GH Transcript Thursday 3/1/07

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/1/07


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Carly: Jax, I'm just trying to understand if there is a possibility for a future for us.

Jax: Yeah, well, I want that more than anything.

Carly: Then why are you being so distant?

Jax: Oh, you know damn well why. We can't just pick up where we left off. Not after you slept with Sonny.

Edward: What the devil are you doing in this house?

Sonny: I'm here to see Monica.

Edward: Monica's in no condition to have a visit from the likes of you.

Sonny: I'm sorry about Alan. He was a good man.

Edward: You stole Jason from Alan, just like you stole Michael from A.J. You know something? You're a blight on this family, and you helped put Alan in his grave.

Elizabeth: You want us to move in here?

Lucky: I know this is all happening kind of fast. I just asked you to marry me, we haven't even set a date, and here I am picking out a house --

Elizabeth: No, it's not that --

Lucky: I just thought if we got this all taken care of before the baby comes, it would make things easier. But if it's too much, I don't want to push, so -- you know what? As a matter of fact, why don't you just forget I even asked.

Elizabeth: I would love for us all to live here.

Lucky: Are you sure?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Why not? I -- I think it's a great idea. Some of my best memories have been in this house with you.

Lucky: Well, now we can spend years making new memories as a family -- you, me, Cameron, and our baby.

Sam: I know that you weren't close with Alan, and I guess, in some ways, that's got to make his death just a little bit more painful for you.

Jason: I just never thought about what it must've been like for Alan to have his own son look at him like a stranger. I can't think of anything else.

Alexis: You don't care about Molly, you don't care about anybody but yourself, because if you cared about Molly, you wouldn't take her away from the only home that she knows. Why would you do that? Why?

Ric: I'm not taking Molly to go live with wolves, I'm her father! I have the moral and the legal right to her custody.

Alexis: Is this about Molly, or is this about spiting me?

Ric: Oh, Alexis, you know what? Our marriage fell apart. You want to continually blame me for that, that's fine. Does that make you feel better? It doesn't give you the right to punish me by cutting me off from Molly, all right? I've offered you a compromise, you're not interested, so this is what you're left with, sweetheart. She is my daughter; she is going to come live with me.

Alexis: Over my dead body, sweetheart! You set me up!

Ric: You smoked pot and you got caught red-handed! Look, I'm sorry it came to that, but I'm not sorry enough to give up Molly. Okay, this is -- this is going nowhere. I am going to offer you one last compromise. You sign over custody of Molly to me right now, I will grant you generous visitation. It's going to be a hell of a lot better than if you take it into court.

Alexis: You try to take my child away from me, and I will make sure this is a public relations nightmare for you. You will lose everything and all of the power that comes with it.

Ric: It's better than losing my daughter.

Jax: We were engaged, and you turned around and married Sonny. And before you go explaining again that it was a legal tactic, you weren't obligated to sleep with him, were you?

Carly: We thought we were going to die. You were gone for weeks, Jax.

Jax: Oh -- you know, you're the one who encouraged me to go after Jerry. And I'm really thankful that you did because it not only gave me an opportunity to help my brother, but it also showed me that you aren't free of Sonny.

Carly: That is not true.

Jax: And you never will be.

Carly: That's not true. Sonny is the father of my children; I would do anything to keep him in their lives. That is the only reason I agreed to marry him. The second I found out he was lying to me, I tried to get a divorce.

Jax: Oh, really? Well, you obviously didn't try very hard.

Carly: He took my passport, okay? I couldn't leave the country!

Jax: He lied to you, he manipulated you, and you still couldn't resist sleeping with him.

Carly: We thought we were going to die.

Jax: Oh --

Carly: Listen to me. I can't take it back. I can't take it back any more than I can take back how much I've hurt you.

Jax: No, you can't.

Carly: So is this how it's going to be? You punishing me for something I can't change? Because if it is, I would rather walk away with the memories than stick around and watch it all fall apart.

Edward: Everything you have, you've taken from someone else -- your money, your power. You built an empire on thievery and corruption. And you took advantage of a boy's mental handicap and you stole his inheritance and you turned him away from his family.

