GH Transcript Monday 2/19/07

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/19/07


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[Music plays]


James: Everybody stay where you are! This is a robbery. Cooperate, and it'll be over in five minutes.

Singer: Can you feel that this is ending?

James: All right, don't think of yourselves as hostages, but think of yourselves as my guests. Sit quietly, behave yourselves, or die. It's that kind of a party.

[Robin screams]

Elizabeth: Oh!

Nikolas: Robin?

James: Excuse me, excuse me. How badly do you want to be employee of the month?

[Tires screech]

Jason: Okay, hold -- hold it. If they know you're here, someone could get killed.

Lulu: Do you know anything about explosives?

Sam: A little bit too much. But there's enough here to blow us all up.

James: If you become more trouble than the objective in our vault is worth, we shall press the button, go in the back, and you shall all go boom.

Jason: Stay on the system, the monitor. I'm going to let you know what I need, okay?

Spinelli: Yeah.

James: Who's it going to be? Your best friend? Hmm? Your father?

Singer: Where where is our position? And all that's not

Det. Rodriguez: They're going to know we're coming.

Lucky: At least they won't be able to see us.

Singer: Without a chance

Sonny: There hasn't been a day that goes by in my life that I don't think --

Singer: It's not enough

Sonny: I love you.

Singer: Leave on one goodbye on one goodbye

Carly: I love you, too

Singer: You can't give up and leave on one goodbye not one goodbye no it's not enough to leave on one goodbye on one goodbye you can't give up and leave on one goodbye on one goodbye we were never meant to make it past we were never meant to make it


Nikolas: Emily --


Luke: Natasha, my daughter's in whatever's left of that building! You got to help me get out of this!

Alexis: How am I supposed to do that, Luke?

Luke: Get a cop, get a key!

Alexis: I'll try!

Luke: Please!

Monica: Alan?

Alan: Hmm?

Monica: Alan, it's me. Can you hear me?

Alan: Hmm.

Monica: You're in the hospital. Here. Here you go. Yeah. Here you go. Better?

Alan: What happened?

Monica: You had angioplasty, but you're -- you're okay. You made it through. And I love you too much to let you go, okay?

Ric: Hey, you know, Nikolas, no.

Sam: No, no, no, don't go in!

Mac: You can't go in there, Nikolas.

Nikolas: She was right behind me! She was right behind me! Right behind me.

Mac: All right, all right.

Sam: Listen to me --

Nikolas: No, she was supposed to be right there! She was supposed to --

Sam: She probably found another way.

Nikolas: No, you --

Sam: Come on. Hold on.

Nikolas: You owe me this, Mac. You owe me this, right? For Robin! You owe me this!

Mac: You need to be checked by the paramedics, Nikolas. Robin is fine. You don't think I want to go in there? Maxie is in there. Listen to me. Listen to me -- the paramedics and the firefighters are in there. Let the professionals --

Nikolas: Get off of me!

Patrick: Epiphany? Epiphany, I need help. Robin's critical. Robin, hold on. I'm not going to lose you now.

Elizabeth: Get off of me!

Jason: No, no -- wait, wait.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God -- Jason?


Lucky: Elizabeth? Elizabeth, answer me!

[Coughing] Lulu, where are you?

Firefighter: What do you got?

Lucky: We got a lot of blood.

Firefighter: We're all clear.

Lucky: Listen, we need help over here!


Lucky: There's somebody I got to find. Elizabeth?


Lucky: Lulu? Give me just a little more time.


Ric: Nikolas, calm down, all right? We can't have you running in there when we're trying to bring people out.

Nikolas: Are you really going to tell me how rough it's been out here? Try living through what we just did!

Mac: You made it out. We got teams of professionals inside searching. They'll find Emily.

Nikolas: Are you telling me that I can't go in there right now? Is that what you're telling me?

Ric: If you go in there and you risk your life, she's going to be walking out the back, and then she's going to get mad at us for not keeping you safe, okay? Look, here's how it's going to go. You either stay behind the lines where you're safe, or you can be arrested.

Alexis: He'll wait, right?

Ric: Smart move.

Sam: We need a medic over here! You shouldn't be here, either.

Alexis: You both are my family. I wouldn't be anywhere else. I am so grateful that you both made it out.

