GH Transcript Monday 4/16/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/16/07


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Tracy: We need to talk about what didn't happen last night.

Luke: Yeah, okay, me first. Look, you know I'm a pretty open-minded guy. There isn't much that I object to. If you're telling me that your dead brother is haunting you -- it's a little wacky, but if you believe it, okay. That's all right with me. But when you crawl under the covers, and you reach out and you start to noodle me about --

Tracy: Look, I -- I didn't mean to chase you away, I'm sorry.

Luke: Okay. Well, it's all right, no harm done.

Tracy: You're not mad?

Luke: Well, it was a little frustrating, I won't lie to you. But come on, it was one night. By my calculations, we're doing pretty well.

Tracy: Thank you. That's a very mature attitude.

Alan: How gullible are you? And why in the world would Luke Spencer be acting mature -- or better yet, forgiving or generous? One reason only, Tracy -- he found someone to finish what you started.

Luke: Spanky, come on --

Tracy: You cheating bastard.

Elizabeth: So how long can you stay?

Lucky: Until you're released -- or the baby's born -- whatever comes first. Mac let me have the night off, so you might as well get used to seeing this face.

Elizabeth: Well, I can manage that, but I think I'm okay -- this medication seems to be working.

Lucky: Well, that's the good news. I just want to be around in case you go back into labor. I mean, there's no way this baby is coming into this world without its father being right there to witness this miracle.

Spinelli: Whoo! I made it! Okay.

Lulu: Um, Spinelli, what are you doing here?

Spinelli: Uh -- well, I -- I came to record the innocent one's birth,

Lucky: Record it for who?

Sam: What's happening with Sonny?

Jason: He's got a concussion. They expect him to wake up soon, but they're going to keep him overnight for observation.

Sam: Oh, I'm so glad you're both okay. Jason, do you know who ordered the ambush?

Jason: I'm pretty sure that it was Alcazar, and it almost worked.

Sam: Right. Um, I know you want to wait here until Sonny wakes up; I'm going to stay with you, then.

Amelia: Sam? Now that you know everyone's okay, we need you to get back to work.

Carly: I should've bricked The Cellar up when I closed it down. That place is cursed, you know. They massacred people there in the 1920s. It was awful. Well, you know, we're not going to have dessert, so we might as well go on a long drive --

Jax: Look, you don't have to pretend with me. I know that you want to go to the hospital to see Sonny.

Tracy: I dare you to deny it!

Alan: Luke's excuse will be that you were too upset to have sex. Monica used to use that on me all the time.

Luke: Come on, Tracy, I was only thinking of you. I learned a long time ago not to force myself on troubled women.

Alan: Ha -- do I know my stuff, or what?

Tracy: Shut up!

Luke: Look, Spanky, I'm not privy to your conversations with your dead brother, but it feels to me like he's working you. He's turning you into some kind of jealous teenager. Come on, that's not you, this is not us. We wear wedding rings, not each other's I.D. bracelets. Now, come on, be careful. He's -- he's just trying to cause trouble between us.

Monica: Who is?

Tracy: Oh, none of your business.

Luke: Hey, wait a minute. Maybe if you tell Monica, it'll open another channel or something for what's-his-name over here, you know? Maybe then he can rattle his chains at her instead.

Alan: It won't work -- Monica’s conscience is clean.

Tracy: Oh, please. Did crossing the great divide wipe out all your earthly memories?

Monica: Tracy, why are you yelling at Alan's chair?

Tracy: I'm not yelling at Alan's chair, I'm yelling at Alan, who seems to be getting more pleasure tormenting me in death than he did in life.

Monica: What in the world are you talking about?

Tracy: My brother's haunting me.

Monica: Oh –

Elizabeth: Okay, I'm not really comfortable with the whole idea of being filmed during childbirth, and -- and no offense, but we don't really know you.

Spinelli: Yeah, but that's so -- that's -- that's so arbitrary --

Elizabeth: Wait, excuse me?

Spinelli: I mean, not to mention unfair. I mean, how -- how about --

Lucky: What about who?

Spinelli: Um -- everybody. You know, I mean, all -- all those people that were at your wedding, that are invested in this baby but can't be here for the momentous birth.

