GH Transcript Friday 2/16/07

General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/16/07


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[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: I can't.

Skye: You have to.

Lorenzo: I don't know what to say.

Skye: Lorenzo, this is no time to be insecure. You have to talk to these people convincingly, or a lot of other people die -- including us.


Lorenzo: Alcazar. Everything's fine. Well, then you've been misinformed. No, there's no need for your interference. I have everything under control. Look, if anything comes up, or our -- our plans are being disrupted, I will let you know. Until then, you're just going to have to trust me. I hope to God you know what you're doing.

Carly: That's it. That has to be it. Sophie Germaine was the love of Alcazar's life and it makes sense -- 7-6-7 is s-o-P.

Sonny: And the rest works out to be 4-4-3.

Carly: That's the code, Sonny. It's the code. Those numbers will stop the briefcase from self-destructing. It's exactly what Craig wants to get us out of here.

Sonny: Or at least one of us.

Four: I hope you enjoyed your last act on earth.

James: I decide who lives or dies.

Four: He just killed one of our men.

James: Silence! Show's over, kiddies. Go back to whatever you were doing.

Spinelli: Okay -- um -- we're good to go.

Lulu: You opened the vault?

Spinelli: Once I press this button, the override goes into effect.

Sam: I knew it. I knew it -- you are exactly what Manny was. You are a cold-blooded killer. I want to hear you admit it! Come on, say it, you freak! Say it!

James: Bravo -- sweet Sam finally showing off her true colors.

Six: I'll take care of this. Hey, Father?

James: Hold it right there.

Luke: Somebody's getting trigger-happy in there. We haven't got another hour to wait for that vault to open!

Ric: Look, we don't know whether that was actually targeted or if it's simply a warning.

Luke: "Simply a warning." My daughter is in there, man. If she comes out feet first with a bullet in her head, am I supposed to care about this --

Ric: Look, we know that Mr. Craig wants Alcazar's briefcase -- that's the reason for this whole debacle. Once he gets it, he's going to need live hostages and he knows it. Get him on the phone.

Luke: Oh, great, great. And if my daughter is eating bullets while you're chatting on the phone --

Lucky: Dad, calm it down a notch.

Patrick: Look, if you plan on storming that lobby in the next hour, I need to set up a triage area now.

Mac: We've got paramedics on site.

Patrick: Paramedics? Mac, that's not enough. You're crazy if you think Robin's going to be the only casualty. We need to be able to save multiple lives simultaneously, which means a team of E.R. doctors standing by. When dealing with gunshot wounds, we don't have time. Robin's already been in there way too long. She doesn't have the time --

Mac: I got it, I got it. I'll call the hospital, they'll send personnel. I'll have a triage set up within the hour.

Ric: Rodriguez, one more thing I want you to take care of before we storm the hotel. I want you to arrest Luke Spencer.

Lorenzo: You know, I can't find a way out of this nightmare.

[Skye sighs]

Skye: I hate to be the voice of doom here, but no matter how tonight plays out, you're trapped -- we're trapped. Those covert-ops people you just talked to -- they're not about to let their most powerful gunrunner go quietly into the night, not with everything they think you know.

Lorenzo: How am I supposed to do this? I don't even remember working with these people or why I did. How am I supposed to pretend like I know what I'm doing when I don't even comprehend what's going on?

Skye: Perception is everything, right? You act like you're in control, and if you can't, then I will do what needs to be done. That is, of course, until you are in a position to resume power.

Lorenzo: How do you propose to do that?

Skye: Well, it'll be just like the phone call. When people come to you, I will tell you what to say, how to act. Okay? You just follow my lead.

Lorenzo: I may be different than I was before, but I know one thing. I never made you privy to the inner workings of my business. So bluffing is one thing. What you are talking about is something else altogether. It's not going to work.

Skye: It has to work. There's no other choice. It's the only way to protect all of us.

Maxie: Why bother? The air in here gets hotter by the minute.

Three: Yeah. It won't be much longer. The vault is set to open in an hour and a half, give or take.

Maxie: Have you given any more thought to my plan?

Three: It could work, except for the part where you and I make a run for it.

