GH Transcript Friday 3/16/07

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/16/07


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James: Get in the chair, Mr. Cassadine. You see, I've injected you with a lethal, fast-acting, and none-too-pleasant poison, and I'm the only one with a counteragent, which means you're going to do exactly as I tell you.

Georgie: You are so busted.

Jason: How did you find out I'm the father of Elizabeth's baby?

Lulu: You knew. How could you do this to my brother?

Carly: Sonny?

Jax: Oh.

Carly: What are you doing here?

Sonny: I was just wondering what time I should pick you up for dinner.

Carly: Oh. Well, we're probably going to be done, what, 45 minutes to an hour?

Sonny: Okay, I'll see you in an hour. If you get off early, you can call me.

Carly: Ahem.

Jax: Oh. So that's what that kiss was about, huh?

Carly: What?

Jax: Trying to get a reaction out of Sonny, which, you know, it didn't seem to work, because now you're upset. He didn't -- he didn't really care, did he? But that's -- that's all an act, which, of course, you already know because it's all part of the same game, isn't it?

Carly: There's no game here. I'm only going to dinner with Sonny so I can get the marble for our hotel bar.

Jax: Oh, are you going to deny that you kissed me to upset Sonny?

Carly: Oh, it's okay for you to kiss me, but I can't kiss you?

Jax: Well, I wasn't putting on a show for my ex. When I kissed you, it was about us.

Carly: I'm sorry, I thought you made it clear there was no "us."

Nikolas: You escaped from there with your life. Why would you come back here?

James: Very good, Mr. Cassadine. You're keeping your panic at bay, you're drawing me into conversation to buy time and assess the situation -- very good.

Nikolas: You know, the police are looking for you.

James: Oh, I can't say I blame them. But they won't be searching here, which means you're entirely at my mercy. You know, I must confess, you were one of my more annoying hostages. I'm tempted to sit back and watch the last hour of your life. You see, as the drug does its work, you'll struggle with increasing fear and panic to continue breathing. Fortunately, you have a more agreeable option. You see, my buyers were extremely disappointed that I failed to deliver the goods that were being held at the Metro Court vault. So I need a new identity, deniability, money for my next venture, and you are in a position to provide them all. In exchange, you get to stay alive.

Lorenzo: I am so tired of this place. I want to go home.

Skye: I know. But the doctors just want to do this last round of tests. They -- they want to monitor you closely.

Lorenzo: I know -- we can't take any chances.

Skye: I'm sorry, Lorenzo. I know this has to be so frustrating for you having these gaps in your memory. But the good news is you're getting better. This is all pointing in the right direction.

Lorenzo: Yeah. Doesn't feel that way to me.

Skye: You just have to give yourself more time.

Lorenzo: Right. But even then, I may not fully remember. This could go on for a long time.

Skye: Think positive. I am going to be there with you every step of the way, okay? Pushing you, nagging you. So if you don't want to hear any of that, you have no choice but to get better, okay?

Lorenzo: Oh. I appreciate the warning. I think this is going to get a lot easier once I get home with you and Lila Rae.

Skye: I know.

Nurse: Mr. Alcazar?

Lorenzo: Yes?

Nurse: The doctors are ready for you.

Lorenzo: See you later.

Skye: I'll be here.

Scott: Hello, Elizabeth. You look radiant. So, Lucky, as you know, your father and I don't like each other.

Lucky: You hate each other.

Scott: Well, to say the least. But you and Lulu, you're Laura's kids, and I'd hate to see you guys get hurt.

Lucky: What's your point, Baldwin?

Scott: Well, I kind of befriended Lulu and she was kind of open and -- and it was fun to talk to her and it felt good, being Laura's daughter and everything. Luke finds out and he flips out, and he starts telling her all these lies and -- and making up all this stuff, like I was evil --

Lucky: Look, Baldwin, wherever you're going --

Scott: Well, what I'm trying to say is all of a sudden Lulu -- she starts ranting and raving at me about these different things, and I'm wondering, where is this coming from? And then I realize that nobody's told her that your father raped your mother.

