say that I would be better off without him.

Amelia: No, Jason fathered Elizabeth’s child. It's tearing you apart.

[Sam sighs]

Sam: You're right. You know, you're right, and I can't keep obsessing over Jason's son, I've got to do something about it.

Nikolas: I'm -- I'm sorry, but it's -- it's just that you continue to ignore the fact that Jerry could tear your life apart at any time he chooses.

Emily: Okay. So your solution is to go after him?

Nikolas: It could take away his leverage.

Emily: Even though Jerry's warned us that if he dies, evidence linking me to espionage is going to be sent to the state department?

Nikolas: Yes, which is why I asked Alexis to find a way, any way, to prove you're innocent.

Emily: Alexis doesn't need to get involved as long as you leave Jerry alone.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, I just -- I can't -- I can't stand by like some helpless victim while he calls the shots. I can't do it.

Emily: Nikolas, my father died because of Jerry. I don’t want any more trouble.

Nikolas: So you would -- you would rather continue to be a hostage, knowing that at any moment you could be charged with espionage? You'd rather do that?

Emily: If it means keeping you safe, yes.

Nikolas: I -- Emily, I can take care of myself.

Emily: Jerry's a murderer, okay? I don't want him killing you because you feel some need to rescue me.

Lulu: So, were you making it up when you said Scott messed with your family?

Logan: That was -- that was true. Baldwin came through town several years back. He came off like some kind of hotshot businessman. You know, people bought into it, and then he just bailed.

Lulu: Hmm. Real nice guy, huh?

Logan: My family took the brunt of it.

Lulu: Why didn't you tell me this before?

Logan: I don't know. It's an army thing, I guess -- never show your weakness. Anyway, Baldwin didn't recognize me. I wasn't going to advertise that I'm from a family of gullible hicks. And that look in your eye right there -- that's -- that's why I didn't say anything to you.

Lulu: No, that -- that's not what I'm thinking. If Scott swindled your family, why don't you press charges?

Logan: Oh -- that'll work. Look what just happened when Baldwin went to court to get your mom. There are better ways to get revenge.

Coop: Hey, something bigger than usual is going on between you and Lulu.

Maxie: No.

Coop: Or is it Logan I should be jealous of?

Maxie: Oh, come on. I was just thinking that those two deserve each other.

Coop: No. No. Lulu can act all tough, but Logan’s way too wild for her.

Maxie: Please do not become one of Lulu's legions of defenders.

Coop: No way -- I already got my hands full with you.

Ric: Hey, Georgie.

Georgie: Hi, Ric.

Ric: Let me get a couple cups of coff--

Logan: Georgie, I need to take care of Lulu and myself's bill. Also, this should cover your sister and Coop, and keep the change for yourself, okay?

Georgie: Yeah -- are you sure?

Logan: Please. Thank you.

Georgie: Thanks.

Ric: Did he rob a bank?

Georgie: Uh -- no. Rumor has it he's working for Sonny Corinthos.

Jax: It won't turn into a grilling war, okay? I promise. Michael and Morgan can go to Sonny's house. We'll just celebrate some other time. It's fine.

Carly: I have a better idea.

Jax: Do I even want to know what it is?

Carly: We're an extended family -- no time like the present than to use it, right?

Jax: You want us to all barbecue together, is that it?

Carly: It could be fun.

Jax: Sonny will never go for it.

Carly: Oh, why not? Why not? We're all getting along -- he came to our wedding.

Jax: Yeah, and hated every minute.

Carly: Oh -- Michael and Morgan are important to Sonny, they're the most important things in his life, and he knows that they love you.

Jax: Just preparing you for the fact that Sonny might not like the idea as much as you do.

Carly: If he goes for it, will you?

Jax: Are we going to do it at this house?

Carly: No, we'll do it at Sonny's house, just so Michael and Morgan know we're being supportive. Come on, come on, come on, come on, please?