Sonny: I didn't take advantage of Jason. He -- look, he came to work for me and I gave him a job.

Edward: Look, Jason just needed some time to remember, but you didn't even have the decency to respect his innocence. No, you came down and you swooped up and you used him.

Sonny: Jason wanted to start a new life. He needed a job, Edward.

Edward: He had a life and a family -- until you turned him into some mob lackey.

Sonny: Jason was an adult, he made his own decisions.

Edward: You took advantage of that boy's handicap. You know something? Jason was Alan's pride and joy, and the day you stole him from Alan was the day that Alan's heart began to fail. And someday, my friend, you are going to have to pay dearly for all the pain and misery that you have brought on this family.

Lucky: I don't want you to feel like I'm pushing you into it.

Elizabeth: No, you're not.

Lucky: I just wasn't sure if you'd be able to forgive me.

Elizabeth: You know, there were times that I would look at you and I didn't even know who you were anymore. But you got the help you needed to pick up the pieces of your life, and now I see the man I've always loved and the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with.

Lucky: You know, I'm glad that we'll be spending them here. There's just something about this house that just feels right.

Elizabeth: It's your mom, because every time I walk in that door I can feel her warmth and love.

Lucky: Well, maybe growing up in this house, our children will feel closer to my mother.

Sam: Alan was kind and generous to me, but it was pretty clear that whenever the two of you were together, all he could see was the son that he lost and the life that he could've had with you if not for the accident. He didn't accept you, and it caused a lot of tension. Jason, I could see it the two of you when I was in the same room with you. You didn't even have to say a word to each other.

Jason: See, that's the problem right there -- we didn't even -- we didn't even talk. I tried to avoid him.

Sam: Right, but you didn't do that to hurt him. You were trying to protect yourself. I know you and I know your family and I know how your family treats the people that they love, and I am sure -- I am sure that after the accident, they just panicked, and they tried to control you -- for your own good. Naturally, you felt trapped.

Jason: Yeah, but Alan wanted to explain. I never even tried to listen to him.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey, hey. How many times have you told me it doesn't do any good to look back, to think about what -- what might've been? You, Jason. You, of all people, should know that you can't beat yourself up over things that can't be changed. Hey -- you're going to just have to move on.

Jason: I wish I knew how.

Alexis: Molly really needs to be in her home with her sister -- and with me. You can visit her, I promise, anytime you want.

Ric: Forget it. I'll see you and when I'm granted full custody, you can ask for visitation.

Alexis: You selfish bastard! You're a public official! They're going to -- they going to air our dirty laundry everywhere! The kids are going to be hurt! Don't you care?

Ric: Your petition for primary custody is based on the assertion that Molly would be better off living with you, right?

Alexis: She would be.

Ric: You put Molly's life -- as well as Kristina's -- in jeopardy with your constant, ongoing association with a known racketeer. You let your daughter Kristina wander off into the middle of a warehouse just in time to see her sister shoot a man in cold blood. And then you were busted for drug possession while Molly and Kristina were in the house.

Alexis: By you. By you, which is the second-most hateful thing you did. The first was sleeping with my daughter, and don't think I'm not going to put that up for review, because the judge is going to see your character, Ric.

Ric: You went to extremes. You went to extremes to make sure that Sonny didn't have anything to do with his daughter, Kristina, but yet -- now you want me, without any kind of protest at all, to allow him to be around my daughter, Molly? Well, that's hypocrisy, Alexis. At worst, it's negligent parenting.

Alexis: Get out. Get out.

Ric: Molly is my daughter and she is going to be with me because she's a part of me, and that's why I'm taking her.

Alexis: Get out. Get out, get out, get out!

Lulu: Thank you.

Elizabeth: Okay?

Lulu: Yeah.

Nikolas: It's good to see you're out of the hospital.

Lulu: Oh, it's so good to be out.

Nikolas: Yeah. I'm glad that you're staying here for now. The Quartermaines are obviously going through a difficult time right now. It'll be good.

Lulu: Yeah, how is Emily handling everything?

Nikolas: Well, she's more concerned with everyone else, including yourself. How's your leg?

Lulu: Oh, well, the doctor said I need to rest for a while, which isn't hard since not much happens at Grandma's house.