Nikolas: Well, what about everyone else who's trapped inside there?

Jason: Are you hurt?

Elizabeth: I don't think so.

Jason: What about the baby? Is there any pain?

Elizabeth: No. No, what -- what happened? Did we fall?

Jason: Yeah, I think -- I think we fell, and I tried to shield you.

Elizabeth: I don't even feel anything. I don't even feel like we've been in an accident.

Jason: You could be in shock, right?

Elizabeth: Jason, your face is bruised.

Jason: It's okay. It's from the fight with Craig.

Jason: Everything's shut down.

Elizabeth: You mean we can't call for help?

Patrick: Waiting on those IV fluids and blood, Nurse!

Epiphany: On the way, Doctor.

Luke: Dr. Drake, did you see Lulu in there?

Patrick: I'm sorry, Luke, I had my hands full.

Luke: My hands are free! Help me get loose! Mac, damn it!

Mac: Tell me -- tell me!

Patrick: She's alive, Mac. I'm not letting her out of my sight.

Mac: How bad is the gunshot wound?

Patrick: I don't know. Until I open up and see what Emily did, I can't tell. But I'm fighting for her.

Three: Are you okay?

Maxie: Yeah, I think -- I think so. I can't believe you threw yourself on me.

Three: Did I? I guess I wasn't thinking. What are you doing?

Maxie: Quick, you have to get these off so the rescuers think you're a hostage.

Three: But --

Maxie: Trust me, okay? This is your only chance to get out of here.

Lucky: Lulu? Lulu? Lulu? Elizabeth, where are you? Elizabeth? Lulu?

Monica: Tracy's been here, Edward -- Alice even came by.

[Alan chuckles]

Monica: She took Edward home. She's going to look after him, which of course you know is going to make him completely insane.

Alan: Is Father all right?

Monica: He's worried.

Alan: About what?

Monica: About you. He's beside himself.

Alan: Huh. I want to see my children, Monica. I need to see them.

Monica: Well, they'll be here. They'll be here in a while. You just need to rest.

Tracy: Is he awake?

Monica: More or less.

Alan: Who's that?

Tracy: It's me, your sister.

Alan: Oh, God.

Tracy: You had us pretty scared.

Alan: Get out of here. Nothing scares my sister.

[Alan chuckles]

Monica: I'm going to be right back, okay? I mean it -- you get some rest.

Monica: What?

Tracy: I just came from the hotel. There's been an explosion.

Monica: Oh, my God! How bad?

Tracy: Those maniacs blew up the lobby. They're just pulling people out now.

Monica: Emily?

Tracy: No, and as far as I can tell, they haven't found Lulu yet, either. I was going to yell at Mac, but then I realized that his daughter is in there, too.

Monica: You know, if you are showing sensitivity, that means this is a hell of a lot worse than you're saying.

Tracy: Alan's awake -- that's good news, right? Uh -- why don't you go back to him, and I'll -- I'll come back later.

Monica: Right. Oh, my --

Alan: Are the children coming?

Monica: Yes, yes, soon, soon.

Alan: Oh. I want to see all of them -- A.J. and Jason and Emily and Skye. I -- I need to see them.

Sam: No, he -- he never had a chance to tell me how he got there. I -- I turned around and I noticed that Jason was posing as one of the gunmen.

Nikolas: Which one was he?

Sam: Five.

Alexis: Five?

Nikolas: They used -- they used numbers instead of names. They wore -- they wore masks -- except for the one guy. She tore his --

Sam: I tore his mask off.

Nikolas: Tore it off.

Alexis: Well that was either very brave or very reckless.

Sam: No, it took away some of his power. It made him a little bit more like one of us.

Nikolas: What it did is make him angry, and he -- he dressed you like that to punish you, Sam.

Alexis: So that you wouldn't try to get away, you'd look like one of them?

Sam: No, it actually -- it made it a lot easier, Nikolas. Jason gave me one of the masks and I was able to sneak away when everyone was distracted.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, but all I see right now is swat people evacuating other swat people.

Sam: Hey -- hey, do you -- do you have any idea how close Emily was to the door?

Nikolas: No, she was supposed to be right behind me.

Alexis: Don't anticipate the worst, all right?

