GH Transcript Monday 4/2/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/2/07


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Jason: You know, this place has been empty for years -- off the radar, everybody's forgotten about it. It'll be real easy to decoy the cost with legitimate shipments, and hide the real product until we feel that it's safe to move it. Okay, now, I -- I know it's a risk. But I think it's a risk worth taking at this point.

Sonny: I remember dancing with Carly right here when this place first opened. It's like we were the only two people in the world. You know what? Um -- Carly's another risk you haven't mentioned. She owns this place, right?

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: And your proposal is too dangerous to involve Carly, even indirectly.

[Music plays]

Carly: Obviously, there is no museum party that requires my attention.

Jax: That's not entirely true. There's -- there's definitely still a party -- a museum party -- happening as we speak. We could go to that if you like, but it's just not here, it's at the Cosmopolitan.

Carly: Well, the outcome is still the same -- I'm not needed.

Jax: Whoa, hold -- yes, that -- you -- you are needed, okay? That's the point of all this. So, please, just don't go.

Nikolas: This situation goes against everything I am -- to be so passive while this idiot makes us jump through hoops?

Robin: I know, I know. I believe I understand your frustration. But right now Craig literally holds your life in his hands. And I gave a sample of your blood to my best lab technician and he has no idea what Craig has injected into your body, much less how to counteract it right now.

Nikolas: I just, I refuse to believe that our only recourse is to keep doing what he wants, and I particularly object to us having to pretend to be in love? What --

Robin: Patrick and I had tickets to the opera tonight. I know it might not seem like anything extraordinary, but Patrick "hates" the opera. He says that it makes him want to surgically remove his ears. When I woke up from the hospital I had a pair of tickets in my hands. We've come so far, and it was not easy. I mean, we finally learn how to open up to each other and love one another. And now he's just hurt and confused. What if I tell him?

Nikolas: What?

Robin: What if I tell Patrick what's going on here?

Nikolas: Uh -- although I understand the impulse, I think it's a bad idea.

Kristina: Mommy, wake up. Mommy, please? Mommy?

James: Whoa.

Kristina: My mommy needs help.

James: Well, tell me what's wrong.

Kristina: She won't wake up.

James: Show me, show me where she is.

Lulu: My dad was right about you -- you're a twisted freak. You killed Rick Webber and you let my mom take the blame, and no matter how many times you claim you love my mother, your actions tell the truth, and I will tell the truth. I will tell everyone that you're a murderer and you're a coward, unless you plan on killing me, too.

Scott: Well, if I'm such a twisted freak, what's to prevent me from just shutting your mouth once and for all?

James: Here we go. It's going to be all right. There. See? She's fine.

Alexis: Hmm.

James: Hello.

Alexis: Kristina? You.

James: We meet again.

Alexis: What happened?

James: Well, apparently, you passed out, and judging from that lovely shade of gray you're taking on, we should get you back to the house.

Alexis: I'm -- I'm perfectly capa-- capable of getting up under my own steam.

James: Really? Are you always so resistant to people who are trying to help you?

Alexis: Yes, thank you. Honey, I'm all right. I'm just a little tired, that's all.

James: No, no, that's not true, actually. Your mother is tired because she's taking really strong medicine, she's pushing herself too hard, and she's not resting enough. Come on.

Alexis: It would probably be best if you didn't try to contradict me in front of my own child.

James: Well, you see, Kristina's a bright young thing, and there's no point in lying to her when she can see as well as I can that you're about to pass out again. Kristina, should I assist your mother? Yes? Your choice.

Alexis: Fine.

James: Okay.

Alexis: I can lean on you, but there's no need for you to carry me like I'm '

James: Yes, like a damsel in distress -- the image somehow doesn't suit you. Come on; let's get back to that house. Come on, Kristina. You all right? Let's go. Okay, slowly.

Sonny: Carly's name is still on the deed, so if we get busted here, Ric's going to do everything he can to, you know, nail her as an accessory.

Jason: Well, then we get her to sell to one of our holding companies. That's it.

