GH Transcript Wednesday 5/2/07

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/2/07


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Alan: You realize this whole thing could blow up in your face?

Tracy: You're dead, not omniscient.

Alan: Keeping the truth from Luke, especially where Laura is concerned, is a mistake.

Tracy: All marriages have their little secrets -- you know that better than most.

Alan: Look, I have gone out of my way to warn you, I -- I show up here with thunder in my hands, but do you listen?

Tracy: Would you let me drink my tea in peace, please?

Alan: Look, Tracy, I know you love this man -- God help you -- and he loves you, too -- as much as he can -- so why don't you tell him?

[Tracy sighs]

Tracy: If Luke knew the truth, it would break his heart.

Luke: Good morning, wife.

Tracy: Good morning.

Alan: Oh, great. Go ahead; act like there's nothing wrong.

Tracy: Enough with the nagging.

Alan: Luke needs to know that Laura is innocent, that Scott Baldwin killed Rick Webber! You know that it's true.

Tracy: I said "enough!" New ground rule -- no nagging or haunting or anything until happy hour!

Luke: Spanky, is there any chance you could argue with the armchair later?

Alan: You know I'm right!

Luke: I need you to do something for me. Here -- try this on.

Tracy: Whoa!

Alan: Oh, my God.

Spinelli: Ah -- oh! Ha. Greetings.

Jason: You got any new information on Alcazar's delivery schedule?

Spinelli: Uh -- the Jackal lurks, watches, waits. All the engines are in place.

Jason: Is that a yes or a no, Spinelli?

Spinelli: No, not yet. Hey, um, clear next Tuesday, okay? So, no -- no stakeouts, no meetings with dangerous guys in designer suits, and definitely no midnight rides.

Jason: Why?

Spinelli: I set up surveillance on the General Hospital mainframe. Elizabeth went in for a checkup, and the innocent one is due to arrive on May 8.

Elizabeth: We're back!

Lucky: Hey. What took so long?

Elizabeth: What?

Lucky: Is everything okay?

Elizabeth: We're fine.

Kelly: We're still on schedule --

Elizabeth: Next Tuesday.

Lucky: As in next week?

Kelly: That next Tuesday, yes.


Lucky: Wow. Well, I'm ready. You're ready, too, right?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: See -- we're both ready.

Elizabeth: Isn't he cute when he's panicky?

Lucky: Yeah.

Kelly: Well, stay as close to home as possible and be prepared, because babies show up on their schedules, not ours. All due dates aside, this baby could be born at any moment.

Lucky: God.

[Phone rings]


Jane: Is anyone there? Hello?

Nikolas: Who are you trying to reach?

Jane: Who is this? 

Jane: Who are you? Why did you answer this phone? Identify yourself immediately or I'll hang up.

Nikolas: I'll -- I'll help you any way I can, but I need to know who you are and whom you're trying to --

Jerry: That was foolish, and it's going to cost you!

Sam: Hi.

Amelia: Let's keep things moving today, we're behind.

Sam: Hey, Wes.

Amelia: Sam, I need you in audio. We're re-shooting the wraparounds for the pilot.

Sam: Really? Then Sonny lifted the injunction against taping the show?

Amelia: He will. And in the meantime, I have a production schedule to meet.

[Sam groans]

Sam: Sonny won't back off.

Amelia: Well, maybe not in his line of work, but this is show business. Trust me, he'll cooperate.

Sam: I hope you're right.

Amelia: Oh, I won't let anyone ruin this project -- not Sonny Corinthos, not the F.C.C., not even a little shootout on the studio floor.

Sam: Hmm.

Amelia: Now, I'd appreciate the same level of commitment from you.

Sam: Yeah, you've got it. Absolutely.

Amelia: Then d worry. I'll make sure that you get everything that you deserve.

Kelly: You and your baby are both in great shape. The medication you took to stop labor worked well. I don't foresee any complications at all. Just stay in town and keep my pager number handy.

Lucky: Oh -- already stored in our cell phones.

Kelly: Then go home and take it easy. You'll be proud parents before you know it, okay?

Elizabeth: Thank you, Dr. Kelly.

Emily: Did I hear that right?

Elizabeth: Baby's almost here -- and not a moment too soon.

