GH Transcript Friday 3/30/07

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/30/07


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Jason: I don't blame you for Alan's death. Alcazar is a whole nother story.

Skye: The hostage crisis was not Lorenzo's fault.

Jason: He knew people were willing to kill for what was in that briefcase. He didn't have to store it in the Metro Court vault, knowing he was putting a hotel full of people in danger.

Skye: How can you be such a hypocrite?

Lorenzo: Stay away from Skye, because I'm not going to let you hurt her.

Sonny: Then what you should do, Alcazar, is stop hiding behind this brain injury and protect her.

Carly: So this was a test? You put on the big show that you slept with Alexis, what, to pay me back, is that it?

Jax: You're the one who jumped to conclusions.

Carly: And you milked it for all it's worth! Oh, I get it -- if I got jealous, it proved I loved you, right?

Jax: Don't you?

Robin: Oh --

Alexis: Excuse me.

Nikolas: Alexis -- Alexis, wait -- wait. Let me explain.

Alexis: What you do in the privacy of your own home is really none of my business.

Robin: Well, no, ma'am. Maybe we should explain.

Nikolas: Yeah, I think that would be good.

Robin: Because people are bound to find out sooner or later. Um --

Nikolas: Right. Um --

Robin: After the -- after the cross-- the hostage crisis --

Nikolas: Yeah, it's -- look, we've been friends for a long time and -- and --

Alexis: You know, relationships can spring up in the most unlikely places. So, um, if you're both happy, who am I to disagree?

Nikolas: Thank you. Thank you for not judging us. And I'm sure it won't be easy for Emily to -- to know, or --

Robin: Or Patrick.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Alexis: I'm not here to spy on you guys, really. I'm -- I'm here to -- to ask you if Kristina and I can come back later and pick wildflowers. She needs to do that for her science project -- you have that nice grove out there.

Nikolas: Of course, of course. You can pick all the flowers you like.

Alexis: Okay. Thanks. So I'll be back later with Kristina.

Nikolas: Okay.

[Robin sighs]

James: Oh, dear, oh, dear. Bloody hell, you're going to have to do better than that if you want to convince the world that you're in love.

Patrick: Do you need a consult? Let me take a look. Ahem. Wow. Wow. This is a lot worse than I thought, this is going to take some time. How about dinner tonight?

Kelly: This wouldn't have anything to do with Robin moving in with Nikolas Cassadine, would it?

Patrick: Robin has her life and I have mine. So what do you say?

Kelly: Six months ago I would've jumped at the invitation. Now, I'm wondering if this is a temporary fight and you and Robin will reconcile by dinner time.

Patrick: I can say with total conviction -- no.

Kelly: You are way too casual about this.

Patrick: And you are way overanalyzing.

Kelly: Robin is a good friend. We've worked together, and for a time we lived together, so I had a front-row seat when you and Robin fell in love. You fell hard, which means that you're rebounding higher than a super ball and I'd be a fool to be the next girl to get involved with you.

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Kelly Lee, call --

Patrick: I thought you were up for a challenge.

Kelly: I'm flattered. And if you honestly believe you're interested in me, you're lying to both of us.

Jax: Admit it -- come on, you still love me.

Carly: Stop changing the subject -- you let me think you slept with Alexis.

Jax: You barged into my apartment without calling ahead.

Carly: I didn't think I had to call ahead. Obviously, I was wrong.

Jax: Why? Did you think that I'd just be waiting for you there? You know, for you to throw me a bone? Instead, you found me comforting a friend, okay, a friend. And now all of a sudden I'm a lying, cheating snake -- and this from a woman who slept with and then -- and then married her ex-husband while we were supposedly engaged.

Carly: Funny how every conversation comes right back to that, huh?

Jax: Well, it's a little hard to overlook.

Carly: Really? No matter how many times I tell you that I am over Sonny, I'm not going back to Sonny, but you're not buying it, is that it?

