GH Transcript Monday 3/19/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/19/07


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[Sonny whistles]

Carly: Best two out of three.

Sonny: What's the point if you let me win?

Carly: What do you mean, "let you win"?

Sonny: Yeah! You flubbed the 2 in the side pocket, and then the 6 was an easy shot in the corner and then --

Carly: What do you want?

Sonny: Can I --

Carly: You win. What do you want?

Sonny: I just want to dance.

Carly: You just want to dance?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Okay. Fine. I'll dance with you -- only to prove a point.

Sonny: All right.

Carly: The point would be that I love dancing with you, but I'm still getting a divorce.

[Music plays]

Sonny: Are you sure about that?

Singer: Kisses slip more than that

Carly: We have been over this how many times?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, I know, but we're going to keep going over it until you admit that we're right for each other. Okay?

Singer: I know it's all your disguise

Carly: I love you. Singer you never fooled me

Carly: But we can't be together.

Singer: I love waking up

Carly: I need to be on my own, and I need you to accept that.

Sonny: What if I can't?

Carly: Sonny '

Singer: I love making up when we fight

Jax: Wow -- what a coincidence. Well, don't let us interrupt, you know? You'll never know we're here.

Singer: Wrong so right

Jason: Who are you looking for?

Man: Angela Monroe.

Jason: It's wrong -- wrong place.

Man: Harbor View Towers, Penthouse 2?

Jason: Yeah, but there's no Angela here.

Man: But that's the address. All I need is your signature.

Jason: Do you know who it's -- who it's from?

Man: Sorry. You have to call the store.

Jason: No, I'm sorry, you're going to have to take it back.

Sam: No.

Lulu: Elizabeth isn't perfect, Lucky.

Lucky: No one is. No relationship is, not even Mom and Dad's. They went through some rocky times and they made it through because they were able to forgive. That's why I'm so grateful to Elizabeth.

Lulu: Yeah, but don't you need to know the truth if you're going to forgive?

Lucky: The truth about what? Lulu, is there something that you think that I should know?

[Lulu sighs]

Lucky: I mean, is it about Dad? I mean, did he do something wrong?

Lulu: No, it isn't about Dad.

Lucky: Then what? Lulu, I can't help you unless you talk to me.

Elizabeth: He's right -- we're your family. There's nothing you can't tell us.

James: Tick-tock, tick-tock. I'm afraid I'll need an answer. So, do I call an ambulance so you can alert the local law enforcement as to my whereabouts with your last breath, or do I hang up the phone and give you the counteragent so we can get down to business? I see I didn't make myself clear. You are right now experiencing the effects of a fast-acting poison. Even if a Medevac chopper would come now before you die, the doctors wouldn't be able to treat you. I am in possession of the only counteragent. Now, to review -- you can either become a medical mystery on the nightly news, tragically survived by an orphan son, or you can cooperate and live to see your little boy grow up. What will it be?

Nikolas: You got to give it to me. Oh, please.

Elizabeth: You're obviously upset, so whatever it is, it's not going to do you any good to keep it bottled up inside. Is it Scott Baldwin?

Lucky: What did he say to you?

[Lulu sighs]

Lulu: Nothing. He just -- he keeps trying to convince me that Dad is the one who really hurt Mom.

Lucky: Did he say how?

Lulu: No, and it doesn't matter anyway because he would say anything to make himself look better than Dad.

Lucky: Okay, then don't let Baldwin get to you.

Lulu: Well, what gets to me is that people think it's okay to lie to protect themselves. I mean, why don't they think about how much damage they're causing?

Elizabeth: Sometimes, people keep secrets because they' afraid the truth will do more harm than good.

[Rock music plays]

Maxie: Do you think he got the email?

Logan: Something has his attention.

[Logan chuckles]

Coop: Oh, you're so going to pay for this.

Maxie: Okay, no, no, no. I give, I give!

Coop: You're not getting off that easy.

Maxie: Please, truce. Truce. I'm sorry. Okay, that was close. Do you think he knew it was us?

Logan: Not a chance. Baldwin's running scared.

Maxie: This is going to be so much easier than I thought. Here's to blackmail. Where are you going?

Logan: Make sure this all plays out the way we want it to.

Maxie: Is he always this paranoid?

[Music plays]

Coleman: I got you a -- let's see, a vodka marni and a whiskey sour.

