GH Transcript Thursday 3/29/07

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/29/07


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Patrick: I know Robin. She might have some anxiety about living with me, she might even be mad [missing] on it. But she wouldn't make a move like this -- moving into this place, onto this island out of the blue unless you convinced her.

Nikolas: Patrick, she moved in here because she wanted to.

Patrick: She said she didn't have a choice. Now, if you know what the hell that's supposed to mean, tell me.

Nikolas: No, I -- I'm sorry, but you'll have to ask her about that.

Patrick: This wouldn't be happening if you weren't putting pressure on Robin. Now, I'm not leaving until you tell me why.

Amelia: I know, I know. I just left you and here I am again.

Sam: I guess you should come in, then.

Amelia: I suddenly realized I should've offered to coach you for the press junket.

Jason: What -- what press junket?

Sam: It's a publicity thing at the hotel.

Amelia: To introduce Sam as our new host. You have to give the press their due if you want them to promote the show.

Sam: Um -- really, how hard can it be, though?

Amelia: You wouldn't ask if you ever stood in a room with a pack of hungry, thirsty scavengers waiting to pick the meat from your bones -- not that you won't have them wrapped around your finger, but I can give you a couple of traps to look out for.

Sam: But I thought you already prepped me.

Amelia: I missed a couple of salient points. You know, I'd invite you to watch for yourself, but we were warned that you're publicity-shy. All things considered, I can hardly blame you.

Lorenzo: Make sure no one in the Corinthos organization knows I'm involved. As far as everyone is concerned, Skye is running the show. I'll be in touch.

Skye: Hi. I hope I didn't keep you waiting long.

Lorenzo: No, I don't mind. Having lunch with you is the high point of my day.

Carly: I want you both out of my hotel -- now.

Sonny: Ric's goal in life is to take me down, and he's getting a little too close for comfort.

Ric: If a man like Sonny gets too powerful, it upsets the balance. He and his organization need to be stopped.

Sonny: It's going to be your job to keep me informed of everything that happens in that department.

Ric: Provide me with enough information to break the back of Sonny's organization.

Sonny: It is time to make my brother pay.

Sonny: If you succeed at this, I'll make it worth your while, but for security reasons, we can't meet face to face after this talk. The only way we're going to communicate is through this secured cell phone and through Max.

Ric: Everyone knows that you and I don't get along. We'll stage a fight. I'll have no choice but to kick you off the force. You will make a public show of your disgust for the Port Charles Police Department, and Sonny will come to you and ask you to work for him. There's nothing he likes better than a cop gone bad.

Coop: I'm scheduled to take the academy entrance exam.

Sonny: Good. Um -- your background as an M.P. should make this easy. And once you work your way into the PCPD, then you'll be able to give me whatever information I need.

Det. Rodriguez: Sonny will never go for it.

Ric: Sonny's arrogant enough to love the idea of a cop working for him.

Sonny: Ric thinks he knows every cop on my payroll. He'll never see it coming.

Ric: I need for you to make this work for us, Rodriguez.

Det. Rodriguez: Can't do it.

Ric: You know, there'd be a big payoff for you. You'd be a hero.

Det. Rodriguez: Yeah. It's getting real hard to tell the heroes from the bad guys in this town. You'll have to find someone else to get your brother for you.

Sam: Tell me you didn't mean that the way it sounded.

Amelia: Well, you told me how Jason's such a private man. I wouldn't want to draw attention to him. Besides, you're the one I want to know all about.

Sam: Okay, you're right. Jason does hate stuff like this, and besides, I think it would make me really, really nervous if he were around.

[Sam and Amelia chuckle]

Amelia: I'll take good care of her, I promise -- not that she needs it. From what I've seen, Sam could stare down a Sherman tank.

Sam: Oh.

Jason: I'm not sure what that means exactly, but have a good day.

Sam: I'll see you when you get back.

Jason: Oh, okay.

Sam: Okay.

Amelia: Sorry. Uh -- didn't mean to ruffle any feathers.

