GH Transcript Monday 5/7/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/7/07


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Sonny: This is a private office. Can you guys just wait out --

Diane: I think -- I think just a little bit of tact --

Kate: It's urgent that I make this call. Am happy to pay for the cost of the phone -- in fact, I'll pay for the phone itself.

Sonny: I'm sorry, but this is not a phone booth. The answer is still no.

[Music plays]

Kelly: She's in v-fib. Get the crash cart ready, charge to 200.

Epiphany: Charged to 200.

Kelly: Give me one minute. The baby's out, go ahead.

Singer: You and I are here underwater seconds are so dear underwater I'm searching for a light

Jerry: Is there -- is there a problem, Officer?

Singer: To draw me closer

Robin: BP's falling.

Emily: Don't you dare leave me, Nikolas, you keep fighting! Keep fighting!


Singer: Bring me closer

Emily: Code blue!

Singer: I feel your touch


Singer: Will you pull me up again?

Singers: Ooh ooh ooh

Lucky: License and registration, please.

Jerry: Oh, sure.

Singers: Ooh

Jerry: Here you go.

Singer: It's not so bad down here underwater once you get past the fear

Patrick: Breathe, damn it!

Singer: Underwater I sense you through the haze just like a memory I've been down here for days have you seen me?

Singers: I feel your touch will you pull me

Robin: We need the Crash cart.

Singers: Up again?

Singer: It's all the same to me underwater there's nothing

Singer: Much to see underwater

Lucky: It's not the best night to be out, Mr. Brosnan.

Jerry: I'm just trying to find a sick friend.

Lucky: Have we met?

Singer: I can listen I can't tell up from down and now I'm listening I feel your touch

[Baby cries]

Singer: Will you pull me up again?

Epiphany: Thank God -- and science.

Kelly: Come on, Elizabeth, someone's crying for you. This baby needs both parents.

Kate: Maybe I wasn't clear. I need to make a phone call.

Sonny: Okay, maybe I wasn't clear. I said no.

Diane: All right, if -- if I may, my client is an extremely private man, and it simply threw him when you walked in here the way you did, because usually he is much more gracious.

Kate: Oh, I'm sorry. Why don't we start this again? The storm has wreaked havoc with our cell phones, and so we were looking for a landline, and after some confusion with the directions, this place seemed hospitable.

Sonny: Oh, so that's what happened -- you got lost? Well, you don't need a phone, you need a G.P.S. system.

Kate: Let me try this one more time. I need to make a very important phone call. I'm on a deadline.

Sonny: I need to keep my line open for my business.

Kate: Okay, your prerogative. You might want to introduce your client to the miracle of call waiting. Clarice?

Diane: It was lovely meeting you!


Diane: Do you know who that was?

Sonny: Howard somebody?

Diane: Kate Howard -- editor in chief of "Couture" magazine. She is an icon, and her magazine is practically the bible in the world of high fashion.

Sonny: So that's where she gets her God complex?

Diane: Everyone knows who Kate Howard is.

Sonny: Oh, wow.

Diane: Celebrities and power players fawn all over her. She eats designers for lunch. She's also one of the 100 most powerful women in America.

Sonny: Then she can afford a decent phone service.

[Monitor beeps]

Emily: Oh, God.

Patrick: We just bought Nikolas some time.

Robin: Not much. His B.P. is critically low, and his heart --

Emily: Is beating again.

Patrick: We'll take it from here.

Robin: I need to get to the lab.

Emily: Hey, what can I do?

Robin: Nothing, just stay with Nikolas. We're doing everything we can.

Emily: Hey, hey, we're not giving up on you. Thank you for saving his life.

Patrick: We just prolonged it.

Emily: You brought Nikolas back once, you can do it again.

Patrick: Emily, Nikolas can't breathe on his own. His organs are under terrible stress, they could stop at any minute. His heart just stopped. We can't just jump it indefinitely.

Emily: He's strong. His heart is strong.

Patrick: Unfortunately, so is the poison.

Emily: He's going to make it.

Lucky: Have I stopped you on this road before?

Dispatcher: All units in the vicinity of Bristol, vehicle is stranded across Valley Bridge. A female and two juveniles are trapped, possible 1032.

Lucky: Car 16 responding. The reason I stopped you tonight, there's a tree that's blocking the road up ahead. So go home and stay dry until this storm passes.