Sonny: If we -- if we approach Carly, she's going to get curious, start poking her nose into everything, and it's just going to, you know, draw attention that we don't want right now.

Jason: Okay, then how about, you know, just maybe be honest with her? You -- you know that's all she wants. Whether it's a situation like this or whether it's something personal, if you just say, "Hey, I need your help, and I'm trusting you with this."

Sonny: I can't.

Jason: Why?

Sonny: Because battle lines are drawn, and she's going to want to trade this place for a divorce, and I'm not going there right now.

[Music plays]

Carly: Do you know what you accomplished by setting up this elaborate charade? You re-enforced all the reasons why we can't be together.

Jax: That's not -- not exactly what I had planned.

Carly: You're playing games, okay? You're getting me to do what you want under false pretenses -- it's just like Sonny.

Singer: One last time

Jax: Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry, but I just -- I wanted a chance to plead my case and you weren't making it easy, so I --

Carly: There's always a justification.

Jax: Look, we're both here, okay, and I'll bet you haven't eaten anything yet and, you know, this was a lot of work to set up at the last minute. I had to call in a lot of favors from the owner and everything, and I'd hate for my, you know, effort to go to waste. I blew up all the balloons by myself.

Carly: I thought razzling and dazzling at the drop of a hat was your specialty. Are you losing your touch?

Jax: Then perhaps just my inspiration. And I'm fighting like hell to hold on to her.

Singer: I don't know if it's wrong or even

Carly: You better hope these are dripless candles, because I just had this floor waxed.

Jax: Is that a yes? Yes, you'll stay? Yes?

Carly: I'll think about staying.

Jax: What can I do to convince you?

Carly: You just keep talking.

Jax: Okay.

Singer: I will be

Jax: I admit I did get you here under false pretenses. I apologize. I'll be honest from now on, okay? I just -- I missed you, okay, and I don't want us to be apart. I just want us to be able to spend a night together. You know, just to talk, laugh perhaps, and maybe you'll realize that you are not ready to toss us aside, either.

Lulu: You're bluffing. You won't kill me -- too many people will be able to put it together, especially my dad. He would hunt you down and hang your head on the nearest pole and you know it.

Scott: You should be ashamed of yourself -- your mother would be. Laura would be devastated if she knew that her -- her beautiful daughter grew up to be so vicious and greedy.

Lulu: Don't even speak my mother's name!

Scott: You know, you didn't have to blackmail me. I would've given you money if that's what you need '

Lulu: One more time -- I don't know what you're talking about! I did not try to blackmail you!

Scott: Oh, come on, come on, come on, it's too, too late for this innocent business here. You started digging around in stuff that didn't concern you.

Lulu: Excuse me, but my mother going crazy over the false impression that she killed her stepfather is what concerns me, especially when it turns out to be you!

Scott: All right, now, listen -- now, listen to me, all right? I did not lie to your mother! Your father did that -- do you hear me?

Lulu: No. Don't --

Logan: Hey! Leave her alone! Or I will spill your guts all over your shoes.

Patrick: The nursing staff at this hospital need a refresher course on the alphabet?

Epiphany: Excuse me?

Patrick: I've wasted 10 minutes looking for a chart.

Epiphany: Name?

Patrick: Ridow.

Epiphany: First name Alice -- in the stack waiting for doctors' notations. If you had looked there instead of tearing up my filing cabinet, you would've saved yourself six minutes and then some. What is your problem? Robin came through the hostage crisis alive, you tested H.I.V.-negative, but instead of being happy or, God forbid, grateful, you '

Patrick: Look, when I want your opinion on how I should be, I'll make sure to ask you.

Lainey: Ooh, someone's in a foul mood. Kelly was right -- you're in a bad way. I'm just tossing it out, but instead of biting off staff members' heads, you might want to try talking to a professional. It just so happens I'm available.

Robin: Patrick could help. He is in the hospital every day with 24-hour access to the lab.

