GH Transcript Tuesday 3/13/07

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/13/07


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Luke: Oh, about time you showed up.

Tracy: I thought I'd give you time to cool off.

Luke: I've been locked up all night, I'm cool enough. Go pay my bail.

Tracy: The minute I do, you're going to go out and attack Scott Baldwin.

Luke: It's a possibility.

Tracy: That's why I don't want to throw good money away.

Luke: You owe me.

Tracy: Oh, I think you've been fairly compensated.

Luke: Let me make this real clear. Either you bail me out, or I spill my guts about Alan's will.

Tracy: Really? And risk losing the $250,000 you awarded yourself for "pain and suffering"? I don't think so.

Luke: You stand to lose a hell of a lot more than me. Trust me; this is not a bluff you want to call.

Alan: He's right, you know.

Tracy: Nobody asked you.

Luke: Asked who?

Tracy: Him.

Luke: Tracy, you're talking to a file cabinet.

Lulu: Hey.

Dillon: Whoa.

Lulu: Hi. Let's go.

Dillon: That was fast. What -- what did the doctor say?

Lulu: Um -- haven't seen one.

Dillon: Well -- but why are we leaving?

Lulu: Because Spinelli called, we're going to meet him at the coffee shop.

Dillon: Yeah, but what about your leg?

Lulu: The leg is the least of my worries. If Spinelli tells anyone that Scott Baldwin killed Rick Webber, my life is going to fall apart.

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: How soon can you have it done?

Stan: This isn't something that I normally do, Sonny. Uh -- maybe you should call --

Sonny: The fewer people that know, the better.

Stan: There's going to be hell to pay when all this comes out.

Sonny: I know what I'm doing, Stan.

Carly: Where are those papers?

[Knock on door]

Carly: Hey.

Jax: You have a minute? There's a few things I'd like to discuss.

Carly: I always have a minute for you -- as long as it's about business.

Alexis: All right, eat, eat, eat.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: I know you miss Molly -- I miss her, too -- but we're going to see her real soon.

Kristina: When?

Alexis: Now. We're going to go over there this morning, okay? Bee never we want, so we're going to be there a lot. And you can go see her new room and you can play with her toys, and then after that, mommy's going to have to go over to the hospital again.

Kristina: Why?

Alexis: Because I got to take some more of that yucky medicine. Hey, hey -- listen to me. Oh, boy. You have to take a lot, don't you? Come here, come here, come here, come here, come here -- ooh! Now, you know if I don't take the medicine, I'm not going to get better, so, really, the medicine isn't so yucky, it's good for Mommy. And as soon as I feel all better, we're going to bring Molly home.

Kristina: Promise?

Alexis: I promise, promise, promise that you, me, and Molly are all going to be together again, okay?

Ric: All right, come on, just one bite. Oh, please, one bite? Oh, good -- oh, I know -- come on, one bite. Yeah, it's -- I know it's not the best in the world. I know, honey. Look -- oh, I know you're having a tough time getting used to everything -- a new house, a new nanny. It's going to take some time getting used to, but I swear Daddy's going to be much better at this, I promise, I promise. But right now, just -- just go ahead and eat. You'll feel a lot better. Oh, honey, don't cry. Don't cry -- here, you want that? Here it comes -- huh? Oh, mmm. That's better. Okay? Okay -- oh, too much here. Let me get that out of there. All right, we're going to get that right out of here, okay.

[Phone rings]

Ric: Oh -- oh. All right, you know, you stay -- you chew, okay? Just keep chewing. Keep chewing, all right? You okay? I'm right over here. See, look, Daddy's right over here, okay? And now he's going to answer the phone, that's all I'm going to do. That's all I'm going to do, okay? A few seconds. I'm just going to grab the phone right here. I swear, I'm going to grab the phone here, okay? I got it, and -- okay.


Ric: All right, okay -- all right, you're not -- you're not going to make this easy on me, are you? All right, all right, just -- just hold it -- hold it just -- just a second, baby, all right? Yes, hello? No, I already told the mayor that I'm not coming in today. I don't -- I don't care who's been arrested, all right? I -- I told you before, this is my daughter's first day in her new house, and I am not leaving her.