Jerry: Okay.

Lucky: We don't need any more people in the E.R. tonight.

Jerry: Thank you, Officer.

Lucky: Have a good night.

Jerry: Good night.


Kelly: Come on, Elizabeth, you don't want to let your baby down.

Epiphany: Her blood pressure's rising, 90/40.

Kelly: Well done, everyone, we turned a corner.

[Monitor beeps]

Kelly: Let's close up. You did good, mom. It's just a shame dad wasn't here for moral support.

Sonny: I didn't think anybody impressed you, Diane. You were practically bowing down to that magazine woman.

Diane: Well, listen, it's not just that Kate Howard determines trends and has access to every gorgeous handbag known to man -- or woman. It's that she is one of the most powerful women in the country, and she didn't do it by becoming a movie star or a recording artist or a talk-show host. Kate Howard plays with the big boys.

Sonny: Are you envious?

Diane: Absolutely. Oh, God, when I was younger, I fantasized about being a mover and a shaker in the world of high fashion.

Sonny: I can see you doing that, Diane.

Diane: Yeah?

Sonny: Yeah.

Diane: Well -- well, I decided that law was a safer bet --

Sonny: Yeah.

Diane: "Safety" being a relative term, which brings me back to your initial problem.

Sonny: Okay.

Diane: Whatever is going to hypothetically go down tonight involving you and the hypothetical death of Lorenzo Alcazar, as your lawyer, I advise --

Sonny: Let me guess – two lattes to go?

Kate: Turns out our car won't start. We need to call for another one.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, I got -- I'm waiting for that important call.

Kate: If money won't convince you, what will?

Sonny: Well, that's a loaded question.

Patrick: Is there any messages for me?

Nurse: Sorry, Doctor.

Patrick: Nobody called for Nikolas Cassadine?

Nurse: No. But if one does come in, I'll page you.

Patrick: Thanks.

Robin: So you still think Craig is going to magically show up with the counteragent?

Patrick: It's the only hope we have.

Robin: Which means we failed.

Patrick: Robin, even under the best circumstances, finding the exact serum to counteract Craig's poison could take months -- maybe longer. I'm sorry; I don't know what else to do for Nikolas.

Robin: So I don't get to fail because you want to take the blame?

[Robin sighing]

Robin: The truth is if Craig really did take off and leave Nikolas to die, it's -- it's no one's fault but his.

Patrick: I backed Craig into a corner the minute I decided I couldn't stay away from you. I didn't give him any options. Look, platitudes aside, if Nikolas dies, it's on me

Emily: I look at you hooked up to all these machines and I know it's the last thing you would've wanted. But they're going to keep you alive, Nikolas, while we look for answers. You can hear me -- right? From wherever we are, we're still connected. Even when things were rocky between us, it's always there. You feel that? You hold on to it, you hold on to me. Please, Nikolas, you fight to come back. Spencer's waiting for you, and your sister, and the little niece or nephew that Lucky and Elizabeth are going to have any day now. Nikolas, you've got to come back to me. It still hurts so much when I think about losing my dad; I can't lose you, too. Please, Nikolas. I'm never going to make it if you don't pull through.

Lulu: Emily?

Emily: You got my message.

Lulu: My God, what happened?

Sam: I'm sorry. I am sorry. I know you're upset, but I can't leave Jason right now -- I have a bad feeling.

Amelia: Really? You're willing to cancel the taping and blow off the network over a feeling?

Sam: It is just a party, Amelia!


Amelia: It is the premiere.

Sam: So? I'm --

Amelia: I hate to do this, but I'm going to have to pull rank.

Sam: You're going to have to pull rank? What -- what does that mean? You -- you don't run my life. You can't tell me where to go and what to do.

Amelia: No, but I have a contract that says if you're not on that plane to Manhattan, then you'll be in breach.

Sam: Fine, sue me.

Amelia: Oh, don't make this adversarial.

Sam: Don't make it -- what are you going to do? What, are you going to tell Jason about my ugly past? You going to tell him I swindled some guy out of money, and you paid my debt? Is that what you're going to do?

Amelia: Whoa, I am not your enemy. I happen to consider you as my friend, Sam. And I don't understand why you're worrying about your boyfriend, who, from what I understand, has been a gangster for as long as you've known him. Now, I would think that you would get used to this.

Sam: No, you never get used to it, Amelia.

