GH Transcript Friday 5/18/07

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/18/07


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Sam: Statistics reveal one in every four women will experience some sort of domestic violence in their lifetime. One of the questions this segment aims to answer is, what do we do when someone we thought we could trust turns on us?

Amelia: Sam claims she shot my father in self-defense. How much are you willing to bet when she relives that night with cameras rolling, it's going to look a lot more like what it really was -- murder?

Sonny: Max, it's me. Craig's back. Double security at the hotel --

Logan: Listen to me.

Sonny: Okay -- let me call you back. I thought I told you to take care of this.

Man: I'm sorry, Mr. Corinthos, it won't happen again.

Sonny: Get him out of here. I don't have time for this right now!

Logan: It's your life that's on the line here.

Sonny: Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute. Let him in, let him in. Close the door.

[Door closes]

Logan: Alcazar had a meeting with the guy behind the counter. He paid him a lot of money to poison you.

Sonny: Vinnie?

Logan: Yeah, he -- he's probably worked here since, you know, the place opened, right? Makes him the perfect guy to take you out.

[Knock on door]

Vinnie: Here's your espresso, boss.

Sonny: You know what? Vin -- um -- it smells kind of funny. Did you scorch the beans?

Vinnie: No. I made it the same as I always do.

Sonny: Can you taste it, see if it -- maybe if it's the same?

Vinnie: Why don't I just make you a new cup?

Sonny: Why don't you just drink this one?

Vinnie: No.

Sonny: Why, Vinnie?

Vinnie: It's poisoned.

Sonny: Because?

Vinnie: Alcazar paid me to kill you.

Lorenzo: Come on, Skye. Give me a reason, any reason, why Sonny's barista would recognize you, other than that you've been visiting Sonny's office. Is that where you're going when you're supposedly running errands, or buying clothes a fashion plate like you would never dream of putting on our daughter?

Skye: You know what? I've had about up to "here" with having to justify every single move that I make, with constantly trying to prove myself to you. Well, how about we flip the script for a change? How about you start proving a few things to me?

Jax: I don't know what's going on anymore. I -- I can't believe what Jerry's done. I know that something happened to him and he won't say what -- even after he -- he said that he was in business with Alcazar, and his part in the hostage crisis.

Carly: "His part"? Jax, it was his floorshow and he enjoyed every minute of it!

Jax: Okay, I'm not disputing that. But he won't discuss why.

[Carly sighs]

Jax: What would motivate him to do something like that? I mean, the -- the once reckless brother that I knew -- what would turn him into a terrorist?

Carly: I don't care! I don't care about his motivation!

Jax: Well, I do, okay? And I realize that you have every reason to hate him, that you want to see him pay for his crimes, but I -- as your husband, I'm asking you -- I'm begging you. Please, help me help my brother.

Jerry: This is a rather problematic place for a shootout, don't you think? We're practically on top of the PCPD!

Jason: Whew. I don't care, as long as you die!

Amelia: Sam's going through a personal crisis right now, which means she's already raw. It won't take much to throw her off an emotional cliff. Then we can watch little Miss McCall flail for her life like she so richly deserves.

Sam: Amelia? Can I talk to you for a second?

Amelia: Sure. Is something wrong?

Sam: Well, it's just that this copy is the only wraparound for the segment. I'm just -- I'm really not clear on what the heart of the whole story is.

Amelia: Well, the statistical fact that our viewers are far more likely to encounter domestic violence than, say, being trapped in a burning building or a hotel lobby.

Sam: No, of course, I understand that. I just don't know what my involvement in -- in this whole thing is.

Amelia: It's another reenactment. We're going to take our viewers through an example of an abusive situation and show them what to do -- and what not to do. An unfortunate byproduct of domestic violence is women become too afraid to act in the moment. They end up facing criminal charges when they do something in the dead of night -- when the abuser is asleep or otherwise incapacitated. We're going to demonstrate how a woman -- even a tiny little thing like yourself -- can protect herself without resorting to murder.

Skye: Maybe you were too busy playing the mental cripple to fully appreciate what was going on. Well, let me remind you. In order to protect you, I put myself into the line of fire. So all of Sonny's anger and suspicions got diverted to me. So we had a few ugly confrontations.

Lorenzo: Why didn't you tell me?

Skye: I didn't want to tax your feeble brain. Really, it's a miracle that I'm still around to tell the tale, because Sonny had all the chances in the world to eliminate me, because my big protector was faking brain damage and using me as a decoy to run his business.

