GH Transcript Wednesday 4/4/07

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/4/07


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Elizabeth: Do you feel it?

Jason: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Hmm.

Lulu: Is this where the line starts to feel the baby kick?

Maxie: I can't -- I can't do this.

Jax: I know that you feel obligated to help Alcazar while he's recovering, but trying to run his illegal, not to mention dangerous, business is not the answer.

Skye: Sonny did this -- put a bullet in Lorenzo's head and he wants to take away everything Lorenzo worked so hard to build. Well, I can't sit back and watch.

Jax: Skye, Skye, you need to think about this, okay? It's not like you're taking over to manage somebody's dry-cleaning business here. We're talking about shadow government agencies that have the means to make people disappear. If you go down this road, this is going to end badly for you.

Carly: You know what, Jax? You should just save your breath. Skye doesn't deserve your concern. She sure as hell didn't have any for everyone else that was held hostage here.

Jax: It wasn't Skye's fault.

Carly: Really? She knew that Craig was after Alcazar's briefcase, but she didn't bother to tell anyone. So you and your boyfriend are just as much to blame for what happened here as Craig.

Nikolas: Spasiba, do svidanya. Paperwork on your new identity seems to be moving forward. You'll have immigration papers within a few weeks.

James: Impressive.

Nikolas: The sooner you get what you want, the sooner I can have my life back.

James: No, I don't think so.

Robin: Kavi, did you get the blood work back on Nikolas Cassadine?

Kavi: No, not yet.

Robin: But I asked you to put a rush on all those tests.

Kavi: I know you did, but there was a --

Patrick: I pointed out that the patients at this hospital deserve priority over whatever you need done for your -- boyfriend.

Robin: Patrick, don't do this.

Patrick: Don't do what -- follow hospital procedure or object to your overnight love affair with Nikolas?

Nikolas: So how long do you expect this arrangement to last?

James: I don't know -- as long as you want to keep drawing breath.

Nikolas: I've done everything you've asked of me! I opened my home to you, gave you full access to Cassadine holdings, make arrangements for you to have a new identity. As soon as the paperwork's in, you can start a whole new life wherever you want! Where no one knows who you are or what you've done.

James: I must admit, despite your initial resistance, you went to great lengths to honor your end of the bargain and -- which is why I feel obligated to do the same. Now, if I were to disappear, where would you get the counteragent to stay alive?

Nikolas: You could just leave it with Robin.

James: Oh, and trust that you two would keep a secret after I'm gone? I don't think so. You see, the point of me becoming a new person is to distance myself from my former crimes. I mean, it would defeat the purpose if you told Emily or anyone else about my new identity.

Nikolas: I wouldn't do that.

James: Well, sadly, I won't be able to rely on the old honor system. There may be a point where I opt to move on, find some new blood, so to speak. So for now, our arrangement suits my needs, so why don't you practice looking smitten for Robin? I mean, look on the bright side -- I'm sure poor Emily will learn to accept your infidelity and move on.

Nikolas: Damn!

Robin: I just don't understand what good it does to interfere with my work.

Patrick: Well, I'm just being honest. I mean, that used to be important to you -- telling the truth. So enlighten me -- how is it living at Wyndemere? Everything you thought it would be?

Emily: You're living with Nikolas?

Patrick: He didn't tell her? Wow, I'm surprised. I thought Nikolas, with his perfect manners, would've sent out a formal announcement on engraved stationery. But then again, it's never easy to tell your girlfriend she's been replaced.

Emily: Robin, there -- there has got to be some mistake.

[Emily chuckles]

Patrick: Yeah, Robin, why don't you tell her -- you and Nikolas have fallen in love.

Robin: Uh -- it's not something that we planned. It just -- it just happened. After the hostage crisis, things were put into perspective for Nikolas and I and we realized that we had something deeper than our friendship.

Emily: You and Nikolas?

Robin: I'm so sorry. We didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Patrick: Well, that went well. No, I'm serious -- I mean, why drag out the pain? Might as well just get it over with and move on.

Maxie: When Jesse died, I -- I threw myself at Lucky and alienated everyone else in my life. You are pretty much the only friend I have now and I don't want to ruin that by sleeping with you.

Coop: Maxie, wait.

Skye: How is what I'm doing for Lorenzo any different from what you do for Sonny time and again? My God, the man married you to keep himself out of prison.