Amelia: Well, it seems to me that you signed up for sleepless nights when you chose to be with Jason. And, yes, I did shell out a large sum of money to protect you from your past. Now, that's a considerable show of good faith on my part, and I can't believe that you would bail and leave me to clean up your mess.

Jason: How -- how is she?

Epiphany: Well, her condition is guarded right now, but if there aren't any other complications, she should be fine. Elizabeth and the baby would've died if you hadn't brought her in. Did you call Lucky?

Jason: No. I mean, I found her on the floor with blood; all I wanted to do was get her help.

Epiphany: Then I have some calls to go make.

Jason: You did great. The baby's fine. I saw him. We have -- we have a son.

Nurse: He's doing just fine. We thought his mom would want to hold him when she wakes up.

Jason: Hey.

[Baby fusses]

Jason: Oh, come here. It's okay, it's okay. It's okay. Hi. Whew. Hey. I'm -- I'm your father.

Nurse: Dr. Drake? The phone’s for you. He says it's urgent.

Patrick: Dr. Drake.

Jerry: Is our patient resting comfortably, Paddy, or is he resting in peace?

Patrick: He's still alive, you sick freak.

Jerry: Well, that's no way to talk to the only man who can save him.

Lulu: Was he in an accident?

Emily: Nikolas had some kind of a -- a toxic reaction, and Robin and Patrick are running every test they know.

Lulu: What happened?

Emily: Nikolas can't breathe right now, Lulu, so they had to intubate him. His heart stopped a few minutes ago --

Lulu: Why -- why is Patrick working on him if he works on brains? He's a neurosurgeon.

Emily: Lulu, Robin and Patrick are on duty tonight, okay? They're -- they're both excellent doctors. Trust me, they're doing everything they can to help Nikolas beat this.

Lulu: Well, you say that like there's a chance that he won’t.

Jerry: Shut the door and lock it.

Patrick: Give me the counteragent and I'll go.

Jerry: Oh, well, aren't we all bluster and assumption?

Patrick: Why else would you come here? You wanted to make sure we learned our lesson and we did. Now you literally hold Nikolas' life in your hands, but you don't want him to die yet. You still need Nikolas.

Jerry: You know what? I do worry about being predictable, and I don't want to bore you, so what are we going to do about that?

Patrick: Right now Nikolas has a tube shoved down his throat so he can breathe. His heart stopped and we barely got it going again. It could be over at any time.

Jerry: Well, don't blame me, paddy. I was the one that was stopped by one of --

Patrick: Just give me the damn agent.

Jerry: I don't care much for your tone, Paddy boy. You were much more compliant when you were saving Robin's life at the Metro Court lobby.

Patrick: Well, maybe I'm sick of you pulling strings.

Jerry: Oh, dear. You know what? I thought Nikolas was ill-mannered, but you, my dear boy, you take the cake, and you know what? I don't like it.

[Jerry cocks gun]

[Baby coos]

Elizabeth: Jason?

Jason: Are you okay?

Elizabeth: I must be. How's my son?

Jason: How -- how'd you know?

Elizabeth: The blanket kind of gave it away. I had a feeling all along.

Jason: Oh, man, he's -- he's beautiful. Here you go. Oh, be careful.

[Baby cries]

Jason: Oh, it's okay.

Elizabeth: Hi, baby. Oh, my goodness.

Jason: It's okay.

Elizabeth: Oh, my goodness. Hi, baby boy. Jason, look at him.

[Baby fusses]

Elizabeth: Hi, love. Hi, love.

Jason: I'd forgotten how tiny they are, you know? He's -- he's so light.

Elizabeth: Well, you weren't carrying him around for nine months. And it was worth every second. I'm already in love with him.

Jason: I -- I know what you mean.

Sonny: It's a shame about your car trouble. Maybe we can find someone to look under the hood.

Kate: May we speak in private?

Kate: Just wait here.

Clarice: Any chance I can get a decaf?

Diane: Is there any chance "I" could get a deal on that fabulous chamois skirt on page 63?

Kate: I can tell that you understand business, so I won't bore you with the details of mine. But there is an entire spread about to shoot in Argenton sur Creuse for which the clothes are not even ready for. Now, I know -- you're saying to yourself, "How is this my problem?" Well, it's not, it's mine. In truth, it's the designer who screwed up, but, bottom line, if I don't speak to my people in, well, the next 10 minutes -- you don't want to know.