Emily: Cute kid. He reminds me of his father.

Nikolas: I can't imagine what it would feel like if he were taken away from me the way Molly has been from Alexis. I mean, it's one thing when Colleen took him, and then -- and then Helena, because at least I could hunt for him, try and find him. Alexis -- she can't do that. She's legally forbidden to do what she wants most in this world, and that's to bring her daughter home.

Skye: There's a problem down at the pier. Being turned back the minute they enter the harbor.

Lorenzo: Why?

Skye: Well, the longshoremen are refusing to unload the cargo. If this keeps happening, Lorenzo, you could lose millions of dollars.

Lorenzo: Well, there must be another way to put the shipments through.

Skye: Well, your men have thought of that. They tried to offload the cargo further south and drive it up, but your truck yards have all be closed for "road repairs."

Lorenzo: That sounds like someone's doing this on purpose.

Skye: It's Sonny. He's taking advantage of your illness to try and bankrupt your business. With you out of the way, he'll get complete control of the waterfront.

Lorenzo: What should I do?

Skye: You just lie here and you focus on getting better, okay? I'm going to take care of Sonny.

Sonny: I want confirmation as soon as the transaction goes through.

Stan: All right. I'll let you know as soon as I hear something.

Sonny: Good. Where are we with Alcazar?

Stan: Well, between the labor problems and the new construction, his entire operation is at a complete standstill.

Sonny: That's the first step. We need to force Alcazar to sell all of his holdings along the waterfront.

Stan: Well, you know he's not going to give those up without a fight.

Sonny: Well, I want you to find a reason. Zone changes, code violations -- whatever you got to do to force Alcazar's hand. If that doesn't work, then you get our friends over at harbor patrol to seize all his warehouses for illegal commerce.

Stan: Sonny, you know if you do all this, Alcazar is not going to have any choice but to retaliate.

Sonny: Stan -- Alcazar is flat on his back, his brains are scrambled, his government contacts have all been dried up. Alcazar's never been more vulnerable.

Carly: Your timing couldn't be better. I have some purchase orders I need you to sign.

Jax: No, the purchase orders can wait.

Carly: We're not going to get our furniture till the end of the week if we don't do it now.

Jax: Carly --

Carly: They're right here, Jax, it's not a big deal.

Jax: Carly, we need to talk about us, okay?

Carly: There is no "us."

Jax: What do you mean? There's -- you don't get to just decide that there's -- that -- that we're over.

Carly: You know, you can't get past the fact I slept with Sonny.

Jax: No, that -- no, I can't get past the fact that he's like this constant presence in your life --

Carly: He's the father of my children; he's always going to be a part of my life.

Jax: Well, that doesn't give him the right to control your life, does it?

Carly: He doesn't control me! He doesn't control me -- no one does. Sonny and I are going to be strictly parents, and you and I are going to be strictly business partners, that is it.

Jax: And what if I don't want to be strictly business partners with you?

Spinelli: Hey, is the cyber-revolutionary lurking around?

Milo: Who?

Spinelli: Che 9000 -- the anti-capitalist fanatic banished me from the premises. If he scopes me here, dude, my servers are going to be infected with a wicked tapeworm.

Milo: Is this some kind of joke?

Spinelli: I wish it was, okay? Uh -- he's totally hitting below the belt. Threatening to corrupt a man's data is most unkind.

Milo: I don't understand a word you're saying. Just --

Spinelli: Right, right. Okay, um, Prince Pectoral, let's see if we can make sense of it for you. Okay, The Hostile One, okay, is freaking out because he's afraid I may usurp -- ooh, big word -- okay, take over his ace as Mr. Corinthos sir's most valuable hacker, okay? I'm taking my hard drive in my hands just walking in here.

Milo: Are you talking about Stan, is that it?

Spinelli: Yes! Good job! Have you seen him?

Milo: Yeah, he's in the back with Sonny. Uh, they should be done in a minute.

Spinelli: All right -- um -- okay, he's totally just thrashed my systems, but I have to meet The Blond One here. I promised her I would --

Milo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Lu-- Lulu's coming here?

Spinelli: Yes. She wants to see me -- alone.

Milo: Sure she does.