Jason: Elizabeth and Lucky are a family.

Sonny: Yeah. So what? You're a great father, you proved that with Michael. I mean, you took care of him for a year. You can't just give Jake up just like that.

Jason: It's a complicated situation.

Sonny: No, it is simple. You have a child. No one has the right to take that child away from you!

Jason: Elizabeth said she would always be afraid if the baby was with me, and you know what? She's right. Because I can't say with complete confidence that violence will never touch this kid.

Sonny: I know you. You'll do everything in your power to make sure that --

Jason: Is there a guarantee? There is no guarantee -- you've seen that with Michael. I don't -- I don't want my child in constant danger. I don't want my child's mother living in constant fear. I've thought about this every hour of ever day since she told me! I want the best possible life for my son, and the only way to do that is to give him up!

Elizabeth: Sometimes I can't believe how everything worked out. I mean, we're married, we have two beautiful, healthy little boys -- how did we get to be so blessed? And when I look at Jake, I -- I think of how easily he could've died – at the Metro Court or when he was born -- and how -- how absolutely empty my entire life would be without him.

Lucky: Jake is fine, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I know, I know, and -- and that is -- that is exactly why I went to go see Jason -- because Jake is fine. And he's loved and he's happy and he fills up both of our lives, and Jason had so much to do with that. And I know it compromises you when I go to see him. Ric practically just rubbed it in my face that I was making you look bad, and yes, maybe -- maybe I should've left the station, but I just -- I wanted to do something for Jason. I wanted to thank him somehow. He's locked up in a cell ready to go to prison, and his so-called best friends -- Sonny and Carly and his TV star girlfriend -- they're nowhere to be found. But even -- even if they were, Jake is alive because of Jason and I can't ignore that. And now I'm going to go sit at the park, I'm going to go enjoy my -- my children while Jason's locked up in his cell? It just makes me sad that he might never get a chance to take his own boys to the park. And it makes me sad that somebody who has given me so much winds up with nothing.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Lucky: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Sorry.

Lucky: No, just forget about it, okay?

Elizabeth: Oh –

Lucky: You don't have to apologize.

Elizabeth: It's just hormones. I mean, my God, I cried at a cereal commercial this morning because the baby looked like Jake.

Lucky: Are you sure you're okay?

Elizabeth: I'm fine. I'm perfectly fine. I'm just going to finish what I'm doing here, I'm going to go pick up the boys, going to go to the park, and then I'll be home later tonight, okay?

Lucky: Okay.

Elizabeth: I'm really sorry if this thing with Jason caused trouble for you at the station.

Lucky: No, you know what? Just forget about it. Hey -- have fun at the park, okay?

Elizabeth: Thanks. Okay.

Lucky: Ahem.

Elizabeth: Oh -- whew.

Amelia: There's nothing that you can do about Jason being Jake Spencer’s real father.

Sam: No -- I could confront Jason -- or Elizabeth, or how about Lucky, huh?

Amelia: Well, depends on what you want to accomplish.

Sam: What I want isn't possible, Amelia. I want to have Jason's child.

Amelia: Look, didn't Jason say that he would be happy even if the two of you never had a child?

Sam: Oh, no, you -- you don't understand. You haven't seen the look in his eyes when he looks at Jake. He is special to him. There is nothing I can offer that comes close.

Amelia: Look -- look, his life is with you, not Elizabeth.

Sam: Yes, but she's such a good mother to Jason's son.

Amelia: Maybe you should just tell the truth, just get everything out in the open. You could always try to persuade Jason to go for shared custody.

Sam: There's no way. Jason wouldn't go for it. Elizabeth is not going to allow it, so he's not going to fight her on it. Even if Lucky leaves her, telling the truth gets me nowhere. So unless Jason comes clean --

[Sam sighs]

Sam: I have to keep things the way they are.

Amelia: Can you live with that?

Nikolas: I told you -- I told you that Jerry would drag you deeper into this, but you -- you went to Manhattan anyway.