Elizabeth: Okay. I don't see how this is any of your business.

Scott: Well, I -- how did you feel, Lucky, when you found out about it?

Lucky: If you ever think about using this on my father --

Scott: No, I would never -- that's not what I'm saying.

Lucky: Then why are you here?

Scott: Listen, I said I don't want you guys to get hurt -- you're Laura's kids -- so I think someone should tell Lulu the truth.

Lucky: Lulu won't find out.

Scott: Well, you know, sometimes family secrets -- they have a way of slipping out, and then it can just rip lives apart.

Lulu: You know what? I actually thought there was a chance that Elizabeth had lied to you, too. I told myself, "Okay, okay, maybe he had a moment of weakness, and -- and maybe Elizabeth felt justified because Lucky and Maxie were sleeping together," which is a total crock because Lucky was practically fed pills. Elizabeth is just a selfish bitch if she thinks using this --

Jason: Lulu, stop, come on.

Lulu: What, are you going to defend the lying hypocrite who made my brother crawl to get back with her?

Jason: No, Lucky cheated on Elizabeth for months. And when she tried to leave Lucky, he threw her to the floor. You know that? And a couple weeks after that, he tried to frame me for drug possession and nearly shot Elizabeth.

Lulu: Okay, yeah, Lucky was on drugs.

Jason: And, what, that excuses everything he did? We don't have choices? I mean, if I chose to swallow a handful of pills right now and throw you on the ground and fire a gun at your head, that's okay?

Lulu: Are you trying to say that Lucky deserves this, because he changed his life for that baby.

Jason: You're right, he did change his life. But he wouldn't go into rehab for Elizabeth or for Cam. How do you think that made her feel? So now all of a sudden he changes his life for this kid who he thinks is his, and how is Elizabeth supposed to tell him that the baby is mine at this point?

Lulu: But you're not doing Lucky any favors by not telling him the truth.

Jason: I'm trying to do what's right for my child.

Jax: I didn't say that I wanted us to be over. I said that it would be hard for me to trust you again after you married Sonny and slept with him.

Carly: I told you what happened and why it happened, and I wanted to get past it, but you're the one that says you can't.

Jax: No, I said that I would try, but you're not even willing to meet me halfway. You just start playing games with Sonny.

Carly: Well, at least he's being honest and upfront about what he wants.

Jax: Oh, please, he's manipulating you, Carly.

Carly: No, he's not. I'm not going back to Sonny, he knows that. But I have to admire him for putting himself out there and telling the truth -- opposed to you that says one thing and does another.

Jax: Oh, you know what? No, don't twist it around, okay? All your talk about independence there -- that's exactly what it is, it's just talk.

Carly: It is not.

Jax: Yeah, you're with Sonny, and then you're kissing me?

Carly: No, you kissed me!

Jax: Well, I didn't see you resisting.

Carly: This is ridiculous, this is ridiculous.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: Yes, this is childish, it's beneath us.

Jax: Okay. I agree.

Carly: Good.

Jax: Right. I --

Carly: I am going to get ready for my date with Sonny.

[Door closes]

Georgie: What do you think you're doing?

Maxie: Oh, you need to stop policing my life!

Georgie: Gladly, Maxie -- as soon as you stop finding new ways to get yourself into trouble!

Spinelli: Peace, narcy siblings! What's going on?

Georgie: She was looking at your laptop.

Maxie: Georgie!

Georgie: Maxie!

Spinelli: You -- all -- be warned, bad blond one.

Maxie: Oh.

Spinelli: My files are not for your perusal!

Coop: Hey, dial --

Spinelli: She was violating the sanctity of my laptop -- it's a big deal!

Maxie: Okay, well, you shouldn't just leave the screen up like that -- anyone could walk by and glance at it.

Coop: All right, everyone, everyone, take it easy.

Georgie: Who are you and why are you defending my sister?

Coop: You think it's okay that this guys yells at your sister, Maxie?