Lucky: Well, that might not be for long.

Lulu: Why?

Lucky: You want to tell them?

Elizabeth: Lucky and I are going to be moving in here.

Lucky: Yeah, right after we get married.

Nikolas: After what? You're getting married?

Lucky: Yeah, as soon as we set a date.


Elizabeth: Surprise.

Nikolas: Well, okay, I'm happy for you.

Elizabeth: Thanks.

Nikolas: Congratulations.

Lucky: Thank you.

Nikolas: Did you -- did you know about this?

Lulu: The part about the wedding, but not about the house. What about Grandma?

Lucky: Well, Grandma's been thinking about moving out ever since Mom went back to Shadybrook -- that this house was too big for one person. So Elizabeth and I are going to move in, and she's going to move into an apartment on Fourth Street. She wants to stay within walking distance of her new great-grandchild. Hmm.

Sam: Eventually, you're -- you're going to have to face what you lost and try to get past it. That's what I had to do with Danny and my little girl. Jason, when they died, I didn't think I was going to be able to move on. You saw there were days that I didn't know if I was going to get out of bed. And I did. You know, and I -- I finally had to learn to accept that they just weren't going to be with me anymore.

Jason: I wasted so much time, that's all.

Sam: Okay. That's okay, just learn from it. I mean, if anything, Alan's death teaches us all that we've got to spend a lot more time with the people that we love, no matter how difficult the circumstances. Because you never know how long you're going to have. Are you going to be okay here?

Jason: Yeah, I'll be fine.

Sam: I -- I think I have to go see Alexis. Jason, try not to think about what you missed with Alan. Just focus on what you do for so many other people.

Sonny: I didn't come here to add to your pain. I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am.

Edward: Oh, what? Sorry for what? Because you kept Alan from his grandchild, or because you're feeling guilty because you destroyed his two sons?

Sonny: Jason didn't -- life didn't end in that car wreck. As a matter of fact, he became a different person. If you had accepted that, instead of, you know, doing what you guys did, things would've been different.

Edward: Jason would've come back to this family in time. Yes, his memory was lost, but his soul wasn't -- until you stripped it of him and turned him into a life of crime.

Sonny: Jason's life may not have been what you wanted, Edward, but it was his choice, not mine.

Edward: You know, he never even had time to call or come by and see his parents. No, he was too busy doing your dirty work to pay attention to his family. You know something? It was because of you that Jason didn't get to be with Alan when he died. Alan didn't even get to say goodbye to his son, and you stole that from him. You're a gutter-smelling thief, Corinthos. Now, get the hell out of my house.

Carly: I know how it feels when love disintegrates into mistrust and resentment. I don't want that for us.

Jax: No, neither do I.

Carly: That's exactly what's going to happen. I am going to do everything I can to earn your forgiveness and renew your faith in me, and every time I mention Sonny, you're going to have tons of questions. I will resent you for it. In no time at all, I will be acting out, and we will wind up hating each other, Jax.

Jax: No, I could never hate -- I could never hate you.

Carly: You were this amazing gift that came into my life when I least expected it. No one has ever had a place in my heart the way you do. You accepted me for who I am and you love me in spite of it, and if you can't do than anymore, then we should just let it go. You got corn?

Alexis: I guess I shouldn't be surprised -- that I need another dose of chemo -- because you told me that would happen. I just wasn't expecting it to happen so soon. Ahem. I have to, uh, be in court next week. I have a custody hearing. For my daughter Molly. That takes priority. Thank you. If you could see what you could do, I would appreciate that, thank you.

[Knock on door]

Alexis: Come on in.

Sam: Is it a bad time?

Alexis: It's getting hard to tell the difference. What's going on?

Sam: I -- um -- I don't know if you heard, but Alan died yesterday.

Alexis: Nikolas told me. I went over there this morning. How's Jason?

Sam: Well, you see, that -- that's kind of why I'm here. You know, Jason never really had a relationship with Alan. And now that Alan is gone, he really regrets all the time that he lost, and I just don't want to have those same regrets. You're the only mother that I'm ever going to have. And I know that our relationship hasn't been easy, and most of it has been my fault. I have done so many things that I am not proud of. So many things. All do is say that I am so sorry. I am so, so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. And I don't expect you to forgive me or accept my apology. I just didn't want another day to go by without you knowing how really, truly sorry I am.

