GH Transcript Friday 5/11/07

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/11/07


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Carly: So you're not going to leave to rescue Jerry this time?

Jax: Absolutely not. I made a commitment to you and the boys and I'm staying right and Jerry can fend for himself.

Carly: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I freaked out. It just makes me crazy to think of Jerry in this house talking to the boys, and telling them not to say anything to us.

Jax: Look, Michael and Morgan are my stepsons, okay --

[Carly sighs]

Jax: And I'll protect them from anyone -- even my own brother if I have to.

Jerry: I knew that poisoning Nikolas wouldn't serve as leverage for so long. Although, I must confess that I didn't expect you to duplicate the counteragent so quickly.

Patrick: We were motivated -- you were poisoning our friend.

Jerry: Oh, your loyalty is so touching -- part of the reason why I needed a new form of leverage, which, thanks to intern Emily, I now have.

Robin: No, it won't work, because I'm going to call the police right now and tell them that you forced Emily to open a bank account and accept the wire transfer.

Nikolas: Go get security, tell them to seal the doors.

Jerry: You may want to rethink that. You see, the American government won't take it lightly if they know that Emily accepted a transfer of funds from -- how do they say this -- "an enemy of the state"? You see, Emily is a co-conspirator in espionage, and since she's an American citizen and handled the transaction on U.S. soil, she's liable for treason -- a crime, quaintly enough, punishable by death in your country. Such barbaric laws.

Sonny: The less you know about my plans for Alcazar the better.

Skye: All I'm asking is that you hold off till I can convince Lorenzo to give me my daughter back. It's already starting to work. I think he's beginning to trust me again.

Sonny: Do what you have to do. As soon as you get Lila back, you'll never have to worry about her father again.

Lucky: You -- you saved Elizabeth and my baby, and I'll always be grateful. But you don't get to decide if my son stays in the hospital nursery or not.

Jason: I'm not going to argue with you, Lucky. I just want to see what's best, you know, for --

Elizabeth: Jason --

Lucky: Oh, thank God. Hey.

Skye: I owe you an apology.

Sonny: For what?

Skye: During the whole Metro Court ordeal, when you and Carly were being held hostage and fighting for your lives, I withheld important information to protect Lorenzo. I just never thought that he'd lie to me. I'm stupid, and it was naive. Your children could've ended up as orphans because I was stupid enough to protect the man who's now stolen my daughter.

Sonny: Alcazar knows how to manipulate women. He did it to Carly, now he's done it to you.

Skye: Yeah. Well, never again. Turns out Carly was right.

Sonny: About what?

Skye: You've never done anything like this to Carly, and you never would.

Jax: And Michael said that he and Morgan were on the stairs and they heard Jerry talking to my mother, and they heard so much about him they wanted to meet him. Obviously, Jerry turned on the charm, and he made a game out of it with the boys, telling them that his visit was to remain a secret.

Carly: Mm-hmm. I'm just glad Michael had sense enough to tell us the truth.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: They need to know that they have to come to us with the truth -- and their father, which means Sonny's going to find out about Jerry's visit.

Jax: Well, first, I'd like to know why Jerry was here.

Jerry: I'm very, very pleased by these turn of events. I mean, you're a far more valuable asset than Nikolas ever was, and -- and much prettier.

Nikolas: I've given you a new identity, a place to stay. You're conducting business under the umbrella of Cassadine --

Jerry: Oh, no reason to be jealous -- you were certainly useful in your own way.

Nikolas: I transferred millions of dollars into an account under your new identity. Why implicate Emily in this?

Jerry: Well, unfortunately, Michael Corinthos Jr. and his humorless but very efficient gunman don't give a damn if you die of poison, but they will move heaven and earth to save Emily from a state-ordered execution. You see, Emily's participation in high crimes and misdemeanors could prove to be a very, very valuable bargaining chip.

Patrick: Well, why don't you just take the money and leave?

Jerry: I don't know. Perhaps I like you too much. Till next time.

Patrick: You've got to be kidding me. We finally have this thing solved, we find the counteragent to the poison, and now this.

Robin: Hey -- I would've done the same thing if I was in Emily's position.

Patrick: I'm not blaming Emily. It's just we were finally out from this guy's grip.

Emily: I knew what I was walking into. It was worth it to protect him.

Nikolas: Except Craig now holds your life in his hands, Emily.