Sam: No, no. Please, Jason doesn't ruffle easily. He just doesn't like to be in the public eye.

Amelia: Hmm, I get it. I've done my research -- I know all about Jason's alleged work.

Sam: He's a coffee importer.

Amelia: And you're a simple hotel clerk. We're all just exactly as we appear with no secrets, right?

Maxie: So we know Scott got the blackmail demand. He's probably going to think Lulu's behind it.

Logan: That's not good enough. Lulu cannot be seen out in public at the time she is supposed to pick up the blackmail money. We cannot let her have an alibi.

Maxie: That's not going to be easy.

Logan: Any ideas?

Maxie: Only the obvious one -- you will be with Lulu to make sure she stays out of plain sight. You should go ask her what she's doing at 6:00 p.m. on Friday.

Logan: You and I are sitting here together. With as much as Lulu hates you, why wouldn't she just blow me off?

Maxie: I'll show you why. You are such a jerk! I would rather eat glass than spend another minute with you.

Logan: You're one messed-up chick, you know that?

Maxie: Not too messed up to walk away from you.

Logan: Ahem -- pass me some of those napkins, or are you going to give me attitude also?

Lulu: What did you do to deserve that?

Logan: Why? You suddenly Maxie's big defender?

Lulu: No, no, not at all. In fact, if Maxie hates you that much, you're probably not that bad.

Logan: If that's your idea of a compliment, it needs some work. What's her problem anyway?

Lulu: How much time do you have?

Carly: 15 people, including myself, were held here at gunpoint, terrorized and tortured, and then the lobby was blown to bits. Robin Scorpio, a good friend mine named Max, and a priest were shot like dogs. Alan Quartermaine is dead and buried, and you could've stopped it -- and so could you. Now, maybe you're sorry, maybe you don't care. Either way, I won't have you in my hotel.

Skye: My ex-husband owns this hotel.

Carly: And I don't see him jumping up to defend you.

Skye: You know what? I refuse to take criticism from a woman who uses her own children -- and sometimes other people's -- to get what she wants. You stalk good men like Lorenzo and Jax to fuel your sick love for Sonny. And speaking of criminals, how many times has he put you in the hospital, and yet you still keep coming back for more?

Carly: Why are you still here?

Skye: You and Sonny made your own contribution to the tragedy that happened here. If you hadn't helped Sonny shoot Lorenzo, none of this would've happened. You would've remembered that code and this would've ended a lot sooner.

Carly: Lorenzo went to Sonny's office to shoot him -- he deserved to be shot!

Skye: Oh, my God, Carly! You were married to this man! Don't you have one ounce of compassion? Can't you tell that he's suffering?

Carly: However bad he's suffering, he deserves every bit of it.

Lorenzo: We should go.

Skye: No, you know what? My only crime in this whole thing was keeping quiet about a briefcase that was supposed to arrive here, and leave just as quickly, and none the wiser. Tell me how that's worse than you actively supporting Sonny, a man who kills in his drive for power. And as far as my being responsible for Alan's death, you broke his heart when you destroyed A.J. You kept his only grandson away from him, and I think that makes you the worst kind of hypocrite of all.

Carly: This is my hotel and I decide who stays here. So you can spin this any way you want -- you're the one who has blood on your hands.

Nikolas: You make it sound as if I have some all-consuming obsession with Robin, and I'm telling you that couldn't be further from the truth.

Patrick: Here's the problem, Nikolas -- I don't trust you.

Nikolas: But if you love Robin, you should trust her, and I recommend that all further conversations about this subject should be between the two of you, alone.

Patrick: You know damn well Robin almost died from that gunshot wound. And when she made it through, we knew that whatever came up, we would be committed to being together.

Nikolas: Uh -- okay -- you don't have to convince me of that.

Patrick: Yeah, well, apparently I do, because I don't think you know what you're doing. Now, Robin finally has what she's been looking for and so do I, and I know that doesn't mean a lot to you. But if she doesn't want to live with me, that's fine. But moving in with you, here in this place makes no sense.