Sonny: That's the first thing you've said that I agree with.

Kate: Okay, um, I really didn't mean to offend you by offering you money. But surely there must be something to convince you -- a designer dress for your wife? Or girlfriend? Both? Okay, how about a trip to Sundance or Cannes, hmm? I really need to get on the e and clear this up. I know -- so little time, so many choices.

Sonny: No, I'm just trying to figure out where we've met before.

Sonny: There's something familiar about you. I don't quite know what it is yet, but --

Kate: Well, I'm ubiquitous. Not like Angelina or Paris or any of the Jennifers, but we do attend the same fashion shows during fashion week, and the paparazzi goes Crazy and suddenly my face is everywhere -- in the media, on the television.

Sonny: I don't watch television except boxing.

Kate: That is so refreshing.

Sonny: Yeah.

Kate: You know, there used to be a time when achieving success paved the way for privacy and respect. But now the world craves instant celebrity and vulgar personal invasion. Frankly, I'm nobody's business.

Sonny: You can change the subject all you want, but I know you from somewhere.

Kate: I have never been to Port -- hmm.

Sonny: Port Charles.

Kate: Whatever -- in my life, and trust me, we travel in very different circles. Now, you are welcome to stare at me while I use your phone to make my call. Maybe you'll remember that piece you happened upon me during March madness.

Sonny: I don't take people at face value.

Kate: Yes, you can never be too sure. I might use it to trigger a terrorist attack.

Sonny: Well, you might want to go out in that rainstorm and look for a phone.

Kate: Or?

Sonny: Or -- you can tell me a little bit about yourself, then maybe I'll find it in my heart to get somebody to fix that car for you.

Kate: No, this call is for Paris. They can wait. Okay, fine. What do you want to know -- my favorite flower, my favorite color? I like to keep my options open. That's why I chose this career -- so I can change my preferences with the season's fashions. Does that answer your question?

Sonny: Where'd you grow up?

Jerry: It's true I'd rather Nikolas stayed around a little longer. But there's something to be said about a challenge.

Patrick: What challenge?

Jerry: Oh, you're a man of science. Your life is conveniently mapped out as a structure of bones and vessels. I, on the other hand, prefer the unknown -- you know, risk and improvisation, the rush of being taken by surprise and thinking on my feet.

Patrick: Until you've opened a man's skull and looked at his brain, you have no idea what it means to think on your feet.

Jerry: Meanwhile, in my own little world, having Nikolas under my thumb has been way too easy. I think to strengthen my character, I need to walk out the door and "wing it," as you say, fend for myself. What do you think?

Patrick: No, see, I think you like the game a little too much. And until you win or lose, you're not going anywhere.

Jerry: No, don't tempt me.

Patrick: No one's called the police. You can still get your new identity, still get all your money, which is why you started this fiasco in the first place. You could still win.

Jerry: You know, when you invoke my self-interest, I take pause, but is it enough to make me stick around and watch you fight as if your lives depended on it? I don't know.

Lulu: Nikolas, you are my brother, okay? That means you're tough and you're strong, and I need you for a million reasons. You were my biggest defender when I decided to have an abortion, and -- and you treat me like I'm an adult. And I'm trying to act like an adult right now, but I feel like I've been punched in the stomach. Spencer needs you -- more than I do. Nikolas, who's going to -- who's going to tell him about his heritage -- you know, all those crazy Cassadine memories? I don't -- I don't know anything about that. And -- and riding and -- and fencing and all those other things that you like to talk about -- who's going to tell him about that? And Lucky needs you, too. Nikolas, Mom needs you, too. She needs you to help protect her from Scott Baldwin so he doesn't become her legal guardian. Can't we do something?

Emily: We don't know what else to do.

Lulu: Well -- like, Nikolas gave me a part of himself when I was little. He didn't even know me and he saved my life, so we can't just sit here and watch him die!

Emily: Lulu, he saved me, too.

Robin: I just came from the lab. I'm so sorry. I have nothing.

Lulu: No, no, no, no! You need to stop saying that! You can't stand here and talk about him like we're not going to do anything!

Patrick: I got it.

Lulu: What -- you got what?

Emily: Lulu, we need to wait outside while they give him his treatment, okay?

Robin: What happened?

Patrick: Craig showed up, messed with my head, and gave me the counteragent.