Sam: Come on, Alexis is right. Worry if you want, but as long as I'm going to stay here and wait for Jason, you get to stay here and wait for Emily, too, okay?

Lucky: Elizabeth? Elizabeth?

Emily: Help.

Lucky: Emily? Emily, hey. You hang on. Somebody help me!


E.M.T.: She's pinned.

[Emily coughs]

Lucky: Just check. Is she going to make it?

E.M.T.: You need to get out of here, and get that wound checked, or it'll be you we find here on the next trip.

Lucky: Listen, I'm looking for my wife and my sister.

E.M.T.: We've rescued a number of people. Maybe they're out already.

Lucky: You take care of her.

E.M.T.: Okay.

Lucky: Elizabeth!

[Sonny grunts]

Sonny: Wake up.

Carly: What --

Sonny: Wake up.

[Carly coughs]

Sonny: Don't you quit on me. Please, wake -- wake up.

Jason: Something's blocking the hatch. There's no way to pry these doors open.

Elizabeth: Where do you think we are?

Jason: I don't know. I think -- I think maybe the basement.

Elizabeth: Okay, so how do we get out of here?

Jason: We're just going to have to wait for the fire crews. They're going to find us eventually.

Elizabeth: What if the building is burning?

Jason: Okay, the cops would've shut off the gas main within the first hour to reduce the risk of fire, okay? The lobby's flameproofed. After what happened to the Port Charles Hotel, Jax wasn't going to take any chances.

Elizabeth: So we're relatively safe, right?

Jason: I mean, depends on how much structural damage from the explosion.

Elizabeth: Do you -- do you think the hotel collapsed?

Jason: No. I doubt it. But there is no telling how much debris is on top of us or how long it's going to take for them to dig us out.

Jason: I'm sorry.

Elizabeth: Sorry for what?

Jason: I knew I couldn't get you out of the lobby before the explosion, so --

Elizabeth: When Craig�s people started shooting and there was so much chaos, I couldn't -- I couldn't see which way to run. How did you find me?

Jason: I -- I just did. I don't know why the cops cut the power. I was sure. I was -- I was positive that they would wait for the vault to open to storm the lobby. That's why I sent Sam out there to -- to warn them.

Elizabeth: Well, then she must've made it.

Jason: I mean, she has a -- a better chance than anyone else, but --

Elizabeth: I'm trying to remember who was closest to the door.

Jason: That's not necessarily an advantage. You know, Craig�s people were shooting, the cops were shooting, swat was there, it was dark.

Elizabeth: Jason --

Jason: There was -- I'm sorry.

Elizabeth: But Emily and -- and Nikolas -- oh, God, and Lulu -- she wasn't even near the door.

Jason: Elizabeth -- Elizabeth? I know -- I know that you're scared. The only person you can help is your baby. So just try to stay calm, okay?

Elizabeth: You're scared, aren't you?

Jason: I just don't want to lose anyone I care about.


Sonny: We need a medic right now! We need a medic!

Carly: You got to stop yelling.

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: Hi.

Sonny: You scared the hell out of me.

Carly: Are you okay?

Sonny: I'm wonderful. Are you okay?

Carly: I think so. I think I'm okay.

Sonny: Thank God you're alive. Oh, man.

Carly: I love you.

Sonny: I love you.

Firefighter: Let's go.

Luke: Dillon -- Dillon, have you seen Lulu?

Dillon: No, nothing. No.

Georgie: Mac said he'd call if he found Lulu or Maxie.

Luke: What kind of damage is done to the lobby?

Dillon: I don't know. They won't let us close. We can't even see what's going on.

Russell: Hey, hey, hey, we need your help. I want you to listen to Epiphany and help with the injured coming out of the hotel, and pay attention to her and no one else.

Epiphany: Now, you heard the doctor. We need blankets, let's get busy. Come on.

Monica: It's okay, it's okay, I'm here. You're all right.

Alan: Where is everyone?

Monica: You are still critical. You can only have one visitor at a time.

Alan: What happened at the hotel?

[Music plays]

Alan: Emily was one of the hostages.

Monica: Yeah, it's all -- it's all over, Alan. It's all over. The police made it into the lobby.

Alan: It was terrible, Monica. Those gunmen, they treated us like animals. They shot Robin.