Emily: Jerry was poisoning you, Nikolas. He said he was going to let you die if I didn't go to the bank with him.

Nikolas: But you -- but, Emily, you signed your name over to bank accounts that are linked to espionage.

Emily: I was trying to save your life!

Nikolas: No, I know -- I know that, but now your life is hanging in the balance and we're his puppets all over again, you see?

Emily: No, no, no. Nikolas, you're using all of this as an excuse to go after him, but you know that violence only breeds more violence.

Nikolas: That's the only language that he knows.

Emily: Nikolas, please. There is peace right now, okay?

Nikolas: What?

Emily: Everybody is balanced in this fragile little state of truce.

Nikolas: Right -- until he comes back and blows up another hotel.

Emily: No, no, no, Jerry's looking for a way out of this. He wants to end this, he wants to stay alive.

Nikolas: No, there's --

Emily: I'm the only insurance he has to make sure that happens.

Nikolas: There are too many people that he's hurt that I care about, and I want some justice for that.

Emily: You want revenge.

Nikolas: Yes. You're damn right I do.

Spinelli: Blond One!

Lulu: Why'd you slam that shut?

Spinelli: Hmm. I was jackaling information for Stone Cold's eyes only.

Lulu: Aha. Since when don't you trust me?

Spinelli: Since the Blond One's brother arrested Stone Cold.

Lulu: Ric Lansing is the one who got the warrant.

Spinelli: Look, your first loyalty is to your brother, a minion of law enforcement, and my first loyalty is to Stone Cold --

Lulu: The suspected murderer?

Spinelli: Look -- okay, see, there you have it. See, we are -- we are from two different houses, okay? The Montagues and the Capulets, the colonials and the cylons --

Lulu: What are you talking about?

Spinelli: We're star-crossed lovers -- friends, and, you know, we're separated by the hand of fate. That's just how it is.

Lulu: Okay. I consider Jason a friend, too, and I promise that I would not reveal any information that could potentially get him convicted.

Spinelli: Promise?

Lulu: I promise.

Spinelli: Okay. All right, look, I -- I hacked into the PCPD records, and I uncovered the evidence they have against Stone Cold.

Lulu: And?

Spinelli: Um -- they uncovered a recording of Darth Alcazar's final moments, and it seems that he -- that he said Jason's name, and then you heard a gunshot. Um -- and then, of course, evil al disappeared, so the dastardly D.A. is assuming that Stone Cold disposed of the body.

Sonny: What about shared custody? It's worked for me and Carly.

Jason: Carly isn't afraid of how you live, she's not afraid of the uncertainty. Elizabeth can't handle that.

Sonny: Well, that's her problem, not yours. Lucky -- you know, he's a decent guy, I got nothing against him, but why should Jake be his child instead of yours? You're only doing this because Elizabeth asked you to.

Carly: Sonny? Hey, Sonny -- What are you doing here?

Kate: Sonny and I are neighbors?

Carly: Oh, so that gives you the right to wander around any time you please?

Kate: Well, actually, I came to thank him -- for helping me after I bumped my head on that hideous statue you purchased.

Carly: Don't you think you're a little old for the damsel in distress routine?

Kate: Wow. It just infuriates you that Sonny was kind to me, doesn't it?

Carly: If Sonny wants to hang around with you, that's his problem.

Kate: Hmm. Your jealousy, while totally unfounded, is a little disconcerting, considering you're supposed to be happily married to Jax?

Jax: Hi.

Alexis: Your brother coerced Emily into, essentially, what is an act of treason.

Jax: And I gather you're looking for ways to legally extricate her?

Alexis: Right. And yet there's another avenue that we need to pursue.

Jax: Right -- finding Jerry.

Alexis: Correct.

Jax: You think I know where he is.

Alexis: I think that you don't want to betray your family. I also think that you need to do what's right. You're my friend, and I need to be able to trust you.