Nikolas: Patrick, Robin and I have known each other for years. You know that, right?

Patrick: Okay, so because you've known each other for years, because you carried her out of the Metro Court, I'm supposed to believe she suddenly gave her heart to you?

Nikolas: Like I said, you'll have to ask her.

Patrick: I know Robin. And I respect her too much to believe that she would throw away everything we have.

Robin: Patrick? You can't be here!

Amelia: This is a nice place. Did you decorate it yourself?

Sam: Oh, gosh, no. This is pretty much exactly how it looked when I showed up on Jason's doorstep.

Amelia: What were you, some homeless waif he took in from the cold?

Sam: Oh -- almost. Yes, almost. I -- I was in a really difficult situation, Jason helped me out. We became really good friends in the process.

Amelia: Hmm. How long before you realized it was love?

Sam: Oh, oh -- no, a while, I guess. We were very distracted. I was -- I was distracted, but I got to tell you, when I knew, I just --

Amelia: Hmm.

Sam: I just knew.

Amelia: Oh, well, who can blame you? I mean, your man is strong, gorgeous --

Sam: Hmm.

Amelia: And loaded.

Sam: Yeah, but I'm not with him for the money.

Amelia: Oh, no, of course not. I mean, anyone with eyes can see how crazy about each other you are. "Everyday Heroes" will pay you well enough so that no one can ever accuse you of needing a man to get by.

Sam: I've always made it on my own anyway.

Amelia: Hmm. Me, too. Honestly, the biggest fights I had with my mother were about that. "If you don't find a man with money, how will you manage?" Well, we better do what I came here to do and get to the hotel.

[Sam sighs]

Amelia: How are you feeling?

Sam: Ready to start a new adventure.

Jason: So where is Sonny?

Milo: He'll be back soon.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, I am in desperate need of your wisdom! I am at def-con four! Check that -- def-con five.

Jason: Let him through. If Sonny calls, put him through, all right?

Milo: All right.

Spinelli: Game on, Giambetti.

Milo: Game on, Spinelli.

Spinelli: Huh. You may be wondering what that was about.

Jason: Not really.

Spinelli: Tell me how to make fair Lulu fall in love with me.

[Music plays]

Logan: I got to wonder what happened between you and Maxie. I mean, it's obviously something very serious, probably over some guy.

Lulu: Oh, God, no. I could never like any guy who likes Maxie.

Logan: Then why the big hate?

Lulu: Maxie seduced my married brother, fed him pills, and then faked a pregnancy to hang on to him.

Logan: And of course, you would never do anything that skanky.

Lulu: I never said that I was a saint.

Logan: Oh, okay, so you -- then you just -- you get to pass judgment on other people.

Lulu: Wow, wow -- forget that I even tried to explain.

Logan: Oh, come on. You play this hard-to-get with the muscle-bound boyfriend dude? He is your boyfriend, right?

Lulu: Yeah. Actually, Spinelli is, too, and so is Dillon. I tend to lose count.

[Logan whistles]

Logan: Hmm. So I guess you probably never need anybody to maybe spend a Friday night with.

Singer: Too late for me to know you

Coop: What's going on?

Maxie: Oh. Tell me login can be trusted.

Coop: That depends.

Maxie: Well, if he has a thing for Lulu, is he going to back out on our blackmail plans? I'm sorry, you're not in on it anymore -- I mean "my" blackmail plans.

Coop: I doubt it. He's a pro. I mean, there's no girl he likes more than a fat bank account.

Maxie: Well, I still think we should keep an eye on him just in case. Come on.

Patrick: Why, exactly, can't I be here, Robin? I thought we trusted each other.

Robin: Look, you had no right to drag Nikolas into this.

Patrick: Actually, Nikolas is a big part of this. You won't live with me, but you move in here? I deserve to know why.

Nikolas: I'll give you two some privacy actually.

Robin: No, no, it's okay. Patrick's leaving.

Patrick: What aren't you telling me?