Jax: We didn't actually order anything yet, did we?

Coleman: Well, these are compliments of Mr. C.

Jax: Of course.

Coleman: Yeah. Enjoy.

Amelia: Cheers.

Jax: Yep -- cheers.

[Music ends]

Carly: Okay, the dance is over. If I win this game, the date's over.

Sonny: You know what, Carly? We can go someplace fancier if you want.

Carly: The deal was one dance.

Sonny: All right.

Carly: You had your dance. It's my turn -- I want my marble.

Sonny: Yeah, but the date's just getting started, so, you know, if you want to finish it, then you got to do that. Otherwise, you're not going to get the marble and you got to renegotiate.

Carly: No, you can forget it. You're not dragging this out. We are going to finish this tonight, Sonny.

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: It could take a while.

Jax: So, what got you interested in television?

Amelia: Hmm. Nice try.

Jax: What?

Amelia: Am I supposed to sit here and ignore the fact that you're using me to make your girlfriend jealous?

Jax: Fiancée, actually -- well, ex-fiancée. It depends on how you look at it.

Amelia: Either you're getting married or you're not.

Jax: Well, Carly recently remarried her ex-husband to keep him out of jail, or so she thought, and now Sonny -- he's using that to his advantage.

Amelia: Hmm. And that's where I come in?

Jax: It's true -- I did have an ulterior motive for bringing you here.

Amelia: Why didn't you say so?

Amelia: I'd be more than happy to show your ex-fiancée what she's missing. In the meantime, maybe you could answer a few questions for me about Sam.

Sam: I am so sorry. My girlfriend told me that she was having something sent to the house and I was supposed to sign for it and it completely slipped my mind, so thank you. Oh -- wait. Oh, here. Thanks.

Jason: Who -- who's that really for?

Sam: Hello -- come on. We're not the only ones who live here.

Jason: Yeah, I know, but why would Spinelli have something sent here addressed to Angela Monroe?

Sam: I don't know. He's probably just embarrassed.

Jason: Uh -- of what?

Sam: I don't know -- it could be anything. Have you been in his room lately? He's got all kinds of pictures and documents and things and computer stuff. It's probably something that has to do with that and he put it in the name of Angela Monroe so we wouldn't open it.

Jason: Why would we open his mail?

Sam: Oh, I don't know. This is Spinelli we're talking about -- he's paranoid. He probably just doesn't want us to open it and you've got to promise me that we don't.

Jason: All right.

Sam: I'm serious, Jason, because if he were to find out that we knew what he was up to up there, it could get really weird.

Jason: Yeah, I know, I know. I just want to know where this kid put the remote because it's almost time for the interview.

Sam: No, I'm -- I'm not watching it.

[Music plays]

Jax: So what would you like to know about Sam?

Amelia: Anything you think is relevant.

Jax: Why is that?

Amelia: I'm hoping to convince Sam to host a series I'm working on.

Jax: What kind of series?

Amelia: An extension of our current program, "Everyday Heroes." Sam would show the audience ways that they can survive emergency situations.

Jax: Sounds like a good idea.

Amelia: Unfortunately, Sam has no interest in being in the spotlight. I'll bet you good money that she won't even watch her interview when it airs tonight.

Jax: You seem to know a lot about Sam already.

Amelia: I know the type. What I don't know is how to change her mind. As Sam's ex-boyfriend, I was hoping you could maybe offer a little insight.

Jax: Well, I'll certainly try.

Amelia: You know, you can start by explaining how anyone in their right mind would let a man like you become an ex.

Jax: A man like me?

Amelia: Yeah, charming, smart, attractive.

[Song changes]

Amelia: Care to tell me what happened?

Jax: How about a dance instead?

Sonny: Carly? Carly? It's your shot.

Singer: Don't just stand there come close to me

Carly: Okay. Ha. What do you think about that?

Sonny: Well, that's great -- too bad it's my ball.

Carly: What?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Singer: You're all I need

Sonny: Thanks for the help. Okay -- um -- 8 ball, side pocket.

Singer: Before the reason this could be a

Sonny: Looks like you owe me another dance.

Carly: Double or nothing.

Sonny: You know what? If you didn't want to dance, then you shouldn't have helped me win. Um -- just think how beautiful that marble's going to be laying on top of your bar.

Jax: Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to -- I'm usually not this clumsy.