Lulu: Hey, Spinelli -- Milo! Good to see you!

Dillon: No, I'll get it, I'll get it.

Milo: No, no, I don't --

Spinelli: Allow me, Blond One.

Lulu: Thank you. Are you done?

Dillon: Me? Milo started it.

Milo: I'm -- I was pulling her a chair.

Lulu: Okay -- um -- I thought we would talk about this when we're all together so that way there was no confusion.

Milo: What's going on?

Lulu: Spinelli found some evidence that proves Scott Baldwin killed Rick Webber.

Spinelli: Uh, Dillon says it's circumstantial, but it could reopen the case and clear Lulu's mom's name.

Milo: That's great.

Dillon: No, it's not.

Lulu: No, nobody can know that my mom is innocent.

Maxie: There you go -- perfect.

Coop: Thanks. I can never get these things right.

Maxie: Well, then I guess it's a good thing you have me around.

Coop: Yeah. Yeah, I guess it is.

Maxie: Okay, well, let me know if you need anything else.

Logan: Damn. There are some good-looking girls in this town.

Coop: Now, you stay away from Maxie.

Logan: Relax, relax, she's not the one I'm interested in. What do you know about a girl named Lulu Spencer, and the murder of some guy named Rick Webber?

Maxie: Not half as much as I do.

Logan: You must be Maxie. I'm Logan. Coop has told me a lot about you.

Maxie: That's funny -- he's not once mentioned you.

Scott: Oh, hey, Bobbie, I got here as soon as I could. What do you need?

Bobbie: I think you know.

Scott: To go to lunch. Okay. I'm free. I know this little Italian place around the corner, Cafe Ropa, we'll go there.

Bobbie: Okay. You can take me to lunch -- as soon as you drop the assault charges against Luke.

Scott: Why would I do that? He tried to kill me.

Bobbie: Scott -- he was not trying to kill you.

Scott: It sure felt that way when he had his hands around my throat. Listen, Bobbie, if you don't believe me, you can ask Judge McCormick. She was there.

Bobbie: Luke was not trying to kill you, especially in front of a judge, unprovoked. So, what did you do?

Scott: I didn't do anything. I was standing around minding my own business -- as I always do -- and then he came up and he attacked me.

Bobbie: For no reason?

Scott: He doesn't need a reason, he's crazy!

Bobbie: In my experience, Luke only acts this way when Laura's involved.

Scott: Agh.

Bobbie: Oh, Scott, come on, come on. The two of you have been just fighting over her for years, and when is it going to stop, because it's been decades.

Scott: Your brother still doesn't know how to treat Laura. She recovers, Bobbie, after four years, and what does he do? He throws some kind of circus wedding. Your brother's a loser, and he always will be.

Bobbie: Okay, okay, would you just stop thinking about your own feelings about Luke, and just for one minute, you think about what Laura would want. I mean, do you honestly think she would thank you for having Luke locked up?

Luke: You know, maybe you should sit down.

Tracy: I'm fine.

Luke: You're talking to the air again.

Tracy: I'm just a little tired.

Luke: Okay. Then go bail me out, I'll drive you home, make you a nice drink, run you a hot bath, and tuck you into bed.

Tracy: I don't think so.

Luke: I've got to get out of here before Baldwin ends up bribing another judge in getting guardianship of Laura.

Tracy: Why should I post bail so you can fight over your ex-wife? I am your wife, we are married!

Alan: Why don't you just admit you're always going to come second in Luke's heart?

Tracy: And why don't you just shut up!

Luke: You're doing it again.

Tracy: I can't help it. My good-for-nothing brother refuses to rest in peace.

Luke: Okay, sweetheart, I think you need a long vacation. Go post my bail, I'll drive you to the airport, and you can catch the first plane to the Bahamas.

Alan: You know, you can run as far and as fast as you want, Tracy, but I'm not going away. You see, I'm stuck here because of you and your greed.

Tracy: You should be thanking me. You left 3/4 of your estate to Jason's children. Excuse me -- he doesn't have any children! Are you insane?

Luke: That's what I'm starting to worry about you, Tracy. We better get out of here before the men in white coats come in and drop a big butterfly net over you.