Spinelli: Mess with me and my computer at your own peril. I am under the protection of Mr. Stone Cold. Okay? I can't believe this stuff.

Maxie: Oh --

Ric: Whoa. Awfully skittish there, Spinelli. Working for crime lords will do that.

Maxie: He is really weird.

Georgie: You didn't answer my question -- who are you and how do you know my sister?

Maxie: Just ignore her, Coop.

Georgie: "Coop"?

Coop: Cooper Barrett. Nice to meet you.

Maxie: You don't have to be nice to Georgie when she's being obnoxious.

Georgie: No, I'm just wondering why Coop is hanging around while you're pulling schemes.

Maxie: Georgie, get a life.

Ric: Oh, Ms. Joffe.

Amelia: Thanks for meeting me.

Ric: Sure.

Amelia: As you know, I'm doing a story on Sam McCall for my news show?

Ric: Yes, and, as I told you on the phone, Ms. McCall's and my relationship is somewhat strained. But regardless of that fact, she -- she did risk her life to try to save the hostages. But I'm getting that you need a little bit more information here?

Amelia: Anything you can offer would be helpful.

Sam: Whatever Ric says about me is a lie.

Elizabeth: I'm sure what happened between Luke and Laura must've affected you deeply, but we have long since made peace with it.

Scott: Well, look, you know, I'm not trying to be the bad guy here.

Lucky: Could've fooled me.

Scott: Well, you know, if this was just to do with Luke, I wouldn't care, but Lulu loves her father, so I don't want to be the guy that just swings that wrecking ball into her life.

Elizabeth: Then don't. There's no reason why she needs to know.

Scott: Well, now, let me ask you something. How would you feel if your parents had kept a secret from you?

Elizabeth: Okay, that is not the point.

Scott: Well, actually, you know, secrets -- you know, they don't just go away, they get bigger and bigger and bigger. If you stay silent, when secrets do come out, it really hurts. So I think if you really love someone, you really ought to just tell them the truth.

[Door opens and closes]

Elizabeth: Okay, Lulu has been through enough. She doesn't need to know the pain of what happened between her mom and dad long before she was even born.

Lucky: Yeah, well, maybe if she hears this now, she and dad will be able to work through it.

Elizabeth: Or she could end up spiraling out of control and end up hurting herself.

Lucky: I think it's better to face the truth.

Lulu: So have you known all along that the baby is yours?

Jason: No. Elizabeth told me when we were trapped in the elevator after the Metro lobby exploded.

Lulu: So Elizabeth has been lying to you for months about your own child.

Jason: Other people told me Lucky was the father, and Elizabeth let me believe it.

Lulu: So now who's making excuses?

Jason: I'm not. She lied. But don't you think that she knows that this is going to destroy everybody that she loves?

Lulu: Elizabeth does not love Lucky.

Jason: You sure about that?

Lulu: You don't lie to the people that you love.

Jason: You did.

Lulu: Wow. Screw you. You are supposed to be so honest, but you're as big a liar as Elizabeth.

Jason: You don't even know me, Lulu. If you did, you would know that I'd want to be honest about this, but this is a difficult situation, there are a lot of people involved. If I tell the truth, I hurt Sam, I hurt Lucky, I hurt Elizabeth, and most of all, I hurt my own child. How is that right?

Carly: Let's go. What are you looking at?

Sonny: You look nice.

Carly: I appreciate that you didn't come up to the door. If the boys knew we were going out to dinner, they would get excited, and I don't really want to deal with all that right now.

Sonny: Neither do I. I mean, it's not fair to confuse the boys. They've been through too much as it is.

Carly: Do you really mean that?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Or are you just saying that because you think that's what I want to hear?

Sonny: No, I mean it. I want to play it straight. If we get back together, it's because it's right, not because I involve the kids.

Carly: Well, I'm only going out to dinner with you so I can get my marble. No other reason.

Sonny: We're ready to go, Milo.

Carly: Where are you taking me?