Alexis: I forgive you, Sam.

Jax: Look, I don't want you to have to second-guess everything you say or do, as far as Sonny is concerned. And I certainly don't want you to be bending over backwards asking for forgiveness. And I don't want to be bending over backwards competing for your affection.

Carly: There is no competition, Jax, none. I love you.

Jax: And what about Sonny? I mean, as much as I would love for him just to disappear forever, I know ever going to happen, I know that he's always going to be a part of your life. But if we're going to be together -- and I've said this before -- it has to be about us, okay, and no one else.

Carly: It would be, it would be.

Jax: Until Sonny's next crisis -- manufactured or otherwise.

Carly: I thought I was helping Sonny, Jax. I thought I was helping Sonny, but I can't. Not the way he needs. Look, I am getting a divorce no matter what happens between you and me because I can't be married to him. And if I still have a choice, I choose you.

Sonny: How'd it go, Stan?

Stan: Hey. All the surveillance systems have been updated just like you asked, Sonny.

Sonny: Any problems?

Stan: No, no, the casino is fine. But this coffee right here is another story.

Sonny: All right, you know, you got to talk to Vinny, because if he's scorching the cup --

Stan: Oh, no, it's not the taste. It's the source. The [missing] every covert capitalistic and false-flag-bearing operation going on in this world, you know?

Sonny: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

Stan: Meanwhile, the rich keep getting richer off the backs of the workers. I mean, not only are they undervalued and underpaid, but the working conditions -- Sonny, like, seriously --

Sonny: Okay, Stan, seriously, we're going to have to wait on the revolution.

Stan: Ahem.

Sonny: I want you to go over every inch of Alcazar's operation, all right?

Stan: Okay. Are you looking for anything specific?

Sonny: Well, you know, I just want you to find any weakness you can. You know that bullet that hit his head, that he's telling everybody that he lost his memory or whatever?

Stan: Yeah, yeah.

Sonny: He's vulnerable. I want to know every place in that organization that I can take over.

Stan: I'm on it.

Sonny: I heard about Alan. Are you okay?

Nikolas: So, should I be offended that she knew the two of you were getting married and I didn't? Should I?

Lucky: We wanted to tell you and Emily, but the timing wasn't right.

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah, I guess so. Well, she never gave up hope that the two of you could work things out. So, when's the wedding?

Lucky: The sooner the better. I'd like to be married before the baby's born.

Lulu: Wow! Okay, that gives you two months, so you better start planning if you're going to top your last wedding.

Elizabeth: Oh, no, no, no, no. We're going to do something simple, right?

Lucky: Yeah.

Elizabeth: I was thinking maybe Justice of the Peace, City Jail.

Nikolas: No, no, you can't do that.

Lulu: Oh, no, no! Uh-uh! No, there is no way you are starting off your new lives together waiting in a hall for half a day, and then getting your vows read you off some legal form.

Nikolas: At least consider having a traditional wedding -- friends, family.

Elizabeth: Well, you know, it's a little late to reserve a church.

Lulu: Why don't you just have it here? I know for a fact you don't need a reservation.

Lucky: We've done it here before and it didn't work out.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lulu: So, what, you think this house is jinxed?

Elizabeth: No! No. No.

Lulu: No, come on, this is Mom's house. She would love it if you guys got married here.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Lucky: What do you think?

Elizabeth: I want to do whatever makes you happy.

Lucky: You make me happy.

Lulu: So, does that mean yes? You guys are going to get married here?

Lucky: Yes.

Lulu: Yes? Yay!

Lucky: Okay?

Lulu: Oh, good. I'm so happy.

Nikolas: I'm happy for you, I really am.

Elizabeth: Thanks. Who would've thought Lucky and I would be planning a wedding again --

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Much less a future together?

Nikolas: I guess a baby has a way of changing things, huh?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Jason: Monica thought it would upset Alan if -- if he saw me all banged up, so I left. And then on my way back, Spinelli said he had a lead on Craig.