Jax: I told you this before -- I'm willing to try.

Carly: Really? Playing games isn't trying. Pretending you slept with Alexis isn't trying.

Jax: Well, would it be better if I slept with Alexis, is that what you're saying? Would it have been okay if I did that? What?

Carly: What are we doing? Why are we doing this?

Carly: We have to give up -- with everything I did with Sonny. I mean, come on, Jax. How do you have any faith in me, how do you have any trust in me -- this long rivalry you have with Sonny? I mean, come on?

Jax: I don't care about Sonny. All I care about is us.

Carly: And you know what's going to happen? This is going to turn into a vicious cycle. You are going to punish me, I am going to retaliate, and we are going to wind up hating each other and you know that.

Jax: No, I just -- I can't see that happening.

Carly: Love is the flipside of hate -- I know that from personal experiences. The best thing to do is just to end it right now. Just end it.

Jax: Well, I don't agree. But if that's the way, you know, you honestly -- if that's the way you really honestly feel?

Carly: I think we should stay away from each other.

Jax: Okay, fine, fine -- after tonight.

Scott: Slow down a second. We got to settle a few things.

Skye: Lorenzo is struggling to navigate his life in bit pieces. I should think you, of all people, would get that, Jason. He doesn't know who he can trust, he doesn't know who his enemies are.

Jason: You should take him and your daughter and leave town instead of trying to run a business that you had no experience with.

Skye: Just until Lorenzo recovers, okay? We just need a little more time, just -- Sonny will listen to you. Just get him to back off.

Jason: I'm sorry, I have no reason to protect Alcazar.

Skye: You heartless bastard. We're family.

Jason: Not about this.

Sonny: Your hiding behind Skye doesn't bother you? You're such a two-face coward that you don't care that the mother of your child is in danger.

Lorenzo: I don't even know what you're talking about.

Sonny: You got her running your business, a situation you can exploit by pretending that you have this brain damage. But you know what? I could be wrong, you know? Not even you would do something so cowardly. You are a man, you got pride. You wouldn't want Skye to take all the risks, you know, to live in fear of herself and the baby. Hmm -- I mean, you know, like, you wouldn't want to disgrace your family or spit on the memory of your father and your brother, Luis, now, would you?

Lorenzo: You should leave my father and my brother out of this.

Sonny: If you are using the woman you love as a decoy, your brother and your father would want me to put a bullet in your head. As a matter of fact, they would want me to finish the job because they wouldn't want their memory stained by you being such a coward.

Lorenzo: Shut up!

Nikolas: Look, you wanted a cover story, we gave it to you, but it's going to take time for people to believe it. Robin and I are both in love with other people and our family and friends know it. They'll be suspicious.

James: Then you need to be a little more convincing. I gave you ample warning that your aunt was coming over, and all you could give me is a lackluster snog on the couch.

Nikolas: She believed what she saw.

James: You hope.

Robin: Look, we're doing the best that we can. If people don't believe us, then it's not our fault.

James: You see, I need to create a new identity so I'm able to do business with Cassadine holdings as a front. You two are a necessary part of my plan, therefore I need the world to believe that Robin came to Wyndemere by choice. The logical explanation is that you're both in love. So why don't you throw yourselves into it, be enamored with each other, show passion? And if, in the process, you genuinely fall in love with each other, consider it my gift to both of you.

Robin: Nikolas, you have to stop antagonizing him.

Nikolas: Robin, I cheated on Emily once, it broke her heart. How -- how could I do it again for whatever reason?

Robin: Look, I don't like this any more than you do, but this is the best way to keep you alive right now.

Nikolas: Have you had any progress on finding a counteragent to the poison?

Robin: No. I'm sorry, I don't know when or even if that will happen. So for right now, we have to play along with Craig and make everyone believe -- even Patrick and Emily for their protection --

[Robin sighs]

Robin: That we're in love.

[Jason sighs]

[Door closes]

Spinelli: Whoa! I come in peace.