Monica: It's okay. It's okay, Alan. You are safe now, it's all right.

Alan: Everyone thought she was going to die. But Nikolas told me that Emily saved her life. She's always been such a blessing to us, Monica, I want to tell her.

Monica: She's going to be here just as soon as she can.

Alan: I thought --

Singer: And leave on one goodbye

Alan: I thought that Jason would come to help us --

Singer: On one goodbye

Alan: What with his sister and Sam being there and -- and Carly and Sonny. I don't know why he never came.

Singer: One goodbye

Elizabeth: I feel so sick about Cameron. I cannot believe that I do not have a will saying that I want him to go to my grandmother. It would be just like my sister, Sarah, to swoop down and -- and insist that she's the one to raise him. But I can't imagine him growing up without me. I'm his mom, and he needs me. And I promised myself that if I were to live through this, that I would do better, that I would do better for -- for Cameron and this new baby and that I wouldn't lie anymore, and that I would stop rationalizing making excuses --

Jason: Elizabeth, we're -- we're going to get out of this. I mean, we can breathe. It's more proof that there's no fire. You're going to be okay. Somebody is going to find us.

Three: The other hostages will know I'm not one of them.

Maxie: The other hostages never saw your face. All you have to do is act like you were some hotel guest and you were hiding in the bathroom the whole time.

Three: Is that what you want me to tell the cops, that I was hiding from Craig and his guys in the john?

Maxie: You don't have to tell them anything. Just act like you're out of it from the blast, and as soon as you get a chance, walk away all calm and quiet like nothing happened. In the confusion, no one will notice you're gone.

Three: Why are you doing this for me?

Maxie: Because you wouldn't shoot me when I got you locked in the vault, and you didn't press the detonator when Mr. Craig yelled at you. You're not a bad person, you just have really bad judgment sometimes, and I know what that's like.

Fireman: Is somebody there?

Maxie: Yeah, we're -- we're hostages. Can you get us out of here?

Fireman: Are you okay?

Maxie: Yeah. My name is Maxie Jones, my dad's Mac Scorpio. Can you help us? F

ireman: Miss Jones, follow me. Watch your step.

Sonny: Can you stand?

Carly: I think so.

[Carly groans]

Carly: Oh, my God.

[Sonny sighs]

Carly: Did Lulu get out? What about Jason? Oh, my God, Sonny --

Sonny: Carly, listen to me -- listen, listen -- we got to get out of here. Michael and Morgan, they need us alive, okay?

[Debris falls]

Sonny: Come on.

Kelly: Okay, I paged Dr. Rosenthal and they're prepping in OR. Has she been conscious at all?

Patrick: Not since Nikolas brought her out of the lobby.

Kelly: Is it true they operated on her in the hotel lobby?

Patrick: I talked it through Emily, or Robin would've bled to death. Where the hell is Rosenthal?

Kelly: On his way. Robin is going to be okay now, Patrick.

Patrick: She needs to get to the OR. Do they know she's dealing with immunocompromise? She's probably got early peritonitis.

Robin: Don't you ever say "please"?

Sam: Jason probably saved me by sending me out. I should've gone back in there for him.

Alexis: I doubt that Jason would want you to do that, Sam.

Nikolas: Yeah, I can't say I blame her.

Alexis: You guys are fortunate to be alive. I need you to just be grateful for that for about five minutes, okay?

Lainey: It's a very normal reaction to feel guilty.

Alexis: No -- I understand that, Lainey. I just don't want them to do anything stupid -- like go back into that building -- because you are a father, and I don't think Emily would want you to risk Spencer becoming an orphan, especially since there's nothing that you can do anyway. Everything that's -- that can be done is being done.

Sam: Will you listen to yourself lecturing us on taking chances? You should be in the hospital, or you should be in bed.

Alexis: I'm hoping that you'll stay put if you think of me as the needy cancer patient.

[Helicopter flies]

Lucky: Hey --

Nikolas: Where is she?

Lucky: Hey, listen, I knew you'd want to know that I found Emily.

Nikolas: Where -- where is she?

Lucky: Listen, the paramedics are helping out. She was under some rubble.

Nikolas: No, don't you tell me that. Don't you -- don't you tell me --

Lucky: Listen to me, she had a pulse! She was just unconscious.