Nikolas: I -- I know, I know. It sounds -- it sounds right, but you know him, you know Patrick. He -- he could lose it, maybe even kill Craig -- I know I would. And, not to be selfish, but where would that leave me? So we can't tell Patrick, and certainly not Emily. I don't want her anywhere near this situation.

Robin: But do you think it's going to be any easier for them to believe that we've suddenly fallen in love?

Nikolas: No, no, no, I'm sure they'll be devastated, but that's the way it needs to be right now or Craig will know something's off. You've seen how he is. He's quite adept at psychological manipulation, and remember, he kept a roomful of people hostage for 12 hours. He zeroed in on their weaknesses and used them against us. The fewer we offer him now, the better off we'll be.

Robin: You know what? You made a good point about psychological manipulation -- maybe that's what Craig is doing now. Maybe he's not telling the entire truth about poisoning you.

Nikolas: What? Robin, you saw me on the couch gasping for air. The guy's not joking.

Robin: No, I know -- not about potency, no, but, I mean, even that manmade virus that kept us all in quarantine over a year ago had a counteragent. Craig is in espionage, and I just cannot believe that they would engineer this thing without an antitoxin to go along with it. We just have to find it.

Nikolas: Yes, I know. And at least it's the beginnings of some sort of plan, but let me tell you, we need to implement it sooner rather than later, because this Craig seems to have a low tolerance for boredom.

[Robin sighs]

Nikolas: His ideas about how to make life interesting could get us both killed.

Jason: Okay, I'll talk Carly into signing the deed to the Cellar over to me, and I'm just going to leave you out of this completely.

Sonny: Keep it simple, because we have to keep it as low-profile as we can.

Jason: Okay. Okay.

Reporter: How do you feel about Sam McCall's new TV show? Will you make any guest appearances?

Second Reporter: Have you called in any favors to make Sam a big star?

Boy: I was really excited to hear that they're giving you your own show.

Sam: Really?

Boy: I think you're awesome.

Sam: Well -- well, thank you, mark.

Mark: No -- thank you.

Sam: That was the third one today.

Amelia: Yeah, get used to it. You and this show are the next big thing waiting to happen.

Sam: If you say so, but I got to -- I go to tell you, it's not about signing autographs or being recognized for me. I think it's -- it's really cool that I can actually help people.

Amelia: Which is admirable. But the thing to remember is no one gets helped if no one tunes in. We've got the curiosity factor working for us -- that'll get us an initial audience -- but we should do something dramatic to hold their interest.

Sam: Okay. Well, what are you thinking?

Amelia: You're attacked during the first segment taping.

Sam: Excuse me?

Amelia: Don't worry, it'll be staged and rehearsed.

Sam: Yeah, but I -- I don't understand.

Amelia: Look, everyone is worried about home invasion, so we take this opportunity to teach people what to do when a stranger brings violence into their home.

Scott: All right, look, just -- let's just put the weapon away, all right? Just stand down there, soldier, okay? Just -- just take it easy, all right? I -- I lost my temper -- that happens when I get blackmailed -- and I don't usually go around hurting women.

Lulu: No -- you just let them go crazy for carrying the weight of a crime that they didn't commit.

Scott: That's not what happened.

Logan: Why don't you just turn this loser in, let some Bubba make him prison taffy? How about that?

Scott: Well, you know what? That's not going to happen because there's no proof that I killed Rick Webber. I made sure of that.

Logan: Oh. I guess that means you dodged a big blackmail bullet, then, didn't you?

Scott: So you're the one that's been blackmailing me.

Lulu: Who cares, and who cares that there is no proof? I know what you did, and you know what you did, and obviously Logan knows what you did. My mother is where she is, in the condition that she's in, because of you! I hope she haunts you, and I hope you choke on guilt every time you hear her name!

Scott: Well, believe me, that's -- that's probably going to happen.

Lulu: And one more thing -- if I find out that you go anywhere near my mother, I will tell my dad, and he'll kill you.

Scott: Well, now, you don't want to do that, because if your father finds out, then he's the one that's going to be choking on the guilt. Now, come on, you've already lost one parent, you don't want to lose another.