Lorenzo: I have apologized for that.

Skye: Yeah, and I've forgiven you. And I am trying to trust you again -- too bad you can't say the same thing.

Lorenzo: So in the world according to Skye, Sonny's barista recognizing you shouldn't raise any suspicion at all?

Skye: Sonny's barista probably recognizes me because he saw me walking into Sonny's office through the coffeehouse. That is why I look so familiar to him. Is that enough of an explanation for you?

Lorenzo: Well, I'm sorry you're upset. I do want to believe you.

Skye: Who cares? You've already stolen my daughter. What the hell else do I have to lose?

Man: You can come back in now.

Logan: Where's Vinnie?

Sonny: Okay, first of all, you went through a lot of trouble to prove yourself to me. Don't start asking questions that only have compromising answers.

Logan: Got it.

[Logan sighs]

Logan: Is there something else that I can -- I can help you with?

Sonny: Yes, you can, and you can tell me everything you heard, everything you saw when you were casing Alcazar's house.

Logan: It wasn't much, really. I mean, the window was closed the whole time while Carly was there, and then Alcazar opened it.

Sonny: Okay -- Carly was at Alcazar's?

Logan: Yeah, yeah, they -- they went a few rounds, it's kind of hard to tell who won.

Carly: I love you, and I didn't take a single marriage vow lightly. And believe me, I know the ramifications of "for better or for worse," but I didn't promise to protect the man that held me hostage.

Jax: I realize that.

Carly: And I know that Jerry is blood and I know you are bonded to him, but I think it's unfair for you to act like helping Jerry is a condition of loving you. And I don't want him to be this wedge in between our marriage. So I'm just really trying to understand right now, what exactly are you asking me to do here, Jax?

Jax: I'm asking you for time, okay? I know, I know, that's asking -- I know it's asking a lot. But I can't just throw my brother to the wolves, okay? So I'm asking you just to please love me through this. Put aside what Jerry's done to you -- just for now until I can figure out what to do about it, okay? Even if you think it's wrong, or you hate it or you hate me for asking.

Carly: Okay, so, in the meantime, what am I supposed to do with the fact that your brother is a threat to everyone I care about?

Jerry: You're just not a good enough shot!


Jerry: How do you feel about involving innocent bystanders?

Jason: No.

Jerry: I thought you might feel this way.

Boy: So when you're done with the paper, we'll go to the movie. Sounds good?

Girl: Sounds great. Let's go in here.

Skye: I suppose the most convenient thing would be for you right now to kill me. I'm sure you have hundreds of ways of making people disappear and having it seem like an accident, and then you could have our daughter free and clear.

Lorenzo: Will you stop it? I have no intention of killing you, Skye. I love you.

Skye: Well, you've got an awfully strange way of showing it.

Lorenzo: Well, maybe it would help if you saw things from my point of view. I am no stranger to betrayal. I have lost every member of my family. I come to this town, I fall in love with this crazy woman named Carly, marry her. No sooner were my vows hanging in the air, then she turned on me. Then you come along -- my real chance at lasting love -- I'm looking out for you, and you betray me, too.

Skye: Oh -- let's not rewrite history, okay, Lorenzo? You lied to me. You sent me out to fight a war I had no idea how to fight. I did my best and for what? For nothing, because you were fully capable the whole time. And when Ric -- Ric started to work me, did I cave? Oh, you bet I did -- in reaction. So call me -- call me weak, call me stupid, but don't you "dare" accuse me of being the one who broke the trust out of nowhere. You did this, you broke it first. I just did what I had to do to protect myself -- and our daughter.

Lorenzo: That’s exactly what I'm trying to do right now. I want Lila Rae to have both her parents. You're just going to have to indulge me a little bit longer.

Skye: Oh, stop acting like I have a choice.

Logan: Alcazar was coming down on her pretty hard about something. Carly seemed a little shocked at first, but then she got fired up, she went toe-to-toe with him. Then she slammed out, and Vinnie showed up for his half of the payoff.

Jason: What's going on?

Sonny: I'll fill you in. All right, thanks. You can -- you can go.

Logan: Oh --

Sonny: What do you got, what do you got?

Jason: Okay, I found Craig in an alley by the PCPD, we got some shots off at each other, but some kids walked in the line of fire and I had to let him go.

Sonny: That's not what I wanted to hear right now.