Lucky: They're just going to have to deal with it. This is a private event, one of the most personal things a couple can go through. I mean, what made you think that we would agree to you filming our baby's birth?

Lulu: You know what? This is -- this is my fault. Um -- huh -- I had mentioned to Spinelli that I -- I wanted to be there for the birth, and, you know, I probably wouldn't because you guys would understandably want your privacy, so --

Spinelli: So, um, being as -- as dedicated to the continued happiness of the Blond One as I am, I, uh, came here, camera and all.

Lulu: Yeah, it was a dumb idea, okay, we're going to go now. Have you completely lost your mind? Do you want Lucky to get suspicious?

Spinelli: To be completely honest, I wasn't thinking about Lucky. Look, if no one films this, how is Stone Cold going to see the birth of his child?

Amelia: We're on a deadline to finish the opening title sequence. Everything's set up at the Metro Court; the production staff is waiting, fast approaching overtime.

Carly: Jason? You have to stop scaring me like that. Are you sure you're okay?

Jason: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine, so -- so is Sonny.

Amelia: Let's give them a minute.

Sam: Yeah.

Carly: What happened?

Jason: You know, a concussion. They expect him to wake up. They're just going to keep him overnight as precautionary.

Carly: Well, thank God. Good.

Jax: You should go see him.

Carly: You know, I -- I don't want to bother you by doing that, and I understand --

Jax: No, no, no, it'll bother me more if you don't go see him, so -- come on, you.

Carly: Okay.

Sam: The show can wait. Jason was almost shot to death.

Amelia: But he wasn’t. Jason's perfectly fine.

Jason: Do not blow this job off because of me, okay?

Sam: Oh. Listen, both of you have had your say, now I'm going to have mine.

Lorenzo: Sonny and Jason should be in a morgue right now. There better be a good reason why they're not.

Man: Morgan and Corinthos were trapped just like you anticipated, then these two guys showed up -- seemed like military types. They jumped into the mix and started shooting at our people, then everything went to hell.

Lorenzo: And you didn't stand your ground? What do I pay you for?

Man: It was the element of unpredictability.

Lorenzo: Oh, and that's supposed to make me feel better? Now Morgan and Corinthos have a chance to regroup. That was the easiest opportunity we will ever have.

Man: What are you going to do now?

Lorenzo: Well, now I'll have to have evidence planted to divert attention to one of Sonny's other rivals. And as long as I maintain this mentally deficient pretense, I can hide in plain sight.

Man: What about Skye? I'm sure she must be getting suspicious about now.

Lorenzo: She knows.

Man: She knows?

Lorenzo: I told her. And with more grace and compassion than I deserve, she has agreed to stick by me. She has promised to maintain the charade, and so will you.

Man: No problem, boss. I won't say a word.

Lorenzo: I have no doubt.

Skye: It kills me to be having this conversation with you, but I have to face the ugly fact. Lorenzo has been lying to me for God knows how long. I can't trust a word out of his mouth anymore -- he probably lied to me the whole time that Alan was dying in the hospital. Alan might actually even be alive if he --

Ric: A lot of people would be alive, Skye, if it weren't for Alcazar. And now that you know about his little act, you're in danger, and so is your daughter.

Skye: I will do whatever it takes to keep Lila safe.

Ric: Good, I'm glad to hear that. There is a way for you to get free of Alcazar, both you and your daughter, but you're going to have to use Sonny and Jason to do it.

Skye: You mean tell them that Lorenzo’s faking the brain injury?

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Skye: Okay, let me -- let me take a guess at how this all falls out. Sonny and Jason kill Lorenzo, all the incriminating evidence on you goes away with him, and Sonny and Jason end up in prison.

Ric: Yeah, I kind of like the way that sounds.

Skye: Yeah -- for you. You make out like a bandit while all the risk of double-crossing Lorenzo falls on my shoulders!

Ric: You -- you got yourself into this, Skye, I'm just trying to help you get out.

Skye: I don't know. I don't know -- I mean, Lorenzo is Lila Rae’s father. I don't know if I can set him up.

Ric: He had no problem doing it to you, Skye. And if you think this is over, you better think again. He's going to continue using you as long as you are useful to him. The second that you're not –

Jax: Carly --

Carly: Unless you want to be held responsible for the ambush that went down tonight, get busy and arrest this witch for trying to murder Sonny.