Amelia: It's all right; I'll let it slide -- only once.

Jax: Okay.

Singer: I can't take it

Sonny: Um -- do you remember the last time we heard that song?

Carly: You took me to the island for a couple of days so we could get away, and we were standing out on the terrace and it started to rain.

Sonny: And no matter how soaked you were, you didn't want to go back in.

Carly: That's because love the feeling of warm rain on my skin.

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: And I love the look of rain on you.

Carly: This was a bad idea.

Sonny: What? What? What are you doing?

Carly: I am -- um -- I'm calling for help, is what I'm doing.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey, hey -- I told you I don't want to watch it.

Jason: I'm sure it turned out better than you think.

Sam: Trust me, it didn't, and now millions of people across the country are going to see that, and I just don't want you to be one of them.

Jason: What are you so worried about?

[Phone rings]

[Jason sighs]

Jason: Yeah?

Carly: Jason, you have to help me.

Singer: Situation

Epiphany: Where do you think you're going?

Alexis: Home, to lie in bed and forget that I'm this sick and this tired.

Epiphany: You're not going to make it through hospital doors you don't sit down and drink some fluids. I'll go get you some water.

Alexis: Oh, honestly, I'm fine.

Epiphany: If you were fine, then you would not need to be on the chemo to begin with.

Alexis: That's a good point. I appreciate your concern, but I'm really all right. I'm just going to sit here for a second.

Epiphany: The only thing that concerns me is paying my bills. To do that, I need a job. You fall down on the way to that elevator and split your head open, I'll be out of one. Stay!

Alexis: Okay, all right, I'll stay. Get me some water, if you don't mind. I'll sit for a minute and then I'm leaving.

Epiphany: Yes, you will sit here and you will rest for five minutes. If not, I'll have Dr. Trent admit you for the next five days.

Ric: Look, I told your office this morning that I was taking some time off to be with my daughter.

Mayor Floyd: Yes. Maybe you should spend a little more time thinking about how to carry out your official duties. Why haven't you filed charges against Lorenzo Alcazar?

Ric: Well, the justice department, for one, Mayor. It seems that Mr. Alcazar has some very powerful friends in high places.

Mayor Floyd: I don't care who his friends are. I want Alcazar held accountable for his role in this hostage crisis.

Ric: Look, we're not going to be able to make a case against him -- we don't have enough evidence. Look, even if we did, his lawyer is probably going to cite his alleged mental impairment, make him unfit to stand trial, okay? He's never going to see the inside of a courtroom.

Mayor Floyd: You seem indifferent. Why is that? Are you one of Mr. Alcazar's very powerful friends in high places?

Ric: Okay, look, I want to see Alcazar prosecuted just as much as you do, maybe more. There are people that I cared about inside that hotel during the hostage crisis.

Mayor Floyd: Yes -- your gangster brother. So why aren't you building a case against him?

Ric: Look, I'm working on it.

Mayor Floyd: Work harder. The city council is beginning to wonder where your loyalties lie.

Ric: I have men stationed at the pier right now, waiting to intercept one of Sonny's shipments. Once the boat docks, they will -- they will take control of the cargo, and Sonny will be looking at a laundry list of charges, okay?

[Phone rings]

Ric: There -- it's probably confirmation right now. Yes, Lansing.

Epiphany: You need to come to the hospital and pick up Alexis before she passes out trying to make it to a cab.

Lucky: Lulu, I -- I got to go over to the pier and work a stakeout. Elizabeth -- she's got to get Cam over to Audrey's to put him down for bed. 'I just want to know, are you going to be okay here alone?

Lulu: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Hey -- forget about what Scott said, okay? You know how much your parents love each other and that's all that matters.

Lucky: Yeah, focus on something positive, like how much fun you're going to have spoiling your niece.

Elizabeth: Or nephew.

Lucky: Well, our child's going to need a little instruction on how to be a Spencer.

Lulu: Yeah, I can't wait.

Elizabeth: Okay. See you later.

Lucky: See you later. Call me if you need anything.

Elizabeth: Bye.

Lucky: Bye.

Lulu's voice: Elizabeth is just a selfish bitch if she thinks using this '

Jason's voice: Just -- Lulu, stop, come on.

Lulu's voice: What, are you going to defend the lying hypocrite who made my brother crawl to get back with her?