Logan: Hey, you could still lose a few teeth before the day's over, pal.

[Scott sighs]

[Lulu sighs]

Logan: You seem to have a serious problem expressing some gratitude.

Lulu: How dare you come charging in here like some kind of hero!

Logan: What did I do?

Lulu: What did you do? You -- you tried to use my mother's pain to put money in your pocket! Well, I guess I know now why you've been lurking around -- you've been trying to gather information on Scott -- unless you're going to stand here and lie to my face?

Logan: I -- I heard you and your buddy Dillon talking about Baldwin being Rick Webber's real killer.

Lulu: Yeah, so you ran with it?

Logan: Well, you weren't doing anything with it. We figured somebody should make Baldwin pay.

Lulu: "We" who?

Logan: Doesn't matter.

Lulu: Yeah, it matters to me!

Logan: I'm not ratting anybody else out. You don't have to like it, but that's the way it's going to be.

Lulu: Then tell me why.

Logan: Why not?

Lulu: Oh -- you disgust me.

Diane: What in the world is --

Sonny: Sam McCall getting her 15 minutes of fame. What else do you want me to say?

Diane: Well, that presents a serious problem, doesn't it?

Sonny: Well, that's why you're here. I need you to get those people out of here, whatever you have to do -- get an injunction, a restraining order, make up something -- get them out.

Diane: Okay, I think I have a quicker solution. Let's get Sam down here to make a statement. She's the center of this whirlwind, she's the one who can stop it.

Amelia: Look, odds are most of our viewers will never be taken hostage in their lifetimes, but homeowners, especially women, being victims of violence in their place of residence? Those statistics are rising. We can give pointers on how to respond, how to cooperate and maximize the chances of survival.

Sam: Uh -- I've been through that, too.

Amelia: Really?

Sam: Someone with -- a grudge against Jason attacked me in Hawaii.

Amelia: Well, we could consider shooting the segment there.

Sam: No, no, absolutely not. You're not going to interfere with my personal life.

Amelia: Look, don't you see? Reality is powerful, especially if this person you mentioned was arrested and tried. Any chance of that?

Sam: No, I am not discussing this with you. The show and my life cannot cross, that's final.

[Phone rings]

Sam: Excuse me. Hey.

Jason: Sam, we kind of have a situation down here at Sonny's office. Can you send Amelia, please, right away?

Jax: You know what? You'll be happy to know I did find another source of Carrara marble.

[Music plays]

Carly: Where?

Jax: A family in Italy. Yeah, they specialize in cemetery statues, and --

Carly: Tombstones?

Jax: No, the -- the statues --

[Carly laughs]

Jax: And -- come on, a slab is a slab --

Carly: Okay.

Jax: Is a slab. More importantly, it frees you up from any further dealings with Sonny -- if that's what you want, of course.

Carly: I need you to listen to me, and more importantly, I need you to believe me.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: I will never again be with Sonny. I'm getting a divorce from Sonny because I want to. Does that mean I don't love Sonny? No, because I do. I'm always going to love Sonny because he's the father of my kids, and we have a huge history together. But Sonny and I can't be together, Jax, we can't. I don't like the people we turn into, okay? He shuts down, I act out. He puts up walls, and I have blood on my hands trying to tear them down. It is all-consuming, and I can't have it in my life. Do you understand?

Jax: Yes, I -- I do understand. Do you think there's, um, room for us in this conversation?

Patrick: I don't see the point in talking about it. Robin and I are over; she's with Nikolas now, end of story. No riding off into the sunset, no happily ever after, and you know what? It's my fault; I should've known it was going to end this way.

Lainey: This sudden romance between Robin and Nikolas -- doesn't it seem odd to you?

Patrick: I '

Lainey: I highly suggest that you stay open to the idea that there's more to this than Robin turning to some other man for no discernible reason.

Patrick: I was, Lainey, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

Lainey: How?

Patrick: Robin and Nikolas have a history.

Lainey: But she loves you.

Patrick: Yes.