Jason: What the hell is that?

Spinelli: That?

Jason: Yeah, that spasm -- what is it?

Spinelli: No, it's the -- come on, it's the Gordonian Evasive Maneuver, you know, to dodge bullets. It helps if you move at the speed of light, though.

Jason: Okay, don't -- don't sneak up on me again, okay?

Spinelli: Yeah, I got it. So --

[Jason sighs]

Spinelli: Hey, what is this place? A little nightclub in Kelly's basement? It's all kind of atmospheric and mysterious? I didn't even know it was here.

Jason: That's the idea.

Jax: The museum board is -- they were having their cocktail party at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, and apparently too many people RSVP'd, which -- it was just badly organized. Anyway, now they're having it at the ballroom at the Metro Court.

Carly: I hope you charged them extra for booking at the last minute.

Jax: Well, the point is we're the co-owners of the hotel, and we need to attend the function to -- you know, to prove that it's safe to go back in the Metro Court. Um, you know, if we don't show, it just -- it sends the wrong message, and I'm not going by myself, so you're going to have to come.

Carly: Nice try. I'm not buying any of it.

Jax: You --

Lulu: My mother is in Shadybrook because of you.

Scott: Listen, listen, come on, you're just parroting your father here.

Lulu: Oh -- you put my mom through hell and it shattered her mind, so don't tell me that we have stuff to settle. I don't want to hear anything that you have to say, because it's all lies.

Scott: But if you're after revenge, let me assure you that payback is a very bad idea.

Sonny: Drop the act, Alcazar. Come after me like a man!

Lorenzo: I hate you. And I hate that you're getting away with this.

Milo: You okay, boss?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm fine.

Skye: Lorenzo, you shouldn't be here.

Lorenzo: He threatened you. I couldn't let him get away with that.

Skye: Lorenzo's just a little confused. He's -- he's recovering from a brain injury.

Lorenzo: Skye --

Sonny: Alcazar's getting in the way, he's going to have to be removed.

Skye: How can you be so heartless, Sonny? You yourself went through a difficult time last year. At least -- at least you could wait till he's well enough.

Sonny: If you're looking out for his best interest, that means you're going to be part of the problem.

Skye: What happened to your almighty code that said you're not supposed to hurt women?

Sonny: You remember Faith Rosco?

Skye: I'm only trying to protect Lorenzo.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? You chose to get involved in this business. Don't come here pleading that you're a woman and he's damaged goods. If you are giving orders in Alcazar's name, then I am sorry to say, but you are making yourself a target.

Lulu: Are you threatening me?

Scott: No, no, no, I'm just trying to help you for Laura's sake, you know --

Lulu: Oh --

Scott: Nothing you say or do is going to bring her back, and I don't think she'd want you digging around in some stuff that should be really left alone.

Lulu: Stay the hell away from me, or I swear I will blow your life apart.

Scott: Listen, you haven't really got as much leverage as you think.

Lulu: Oh --

Alexis: Hey, sweetie. You ready to go pick wildflowers?

Kristina: Can Molly come?

Alexis: Molly is with Ric. But we're going to do your science project, and then we'll go see her, I promise, okay? Whew.

Kristina: Let's go now, Mommy.

Alexis: Well, how about we wait just one second and Mommy will take a break and have a cup of tea, okay?

Viola: I can take her if you need to --

Alexis: No -- I just want to catch my breath for a second, and then we're going to go pick wildflowers because I wouldn't miss that for anything. Whew.

Spinelli: So I was -- I was heading to Kelly's and -- and I saw you kind of sneak down the alley, so I -- I followed.

Jason: Yeah, don't -- don't ever follow me again.

Spinelli: But, Stone Cold, we're -- I mean, we're a pretty awesome team. I mean, remember when we snuck into the Metro Court and -- and fought the Unhinged One and the minions of darkness? I mean, I was like, you know, the sidekick to your superhero, or, you know, the brain inside your brain.