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Look -- look, if you can't respect me, then at least respect my decision.

Patrick: After everything we've been through, you check out of my life, move in here, and call it a "decision"? You stand there like there's no room for me, no room for what we had. This is worse than running away, Robin. I refuse to believe that everything we said to each other two weeks ago turned into this. Did it mean that little to you?

Robin: Oh. I told you I was going to find a place to live.

Patrick: Don't patronize me. Last chance, Robin. What is going on?

Robin: Look -- if you can't accept that I'm doing what I need to do and if you're going to be like this over a housing arrangement, well, then -- well, then there's nothing left to say.

Patrick: Well, to hell with you, Robin, and not because of Nikolas but because you don't trust me enough to be honest with me. You made me believe in you. And the minute I let my guard down, you -- you bail on me. Well, I'm done.

[James chuckles]

James: Bravo, jobbing Robin. Hey, you continue to provide me with hours and hours of amusement.

Skye: I will gladly sue you for slander if you can't control yourself.

Carly: Go ahead -- I will prove every single word I'm saying is true.

Skye: You have no evidence that Lorenzo and I did anything illegal. You just want to blame someone, so you're picking on me and a man recovering from a bullet to the brain.

Carly: Oh, go play the martyr somewhere else and take this loser with you.

Skye: You heartless witch.

Carly: Let me tell you something -- you want to sue me for something, it's going to be assault, because I'm going to throw you out of here myself.

Lorenzo: Ow. Ow.

Skye: Lorenzo?

Lorenzo: Oh. Sorry, Skye. I just need a minute.

Skye: Do you see what you've done?

Carly: Nothing would make me happier than to watch his head explode all over your tacky, new, overpriced dress. Get out!

Skye: You miserable, miserable shrew. You talk about peace and compromise when it comes to Sonny, but when it comes to somebody who actually needs it, when the tables are turned and it's Lorenzo who needs some compassion, you have none. Can't you tell the man is suffering?

Carly: I don't care. This is my hotel and I get to decide who stays in here. And if that makes me a hypocrite -- oh, well.

Skye: You know what, Carly? Just remember -- what goes around comes around.

Carly: You're right, it does, and it came back on you, didn't it? And you deserve it -- you miserable, murdering bitch.

Lorenzo: Ah --

Sonny: Hey -- whoa.

Spinelli: You're wise in all things, Stone Cold. You are. Okay, you -- you taught me to escape armed desperados and to placate Mr. Corinthos, Sir. And when it comes to affairs of the heart, look, not -- not only have you managed to win Samantha's undying love, but you also managed to seduce the loyal Elizabeth away from her husband.

Jason: That's it. This conversation's done now.

Spinelli: Look, look, I'm not -- I'm not passing judgment! I'm just saying, I'm merely pointing out that you have these two -- oh -- paragons completely devoted to you and then you throw Valkyrie Carly in the mix and you are a chick magnet, as they say. I mean, you're a true triple threat.

Jason: Okay, what does any of this have to do with you and Lulu?

Spinelli: You possess the secret. Okay? I mean, you can wield your power over -- over a woman's heart, her -- her body, her soul, you know? Like, so who else would I go to for wisdom vis--vis the Blond One? I mean, dude, come on, please. Just give me just a little something about -- give me the secret to your mojo.

Jason: I got to get out of here.

Spinelli: No, no, no, no, mentor of mine, please. Look, I -- oh. I have a confession. Look, okay, I may rule cyberspace. But in reality, well, The Jackal struggles. You know? I mean, this may come as a surprise to you, but there are some people that don't take me seriously. There may even be some who -- oh -- who mock me behind my back. So, please, just -- please just give me something, anything, anything to make fair Lulu take me seriously.

Jason: Listen.

Spinelli: Okay. What, that's it?

Jason: Yeah, that's it. Listen to Lulu. Women like to talk a lot and want a guy who's going to listen. Now, you may not understand what she's trying to say half the time, but that does not matter. It's the simple act of listening that counts.