Lainey: I know that.

Patrick: Yeah, but that's my point. With -- with Robin, love equals fear of loss -- the more she loves me, the further she'll go to wreck it.

Robin: I fought so hard to earn Patrick's trust -- and my own.

Nikolas: Wait, your own?

Robin: I was petrified to fall in love with him. I had resigned myself to being alone, I was fine with it. Or, at least I thought I was fine with it, until Patrick came along and showed me what I'd been missing. He is an amazing man and I am in love with him and I am not going to let Craig ruin that, and you cannot let Craig ruin you and Emily, either. We have to fight back somehow.

Alexis: I told you I was fine, but apparently when anyone talks to you, they just hear the sound of their own voice.

Robin: Are you okay?

Alexis: Yes.

James: Yes, I found her unconscious in the woods.

Alexis: I'm -- I overdid it just a smidge. I'm really fine. Actually, Mr. Brosnan was -- was quite helpful, even though I hate to admit that.

James: Well, you're a stubborn woman. I mean, it's clear that my effort to assist wasn't enough. Look at you -- you're shaking.

Alexis: I am not, I'm fine.

James: No, you're not. Would you like some advice?

Alexis: Would it matter if I said no?

James: I think you should stay here for the night.

Nikolas: No, no, I don't think that's a good idea. She would be far more comfortable in her own home.

Alexis: Actually, here's another painful admission -- whenever I resist something, it means I probably need it. So I'm going to take you up on that offer, and Kristina and I would be very happy to stay here.

Nikolas: No, no, that's -- that's not possible.

Alexis: You're kidding, right?

Nikolas: Alexis, if you're too sick to go home, then -- then you need to go to the hospital.

Kristina: No!

Robin: Um '

Alexis: It's all right.

Robin: Honey, how about -- maybe your mommy needs a snack.

Alexis: Yeah.

Robin: You want to go with me to the kitchen, we'll find her something to eat?

Alexis: Go ahead, sweetie. I'm not going to the hospital, everything is fine, okay? What is the matter with you? You know that anytime you mention the word "hospital," it terrorizes her. She's afraid that I'm going to disappear into a vapor every time I go in there -- she can't see me -- and when I come out I'm sicker than I was before. Nothing scares her more than the thought of me going back in the hospital.

Nikolas: Then why do you keep doing one reckless thing after another to get yourself put back in?

[Music plays]

Carly: I'm sorry; I didn't mean to talk about Sonny.

Jax: Then don't.

Carly: I wasn't. I was just trying to explain to you where I am right now.

Jax: Well, that I'm interested in -- if it, you know, relates to me, not Sonny.

Carly: Fair enough. I'm sorry.

Jax: Okay. You know, my rescue mission for Jerry wasn't as harrowing as your hostage experience, but it did have an effect on me, I wanted to tell you about it.

Carly: Well, I'm a captive audience.

Jax: I wasn't in Siberia the whole time. The oil people Jerry was working for were based out of Bahrain.

Carly: You were in Saudi Arabia?

Jax: Island off Saudi Arabia. You know, a lot of expatriates, private enterprise, foreign investment -- that kind of thing. Pretty much anything went. Opulence is a way of life there -- anyone or anything is available for a price.

Carly: Sounds charming.

Jax: My point is I brought something back for you. You weren't supposed to leave with this. You were supposed to place it in the navel of one of the scarf dancers you most wanted to, um, "retire" with.

Carly: Is this your way of telling me that you cheated?

Jax: No, because I still -- I still have my pearl.

Carly: Answer the question.

Jax: I -- no -- I had plenty of opportunity to, but I knew that my heart belonged to you.

Sonny: What are they doing?

Jason: They're just sitting there waiting.

Sonny: Okay, I have a meeting. I can't have my associates '

Jason: Amelia is on her way. She's going to be here in a minute.

Sonny: That's not fast enough. What are you going to do, Diane? Please, help me!

Diane: All right, I will do my best, but you know the drill, the media are like sharks -- the more you flail, the bigger chunk they want.