Jax: The last time I saw Jerry, he was in his hotel room. We had an argument, I basically wrote him off. The next thing I knew, the window in his room was broken, either because he escaped or because somebody put him through it.

Alexis: Do you think that he's still alive?

Jax: The evidence against Emily hasn't been turned over to the authorities, so I'm assuming that Jerry's still alive, yes. Where he is or how to find him, I can't help you.

Alexis: You need to use everything at your disposal to find him, because I want you to find him before Nikolas does.

Emily: I don't need you trying to save me; I can live with things the way they are.

Nikolas: Yeah? Well, I can’t.

Emily: Nikolas, nothing has gone the way Jerry planned, okay? Now he's just trying to stay alive -- this whole thing against me could even be a bluff.

Nikolas: What? Emily, the man shot Robin just to keep us all in line, he -- he hurts people for fun and amusement.

Emily: Yeah, but, see, it's different now -- Jerry's reconnected with his family. Jax has a wife, he has stepchildren, their mother's been visiting.

Nikolas: So what?

Emily: So Jerry is in the worst mess of his life, and he doesn't want it hurting his mother and his brother.

Nikolas: So -- so you're telling me that -- that you think Jerry has somehow miraculously rediscovered his humanity, is that it?

Emily: No, I'm telling you that I think there's a possibility that he could love his brother enough to keep the peace.

Nikolas: Well, I don't believe that, and deep down, I don't think Jax does, either.

Kate: How does your husband feel about you constantly finding excuses to be with Sonny?

Carly: Okay, first of all, Jax and I are happy and completely committed to each other.

Kate: Oh, my mistake.

Carly: Second of all -- and this may be difficult for you to grasp, being a child-hater -- most people who are divorced and share children see a lot of each other.

Kate: Thanks for explaining.

Carly: You're welcome. You can leave now.

[Kate chuckles]

Kate: See? There's that jealousy again. Why are you so threatened?

Carly: I'm not.

Kate: Okay, so that would explain why you went to the trouble to buy that hideous statue to replace the piece of art that Sonny had destroyed? Oh. Oh -- unless you don't know the difference between a masterpiece and a tacky piece of trash?

Carly: I knew it was ugly, and I thought you deserved it -- for ignoring Sonny's injunction of flying your helicopter over the house.

Kate: Okay, and exactly how is this your concern?

Carly: They're my family.

Kate: I thought Jax was your family. Does he even know you're here?

Carly: Yes, he does, and he trusts me completely.

Kate: Hmm. And how does he feel about how worked up you get about Sonny?

Carly: I got worked up because you insulted my kids, and you insinuated that they were juvenile delinquents.

Kate: No, see, I just simply want your boys to honor the property lines.

Carly: Why don't you get the hell out instead?

Jason: Of course I want my son with me, but it's not about me at this point. Sonny, I am handling this the best way I know how to handle it.

Sonny: What about Sam? You said she knows about Jake. Are you willing to stay with her so she'll keep the secret? Okay, you know what? All I'm saying is I'm not sure Sam is the person you think she is.

Mayor Floyd: Excuse me, aren't you Jason Morgan’s attorney?

Diane: Mayor Floyd. What inspires such a personal interest in my client?

Mayor Floyd: Well, I understand you requested another bail hearing.

Diane: Mm-hmm.

Mayor Floyd: You know, as Mayor of this city, it's my first responsibility to see that the citizens are protected, and I don't believe --

Diane: Save the speeches. I'm warning you right now, don't politicize this case, or you'll regret it.

[Jason sighs]

Diane: I have good news -- you may be out of here by tonight.

Elizabeth: Where are you? There you go.

Lulu: Hey, look who's here!

Elizabeth: Hey!

Lulu: Hey, Cam!

[Lulu gasps]

Lulu: Jake! Oh, my gosh, you look bigger than yesterday.

Elizabeth: Oh, he's growing fast.