Sam: What -- what about Jason?

Lucky: I'm going to look for him. I'm going to go back in. I have to find Elizabeth and Lulu.

Sam: Nikolas --

Emily: Hey.

Nikolas: Hey. Oh, God.

Jason: We're down here! Hey!

Elizabeth: This must've been a nightmare for you.

Jason: For me?

Elizabeth: Well, I just realized that out of everybody in that lobby, you had the most to lose -- your sister, your two best friends, first girl you ever loved, not to mention Sam. I'm sure she got out. I'm sure they all got out.

Jason: I got -- I got to the lobby minutes after Craig took over. Doors were darkened, and -- and I -- I saw a gunman through an open spot in the paint. Cops showed up, I knew they were going to follow their protocol, and when they did, everybody in that lobby would be trapped. That's -- that's why I called Spinelli.

Elizabeth: That's how Spinelli got in the hotel -- because he's working with you?

Jason: Yeah, I -- I needed tech support.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Jason: Uh --

Elizabeth: You -- you and Spinelli make a very interesting team.

Jason: Okay. Thank you. Um -- it's for the computer, okay? The guy can do anything. I mean, he pulled up footage of the lobby cameras before they were blackened. I could see Alan and Emily, and Robin and Sam and Sonny and Carly and you. You know, I kept making Spinelli play the footage over and over and over, and I told it was -- it was to study Craig, when, really, I just wanted -- I needed to see all of you alive, to, you know, believe I could keep you that way.

Elizabeth: You did everything you could.

Jason: Waited too long.

Elizabeth: Are you telling me you think you did something wrong in there?

Luke: Dillon, Lulu is still in there.

Dillon: Yeah, I know. They're bringing people out as fast as they can. Why'd the cops lock you up?

Luke: Well, I'm going in after her and you're going to help me. These people are equal opportunity rescuers. Lulu is my priority -- I'm betting she's yours, too -- now, help me!

Dillon: How am I supposed to help you?

Luke: Help me!

Dillon: There's nothing --

Epiphany: Okay, now, these supplies are not going to move themselves, so get busy. Make yourself useful!


Luke: Dillon? Dillon, get back here, you little bastard!

Dillon: Georgie, Georgie --

Georgie: Hey.

Dillon: Hey, Epiphany needs these.

Georgie: Uh --wait --

Dillon: I'll be right back, I'll be right back.

Luke: Thanks. Sorry about the "bastard" thing.

Dillon: Get Lulu out of there. Go.

Georgie: So much for my promise to Mac.

Dillon: He knows what he's doing, okay?

Georgie: Yeah, that's great for Elizabeth and Lulu. What about Maxie? Who's in that building that cares about her?

Carly: Maybe the boys don't know anything about this.

Sonny: As long as they're not afraid.

Carly: We have to find Lulu.

Sonny: Give me the gun.

Carly: You think we're going to need it?

[Debris falls]

[James sighs]

Six: James?

[Six coughs]

Six: Don't leave me.

James: Sorry, love. I'm already running late.

[Gun cocks]


[James groans]

Patrick: How do you feel?

Robin: Huh. Happy to be out of that hotel, happy to see you.

Patrick: You know, you were nothing but trouble all night.

Robin: What else is new?

Patrick: You really scared me.

Robin: You talked Emily through my surgery.

Patrick: Yeah, I did.

Robin: You know, there's this Chinese proverb -- ahem -- that says, "If you save someone, you basically own them"?

Patrick: Is that right? I like the sound of that.

Monica: We're going to get you through this, sweetheart. We are.

Alan: I must be in big trouble. Last time you called me "sweetheart," I was cheating on you with Tammy.

Monica: Oh. Let's not go there, all right?

Alan: I had a dream about my mother. She said she was fine. She told me not to be in a hurry. She told me to tell my children that I love them. But I remember now that A.J.'s dead. We spent so much time blaming each other and not -- not nearly enough being comforting to one another.

Monica: And I so regret that.

Alan: I never gave A.J. a fair shake. The only time I ever paid attention to him was when he disappointed me. Not like Jason. He had such potential. He could've been such a gifted surgeon. Oh, how I wish things could've been different between us. Maybe that's why he never came.