Tracy: I am not posting your bail until you promise to leave Scott Baldwin alone.

Ric: Hey, Kristina. How are you, sweetheart? Oh, Molly has been waiting to see you, but you know what? She's taking a nap right now, so why don't you just go sit over there and wait, okay? Come on in.

Alexis: Thank you for letting us come.

Ric: I said "anytime."

Woman: I'm looking for Molly's bunny. Oh --

Ric: Alexis, this is Sally. This is Molly's new nanny. This is Molly's mother, and this is her big sister, Kristina.

Sally: It's nice to meet you.

Alexis: Hi. Nice to meet you. Mr. Bunny's a Godsend, huh?

Sally: That's what I hear.

Alexis: She also has a pink blanket, likes as much as Mr. Bunny, but she just holds onto the tag, and -- and she just likes it over her body --

Sally: I just put it in the crib next to her --

Alexis: Exactly.

Sally: Mr. Lansing told me.

Alexis: Yes, I'm sure he did.

Ric: So, Kristina, what do you think of the new house, huh? You like it?

Alexis: It's very nice. It's not exactly what I thought it would be.

Ric: Why do you say that?

Alexis: Well, because you hated the commute from the lake house -- you thought it was too far -- and yet you bought a house that's even farther away than that.

Ric: Well, I just thought that Molly needed a house that she could grow into. You know, it's really perfect. You should see the backyard -- it's huge. There's enough space for a swing set and a stable. I know it's a little early for Molly to be riding a pony, but, you know, I figured enough space --

Alexis: Uh -- can I ask you to take Kristina in to check out Molly's room? I'm going to be in there to spend some time with her alone, if you don't mind?

Sally: Sure.

Alexis: Go ahead, honey.

Sally: Kristina.

Alexis: I -- I just want to ask you something -- if you can maybe not talk that way in front of Kristina.

Ric: What way? What, the pony? What's wrong with a pony?

Alexis: Kristina didn't know that Molly was going to live here long enough to be able to ride a pony, and neither did I.

Nikolas: I feel like such a hypocrite.

Emily: Why?

Nikolas: Because I -- you know, I don't really care much for Ric, but he's a father just like me who just wants to raise his child. So who am I to judge him for sleeping with Sam?

Emily: Yeah, people make terrible mistakes, especially when a marriage is falling apart.

Nikolas: Look at us.

Emily: Nikolas, look at anyone. I mean, my parents divorced before they ever even adopted me, and then they got back together, but they were on the brink of re-divorcing most of the time when I was growing up. And they tried to protect me, but I could see how much they were hurting each other. You just can't think clearly when the person you love is failing you.

Nikolas: Or even worse -- when you're the one who fails the person you love.

Emily: I'm sure that -- that Ric doesn't want to address what's gone wrong or the part he played in the breakup of his marriage. You know, it's simpler to just focus on holding on to his child.

Nikolas: It's -- it's all such a mess. Unfortunately, the one who's paying for it is Molly.

Emily: Yeah. So maybe that's a lesson to take from all this -- you know, to focus on what the child needs.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Tracy: $50,000? It was a minor assault.

Mac: That was witnessed by a judge. Pay it, or Luke goes back to lockup.

Bobbie: That won't be necessary because Scott is dropping all the charges.

Scott: Well, under protest.

Mac: You want to drop the charges?

Scott: No.

Mac: Then why are you here?

Luke: He's scoring points with Barbara. He can't get Laura, so he's going after my sister.

Bobbie: Luke -- you're not helping.

Luke: Well, neither are you, honey. He has no intention of dropping these charges. He's just playing you.

Scott: You know, Spencer, you're awfully paranoid. Maybe it's all the guilt you've been carrying around about Laura. But don't you worry; I'll take good care of her -- while you're locked up at Sing Sing.

Luke: You try that, I'll break your neck.

Scott: Oh, no. Now, that's a verbal assault. That's like a death threat, don't you think so, Mac?

Luke: You asked for it.

Scott: What -- what's the matter with you? Why -- why are you giving your husband his right to pine away for his ex-wife? Have you no self-respect, Tracy?

Tracy: Would you do something about him?

Mac: Like what?