Jason: I'm not -- I'm not done, Sonny, there's another problem.

Coop: You're not helping.

Maxie: Damn straight I'm not. You can't just up and go -- talk about waving a red flag.

Coop: Adults voluntarily disappear all the time.

Maxie: Maybe if they're not a police officer in training. But if you drop off the face of the earth, my dad's going to initiate an investigation. How long do you think he's going to have to dig before he finds out who you really are or your part in the hostage crisis? They're never going to stop looking for you. You'll have to change your name to Buford and move to some bayou and eat swamp birds or something.

Coop: I will miss that crazy mind at work.

Maxie: So don't go.

Coop: If I don't leave, Craig could come after you.

Maxie: Why is everybody acting like Craig is some invincible killing machine? He's human, which means he has weaknesses. We just have to find them.

Coop: Yeah, good luck with that.

Maxie: Besides, for all we know, Jason's taken Craig out already.

Coop: I still have Sonny to contend with. He knows that I was one of the hostage takers, and he made it real clear to me that if I ever told anyone about our deal, that those would be the last words I ever said. All right, so I'm not seeing a whole lot of great alternatives here -- either I leave town or I die.

Alan: A man in your position with a half a brain in his head would not be getting loaded all the time.

Tracy: I agree.

Luke: Agree with what?

Tracy: Alan says you should keep a clear head.

Luke: Do yourself a favor, brother-in-law -- save your ethereal advice for your sister. I'm unhauntable.

Alan: This guy is hopeless. Tracy, when are you going to open your eyes and realize that you cannot save Luke? He's a lost cause.

Tracy: This from a man who stayed married to Monica. How many times did you try to save her?

Alan: Now, wait a minute, that's different -- Monica loved me. Luke loves Laura.

Tracy: Now you're being spiteful.

Alan: No, I'm not. I'm looking out for your welfare -- which isn't exactly what I came here to do. Anyway, Luke is going to drink himself right on to an e-ticket to the great beyond -- that is, if he doesn't kill himself first -- and I don't want you going along for the ride.

Luke: Looks like Elvis hit a nerve.

Tracy: It's nothing I'm not already afraid of.

Luke: My little spanky buns afraid? Of what?

Tracy: That it doesn't matter what the outcome of the hearing is, one day you're just going to implode, and I will lose what little of you that I have.

Luke: You know, I don't expect the dead to be a barrel of laughs, but you at least used to be fun.

Tracy: I do not consider watching you do this to yourself "fun."

Luke: Do what to myself?

Tracy: Do you have any idea how much booze you've knocked back?

Luke: No -- and why do you care?

Alan: Mark my words; he's going to lose it in the courtroom.

Tracy: Mark my words; you're going to lose it in the courtroom.

Alexis: Hi.

Luke: Ah, Natasha, just in time. Care for a cocktail?

Alexis: Oh, it doesn't look like there's much left. It's not a social visit. I'm here about the guardianship, and we need to go over some of your testimony. You ready?

Luke: Sure, let's do it.

Alexis: Good, let's do it. Okay, I got a pencil here somewhere.

Tracy: Don't sit there!

Alexis: What? Why?

Luke: It's Alan’s.

Alexis: Alan's dead -- isn't he? I mean, God rest his soul.

Luke: Well, his soul is not all that restful.

Tracy: You know what? I don't have the energy to pretend, so you might as well just know -- Alan is sitting right there in that chair even as we speak.

Luke: I have nothing to say.

Tracy: My brother's haunting me.

Alexis: Let's do Laura’s case a big favor and not bring that up in court, shall we?

Amelia: Sam, there's someone I want you to meet. Frank, this is our resident hero.

Frank: Hi. Frank Reed.

Sam: Hi. Sam McCall.

Amelia: Frank is an actor/stunt double; he'll be playing your attacker.

Frank: Don't worry, I won't hurt you -- I'll even teach you some falling techniques.

Amelia: If at any point you feel uncomfortable, we can stop tape, but I don't anticipate any problems. Frank is a real pro, and so are you, and since time is money, it would be great if we could just keep things rolling. All right, I'd like you both to wing it to a certain extent. We don't want any of this to look scripted. Frank, you're going to need to just summon up real rage, really, just get out of control, and, Sam, do your best to protect yourself.

Sam: Yes.

Amelia: All right, let's go for it.

Sam: Ahem.

Frank: All right, you --

Sam: Hi. Frank: You ready for this?