Jason's voice: You know, Lucky cheated on Elizabeth for months.

[Knock on door]

Scott: You need to stop this, or you're going to be sorry.

Sam: There has to be some kind of record. Don't you keep receipts? Well, what -- even if the person paid in cash, there's no -- there's no way to figure out who it was? Do you -- do you even know who the person was? Do you know if it was a man or a woman or -- oh. Then who was on duty? No, of course you don't know. Why would you know? You only work there. Oh '

Amelia: As ex-boyfriends go, you certainly are a gentleman. I mean, come on, you haven't said one scandalous thing about Sam.

Jax: Well, if Sam's not comfortable opening up to you, it's not my place to tell.

Amelia: Hmm, you're trying to protect her -- I can appreciate that. I mean, we've all had things in our past we've had to overcome.

Jax: Oh, no, Sam's past isn't the problem, it's her current boyfriend.

Amelia: I take it you don't like him?

Jax: Well, he's in a dangerous line of work.

[Door closes]

Jax: Not exactly -- well, speak of the devil.

Carly: Jason, thank you. Thank you so much for coming by.

Jason: Just tell me, what's the problem?

Carly: Oh, gosh --

Coleman: Lady can't make up her mind, man. She came with Sonny, but she's been eyeballing Jax ever since he walked in with that hot little squeeze over there.

Carly: She's not hot. She is not hot.

Coleman: Yeah, well, if you say so.

Carly: What are you talking about? She's not even his type. She's not. She's not.

Jason: Well, just -- just tell me what happened, okay?

Carly: Sonny wouldn't sell me the marble I need for my wine bar unless I went on a date with him, so I got all dressed up and he brought me here to play pool. Jax must've found out that I was coming here, so he brought that to make me jealous. So I decided to ignore Jax and shoot pool with Sonny. And then Sonny started talking about all these wonderful times that we spent in the rain.

Jason: Carly, just --

Carly: I almost kissed him, okay? I almost kissed him, but I didn't because I don't want him to think that I don't want a divorce, because I do, I really, really, really do.

Jason: Will you please just breathe for one minute?

Carly: I can't breathe because the competition is making me crazy, Jason -- it's making me crazy and nervous, and you've got to tell them they both have to leave me alone. Yes, will you please talk to them for me? I tried -- you were there -- it didn't work. Now, please? Please?

Jason: Obviously, Carly's having a problem communicating, so she needs you guys just to give her some space.

Lulu: Get out!

Scott: You think that I have secrets? Well, your family's got some secrets, too, and they're a lot worse, believe me. So stop messing around with me, because if anything comes out, it's going to hurt you a lot more than it's going to hurt me. So just do yourself a favor, just stop all of this stuff.

Lulu: Stop what? I don't know what you're talking about.

Scott: Listen to me, all right, listen to me. You don't want to do this. You don't want to blow your life --

Lulu: Do not touch me!

Scott: You're to regret this, so just stop it, okay? Just stop it.

Logan: Get the hell away from her.

Scott: Oh.

James: Welcome back.

Nikolas: Uh --

James: Things were a bit touch-and-go for a few moments. Fortunately, I gave you the counteragent in the nick of time.

[Nikolas groans]

James: How you feeling? Hmm? Oh, dear, dear, dear! I was really hoping that your brush with death would squelch these futile attempts at defiance. Am I going to have to kill someone of sentimental value to prove that I mean business, Mr. Cassadine? No? Good.

James: Drink up. It'll take the edge off.

Nikolas: Uh --

James: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Relax, relax. No poi in name-calling right now. Just focus on breathing and listening. It's now time to get down to the task at hand.

Scott: Look, this doesn't concern you, so get lost.

Logan: Get out.

Scott: Why is it every time I turn around, you're in my face?

Scott: Where are you going, Lulu?

Lulu: I am calling the police.

Scott: You keep at this, and things are going to end badly for you. You understand that? Lulu, think about what I said.

[Door slams]

Logan: Are you okay?

Lulu: Who do you think you are busting in here?

Logan: Well, nobody looking for gratitude, that's for sure.

Lulu: Answer the question.

Logan: I came by to see if you were all right.

Lulu: Why do you care?

Logan: Maybe because your father nearly bit my head off for even speaking to you.

Lulu: No, that's not right, because my dad doesn't do overprotective.