[Music plays]

Spinelli: Wow. That is so -- Zen. Deepest gratitude, Stone Cold.

Jason: What -- what'd I say about touching me?

Spinelli: Fine. Deepest gratitudes. And when fair Lulu is mine, I will remember your kindness.

Singer: I won't believe this is for real because these fears they are mine

Maxie: Logan has been with Lulu for a long time. He's probably gearing up to double-cross me.

Coop: Why not just drop the blackmail? It's trouble you don't need.

Maxie: I may have a lot of flaws, but I always try to finish what I start, especially when money's involved. Aw -- look at the two losers sitting together. See ya.

Lulu: Maxie spends some time with a cute guy and all of a sudden, all is right in her shallow, meaningless world.

Logan: Oh, but not you? You don't care about any of those three guys that are after you.

Lulu: Actually, I do, but it's Maxie who doesn't care about anybody. She's a user.

Logan: Yeah, you've mentioned that.

Lulu: Yeah, well, I mean, I'm not saying that I'm perfect. I developed some Maxie-like qualities last summer.

Logan: Uh-huh.

Lulu: But as my mother says, I have the good sense to have a conscience about it.

Logan: Mm-hmm.

Lulu: Mm-hmm.

Logan: Your mother sounds smart.

Lulu: My mother's not open for discussion.

Logan: Okay. You were telling me about your bad behavior, then.

Lulu: Ahem. Yeah, I lied to some people and I hurt some people and I paid a price, but it's Maxie who doesn't care how many people she steps on to get her way.

Logan: Hmm.

Alexis: Hey, you. Did you get everything straightened out with Robin?

Patrick: That's one way of putting it.

Alexis: What happened?

Patrick: She's staying with Nikolas.

Nikolas: Hey.

Robin: Oh.

Nikolas: Hey, you will fix this with Patrick.

James: Oh, I doubt that. You see, paddy boy has a powerful ego and when a woman rips his heart out, he won't soon forgive her. Admittedly, I mean, he was a little over-the-top, but nevertheless, poor bugger.

Nikolas: You know what -- shut up. You don't have to keep punishing Robin for this.

James: You misunderstand, you see, I have the highest regard for tiny Robin. I mean, I could've sworn that she would tell everything to Dr. Drake, but she managed to keep our bargain a secret and I'm -- I'm incredibly grateful because I was really not in the mood to shoot someone today.

Robin: I don't understand why it's fun for you to watch me break Patrick's heart.

James: Well, you see, my day job is so tedious. I don't get the chance to go to films, so I try to find entertainment where I can. And watching you break up with Patrick, and Nikolas push Emily out of his life only strengthened my conviction that the two of you should embark on a very public love affair.

Skye: Tell me something, Sonny -- do you make it a habit to manhandle women in public?

Sonny: Ask your boyfriend. He's the one with the sharp reflexes all of a sudden -- did you see that?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

[Sonny chuckles]

Lorenzo: Don't threaten Skye, all right?

Sonny: Hey -- she tried to slap my wife. What do you want me to do?

Skye: Please. You only married Carly so she couldn't testify against you in court that you tried to murder Lorenzo.

Carly: Lorenzo, who walked into Sonny's office and so he could shoot Sonny -- that Lorenzo? Is that who you're talking about?

Sonny: Carly is understandably emotional right now because she knows that you two are responsible for Craig putting us all through hell.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Now, you -- you're a fool to come here, you're a bigger fool to think that your alliance with Ric Lansing is going to protect you. Now, did you -- you asked them to leave, right?

Carly: I sure did.

Sonny: Okay -- get the hell out of here. Otherwise, we get security in here to kick you out.

Lorenzo: Let's go.

Carly: Can you believe they would come in here and show their face? I should've thrown her out myself.

Sonny: Let it go -- no more public displays.

Carly: Why?

Sonny: Can you for once just -- just do what I ask?

Carly: What's going on? I mean, really -- is there some kind of trouble with you and Lorenzo?

[Music plays]

Logan: Hey, I'm convinced there's hope for you, Lulu.