Sonny: We got Ric breathing down our necks, and we're trying to squeeze Cooper Barrett into the police department as a plant.

Jason: Right.

Sonny: We're trying to bring down Alcazar's house for good. Tell me what's good about your girlfriend having her own show?

Reporter: What does Mr. Corinthos --

Diane: Oh, come on, people! Give it a rest, all right? Look, my clients have nothing to offer you about Ms. McCall or her show, and this is a place of business.

Reporter: What kind of business?

Second Reporter: Is Sam's show being funded by dirty money?

Diane: No comment, no comment, and get off my foot!

Reporter: As the producer --

Amelia: I will be able to issue a statement on Ms. McCall's behalf in just a moment. Excuse me.

Diane: Excuse me, pardon me.

Reporter: How about a statement, please?

Coop: I'm impressed. I mean, you answered every question correctly.

Maxie: It's common sense.

Coop: Don't be modest, it doesn't suit you. I owe you. I mean, this goes above and beyond -- helping me cheat my way into the pcpd?

Maxie: I'm happy to help you. I just wish I knew why I am.

Coop: You can't resist an ex-mercenary in distress?

Maxie: I know why Lucky and Jesse became cops -- it was their calling -- but for you, this kind of came out of nowhere.

Coop: Are you objecting? One too many cops in your life?

Maxie: I didn't say that.

Coop: Well, what would you prefer? I mean, like, an oil tycoon or a rock star?

Maxie: Someone who sticks around. Sounds simple, doesn't it, but why is it so hard to find a real connection?

Lulu: You manipulating bitch!

Maxie: Oh --

Coop: Whoa, hey, hey, you think you can dial it down a little bit?

Maxie: Are you "insane?"

Coop: Yeah, I didn't think so.

Lulu: You are so lucky all you got was soda in the face!

Maxie: What is your problem?

Lulu: What, are you going to pretend that you don't know Scott came after me on the docks furious because he thought I was blackmailing him, and it didn't take me long to figure out who was setting me up.

Maxie: So what if I did? Logan told me you had proof Scott killed Rick Webber but were too much of a wuss to do anything about it. You should be grateful, you little witch.

Lulu: "Grateful"?

Maxie: Yeah -- at least someone was willing to make Scott squirm for what he did.

Lulu: You just wanted to make trouble for me.

Maxie: No, I saw an easy payday, the trouble was a bonus.

Coop: All right -- hey, whoa, whoa -- chill out, ladies.

Maxie: Get her away from me!

Lulu: Oh!

Logan: Come on.

Coop: All right, that's enough, both of you!

Logan: Since our big secret isn't anymore, Baldwin says there's nothing to prove that he killed Webber. He's not giving us a dime.

Maxie: Great -- there goes my new car.

Lulu: Is that all you care about? Scott had murder in his eyes! He could've killed me.

Maxie: Please, Scott would never even hurt your feelings. You're the darling daughter of his darling Laura, you're sacred.

Lulu: Wow -- you don't care who you use or how many people you hurt, so long as Maxie gets what Maxie wants. Well, someday Maxie will get what she deserves.

Maxie: What a whiner.

Logan: Lulu wasn't exaggerating. I was there, Scott was intense. He -- he could've hurt her. But you don't probably care about that, do you?

Coop: Hey, whoa, don't go jumping all self-righteous. You wanted in on this blackmail as much as anybody.

Logan: Maybe, but not for the same reasons.

Maxie: Great -- yet again everyone thinks I'm an awful person and loves Lulu. Oh --

Coop: Not me.

Nikolas: Look, I'm sorry, Alexis. I -- I don't mean to snap at you. I love you. You're the only family I have other than Spencer, which is why I want you healthy and cancer-free. But you seem to still be in a bit of denial about how sick you actually are, and it does more harm than good, not just to you. You have other people to consider -- your daughter.