Sonny: Someplace very nice.

Ric: Well, I was just telling Ms. Joffe that the city owes you a great debt. Unless there's something else that you'd like to add?

Sam: No, I think she pretty much knows it all.

Ric: Okay. Well, glad you're getting the recognition that you deserve. Ms. Joffe.

Sam: I didn't realize this -- this follow-up would be so extensive. I'm not really comfortable with all of this.

Amelia: Most people would love being honored for their heroics.

Sam: Yeah, but the news already covered it, and I really don't have anything more to say.

Amelia: What's this really about, Sam?

Sam: What do you mean by that?

Amelia: You're obviously unsettled by the story I'm doing -- I mean, almost as if you have something to hide.

Sam: No, not at all. I'm just not comfortable being thrust into the limelight. You did run that background check already, right?

Amelia: All that came back were a few petty crimes. I mean, certainly nothing serious like assault or murder.

Sam: I -- I guess I overreacted. I just -- I don't understand why everyone's making a big fuss over something that was only a fluke.

Amelia: Yeah, heroes always say things like that.

Sam: Right.

Amelia: No, I'm serious. Now, psychologists did a study of everyday heroes some years ago and found one trait they all had in common -- they all downplayed their actions, claiming anyone would've done the same thing if they'd been in their place. That's one reason we need our heroes. They inspire us to do better in our own lives.

James: In about 30 minutes, you're going to feel very, very sick indeed. But if I give you the counteragent, you'll be normal for the next 24 hours -- and then, of course, the process starts over.

Nikolas: And what -- and what if I don't get it?

James: You die.

Nikolas: Why are you doing this?

James: Well, you're a very wealthy man, and you have Greek, Russian, and U.S. citizenships. You're not affiliated to any of my business associates, and best of all, you have a great deal to lose, Nikolas Cassadine.

Woman: Mr. Cassadine? Am I interrupting?

Nikolas: Uh -- no. Could you -- could you come back later, though, please?

James: No, no, no, no, it's quite all right. This -- this must be the son you've told me so much about. Aw. He's so cute.

Logan: So?

Maxie: It didn't work.

Logan: Yeah, it looked like you were working Spinelli pretty good.

Maxie: Well, Coop did a great job distracting Spinelli, and I was, like, two seconds away from opening the file on his computer, when my holier-than-thou sister came up and busted me.

Logan: What's up with that?

Maxie: Georgie just does stuff like that sometimes.

Logan: Or maybe she suspects something.

Maxie: Trust me, Georgie will grill any guy who tries to talk to me. That poor girl has a compulsion about looking out for me.

Logan: So what's our next step?

Maxie: Well, if we're really going to blackmail Baldwin for killing Rick Webber, we're going to need some kind of proof.

Coop: Well, how do we make contact with this guy?

Maxie: That part's easy -- Scott was a guest at the hotel. We can get his email address from the computer.

Coop: Well, what good is that going to do if the evidence is on Spinelli's computer?

Logan: We're not going to need it. We've got something better.

Maxie: Which is?

Logan: Scott Baldwin's guilty conscience.

Lulu: I'm sorry that I snapped at you.

Jason: It's okay; it's a lot to deal with.

Lulu: I just -- Jason, I thought you were better than this -- sleeping with a married woman. And, yeah, okay, Lucky was on drugs and he was cheating with Maxie, and I don't think it excuses Elizabeth, but it explains a lot, but what about you? Why'd you do it? And how long were you and Elizabeth sneaking behind Lucky's back?

[Jason sighs]

Lulu: And don't act like this is none of my business, because you got my sister-in-law pregnant, and -- and my family crisis overrides your right to privacy.

Jason: All right. Sam slept with Ric Lansing the night of the blackout.

Lulu: Yeah, I heard about that.

Jason: Yeah, well, I saw them together. I came back here. Elizabeth showed up because she saw Maxie and Lucky together.

Lulu: Okay, so this was payback.