Carly: Don't even try and compare our situations. Sonny deserves my loyalty -- Alcazar is a heartless son of a bitch.

Skye: Who happens to be your ex-husband.

Carly: While I was having a nervous breakdown. I have no sympathy for Lorenzo and I don't have any sympathy for you.

Skye: I'm just trying to protect the father of my child and here you are, standing here blaming me for it. How is that fair?

Carly: I don't give a damn about fair, and how dare you show your face in a place where people were held hostage because of you. Now, get the hell out of my hotel.

Skye: Jax? You're half-owner. Are you really going to stand here and let her banish me from your hotel?

Jax: You have more important things to worry about. Do you have any idea what will happen to you if you try to run Alcazar's business -- not just to you, but your daughter? Have you even thought about Lila Rae?

Skye: Lorenzo is Lila Rae's father. Protecting him is protecting her.

Carly: Don't you get it, Jax? She doesn't want your help, and she sure as hell doesn't deserve it.

Sam: Amelia? Hi. I don't know about this one. I kind of feel like I'm -- I'm going to a club or something.

Amelia: We're trying to get people's attention so that they tune in and watch the show. One look at you in this and they will.

Photographer: We're ready for you, Sam.

Sam: Okay.

Amelia: Anything?

Man: I ran a background check on the other names that you gave me. A couple of addresses popped up, but no photographs.

Amelia: Keep looking. Search DMV files, old newspaper articles -- anything that you can think of.

Man: You know, I'm willing to bet that when the picture does show up, it'll look like Sam like all the rest. How many aliases do you think she has?

Amelia: That's what I need to find out.

Sam: Hey. Are those the test shots? Do you think I can see them?

Lulu: It's -- ahem -- not every day that I get to feel my little niece or nephew kick.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, baby just woke up and wants to make sure everyone knows it.

Lulu: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh!

[Elizabeth chuckles]

Lulu: This kid is going to be a soccer player or a ninja or something. Oh, my God -- does it hurt?

Elizabeth: Well, it gets my attention, but I love it.

Lucky: Yeah. It's pretty amazing, isn't it, that this little life is growing inside Elizabeth?

Jason: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Elizabeth: Jason's been really worried about the baby ever since we were trapped in the elevator, so I just wanted to show him how strong it's getting.

Lucky: You know, I don't think I'll ever be able to thank you enough for saving my baby's life.

Jason: I'm just glad it worked out. Thanks again.

Lucky: You okay?

Lulu: Yeah. Why -- why wouldn't I be? I'm very excited to be an aunt.

Lucky: Yeah, and you are going to be a good one.

Lulu: Oh, and you're going to be a better father. Okay, I'm going to go.

Elizabeth: Bye.

Lucky: Listen, you can stop pretending now. I know what was going on.

Lucky: Look, I just saw the look on your face when Rodriguez told you that I'd risked my life to save Brad Lord's. And you were just afraid that I'd get hurt and end up on pills again.

Elizabeth: No, I am not worried about you relapsing, Lucky. I know how committed you are to your recovery and to your family. I do worry about how dangerous your job is because that could've easily been you on that gurney today.

Lucky: If I had to do it all over again, I would still run into that warehouse.

Elizabeth: I know, because that's who you are.

Lucky: Listen, I can't promise you that I will never get hurt, but I will do my best to make sure that I'm around for you and our children.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Amelia: Oh. I'd rather you wait and see all the pictures at once. And that way, you can help decide on what shots to use for publicity -- speaking of which, the network is throwing a party in Manhattan for our advertisers. There will be a red carpet and press -- it'll be a good opportunity to promote the show.

Sam: Okay. Yeah, sure, whatever you want.

Amelia: Great. The car will be by at 6:00 to take us to the airport.

Sam: Oh, wait a minute -- tonight?

Amelia: I know it's short notice, but the network really wants you there. It'll be a great opportunity for our advertisers to meet the star of our next big hit.

Sam: Look, I don't know.

Amelia: This is your career, Sam. If you want to succeed, you have to be prepared to make sacrifices.

[Knock on door]


Jason: Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Lulu: Hi. If you're going to give up the baby, then you should just do it, Jason, instead of sneaking around behind my brother's --

Jason: I wasn't -- I wasn't sneaking around, Lulu.

Lulu: No, you were just standing in the middle of the Elm Street Pier with your hand on Elizabeth's stomach? What is my brother supposed to think? If you're going to change your mind, Jason, do it now before --

Jason: I'm not -- I'm not going to change my mind, okay?