Spinelli: Never fear. The Jackal will respect the Blond One's brother and, you know, keep my distance from the innocent one.

Elizabeth: Spinelli, it's okay. Lucky just overreacted. He's a little concerned at how interested you are in our son, but it's okay.

Spinelli: Your -- your baby is a -- is a most amazing creature.

Elizabeth: Thank you. You can come over. Yeah, it's okay, he's not going to bite.

Spinelli: Hey. Oh, wow, he's so tiny and perfect and -- hey -- look how he watches everything.

Elizabeth: Hi, buddy.

Spinelli: He loves the park, doesn't he?

Elizabeth: He does. He finds everything here so interesting. The other day, there was a little boy here with a big, red balloon --

Spinelli: Oh!

Elizabeth: He couldn't -- he wouldn't take his eyes off of this balloon.

[Spinelli laughs]

Cameron: Mommy?

Elizabeth: What? Oh, what happened? Did your wheel fall off? Let me help you.

Spinelli: All right. Salutations, little -- little innocent one. Jackal comes in peace, have no fear. Hey, check out my face. Look, it's a happy face, it's a friendly face.

[Spinelli chuckles]

Elizabeth: You can hold him if you want.

Spinelli: Really?

Elizabeth: Yeah, yeah, go ahead. Lulu, maybe you can help him --

Lulu: Yeah, yeah.

Elizabeth: Help him out.

Lulu: Come here.

Spinelli: Um, I -- you may want to reconsider. This is not really the Jackal's area of expertise.

Lulu: Put him in the crook of your arm.

Elizabeth: Yes, just like that.

Spinelli: Hello, buddy.

Lulu: Got him?

Spinelli: Hey. Wow. Huh. He did want to be held.

[Jake fusses]

Lulu: Ooh, you're a natural, Spinelli.

Spinelli: You think so? Really? Hey.

Sam: Hey, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Hey.                                                                        

Sam: Hi. Wow, if Jason could only see you now.

[Missing some of the transcript here.]

Nikolas: Living in denial of this is -- is not a solution.

Emily: Nikolas, I told you, I don't want you avenging me.

Nikolas: Okay, but what about all the people that he could potentially hurt in the future? What about them?

Emily: I don't know. We can't speculate.

Nikolas: "We can't --" you were at the Metro Court, right? You were, so you -- you know what he did. He will use his leverage against you because he can, which is why we need to stop him before he gets a chance to do that.

Alexis: I spoke to Jax, he's using all his resources to find Jerry.

Emily: Do you think he's going to tell you if he finds him?

Alexis: Yes, I do. And I'm ask-- I'm begging you to stay out of it.

Amelia: I just got the production schedule for "Everyday Heroes." I need to start ordering equipment and personnel for locations -- it's a substantial investment. So the question is, what mental state will my star be in? Will I be able to count on Sam to deliver?

Jason: Why don't you ask her yourself?

Amelia: I need to know whether or not you're going to confront her with everything that I told you -- that I'm Bill Monroe’s daughter and that I basically set her up for a nasty dose of public humiliation.

Jason: And what if I do?

Amelia: Well, on top of finding out that you're the father of Elizabeth’s baby, I think Sam will probably have a meltdown -- which is why I'd like some fair warning before I spend the network's money.

Jason: Doesn't Sam have the right to know the truth?

Amelia: Why? Sam certainly hasn't been truthful with you.

[Jake fusses]

Sam: I never knew you liked babies.

Spinelli: Actually, the -- the Jackal's never held one before, but it -- it's nice.

Sam: Yeah, that -- that is nice. Jake seems to have this effect on everyone. I think it's because he gets so much love and attention, I've never see anything like it -- you and you, his parents, and Jason and -- he's great, he's great.

Elizabeth: Yeah, he is.

Sam: Well, what's it like having two kids? I -- I heard it's kind of like one plus one equals three or 10 or --

Elizabeth: Yeah, it's -- it's kind of like that. It is a lot of work, but he's -- he's a really great baby, he's very calm.