Jason: Yeah, yeah, I know that. But you know if I need your help, I'm going to ask for it, right?

Spinelli: Yeah, I know, I -- but, I mean, those times that you so smoothly sneak off on your own, you know, you could use a little tech support.

Jason: I don't want to put you at risk, okay? Following me is a good way to get yourself killed.

Spinelli: Message received. It's like this -- it's like this place dropped through a rift in the space-time continuum.

Jason: Yeah, whatever.

Spinelli: No, I mean, it's like -- it's -- it's, like, from another time, you know, a room from another century, you know? I mean, the bar and the tables, it's -- I mean, who owned it?

Jason: Okay, listen to me. I know you get excited about things --

Spinelli: Yeah.

Jason: But you were never here. This place has been forgotten about for a long time and it needs to stay that way.

Ric: Thank you.

Ric: We need to talk.

Sonny: Should I call my lawyer?

Ric: No, that won't be necessary.

Sonny: I'm just -- right now, I'm busy because I got a lot of things going on.

Ric: I know that you think that I took Molly from Alexis for revenge or out of some need to work through the damage that is our childhood, but I love my daughter more than I have ever loved anyone in my whole life.

Sonny: There's an excellent shrink that I see --

Ric: I -- I did what I felt was necessary for my daughter, okay? I realize you disagree, but can we just move past that so I can talk to you?

Sonny: What's your point?

Ric: I want to be a better man for Molly's sake. She needs a father that she can look up to, that she can trust, so it forces me to take the high ground.

Sonny: So?

Ric: Look, I'm not going to use my position as the D.A. in order to feed some personal vendetta so that I can settle some meaningless score between the two of us, all right? It's not going to help anybody, Sonny. It's not going to do anything but hurt our families. It's going to hurt our children. It hurts Alexis.

Sonny: Now you're worried about Alexis?

Ric: I didn't want that custody battle in the first place, Sonny, okay? But now that it's over and Molly is with me, I'm trying to give her some kind of security here. And I'm not going to be able to do that on -- by waging open war with you and dragging you off in handcuffs.

Sonny: Okay. So, what?

Ric: I want peace.

Carly: Is the restaurant booked for dinner?

Marty: Yeah, the museum guild people called this morning, they want to book it for their black-tie cocktail event.

Carly: Why wasn't I informed about this?

Marty: You said that you wanted the hotel up and running as usual so it seemed protected --

Carly: No, I know, I know. I did, I did, and I do. I just -- I didn't expect to be spending the evening with my co-owner.

Maxie: When Scott comes through with the blackmail money, I'm going to put a down payment on a decent car -- convertible, red, tan interior.

Coop: Just be careful.

Maxie: Scott has no idea we're the blackmailers.

Coop: The guy killed a man and let somebody else take the blame. He's not going to just roll over. There's a million ways that this could go wrong, and I don't -- I don't want to see you get hurt.

Maxie: It's kind of cute when you're protective.

Coop: I mean it, Maxie.

Logan: Baldwin's getting twitchy. This guy's going to be such an easy mark.

Maxie: So, no more second thoughts?

Logan: I'm back onboard. We're going to hit Baldwin up for some serious cash and squeeze that lowlife till he bleeds.

Maxie: See? There you go again, acting like it's personal. What is really going on with you and this Baldwin guy?

Kelly: It doesn't take a brain surgeon to use one. It's called a telephone. You pick up the receiver, you push the little buttons, and presto, you're connected. So, why don't you stop obsessing about Robin and call her?

Patrick: I did more than call. I basically drop-kicked my pride, went to Wyndemere and talked to her.

Kelly: And?

Patrick: Robin said moving in with Nikolas was her choice and that I had to respect it. She said if I choose to end our relationship over a housing arrangement, then so be it.

Kelly: Ouch.

Patrick: Yeah. It was a disaster. I think I even groveled at the end.