Lucky: I know I'm driving her nuts, but how do guys in the service do it -- knowing that they have a baby on the way and not being around when it happens? What could be worse?

Emily: You're an expectant father; you're allowed to have some nerves.

Elizabeth: Oh --

Lucky: Well, Elizabeth -- she's so calm about everything.

Emily: Yeah, well, she's been through this before.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I just hope this baby comes as easily as Cameron did.

Emily: Are you going to have pain meds?

Elizabeth: Are you kidding? The more drugs the better. Last time I was so loopy I didn't even know what I was saying.

Lucky: What, did you have some kind of reaction with the epidural or --

Emily: Stop expecting the worst. You have a lot about, both of you.

Elizabeth: She's right, and I'm tired, babe. I want to -- let's go.

Lucky: Okay, let's go get Cam from daycare, then we'll get you home. Wait, better idea -- I'm going to go down and get the car and bring it around to the entrance, and I'm going to come back and get you. And can you stay here with her?

Emily: Yeah, yeah.

Elizabeth: Lucky, I'm in the middle of a hospital. I'll be fine.

Emily: I will stay here, don't worry.

Lucky: Yeah, thanks. Oh -- okay.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God, he will never forgive me if I have this baby while he's in the parking lot.

Emily: Yeah, having your first child happens once, you know? No father should have to miss it.

Jason: I don't want you -- I don't want you spying on Elizabeth.

Spinelli: Hey, you're the true father of the innocent one; you have a right to their medical information.

Jason: I made my choice, okay? I need to let it go. You feeding me dates and information is not going to help me, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Don't you want to know if they're okay?

Jason: That is not my point.

Spinelli: Right. Hey, you're the master, I'm just the grasshopper.

Jason: You know what? Don't -- don't even start with that stuff.

Spinelli: Come on -- come on, look, I can save it for later! You can check it --

Jason: Just delete it!

[Spinelli sighs]

Spinelli: Consider it gone.

Jason: Just wait. Does it say if my -- if my kid's a boy or a girl?

Lulu: Thank you for telling me. I cannot believe Scott is dragging your family into this.

Dillon: Well, why does he want legal guardianship of your mother?

Lulu: To feel like he's finally beating my dad. What if he takes my mom away somewhere? Who knows if I'm never going to see her again?

Dillon: Well, I know, but we'll -- I mean, we can figure something out. They haven't even -- they haven't even gone to court yet.

Lulu: I -- I don't even know what Scott wants and, frankly, I don't care because he isn't going to get it, and I would tell him that to his snarky face if he bothered to show up.

Dillon: Well, I -- you know, speaking of him showing up, I think that -- that I scared him off when he came to the house.

Lulu: Oh --

Dillon: Because he's intimidated of me or --

Lulu: Scott got the mayor to appoint him as special prosecutor, so he probably has every judge in his pocket.

Dillon: Uh, Lulu, I think that's my grandfather.

Lulu: Oh -- my mom would hate this. My mom would hate this. She would never want Scott to go to trial and take her away from my dad.

Dillon: Friends, right?

Scott: What do you two want? I'm kind of busy.

Lulu: I want you to drop this stupid lawsuit. You will never be the legal guardian of my mother after what you did.

Luke: Just slip it on so I can see how you look.

Alan: He wants you to dress up to look like Laura.

Tracy: You want me to dress up to look like Laura.

Luke: Come on, take a chance.

Alan: This goes way beyond oopsie-daisy.

Tracy: Luke, I have accepted the fact that you will love Laura until the day you die. I even stood by and watched you make-believe marry her in my mother’s rose garden. But if you think I'm going to put that on so you can fantasize --

Luke: Oh, God, no! No, no, no, that -- that never entered my mind.

Alan: Oh, yeah, I'll bet.

Luke: I want you to impersonate her at Shadybrook so I can get the real thing out, get her away from Baldwin once and for all.

Lulu: Drop the lawsuit to be my mother's legal guardian, or I will tell everybody that you killed Rick Webber and you let my mom take the blame. Not only will you never see her again, you will rot in prison like you deserve.

Scott: That's quite a bluff, but I don't think you can back it up, though.

Lulu: Hmm.

Spinelli: Look -- huh -- there's the heart rate. Wow! Look at how strong it is -- just like his or her father’s. And you know what's amazing? It is -- it's amazing at how he or she responds to the medication. I mean, you know, it's going to be full-term. I mean, the oxygen levels, the approximate weight --

Jason: Is it -- is it a boy or is it a girl?