Robin: Except we don't even know if that is the counteragent.

Patrick: Doesn't matter -- if it's not, he's dead anyway.

Lucky: Hey, I just got a message. Where's my wife?

Kelly: Elizabeth is fine -- so is the baby.

Lucky: Thank God. What happened?

Kelly: Elizabeth's placenta abrupted. Fortunately, we were able to deliver the baby by C-section. Mother and child are stable, resting in the I.C.U., and I'm sure they're waiting to see you.

Lucky: Okay, thank you.

Elizabeth: I guess you're in the habit of saving our lives.

Jason: How are you feeling?

Elizabeth: I'm tired. I just had a baby, you know.

[Elizabeth chuckles]

Jason: I'll put -- I'll put him back.

Elizabeth: Okay. Mommy loves you. I love you, my little pumpkin.

Jason: "Pumpkin"?

Elizabeth: Huh. I -- I promise I'll stop before he gets too old to remember.

Jason: I'm going to -- I'm going to remember every minute of this.

Kate: I grew up in Connecticut.

Sonny: Yeah? I took a field trip to Connecticut once.

Kate: Well, this was a very small town called Wilton.

Sonny: Wilton?

Kate: Near Fairfield?

Sonny: Don't think that's it.

Kate: Yeah, I cannot let an entire issue of "Couture" fall apart because I had the misfortune of getting lost looking for property during a rainstorm.

Sonny: Property? What do you mean, property?

Kate: You have made it very clear that you are a private man.

Sonny: Yes.

Kate: I'm a private woman.

Sonny: Mm-hmm?

Kate: Let me use your phone, and we can continue in said privacy.

Sonny: Go ahead.

Kate: Clarice? Get Jean Claude on the phone -- and some coffee.

Clarice: Coffee?

Kate: Well, this is a coffeehouse, right?

Sonny: Here you go.

Kate: If you don't mind, this won't take long.

Sonny: I'm not -- you can make the call all you want. I'm not going anywhere.

Patrick: It's working. His B.P. is stabilizing.

Robin: Yeah. He should be able to breathe on his own now. Good thing you had more faith in Craig than I did.

Patrick: The only thing I had faith in -- that Craig wasn't done with Nikolas. I'll take him off life support.

Robin: The shot worked.

Emily: Oh, thank God.

Robin: Patrick's taking him off of life support right now.

Emily: Oh.

Robin: Just give us a few minutes and then you can come back in.

Emily: Okay.

Lulu: Oh, my God.

Kelly: Looks like you heard the good news.

Lulu: Uh -- um -- more good news? What?

Kelly: Yeah -- Elizabeth. She had a close call but gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Thank God Jason Morgan found her and brought her in, or no one would be celebrating.

Lucky: A son. I'll take him.

Jason: Just be careful. Just be careful.

[Baby fusses]

Lucky: I got him. Hi, little guy. It's your daddy.

[Baby cries]

Lucky: What happened? Why didn't you -- you okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah, it was -- it was pretty bad.

Lucky: Why didn't you call me?

Elizabeth: I couldn't -- the power went out. Thank God Jason found us.

Lucky: How'd you know to go there?

Jason: Well, it's just that there was a power outage; I knew she was due any time. I just wanted to check, see if you guys needed anything.

Lucky: I don't know what to say. If you hadn't shown up -- thank you.

[Baby fusses]

Amelia: It wasn't easy, but I got us rebooked on another flight.

Sam: Well, you shouldn't have.

Amelia: If you don't make that flight tonight, it could get really ugly.

Sam: You've gone out of your way to help me, and I do appreciate that, but this is not something I want to get into a big fight with you about.

Amelia: Well, be reasonable. Better yet, be professional.

Sam: Be professional? Amelia, I don't know where Jason is.

Amelia: Does your boyfriend always check in with you?

Sam: With -- with Jason, it's not easy, okay? I -- I don't know. There is something that he is not talking to me about, and maybe it's -- it's got something to do with the death of his father. I -- I can't imagine what else it could be.

Amelia: Well, you know how guys are -- they're not very good at talking about their emotions.

Sam: I need to pay attention to my relationship, I'm sorry. I can take a flight out in the morning and meet you in Manhattan.

Amelia: Sam --

Sam: That is my decision.

Amelia: That's not good enough.

Sam: You cannot talk me out of it.

Amelia: Don't be so sure of that.