Kelly: Well, showing your feelings is good, Patrick. Women like a man who's vulnerable.

Patrick: Not this time.

Kelly: Did you tell Robin you love her?

Patrick: Yeah, and it didn't do any good. I reminded her that she almost died, I reminded her of everything we've been through, and, uh, she didn't blink.

Kelly: Something's not right about this.

Patrick: Well, I'm not going to waste my time or energy trying to figure it out. Robin's done, so am I.

Kelly: I'm sorry. I thought you and Robin were the real deal.

Patrick: So did I.

Robin: Patrick's probably at the hospital right now flirting with every nurse, trying to decide which one he wants to sleep with.

Nikolas: No, Robin, he loves you.

Robin: And I shut him down. I acted like I didn't even care about him.

Nikolas: I know.

[Robin sighs]

Nikolas: I know -- I had to do the same thing with Emily. I actually told her that she was pressuring me into marrying her, and that couldn't be further from the truth. You know, I thought we'd be together for the rest of our lives, Robin, but I don't know now.

Robin: You know what? We're going to get through this. This is just something that we have to play along with for now.

[Phone rings]

Kavi: This is Kavi.

Robin: Kavi, it's Robin Scorpio. Did you put a rush on the tox screen that I wanted?

Kavi: Yes, I did.

James: That was the hospital, wasn't it? You were calling about that toxicology screen on Nikolas, and to your dismay, the lab well-informed you that they'd never seen anything like it. Very ingenious, by the way, to scrape Nikolas' hand to get the sample, but you didn't need to go through all this trouble. You were welcome to get any sample that you wanted. You see, the lab will be unable to isolate the poison, much less find a counteragent.

Robin: It -- is it based on a natural compound? I mean, is the counteragent permanent?

James: Well, this protocol is designed to keep the subject in a state of permanent dependence.

Robin: He can't keep going through this cycle indefinitely. Eventually, the poison will kill him.

James: Well, if Nikolas dies, it'll be because you couldn't keep him alive. You need to start thinking more like me, Jobbing Robin -- adapt to survive. And if you want some help with that endeavor, please let me know. You might actually enjoy it.

Nikolas: Stay the hell away from her.

Kelly: I just had a thought.

Patrick: About the dinner invitation?

Kelly: Robin moved in with Nikolas out of the blue.

Patrick: Yeah, pretty much.

Kelly: No warning at all?

Patrick: Well, we had a fight, but it wasn't --

Kelly: How bad?

Patrick: I -- I don't know --

Kelly: On a level of one to 10, with a typical spat here in the nursing station being one, and Robin scissor-kicking a guy off a barstool and then getting arrested because she's mad at you being 10. How would this fight rank --

Patrick: Look, I know where you're going with this. Robin didn't move in with Nikolas to make a statement about boundaries or independence. She's choosing to end our relationship.

Kelly: But from what you just told me, Robin thinks you're the one who's ending things -- over the housing arrangement, remember?

Patrick: I asked Robin for the truth, and she accused me of not respecting her decisions.

Kelly: See? Maybe it's simple miscommunication, one of those Mars-Venus things where she says something, you hear another --

Patrick: Kelly, Robin moved in with another man; there's not much room for interpretation.

Kelly: Let's be honest -- this is about sex. You think Robin's sleeping with Nikolas, which may not be the case. Moving in and getting together are completely two different things.

Patrick: I don't care. If I were endlessly patient, maybe I could wait around for Robin to get over this doubt or -- or avoidance or whatever this is that's forcing her to walk away from me. Maybe she's testing me, and if that's true, then, obviously, I failed.

Kelly: I saw you when Robin was being held hostage -- you were losing your mind. And in the E.R., after Robin was rescued and the look on your face? Huh. Let's just say that that's how every girl dreams of being looked at -- with love and commitment -- like she's the most important, precious thing in this world. Robin got that from you, and I don't think she's willing to give that up.

Patrick: Well, guess what -- she did.