Spinelli: He looks most peaceful and content in your arms.

Lulu: Yeah, well, I pray that Elizabeth makes it, because this baby cannot grow up without his mother.

Spinelli: Yeah. The small stone cold one needs his father, too.

Lulu: Which would be Lucky.

Spinelli: Look, the little guy must -- he deserves to know the truth, okay? And so does your brother, and so do Jason and Elizabeth --

Lulu: Elizabeth could be dying.

Spinelli: Yeah, exactly. And that's why the small stone cold one should be with his real father.

Lulu: Look, Spinelli, biology doesn't make a dad. It's about love and caring, and being there day to day, staying up all night when your kid is sick, and -- and going to soccer games and going to school pageants where your kid plays the tomato, okay -- stuff I never had, so I know how much it means, and Lucky's going to do that and more. He's going to be an amazing father.

Spinelli: Yeah, so would Stone Cold.

Lulu: Well, Elizabeth chose Lucky to be the father.

Spinelli: You know -- huh -- it actually physically hurts me to disagree with you, but -- oh, God -- you don't choose a father, you know? Someone just is, or they're not, and Stone Cold most definitely is. Come on, look, he even -- huh -- his progeny even looks like him.

Lulu: He looks like a baby.

Spinelli: Oh, come on. The Blond One is denying what's right in front of her eyes.

Lulu: Okay, yeah, fine -- the kid has blue eyes, but guess what -- so did my mom, so everyone's going to think that -- that he inherited them from her.

Spinelli: But he didn’t. He didn't, and he deserves to know that, okay? And besides, I'm sure his real father would be happy to go to a pageant of vegetables.

Lulu: Well, he agreed to let Lucky raise this baby.

Spinelli: Stone Cold was thinking about what's good for everyone else when he made that decision, but it was too much for Elizabeth to ask.

Lucky: You came back to us, Elizabeth. I knew you would. You just have so much to live for -- our family, you, me, Cameron, our beautiful baby.

Elizabeth: What happened?

Lucky: You passed out, and Jason found you on the floor and he brought you here. We owe him our baby's life.

Jason: Excuse me? Can you page Dr. Lee and tell her that Elizabeth Spencer woke up?

Elizabeth: I held him, didn't I? I -- when I woke up, Jason was in the room with him, the baby in his arms.

Lucky: Yeah. I came in here and held our child. The three of us were finally together -- you, me, and our baby.

Elizabeth: I remember that, too.

Lucky: Then you -- you passed out. You had emergency surgery, but you -- but you made it, Elizabeth. We have our -- our whole lives ahead of us.

Elizabeth: Is the baby in the nursery?

Lucky: They told me to send the baby home. But I wouldn't, because I wanted us to all leave this hospital together.

Lorenzo: Just set up a meeting for next week. I'll speak to you later. Don't worry, I will handle it.

Ric: Well, let me guess -- business associates a little edgy since you botched the hit on Sonny and Jason?

Lorenzo: Looking for Skye?

Ric: Well, why would I be when you're the one who's literally been calling the shots for months now?

Lorenzo: What do you want?

Ric: I need information on a Mr. James Craig -- you remember, the man who was after your briefcase and took hostages at the Metro Court?

Lorenzo: No, I -- I don’t.

Ric: Hmm.

Lorenzo: As you know, I'm suffering from a brain injury.

Ric: Oh, yes, that's right.

Lorenzo: I don't recall this Mr. Craig.

Ric: Mm-hmm. Well, maybe this'll jog your memory. The lab was able to sift through hours of security video footage and managed to isolate a picture of him.

Lorenzo: I take it he's still at large?

Ric: Yes, he is, and you're our only direct link to Mr. Craig. So, Mr. Alcazar, I would really appreciate it if you could give me any names of known associates, maybe people that he might've called, places that he might've gone.

Lorenzo: I'm sorry, I don't recognize him.

Ric: Why don't you try a little harder?

Lorenzo: If I could recall, that would mean I'd recovered -- and then I might have a serious problem with you trying to turn Skye against me.

Jane: Carly told me you two had a wonderful honeymoon in Fiji.

Jax: It was great. We also had a very nice surprise when we got home -- you forgot to mention that Jerry stopped by.

Jane: The children told you?

Carly: Of course they told us -- we teach them not to keep secrets, Jane.

[Jane sighs]

Jane: I am sorry. Jerry asked them to keep quiet and I didn't interfere. Jerry was adamant.