Sam: Where do you think he gets that from?

Elizabeth: Me. Although, Lucky will try to take credit for it.

Sam: Uh -- I've got to go. I'm going to actually go get a smoothie and enjoy my walk in the park, and you guys have a nice day, okay?

Spinelli: See you.

Sam: Bye.

Lulu: Bye.

Spinelli: Oh, yeah?

Elizabeth: Spinelli, um --

Spinelli: Yeah?

Elizabeth: You live with Jason and Sam. Does Sam ever talk about wanting a baby?

Spinelli: Oh, actually --

Lulu: Okay?

Spinelli: You got -- okay. Uh -- yeah, actually, the fair Samantha would like one, but Stone Cold's opposed, so --

Elizabeth: Oh. That's too bad.

Spinelli: Yeah, the Jackal agree most heartily. I think Stone Cold would make an awesome dad.

Lulu: Um -- uh, actually, we -- we need to go, um, to the library -- because of this summer project.

Spinelli: The Blond One has a summer project?

Lulu: At P.C.U., remember?

Spinelli: Oh -- she's got a summer project.

Elizabeth: Okay, well, have fun. Cameron, say goodbye to Auntie Lulu.

Lulu: Bye!

Elizabeth: Bye!

Kate: See, you're embarrassing yourself again -- not that it seems to bother you.

Carly: I'm not the one walking around the house of a man I barely know.

Kate: Hmm.

Carly: You and Sonny have nothing in common.

Kate: How can you be so certain?

Carly: Sonny's from a place called Bensonhurst. It's in Brooklyn, mostly blue-collar.

Kate: Yeah, I think I've heard of Bensonhurst.

Carly: You see the way you say it -- like it's a foreign country that you might need shots to go to. Bensonhurst is a mile or so from Manhattan -- a place I'm sure you'd never go.

Kate: Okay. Well, if you're planning to bore me with tales of Sonny's David Copperfield --

Carly: Sonny and I have had to fight for everything we have, we weren't born with a silver platter.

Kate: You think I got to be the editor in chief of "Couture" magazine by being sweet and nice?

Carly: I don't think you have a clue how to fight dirty.

Kate: You might be surprised.

Carly: You know all those "inconveniences" that you've been having at your place? You may have more and more of those.

Kate: Are you threatening me?

Sonny: What are you guys doing?

Kate: Oh.

Sonny: Hey.

Kate: Um -- nothing, nothing. Your ex-wife just threatened to sabotage my property.

Carly: Wow.

Sonny: That's not very nice, Carly.

Carly: I think she's overreacting. Why don't you buy her out? Really, I mean, buy her out, knock down the fence, put up a nice, big pool -- you know, one with a grotto and waterfalls and a whole bunch of hot tubs? That's what you should do.

Kate: Okay, not to interrupt the backyard fantasia -- my property is not for sale.

Sonny: You really think I should put in a pool?

Carly: Put up a barn, pigs, cows -- I don't care. Do whatever you can to send her back to Manhattan!

Sonny: She's not so bad, Carly.

Carly: She ignored the injunction about flying helicopters over your house. She yelled at Michael and Morgan, but "She's not so bad, Carly."

Sonny: It's being handled, we're getting along now. Why do you care?

Carly: I don't care. I'm just glad she's not my neighbor, but I -- I don't care. I mean, she's your problem.

Sonny: Right.

Carly: I don't care, Sonny. I don't care in the slightest, okay?

Carly: I don't like that woman.

Sonny: Yeah, I got that.

Carly: But I'm not jealous.

Sonny: I didn't say you were.

Carly: I'm happily married to Jax, and that is why I'm here. I wanted to see if we could come to your barbecue.

Sonny: It's Father's Day.

Carly: Jax is a stepfather.

Sonny: He can have his barbecue the night after.