Maxie: Okay, well, what's our alternative? I mean, you can't actually think you're going to walk away from this, do you? The cops are probably swarming this place by now, and they're not going to wait forever. Eventually, they're just going to start shooting their way in. And once that door opens, you're going to have two choices -- surrender or die.

Three: Maxie, you're the one that's in danger. One planned this all out. He's going to come in here, grab this briefcase, blow up the lobby, and cover the team's escape by killing the hostages.

Maxie: You would actually help him do that?

[Phone rings]

James: Dump him in the supply closet -- and hurry back. No, D.A. Lansing, I'm not interested in anything you have to say! Dr. Emily -- Dr. Emily, you already have a patient. You, Nurse Elizabeth, check on the rabid dog -- now!

James: What's the verdict?

Elizabeth: He -- he's alive -- barely. My God, there's so much blood. I -- I need some help.

Max: Just tell me what to do.

Elizabeth: Well, you can't risk making your own bleeding worse, so -- Sam? I need you to help me.

Sam: Oh, come on, I don't want to do it, I won't.

Elizabeth: Sam, please.

[Sam sighs]

Six: The next time a hostage attacks one of us, don't hesitate. Shoot to kill -- got it?

James: Move.

Lulu: Oh --

James: Your sister-in-law seems to have her hands full, and I hate to make you all bloody -- and I won't if your weird little friend here made progress.

Spinelli: Look -- uh -- no worries, okay? I got the override running like I said, okay? Your vault will be opened in a half an hour.

James: Well before the cops are expecting it. Good work, Mr. Jackal. You may have just saved Lulu's life.

Carly: If you have a plan, you need to tell me about it before Craig gets back in here.

Sonny: The cops know what Craig wants by now, and I could bet all the money I have that they're going to storm that lobby as soon as the vault opens.

Carly: That means Craig knows that, too.

Sonny: That's right, and he's going to want to run with that briefcase and he's not going to be able to do it because he doesn't have the access code. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to give it to him, in exchange for your release.

Carly: You can't do that.

Sonny: One of us has to stay alive for our children.

Carly: Well, you know what? I know the code, too. So who's to say I'm not going to tell him that and use it for your release instead?

Luke: You can't put me back in jail. My wife bailed me out.

Ric: Okay, well, I'm charging you again with obstruction of justice.

Luke: You got a pretty thin skin, don't you, Lansing? All I did was point out that your plan has some faults.

Ric: I really don't have time to argue with you, Luke, okay? Could you please cuff him?

Luke: Come on, Mac. You know that if Lucky and I hadn't taken Dr. Quartermaine out of there, you'd already have one dead man in the debit file.

Mac: Okay, we're grateful for that.

Luke: Yeah? Well, show some gratitude. I got family in there, just like you do! Don't take me out of the loop, I might be some help!


Mac: Sorry, Luke. This time I have to side with the D.A. There's no way you'll stay on the sideline. As soon as we turn our back, you'll go in there to rescue Lulu. I can't allow that.

Ric: Okay, fine. Are we all happy now? What are you waiting for? Could you please take him downtown?

Lucky: Will you at least let my dad stay on the scene until my sister is out?

Ric: Lucky, your father is a loose cannon. I don't think I have to explain that to you.

Luke: You arrogant bastard.

Mac: You stay put.

Luke: You're going to get a bunch of people killed!

Mac: This is your father, and -- and he'll convince you to do whatever he wants.

Luke: You don't fool me, not for a minute. You don't believe in this rinky-dink operation. You want to save Maxie and Robin yourself, but you haven't got the guts, and you can't take me standing here reminding you of that!

Ric: Come on.

Maxie: You know what your problem is? You need to see the hostages as people, just like you see me.

Three: No, I don't.

Maxie: You know, I don't have many girlfriends -- women don't seem to like me for some reason -- but I did recently make one friend. Her name is Sam. She's in love, trying to have a baby. I'm pretty sure that's what she would be doing right now if she wasn't being held up in a lobby with your psycho partners. And then there's Nikolas. He just got his son back from a kidnapper, and he would probably be at home celebrating right now with the love of his life if he wasn't here. And, yeah, I know it sounds corny to say "love of his life." But Nikolas and Emily, they have this real-life, fairy-tale romance. Did I mention Emily's in there, too? So is my cousin, Robin. She's a doctor. Robin's life has real value, not just to me and my family or her boyfriend, Patrick, but to the world.