Sam: Yeah.

Frank: Okay.

Sam: Um -- you know what? I -- um -- really -- I -- I don't think I can do this. Sorry.

Carly: Sonny brought up a few points. Jerry walked away with nothing because of me and Sonny, and I'm sure he's not too happy about that. So if Jerry does want to seek revenge, he will come after us -- or Jason, or all three of us.

Jax: He won't hurt you, I know that.

Carly: So I get a free pass because I'm your wife, but what about Sonny and Jason? Or any of the other hostages who can recognize him, like Lulu or robin or Emily? What about Elizabeth, who is sitting in a hospital bed right now with her newborn baby?

Jax: Revenge isn't Jerry's style.

Carly: You don't know Jerry's style -- that's the point here, Jax.

Jax: Okay, there's got to be something left of my brother. I have to believe that.

Carly: You're willing to bet my life on that? Are you? Because, I'm sorry, he looked you in the face and he told you that what he did that night, he would do again. So the bottom line is you don't know what he's capable of.

Jax: No, you're right. I don't know. And if Jerry goes after Sonny or Jason, they have the right to defend themselves. I'm just asking you to help me avoid the confrontation.

Carly: What do you want me to do?

Jax: Don't tell anyone that James Craig is my brother -- until I can figure out what to do.

Carly: I love you. Do you realize what you're asking me to do?

Jax: Does that mean you're going to keep the secret?

Jason: Spinelli is -- is tracking Alcazar's phone records. Maybe we can, you know, hook into Craig’s number and find out where he is.

Sonny: Alcazar and Craig made a move today.

Jason: How?

Sonny: Alcazar bribed Vinnie to put a -- a special kick in my espresso.

Jason: What? You -- Vinnie? Vinnie tried to poison you?

Sonny: And he would have if that kid Logan didn't run interference.

Jason: That's why he was in here.

Sonny: For whatever reason -- I don't know, maybe to try and impress us -- Logan was casing Alcazar's house. He found that Vinnie stuff in there and he came to warn me.

Jason: Uh-huh. That's -- that's funny -- I wouldn't expect Alcazar to use poison as one of his methods.

Sonny: Well, maybe that's why he did it. Let me tell you something. Logan had some more information that was kind of interesting -- guess who was there. Carly.

Jason: At -- at Alcazar's?

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: What was she doing there?

Sonny: I don't -- you know what? Logan said they were -- they were mixing it up. I -- you know, I got a feeling that Carly knows more about Craig than she's saying.

Jason: Yeah, but why would she want to protect Craig?

Sonny: I have to go find out.

Sam: I am so sorry, Amelia. This is just a -- a little too weird for me.

Amelia: I -- I don't understand.

Sam: Um --

Amelia: Oh -- oh, my God. Have you been the victim of abuse?

Sam: Look, it's -- um -- it's -- like I said, it's just -- weird.

Amelia: Oh, God, Sam, I'm so sorry. If I had known, I never would've scheduled this segment. It never occurred to me that Jason would do such --

Sam: Jason? No. No, no, no, Jason would never physically hurt me like that. No, not --

[Sam groans]

Sam: Okay, look, it was another -- another guy.

Amelia: What, Todd Sullivan, the man who demanded hush money?

Sam: No. No, it was another -- another guy -- another guy that I scammed. And I know exactly what you're thinking right now, so please don't --

Amelia: No, I'm your friend. No judgments here.

Sam: It was just -- it was a terrifying experience and I don't want to revisit it right now.

Amelia: I understand. But you just made this piece even more important. You lived through domestic violence, and look at you -- beautiful, confident, successful, out of the situation. God, you have a unique opportunity to empower other women by your own example. Show them that they're not at fault, show them how to defend themselves, and show them that there is life after abuse. And if you could help just one woman out there, give her the information to change her life, isn't that worth being uncomfortable for, what, five minutes?

Sam: You're right. You are absolutely right. I -- I do have to do this.

Amelia: Yeah. You do.

Sam: Okay. All right, I'm ready. Thank you.

Frank: You okay?

Sam: Yeah.

Frank: Good. All right.

Alexis: I can't stress this enough. If a judge thinks that you're able to converse with your dead brother, Scott is going to say that Luke has made you as crazy as he's made Laura.

Tracy: Objection!

Luke: Now, just a minute!

Jax: My apologies for barging in. Hi, everyone.

Alan: Hi.