Lulu: Look, I -- I know that you don't want to hurt Elizabeth because you'd be hurting the baby and -- and that's very noble and very generous, but maybe that's not the right solution for you. Maybe you need to talk to somebody.

Jason: Like who?

Lulu: What about Carly?

Milo: I don't like the way that guy Logan is always handling Lulu.

Spinelli: Dude, relax. The Blond One's got, like, 0% interest in the crabby commando.

Milo: We need to make sure.

Spinelli: Okay. How?

Milo: Find out everything we can about the guy. Then we blackmail him into backing off Lulu -- simple as that.

Spinelli: Oh. Wow! All right, I'm on it. Jackal is on the case.

Milo: Oh -- I so don't get what Lulu sees in you.

Spinelli: Uh -- well, I'm the Jackal, the assassin of the internet.

Milo: Yeah -- that's pretty much the worst name I've ever heard.

Spinelli: Really? Um -- I think it's better than the Mooner of Manayunk.

Milo: How do you know about that?

Spinelli: Dude, I told you, Mooner -- hmm -- nothing gets by the Jackal.

Milo: Quit calling me that.

Spinelli: Why do you always have to resort to violence? God, I just -- I was just showing you my cyberskills, showing off.

Milo: Okay, can you use them on Logan and not me?

Spinelli: Yeah, message received. Message received. All right, thank you. Hey, by the way, your powers -- ahem -- are miniscule compared to the lethalness that is Stone Cold, and we are a team, okay? I provide the technical support and Stone Cold provides total annihilation for those who defy me.

Milo: Oh, okay. Does Jason know that you're making threats in his name?

Spinelli: I am merely cautioning you, muscle man, okay? I'm under the protection of Stone Cold. He would not like it if you caused me bodily harm.

Milo: You're very odd.

Spinelli: At least I don't get arrested for mooning.

[Spinelli chuckles]

Milo: One more time.

Dillon: Oh, hell, no. You know, I can't believe you guys are crashing my date with Lulu, uh-uh.

Milo: We didn't.

Dillon: What are you doing here, then?

Spinelli: Uh, Mooner -- let me introduce you to Mooner '

Milo: Ahem.

Spinelli: And I are on a mission.

Dillon: I'm sorry -- "Mooner"?

Spinelli: Hmm.

Milo: Mm-hmm. Um -- yeah. We're trying to dig up some dirt on Logan so that we can keep him away from Lulu.

Spinelli: First step -- fingerprints.

Dillon: He's not just going to give you his fingerprints.

Spinelli: Wow -- no kidding. Fear not, I have a plan.

Jax: Look, I know you're angry with Skye. You have every right to be angry with her, but I'm -- I'm allowed to speak to my --

Carly: Skye knew that Lorenzo had something in the vault that was dangerous, something that people would kill for. Did she tell anyone? No. She let Craig walk in here and terrorize over a dozen people in your hotel.

Jax: Skye had no way of knowing that Craig would come in here with armed gunmen, okay, and -- and literally blow up the lobby. How could she have possibly known that?

Carly: I am not going to stand here in the room where I was held hostage while you defend her!

Maxie: I know where Mike keeps the master key.

Coop: What are you doing here?

Maxie: I wanted to apologize. It wasn't fair for me to just kiss you and walk away like that. I may be a lot of things, but I'm not a tease.

Coop: I didn't think you were.

Maxie: So, I guess to answer your question, I'm here to finish what we started.

Coop: Huh. Hey, I got a better idea.

Spinelli: So I wait for the unworthy one to order a drink, okay? And so then when Mike delivers it, I rise up like the goth God of Zune, okay, and knock it over. I knock it over, okay, so then I go to the counter to get him a refill, switch out the glasses, and ta-da -- I have the prints.

Dillon: "Ta-da"? That's not going to work, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Have you forgotten that I have learned from the foot of the master, Stone Cold, who passed down all his secrets to me, his faithful wingman.

Milo: Nah. You're no Jason.

Spinelli: Dude, back off.

Dillon: Okay, listen -- we only have one shot at this, right? One shot. I think I should be the one to do it.

Spinelli: You're on a date, remember?