Tracy: Arrest him!

Scott: On what grounds?

Luke: Well, the grounds that you're a colossal jackass.

Scott: Well, now, that's funny coming from you, Spencer.

Mac: Enough. You two can try to kill each other all you want, but that won't bring Laura back.

[Scott sighs]

Maxie: Um -- so, how, exactly, do you two know each other?

Coop: The army.

Logan: Me and Coop were in the same army platoon. He never once mentioned me?

Maxie: No, not once. Why are you asking so many questions about Lulu?

Logan: Oh, I -- ahem -- I met her yesterday at some coffee shop down by the pier. She was talking about some guy named Rick Webber and his murder. Who was he?

Maxie: Rick Webber was Laura Spencer's stepfather, Laura is Lulu's mom. Four years ago, she accidentally killed him in the attic above my family's garage.

Logan: Wait -- I'm sorry. Are you and Lulu related?

Maxie: Oh -- God, no. But the Webbers used to own the house that my family lives in now. And something happened to Laura in that attic when she was a teenager. She was up there trying to remember. Rick Webber showed up, they had a fight, she hit him, and he died instantly.

Logan: Is she in prison?

Maxie: No, a sanitarium. She had a breakdown and had to be committed. She's been catatonic for years. She just, like, sits in a chair and stares at a wall all day.

Logan: There's really nothing that they can do for her?

Maxie: How come you're asking so many questions about Lulu's mom?

Carly: What is your problem?

Jax: It's a wine bar.

Carly: So?

Jax: Marble stains. I'm just saying, what's the point in spending the extra money on the marble when it's going to get ruined the first time someone spills wine on it?

Carly: So we seal it -- problem solved.

Jax: What's wrong with the granite we had?

Carly: I want marble.

Jax: Okay, now you're just making arbitrary changes.

Carly: No, this is our chance at a fresh start -- for the hotel and for us. Everything in this lobby should be bright and attractive -- like our employees.

Lulu: So the last thing my mom would want is for my dad to blame himself for her condition, and that's exactly what he would do if he found out that she never killed Rick.

Milo: How can we help?

Lulu: Well, you can start by promising not to tell anyone, and you -- you need to erase all the evidence you have against Scott -- the -- the bank records, the parking ticket, everything.

Spinelli: You're seriously just going to let this guy get away with murder?

Lulu: The truth is not going to bring my mom back, and all it's going to do is push my dad away.

Dillon: No, Lulu's right. I mean, if Luke finds out that Scott was the one who framed Laura, then he's going to kill him with his bare hands, and then Luke will be the one with the murder rap, not -- not Scott.

Lulu: So it is better for everyone if we just keep this to ourselves.

Milo: Can I help you?

Skye: I'd like to see Sonny.

Milo: Do you have an appointment?

Skye: It's important. He's going to want to hear this.

Milo: Okay, right this way.

Dillon: Why does Skye want to see Sonny?

Lulu: I don't know, but that can't be good.

Stan: All right, everything's in place. Just waiting for confirmation.

[Knock on door]

Milo: Skye Quartermaine?

Sonny: Go ahead, send her in. Just call me as soon as -- you know what I'm talking about.

Stan: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Skye: Back off Lorenzo, or I'll finish what he started.

Alexis: I want to ask you something. Do you remember when you said to me that all you ever wanted for Molly was for her to live in a stable home with a mother well enough to take care of her?

Rc: With all due respect, Alexis, you're not well enough.

Alexis: I'm having chemo again today. Hopefully, it will be the last one. And with any luck, I will be cancer-free by the end of the year. So if you meant what you said, you will have no problem with Molly coming home to live with her sister and her mother.

Ric: Look, I hope that you do beat this cancer. But it's not going to change our living arrangements, okay? Judge McCormick awarded me full custody, Alexis. I have no intention of giving up Molly. This is her home now.

Alexis: Neither -- neither do I.

Ric: Look, I didn't -- I'm not keeping you away from her, all right? You can come visit her anytime you like.

Alexis: That's not the same thing and you know it.

Ric: Alexis, I'm not going to fight with you on this, okay? It's not good for you, and it's definitely not good for our daughter, all right? Molly doesn't need --

Alexis: Kristina!