Jax: This is really important -- I'm sorry.

Alexis: Oh, okay. Excuse me one second. I'm sure I can come up with a number of grounds for annulment.

Jax: Oh, no, this isn't about Carly.

Alexis: Oh.

Jax: My brother, Jerry, is in serious trouble.

Sonny: We got to talk.

Cary: So talk.

Sonny: No --

Carly: You told me you're worried about Craig, and I told you the boys can stay with you until that piece of garbage is found, and I'm not going to move in with you, so --

Sonny: Why were you at Alcazar's?

Carly: What, are you spying on me?

Sonny: My eyes were on him, you walked in front of them. Now, from what I understand, you guys were going at it. Now, we can play this game about what I already know and what you're going to tell me right now.

Carly: I went to Lorenzo because I wanted him to tell me everything he knew about James Craig.

Sonny: And?

Carly: And we had a big fight about you and me and how much Lorenzo hates you.

Sonny: Well, that's obvious -- he and Mr. Craig just tried to kill me.

Maxie: The worst thing you could do right now is run.

Coop: At least I'd be taking some action, and maybe I'd hit the jackpot and salvage some of the pride I used to have.

Maxie: What are you talking about?

Coop: You saved me from the cops after the hotel robbery, you helped me cheat my way into the police academy, and you fixed things by setting up Craig -- makes me wonder how I think I ever got through Iraq without you.

Maxie: So, you're leaving town to get away from me?

Coop: No -- no, that's not what I meant. I just want to do something for you by not bringing my trouble to your door.

Maxie: But you do plenty for me. Do you want me to make a list? How about the way you make me feel good just by smiling at me or telling me that I'm wonderful, and all you ask for in return is the pleasure of my company? That means everything to me. Don't act all macho and stupid. Me helping you doesn't make you any less. You are the best guy I know. You're smart and brave and sexy and kind, and any girl would kill to have a guy like you, and all I have to do is scheme a little. Come on, Coop, you can't leave. I'd be lost without you.

[Coop sighs]

Coop: Okay -- okay, okay.

Maxie: Do you really mean that?

Coop: Yeah, on one condition.

Maxie: Just name it.

Coop: All right, the deal between me and Sonny stays between you and me. All right, you can't talk me out of it, either. I mean, if I live through Craig, I still have to be Sonny's PCPD mole.

Maxie: As long as my dad doesn't get hurt.

Coop: This is going to be tense and tricky. Are you sure you can handle it?

Logan: Ha-ha. Congratulate me.

Maxie: Congratulations -- you know how to walk through a door. Let's work on knocking.

[Logan chuckles]

Logan: I just saved Sonny's life again, and this time I know there's a job in it for me. Whew.

Jason: You got anything?

Spinelli: Uh -- yeah, it's kind of complicated. Okay, so evil al's definitely expanding his calling circle, but he's running up his minutes --

Jason: Okay, less talking and more focus, okay? Craig and Alcazar tried to kill Sonny today.

Spinelli: I assume by the usage of the word "tried" that the devious duo's deadly attempt failed?

Jason: Yeah, and as soon as Craig realizes that, he's going to make another move. So what -- what is the program telling you, Spinelli?

Spinelli: Okay, okay, most of Alcazar's calls are going to South America, but -- okay, okay, wait, wait, wait. Okay, hold on, there's a new one. It's got a different prefix than the foreign calls, and it's definitely not one of the regular minions, and it's -- it's a cell number.

Jason: Okay, okay, cross-check that, and find out when Alcazar started making calls and receiving calls from that number.

Spinelli: Just a few days ago.

Jason: That's got -- that's got to be Craig.

Spinelli: Right. Yeah, I mean, the unhinged one is a master strategist and really gets off on playing games, so chances are he's probably here in plain sight, just waiting to make his next move.

Jason: Right, he's going to get what he wants, Spinelli, if you don't find him!

Spinelli: Okay -- ha! The Jackal believes that mission has been accomplished.

Tracy: Mr. Jacks, Alexis is here to help us with our legal problems. If you need her assistance, take a number.

Alexis: I'll be with you in a minute. He wouldn't be here if it weren't urgent.

Luke: It's okay, you two wacky kids powwow. I'm sure the three of us can amuse ourselves.

Jax: "Three"?

Alexis: Don't encourage this.

Jax: Excuse us.

Alan: Not a problem.

Alexis: What has Jerry done now?

Jax: I have to be careful how I word this.