Spinelli: Oh -- uh -- right. Right, wait, okay. Oh. Um -- bummer. Um --

Jason: What?

Spinelli: "Gender withheld at parental request." But don't worry. Don't -- no, no, don't worry. I'll keep digging, I'll keep digging. You know, there's -- there's probably an updated ultrasound somewhere --

Jason: No -- no more ultrasounds.

Spinelli: Are you sure?

Jason: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you know, I just want a healthy baby, and I just want, you know, my baby to have a good life.

Spinelli: Well, you could make sure of that if you went public as the innocent one's father.

Jason: Just delete -- just delete the file.

Sam: I am so sorry that my past relationship with Sonny is getting in the way of the show.

Amelia: Oh, no, no, I'll take care of Sonny. You go be a star.

Sam: A -- a star? The show hasn't even aired yet. I'm probably going to flop.

Amelia: Bite your tongue. Your test scores are through the roof. It's a great format -- it's entertaining and accessible. Now, people think that they're getting something worthwhile, they're getting useful information, but at the same time, they enjoy looking at you. Now, you're going to reach more people than you can imagine.

Sam: Oh, thank you, thank you. You always know how to make me feel better.

Amelia: Just doing my job.                                                                                                                                       

Sam: Okay. Are we done? Yeah.

Wes: We're ready when you are.

Amelia: Sam needs a couple of minutes. But in the meantime, I have a special assignment for you. This is Sam when she was married to Todd Sullivan. She cleaned him out for half a mil and disappeared.

Wes: So what do you want me to do?

Amelia: Something that will really shake her up.

Patrick: Hey. How's it going?

Robin: Hmm -- huh.

Patrick: Robin, I doubt Craig has spies at the hospital. You don't have to act like you hate me.

Robin: Look, you know that I love you with all my heart, okay, but this blood scan does not make sense. We have to find a way to isolate the poison he is using on Nikolas.

Patrick: I went over the labs. I couldn't find a marker that indicated the source.

Robin: Well, then I guess we're even, Dr. Brilliant, because I have zip. So I guess Craig gets to continue to manipulate us for as long as he wants to.

Jerry: "Don't" insult my intelligence by saying you answered by mistake, please.

Nikolas: Oh, I won’t. But whoever that was sounded concerned, obviously cares about you. Is it someone you care for -- a sister, a mother perhaps -- and if so, is she aware of what you've done?

Jerry: Oh, don't try and appeal to me and to my better nature, as it were.

Nikolas: Oh, come on! Even you have some shred of decency inside you!

Jerry: You picking up that phone was a dangerous error! So why don't you spend some quality time with your son, Spencer, huh, because your son will be an orphan by 9:00 tonight!

Spinelli: Yeah, so I cross-referenced evil Al's distribution list with the contact numbers.

Jason: Yeah, I can see that right here, yeah.

Spinelli: Right, right, and -- check it out -- I tracked the locations of the numbers just to see if there are any discernable patterns --

Jason: Yeah, this -- this really helps me, thank you.

Spinelli: Really? Well, I'm -- I'm most honored. Chip?

Jason: No. No. You know what? You can -- you can take off now.

Spinelli: Cell towers.

Jason: What?

Spinelli: Well, I can -- I can sort the numbers alphabetically by cell tower, and then I can cross-reference those with the dates, the numbers, and the locations of the --

Jason: Okay, what is it you want? And don't start this whole master/grasshopper and all these bugs --

Spinelli: Look, with the -- um -- with the pending and inevitable arrival of the innocent one, I -- I just thought you might need a friend.

Jason: Thank you, but I'm okay.

Spinelli: You don't seem okay. Dude, you're never home, you know, and Samantha’s always working, and all these forays into the darkness of your soul? I'm just afraid you might end up roadkill, so --

Jason: I have -- I have a lot of work to do.

Spinelli: Right.

Spinelli: I put my cell number in your speed dial.

Jason: Thanks. You can go now.

Spinelli: Take the chips. They help.

[Door opens and closes]

Scott: Listen, there is no proof that I killed Rick Webber -- I made sure of that.