Jason: No, it wasn't. Elizabeth and I have been friends for a long time --

[Lulu sighs]

Jason: And, you know, things just happened.

Lulu: Okay, was this -- was it just one night?

Jason: Well, does that make it more acceptable for you, Lulu?

Lulu: Yeah, yeah, kind of. Yeah, it kind of does, because I think you should've told Sam and Lucky right when it happened.

Jason: I did tell Sam, actually. And Elizabeth went to the apartment to tell Lucky, but she found a note saying that he was at his first Narc-anon meeting.

Lulu: Okay, so Elizabeth thought that if she told him that -- that she had slept with you, that he would go back to drugs, which --

Jason: Right.

Lulu: Actually, he did anyway. So why didn't she tell him?

Jason: I -- I don't know. Maybe she was trying to protect Lucky.

Lulu: Okay, fine. Well, I'm going to protect Lucky -- I'm going to tell him the truth.

Lulu: I'm going to go find Lucky.

Jason: Don't you think if I could have what I want, I would want my child with me? But Elizabeth says the -- the baby would be better off with her and Lucky because it would have a family, the baby would be loved, happy, and safe. She's probably right. So I'm asking you, just -- you know, just leave things the way they are right now.

Lulu: Lucky deserves to know the truth.

[Door opens and closes]

Ric: I heard Alcazar was being released from the hospital today.

Skye: He's having his final tests.

Ric: Any progress?

Skye: Very little.

Ric: Hmm.

Skye: He's still disoriented -- mood swings, memory lapses.

Ric: Well, textbook case, huh?

Skye: What do you mean?

Ric: Well, soldiers with head trauma suffer the same kind of symptoms as Alcazar has -- you know, confusion, volatility, memory lapse, that sort of thing, frustration. It's been written up in a lot of medical websites on the internet.

Skye: Really?

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Skye: I'm surprised you took such an interest.

Ric: Well, that information is for anybody to find.

Skye: Well, the doctors have assured us that Lorenzo could make a recovery, so we're focusing on that right now.

Ric: That's good. You know, Alcazar's fortunate to have a woman who trusts him so completely.

Skye: What's your point here, Ric?

Ric: Skye, Alcazar has been here in this hospital with a lot of time on his hands. He could've very easily perused those websites that I was just talking about, and when he found out the real symptoms of head trauma, it wouldn't have been difficult for him to try to fake them.

Skye: Why would Lorenzo fake a brain injury?

Ric: Why do you think?

James: Aw. What an adorable child. Now, I believe he has your eyes, Nikolas. And look at how alert he is -- they say it's a sign of intelligence, you know?

Woman: So you work with Mr. Cassadine, Sir?

James: Oh, well, you see, we're about to conclude a -- a deal that is extremely beneficial to both of us. You could say it -- it's going to save both our lives. Right, Niki?

[James chuckles]

Nikolas: Thank you. You can -- you can put him to bed now.

Woman: Yes, sir.

James: Good night, little one. Let me help you. Good night.

Nikolas: You touch him, I'll kill you.

James: Well, you see, without me, you'll die in a matter of hours.

Nikolas: What do you want?

James: You're going to arrange a new identity for me -- a new name, history, immigration records -- and it needs to be ironclad. So if I get recognized as the man who took the Metro Court hostage, I'll just pretend that I'm my own twin -- just like that oddly tattooed priest.

Nikolas: What do you want, a passport, what --

James: And tax records and birth certificates and a whole new life. This will take time and money to construct.

Nikolas: If I give it to you, you'll leave?

[James chuckles]

James: What, and waste the bulk of your resources? No, no, no. We will conduct business in the international market. You see, the Cassadine holdings will be the perfect camouflage for my particular type of transaction.

Nikolas: I'll give you the identity, but that's it.

James: Well, we'll see about that -- in about 15 minutes.

[Music plays]

Carly: This is "someplace special"?

Sonny: You like Jake's.

Carly: You told me to get dressed up.

Sonny: Yeah, well, you look gorgeous.