Alexis: Oh, dear.

Jax: What are Jerry's chances of cutting a deal if his latest escapade resulted in personal injury or death?

Alexis: In order for me to make an informed opinion about this, you would have to give me more particulars, which you seem unwilling to do, so let me just say this. If innocent people have died as a result of any action that Jerry deliberately set into motion, it will be very, very bad for him. And my advice to you as your best friend is for you to stay out of whatever Jerry is into. Otherwise, you will be on trial as an accomplice. Does that help?

Jax: No, not really, but -- you know, thanks for trying. I'm sorry.

Luke: I don't need the dearly departed doctor joining forces with you to monitor my booze intake.

Tracy: We are trying to help you.

Alan: Tracy, what is the poi? You're wasting your time. This man is his own worst enemy, and why did you think that getting married to you, he was going to change?

Tracy: Enough! No more disparaging remarks about my marriage!

Luke: What did he say?

Tracy: I have had it! Never mind --

Luke: I want to know what he said about me!

Alexis: All right, all right! I'm well aware of the crazy quotient in this house -- I was a part of it once -- but I want to remind you both that this is a really serious matter. Scott Baldwin may get guardianship of Laura, which would preclude you from ever seeing her again. So I suggest you all pipe down, rein in the insanity, and focus!

Maxie: Death by dark roast -- wow.

[Logan chuckles]

Logan: Make jokes if you want, but Sonny took it very seriously.

Coop: And so should you. It's a perfect example of how dangerous these people are.

Maxie: Which makes me wonder why you would want to risk your life to work for Sonny.

Logan: Because I'm looking for a little more out of life than a shiny badge and an early pension -- no offense, Coop. I'm sure you're going to be a fabulous cop, but I am going to be an even better gangster.

Maxie: Well, that's going to put you two on totally opposite sides.

Logan: Hell, that'll be half the fun.

Maxie: You're really not worried?

Logan: Hell, no. Coop or any other cop's not going to be able to pin anything on me, and you want to know why? Because Sonny's resources are going to be my resources. It's on, buddy.

Sonny: My source says you barely got out the door when Vinnie showed up to collect half his payoff.

Carly: That makes sense why Alcazar blew up at me -- he wanted to insult me and get me out of there fast so I wouldn't see the guy he hired to kill you.

Sonny: My understanding is Craig gave the order. Now, I know you don't think so -- for whatever reason -- but you are at risk from this psychopath. I'm at risk, Jason's at risk.

Carly: Craig won't hurt me. I'm fine, okay?

Sonny: What makes you sure of that, Carly? Have you -- have you been in contact with him?

Carly: No, I haven't been in contact --

Sonny: Then why are you trying to protect Craig?

Carly: No one hates that man more than I do, okay? I was on my way to happily-ever-after until he showed up.

Sonny: Carly --

Carly: What?

Sonny: Is there something you're not telling me?

Carly: I have not seen Craig.

Sonny: But you -- you went over to Alcazar asking questions about Craig before I told you he was even around. Okay. Fine. You know what? You got that look in your eye, and I -- I can't wear you down right now, so I'm just -- I just want you to be careful. You got two boys who -- who need their mother.

Carly: So do you. And I need you, to so you be careful.

[Door opens and closes]

Jerry: I'm not pleased, but it's better than being dead -- which I came close enough.

Lorenzo: How?

Jerry: Jason Morgan tried to ambush me, which means he's no dead, either. I thought we had an agreement.

Lorenzo: My people are in place. It'll go down soon.

Jerry: Yeah, well, you better hope it's soon enough, or you'll be hearing from me again -- in the form of a bullet in the brain.

Lorenzo: Where are you? Someplace safe, going someplace safer.

Spinelli: I have it. I -- I have the unhinged one's cell number, okay? So now -- okay, yeah. So now all I have to do is hack into the G.P.S. satellite control center and -- and I --

Jason: What? What?

Spinelli: But do -- do you really want to face-off with Craig? Yeah, he's -- look, the guy -- he's a soulless menace, okay? And not that I would ever doubt your abilities, but, I mean, you have been kind of weakened by, you know, the secret pain of the small stone cold one and the death of the paternal one.

Jason: I really need you to keep working right now, okay? Just -- okay.

Spinelli: And not to say that you don't have a right to vengeance -- because you do -- and not to say that I ever met your progenitor -- which I didn't -- but I got to believe that Dr. Alan would rather have Craig alive than, you know, have you dying trying to -- wait.