Ric: Well, I was just in the process of questioning Skye about the attack on Sonny and Jason.

Carly: Oh, let me guess -- she knows nothing? Skye was at home wiping the drool off Lila Rae and her father, right?

Jax: This isn't helping, Carly.

Skye: Stay out of this, Carly. You don't know what you're talking about.

Carly: I know Lorenzo is a cold-blooded killer. Right, Skye?

Skye: I don't have to listen to this.

Carly: Let me tell you something -- I don't know how deep you're into Alcazar's business, but if you had a hand in trying to have Sonny or Jason killed, I will make you pay.

Skye: You can't pin this one on me and Lorenzo, Carly -- Lorenzo’s incapable of ordering a hit and I wouldn't know how. And besides, Sonny and Jason have countless enemies.

Carly: Why are you still defending him? You know what? You have enemies, and I'm one of them. I'm not going to forget about this. I am going to make you my favorite project.

Skye: Hmm. And she's pointing fingers at me for defending Lorenzo, Jax? If anyone's a fool around here, it's "you" -- for thinking that you can best Sonny in what passes for Carly's heart.

Lulu: Spinelli, if we are going to keep this secret, you have to stop thinking of Jason as the baby's father. He gave the baby up.

Spinelli: Yeah, and it's killing him.

Lulu: And it's Jason's choice. Lucky is going to be there during the delivery, Lucky is going to take the baby home, Lucky is going to be the baby's father.

Spinelli: Okay, Lucky can be "a father," but nothing will change the fact that Stone Cold is "the father," okay, even if it stays a secret forever.

Sam: This becoming a TV star thing is really fun and exciting, but I love Jason. I get to be around when something like this happens.

Amelia: You said you were committed to the project, and now the first time there's a conflict, you're ready to bail?

Sam: "Conflict"? You call what happened tonight with Jason a conflict?

Amelia: I call it a calculated risk that goes along with the life that Jason appears to have chosen.

Sam: No, excuse me, you know nothing about Jason's life.

Jason: Hey, hey, hey. Listen, my choices have controlled everything since you and I got together, okay? The show is about you, it's a choice you're making, and you need to do it. I'm going to be fine, Sonny's going to be fine -- if he wasn't, I would ask you to stay with me. You have things to do for yourself, Sam, you got to do it.

Sam: But, Jason, really, what about you?

Jason: I'm going to be fine. I'm going to wait for Carly, I'm going to go see Sonny, and I'll catch up with you.

Amelia: I thank you, my staff thanks you.

Ric: Hey -- just the man I'm looking for.

[Jason sighs]

Ric: Tell me, is it true? Is Lorenzo Alcazar behind the ambush at The Cellar tonight?

Monica: Alan's haunting you? How much have you had to drink?

Tracy: Not nearly enough.

Alan: Tell Monica why I'm haunting you.

Luke: Um -- on second thought, let's rethink this. You don't want to have to tell Monica why Alan is hanging around -- do you?

Alan: Tell Monica that Father has proof that you and Luke forged my will and you had to make a deal with him.

Luke: And then there is that side deal you made with Edward.

Tracy: I don't care anymore! I want it over, and I want you gone! It's true -- Alan has been haunting me since the day after the memorial.

Monica: Is there any particular reason that Alan would haunt you -- other than the obvious fact that you forged his will?

Edward: Shame on you, Tracy. You shouldn't intrude on Monica’s grief with silly manifestations of your own nervous breakdown.

Monica: Oh, "nervous breakdown," my foot. She's just up to some sort of a scam.

Luke: If I may play devil's advocate here for a moment? If Alan's spirit is restless and hanging on, maybe it's because he feels his sister is getting a raw deal.

Monica: No, no, I doubt that. No, and I think if Alan were going to haunt anybody, it would definitely be me.

Edward: Well, now, this is nothing to be competitive about.

Tracy: No, Monica, you're wrong. Alan is haunting "me," even as we speak.

Monica: He talks to you?

Tracy: Yep -- clear as day, every day.

Monica: Prove it.

Edward: I need a brandy.

Luke: Make it two.

Edward: Mm-hmm.