Sonny: You went in after him?

Jason: Yeah, I went after him. And then Alan asked for me. He waited for me. And I -- uh -- I failed him.

Sam: Alan's death hit Jason so hard. I've just -- I've never seen him like this before.

Alexis: Alan was his father.

Sam: I know, but it -- it didn't really mean anything to him, it couldn't. He doesn't remember being raised by Alan at all.

Alexis: I didn't raise you, so am I just some woman --

Sam: No.

Alexis: Who thinks that she's your mother?

Sam: No, I think it's completely different. I had a childhood, I have memories, I had a parent. Jason -- he -- he doesn't remember anything after his accident. It's a complete blank slate. He doesn't remember Alan or that relationship.

Alexis: In any loving relationship, there is regret, or there's expectation. But when it's your child, or it's your parent, it just matters so much.

Sam: I guess I'm never going to know. I found out that I'm not going to be able to have any more children.

Alexis: I'm sorry, Sam.

Sam: I just -- oh, I can't wrap my head around it. I just don't really know how. I don't know how. All I do know is that if I can't be a mother, then I want to be the best daughter that I know how.

Alexis: Sometimes life's just too short.

Sam: Alexis --

Alexis: I have lung cancer. I'm not going to spend any more time resenting anything -- not you.

[Sam sighs]

Alexis: We all make mistakes. Sometimes they're awful, but it doesn't change the fact that you're my daughter. You're my daughter, and we're going to work to get past our differences.

Sam: Oh. Thank you.

Carly: I've made a lot of bad decisions in my life, but I finally got it right when I fell in love with you. Not just for me, but for my boys, and I -- I need to know if there's still a chance for us.

Jax: If you're asking me to make promises --

Carly: I'm not.

[Knock on door]

Carly: I'm just asking you if there's a possibility for us --

Jax: You going to get that?

Carly: No, this is far more important.


Tracy: I can see you standing there. Open the damn door!

Carly: What?

Tracy: Thank you. We need to talk about Lulu.

Carly: Can this please wait? I'm in the middle of something with Jax and it's very important.

Tracy: Do you think I would be standing here if it could wait?

Carly: What do you want?

Tracy: Lulu's about to make a terrible mistake and I need you to stop her.

Jax: Okay, you -- you need to deal with this.

Carly: No, please wait.

Jax: Tra--

Carly: Jax?

Tracy: Lulu has convinced herself that her mother didn't kill Rick Webber.

Carly: If Lulu wants to believe that her mother is innocent, I don't see a problem with that, Tracy.

Tracy: The problem is that Scott Baldwin is back in town and he knows something about Rick's death.

Carly: Okay, maybe it's finally time the truth comes out.

Tracy: Your Uncle Luke is the one that told Laura she killed her stepfather. If it turns out that he was wrong, it will destroy him!

Carly: Last time I checked, Luke's a big boy.

Tracy: Oh! All right, Carly, if you can't muster up any compassion for your uncle, how about for your cousin? If Luke spirals out, Lulu will never forgive herself. Do you want to put her through that?

Carly: Why is this so important to you?

Tracy: Because Luke's my husband, and I happen to think he's lost enough because of Laura. I think he and Lulu should both be free to move on.

Elizabeth: Did you find the chairs?

Lucky: Found something even better -- Lulu's old crib.

Lulu: What? That thing is still out there?

Lucky: Yeah, I guess Mom kept it just in case she might need it again someday. So I was thinking maybe we could put it in the nursery for the baby.

Lulu: It's white, so actually it would work for a boy or a girl.

Elizabeth: Okay. It sounds perfect.

Nikolas: If you -- if you would allow the doctor to tell you what you were having, it would make decorating a lot easier.

Elizabeth: I know.

Lucky: Yeah, we want it to be a surprise.

Lulu: So what are you guys hoping for?

Lucky: A girl so we can name it after Mom.

Nikolas: Oh. What about you? What do you prefer?

Elizabeth: I just want a healthy baby -- no matter who he or she takes after.

Carly: Lulu? I guess I'm interrupting.

Lulu: Uh -- no, it's actually sort of a coincidental family gathering. Um -- Lucky and Elizabeth have some big news.