Carly: That didn't concern you at all?

Jane: Jerry has never harmed a child.

Carly: Okay, what about the people he's involved with? What if they're violent and they find out he has a family?

Jane: Oh, Jerry would never involve us in any of his problems.

Carly: Then why not just tell us?

Jane: I wanted to protect my son.

Jax: Mom, I want to protect him, too, okay, but there are limits.

Jane: Well, put yourself in my place. Supposing Morgan grew up to be wonderful like Jax and -- and Michael made a mess of his life. Would you abandon him? Or would you protect your child no matter what?

Lucky: How is she?

Kelly: Her blood pressure's coming up, her vitals are steadily improving, and there's no further sign of internal bleeding.

Lucky: That's great.

Elizabeth: Now can I see my baby?

Kelly: You're not moving from that bed.

Lucky: You know, I can bring him in here?

Kelly: Fine. But take it easy, you don't want to have a setback.

Elizabeth: Yes, Doctor.

Kelly: Congratulations to both of you. Your baby's adorable.

Lucky: Yeah, we think so, too.

Kelly: See you.

Lucky: God, I was just so afraid that you would –

Elizabeth: Don't worry. I'm not going to leave you.

Epiphany: Back for another visit?

Jason: Elizabeth woke up.

Epiphany: Oh, thank God.

Jason: Yeah, yeah, it's good.

Epiphany: Her baby has a couple of visitors, one on the list and -- and one that's just plain annoying, so why don't you go in and get him?

Jason: I'm sorry. Spinelli's just, you know, trying to help me out.

Epiphany: Look, he can help by staying out of the hospital computer system.

Jason: Hey. Elizabeth -- she woke up.

Lulu: What? Does Lucky know?

Jason: Yeah, he's in -- he's in with her right now.

Lulu: Uh -- well, did you -- did you tell Lucky the truth?

Jason: No, no, Lucky had no idea that I'm -- I'm the father.

Lulu: Oh, thank you so much, Jason. I know -- I know that this is so hard for you, and just know that this baby is going to grow up in a wonderful family with a mom and dad that love him so much. I'm -- oh. I'm going to go see Elizabeth.

Spinelli: You want to see the small stone cold one? Here he is.

Jason: Hey, little bud.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Oh, man. Yeah?

Sonny: I need you here now.

Jason: Okay, I'm on my way. Look, I -- I got to work, I got to go.

Spinelli: The Jackal knows that Stone Cold's feelings for his progeny run deep, okay?

Jason: Okay, can you -- could you stop calling him that?

Spinelli: Just -- is there -- is there anything I can do to help you ease your loss? I mean, maybe continue streaming the live video from the bassinet, maybe --

Jason: Listen, Spinelli, there's nothing you can do, okay? I got to go, you need to go, because you are annoying Epiphany.

Sam: Okay, wow! What a rush, I am so excited. I can't believe how great the show looked all put together like that.

Amelia: Oh, we have a surefire hit on our hands, Sam. Congratulations.

Sam: Well, you, too, if I might add.

Amelia: I saw you deep in conversation with Brandon, by the way.

Sam: Well, I was giving him ideas for other segments -- he said he wanted to expand the concept.

Amelia: Oh, God, we are on a roll, and we cannot lose momentum. We have to continue to generate buzz around the show.

Sam: Okay.

Amelia: It's going to take a lot of work.

Sam: Bring it on. I love this stuff, I do.

Amelia: I know you do, but it will require sacrifice.

Sam: Sacri-- whatever. Long hours, weekends -- you name it, I'm there.

Amelia: Are you ready to face the reality that Jason has to go?

Lulu: You must be so relieved.

Lucky: Yeah, I knew Elizabeth would make it.

Lulu: Well, great. Um -- so, could you do your little sister a favor and just squeeze in a nap somewhere?

Lucky: Yeah, I guess I could get in 10 minutes or so -- maybe in Elizabeth's room with the baby in my arms.

Lulu: Yeah, you're not a doting father or anything.

Lucky: You noticed, huh?

Spinelli: This is so not right.

Lulu: This is very right, Spinelli. Look at him.

Epiphany: So, he's just had his bottle, and when he needs to burp, you hold him just like this --

Lucky: Okay.

Epiphany: And you pat him on the back. Mm-hmm.

Lulu: Lucky loves that baby so much.