Clarice: Ms. Howard never allows anyone in the room when she makes business calls.

Kate: Oh, save your breath, Clarice, make the call. You are oddly paranoid for a man who sells coffee.

Sonny: So are you -- for somebody who likes their name and face in the papers.

Kate: I never said I liked it.

Clarice: Jean Claude? Kate Howard calling.

Kate: Jean Claude?

[Speaking French]

Sonny: Connecticut, my ass. Your name is not Kate Howard. You are Connie Falconeri from Bensonhurst.

Lulu: Hey. Hey, don't you ever scare me like that again.

Nikolas: Uh -- my -- my throat --

Patrick: That's from the respirator.

Lulu: Nikolas, Lucky's baby was born. It's a boy.

Nikolas: A boy? What's he like?

Lulu: I -- I don't know. I've been here worried about you.

Nikolas: Go, go see him.

Lulu: I have my cell phone. I'll -- I'll take pictures and I'll show them to you.

Nikolas: I felt you. I felt you next to me. What's this?

Robin: Nikolas, I'm sorry. We went against your wishes. We had to. See, we weren't able to re-create the counteragent in the lab here.

Nikolas: Then why am I still alive?

Patrick: Craig came back. It turns out he still needs you.

Nikolas: Oh.

Patrick: He couldn't risk being seen, so he let me give you the shot. But now we can make a move -- I kept a little bit to analyze in the lab.

Robin: We can isolate the active components. This may be the only way we can turn this thing around.

Jerry: Hi, Mum. May I?

Jane: Of course. I'm getting that feeling -- that when someone I love is in trouble. You said you had to leave town, and now here you are. What have you done, Jerry Jacks?

Jerry: I need someone to handle a small transaction.

Amelia: Sonny didn't lift the injunction because of my brilliant powers of persuasion. He wanted to avoid putting Jason in a position where he was caught between his own business and your career -- only, except now that's what you're doing. Except instead of them being compromised, it's you.

Sam: You don't get to decide this for me.

Amelia: Well, I seem to be the only objective one here.

Sam: Objective? You have a huge personal stake in "Everyday Heroes."

Amelia: You'll be missing out on everything that you've worked for, everything that you've earned, and quite frankly, everything that you deserve. Or are you using Jason as an excuse to avoid success?

Sam: Really? Wow. Did you get an actual degree in analyzing people?

Amelia: Sam, I used to be like a lot of other people. I used to ask, "What if I had this or that -- fame, money, approval?" Then -- maybe my life would be great.


Amelia: And then something happens -- something comes along, some opportunity -- and you get terrified that maybe that those things aren't really the answer to all of your problems after all, and you find an excuse not to try. And if you don't try, then you don't fail. So you end up drop-kicking your dreams, and you wait for some man to walk through that door and hope that he needs you.

Sam: No, I never asked, I never dreamt of being a TV star.

Amelia: Well, fate has given you this opportunity. Do you have any idea how many people would die to be in your shoes?

Sam: I already have a great life with Jason.

Amelia: Yeah, and Jason has a great life and you get to be a part of that. And, you know, maybe that is enough for you, but that is a lot of pressure to put on him. And I can tell you that you're banking on some vague possibility that you and you alone can support Jason tonight -- if he even gets home. Now, I suppose that that's probably easier than following through with your commitment to the show, and seeing what's on the other end makes you happy, too. So, Sam, what are you really afraid of?

Sam: Okay. All right, you're right. I've got to do this; I've got to do it for me.

Lucky: I just can't -- I can't believe it.

Elizabeth: Hmm.

Lucky: He's finally here, our son. His eyes are going to be the same color as my mother’s. His eyelashes are all you, Elizabeth. And that grip? Wow, he's going to have the best of both parents. I can tell.

Elizabeth: I love you. We're going to have such a happy family.

Lulu: Hey, I heard about the baby.

Jason: I -- I held him. Uh -- Lucky's inside, you should go see him.


Lucky: Nurse! Someone! We need help, please! Something's wrong with my wife!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: Craig has a family.

Robin: What would you suggest doing?

Jane: I didn't expect you so soon.

Carly: We cut our honeymoon just a little bit short.

Kelly: She's bleeding out.

Epiphany: Get her to the O.R.

Bobbie: There were complications.

Lulu: You agreed to let Lucky raise this baby.

Jason: I will do what's best for my child.

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