Kelly: Yeah. I'm just saying Robin is a quirky girl with a lot of emotional baggage and family weirdness, and maybe there's another explanation.

Patrick: Maybe. Or maybe if I was kinder, a little more loyal and understanding, then maybe I'd wait around for her. I just guess I'm not that guy.

Spinelli: Hey. The Blond One is troubled?

Lulu: Life is so confusing.

Spinelli: Well, if you're still trying to choose between the three who adore you --

Lulu: Oh, my God, it's not about who I want to date, so please don't bring it up again or my head's going to explode.

Spinelli: Oh -- okay. The Jackal will put aside his romantic intentions and offer support and friendship.

Lulu: Can you just speak English?

Spinelli: If I could ease your pain in any way, I'd be honored.

Lulu: Okay. Can you sit there and listen?

Spinelli: Yes. Uh, so, what's cast this darkness over you?

Lulu: Scott Baldwin was in here practically bragging about killing Rick Webber and letting my mom take the blame.

Spinelli: Baldwin confessed?

Lulu: Well, he didn't say the words exactly, but he came close. I hate that man so much, and when I was telling him to leave me alone, he was making all these cryptic comments about making more trouble for myself.

Spinelli: Wait, the -- the murderous one threatened you?

Lulu: Not exactly. He was just saying "stay away from me, or else," that kind of stuff.

Spinelli: Never fear. If Baldwin threatens again, he will feel my wrath. Okay?

Lulu: Yeah, thanks. There's nothing that I can do. I can't turn him into the police, I can't tell my dad. I just have to sit here and watch Scott Baldwin get away with trashing my mom's life.

Logan: Baldwin means nothing to me. I've never even heard of the guy before all this went down. But he did let an innocent woman take the blame for what he did. Laura Spencer lost her mind, and still he kept hiding behind her. How low is that?

Maxie: People have done worse. I mean, you act like Scott deserves the death penalty or something.

Logan: You're right, it is personal. I fought in Iraq against an enemy that hid behind innocent men, women, and children. Coop knows about it. Human life meant nothing to them. I do have a problem with cowards. I am not going to let this deadbeat get away with what he did.

Jax: Are all the arrangements in place for tonight's party?

Marty: Everything's set. You know, Mrs. Corinthos came by earlier -- she asked why she hadn't been informed. She wasn't happy.

Jax: Oh, yeah. Well, Carly's going to be there, that's all that matters.

Sonny: You want peace? What does that mean, Ric?

Ric: If I put you in prison, somebody's just going to move and take your place. It's a war of attrition, Sonny. Both sides are going to keep grinding away at each other long after we're gone. I'm just looking for a way for us to peacefully coexist.

Sonny: You're going to look the other way, stop harassing my associates?

Ric: Well, I'm going to do my job. But the crusade is over. I'm asking you to meet me halfway.

Sonny: I'm not the one waging the war.

Ric: Okay. I hear that you're flexing your muscle, you're going after Alcazar.

Sonny: Alcazar is indisposed these days, Ric.

Ric: You are positioning yourself to go after him, and I'm asking you not to.

Sonny: So, what, is that what this is about? He's harassing you to stop --

Ric: Alcazar doesn't know that I'm here, Sonny, okay? This is me. I'm asking you, brother to brother, father to father, don't do something that is ultimately going to lead to violence. Help me maintain the status quo, and we both can peacefully coexist. Don't we owe that to Kristina and Molly?

Ric: Think about it. See if you can convince him.

Jason: What did he want?

Sonny: He wants peace.

Jason: You buy it?

Nikolas: I don't give a damn what you do to me.

James: Really? I'm surprised. You don't recall writhing in agony as the poison took effect? I think I'm going to withhold the counteragent from you. You'll slowly start to suffocate, then you'll be unable to speak, breathe. You'll scream in misery inside your head until finally, mercifully, your heart will stop.

Robin: If Nikolas dies, you'll be a fugitive all over again.