Dillon: Well, you know what? Luke doesn't care about evidence.

Scott: Well, then you know what? Luke will try and kill me, then I'll have an excuse to send him to the big house. And if he does kill me, he'll go to prison anyways -- or he'll be on the run or he'll go crazy. But he will be away from Laura -- which is all I care about -- and he'll be away from you, and you'll be better off.

Dillon: You know what, Scott? Why don't you leave Lulu alone, huh?

Scott: I don't care about Luke. After what he did to Laura, he should pay for something here. Go ahead, tell him. Go ahead; give him a call right now.

Dillon: Get out! Just go!

Scott: Tell him the truth. I don't care.

Jason: Back off!

Scott: Oh –

Sam: What if I started back here and I came around, and I ended up and ended right here?

Amelia: What do you think?

Wes: It's the sign-off, it's got to look like the end of the show.

Brandon: Morning, everybody. Sam, you look great.

Sam: Morning. Thank you.

Brandon: Everything's up and running. Should I assume that Amelia got the injunction lifted?

Amelia: Oh, well, we're just working out the final details. Can you give us a minute?

Brandon: I don't want any trouble with the F.C.C.

Sam: What was I supposed to say?

Amelia: You were fine.

Sam: Fine? But are we breaking the law by taping the show?

Amelia: I told you I would take care of it.

Sam: Really? He seems kind of upset.

Amelia: Okay, network executives understand two things -- ratings and revenue. I'll handle Brandon; you focus on the sign-off.

Sam: Okay.

Amelia: We need to review a couple of things.

Brandon: You can start by explaining this.

Nikolas: I have no doubt you'll punish me for this -- make me writhe on the floor, desperate for oxygen while my lungs shut down -- but eventually you will give me that counteragent and you know it because --

Jerry: You've misjudged the entire situation.

Nikolas: You need me!

Jerry: I have other options because you bankrolled a new identity for me. You see, Mr. Brosnan has a very convincing paper trail, as well as a luxury flat in London. Now, you've kept up your end of the bargain -- until tonight! You convinced me always to move on, so tonight I will.

Nikolas: You will never even make it out of the airport and you know it!

Jerry: Oh, my travel plans are the least of your concerns, believe me! Unfortunately, I like it here. I like our current arrangement, but you have made that impossible.

Nikolas: You're not going anywhere.

Jerry: You have less than six hours to live, and far less if you overexert yourself.

Nikolas: Too many people know about this. You'll never get away with it.

Jerry: You are begging for your life -- I mean, in a dignified way -- but, still, this is beneath you. Don't you get your hopes up! Do you know what this is? Do you know what this is? This is poison, not the counteragent. Now, I could give it to you -- I mean, it would speed things up -- but where would the fun be? No, I'm going to make a stop on my way out of town, and I'm going to surprise someone you care about -- perhaps your aunt, or fiery little Emily -- I mean, can you imagine the fight that she will put up? And I'm going to make everyone a favor by putting your unfortunate mother out of her misery. Why not? [Jerry yells] Everyone loves a good Hollywood secret.

[Jerry screams]

Nikolas: How does that feel? Now, you can give us both the counteragent, or we die together -- you choose!

[Jerry laughs]

Jerry: I hope -- I hope you enjoyed your little moment -- you know, going down with a fight, that sort of thing -- but I'm afraid it's not going to save your life. You see -- you see, this was saline -- one last game for the road -- but I'm impressed. I didn't realize you had that much fight in you. I mean, it'll save you one hour less of agony -- or one hour less with your son, depending on how you look at it. But I suggest you put your life in order. And if you have strength enough to review your last will and testament, I want you to leave jobbin' Robin all my best. Farewell.

Alan: Luke, I have to tell you something. I'm dead, as you probably know, and, you know, when you're dead, you start thinking and saying things that you never expected to. Like, I wish I had been kinder to Tracy or -- or loved her more generously, or -- or we could've spent more time together laughing and -- she was a great C.E.O. of E.L.Q. and I wish that I had told her that, but Tracy is -- is difficult and very complicated. And, um, she doesn't love well or very often. But she really does love you, so I'm asking you if you could really go out of your way to treat her with consideration and respect.

Tracy: Thank you.

Luke: Ahem. Tracy, I -- um -- I know what offended you. It -- it wasn't the wig, or even the idea. It was when I called Laura "the real thing."