Dillon: Oh, come '

Spinelli: You're on a date, so that leaves me to protect the Blond One and I will do what nobody can '

Logan: Excuse me, gentlemen. Come here. Sit down. Ahem. Tell me everything that you know about Lulu Spencer.

Jason: Carly can never know that I'm the father of Elizabeth's baby.

Lulu: Why not? When -- when I was trying to make my decision about whether or not to have an abortion, Carly was the only person that I could talk to. Everybody else was so busy telling me how I should feel and -- and what I should do, but Carly was the one person who let me sort it out and didn't judge me on the decision I made even though it wasn't what she would've done. I'm -- all I'm saying is I think you should talk to her. She helped me, maybe she can help you.

Jason: The minute she knows, she is going to confront Elizabeth and it's just going to make everything worse, Lulu.

Lulu: Okay, well, how long do you think you can hide it from her, okay? I -- I mean, I -- I can see that giving up this baby is killing you and if I can see it, Carly can see it, too, so why don't you just tell her and let her help you?

Jason: Because she's not going to help. She's going to think that she's helping. She's going to -- she's going to jump right in, she's going to start fighting for me, which is nice, but let me tell you something -- she will roll over Elizabeth and Lucky and the family they just made like a tank. It'll rip everybody's life apart and when the dust settles, there's going to be a lot of people who are going to be hurt, so just trust me, okay? It's better if Carly doesn't know.

Nikolas: Have the accounts been set up for Mr. Brosnan? Good. Transfer the funds by the end of the day, please. Thank you.

Robin: Hey. Nikolas, where -- where's Craig?

Nikolas: Went for a ride on one of my horses.

Robin: Good. I have to talk to you.

Nikolas: What?

Robin: Just remember when I tell you this, okay -- just remember what's at stake.

Nikolas: What is it?

Robin: I had -- I had to tell Emily.

Nikolas: Had to tell Emily what?

Robin: I had to tell Emily the lie, the lie about us.

Nikolas: Why?

Robin: Patrick and I were fighting. She walked up and she heard him say something about you and me and me living at Wyndemere. I tried to explain it to her. I told her after the hostage crisis, that we became closer.

Nikolas: How did she react? How angry was she?

Robin: Honestly, she wasn't angry. She just -- she just kind of stood here.

Nikolas: She wasn't angry?

Robin: I'm so sorry. Nikolas, this is not your fault.

Nikolas: Doesn't matter, Robin. All she knows is that I broke her heart -- again.

Patrick: Hey. I'm sorry. Robin and I broke up over this whole Nikolas thing and I haven't been handling it very well. I'm sure there was a more tactful way to let you know that they were living together --

Emily: They're not.

Patrick: Look, Emily, I didn't believe it in the beginning, either, but I saw them.

Emily: Look, this isn't denial. Patrick, I know Nikolas, okay? He -- he would never do something to me like that again and -- and Robin, she's not the kind of person who falls in love easily. I mean, after everything that you have been through -- the H.I.V. scare, Robin getting shot, you saving her life -- do you honestly believe that Robin would throw your relationship away on an affair?

Patrick: Well, I don't expect her to stay with me out of gratitude. If she doesn't love me, then we shouldn't be together. It's --

Emily: Look, when Robin was trapped inside of that hotel, she was bleeding and scared. All she could talk about was you, how much she loved you and what was going to happen to you if she died. Robin loves you, Patrick, more than you can ever even imagine.

Patrick: Yeah, well, then why is she with Nikolas?

Emily: I don't know, but I'm planning to find out.

Logan: So what's Lulu's story?

Spinelli: Well, how do you -- what do you mean?

Logan: Where did she grow up? Has she always lived with her dad?

Spinelli: Why do you want to know?

Logan: Because she keeps finding reasons to run into me.

Spinelli: Wrong, wrong -- you're the one that's stalking the Blond One, okay? Which is something you'll come to regret.

Logan: Why?

Spinelli: Well, she -- don't let the Blond One's winsome smile fool you. Or the -- the way her -- her eyes crinkle up when she laughs. Um -- she -- Lulu -- Lulu is selfish, she's really selfish. I mean, self-centered central. I -- she, um -- she -- she reigns -- she reigns misery down on everyone -- oh -- oh, my God, dude. I am so sorry. I am so, so '

Dillon: I can't believe he's pulling it off.

Spinelli: Just be right -- could I get another soda, Mike?

Mike: Yeah, sure -- as long as you clean the other one up.

Spinelli: I'm on it.