Carly: It is ridiculous to make the boys go to two separate places, come on.

Sonny: Why, do you think Jax and I are going to be competitive or something?

Carly: You can do whatever you want to do. I just think it would be a nice gesture on your part. You know, it would be like welcoming Jax to the family.

Sonny: Did --

Carly: The boys will see that we're getting along.

Sonny: Did Jax agree?

Carly: He'll do it if you'll do it.

Sonny: If he said he can handle it, I can handle it. It'd be good for the boys.

Carly: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Jason: If I keep quiet, your show stays on the air. Is that what you want?

Amelia: I'm torn. Selfishly, I want this show to be a hit, but Sam has never paid for what she did to my father, and now she's using you. Jan: My relationship with Sam is between me and her, you got that?

Amelia: You think Sam loves you. I doubt she is even capable of that emotion. You're a wealthy man, and she wants to hang on to you. She will never confront you about being Jake’s father. She doesn't want to risk losing you to Elizabeth if the truth comes out. She would rather keep playing on your guilt.

Jason: I'm the one who chose to give up my son.

Amelia: The question is, can you live with it?

Jason: Spend the money on your show; I don't think anything's going to change for now.

Lulu: Spinelli, are you out of your mind? You practically came right out and said Jason is Jake’s father.

Spinelli: With all due respect to the Blond One, I think you're being a tad paranoid.

Lulu: Excuse me!

Spinelli: Well, look -- all I said was that Stone Cold would make an awesome father, and it's not like that's not commonly known. Okay, remember that year that he -- that Stone Cold took care of the Valkyrie's eldest child? I mean, it's practically legend.

Lulu: Okay, no offense, Spinelli, but you talk too much.

Spinelli: Well -- huh. The Jackal is most trustworthy.

Lulu: Oh -- all right. Spinelli, your -- your intentions are -- are the best. But, you know, you start talking, and then you get excited or nervous or whatever, and -- and you start talking more, and -- and your words come out faster than you planned.

Spinelli: Look, the Blond One's shared many secrets with me. Have I revealed them to anyone ever?

Lulu: No, but you get on the brink -- like you did today -- and -- and this particular secret is huge. You just got to keep your mouth shut.

Spinelli: Okay, yes, I -- yes, you're right. I -- I think it would be better for everyone, especially the little Stone Cold one --

Lulu: How is it going to be good for Jake to have a dad who's in prison?

Spinelli: Stone Cold's going to be acquitted.

Lulu: You said it yourself that it looks like Jason actually killed Alcazar.

Spinelli: Come on, evil Al had it coming.

Lulu: Okay, I'm not going to disagree with you there. But if Jason doesn't go to prison, he's going to come back and start working for Sonny, and he'll be eliminating men who are probably scum and probably deserve it, but that does not make him prime father material.

Spinelli: Look, regardless of Stone Cold's profession, he and the small Stone Cold one need each other, okay? You know, maybe to prove my friendship, I should -- I should just tell the truth.

Lucky: The truth about what?

Elizabeth: Cameron, Daddy is going to love that Father's Day present you made for him. And your very special card -- what do you think he's going to do with it?

[Cameron babbles]

Elizabeth: Take it work -- I think you're right. That's exactly what he's going to do. Sometimes we don't give daddies enough credit -- I know. I'll put it back on later. So do you think maybe this year -- Cam, listen to me -- do you think maybe this year you can help me make Daddy feel very special, let him know how much we appreciate him? Can you do that? Thank you. Come here, I'll help you.

Alexis: I think that Jax is the best person to find Jerry.

Nikolas: Okay, then what? Jax tells Jerry to disappear, and then he goes scot-free?

Emily: Nikolas, please stay out of this.

Nikolas: The two of you seem to be forgetting who -- who Jerry really is and, why, because you're -- because you're afraid for me? Well, let me handle this the way I see fit.

Alexis: I know you want revenge -- I don't blame you -- and I know you don't care about the consequences. But there will be consequences, Nikolas, so you need to find another way.