Tracy: I suppose.

Luke: But I didn't mean it like that. I really didn’t. Can you just maybe think of this as a -- a wacky adventure, you know, like Las Vegas or the jungle? It could be "The Shadybrook Caper."

Alan: Don't you dare let him talk you into this.

Luke: I know it's asking a lot, but I don't trust the courts, you know that -- particularly with Baldwin being this "special prosecutor."

Alan: Will you tell him that Baldwin’s the one who killed Rick Webber? It's a perfect opportunity.

Luke: I have to get him out of the way, I have to protect her, and I don't want to waste a lot of time -- our time together -- fighting Baldwin.

Alan: He's working you, don't fall for it.

Luke: Once Laura’s safe, this will all be over, and we can really just move on.

Alan: Will you tell him?

Tracy: Okay. Nikolas is Laura’s guardian of record. Why don't you let him fight Scott in court? And if Scott wins the guardianship, then -- and only then -- I will consider taking other measures. But not this one.

Scott: Come on, Jason, don't start --

Jason: Just get out.

Scott: Wait a second, all right? Now, listen to me, I got a badge, I'll arrest you --

Jason: Just get out.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: Okay, I need to speak with you alone.

Spinelli: Hey! You stay away from the fair blond one or I'll leave you broken and penniless, all right?

Scott: What is it that you think you know there, jughead?

Spinelli: Well, that's all the Jackal wanted to say.

Scott: The next time you threaten me, I will throw you and your computer in the river, you got that? Now, beat it. Get out of here!

Jason: Whatever's going on with you and Scott Baldwin, do not let him force you into doing something that you're going to regret.

Lulu: I won’t.

Jason: Okay, and if he comes at you like that again, you call me.

Lulu: Yeah, I -- I just wish he would disappear -- not literally.

Jason: Do you need my help with anything?

Lulu: No. No offense, but you'd probably make everything worse. I always thought that the truth was the best solution for every problem. But it doesn't seem to work out that way, does it?

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah?

Elizabeth: Hey. Can you come by as soon as you can? I really need to see you.

Amelia: When I discovered Sam, I had no idea.

Brandon: When did you find out about it?

Amelia: I did a background check after the original interview.

Brandon: That was months ago. Why didn't you let me know right away? We've could've pulled the plug on this.

Amelia: Brandon, think. This show will be a screaming success. Her test numbers are terrific. That is why I've pushed production so hard -- to get as many shows in the can as possible.

Brandon: I'm listening.

Amelia: Okay, getting people to tune in will be no problem. There may be some rumors, men may think that they recognize her, but we'll deny everything, of course. Then as the hype dies down and her numbers begin to slip, we'll discover everything.

Brandon: And the scandal will drive the ratings even higher.

Amelia: Isn't that my job?

Brandon: You're good.

Amelia: Hmm. You're not the first man to say that. Trust me, I can take trash and turn it into gold.

Sam: Amelia? Hey, the cameraman needs to see you for a second. Oh, is everything okay?

Amelia: Couldn't be better. Brandon here is just beginning to realize how rewarding my plans for you really are.

[Phone rings]

Jane: Hello? Oh -- oh, Jax. Oh, no, no, of course I'm -- I'm not disappointed. I'm -- I am delighted to hear from you, but I -- I do think you might have something better to do on your honeymoon than call your mom. Oh, tell Carly not to worry. The boys are being perfect gentlemen. We've been playing bushrangers and they haven't tied me up once -- well, at least not seriously. How's Fiji? No, I -- I haven't heard a word from him. Oh, you stay as long as you like. No, don't be silly, I'm delighted to help out. No, everything is fine at this end. I love you, too. Tell Carly I send my love. Goodbye, dear.

[Knock on door]

Jerry: Lovely to see you, Mum.

Jane: Oh, Jerry. What on earth are you doing here?

Jerry: I've come to say goodbye.

Elizabeth: Thanks for getting here so quickly.

Jason: Are you okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I'm fine. Can you come in, please? I -- um -- I just had a checkup today. Everything's fine.

Jason: Can you -- do you know if it's a boy or a girl?

Elizabeth: Not officially. I mean, I have a feeling, but I'm afraid if I say it out loud, then it's --

Jason: It's -- it's okay. I was just wondering.