Milo: What did you say about Lulu being selfish?

Spinelli: Dude, I think I should go back there. I don't want anyone to slip.

Mike: Okay. Be careful, will you?

Spinelli: Thank you, Sir. Appreciate it. Here you go, buddy. Sorry. I'm really sorry.

Logan: Why did you say Lulu was selfish?

Spinelli: Well -- she's just -- you know, she's just one of those girls, like she's all about herself. You know, she wants what she wants when -- when she wants it. I mean, she's -- you know, it's sad to say, but Lulu is superficial and shallow, you know? You know, she's like a big black hole. She -- she sucks everything up. You know, money, cars, clothes. And, dude, she'll use anyone to get what she wants, okay? Especially -- especially guys, you know? I mean, she'll be real -- really sweet and pretend to care, and then -- and then, you know, she just walks over anyone that is foolish enough to believe her, you know? Look, I'm just trying -- I'm trying to do you a favor here, man. I'm just trying to do you a favor here, guy to guy. You know, Lulu is -- she is not the kind of girl you want to get mixed up with.

Logan: Huh-huh.

Spinelli: If you know what I mean.

Logan: Are you kidding? She sounds great. Hey, thanks for the help, man. I really appreciate it. Terrific.

Spinelli: What -- what -- God, not again! God!

Milo: Take it back.

Maxie: This is stupid.

Coop: This is what you said you want. You want to be friends. This is what friends do. They talk about stuff that's bothering them.

Maxie: Why do you care so much about Jesse?

Coop: Well, I -- I know how much he meant to you.

Maxie: Do you? Because I'm not even sure that I know.

Coop: Well, did you love him?

Maxie: I loved how he made me feel. I've always wanted to be special to someone, and for a while, I was. You'd think I'd know by now not to get attached. I have a talent for dragging people away -- my mom, my dad. And the people who don't run off have a tendency to die. You'd think that would make me spiritual and noble because I know that life has value, and the future is -- it's not guaranteed. But it just made me resentful and angry for being left. So, like I told you, I am an accident waiting to happen. Don't let me happen to you.

Coop: It's too late.

Jax: Hey. We need to talk.

Carly: I have nothing to say to you.

Jax: I know you're angry at Skye, but it wasn't her fault, okay? She had nothing to do with --

Carly: You don't know.

Jax: Right.

Carly: You weren't here. You weren't here when the gunmen took over the lobby. You weren't here when we had to play that awful name game. You didn't see Robin shot for no reason. And you weren't here when there was a gun to my head trying to sew her back together, and all of that was Skye's fault.

Jax: Look, Skye made the mistake of standing by her child's father. Okay? Something that you've been known to do. You turned a blind eye to Sonny's dealings, just like Skye was doing with Alcazar.

Carly: How dare you stand there and compare me with Skye.

Jax: It's the same thing.

Carly: No, it's not! I would never let my family walk into the metro court knowing that there was something dangerous in the vault. And if they were taken hostage, and I knew I could help them, I would. I would come forward with the information.

Jax: Skye was wrong --

Carly: Wrong doesn't even cover it. You know what? Skye should have every single thing taken away from her, including that child she is using to justify all this with. Yeah. That's right. Now you see me for the horrible person I am. It's a good thing you find out now before we went too far.

[Knock on door]

Delivery man: Jason Morgan? Sign here. Here you go.

Jason: Thank you.

Elizabeth's voice: "Jason, I thought having a picture of the baby might help you. I hope it does. Elizabeth."

Sam: Wait -- hold on. What are you doing home?

Jason: Well, you know, I've been working a lot lately, and I thought we could order some Chinese and maybe watch a movie or, you know --

Sam: Jason, I would love to. I would love to, but I have to fly to New York City. The network is throwing this party for the advertisers and -- I would miss it if I could, but I can't.

Jason: It's -- that's okay. We'll do it another time.

Sam: Yeah? Okay. I'm going to hold you to that.

Dillon: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Milo: You think you can talk that way about Lulu and get away with it?

Mike: Hey, hey! Take it outside, all right?

Dillon: No, no, no, all right? Mike, everything's cool. It's just a misunderstanding '

Milo: No, no, no, no. I understand just fine. You see, the Jackal here thinks he can talk trash about Lulu behind her back.

Spinelli: Dude, think about what you're saying! I would never malign the Blond One. I was simply trying to deceive the unworthy one so he would never speak to her again!