Carly: Thank you. I don't want to spill beer or drop onion rings on my dress. You couldn't have springed for a nicer place to take me to dinner?

Sonny: A three-course meal? You mean, like with -- candlelit, wine, romance? You know what? We'll go to the Bistro -- it's right there.

Carly: No, we're going to stay here. Jake's is fine.

Sonny: Okay, whatever you want. Here you go.

Carly: Thank you.

Sonny: Hey, Coleman?

Coleman: Hey, man.

Sonny: Can I get an El Rey Del Sol for Mrs. Corinthos and one for me?

Coleman: You got it.

Sonny: How about -- pool?

Carly: Not interested.

Sonny: Okay, we'll talk.

Carly: Marble -- let's talk marble.

Sonny: Oh, you know what? The delivery's going to be a little late.

Carly: Sonny --

Sonny: Well, we have to negotiate the price because, you know, I want to be fair, and I know that you can afford the best.

Carly: On second thought, let's play pool.

Sonny: Let's play pool.

Carly: Let's play.

Sonny: All right!

Carly: I win, you sell me the marble at a fair price decided by me.

Singer: No one hears the screams

Sonny: And if I win --

Jax: So, Max, any chance you can convince your brother, Milo, to come work for us here at the Metro Court?

Max: You know, I don't think so, Mr. Jacks. Milo likes working for Mr. C.

Jax: Doing your old job, right?

Max: That's fine by me -- I like it here.

Jax: Yeah, but, you know, it must be a bit of a letdown. I'm sure you'd be doing something a lot more exciting if you were in Milo's shoes tonight, yeah?

Max: Yeah, you know, I'll take the security work any day. Milo's just taking Mr. and Mrs. C over to Jake's for dinner, so, yippee.

Jax: Jake's, huh? Okay. Well, keep up the good work. You know, I appreciate it. I'm sure Carly would say the same thing if she were here.

Max: All right.

Jax: Take care.

Max: Excuse me.

Amelia: Mr. Jacks?

Jax: Yes?

Amelia: Amelia Joffe. I produce a show called "Everyday Heroes."

Jax: Please, come in, Ms. Joffe. What can I do for you?

Amelia: Oh, Amelia. We're doing a segment on Samantha McCall. I understand she works here at the Metro Court.

Jax: Yes, she does.

Amelia: I'm hoping to get a more personal angle on Sam. I believe you were involved with her at one time?

Jax: That's true. You know, why don't we discuss this someplace less formal?

Skye: Oh, this is absurd.

Ric: If Lorenzo recovers, Skye, he's facing criminal charges. Even worse than that, the covert-ops people are probably going to hold him responsible for the whole Metro Court deal, since Mr. Craig is nowhere to be found, and he's the one that's supposed to take the heat, right? And then there's the fact that he walked into Sonny's office and he tried to shoot him, and we have a witness to speak to intent, remember?

Skye: You wouldn't dare prosecute Lorenzo, Ric. He has enough evidence to incriminate you.

Ric: Okay. We're talking about reasons why Mr. Alcazar would want to fake his own brain injury here. He's got an ongoing turf war with Sonny and Jason, and I'm sure that he's trying to throw them off balance by making them think that he's incapacitated.

Skye: Lorenzo wouldn't lie to me.

Ric: Are you sure about that, given everything he has to gain?

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: Oh. Yes? I got it covered. There won't be any problems. No one suspects a thing.

Skye: Who were you talking to?

Lorenzo: I answered the dedicated line, told them everything was under control. That's what I was supposed to do, right?

Skye: Yes. You did well.

Lorenzo: I think they believe me. How long can we keep this up?

Skye: As long as we need to.

Lorenzo: Hmm.

Lucky: Uh -- Lulu, hey.

Lulu: Hey.

Lucky: Um -- you got a minute?

Lulu: Yes, absolutely. I actually -- I need to talk with you.

Lucky: Okay if I can go first?

Lulu: Sure.

Lucky: I know I haven't been much of a brother this past year.