James: Oh, don't worry, I'm skilled at adapting. I'll find another opportunity.

Robin: But Nikolas -- he has people creating your new identity, and you want to do business from here. Why would you start from scratch?

James: You know what? Nikolas should appreciate how useful you are, little Robin. Keep him under control, will you?

Robin: What are you doing threatening him like that?

Nikolas: The man's a sadist.

Robin: Yeah, I know that -- he shot me without even blinking -- and if you keep resisting him, he will let you die. And maybe you don't care about your own life, but what about your son? Do you really want him to grow up without a father, not to mention all the people that love you? Listen, you have to stay calm, no matter how angry he makes you.

Nikolas: You're right. Thank you.

Robin: You're welcome. Now, just promise you'll do the same for me if I ever fly into a rage. Look, the only way that we're going to beat him is if we work together.

Alexis: Hey. Check all those pretty flowers, huh? We'll have to thank Nikolas.

Kristina: Pretty.

Alexis: Yeah. Should we thank Nikolas for letting us come here?

Kristina: Look at the daffodils.

Alexis: I see those, and I think this one's on your list -- the Delphiniums. You want to go get one of those? Pick one of those, honey. And I think these are the -- whew.

[Alexis sighs]

Kristina: Are you okay, Mommy?

Alexis: I'm fine, sweetie, I'm fine. I just need to rest for a second, okay?

Coop: Baldwin could get violent with anyone trying to blackmail him.

Maxie: Except Scott thinks Lulu is blackmailing him, and there's no way he'd hurt her.

Coop: Oh, are you sure?

Maxie: Yes! He was totally in love with Lulu's mom, he still is. I mean, there's no way he'd hurt a hair on that girl's head.

Logan: What if you're wrong? Wouldn't you feel the least big guilty?

Maxie: You know, you're one to talk.

Logan: I'm just saying maybe there's a way to leave Lulu out of it.

Maxie: What is it about that baby-faced witch that just makes guys want to protect her?

Coop: How about protecting yourselves by backing out of the whole thing?

Maxie: The beauty of this plan is that Scott's going to suspect the one person he would never hurt. So he'll pay, Logan and I will collect the money and we'll split it 50-50, then we'll be done. Now, I have to go to work, so please act normal.

Carly: Hey. What time does the party start?

Marty: Well, guests should start arriving in about half an hour.

Carly: Okay.

Marty: And, may I say, you look lovely.

Carly: Thank you. Well, I'm going to be in my office. If Jax comes looking for me, tell him to go to the party on his own -- I don't need an escort.

Sonny: Ric Lansing has been lying to me since the day we met. You think I'm going to change my mind just because he comes in here selling me this garbage about being a better father to -- to Molly and not wanting to hurt Alexis any more than he already has? If Ric double-crosses me, it's just another day at the office. And you know what? We'll be ready.

Jason: I saw Skye.

Sonny: What did she want?

Jason: She, uh, wanted me to ask you to let her run Alcazar's business without retaliation.

Sonny: Come on. You're not -- you're not asking me, are you?

Jason: No.

Sonny: He came in here, right? I pushed him, see if I could -- I couldn't really tell.

Jason: Okay, well, with Ric watching us, taking shipments -- you know, what about the idea you had until Alcazar's taken care of?

Sonny: If we shut down, it's kind of a sign of weakness. We got to -- we got to just go ahead and do business as usual.

Jason: I may have a way to do that.

Skye: You shouldn't have gone to see Sonny -- that's how you got shot the last time.

Lorenzo: Please don't treat me like a child.

Skye: I'm sorry. I just -- I worry about you. I don't want to see you getting hurt. Now, are you going to be okay eating alone, because I really have to run.

Lorenzo: Where are you going?

Skye: I have a meeting.

Lorenzo: About business?

Skye: It's a meeting with one of your people, yes.

Lorenzo: You know, I can't let you keep doing this, Skye. It's too dangerous.