Tracy: How am I supposed to prove it, Monica? Alan is sitting right there in that chair, big as life, and you can't see him, and you can't hear him.

Monica: Well, you said he talks to you. Ask him what I like most in bed.

Ric: As I understand it, you and Sonny were at Carly's old, abandoned club tonight -- having a trip down memory lane, I guess, or something equally as innocent -- and some gunmen ambushed you and they intended to kill you -- and they probably would have if it weren't for these two strangers, Cooper Barrett and Logan hays, who came to your aid? I mean, it's bad luck for those would-be assassins because, well, they're all dead, and you and Sonny were able to get away.

Jason: You know I can't say anything without my attorney.

Ric: Well, that's a surprise.

Jason: You going to arrest me, Ric?

Ric: Not today. Jason, I assume you already know that the dead men were traced back to Venezuela -- I believe that was Alcazar's home base.

Scott: Well, that's a familiar sight -- Jason Morgan walking away from murder and mayhem. It's good to see that the D.A.'s office is still inept when it comes to organized crime.

Ric: Refresh my memory, Baldwin -- um, didn't your daughter and scurry out of town while you had an I.A. corruption investigation pending?

Scott: Do not rattle my skeletons and I won't rattle your skeletons. Besides, we need to get along.

Ric: Really? Why is that?

Scott: Well, I guess you haven't heard -- we're working together again. Mayor Floyd and his skeletons just hired me as the special prosecutor for the D.A.'s office.

Ric: Huh. Why would you want that job?

Scott: Well, there are certain personal things that I want to do with this town and this is going to expedite it.

Monica: I'm waiting.

Luke: With bated breath.

Tracy: Monica --

[Tracy sighs]

Tracy: What you and Alan did in bed is really not territory I wish to explore. I'll ask him anything else.

Monica: No. No, it has to be something that only Alan would know.

Tracy: Monica, with all the men you slept with, I could do an internet search and come up with a complete inventory of your preferences.

Monica: Which only means that you're just up to something.

Edward: I'll leave it that.

Luke: Am I the only one here who would like to know what it is that gets the heart doctor's heart racing?

Tracy and Edward: Yes.

Alan: Go ahead, Tracy, ask the question, or Monica’s never going to believe you.

Tracy: Fine. Alan, what was Monica’s favorite activity in bed?

Alan: Oopsie-daisy.

Tracy: Oh! The mind reels.

Luke: What'd he say, what did he say?

Monica: Oh, no, she's just stalling.

Edward: No, some things are better left unheard.

Monica: Come on, Tracy. What did Alan say?

Tracy: "Oopsie-daisy."

[Monica gasps]

Carly: I know it upsets you that I attack Skye and defend Sonny.

Jax: No, no, no, it was a natural reaction, you know? I mean, just because you're engaged to me doesn't make you indifferent to Sonny.

Carly: Do you know you're wonderful? The way you're being so supportive and nonjudgmental -- it just -- it really makes me love you more.

Jax: Why don't you go check on him?

Carly: Yeah.

Kelly: Hey.

Lulu: Hey. Okay, um, that's Elizabeth’s doctor, and I'm going to go in. Listen, it looks really weird that you care so much about this baby. I have a reason to be here, and I can feed Jason all the information he wants to know about this baby now and forever. So can that be enough, please? Okay. Oh -- if you want to help, make sure Jason stays away.

Kelly: Okay, we need to make sure the medication you took to stop the labor is working. It doesn't have to be far, but you need to see if you can walk without triggering more contractions.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Lucky: The baby's just anxious to see her dad.


Elizabeth: Or "his."

Kelly: Still, the closer to term he -- or she -- can get, the better.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Lucky: And patience is definitely a Spencer trait. I mean, but with all this love waiting, I mean, who couldn't blame the baby for wanting to come early?

Elizabeth: Huh.

Carly: You're so predictable, do you know that? I go out of town for one night, and you almost get yourself killed. You can't do that, okay? You got to be okay. You have to be okay and you have to live a very happy, fulfilling life, and that way I'll be able to, too.

Carly: Hey --

Sonny: Carly --

Carly: I'm right here.

[Sonny groans]

Carly: You're going to be all right. You were hit on the head, but you're going to be okay.