Three: I don't need to hear this.

Maxie: And then there's Elizabeth. I mean, I can't stand her, but it doesn't mean I want her to die. I mean, she's carrying Lucky's baby. Not only would you be killing her, but you would be responsible for the death of an innocent, unborn child.

Three: It wasn't supposed to turn out like this, all right?

Maxie: How did you think it was supposed to be? Your boss gave you a mask and a gun and told you not to let anyone leave.

Three: It was a job -- five minutes, in and out. He made the plan we followed. There wasn't supposed to be real flesh-and-blood people involved.

Luke: You're not down with this. Come on, Lucky told me -- Lansing's screwed you over more than once.

Mac: What's your point?

Luke: My point is, don't chain me out here while that idiot gets my daughter shot. No.

Officer: What's that about?

Det. Rodriguez: Spencer's being detained by the pcpd. He's a danger to himself and the hostages. He's probably going to ask you to help him out. Under no circumstances are you to do that. He'll act on impulse and end up getting a bunch of people killed.

Officer: Well, that's the police department's business, isn't mine.

Luke: Thanks a lot, pal. Maybe I can do something for you sometime. Clown. God -- cops, huh?

[Luke laughs]

Luke: You got any kids? I got two. Maybe you know my son, Lucky -- he's one of these stupid cops. I know -- what are you going to do? I did my best. But my daughter, she's 18. She's got her whole life ahead of her. I just want to make sure she lives to see it. She's in there. Come on, I'm not one of these guys that's going to go off halfcocked and get a bunch of people killed. I'm not!

Officer: I know who you are.

Luke: I'll cover you, I swear. I'm -- I'll make sure that they think I got myself out of this.

Patrick: Okay. Glad to see you. This is a good start. We need to get a triage set up -- at least three tents and enough supply --

Epiphany: It's covered.

Patrick: Look, I just put in the request a couple minutes ago. How could it be covered?

Russell: We were already on our way. You're not the only one who can see a potential for serious casualties, Dr. Drake.

James: You're missing all the excitement. The tattooed priest killed one of my men, but not to worry -- he was shot for his trouble. I knew you'd want to come back and be a part of things.

Sonny: I'll make you a deal. I told you that I know the code to the briefcase. I'll give you the code if you let Carly go.

James: Oh, wow. What have you done to win such devotion? I mean, this man would lie to St. Peter to protect you.

Carly: He's not lying, he knows the code.

James: Well, then I take it to reason you know it, too?

Carly: No, I don't.

James: Well, there's no way for me to find out if you're really telling the truth.

Sonny: Listen to me, Luke Spencer gave you three numbers. By the time he got to the fourth he was bluffing.

James: And I have your word on that, do I?

Sonny: The next number in the sequence was 4. I'll give you the last two once you release Carly.

James: Oh, you're quite a wheeler-dealer, aren't you?

Sonny: The cops know you're waiting for the vault to open. As soon as it does, they're going to come get you, Mr. Craig.

James: Well, then how fortunate that the vault's going to be opened earlier than they think.

Emily: Do you want more vodka? It might help the pain.

Robin: I don't -- I don't feel anything right now.

Emily: She's getting weaker.

Nikolas: We can't count on this guy releasing us. When that vault opens, we're out of time.

Emily: We're not giving up. We're going to get out of here somehow.

Nikolas: I can't stop thinking about Spencer -- all the time I've already lost with him. Jax and Carly took him, then Colleen. I mean, my God, his first birthday is coming up.

Emily: Hey, look at me. We're going to be around to celebrate it, okay?

Nikolas: Not if we don't come up with a plan, and I mean right now.

Spinelli: I'm not sure if I just saved the universe or set us all up for certain death.

Lulu: You did what you had to do.

Spinelli: Yeah, but the Unhinged One seems totally psyched about the vault opening early.

Lulu: And you think whatever makes him happy is really bad for us.

Spinelli: Yeah, I just -- I just hope I did the right thing.