Lulu: That -- that's okay, Lucky.

Lucky: No. No, it's not. Addiction is a selfish disease. Even when you're with people, you're not really there. I mean, I always thought about the next pill or score or how to get the money to get it.

Lulu: But you're past that now.

Lucky: Thanks to Elizabeth and our baby. I'm finally gett back, and I'm realizing that I've been out of touch with the people I love.

Lulu: Are you sure that you're really happy with Elizabeth?

Spinelli: Stone Cold. Uh -- greetings. I just got to get some munchies, and then -- you know what? I'm not even hungry. I'm just -- imagine that. I'm just going to go upstairs --

Jason: I need you to tell me how Lulu found out that I'm the father of Elizabeth's baby.

Spinelli: You're going to be a daddy! That's --

Jason: Spinelli! We went after the hostages. I trusted you. Now, you need to tell me the truth.

Spinelli: Lulu found out about your impending fatherhood from me.

Jason: How?

Spinelli: Uh -- Stan Johnson, the cyber control freak that -- that rules Mr. Corinthos, Sir's systems, is actually Che 9,000, an internet revolutionary, and he holds the Jackal in contempt. So I decided to prove --

Jason: Just -- just tell me how you found out about my child and who else knows.

Spinelli: Uh -- look, I just -- I just wanted to impress you with my cyber skills, okay? So I designed a search engine to pull your name off of any record of any system, okay? So I -- I tested it on the hospital computer, and the paternity test for Elizabeth's baby came up saying that you were the father. And the Blond One was here with troubles of her own, and I tried to conceal the data from her, but she's really persistent and determined and I'm kind of enthralled of her awesomeness, so, uh, that's how she found out.

Jason: Can you destroy the record?

Spinelli: The Blond One told me not to. I mean, look, look, even if I did, I mean, it doesn't change anything. You're still that baby's daddy.

Jason: I -- I know that. But Elizabeth asked me to give up the child and I told her that I would.

Spinelli: Okay, but, I mean, that's not really fair, don't you think? I mean, to Lucky who's -- who thinks he's the father of the baby, and to -- I mean, Samantha, your own Samantha, who you shouldn't have cheated on. But since you did, I mean, she should know that you're having a baby with the other woman.

Jason: You're a part of this now, Spinelli, whether I like it or not, so I'm going to have to trust you again. Elizabeth didn't -- she didn't tell me I was the father until we were stuck in the elevator after the Metro Court exploded. Okay? And I was going to tell Sam. But before I could, Sam told me that she can't have children.

Spinelli: Wait, but Sam wants a baby more than anything.

Jason: I know -- I know that. But Sam got shot last May because somebody was coming, you know, to get me, and the bullet did a lot of damage. She can't -- she can't carry a baby.

Spinelli: That's the most -- that's really sad and awful.

Jason: And I don't -- I don't want to hurt her any more.

Spinelli: Understood. Okay, just be advised that, um, the Blond One is really, really ticked off on her brother's behalf and she's probably over there right now telling him that you're the father.

Jason: I understand that Lulu's angry, but I don't think she can do that to Lucky.

Spinelli: Maybe she should. I -- you know, I mean, then -- then you could, you know, step forward and take your rightful place. I mean, everyone knows that you're not one to shirk responsility or -- or fail anyone that needs your help. I mean, just think about it, she could --

Jason: No, I don't -- I just --

Sam: Sorry. Looks like you're in the middle of something really important.

[Music plays]

[Sonny whistles]

Carly: Best two-out-of-three.

Sonny: What's the point if you let me win?

Carly: What do you mean, "let you win"?

Sonny: Yeah, you flubbed the 2 in the side pocket, and then the 6 was an easy shot in the corner --

Carly: What do you want? You win. What do you want?

Sonny: I just want a dance.

Carly: You just want a dance?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Okay. Fine. I'll dance with you -- only to prove a point.

[Music stops]

Sonny: All right.

Carly: It will be that I love dancing with you, but I'm still getting a divorce.