Alexis: My, I must be a terrible, terrible mother to want to spend some quality time with my daughter, who happens to be very confused and very upset, especially now that her sister has been taken away from her. So I'd rather just take a detour into your scary wilderness -- which also happens to be your backyard -- to pick some wildflowers, hoping to get her to smile. So now you're saying not only am I a bad mother, but I'm also an intruder in your house.

Nikolas: No, that's not true.

Alexis: Well, yes, it is. That's exactly what you've been saying, Nikolas. I mean, how deplorably selfish of me to want to spend the night in one of your 500 gazillion guestrooms that you can now put better use to with your new girlfriend?

James: Well, you see, you're getting upset and it's counterproductive. Why don't I bring you home?

Nikolas: No, no, I don't think that's wise. I'll have Alfred do it.

James: No, no, no, it's prudent. I can ride with Alexis on the launch, take her home, and take a cab back, right?

Alexis: I don't want Alfred to take me home. I don't want to put you out at all. It's fine. I accept your very kind offer, no matter how pushy you are.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: Hey -- did you bring me an apple? You're a sweet girl. We're going to go home, huh? Mommy feels much better now, and Nikolas seems to need his privacy.

James: Come, let's go.

Nikolas: Alex'

James: Oh, and, uh, don't you two lovebirds wait up for me.

Jason: Sam knew she didn't want to do the show, then they wanted her to do it, she's excited about it. What am I supposed to say?

Sonny: The thing is we can't have this kind of publicity. You know that, all right?

Jason: I know, I know, I know.

Sonny: What the --

Amelia: You don't have to worry, I'll handle the press.

Sonny: You know, with all due respect, I haven't seen any results, so you and Sam's show could go away, please.

Amelia: Huh. I will accommodate your wishes as best I can, but what I can't have is my star being made to look like some mafia bimbo.

Diane: Frankly, I couldn't care less about your show, or Ms. McCall's reputation. My job is to protect my clients, who didn't sign up to do guest spots. Now, this is your baby, you control it.

Amelia: Hmm. I have to say I'm surprised by such a collective negative reaction. I mean, given your alleged line of work, I'd think the opportunity for a little spin control would be welcome.

Sonny: Well, you'd be wrong, sweetheart.

Amelia: Well, my job is to make sure this is a pleasant and productive experience for Sam. It's her turn to shine -- try to be happy for her. If that's not possible, suck it up.

[Music plays]

Carly: Considering you were engaged, I hope you refrained from popping your pearl into the first navel that winked at you.

Jax: Well, you know, I -- I kept waiting to feel, you know, tempted, but I just -- I didn't. I -- I didn't, so I left. I flew through Rome --

Carly: Brenda territory.

Jax: Yes, but I didn't have the urge to see or call her, okay? I was carrying one torch -- that was for you. And I couldn't wait to get home to see you and the boys, start our life as a family. Then I found out you were married to Sonny again and that you -- that you'd slept with him. That -- that really hurt.

Carly: Why do you want me?

Lainey: I hear Tides has the best lobster on the West Side.

Patrick: And I have two opera tickets burning a hole in my pocket. What do you say?

Lainey: I'd love to.

Patrick: Wow. Pretty much the last person I expect to be hitting on me.

Lainey: Uh, don't flatter yourself. I'm protecting my girl's interests.

Patrick: That's too bad.

Lainey: Once more, with conviction.

Patrick: You think I'm losing my touch, don't you?

Lainey: The desire for conquest. It's what happens when you fall in love. You know, I thought about what you said. Maybe you're right -- Robin does push away what she loves. So if she's pushing this hard, isn't that a statement of how much she loves you?

Patrick: When does it become more work than it's worth? Love is supposed to be the goal, not the thing we trash. At some point you have to say "I'll always love you, but I'm folding my hand." I think Robin and I are there.

Nikolas: I can't believe what I just did. I wanted to push Alexis away. Instead, I -- instead, I made her trust Craig.

Robin: No, listen -- listen, Craig has nothing to gain from hurting Alexis or Kristina.

Nikolas: No, he'll just use them to control me.

Robin: Okay, maybe you need to sit down. Come here.

Nikolas: Okay.