Spinelli: Uh -- Blond One? What are you -- what are you doing?

Lulu: It's my mom's engagement ring. My dad gave it to me on Christmas for safekeeping. And it's a symbol of their love, and I only wear it on special occasions, and I feel like facing near certain death qualifies as special. I find it makes me feel closer to my mom. It may sound silly, but I feel like the ring connects us, like she's watching over me.

Mateo: Please don't help me. I have to pay for my sins -- and for Manny's. I'm sorry.

Sam: Okay, I think it's time for me to slip away.

Elizabeth: Wait for Jason's signal.

James: Good news, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to our friends The Jackal and Michael Corinthos Jr., Our little gathering will come to an end in a matter of minutes.

Lucky: How's my dad?

Det. Rodriguez: Not happy, but he's safely out of the way. Look, I'm sorry I had to --

Lucky: No, forget about it, you were just following orders.

Det. Rodriguez: Look, don't do it, all right? You got orders to follow, too. You got to let your dad --

Lucky: He just wanted to save Lulu, all right. A part of me wants to let him do it. My only priority is to save Elizabeth and our baby.

Det. Rodriguez: As soon as we get inside, I'll find your sister and you focus on Elizabeth, all right?

Alexis: Any sign of Sam or Nikolas?

Ric: We think we heard Nikolas shout out to Luke from the lobby. As far as Sam's concerned, no. Sorry. But at least we know what the gunmen want now -- this briefcase that Alcazar had stored in the metro court vault. We're going to storm the lobby as soon as the lock releases.

Alexis: You can't storm the lobby, you could get everybody killed. You need to keep negotiating, Ric.

Ric: Oh, do -- do you think we haven't tried that, Alexis? The leader is not interested. He pretty much cut off communications right away.

Alexis: Well, you can't just give up. It's just like you -- you're just going to give up. You don't like half the people in there anyway, do you? You especially hate my nephew and my daughter.

Ric: Oh. You know what? You shouldn't be here.

Alexis: I'm fine.

Ric: No, you're not fine. You know what? You're going. Come on, come on.

Russell: Now, we can handle things here. You can wait in the back of the barricades there for --

Patrick: We're about to be flooded with God knows how many casualties, one of them would be Robin. I intend to be here to give her whatever care she needs.

Russell: You took yourself off call.

Patrick: You're going to need the personnel addition.

Russell: Listen to me. Wait a minute. I just watched a doctor try to save a loved one in OR. She almost lost him. I don't know you from Adam. But I do know that a doctor who is emotionally tied to a patient is a disaster waiting to happen. So, for the sake of those you are so eager to save, I'm sending you out of here, effective immediately.


Luke: Hey, Dr. Drake? Doctor? You know, the idiots in charge of this are going to blow it. They're going to run this rescue mission into the dirt. Help me. Help me get out of this. I swear to you, I'll get into that lobby and I'll bring Robin out.

Ric: Excuse me? Could I -- could I get a doctor here, please?

Russell: What the hell are you doing here?

Alexis: I discharged myself.

Ric: She nearly collapsed.

Russell: I'm not surprised.

Ric: Please take a look at her. And do yourself a favor, Alexis -- listen to what the doctor says.

[Alexis sighs]

Russell: You are a fool. You should've stayed in the hospital.

Alexis: My nephew and my daughter are in that hellhole. I'm not going to sit in a hospital room on the other side of town waiting to find out if they're alive or dead.

James: The police are most likely planning their rescue attempt at 5:30 a.m., just when the vault is scheduled to open. But we've got a surprise for them, don't we? It's going to unlock sooner than that -- correct, Mr. Spinelli?

Spinelli: Yeah, any minute, dude.

James: Yeah, which gives me ample time to secure the briefcase and open it. That's where Mr. Corinthos comes in. If what is in the vault is actually an Equinox case, Mr. Corinthos will give me the rest of the code. If it isn't, then I stick to my original plan. I'll blow this lobby to kingdom come and use the many deaths to cover my escape. There's a chance that some of you might survive the blast, but no chance at all that you'll survive a gunshot wound to the head. So keep behaving, and pray to whatever you believe in that Michael Corinthos Jr. is telling the truth for once in his life. Lulu, Jackal, come with me -- now. Faster. Out.