Sonny: Don't leave me.

Jason: I wasn't going to let anyone know that I was here. I just heard that Elizabeth went into labor, and I wanted --

Lulu: Okay, you don't have to explain and you don't have to worry. Dr. Lee gave Elizabeth something to help her with the contractions and it seems to be working and she should be able to carry the baby to term. I know that this is hard for you, but I think that I can help.

Jason: How?

Lulu: Well, I can be a source of information about the baby as you want.

Jason: You would do that?

Lulu: Well, it's the least that I can do after the amazing sacrifice that you've made for my brother.

Jason: Yeah, I just -- I just want my baby to be okay.

Photographer: Love it, that's good. Okay, let me just change the lens?

Marty: Ahem. Hotel security is holding a bunch of reporters outside, but they are creating a disturbance.

Sam: Hey, wait a minute, Marty, they are probably here about the shooting. I'm just going to go out there and give them a quick "no comment," and I'm sure they will go away.

Amelia: Give us a minute?

Sam: Come on, you've got that look on your face again.

Amelia: Look, as upsetting as the attempt on Sonny and Jason's lives might be, we cannot buy this kind of publicity, so we need to take advantage.

Luke: "Oopsie-daisy"?

Monica: Oh --

Luke: You must've heard that wrong.

Edward: What the hell is an "oopsie-dai--" never mind. I don't -- I don't want to know.

Luke: I do.

Monica: This is disgusting.

Tracy: My sentiments precisely.

Monica: How could you? How could you be listening outside our bedroom when Alan and I are making love, and filing it away? That is such a low, Tracy.

Tracy: I did no such thing. You asked me to ask Alan what your favorite thing in bed was -- that was his answer.

Monica: Horse pucky! Alan never would've told you anything -- anything so personal.

Luke: You know, in Spanky's defense, it's not really personal, unless you know the specific -- ins and outs.

Monica: Oh --

Luke: Of the act.

Monica: Listen, I'm watching you, Tracy -- every move you make, every little, tiny scheme you're going to try to hatch -- and I really would appreciate it if you leave Alan out of it. He is dead. Please, let him rest in peace!

Tracy: Happy? It backfired.

Edward: I'm worried about you, Tracy -- seeing ghosts, spying on your brother and his wife's most intimate moments. I think it's time that you see a professional.

Tracy: Daddy, I didn't spy on anyone. I might as well have, because now the hideous connotations of oopsie-daisy are permanently seared into my brain.

Alan: It's not what you think.

Tracy: Not another word!

Edward: Oh, God, I wholeheartedly agree.

Tracy: Oh!

Luke: You know, I think that's a rap for me, too. I'm going to leave you to work this out with Alan's chair.

Tracy: Wait. Please don't go.

Lorenzo: Oh, you're back. I was starting to get concerned. I thought you just went out to get Lila Rae some teething medicine.

Skye: Oh, I had the misfortune of running into Carly at the hospital. You know, she started screaming, making threats, accusations -- what else is new?

Lorenzo: What kind of threats?

Skye: Well, she accused me of ordering that hit on Sonny and Jason, since you are supposedly out of commission. She's practically shouting it from the rooftops, Lorenzo, and she has Sonny's ear like nobody else. What if he believes her? What if Sonny and Jason suddenly decide to return the favor and put a hit on me?

Lorenzo: You think I'm going to let that happen?

Skye: Well, they're not going to notify you in advance. Look, I said I'd cover for you, but I don't know. I'm starting to get afraid.

Lorenzo: I'm so sorry. This is why I went back and forth with telling you. Maybe you were better off believing that I was incapacitated -- I don't know.

Skye: No. Knowing helps me know what it is exactly that I have to do.

Sonny: You truly are just -- the most beautiful woman in the world.

Carly: Do you know what happened tonight?

Sonny: I got pinned at The Cellar with Jason. Is he all right?

Carly: He's okay.

[Sonny groans]

Carly: He wants to come see you, but he said I could see you first.

Sonny: Where are the boys?

Carly: I haven't heard from Michael, so I'm assuming he doesn't know.

Sonny: I don't want them to know.

Carly: I don't, either.

Sonny: I'm sorry for scaring you.

Carly: I was scared. I can't imagine a world without you, so you need to be more careful.