Lulu: Hmm.

Logan: You could probably learn a lot from a steady boyfriend.

Lulu: Wow. If that's your lame way of trying to ask me out, you can --

Logan: Hey --

Lulu: Just --

Logan: Don't flatter yourself. You've got your hands full, and I don't like waiting around.

Lulu: Okay.

Singer: Save me I don't believe it

Alexis: Nikolas has nothing but respect for Robin.

Patrick: Yeah, well, "nothing but" has turned into something more.

Alexis: No. I know him. I -- he thinks of Robin as a friend. He's in love with Emily. I know that. And if for some peculiar reason, they're in some sort of a rebound relationship --

Patrick: Look, Alexis, I really appreciate this -- whatever -- concern, reassurance. But as well as you think you know Nikolas, I know Robin. She is too stubborn to let an argument over living arrangements break us up. No, she quit on us for some reason [missing] something to do with it, and I could waste a lot of time trying to figure out why. But she made it clear. I'm out of the picture. Message received, and I'm moving on.

Nikolas: Look, it's enough for her to move in here. There's no reason to fake a -- a romance.

James: At the risk of restating the obvious, there are two jilted lovers who are wondering what happened to the great loves of their lives. If they decide to solve the mystery before my identity is secure, my presence could be compromised. So Patrick and Emily, and anyone else who's too curious for their own good need a plausible reason for your living arrangements. A love affair is the answer to my problem.

Robin: Except anyone that knows us will think it's ridiculous.

James: Oh, nonsense. It's an easy sell if you put your heart into it. See, people who survive traumatic events often come out on the other side thoroughly changed. It's not uncommon for a victim to bond with other people who suffered the same trauma.

Robin: You know what? I won't do that to Patrick.

Nikolas: Hey -- don't let him do this to you.

James: Oh, how sweet. You see? See how naturally it comes?

Robin: Oh --

James: You do surprise me, though. I thought you cared too much about Paddy boy to risk his life.

[Robin sighs]

James: But if you care so little, I can arrange to put him out of his misery at the first opportunity.

Lorenzo: I just feel so useless.

Skye: Please. You're still recovering from a horrible injury. I will not let you beat yourself up for something that Sonny did to you. Ric? Tell me, why isn't Sonny locked up awaiting trail for attempted murder? Why was he just allowed to shoot Lorenzo and walk away?

Ric: Huh. Well, I think you both know the answer to that. The next time Lorenzo tries to kill Sonny, (a), don't miss. (b), make sure you kill all of the accessories that could turn state's evidence.

Lorenzo: Is that supposed to mean something to me?

Ric: Oh. If you think locking up Sonny is the answer to all of your problems, you're mistaken. Just like you're mistaken to think that you can run Alcazar's business with any measure of success.

Carly: What the hell does Skye think she's doing?

Sonny: She thinks that she can run Alcazar's business while he's out of commission. What she doesn't know is she's playing with the big boys. The fact that she's a woman -- it's not going to protect her. Now, I'm -- I'm asking you -- promise me you'll stay away from Skye. You've been hurt by those people too much already.

Carly: You need to stop trying to protect me, and you need to stop worrying about me. I'm getting a divorce, you know, and so your -- your business has nothing to do with me. Oh, damn.

Sonny: What? What happened?

Carly: You -- you know what? You take care of your business, and I'll take care of mine, okay? Thanks to my people, I finally paid off my student loans.

Maxie: Are you sure you want to join the police department? I mean, you're seriously the best thing this lobby has going for it.

Coop: Hey, don't joke. I have to get into the academy first.

Maxie: I told you I was going to get you the exam. I'm not going to let you down now.

Coop: Do you ever plan on telling me how you're going to pull that one off?

Maxie: I grew up with the police commissioner. I mean, dinner conversations consisted of police procedures and regulations. I could recite Miranda before I knew the pledge of allegiance. Georgie and I used to play hangman on the back of those exams.

Coop: You are my dream come true.