Milo: Are you okay?

Max: Yeah. I got shot, but it's not bad.

Milo: Okay, they got doctors working in the alley. Come on, let's go.

Max: Did Mrs. C get out yet?

Milo: I don't know. I haven't seen her.

Max: Milo, you have to stay here, you have to look for them. I'll be okay.

Milo: Listen to me -- can I help you, please?

Max: All right, guys. Thanks.

Luke: You know what's going on here. You want to be in there as bad as I do.

Mac: I took an oath. I have a community counting on me not to let this situation turn into chaos.

Luke: Mac, if you turn your back for two seconds, I swear the justice system isn't going to crumble.

Mac: Maxie, sweetheart -- oh.

Georgie: Maxie! Oh, my God.

Mac: Oh �

Skye: Dear God.

Ric: Yeah, apparently, Mr. Craig blew up the lobby to cover his tracks. We had a little bit of warning, but not much. We don't even have a body count yet.

Skye: Who's inside?

Ric: Oh, Emily got out. Sam, Nikolas -- I think Maxie Jones just got out. Robin Scorpio is in the hospital. There's no sign of Sonny or Carly, Elizabeth or Lulu.

Skye: What about Mr. Craig?

Ric: You want to know what happened to the briefcase?

[James coughs]

Sonny: Bulletproof vest?

James: I believe in taking all the necessary precautions.

Sonny: There's nothing protecting that spot between your eyes. Take the case and go, Carly.

Carly: I am not leaving here without you.

James: Give me the case.


James: You have no possible use for it, and it will save me the trouble of killing you for it.

[Debris falls]

James: I never intended to bring the building down. I knew there was a chance, however slight, that I'd be stuck inside when the charges detonated, but this structure is dangerously unstable, and if you fire another shot, what's left of the second floor might fall down on your wife's lovely head.


James: Or you can give me the briefcase and go.

Sonny: Why should I let you leave with what you came for, Mr. Craig?

Spinelli: No, please, stop. You guys probably know what you're doing, but -- um -- that's a support beam, so you might not want to --

Sonny: Get down, get down!


Jason: I don't feel any heat. You know what? Maybe I can take one of these -- these bars off the ceiling, try to pry the doors open.

Elizabeth: But even if you could get the doors open, we're in the basement, right?

Jason: Yeah. I mean, the best case -- we'll be able to get out of the elevator, but we're still going to have to climb up to the wreckage.

Elizabeth: Okay, so wouldn't it just be a lot simpler and safer if we stay here and wait to be rescued?

Jason: Yeah, probably.

Elizabeth: Such an honest man. Except for that time you helped fake Sonny's death, I don't think you've ever lied to me.

Jason: What -- what does that have to do with anything?

Elizabeth: Nothing.

Elizabeth: Nothing.

Elizabeth: Do you blame yourself for this explosion?

Jason: I just was waiting to see who had the detonator. Once Craig took it, I jumped him. I just wasn't fast enough.

Elizabeth: And that's when the police fired tear gas in through the windows, right? And everybody started shooting, and you and -- and Craig were fighting in the dark? Am I right? And somehow it's your fault that you couldn't get to the detonator? Jason, you know I think you are -- you are strong and -- and smart and fearless, but you are not a superhero. There is no way you or anybody else could've stopped this building from exploding, because that's what Craig intended all along.

Jason: I -- I didn't -- I didn't mean to upset you.

Elizabeth: I'm not upset. I just can't believe that you would put your life on the line, and you gave every single one of those hostages a chance to survive, and yet you're sitting here telling me that you didn't think you did -- did enough? I --

[Elizabeth sighs]

Jason: Are -- are you okay?

Elizabeth: Baby's kicking. Huh. Give me your hand.

Jason: Huh.

Elizabeth: He thinks you're ridiculous, too.

Jason: What, your -- your baby thinks I'm ridiculous?

Elizabeth: You're the reason this baby's alive.

Elizabeth: Jason, Lucky's not the father of this baby. You are.

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Jason: This baby changes everything.

Spinelli: We have to find her, please!

Luke: Lulu!

Sonny: We got to get out of here before this lobby blows.

Det. Rodriguez: Have you seen your brother? There's been another collapse inside.

Nikolas: Half of my family is in there! 

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