Logan: Well, he did this time. Huh. And I don't need grief from him or you, so here's the deal. I'll stay out of your messed-up life. You keep your father out of mine.

[Door opens and closes]

Alexis: There, I was a very good girl. May I be excused now?

Epiphany: Now that your ride is here.

Alexis: What -- good God.

Ric: Yeah, I'm here. Ready to go?

Alexis: I thought you were trying to make me feel better, not worse.

Epiphany: I prevented your face from becoming up close and personal with the floor. And in my book, that is helping.

Alexis: I am perfectly capable of getting home on my own.

Ric: I'm sure you are. That's okay, though. I don't mind.

Alexis: I do.

[Alexis sighs]

Ric: You want to let me help you?

Alexis: You already took away my daughter. You're not taking away my independence, too.

Jason: Carly has asked for a little space, and you should just give it to her.

Sonny: Okay, first of all, Carly agreed to the date. Carly, if you didn't want to do it, you should have just said something. I mean, if you didn't want --

Carly: What about the marble, Sonny?

Sonny: You can have the marble. You want Jason to take you home, too?

Carly: I think that would be best.

Sonny: All right. Thanks for the dances.

Amelia: I should probably call it a night. Would you mind taking me back to my car?

Jax: Not at all. Just give me one moment, okay?

Amelia: Sure. I'll be outside.

Jax: Sure.

Amelia: For what it's worth, I think this one's a keeper.

Jax: We need to talk.

Carly: I can't talk right now.

Jax: Okay.

Carly: Thank you. Thank you.

Jason: I'm worried about you. '

Jason: You need to make a decision, okay?

Carly: I did. I made a decision and it was Jax, and then Sonny tricked me into marrying him.

Jason: Are you sure about that? Because you say you don't want to be with Sonny, but then you agree to go on a date with Sonny.

Carly: He was holding up the renovations on my hotel with that marble.

Jason: You -- Carly, you don't need that marble. As soon as you heard he bought the company, you should have ran the other way.

Carly: So Sonny wins?

Jason: Nobody is winning. Especially you.

Carly: I don't even know what to do anymore, Jason. Just when I feel like I've gotten past my feelings for Sonny, he brings them all up again. And then there's Jax. I love him and I adore him. Yeah, but I don't want to give up on him. But if I can't get past my feelings for Sonny, I have to. I love them both, and it's killing me.

Jason: You're the only one who can --

[Carly sighs]

Jason: Who can fix it.

Carly: How? How do I do that?

Jason: You have to make a decision. Just pick who you want and let the other person go.

Ric: I didn't come here to fight with you, Alexis.

Alexis: You came here to ease your guilty conscious, as if a ride is going to make up for the fact that you dragged me into court, called me an unfit mother, and took away my daughter.

Ric: No, I'm here because you're molly's mother, and I just don't want to see you push yourself so hard so that you wind up in another medically induced coma.

Alexis: You know, I told Kristina that I'm going to get well -- do whatever it takes so that I can bring her sister home. And if that means that I need to come here week after week and fill my body full of whatever chemicals they have without the benefit of a joint, then that's what I'm going to do, because I'm going to get well enough to kick your ass in court and get my daughter back home --

Ric: Okay, okay, I get it.

Alexis: Where she belongs.

Ric: I get it. Okay. You want to keep making me out to be the villain who took advantage of your cancer to steal your child away from you. But the thing you keep forgetting, Alexis, is that Molly is my daughter, as well. I did what I felt was necessary.

Alexis: That's very noble of you.

Ric: Okay, I'm not here to ease my conscience at all, I'm here to give you a ride, okay? And you got two choices. Either you can accept the ride and you can get home in time enough to put Kristina into bed, or you can use what little energy you got left to wave your arm hailing a cab. Okay? What's it going to be? You can either accept a ride from me -- or you can maybe -- hmm -- disappoint Kristina, huh?

Alexis: You know, you would use my own daughter against me.

Ric: Yeah, I know. We've already established that I have absolutely no scruples or ethics. So what's it going to be? You going to get that ride, or what? Hmm? Easy.

Alexis: This doesn't change anything.

Ric: I never expected it to.

James: So you see, you need an injection of the counteragent every 24 hours to stay alive.

Nikolas: And in turn, you want me to bankroll your new identity?

James: I'm afraid we're going to have to be a little more involved than paying for a fake I.D. You see, you're going to create a whole new life for me.