Jason: What? What do you got?

Spinelli: Uh -- Craig’s phone is moving.

Jason: Where?

Spinelli: Um -- heading east on Rosemead. Why does that sound familiar?

Jason: Craig's around Carly’s house. I want you to call her. If she's not home, you tell her to stay away. If she is, you say whatever it takes to get her out of that house now!

Spinelli: Yes!

[Phone rings]

Tracy: Oh, please.

Alexis: There's a long list of questions that you're going to have to answer about your relationship with Laura.

Luke: Simple -- we fell in love, we got married, we had a couple of kids.

Alexis: Then there are the numerous scrapes with the law, many of which happened while you took Laura and your children on the run, and Scott is going to bring up each and every one of those. He's going to say that you are reckless and irresponsible.

Luke: I'm not ashamed of anything I did to protect my wife and son from people who wanted them dead.

Alexis: Then there's your tendency for anger and violence -- which leads me y difficult question. Did you ever force yourself on Laura?

Luke: There's no reason to go there.

Alexis: Trust me, Scott will.

Tracy: That's ancient history. Luke and Laura got past that years ago.

Alexis: Luke's character is the core of Scott’s argument, which is why he is trying to block Nikolas' guardianship, as well as Laura’s mother's, because they are both sympathetic with him. Ancient history or not, he knows exactly what happened all those years ago, he has every right to bring it up, and he will.

Luke: But you're the lawyer. Stop him.

Alexis: I will do everything in my power to do that, you know that. But you need to prepare yourself, because there is more than a good chance that Scott will tell the story of Laura’s rape, right inside that courtroom.

Sam: The most important thing you can do is take yourself out of the abuse -- get out of the room, get out of the home -- and the worst thing a woman can do is engage her attacker -- verbally or physically.

Bill's voice: Shut that mouth. Shut it!

Sam's voice: Don't -- don't! No!

Amelia: Keep rolling, we can cut it together. Frank, this is when you get really out of control, really go after her. Sam, show the audience that there's a gun in the cabinet, but don't use it. Run out of the house. All right, let's go.

Frank: You ready?

Sam: Yeah.

Frank: Okay.

Sam: Okay.

Frank: Who do you think owns this house? Me! And I own everything in it, and that includes you!

Sam: Agh! Ow -- get –

Frank: You lied to me, you little –

Bill: Slut! You're going to pay for what you did!

Sam: Please -- no!

[Bill yells]

Frank: I'm going to teach you a lesson.

Sam: No.

Frank: You lied to me!

Sam's voice: Get away!

Sam: Get out! Don't come any closer or I will shoot your head off!

Lorenzo: Adios.

Skye: I understand enough Spanish to know you said something about leaving.

Lorenzo: It's getting too dangerous here. I'm going back to Caracas.

Skye: What about Lila?

Lorenzo: I'm taking her with me. I'd like you to come along. If you do, we'll work everything out once we get settled.

Coop: I agreed to let you come this far, but I speak to Sonny alone.

Maxie: I'm the only one who can assure Sonny I'm not going to tell anyone, and we're in this together. Besides, I'm not afraid of Sonny.

Coop: Another one who should be. Mr. Corinthos, I need to speak to you, Sir.

Maxie: No, "we" need to speak to -- you.

Spinelli: Oh, good. Okay, Stone Cold went after unhinged one, and due to my jackal abilities, we tracked him to a most --

Sonny: Shut up! Get him out of here until he learns how to speak English.

Spinelli: No, you want to -- hey, no -- ugh!

Sonny: Uh -- Jax, I don't have time right now -- unless you can tell me where I can find Mr. Craig?

Jax: Well, actually, I can call Craig any time I want. But you can't kill him.

Sonny: Why not?

Jax: Because the man you know as Craig is really my brother, Jerry.

Jerry: Jax? Jax? Honey, I'm home.

Jason: You will not get near Carly, or anybody else I care about.

Jerry: Well, there's something you should know about these people --

Jason: I'm not interested in your lies!

Carly: No, no, no, Jason, no! You can't shoot him.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Wes: If she flips out, "Everyday Heroes" is going to tank.

Amelia: She won't break.

Sam: I said get away!

Frank: No, no.

Sonny: I don't care whose brother he is. He deserves to die!

Jason: Get out of the way. Alan died because of him.

Carly: You cannot kill Jax's brother!

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