Elizabeth: Um, the reason I called -- I don't -- I don't think there's going to be a problem, but if for some reason something goes wrong, our baby's going to need you.

Lucky: I’ve gone over the Stevenson case and there's all kinds of holes in this guy's alibi.

Det. Rodriguez: Damn -- I'm out 20 bucks.

Lucky: For what?

Mac: There's an office pool as to whether or not you'd show up.

Lucky: Well, I've been driving Elizabeth crazy -- she practically shoved me out the door.

Mac: You sure you're focused enough to do the job?

Lucky: Well, I need something to occupy my time other than this baby.

Mac: All right. I'll put you back on the board.

Lucky: Thanks, Mac.

Det. Rodriguez: How's Elizabeth?

Lucky: Well, you know, she's doing pretty good, other than going -- I mean, she's the one going through all the labor.

Det. Rodriguez: How you handling everything?

Lucky: Yeah, I went to my meeting. I'm not going to blow this thing by taking a pill. I mean, you know, just having Elizabeth and Cam in the house, knowing that I'm going to be a father -- I mean, that's just the best high there is.

Det. Rodriguez: Congratulations.

Lucky: Thanks, boss.

Scott: Hey, Lucky? As special prosecutor, I got a little request.

Lucky: Yeah, well, talk to the commissioner.

Scott: No, I want to talk to you. I want you to convince your brother to give me guardianship of Laura. If this goes to court, it's going to get bad. Now, your father deserves it, but Lulu -- she doesn’t.

Dillon: Wow. I don't think I want to know.

Luke: Well, I want to know -- what it is you have to tell me.

Dillon: Oh, but Lulu -- she's fine, if that's what you're talking about.

Luke: What have you got on Scott Baldwin, Dillon?

Dillon: Uh -- not my area of expertise. Sorry.                                                                                                         

Luke: What is it that he did to Laura that he deserves to be shot for?

Dillon: Wait -- I mean, Luke -- but, Luke, I was -- I was bluffing. I was bluffing, you know, because I wanted to scare him away from the whole -- the whole guardianship thing, you know, and Lulu was kind of freaking out about it, uh, because she -- I mean, I told her, but not -- you know, before he came to the house. She didn't know anything before that.

Luke: You're tap-dancing pretty fast here, Mr. Bojangles.

Dillon: I -- I just happen to think this is a very volatile subject for you, Luke, and it would be maybe in your best interest not to --

Luke: Now, let's just make this easy on both of us. Tell me what it is you're trying so hard not to tell me about Baldwin and what he's up to.

Dillon: You know, I wish I could help you, Luke, but I don't -- I don't know anything.

Luke: Is Tracy involved? Is that why she's withholding your tuition?

Dillon: No. No, she -- there's nothing to know. I mean, she forgot because she was out of town, that's it.

Luke: Dillon -- you used to trust me. In fact, I remember a time when you helped me protect Laura. Help me now, son. Help me save her. Tell me what you've got on Scott Baldwin.

Lulu: Why are you interrogating Dillon?

Luke: He's got some dirt on Scott Baldwin and he's not spilling it.

Lulu: Well, it's -- it's not, um, his dirt, it's mine.

Dillon: Lulu --

Lulu: I did something, um, stupid.

Luke: Well, let's hear it.

Lulu: After Mom relapsed, I wanted to believe that I could help her get better. And since she went crazy after she killed Rick Webber, I wanted to prove that she didn't, so I started my own investigation, and Dillon helped me –

Luke: And you two think that Scott Baldwin killed Rick and not your mother.

Lucky: There's no way you'll end up as my mother's legal guardian, so forget about it.

Scott: Your father has no business anywhere near Laura.

Lucky: Yeah, well, my mom and dad were married for years, and you guys were married for, like, 20 minutes, so get over it.

Scott: So now, um, you know your father better than Lulu does, right?

Lucky: And what's that supposed to mean?

Scott: That I'm not obligated to keep any family secrets.

Lucky: You know what? If you're threatening what I think you're threatening --

Scott: You know what? If this goes to court, I will produce evidence, testimony, that your father is a threat to Laura. It will get ugly, especially for Lulu.

Mac: Lucky, I need you out on patrol. There's a major storm moving in, we're going to have power outages and flooding.