Sonny: Feel free to keep reminding me that.

Carly: That would make me a nag.

Sonny: No, because it would tell me how much you care for me.

Carly: Go get some rest. I do care.

Sonny: Wait, wait. I just about died -- that's the best you can do?

Carly: Do you remember where I -- um -- do you remember where I went tonight?

Sonny: Yeah. You went to Canada with Jax.

Carly: While we were there, he proposed, and I said yes.

Luke: I'm sorry, Tracy, I'm starting to feel a little crowded.

Alan: Quiet -- I believe my sister is about to have a genuine moment.

Tracy: I never believed in ghosts, not even as a kid. There are times I wanted to believe. I wanted to see my mother. I've laid awake nights and willed her to come to me, but she never has.

Alan: Not because she didn't love you.

Tracy: But I do see and hear my brother. And I refuse to believe that it is a figment of my guilty conscience, because as I have said time and again, I have no guilt about what we did.

Luke: Well, that's a relief.

Tracy: My brother was sentimental -- that's why he left everything to the children he wanted Jason to have. But sentimentality can't run E.L.Q. and if the price of forging his will is that he sticks around, so be it. I love you, and I hate that you are dead. But the truth is that there's part of me that's very glad you're still around.

Alan: I'm touched. But I have a job to do, Tracy. I can't let you manipulate me out of it.

Tracy: But I don't want to lose you. You’re greedy, disreputable, and untrustworthy -- and you get me like nobody has ever gotten me in my life. You make me feel alive, you make me laugh. In fact, you are quite possibly the best thing that's ever happened to me in my life. But do not make me choose between you and Alan, because I can’t.

Alan: Holy mackerel -- you really love this guy.

Luke: I'm not going to make you choose. I hit the jackpot when I married you -- in more ways than one. There's no way I'm going to leave -- at least, not permanently.

Tracy: Well, that's oddly comforting.

Alan: I can't believe what I'm hearing -- you really love Luke. That's more punishment than I could ever inflict on you. It's okay. Listen, I am going to do you a favor, Tracy -- I am going to leave you alone with your husband.

Tracy: Thank you.

Luke: What'd he do?

Tracy: He left. You and I are blessedly alone -- for the night anyway. Say -- got any ideas about how we can pass the time?

Luke: Well, we could try to figure out what it is that makes somebody say –

Luke and Tracy: "Oopsie-daisy."

Lulu: It wasn't easy to come to terms with all this, especially the "everyone cheats on everyone else" part. But this way is best for the baby, and maybe knowing that will make it easier for you -- Spinelli is another story.

Jason: What'd he do?

Lulu: He freaked out, and he thought that the baby would be born and you wouldn't be a part of it, so he showed up with a video camera -- don't worry, I handled it.

Jason: Well, thank you. You know, you're so involved in everybody else's life. How -- how's your life?

Lulu: Huh -- what life?

Lucky: Jason. Well, we had a close call, but we managed to convince this little baby girl -- or boy -- that there was no need to rush.

Elizabeth: Yeah, we'll be ready with even more love when it's time.

Lucky: Yeah.

Jason: That's what a baby needs. I actually have to check on -- on Sonny.

Elizabeth: Is he okay?

Jason: Yeah -- a concussion, but he's -- he's going to be fine.

Lucky: You know, that was nice of Jason to come and check on you.

Lulu: Yeah, maybe he, um, feels connected. After all, he did save Elizabeth and the baby in the elevator that day.

Sam: Jason and Sonny don't talk to the press about these things, which means it's probably best if I don't, either.

Amelia: Forgive me for stating the obvious, but Jason and Sonny are gangsters -- or "alleged gangsters." Either way, they generate a lot of media attention, most of it negative. You're a TV host who's been linked to both men. You need to take the limelight they have afforded you, downplay what they do, and talk up your own thing.

Sam: I don't know -- capitalizing on this just feels so cold.

Amelia: Well, it's a cold world -- or we wouldn't have a show. That's why you need to take this opportunity and make it count.

Sonny: Unless I'm still out of it, I -- I probably didn't hear you right.

Carly: You heard me -- Jax proposed, and I said yes.

Sonny: Unless I've been unconscious for five months, last time I heard, you and I are, you know, still husband and wife.