Nikolas: How's that?

James: Well, we can start by a paper trail. You can put records of homes and automobiles in my name, from Caracas to Connecticut. You can start running a bar tab from Berlin, or a history of child support payments from an ex-wife from the Maldives.

Nikolas: It could take months to arrange those.

James: We have plenty of time to get it up and running. You see, a new identity is just a new beginning. You and what I will become will be going into business together.

Nikolas: You can't -- you can't be serious.

James: Oh, have a little faith, my friend. You're not a known player, but you have holdings all over the world and I'm sure you can easily broker transactions and exchanges for me. Hmm. A bit dry.

Nikolas: Oh. You seem to be forgetting that each and every one of those hostages will recognize you the moment you set your face in public.

James: Well, perhaps I should dye my hair, hmm? What do you think? Or visit a plastic surgeon. A good waste of a perfectly good face.

Nikolas: You're crazy.

James: I'm afraid not. We're about to begin a very lucrative partnership, one that will make us filthy rich, Mr. Cassadine.

Maxie: So, what's the first thing we're going to do with the money we get from Scott?

Coop: It's a little early to start making plans. I mean, he hasn't even agreed to pay up yet.

Maxie: He will.

Coop: And what makes you so sure?

Maxie: Because he completely freaked out when he got that email. Scott's going to do whatever he can to make sure no one finds out he really killed Rick Webber. This is, seriously, the perfect plan. We get a ton of money, and Lulu takes the fall.

Coop: What's your deal with her, anyway?

Maxie: What do you mean?

Coop: Why do you hate Lulu so much?

Maxie: Uh -- maybe because she's a lying bitch that thinks she's better than everyone else.

Coop: All right, but what has she ever done to you?

Maxie: Lulu is the main reason that my sister's relationship with her boyfriend fell apart. She was so jealous of Georgie that she tricked Dillon into sleeping with her, ended up getting pregnant, and had an abortion. And after all of that, she got all self-righteous on me because I faked a pregnancy to try and trap her brother. I mean, can you say "hypocrite"?

Coop: So -- so you hate Lulu because she won't let you get away with anything?

Maxie: I liked you better when you didn't talk.

Logan: Baldwin bought it.

Coop: How do you know?

Logan: Ahem -- because he went straight to Lulu's house.

Maxie: This is going to be way easier than I thought. So what's next?

Logan: We make our demands, and we pick a time and a place for Baldwin to leave the money.

Maxie: Okay, well, we need to make sure it's a day when Lulu doesn't have an alibi so Scott really thinks Lulu's blackmailing him.

Logan: Change of plans -- we're leaving Lulu out of this.

Maxie: What?

Logan: This was supposed to be about sticking it to Baldwin, not making trouble for Lulu.

Maxie: Since when? And why, all of a sudden, do you want to protect Lulu?

[Knock on door]

Lulu: Jason, it's Lulu. If you're in there, open up. Please, it's really important. I need to talk with you.

Sam: Hey.

Lulu: Hi.

Sam: Um -- Jason's not here.

Lulu: Oh, my God, he told you, didn't he?

Sam: Told me what?

Stan: I hope you had a good night, Sonny.

Sonny: Why? What happened?

Stan: There's a problem with the shipment. We couldn't land it.

Ric: What do you mean, "The ship never docked"? No, it was on the schedule -- I checked the manifest myself.

Lucky: The ship was on its way into the harbor when it turned back.

Ric: How did they know we were waiting?

Stan: It was blind luck, Sonny. I picked up on a radio transmission while I was doing a random security sweep.

Sonny: How much do they have?

Stan: Well, they knew which barge the shipment was coming in on, what time we were docking, and exactly how many men were working the pier.

Sonny: I cannot disappoint this supplier. When -- when can we get that shipment back?

Stan: Well, I had to reroute it right away, Sonny. A few weeks maybe before we can get it delivered.

Ric: Sonny's got a lot riding on this -- a lot of money, not to mention his reputation. He's going to have to move that product in sooner or later. We got to find out when.

Lucky: Well, that's going to be tough -- Sonny's men are paid to keep their mouth shut.

Ric: There's got to be somebody who's willing to leak a little information.

Lucky: The only place information is leaking out of is this department.

Sonny: What happened to our guys at the station? Why didn't they know about this sooner?