Spinelli: So does Stone Cold, and he's the true father.

Lulu: What is all this "true father" stuff?

Spinelli: Hasn't the Blond One -- aren't you familiar with, like, classical mythology and roman history and "Star Wars"? I mean, the -- the true father is paramount, okay? Look, Apollo, Julius Caesar, Luke Skywalker -- they all had to confront their true --

Lulu: Okay, Spinelli, Luke Skywalker doesn't exist, and Caesar’s been dead for, like, 2,000 years.

Spinelli: Okay, yes, but the -- the theme still resonates, okay?

Lulu: All right, look, I feel terrible for Jason, I do, and there's no easy solution for this. But Lucky and Elizabeth are going to make wonderful parents, and that's what Jason wanted for this child.

Sonny: Where were you?

Jason: I was at the hospital checking in on Elizabeth and the baby.

Sonny: That's why you didn't go to Puerto Rico for Bernie? You're awfully invested in a kid that turned out not to be yours, Jason.

Jason: I mean, you know, I saved the baby's life and -- and, you know, I saw the kid being born.

Sonny: Does that mean you're taking off?

Jason: No. I'm here, I'm ready to work. What -- what do you need?

Sonny: Good, good, because you're not going to believe this. Alcazar took Skye’s daughter. Until Skye gets her back, we leave him alone.

Lorenzo: Well, it's fortunate that I'm brain damaged, or I might remember where I put that incriminating evidence I have against you, Ric.

Ric: A lot of people want you to pay for your incompetence, Alcazar. You should regain a few of those brain cells, or you might not be around to make threats.

Skye: Lorenzo? I didn't know you had company.

Lorenzo: Yes, D.A. Lansing is here with a picture of this Mr. Craig, wants to know if we have any additional information.

Skye: We've already told the authorities everything that we know.

Lorenzo: Well, Mr. Lansing, it appears you've wasted a trip.

Ric: Hazard of the profession. You just let me know if you remember anything.

Lorenzo: Will do.

Skye: Ric is no threat.

Lorenzo: Well, I have him in check for now.

Skye: You have evidence against him. What can he do?

Lorenzo: Nothing -- unless the two of you are still conspiring against me.

Skye: Lorenzo, I told you -- I went to Ric in a moment of weakness after I found out you'd been lying to me.

Lorenzo: And now?

Skye: Now we are family, Lila Rae’s parents. Who can we count on if not each other?

Lorenzo: Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more. Where have you been, by the way?

Skye: Oh, yet another meeting about Alan’s will. I'll be so happy when that's over.

Lorenzo: Well, it's too bad you weren't here -- the nanny called.

Skye: Is my baby all right?

Nikolas: The two of you are out of this now. Emily and I will deal with Craig on our own.

Patrick: No, Nikolas, you're going to need some help.

Robin: We're just as invested as you are.

Patrick: Look, Craig is a psychopath and a murderer. Why don't we just go to the cops with this guy?

Nikolas: Because it's too risky.

Patrick: Emily is a law-abiding citizen with a distinguished family. The feds are going to look at her -- her record and her personal history and realize that espionage is ridiculous.

Emily: Craig's a lot of things, but he's not stupid. He chose me for a reason. I was with Sonny for months, and he's known to be involved in organized crime. I'm not above suspicion, so this was a perfect trap.

Nikolas: What he's doing is taking advantage of the antiterrorism laws. If the government discovers that Emily accepted an illegal wire transfer, and acted as a front for espionage, they'll arrest and imprison her first, and then establish guilt or innocence whenever they get around to it.

Robin: Well, then we have to play along with Craig until we get some leverage against him, but how are we going to find that?

Nikolas: Well, as I said earlier, I overheard Craig on the phone with some woman, some woman that he obviously cares about -- or cares about him. We need to find this woman, then we'll go from there.

Carly: I would do anything for my kids -- which includes keeping Jerry and whatever mess he's in away from them.

Jane: I am so sorry. I was hoping to contain this, but obviously Jerry is in serious trouble.

Jax: Did he tell you what he's involved in?

Jane: No, but he's obviously running from something -- he's had plastic surgery.

Jax: What? He changed his face?

Jane: His whole face is different, only his eyes are the same. You might very well have run into him in Siberia and not even realized it was your own brother.

Jax: Well, how did he contact you?

Jane: I saw him at the terrace on your wedding.