Carly: Until you sign the divorce papers, Sonny.

Sonny: Ah. You were the person -- you were the first person I saw when I woke up. If the situation was reversed, I'd be there for you, too. It's not -- it's not about signing a piece of paper. It's about we love each other till the end.

Carly: I do love you.

Sonny: Well --

Carly: I love you, Sonny, I do. And I am always going to love you, but I love Jax, too. Oh -- I love Jax, too, in a -- in a different way, in a healthier way, in a way that makes me happy, and you know what? I want to be his wife.

Sonny: Well, I got -- I got some time to change your mind by, what, September -- I'm not even sure. Did I add that right?

Carly: You're just going to drag this out as long as possible, aren't you?

Sonny: I'm just saying to you I'm not going to give up that easy.

Carly: You're not going to let me go?

[Sonny sighs]

Carly: But you can't force me to stay.

Tracy: Oh!

Luke: What? Oh, Alan, give us a break.

Scott: Well, I guess it hasn't sunk into that empty head of yours, Spencer -- Alan's dead.

Luke: How would you like to join him?

Tracy: Why don't you just leave before I have you arrested for trespassing?

Scott: Well, I'm here on official business for my new job -- special prosecutor for the D.A.'s office.

Luke: Huh -- what's that, a fancy way of saying "dogcatcher"?

Scott: Well, then catch this. I filed a petition to take over custody of Laura. And guess what -- I think the court's going to agree.

Carly: I want to go home now, okay?

Jax: You're crying. Is it about Sonny?

Carly: I had to hurt him, and that makes me sad. But he had to know, in no uncertain terms, that I love you, and you are the man I'm going to marry.

Jason: I thought Carly was here.

Sonny: She's come and gone. She tell you?

Jason: Tell me what?

Sonny: She got engaged to Jax again. But it doesn't matter, because, you know, she can't get married till I sign the divorce papers. So it gives me five months --

Jason: Sonny --

Sonny: To do what I have to do.

Jason: Sonny -- Sonny? Come on, Carly doesn't -- she didn't want to be married to you.

Sonny: You saying I should give up?

Jason: No, I'm saying just because you love someone doesn't mean that everything's going to work out and you can get back together. Sometimes the best way to love someone is just to let them go.

Sam: Jason has no idea who was behind the attack on The Cellar tonight, but it does make you stop and think, doesn't it? I mean, what would you do if you suddenly found yourself the target of random violence?

Reporter: How would you handle it?

Sam: First, you don't give in to panic. Pay attention to your surroundings, look for a way out. No one likes to imagine worst-case scenarios, but a little mental preparation and -- and forethought could be the difference between life and death.

Reporter: Will this be the focus of "Everyday Heroes"?

Sam: Yes, as a matter of fact, it will. Look, anyone can be a victim. We only remain one if we don't react with clear thought and calm action, which means no rash moves -- they can haunt us for the rest of our lives.

Skye: I didn't mean to get upset.

Lorenzo: Oh, you're allowed. My God, you've been so resilient. Skye, I -- I am so grateful.

Skye: Well, it's almost over, right -- I mean, assuming you can start to get well?

[Lorenzo sighs]

Lorenzo: Well, I know this isn't what you want to hear, but since the hit went wrong, me getting well is a long way off. In the meantime, I can get Sonny and Jason onto someone else's track, continue to run the business through you, and hope that when the time comes, you'll give it back. At least I don't have to pretend with you anymore. You want to know the truth? I rather enjoy playing the town nitwit. Gives me an opportunity to gauge who's useful, and whose usefulness has come to an end.

[Lila Rae cries]

Skye: I should go check on Lila Rae.

Lorenzo: No, no, let me. She needs to know Daddy's in control.

[Phone speed-dials]

[Phone rings]

Skye: I can't talk long. You were right -- I have to get out while I still can. I will do what's ever necessary to take Lorenzo down.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Luke: He has no legal grounds to be in contact with Laura.

Lainey: Neither do you.

Sam: I never thought the press would spin things this way. Oh, no -- Jason.

Jax: Carly made her choice.

Sonny: I'm just waiting for Carly to change her mind.

Carly: Talk Sonny into signing the papers, please.

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