Stan: I'll tell you what happened -- Ric's been getting smart. He's been rotating the squads so the same people are not working the same investigations. It could be some time before our guys are back in position to help us.

Sonny: Okay, then we got to find a more efficient way to get what we need.

Stan: Like what?

Sonny: We get one of our own guys on the inside.

Ric: Put them in a position of trust within the organization.

Sonny: Someone who can get us what we need, when we need it '

Stan: Hmm.

Sonny: Information straight from the source.

Ric: That way we can nail those bastards once and for all. But we're going to have to find somebody who's willing to risk their life to put Sonny Corinthos away.

Logan: We don't need to use Lulu. Baldwin has no reason to suspect either one of us -- the guy barely knows us -- and you're not much of a threat.

Maxie: Scott already killed once, and there's nothing stopping him from doing it again except his loyalty to Laura.

Logan: And you're willing to bet Lulu's life on that?

Maxie: Why does that even matter? I thought we were doing this for money.

Coop: Hey, nobody's going to be getting any money if we don't hold it together.

Maxie: Don't look at me -- Logan is the one with the problem.

Logan: There is no problem. We do this without involving Lulu, or we don't do it at all.

Maxie: Hey -- blackmailing Scott was my idea. I came up with the plan and we're going to stick to it. If you have a problem with that, we'll cut you out right now.

Nikolas: Look, if it's money you want, I can make you rich in a matter of days.

James: Do tell.

Nikolas: I'll have 20 million wired into an account of your choice, if you agree to leave my son and me alone.

James: Well, that's a very generous offer, but, you see, 20 million won't do me any good if I'm dead -- and that's exactly how the people who lost their dignity at the Metro Court deal want me to be found.

Nikolas: All the more reason why you should just take the money and disappear.

James: See, therein lies the problem. Because I've been constantly looking over my shoulder, you know, wondering where and when my past transgressions will catch up with me -- and, believe me, they will. No, think the real option is to start a new life, and what better place than here?

Nikolas: You can change your appearance, your accent -- whatever -- but someone will recognize you.

James: I think I'll take a cue from the illustrated priest. I'm going to be a remorseful twin anxious to atone for my evil brother's sins. What do you think -- too cliché', hmm?

Nikolas: 40 million.

James: I can make 10 times that with our new business venture.

Nikolas: Well, then you name your price, then.

James: I already did. I ink it's time for you to accept that you're stuck with me.

[Knock on door]

Nikolas: Come in. Norma, is, uh, Spencer down for the evening?

Norma: Yes, Sir. And Elizabeth Webber's here to see you?

Nikolas: Send her in.

James: How is Nurse Webber? Has she had the child yet? I think she should call him "hostage."

Nikolas: I don't want her involved in this.

James: Then you better play along, because if she suspects that something is amiss, I'll be forced to take desperate measures.

Elizabeth: Thanks, Norma. Hey. I hope you don't mind, but Emily asked me to stop by so we could --

Nikolas: Oh, yeah.

Elizabeth: Are you okay?

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Just --

Elizabeth: You don't look fine. Do you have a fever?

Nikolas: I do, actually. It's just a touch of the flu. Alfred's been out with it all week. I'm okay, though.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, you don't want to take any chances, especially with a baby in the house. I think you should go to G.H., have someone look at you.

Lulu: I just wanted to be honest. I mean, I'm sorry that I -- I shouldn't -- it's not fair for me to dump all of this onto you.

Sam: No, no -- no, please. I am so glad you told me the truth.

Amelia: You didn't have to invite me back for a drink.

Jax: Well, after what I subjected you to tonight, it's the least I can do.

[Amelia chuckles]

Jax: Thanks again for being such a good sport.

Amelia: Anytime.

Jax: I'm sure you have much better ways to spend your evening than helping me bait my fiancée.

Amelia: Don't you mean "ex-fiancée"?

Jax: Well, it's complicated.

Singer: When I saw you

Carly: Don't let me interrupt.

Singer: Standing there

Carly: You'll hardly know I'm here.

Singer: My heart skipped a beat

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Sonny: I just thought it'd be easier if Kristina stayed with me for a little while.

Alexis: You're going to have to find another reason to make Carly move back in.

Jax: This is Amelia Joffe.

Carly: Amelia or I has to leave. So who's it going to be?

Sam: Lulu told me what happened.

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