Jax: Oh, I -- I knew it. I was on the phone with Jerry out on the terrace, and I heard the music change in the background on his phone. So I hung up, I called out to him and -- well, that's when you walked out.

Jane: Well, I caught a glimpse of him as you and Carly were leaving. I chased after him -- oh, he tried to pretend he was some stranger, but a mother knows.

Jax: Why did he come to the house?

Jane: Well, he claimed he was leaving town and he wanted to say goodbye, and he also asked me if I would do something for him -- something about transferring funds -- but he changed his mind.

Jax: Well, Jerry might still be in town. I want you to call him and set up a meeting.

Jane: For all of Jerry's faults, he only wanted to protect you. He specifically asked me not to tell you that I'd seen him.

Jax: Well, it's too late -- I know. And I can't ignore that my brother's in town.

Jane: He came to see you get married, Jax.

Jax: That might not be the only reason Jerry's in Port Charles.

Jane: He did not want to let you see him at the wedding because he didn't want to involve you in his latest troubles.

Carly: No, there is no reason for you to go chasing after Jerry. There's just no reason!

Jax: You know what? You need to trust me on this. I need to find out what kind of mess Jerry's gotten himself into so we know what we're dealing with.

Carly: You said you wouldn't do this, so how long till you're gone for two months?

Jax: I don't think Jerry is a threat to us or the children, okay, but I want to be able to back it up just to be sure.

Carly: Fine. Go ahead, make the call.

Jane: This goes against my better instincts, Jax.

Jax: Mom, we have to get to the bottom of this.

Jane: Jerry, it's your mother. I need to meet with you.

Jason: Are you sure that Skye’s telling the truth? She could be lying to get you to back off Alcazar.

Sonny: Alcazar took his own baby hostage to get Skye to cooperate.

Jason: Skye not only protected Alcazar, she kept his business running during this whole brain-damage act.

Sonny: I have never had much use for Skye, but I tell you what, you got to respect her loyalty.

Jason: Okay, we need to take Alcazar out now.

Sonny: We will -- soon.

Jason: "Soon"? Alcazar could have her daughter for months. We can't wait that long.

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: Alcazar's weakness is his huge ego. If Skye plays to that, flatters him enough, he'll bring that kid back, and Skye will help us kill him.

Skye: You can give Lila the drops twice a day, and you call me, and you tell me how her cold is tomorrow, okay? And just tell her that her mommy loves her, and misses her so much? Bye.

Lorenzo: The nanny -- she's -- she's taking excellent care of Lila.

Skye: The nanny is no substitute for her mother. Lila needs me.

Lorenzo: Well, I'm sure she'll be back in your arms soon enough.

Skye: Lorenzo, what can I do to prove to you that you can trust me?

Lorenzo: Trust is going to take time -- for both of us.

Skye: You are safe with me. I want us to be a family again.

Lorenzo: I'm finalizing some arrangements. Then we'll talk. I want the same things as you do, Skye. I want the three of us to be a family.

Amelia: Look at it realistically, Sam. A woman in your position can't be with a guy who's involved with organized crime.

Sam: But it hasn't hurt the show. I mean, it's just the opposite -- the press is eating it up -- and, Amelia, it's just like you said. Once the show starts airing, they're going to start focusing on "Everyday Heroes" and not my personal life.

Amelia: I've been getting pressure from the network from day one. They're thrilled with the show, but they see Jason's connection to organized crime as a time bomb waiting to go off. I mean, they have other shows in development waiting in the wings to take our place. We cannot afford a potential liability.

Sam: I understand that, but I love Jason, Amelia.

Amelia: No, you're moving into the spotlight, you're standing on your own two feet.

Sam: Come on -- Jason stuck by me during the hardest time in my life. He could've given up, he could've moved on, and he didn’t. This man is loyal, and he is honest. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Amelia: Look where you are now, Sam. Compare it to your life four months ago. I mean, if the show gets canceled, do you want to go back? What is there that's truly worth giving all of this up for?

Lucky: There you go, little fellow. I know how much you missed your mommy.

Elizabeth: Oh, I missed you, too. I'm sorry I only held you once, but I'm all better now, I'm never going to let you go.

[Baby coos]

Elizabeth: I hear you've been a very good little boy.

Lucky: Yeah, he's strong like his mommy. You know the doctors say he’s already putting on weight?