Sonny: You sure about that?

Singer: Sunlight keeps me

Carly: We've been over this how many times?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, I know, but we're going to keep going over it until you admit that we're right for each other. Ok?

Singer: And I know

Carly: I love you. But we can't be together. I need to be on my own, and I need you to accept that.

Sonny: What if I can't?

Carly: Sonny --

James: As I understand, it becomes more difficult to breathe as the poison takes effect. The pain is apparently excruciating. So, where do you say you are on a scale of one to ten?

Nikolas: I'm not going to p-- play games with you.

[James chuckles]

James: I'm sure you're not. You see, your speech is already labored. I'm afraid that the poison is moving more rapidly than I expected. See, pain is a great motivator, partner.

Nikolas: We're -- we're not partners.

James: You see, I have the counteragent ready should you change your mind. It won't cure you, but it'll keep the symptoms at bay for the next 24 hours. Or you could call 911 and report me to the police. In that case, I will be carted off to jail, and you will go to the hospital. But since you only have 30 minutes to live, you'll probably arrive D.O.A. What shall it be, Niki? Shall I dial it?

[Music plays]

Logan: Whew, this is convenient. The mark just walked in the door.

Coop: So maybe we shouldn't be talking about this right now.

Maxie: No, no, no, Logan's right. This way, we can watch his reaction when we send him the email.

Coop: So how much money do we ask for?

Logan: Nothing at first. Just send the guy the message, get him scared, let him twist for a while.

Maxie: You're really into this, aren't you?

Logan: Baldwin's a bottom feeder. He deserves it.

Maxie: Yeah, but you make it sound so personal.

Logan: Hey, he killed a man, left an innocent woman to blame for it. Doesn't get much lower than that.

Maxie: So it's kind of like we're on the side of justice, making the guilty man pay for his crimes?

Coop: Okay, what do you think?

Singer: Leave me much to say 

Logan: Huh. Go for it.

Singers: Leave me nothing

[Phone rings]

Sam: Were you guys talking about me?

Spinelli: Uh -- I was -- I was just asking Stone Cold here if he wanted to have a preview of your 15 minutes of fame. Yeah, I -- I can hack into the network mainframe. Um -- do you want to pull up a chair?

Sam: No, thank you.

Spinelli: Why? I mean, you know, you're -- you're going to conquer the small screen, brave Samantha. I mean, your light will eclipse all others. Uh -- do you want to watch the show?

Jason: I'll -- I'll pass on that.

Sam: Jason hates TV.

Spinelli: I'll take that as my exit cue. Adios, lovebirds. Tweet, tweet.

Jason: What's -- what's going on with you?

[Sam sighs]

Jason: You all right?

Sam: No. Amelia, the producer, is asking all kinds of people questions about me, Jason. She's trying to get a back story. I don't want anyone digging around in my past. There are so many things that I have done that I regret.

Jason: Well, I mean, you can't change them, you know? There's no -- there's no use looking back now.

[Knock on door]

Man: I have a delivery for Angela Monroe.

Lucky: Of course I'm happy with Elizabeth. Why would you ask?

[Lulu sighs]

Lulu: I don't know, I don't know. Um -- you guys have just had some very serious issues.

Lucky: She was able to get past some things I never thought would happen. I mean, that's -- I'm so grateful to Elizabeth.

Lulu: A relationship is a two-way street and Elizabeth has made some mistakes, too.

Lucky: Not like mine. I mean, she hung in there while I was using pills. I lied, I cheated.

Lulu: Yeah, well, Elizabeth isn't perfect, either.

Lucky: No one is. No relationship is, not even Mom or Dad's. They went through some rocky times, but they were able to forgive because they got through them. That's why I'm so grateful to Elizabeth.

Lulu: Yeah, but don't you need to know the truth to forgive?

Lucky: The truth about what?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lucky: Is there something that you think that I should know?

Elizabeth: There's nothing you can't tell us.

Jason: There's no Angela here. Take it back.

Sam: No. 

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