Elizabeth: On New Year’s Eve, there was this couple -- Joe and Jenny -- who came into the E.R. Jenny was in labor, and she told me that Joe wasn't the real father of her baby -- that his best friend, Ethan, was. And she just wanted me to know in case there was some complication or an emergency, and it's a good thing she did tell me, because it turns out that baby had to have a transfusion -- which means we needed to know the real father. If I didn't know the truth, her baby would've died.

Jason: Nothing's going to happen to you or the baby.

Elizabeth: I know, but, Jason, we need to start thinking like parents, because -- because this child is more important than any secret I asked you to keep. So if I'm unconscious, or this baby needs medical attention, you need to do what's best for our child --


Elizabeth: Even if it means coming forth as the father.

Sam: Now, don't be afraid to take a stand. You've got to do whatever it takes, because the world needs everyday heroes. Thank you so much. I am Sam McCall. You have a good night.

Wes: And clear. That's a wrap, people. Good job.

Brandon: Oh, that was wonderful.

Sam: That's it?

Brandon: You really know your stuff. She's going to be a sensation.

Sam: Well, I can do it a couple more times if you want.

Brandon: Oh, why? You're a natural, come on.

Sam: Well --

Amelia: You're a survivor, Sam. Just like you said, you'll do whatever it takes?

[Phone rings]

Amelia: Yes? She's here.

Sam: That's perfect.

Amelia: Sam -- Sam?

Sam: Yeah?

Amelia: It's a terrible connection, but they're asking for you.

Sam: Oh, excuse me.

Brandon: Sure. Great work.

Sam: Thank you. Ahem. Hello?

Wes: I hear you're flying high these days.

Sam: Who's this?

Wes: Your husband.

Sam: I'm -- I'm sorry, but you -- you must be mistaken.

Wes: Oh, you remember -- it's me, Todd Sullivan.

Sam: You have the wrong number.

Wes: You married me, you robbed me blind. Now it's time for you to pay.

Jane: Well, for heaven sakes, you come on in. And what is all this nonsense about saying goodbye?

Jerry: I have no choice.

Jane: Of course you have a choice, there's always a choice. I just hung up the phone with Jax.

Jerry: You didn't tell him that you'd seen me, did you?

Jane: No, no, I kept my promise. I didn't tell him I saw you -- or your new face.

Jerry: Oh, I appreciate that.

Jane: Jax loves you. Call him!

Jerry: No -- Mum, Mum, Mum, the fewer connections with him, the better.

Jane: Oh, well, that's all very convenient, isn't it? After all Jax has done for you, all the sacrifices he's made, the least you can do is give him one phone call.

Jerry: Ah. I've missed you, you know?

Jane: So, where are you heading off to now?

Jerry: Away, Mum.

Jane: Don't be glib with your mother.

Jerry: No, there's nothing that Jax can do to pull me out of the fire this time.

Jane: What on earth have you done?

[Jerry sighs]

Jane: I don't know why I bother to ask.

Jerry: Well, I understand that. I've been a terrible disappointment as a son and a brother, but while there's a shred of decency left in me, I'll go as far as I can from you and Jax, I will.

Jane: Stop this, Jerry, you're frightening me!

Jerry: Mum -- Mum, I'm leaving, and this time I'm not coming back.

Patrick: Well, did everyone have fun at the wedding?

Emily: I want to thank you both.

Patrick: You should probably thank me. You hate her -- she stole your man, remember?

Robin: You know, it's a good thing you're a doctor, because you would make a terrible spy.

Patrick: You really think Craig has somebody watching over us at the hospital?

Robin: He might. We should be careful just in case.

Patrick: Wow -- Dr. "All work and no play." She hasn't changed a bit.

Robin: Really? What happened to loving me and accepting me exactly the way I am?

Patrick: I think that's my beeper -- got a couple post-ops I have to check on -- but I will go down to the lab as soon as I can.

Robin: We'll keep working on the counteragent for Nikolas.

Nikolas: Emily? Craig's gone, he left. If we don't find the counteragent in the next five hours, I die.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Luke: Scott was framing your mother?

Emily: I am not losing you.

Wes: You swindled me out of $500,000 and I will blow your life apart.

Jane: Please, just stay here --

Jason: If my child needs me, I will come forward, I promise.

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