Ric: Why don't you just leave Kristina here, okay? She can play with Molly --

Alexis: No. No.

Ric: You can relax now --

Alexis: Kristina, please, come on, let's go.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: Hi -- all right, why don't you put your coat on, sweetie, and give Molly -- hi, baby --

[Molly cries]

Alexis: A big kiss, okay? We'll see her later? We're going to see her tomorrow. I know, baby.

[Molly wails]

Alexis: Give her a kiss, come on. All right, baby. Oh, honey -- it's all right, baby.

Ric: Shh, shh, shh, shh. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Alexis: Come on.

Ric: I know.

[Door slams]

Tracy: Mac is right. There's no bringing Laura back, and you fighting over her is just perpetuating the tragedy.

Bobbie: Laura would want you both to put the past behind you and move on with your lives.

Scott: Well, Bobbie, if Laura wanted Luke to move on, I mean, then why would you endorse that sham of a wedding?

Luke: Barbara, don't explain yourself to this.

Bobbie: Scott, I went along with the wedding because I knew how much it meant to Laura.

Scott: You mean how much it meant to this fool of a brother to hang on to the Quartermaine money. But you know what? Things worked out fine because you're her ex-husband, just like me, and to the eyes of the law, we are on equal footing. So, may the best man win.

Carly: Wow. I haven't seen you here before.

Jax: Mr. Barrett's the newest addition to our security team.

Carly: Hmm.

Coop: Everyone calls me Coop.

Carly: Hello, Coop. Nice to meet you. I can tell you're going to make a wonderful addition to our staff.

Jax: Well, that remains to be seen. So far, Mr. Barrett hasn't done much but socialize.

Logan: You know what? That's my fault. I just got into town and I was asking Coop here if he knew of any work.

Jax: And you are?

Coop: Uh -- this is Logan Hayes. He's a buddy of mine from the army. I can vouch for him.

Jax: This is only your second shift. I don't think you should be vouching for anyone just yet.

Carly: I don't know about that. So far, I'm impressed. I think Coop here is exactly what we've been looking for -- polite, well-spoken, and obviously courageous. The kind of man who'd be willing to lay down his life to keep me safe, isn't that right?

Coop: Uh -- yes, ma'am.

Carly: You can call me Carly. We're obviously going to be spending a lot of time together.

Jax: Excuse us. Carly and I have some business to discuss.

Sonny: So, Alcazar has you making his threats now?

Skye: Lorenzo isn't as helpless as you seem to think. If you don't stop putting pressure on Lorenzo's business, your own piers will be shut down for good, as well as your foreign holdings, including your casinos, will be at risk from outside interference.

Sonny: Is that so?

Skye: See, Lorenzo has both the power and the money to take away what you've worked so hard to build. So, Sonny, if you want a war, you got one.

Sonny: Okay, I get what you're trying to do here, and I understand -- you know, Alcazar's the father of your child; you want to protect Alcazar and your little girl. But I think that you're way over your head here. And if you're not careful, you're going to end up collateral damage.

Skye: Is that a threat?

Sonny: No, it's not -- it's not a threat, it's a warning. See, I've -- I've turned a blind eye to Alcazar way too long, and look what happened -- Robin got shot, Alan's dead.

Skye: Lorenzo had no idea that Craig would double-cross him or try to take any of your --

Sonny: He had no idea? He brought Craig here, knowing he was dangerous.

Skye: Lorenzo didn't have a choice.

Sonny: Well, he does now. He could either stay here, right, or he could leave. But I'll tell you what right now. He's not doing business in this town.

Lulu: I hate that Scott Baldwin is never going to have to pay for what he did to my mom or Rick Webber, but right now it's more important that I protect my dad.

Milo: There are other ways to get justice for your mother. You could talk to Sonny.

Lulu: No. Already did that, and he said it wouldn't be good if any of this came out right now, and he is right.

Spinelli: So we're back to square one.

Dillon: Well, no, we know the truth now. So, no.

Lulu: Okay, I think -- really, I think that's what my mom wanted. Um -- you know, she gave me this mystery to solve because she knew that I was going to miss her, and it was never really about public vindication, it was about giving me closure, and now that I have that, I can move on.