Maxie: No, I just believe in you. So now it's your turn to believe in me. You're as good as in.

Amelia: Still nervous?

Sam: No, uh-uh.

Amelia: Then why are you destroying that cheat sheet? It never hurt you.

Sam: Oops. Okay, I'm -- I'm busted. I -- slightly terrified.

Amelia: You will be fine once you start. The camera is your friend, Sam. It loves you. The audience looks at you and sees what they want to be, no matter who they are.

Sam: Wow. Um -- you keep saying that.

Amelia: I do this for a living. I know what I'm talking about.

Sam: Hmm. Whew.

Man: We're ready for you, Sam.

Jason: One of our coffee shipments was just held up by customs. Apparently, Ric thinks we're smuggling contraband.

Sonny: It was clean.

Jason: Yeah. Nothing but coffee beans, but they're going to hold it anyway.

Sonny: My brother at his finest. Meanwhile, I'm at the Metro Court. Carly's about to go five rounds with Skye.

Jason: Is she all right?

Sonny: Yeah, of course she is. But you know, Skye is the one I'm worried about. Alcazar's got her running his business. And I'll tell you what -- she's not cut out for it. If Alcazar's faking his brain damage and he's -- he's letting her do all the heavy work, then I tell you what -- the situation is going to get very dangerous. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Jason: Okay, how long before this Barrett kid gets in with the cops?

Sonny: Well, that kid -- it's going to be a while before he's of any help to us.

Jason: Well, then maybe we should just, you know, lay low, shut down in the meantime.

Sonny: If we shut down, Ric wins and Alcazar's organization gets the advantage. I cannot let that happen.

Skye: Who says I'm running anyone's business? I'm just a stay-at-home mom raising my child and helping the father of my child through a health crisis.

Ric: Well, you're either incredibly lucky to have such a loyal woman in your life or you're a cold-blooded snake who's letting her take the heat while you hide behind her faking a brain injury.

Skye: You can leave now.

Lorenzo: Don't we have something we can threaten him with?

Skye: Oh, forget Ric Lansing, okay? You are going to be on your feet again soon, I just know it. And when you are, there's going to be no stopping you. In fact, I was very impressed with the way you handled Sonny at the hotel. It was like I saw a glimmer of the old you. Um -- okay. So, will you be able to get yourself home okay? Can you go straight home? Because there's --

[Lorenzo sighs]

Skye: Something I need to take care of.

Lorenzo: All right.

Skye: Okay.

Maxie: So, I've been rethinking this whole joining-the-police situation.

Coop: And you've decided not to help me, after all?

Maxie: No, I'm going to help you -- on one condition. You have to be honest with me about why you suddenly decided to.

Coop: I told you -- I stopped that crime that was in --

Maxie: Yeah, you stopped a purse-snatching, and the investigating detective was so impressed, you just decided to be a cop. It all really makes perfect sense. Unless you were one of Mr. Craig's gunmen who just got finished holding 15 people hostage.

Coop: Well, are you planning on turning me in?

Maxie: No. I would never do that, and that's not the point. You have this whole huge secret that could blow your life apart, and maybe you don't realize it now. But you're going to get tired of living a lie.

Coop: Maxie, I have to do this.

Maxie: Why? Because you were one of the Metro Court gunmen, you're going to make up for what you did by becoming a cop?

Coop: No, you're over-thinking this.

Maxie: No, I think that you're doing this because you feel guilty. And someday, you're going to be in a shootout or some dangerous situation, and you're going to be so tired of keeping that secret and feel so guilty about what you did wrong that you're going to want it to be over, and you're going to take a chance you shouldn't, like put yourself in the line of fire.

Coop: Maxie, I promise, I'm not going to be --

Maxie: Don't promise me you're not going to die. Everyone dies. And a lot of the time, cops die sooner. I don't want that to happen to you.

Coop: This is the best option for me.

Maxie: Fine. Forget that I said anything.

Coop: Don't -- don't get mad, all right? I heard you. I did. But I need you. I need your support on this.