Elizabeth: Oh.

Lucky: This morning he -- he grabbed my hand and he didn't let go.

Elizabeth: Such a smart baby -- he already knows how special his dad is.

Lucky: When I look at you and our son, and it -- you just can't believe how happy I am.

Elizabeth: I love you, too.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Come in.

Sam: Hey. Is Jason anywhere? I went to the house, he wasn't there.

Sonny: No, he had to take care of some business. How was the premiere?

Amelia: Spectacular. The network and sponsors were thrilled.

Sonny: Congratulations.

Sam: Well, thank you. We almost didn't make it -- the rainstorm was bad, the airport -- it was awful.

Sonny: Yeah, they closed the -- the airport after you left, and half the power was out in the town. Elizabeth Spencer had complications with her pregnancy.

Sam: Wow. Is she all right?

Sonny: Jason was on his way over to see if she was okay, and he found her on the floor bleeding and he rushed her to the hospital.

Sam: Oh, my -- did the baby survive?

Sonny: The baby's fine. She's -- she may not be.

Sam: I'm going to -- uh -- I'm going to go to the hospital.

Amelia: Yeah, yeah, you go ahead. I have a few things I need to discuss with Sonny.

Sam: Okay. Thank you.

Sonny: What do you -- what do you mean, "a few things"?

Amelia: Well, I have a hit show. I feel like celebrating.

Lucky: You know, Dr. Lee says you should take it easy.

Elizabeth: Come on, I'm lying in bed holding our son -- doesn't get any easier than this.

Lucky: Just humor me and rest a little while. Let me just take our little boy back to the nursery. Come on, little guy, let's --

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no, no. Let me keep him for a little while longer. We're just getting acquainted, aren't we? Yes, I know -- I see that little tongue.

Lucky: Okay, you know what? I'm going to find Dr. Lee and ask when we can all go home together.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and you know what? You could try to convince her that I will recuperate faster in my own bed, okay?

Lucky: Okay, I'll work on it.

Elizabeth: Thanks.

Lucky: Hey, have you come up with any names yet?

Elizabeth: I'm still thinking.

Lucky: Well, we agreed that it would be your choice, so try and come up with a name soon, okay, because I got to name him something better than "little guy."

Elizabeth: I will come up with a name very soon, okay?

Lucky: Okay. Bye.

[Baby fusses]

Elizabeth: Aw, okay. Shh, shh, shh, shh, you're okay. You're okay. Hi. I know. Hey. I'm glad you came back, because I -- I wanted to thank you -- for everything.

Emily: Look on the bright side -- you don't have to pretend you've broken up anymore.

Robin: Emily, you don't have to make this okay for everyone else. You're in serious trouble.

Patrick: We're not going to desert you. So why don't you just accept that we're all in this together?

Emily: Thank you.

Nikolas: Thanks, I appreciate it. Okay, go on.

Patrick: Get some rest.

Nikolas: Thanks.

Patrick: Can we go home?

Robin: By "home," do you mean your place?

Patrick: Yes -- and I'm not taking no for an answer.

Nikolas: I told you not to go anywhere with him, Emily.

Emily: Craig said he was going to kill you, Nikolas, if I didn't go along with him.

Nikolas: But that's -- that's his game.

[Emily sighs]

Nikolas: Always trying to stay one step ahead of us, coming up with some new manipulation -- that's what he does.

Emily: You're not being poisoned anymore. That's all I care about.

Nikolas: It's easier to be brave when I'm the one that's in trouble, but when it's you?

Emily: I'm all right -- as long as I know you're with me.

Carly: I have a really bad feeling about this.

Jane: Well, it's possible Jerry won't show. He's never been particularly reliable.

Carly: Look, Jane, the reason why Jerry was calling so much to have help this year is because he wanted to stop Jax from marrying me. Jax has a bad track record with marriage, I have a bad track record with marriage, and I'm sure Jerry thought he was by trying to break us up.

Jane: Now, Jerry saw you both at the wedding and he told me that Jax and you were so lovely together that he was very pleased.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Oh. What do you want?

Ric: Oh, it pains me, as well, Carly, but it's police business. I'm gathering information about the hostage crisis.

Carly: I really need to deal with this, Jane, I'm sorry.

Jane: Oh, it's all right. No, no, no, I'll just head on back to the hotel.

Carly: Please call me in five minutes?

Jane: I'll call you as soon as I arrive.