Maxie: Can you believe Carly? She was practically throwing herself at you.

Coop: Only to make her boyfriend jealous.

Maxie: That doesn't matter -- she's your boss.

Logan: Which makes it even better.

Maxie: Which makes it inappropriate.

Logan: Hey, there is something about the strong, silent type that women have a hard time resisting. You should play that up more often.

Coop: You should go -- I have work to do.

Logan: Hey, I just got here. All right, fine, I'll leave. It was nice meeting you.

Maxie: No, wait a second -- you didn't answer my question.

Logan: What question?

Maxie: Why do you care so much about Lulu's mom killing Rick Webber?

Logan: Because she didn't.

Maxie: And how do you know that?

Logan: I told you -- I overheard her talking at the coffee shop. You know, said some guy named -- uh, Scott Baldwin killed Webber, not her mom.

Maxie: Scott?

Coop: Do you know him?

Maxie: Scott Baldwin, he used to be married to Laura, he's been in love with her for years. No, there is no way he would kill someone and let Laura take the fall, sorry.

Logan: Hey, Lulu said she had proof, all right? But for some reason, she wasn't going to use it -- which seems like a complete waste to me. I mean, if Baldwin really did kill the guy, why does he deserve to get away with it?

Maxie: Who said he's going to?

Jax: Well, thanks for coming outside with me and talking to the inspector.

Carly: You could've been a little nicer to Coop.

Jax: I was being professional -- you should try that sometime.

Carly: You were being a jerk. You didn't have to be so hard on him.

Jax: Really? What would you have me do -- fall all over him like you did?

Carly: Coop is the image the Metro Court should be portraying. He is tall, clean-cut, and good-looking.

Jax: Well.

Carly: It's almost like having you standing there wearing a security outfit.

Jax: Well, maybe I should -- it seems to be the only way to get your attention these days.

Carly: There's something about him that reminds me of Jason. I tell you, if that guy Logan is anything like Coop, we need to hire him.

Jax: Really? Why? So you can stand in the lobby all day flirting with him, too?

Carly: I was not flirting, but if I were, it's none of your business because we are strictly business partners, remember?

Jax: Well, okay. Then, as strictly your business partner, I'm vetoing the marble. Okay?

Carly: You can't do that.

Jax: Yes, I can. Watch me.

Carly: No, you can't do that because I already placed the order.

Jax: Well, I don't remember signing off on it, so --

Carly: That's because I used petty cash.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Metro Court. Carly. What do you mean, "There's a problem with the marble"?

Stan: Sonny, I just got a confirmation. Everything happened exactly the way you wanted. As of 10 minutes ago, you, my friend, are the only supplier in the state.

Sonny: That's not good enough, Stan. You got make sure that the product isn't available through any other source.

Stan: That's not going to sit well. Are you -- are you sure about this?

Sonny: Some things are worth fighting for.

Alexis: Which one of these books are you going to read, because you are such a good reader. Which one?

Kristina: I want that one.

Alexis: I love that one. That's a good one.

[Car horn honks]

Kristina: Beep-beep.

Alexis: Guess what -- that beep-beep? The cab -- I have to go to the hospital. Hey -- hey, hey, hey. I'm doing everything I can to get better for you and Molly.

Viola: Are you leaving?

Alexis: Yeah, I'll be back at 7:00. I mean it. I love you.

[Alexis sighs]

Kristina: Mommy? I love you, too.

Ric: Toot-toot-toot-toot Molly you like that, honey? Oh, baby, I know it's hard for you right now. I know -- I know you want to see Kristina and Mommy, but you are definitely -- toot-toot -- going to get to toot-toot -- see them all the time, just not in the same way as you did before, you know?

[Ric sighs]

Ric: Look, I know it's a big adjustment for you, for everybody, but in the long run it's best -- but for you, especially. Let me see -- for you especially, sweetheart. Because what you need -- toot-toot -- what does Molly need? Tell me, tell Daddy what Molly needs. Molly needs somebody who's going to treat her and make her feel like what she is, and that is the most special, perfect, and important person in the entire -- the entire world. Because that's what you are to Daddy -- toot-toot -- and you always will be.