Milo: Never insult Lulu again, never!

Mike: I said take it outside.

Dillon: Okay. It's okay. Look, Spinelli was doing whatever he could so that '

Milo: Get off.

Dillon: So that the unworthy one would keep away from Lulu, okay? That's the plan. That's the point.

Lulu: What -- what are you guys up to now?

[Music plays]

Coop: Listen, I don't want you doing this because you think you owe me.

Maxie: I don't. I want you.

Coop: And I don't want you to have any regrets.

Maxie: I won't.

Singer: Where this thing's going over my head your kisses and over my head and a little more ooh, ooh, ooh

Sam: Hey. I wish I could stay and order Chinese food with you, but Amelia says that I need to do as much pre-show publicity as possible. And as soon as it's all over, everything will die down.

Jason: You look good.

Sam: Thank you. I would -- I'd ask you to come with me, but I know how much you hate these things.

Jason: I mean, if you want me to go, I'll go.

Sam: You'd hate every minute of it.

Jason: Yeah, probably.

Sam: Well, I wouldn't be that cruel to you.

[Knock on door]

Sam: That's Amelia. Hmm.

[Sam sighs]

Sam: Hi.

Amelia: Oh, you look gorgeous.

Sam: Thank you.

Amelia: Hi, Jason. Wow. Wow. When the advertisers see you, they are going to be falling all over themselves to buy time during the show. Uh -- that is, if we make the plane. We need to go.

Sam: I love you.

Jason: Good luck.

Sam: Bye.

Robin: Look, I hate lying to Emily and Patrick as much as you do, but we don't have a lot of options right now. Craig will kill you if we don't do what he asks.

Nikolas: No. No, we need to stop living in fear and start taking control of the situation right now.

James: Whoa. I can't wait to see you try. Well, it will be rather challenging while you're lying on the ground gasping for air.

Nikolas: You can threaten me all you want --

Robin: Nikolas --

Nikolas: No, no, no, I'm done. I'll give you money. I'll give you a new identity. But I won't hurt Emily anymore. And this fake affair with Robin ends right now.

Alfred: Excuse me, sir. Miss Emily is here to see you.

Nikolas: Show her in.

James: Well, the way I see it, you have a few options. Emily can either walk in on you and Robin locked in a passionate embrace, or she can sit there and watch you die. Or I could suddenly trip and plant a needle in her arm. Your choice.

Dillon: Uh -- uh -- well, we were --

Spinelli: Um -- I was -- I was explaining to the cyberilliterates the mathematical probability that you will choose me over them.

Milo: Lulu doesn't care about math. She's going to pick the person who's best for her.

Dillon: Hey, guess what. You know what, you're going to get your chance on your dates. But tonight's my night, so --

[Dillon snaps fingers]

Spinelli: Right.

Dillon: Thank you.

Dillon: Hey -- huh. Well -- um -- I was thinking -- there's a -- there's this beautiful old theater on Third and I was thinking we could actually go -- they're playing "Touch of Evil." I don't know if you -- it's a classic film noir. It's funny, because it has a -- a three-minute tracking shot --

Lulu: This isn't going to work.

Dillon: What's -- why? Why?

Lulu: We've been through way too much, Dillon. You can't just take me out on a date and pretend like none of it ever happened.

Maxie: Hmm.

Coop: What?

Maxie: It's just crazy to think that this whole thing started with us being locked in a vault.

Coop: Well, I couldn't have asked for a better hostage.

Maxie: Well, this hostage is kind of hungry, so do you think you could go downstairs and get me some food? Please?

Coop: All right. All right. I'll be right back.

Logan: Hey, bro, we need to talk. Huh. That didn't take long, did it?

Maxie: Get out!

Logan: I'm sorry, am I violating your privacy?

Coop: Take off, Logan.

Logan: I'm going to do you a favor, boy. She is using you.

Maxie: Shut up!

Logan: Dude, she's sleeping with you to get control over you, and hoping you're too dumb to notice.

Maxie: Uh -- Logan, are you jealous?

Logan: I'm sorry, sweetie, but I don't like waiting in line.

Alfred: Mr. Cassadine is waiting for you in the study.

Emily: Thank you, Alfred. I'll show myself in.

Alfred: As you like.

Patrick: Hey, have you spoken to Emily?

Elizabeth: No, not since this morning.