Ric: We have a picture of James Craig. We need as many of the hostages to I.D. him as possible.

Carly: Yeah, that's him -- and I hope the bastard rots in hell.

Jax: Jerry?

Amelia: 10.5.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Amelia: Households -- in millions. Oh, wow -- it's so good.

Kate: Am I interrupting?

Ric: No, no, hang on to the picture. It might trigger some memory of a person or a place that Craig mentioned.

Carly: Why are you doing this?

Ric: He's a criminal.

Carly: Why do you care? Craig's gone, the hostage crisis is over. There's no evidence, thanks to you, because you detonated the briefcase, so why do you care?

Ric: Oh, clearly, you are disoriented from the explosion.

Carly: Right -- you want the publicity. "D.A. Lansing catches the man who blew up the Metro Court."

Ric: Well, that's a little cynical -- even for you.

Jerry: You think you can read me? Perhaps you can -- we're not so different.

Sonny: You think so, Mr. One?

Jerry: Oh, we're both driven to pursue money and power, willing to eliminate any obstacle in our way.

Carly: All you have are hired henchmen and a gun.

Carly: What are you doing? That was a new shirt. Come here; let me take a look at you. Oh. Did you ever get the paint on the paper? What is it, sweetie?

Morgan: Jerry.

Jax: I know that you were expecting our mother. Don't make me chase you, Jerry.

Jerry: What makes you think you can catch me?

Jax: Huh. Wow. What the hell have you done to your face?

Jerry: Well, you know, the old one was becoming a liability, so I opted for a new look. I rather like it, don't you?

Jax: That's not funny. What'd you do this time?

Jerry: Oh, believe me, brother, you don't want to know.

Jax: Why don't you just go ahead and tell me, because sooner or later, you're going to ask for my help. So why don't you just get it out of the way?

Jerry: No, no, no, you've settled into a new life, you have a new wife, new stepkids. I wouldn't dream of interrupting your matrimonial bliss. Enjoy your family; I can take care of myself, thank you.

Jax: Oh. Okay, sure.

Jerry: Oh -- agh.

Jax: Stop lying to me, and tell me what the hell you've done!

Kelly: I want to keep Elizabeth here for observation.

Lucky: But we're pretty eager to go home.

Kelly: Elizabeth was in critical condition. I'd rather err on the side of caution.

Lucky: Okay, whatever you think. Thanks so much for taking good care of her.

Kelly: Yeah, well, Elizabeth has a lot to live for. See you.

Lucky: Hey, have you been crying?

Lulu: Oh. I've just -- I've been so unfair to Elizabeth -- you know, avoiding her and judging her -- and I had no right to throw my opinions around like I had all the answers.

Lucky: It's a Spencer family trait.

Lulu: Oh.

Lucky: Huh.

Lulu: I looked into Elizabeth's room and I saw you and her and the baby, and you were so happy, and -- and it all looked so right and -- and perfect, and I realized in that moment that this is the way things should be. You know, you guys are a family, and I don't know why I didn't get that.

Lucky: Well, a lot went wrong between me and Elizabeth, but we're bonded forever by our beautiful son.

Elizabeth: I owe you so much. Once again, you -- you saved our baby's life by getting me to the hospital in time.

Jason: I'm just glad you're okay.

Elizabeth: Thanks to you.

Jason: Well, you can thank me by getting your strength back. You know, your kids are -- are going to need you.

Elizabeth: I was told that I almost didn't make it. You must've thought about coming forward as the father.

Jason: Yeah, I promised you that I would do what's -- what's best for our child.

Elizabeth: You were about to tell Lucky when I woke up, weren't you?

Jason: I prayed for you to get well. Our son's going to need his mother.

Elizabeth: I know this is breaking your heart. But I hope you can find solace in knowing that this baby's -- he's going to be safe and loved, surrounded by a happy family.

Jason: That's -- that's all I want.

Elizabeth: You've made the most generous and selfless decision any father could. And I will forever be grateful that you gave up this baby boy so Lucky and I could raise him together.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Sonny: I'm busy.

Kate: I'll happily leave as soon as I get what I came for.

Michael: That's Jax's brother, Jerry.

Jerry: You can't rescue me.

Jax: You're my brother.

Jerry: Not anymore.

Elizabeth: Please don't hate me.

Jason: I could never hate you. You're the mother of my child.

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