Maxie: Scott Baldwin inherited a ton of money from his wife when she died. I mean, she was worth billions and she left most of it to their daughter, but he definitely got an insane amount of money.

Logan: How much are we talking?

Maxie: Enough for Scott to walk away and start a new life. He skipped town a couple years ago to avoid being charged with corruption. If he didn't want to go to jail then, he sure as hell doesn't want to go now, especially if it means he'd be looking at years instead of months if it really comes out that he was the one that killed Rick Webber.

Logan: Baldwin would probably be willing to pay to keep something like this a secret.

Coop: Hey, hey, hey, forget it.

Logan: What? What?

Coop: Hey, you want to blackmail this guy, Baldwin, that's fine, but don't drag Maxie into it.

Maxie: Oh, you can't cut me out of it -- it was my idea.

Coop: Maxie, this isn't a game. You push this guy, he just might push you back.

Maxie: That's fine. So we let Scott think he's being blackmailed by someone else, someone he would never want to hurt.

Scott: Hey --

Lulu: Oh --

Scott: Lulu, I'm glad I caught you --

Lulu: Don't talk to me.

Scott: Listen, your father's out of jail. I -- I dropped the assault charges -- even though he tried to kill me -- but for the record, I -- I did it for you.

Lulu: If you want me to thank you, you can go to hell.

Scott: Wait a second, wait a second. Why do you have a problem with me?

Lulu: Simple -- it makes me sick that you're never going to pay for what you did.

Skye: There's no way Sonny's going to agree to a truce, and I don't know enough about your holdings to predict what he's going to go after next.

Lorenzo: If I hadn't tried to kill Sonny, you wouldn't be in this position right now.

Skye: Lorenzo, come on, you had no choice. Sonny was intercepting your cargo. You had to make sure he wasn't going to interfere with that shipment you were moving for the government -- which, by the way, they haven't tried to contact you, have they?

Lorenzo: No, the phone hasn't rung.

Skye: Oh, good. I can only handle one crisis at a time.

Lorenzo: I just wish there was something I could do to help, to get up. You shouldn't have to deal with this alone.

Skye: Hey -- come on; don't worry about me, all right? I'm a fast learner. And by the way, I've already set up a meeting with some of your people to see what we can do about protecting your interests.

Lorenzo: Thank you. I don't know what I would do without you in my life.

Skye: Well, you're never going to have to find out, now, are you? Now, you just lay here, get some rest, okay? I'll be back later.

Lorenzo: Okay.

[Phone rings]

[Lorenzo sighs]

Lorenzo: Alcazar. E situation is under control. No, Mr. Corinthos is overreaching himself, and I will be in a perfect position to take advantage of his mistake.

Carly: I can't believe you'd stoop so low.

Jax: What?

Carly: How could you go out and buy all the marble out from underneath me? How could you that?

Jax: I didn't even know you wanted marble until 20 minutes ago. How would I have time to go --

Carly: Do you realize how far behind this is going to put us? Do you realize that?

Jax: Forget about the marble. It's not worth holding up the renovations.

Carly: No, because you'd rather us go with granite, that's why.

Jax: Well, you were perfectly happy with the granite before.

Carly: Well, I'm not happy with it now, okay, and you know that I want marble for the wine bar. You are deliberately trying to deprive me. It's not fair. Since our breakup, you don't get to do this.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Maybe I can help. I heard you guys --

Carly: You need to go away. Go away.

Sonny: No, you're going to want to hear this, Jax.

Carly: You know what? Unless it's an emergency about the boys or you somehow have a truckload of Carrara marble, don't want to hear a word.

Jax: Of course.

Carly: "Of course" what?

Sonny: You're -- you're looking at the only distributor of Carrara marble in New York so if you want to finish your renovations, fortunately, or unfortunately -- however you want to see it -- you're going to have to deal with me.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Scott: What exactly did you think I unloaded on your mother?

Sam: Excuse me? Why are you here poking around in my life?

Carly: So let me guess -- I don't get the marble for my bar unless I spend time with you.

Sonny: Does that mean you don't want the marble?

Jason: Stop playing games with Carly.

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