Lucky: We're getting married again and moving in here.

Carly: Wow.

Lucky: Yeah, hey, listen, I hate to drop that on you and run, but I have to get back to work.

Elizabeth: And so do I.

Lucky: Okay.

Lulu: Oh. Bye.

Nikolas: I need to get back myself, so --

Lulu: You're out? Oh.

Nikolas: Yes, yes.

Lulu: Bye.

Nikolas: Carly.

Carly: Yeah.

Lulu: Oh.

Carly: Well, now, that is the best news I've heard in a while.

Lulu: I thought you hated Elizabeth.

Carly: I do hate Elizabeth.

Lulu: Then why are you happy for her?

Carly: Because if she's a married woman, she can't go sniffing around Jason.

Lulu: Elizabeth would not be sniffing around Jason, she's ---

Carly: Are you kidding, Lulu? Elizabeth lives to go after Jason.

Jason: This look on his face like he wanted to make a connection with me, you know, and I didn't -- I didn't want to disappoint him, so it was just easier for me if I just stayed away.

Sonny: You couldn't have known that he was going to die so suddenly.

Jason: I always thought Alan wanted more than -- than I could give him, you know? But it turns out he really wasn't asking for much, just to -- just spend some time with me. Now it's -- uh -- it's too late.

Lainey:: I just finished the psych evaluation on Kaminski. He's fit to stand trial.

Ric: Thank you.

Lainey:: Rough day?

Ric: I've had a rough life.

Lainey:: Do you feel like talking about it?

[Ric snickers]

Ric: That depends. Will you give me the family rate -- two brothers for the price of one?

Lainey:: I'm running a special today -- first session's free. So, who you having trouble with?

Ric: Oh -- I don't know. I love my daughter, and somehow that makes me wrong.

Ric: See, I'm the pariah that's trying to take a -- a child away from her cancer-stricken mother, and what everybody seems to be forgetting is that Molly is my daughter, too. I mean, Alexis has tried to cut me out of Molly's life completely. Molly would never know how much I love her or how much I wanted her to be with me. I mean, I want a better life for my daughter.

Lainey:: But wouldn't it be better for Molly to have the love and support of both of her parents?

Ric: Alexis has always treated Kristina as -- as her favorite -- always has, always will be.

Lainey:: Kristina's still reeling from a very traumatic experience. I mean --

Ric: And whose fault is that, right? Sorry, it's not yours. Alexis treated Molly as an afterthought long before Kristina even witnessed the shooting.

Lainey:: Have you tried talking to Alexis about this?

Ric: Yeah. Alexis I-- she accuses me of projecting my abandonment issues on Molly. She says that I'm using Molly as a -- a way to feed my grudge for Sonny, which is completely ridiculous. I mean, she could -- she could condemn me for a lot of things that I've done as a brother, as a -- as a husband, as a D.A., but not as a father. I love my daughter with all my heart, more than my own life. And I can't let anybody take her away from me. Not even her mother.

Jax: Alexis? Hey, you all right?

Alexis: Just thinking. Did you know that you could have flashbacks even when you're not on your deathbed cause I'm having them. I'm seeing my life go by and all the mistakes that I made and all the opportunities that I've missed.

Jax: Oh. Blissful marriage of convenience to a dashing Aussie?

Alexis: Thank you.

Jax: For what? When I stranded you in the desert that time?

Alexis: For reminding me that you were the only successful relationship that I've ever had in my life -- marriage, divorce, and we're still best friends.

Jax: Yeah. This wouldn't be about Ric, by any chance, would it?

Alexis: He came by and offered me a very generous visitation, as long as he gets sole custody of Molly.

Jax: Well, I hope you told him to go straight to hell.

Alexis: I lost my temper and I told him that I thought his career was more important than Molly. Now Ric is more determined to take Molly away from me.

Jax: Well, then I'll have to see to it that Ric loses everything.

Alexis: Did you threaten Ric?

Jax: No, I told Ric -- and Mayor Floyd -- that if you lose custody of Molly, I'll use all my resources to make sure the blame for the hostage crisis is laid squarely at their feet.

Alexis: No, Jax, you can't do that.