Skye: Well, it'll be more so if we don't reassure these people that things are going smoothly.

Lorenzo: This is all my fault. I brought you into this life, and now I've left you alone.

Skye: Hey, I am not alone. You're getting better every day. Soon you're going to be well again and things are going to go back to the way they were.

Lorenzo: I just want you and Lila to be safe.

Skye: We are.

Lorenzo: But I'm not even out there protecting you.

Skye: Hey, you look at me. You have been wonderful to me and Lila. Now it is my turn to protect you. We're partners. Lorenzo, trust me, please.

Lorenzo: Oh, Skye, I do trust you.

Skye: Good. Now promise me that you are going to go straight home, you are not going to stop off to see Sonny again.

Lorenzo: I promise.

Skye: Love you.

Lorenzo: Love you, too.

Skye: See ya.

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: We need to meet -- Kelly's, now.

Scott: Oh, Lulu, I am so disappointed in you.

Lulu: What do I care?

Scott: You look so much like your mother, but you just don't have her class.

Lulu: Oh, save it, Scott. You want -- you want to put on this big show that you cared about my mom?

Scott: I loved your mother! I would never do anything to hurt her!

Lulu: Oh, is that why you stood by and watched her lose her mind?

Scott: You know, you're a tough -- tough girl. You work the angles like your father. But let me ask you something. What do you think your mother would think if she knew that you were blackmailing me?

Lulu: I -- I'm not.

Scott: Well, I got a little news flash for you -- you're not going to get a penny from me. There is no evidence, there's no proof that I killed Rick Webber. So I -- I just don't need you running around town telling everybody that I did.

Alexis: You know what, sweetie? We're going to have to, uh, go home, okay, because I think Mommy needs to lie down for a little bit -- I'm not feeling so great. But we'll come back tomorrow. You want to hang on to that?

Kristina: Yeah.

Alexis: Okay? We can come back tomorrow, and then you can finish picking the flowers, and you can take the one that you have and you can put -- oh --

Kristina: Mommy, are you okay? Will you wake up for me, please? Mommy needs help. My mommy needs help.

Carly: Has Mr. Jacks showed up for the party?

Marty: Yes, he has.

Carly: Okay, great. I'm sorry -- I'm sorry earlier when I bit your head off. I'm really sorry. This is business, and I shouldn't let my personal life interfere with business, so I'm sorry.

Marty: It's all right, Mrs. Corinthos.

Carly: Okay. Okay.

[Music plays] Singer: Patience all we got is time let's try not to waste it

Jax: Well, I'm glad you could --

Singer: We're aimless

Jax: You could join me.

Lorenzo: Skye's trying to maintain my business. She's making me look weak and ineffectual.

Man: That's the idea, isn't it?

Lorenzo: Assuming I don't blow my own cover. I almost went for Sonny's throat when he was threatening Skye. I have to be patient.

Jason: It's close to the waterfront, it's right below Kelly's. You know, the customers are going to be walking all over the place, so it's going to cover our people's activities. And then we got the service elevator, and that we can use for all our shipments.

Sonny: Yeah, but this is Carly's old nightclub. I mean, we're not the only ones who know it's down here.

Jason: Yeah, but, Sonny, this place has been closed for years. Nobody is going to suspect that we're using it.

Lorenzo: Sonny and Jason think I'm mentally incapacitated. I can lure them into complacency, then wait for my chance.

Sonny: If there's a raid, we're underground. If the exits are sealed off, then we're trapped here.

Lorenzo: This time we're not going to leave any room for error. We're going to do this straightforward, mob-execution style, and we're going to leave their bodies for the police to find.

Sonny: I don't like it. This is a perfect spot for an ambush.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lulu: I will tell everyone that you're a murderer.

Scott: What's to prevent me from shutting your mouth?

Carly: You re-enforced all the reasons why we can't be together.

Sonny: We have to keep it as low-profile as we can.

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