Patrick: I think maybe you should give her a call. I think she could use a friend right about now.

Elizabeth: Why do you say that?

Patrick: She just found out that Nikolas and Robin are together.

Elizabeth: What are you talking about?

Patrick: Robin and I broke up a couple days ago, and she moved into Wyndemere.

Elizabeth: Oh. I'm really sorry, but maybe she just needed some space. I'm sure it's not what you think.

Patrick: No, she made it pretty clear that they're more than just friends. We were fighting about it when Emily walked up and overheard that -- that they were together.

Elizabeth: Well, Emily must be devastated.

Patrick: She's over at Wyndemere right now giving him a chance to explain.

Elizabeth: Okay. I'm going to call her. Thanks for telling me.

Patrick: Thanks.

Lucky: Huh? Where's Mommy, huh?

Cameron: Mommy!

Lucky: Hey, you ready?

Elizabeth: Hey.

Lucky: What's the matter?

Elizabeth: Patrick Drake just told me that Nikolas is having an affair with Robin.

Lucky: What?

Elizabeth: Yeah. I guess Robin broke up with him a couple days ago to move into Wyndemere with Nikolas.

Lucky: That doesn't make sense.

Elizabeth: I -- you know, they have been friends for an awful long time. Maybe it was more than anyone realized.

Lucky: Well, I hope you're wrong, because I don't think Emily and Nikolas would be happy without each other.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: Like I wouldn't be happy without you.

Elizabeth: The baby's kicking.

Lucky: Oh.

Elizabeth: Do you want to feel?

Lucky: Do you want to feel the baby?

Elizabeth: Give me your hand!

Lucky: Feel the baby.

Cameron: Hello, baby.

Lucky: Hello, baby.

Elizabeth: See?

Lucky: That's your little brother or sister in there, because Daddy and big brother can't wait to see you, huh? That's right, huh? Put your hand there.

Elizabeth: Yeah, feel.

[Elizabeth gasps]

[Knock on door]

Carly: Jason?

Jason: Whew.

Carly: Hold on.


Jason: Carly, okay, hold on, hold on, please. What happened, what happened?

Carly: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I am back here again. I am.

Jason: You don't have to apologize.

Carly: Okay, I tried. I tried not to come. I did. I took a walk. I counted to 10. I counted to 110, okay, but then I realized that I was in front of your building, so I had to come up here and talk to you.

Jason: Tell me what happened.

Carly: And it's not about Jax and Sonny, okay? I mean, in fact, this has nothing to do with Sonny, except in the sense of everything that happened at the metro court. Sonny was amazing, okay? You were only there for half the time. He was amazing. There were at least four or five times where Craig was about to shoot someone, and Sonny stepped up. And I thought, you know, this is the moment where Sonny's going to die. I mean, he's -- he's just going to be gone. How do I explain that to Jax, you know? How? He wasn't there, he doesn't know, but that doesn't mean I don't love him -- but he can't possibly understand.

Jason: You're right, he can't.

Carly: Right, he can't. So -- so when I'm screaming and freaking out on Skye, and she's standing there comparing Lorenzo to Sonny, he has no right to make excuses for her.

Jason: You know I'm not going to defend Jax, okay? But sometimes, you get carried away, Carly.

Carly: Yes, I know. I got carried away. I did. And I screamed at Skye, and I blew up at Jax less than 24 hours after we promised to start all over again. So I proved I am a vindictive, horrible, unforgivable person.

Jason: Did Jax call you that?

Carly: No. I called myself that because you know why? It's true. I don't care that Skye's a mother. I don't feel any compassion for her. And if we weren't standing in my hotel in front of my employees, I would have ripped her hair out of her head and I would have thrown her out of the hotel.

Jason: It's probably good that you -- that you didn't do that, Carly.

Carly: You know, I don't know about that, because I miss who I used to be. I miss that every time someone crossed me, I called them out on it, and I lied to him, too. Except for you.

Jason: You lied to me, too.

Carly: Yeah, but you knew about it, so it doesn't count.

Jason: All right, what do -- what do you want me to do?

Carly: There's nothing you can do. I have to pick between Jax and Sonny, and I don't know how. I don't know how.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: What's this?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Emily: I need to speak to Nikolas, alone.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Michael: I have to talk to you about mom.

Carly: You have pictures of me?

Jason: You and the boys, Carly.

Carly: Can I see?

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