Emily: Alexis is right. If you don't stop, you're going to be the one who's destroyed.

Carly: Hi.

Jax: Hello.

Carly: Oh, you look so handsome sitting over here.

[Jax chuckles]

Carly: So I talked to Sonny, and he says it's fine for us to come over for a Father's Day barbecue.

Jax: Oh -- oh, this is wonderful.

Carly: Yeah.

Jax: I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day. All right.

Carly: Okay. Yeah. All right, well, you know, this is for the boys. It is. They know Sonny didn't want to go through with the divorce, and they love you, but their loyalty was torn.

Jax: No, the boys -- the boys seem to be adjusting fine. I'm just -- I'm not so sure about Sonny.

Carly: This Father's Day is going to cement the fact that we're all moving forward with our lives, everyone's happy and getting along.

Jax: If you say so.

Carly: I say so.

Jax: Oh. Okay.

Kate: Tell me you didn't do it. Tell me it was your loud and vindictive ex-wife --

Sonny: Do what?

Kate: I am expecting a very important guest from Manhattan --

Sonny: Right.

Kate: And it seems someone has sabotaged my catering truck.

Sonny: How did that happen?

Kate: Well, the caterers parked.

Sonny: Right.

Kate: They opened the back of the truck, and then they left it briefly unattended, and in those very few moments, someone came by with a leaf blower. There are now bits of leaves and grass all covering my food. Don't --

Sonny: Did it ever occur to you that maybe it was the gardener?

Kate: The point is I have nothing to serve my guest now.

Sonny: Oh. Too bad.

Kate: Yeah, I can see you're all broken up about it.

Sonny: You know what? I got lots of food. Why don't you and your V.I.P. guest join me?

Mayor Floyd: Well, then we need to reschedule. Okay.

Diane: You are skating dangerously close to misconduct, Mayor Floyd.

Mayor Floyd: I take it your request for bail was denied?

Diane: On your recommendation.

Mayor Floyd: Well, I simply pointed out that Morgan is a danger to society and the judge happened to agree.

Diane: You seem to have forgotten that Jason Morgan is connected to some very important people in this town -- namely the Quartermaines and Jasper Jacks -- people whose support you will rapidly lose if you do not reconsider your position.

[Diane sighs]

Diane: I'm sorry. Petition for bail has been denied. You're going to have to stay in lockup until the trial, which could be months away.

Jason: What -- what about my defense? Are you going to be able to get me acquitted?

Diane: I don't know.

Lulu: Um -- Spinelli wants to tell Dillon and Milo the truth about being my boyfriend -- except you're not.

Spinelli: Well, see, the Blond One did bestow that title upon me at one point one beautiful day.

Lulu: Yeah, but we discussed this, and, um, you're just my friend -- at least, for now -- so you need to respect that.

Spinelli: I'm a patient man, I can wait.

Lucky: Yeah, I hate to break this up, but can I talk to you for a minute?

Lulu: Sure.

Lucky: Ahem -- listen, I'm having my first official Father's Day at the house, and I was hoping that you could -- could stop by.

Elizabeth: All right. Here you go, monkey. Okay. Here you go. Here, let me cover you up. Cam, do you need help with that? Okay. Oh, let's see what you got going on here. You know what? When we go home, we're going to practice tying our shoelaces. You want to do that? Okay, there you go. Now, let's get Jake and go home, okay? Okay. Oh, my God. Oh, my God -- Jake? Jake? Jake! Jake! Jake!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Michael: It's really cool that you're coming to Dad's barbecue with us.

Jax: It's going to be a fun Father's Day.

Sonny: You'll come by, Carly's going to bring the kids --

Kate: Carly?

Elizabeth: Help me, somebody took my baby!

Wes: What is going on? Sam's late, too.

Sam: I'm here. Where did you go?

Amelia: I was just about to ask you the same thing.

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