Maxie: Of course I support you. In case you haven't noticed, you're my only friend. And that's just another reason why I don't want to lose you.

Jax: Hey.

Alexis: Hey.

Jax: Well, you look well.

Alexis: And you look like you have something on your mind.

Jax: Yeah, nothing important. Can I take you somewhere? Give you a ride, or --

Alexis: No. I'm going to see Nikolas, and then Kristina and I are going to visit Molly.

Jax: Oh. Well, give her a kiss for me, okay?

Alexis: I will. You know, the other day with you -- it was very good medicine for me. It really cheered me right up. I wish it had done the same thing for you.

Jax: Any time I spend with you is good for me, Alexis.

Alexis: Because I am the one woman who genuinely loves you, I am going to tell you that I think you should be honest with Carly and tell her that you and I didn't do anything the other night. And then dump her. She deserves it for jumping to conclusions, trust me. You'll feel much better.

Jax: I knew that was coming.

Carly: Yeah, Jax. Why don't you be honest with Carly, for once?

Carly: As hard as it was, I was honest with you.

Jax: Ooh. Ow.

Carly: I married Sonny, I slept with him, and I told you how all that happened, and you let me believe that you slept with Alexis. Now, why would you do that to me?

Jax: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop! I didn't lie to you, okay?

Carly: Oh --

Jax: No, I didn't lie to you. I just didn't stop you when you jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Carly: Hmm.

Jax: Because I wanted to see if jealous, which you were.

Carly: I was not.

Jax: You -- but you -- you still are jealous, which means that you -- that you still love me.

Sam: Well, as far as I know, the gunmen are awaiting trial, and Robin Scorpio is healing well.

Reporter: What about you? Has life changed for the Metro Court's in-house hero?

Sam: Yes, indeed. It has -- it has changed a lot. For starters, I get to talk to reporters like yourself, but one of the reasons why we're here today is for a more formal announcement. When I was on the show "Everyday Heroes" to talk about my experience during the hostage crisis, the response was so strong that the producers have given me the honor of hosting a new expanded version of "Everyday Heroes."

Reporter: Sam, what is your contribution to the concept?

Sam: Well, I think I represent ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, and hopefully, the viewers will be able to learn how to survive in emergency situations.

Reporter: Great, let's take some photos.

Sam: Okay.

[Camera shutters click]

Man: I thought you'd make the announcement.

Amelia: Oh, she doesn't need me. Sam's very good.

Man: Yeah, she is. Okay, our P.I.'s checked out the other names that you came up with, and he turned up this photo. That is a shot of Susan Curtis. She's a dead ringer for Sam, just like Angela. So what's going on?

Amelia: You know how it is. We all have our secrets.

Skye: Thanks for coming.

Jason: What do you want?

Skye: I imagine you must miss Alan as much as I do. He loved us, Jason. And even though he considered us black sheep of sorts, he always thought of us as his children. So, I'm asking you, for our father's sake, to get Sonny to leave me alone. I'm just trying to run Lorenzo's business. I'm not trying to harm anyone. You never did anything for our father when he was alive. Help me in his memory.

Milo: I'll let Mr. Corinthos know you're here.

Sonny: It's all right.

Lorenzo: I want you to leave Skye alone. I'm not going to be like this forever. And when I'm better, I will make you pay for hurting her.

Sonny: Am I supposed to buy this act?

Kelly: Tell me there's been a mistake. Someone said Robin moved in with Nikolas Cassadine?

Patrick: You'll have to ask Robin.

Kelly: You're serious? Robin and Nikolas?

Patrick: It turns out Robin's the one who isn't ready for commitment. At least not with me. But look at the bright side. If you're free tonight, so am I.

Robin: Oh --

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Patrick: How about dinner tonight? What do you say?

Jax: Admit it. You still love me.

Carly: I think we should stay away from each other.

Jason: I have no reason to protect Alcazar.

Skye: My family.

Jason: Not about this.

Sonny: Drop the act. Come after me like a man!

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