Jax: No, look, Ric thinks that you're helpless and somehow he's untouchable. I'm going to show him just how wrong he is.

Alexis: I appreciate you trying to help, but this isn't the right way to do it. If he loses his career, he's just going to focus on Molly and he'll spend all of the energy that he has trying to take her from me.

Jax: Then let him try. He's going to have to put up one hell of a fight.

Alexis: He grew up without a mother. At some point, he's got to realize that it's best that Molly stay with me.

Jax: No, no, you know how spiteful Ric can be. He doesn't care about Molly, he only cares about winning.

Alexis: I know, but we can't push him, because if you push him, he strikes back, and then there'll be an ugly custody battle and Molly will get hurt.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: I can't let my children suffer anymore from my mistakes.

Carly: I hear you've been playing PI.

[Lulu sighs]

Lulu: Yeah, I have. My mom told me that she was innocent, so the least that I could do is to clear her name.

Carly: Okay. Let's say Laura didn't kill Rick Webber. What if you find the person who did?

Lulu: Then I'll go to the police with it.

Carly: Lulu, if someone went to all this trouble to frame your mom, they're not going to be too happy about the fact that you would go to the cops. What if the person who killed Rick comes after you?

Lulu: You can't scare me into giving up.

Carly: I'm not trying to scare you into giving up. I'm just saying you need to think things through.

Lulu: I have.

Carly: Well, then think some more, okay? Because when Luke told Laura that she killed her stepfather, it was too much for her to handle. What if your father finds out that she's innocent, and he blames himself for her breakdown?

Lulu: This is the last thing that my mom asked of me.

Carly: Okay, I am not telling you to stop the search, all right? For your sake and for your dad's, you need to be very careful.

Sam: I wanted to come by and tell you how -- how sorry I am about Alan.

Edward: Thank you, my dear.

Sam: I know what it's like to lose a child, and I -- I wouldn't wish that pain upon anybody.

Edward: You know, it really is unfair for -- for a parent to outlive their children -- or their grandchildren, for that matter. We've had so many losses in this family.

Edward: First Lila, then A.J., and Justus, and now Alan.

Sam: Is there anything I can do for you, anything at all?

Edward: Well, now that we have lost Alan, we need Jason more than ever. Now, I know this sounds like I'm preparing for some kind of underhanded ploy, but --

Sam: Yeah, a little bit.

[Sam sighs]

Edward: No, but -- just consider it a plea, a simple plea, to help me put what's left of this family back together again.

Sam: Whew. Okay, what do you want me to do?

Edward: Bring Jason back to us.

Sam: Oh, come on, Edward. I can't force Jason to come back here. He's going to have to reach out to you.

Edward: But Monica needs the support of her children. The Quartermaines must band together. And I know that somewhere deep down, Jason still loves us. And I feel sure that he is harboring some unresolved emotions.

Sam: Yeah. I guess Alan death really puts everything into perspective.

Edward: Hmm.

Sam: Nothing binds people closer than blood.

Elizabeth: Whew. I was kind of hoping your daddy would be here so I could thank him again -- although, "thank you" doesn't seem nearly enough. I don't know how I'll ever be able to repay Jason for giving you up. I know your daddy loves you. But Lucky needs you. And he'll be a good father and you'll have a good life, and that's what Jason wants more than anything -- is for you to be happy.

Sonny: Every parent, every child has regrets, Jason. Look at me and Mike -- there's nothing that he would want more than to get closer to me because I'm his -- I'm his son. That's what every parent wants -- that's what I would want for my kids, that's what Alan wanted for you.

Jason: But I pushed him away.

Sonny: Yeah, but, you know, eventually, every child pushes their parents away because they want to get out of the house, they want to live on their own. Only thing you can do for them is -- is teach them enough about the world so they can live on their own. I know you're not going to be able to repay Alan, but you can honor him by passing down what he gave to you to your own kids.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Dillon: What's the deal with Scott Baldwin?

Lulu: I'm sure that he knows something about the night Rick Webber died.

Jax: We need to get a couple of things straight.

Sonny: Yeah, we do.

Carly: What are you doing here?

Jason: A lot happened in here. My whole life changed.

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