Robin: I'll get you some water.

Nikolas: Can you believe how bold this guy is? Huh? To go into town, where anyone from the hotel could see him?

Robin: He had to have an excellent reason.

Nikolas: Yeah, I know what it is. He knows. He knows I need this counteragent soon. He wants -- he wants me to pass out so he can -- so he can punish me, control me -- that's what he does.

Robin: I know. I know, but we just have to play along with it for now.

Nikolas: Until I die?

Robin: No. Craig needs you alive.

Nikolas: But his plans don't always go off, Robin -- Alan died because of a glitch in the last one, you could have. Maybe I'm just the next mistake.

Alexis: Well, thank you very much. I -- I'm feeling much better now, and we can make it to the launch, and after that I'll call Raul.

James: Raul?

Alexis: My cab driver.

James: Oh. You have a cab driver?

Alexis: Yes, I have a cab driver. He's very reliable, and I think he's developing a crush on me, so goes your theory about the damsel in distress that you think I'm so unsuited for. In any case, I -- I won't be needing your assistance as an escort any longer.

James: Well, I'm not escorting you. I'm escorting Kristina, isn't that right? You're just coming along for the ride, really.

[James chuckles]

Alexis: You're as stubborn as you accuse me of being.

James: But, believe it or not, I've been called worse. Now, come along and be a good girl. Come on, let's go. Whoop '

Lulu: Oh, God, not you again. Oh.

Logan: I'll keep walking, as soon as I know that you're all right.

Lulu: What do you think? My mom is trapped in her mind, and the man who caused it is never going to have to pay, and then people like you and Maxie come along and you try to exploit the whole thing.

Logan: You're right. I know. The world's full of some, you know, not-so-nice people, but what -- what are you going to do about it, huh? You going to beat everybody up? Curl up in a ball and cry? All you really have is yourself. Stop worrying about what other people are doing and how they should feel about it. Concentrate on what you want. Who knows -- you just might make it happen.

Lulu: What I want is for you to leave me alone.

Logan: You see how easy that was?

Amelia: Ms. McCall's boyfriend is in the coffee business. He's a very private man who likes to keep a low profile. I can assure you he had nothing to do with Sam McCall getting this job. We chose Sam because she herself is an everyday hero. That's all for now. Thank you very much for coming.

Sonny: It's great that you want to support Sam and she's excited and everything, but this kind of attention we don't need, especially with what's going on. It could be fatal. I don't have to tell you that, do I?

Jason: I know. Amelia seems like she knows what she's doing. Just give her a chance to put a lid on it.

Sonny: She -- I hope she comes through, and Sam's new notoriety -- she needs to keep it away from us and the business, because I tell you right now, I do not need another distraction.

[Music plays]

Jax: You know, to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure why I want to be with you. You act without considering the consequences, you're unpredictable, and worst of all, you -- um -- you come with the unfortunate connection to a man I detest.

Carly: You sure know how to sweet-talk a girl.

Jax: Am I disappointed you slept with Sonny? Yes, I am. Am I angry? Am I hurt? All of the above. It doesn't make me love you any less. Absolutely not. You say it's over with you and Sonny and I want to believe that.

Singer: It is for you

Carly: I understand if you couldn't, you know. I let you down, I let myself down and I -- the thing with Sonny -- look, I didn't see coming. I didn't. One minute I knew where my life was going, the next it was just blown up in the air and it was falling down everywhere. I just don't want to make promises I can't keep.

Jax: Hey, hey, it's why -- it's why we're going to take baby steps, okay, and we'll see where it takes us.

Carly: I know where it's going to take us. Jax, I want to fall in love with you all over again.

Jax: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Carly: And if you could love me again, it would be -- it would be the best thing in the whole wide world.

Singers: That I do love you yes, I do

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Sonny: I'm going to use the labor negotiations to win Carly back.

Jax: How would you feel about dinner in Montreal?

Carly: When?

Jax: Tonight.

Man: You're going to pay for what you did.

Sam: No!

Jason: You okay?

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