Jason: Wait for my signal.

Sam: Okay.

Emily: If Mr. Craig blows up the lobby, we're going to be lucky to get out of here alive. Robin's not going to stand a chance.

Nikolas: Well, when the time comes, I'm just going to pick her up and run. Okay? Stay -- stay close behind me.

Four: Why are you in the door?

Spinelli: Uh -- you -- you see that keypad? I have to tap in a manual command.

James: Do it. If either you or Corinthos are playing games with me, I'll make sure Lulu dies slowly and painfully.

Three: You have to believe me. I don't want you to get hurt.

Maxie: Then just stick to what we talked about. Hand over the briefcase and --

[Vault unlocks]

Three: It's too soon to come open.

James: Get in. Well done, Mr. Jackal. Sorry about the lockdown. Now, hand over that case.

Three: The self-destruct is armed. There's no way of knowing how much time is left.

James: An Equinox indeed. Fortunately, we have a hostage to pressure Sonny into giving me the code. And if he's not on the level, this beautiful, young lady dies. Well? What are you waiting for? Hand it over.

James: Thank you.

Russell: Breathe.

[Alexis coughs]

Russell: Obviously, you're not to be trusted. Breathe.


Russell: How long after I got called away before you checked yourself out of the hospital?

Alexis: Two minutes.

Russell: Breathe.

Alexis: My daughter and my nephew and the father of one of my daughters is in there, and this is where I need to be.

Russell: Quiet. What good are you doing them sitting here in the cold, inviting a secondary infection d making yourself even weaker?

Alexis: Doctor, you tell me that your wife died of cancer. If she were alive, and you were being held hostage in that building, would she be here right now and would you blame her?

Russell: Stay here, get your breath.

Luke: Hey, way to go, Natasha.

Alexis: What did you do?

Luke: Nothing but ask that dimwit D.A. a couple of reasonable questions. Now I'm -- I'm, you know, looking at my options, and you happen to be one of them. We both got daughters that we need to get out of there. You can help me make that happen.

Ric: Okay, let me get this straight. So we have to storm the lobby at 5:30 a.m. because that's when the vault automatically opens, the theory being that we're cutting Craig's men off between the vault and the lobby area. Now, he's going to know what our strategy is, so we're going to cut the power 15 minutes before we go in to shake him up a little bit and make him think that we're actually going in early. Is that about it?

Captain: Yes, Sir.

Mac: After, we fire the smoke grenades and the tear gas through the windows, secure the lobby and the surrounding offices, then move toward the vault.

Lucky: Okay, wait a minute, Elizabeth is pregnant. Tear gas could hurt the baby.

Mac: We have no choice.

Lucky: Then we don't do it.

Captain: It's part of the protocol.

Mac: Lucky, I know you're concerned about the baby, okay -- Robin's in there, too. Her injuries must've compromised her breathing, but there are other people in there that are counting on us to give them every possible chance at survival.

James: Watch that one. I may need her in a minute.

Sam: Okay, as soon as Jason gives me the signal, I'm out of here.

James: You were right -- it is an Equinox. But if you're lying about the access codes, you better tell me -- if you don't want to have Carly's blood on your hands.

Sonny: I already told you what you needed to know.

James: Very well. Then give me the last two numbers.

Sonny: I will! You got to release everybody.

James: You trying to change the rules midstream? She will shoot Carly as easily as she shot the priest. Now, give me the complete code!

Mac: Whoa. Some new doctor at the hospital -- Ford? -- He's concerned you might present a problem in triage.

Patrick: Yeah, and as he was so quick to point out, I am off the clock. So my time here is personal and I have every right to it.

Mac: That's what I told him. Don't make me regret it. Do you need something?

Patrick: Mac, I -- I want to go in. I need to be the one that carries Robin out.

Mac: Lose that thought. This is a police action, not some amateur free-for-all where people get a number to race in after loved ones. The only people going in that building will be law enforcement.

Patrick: Listen to me, if -- if she's still alive, then she's holding on to anything she's got. When we get the signal -- or whatever -- it's going to be chaos in there -- cops looking for gunmen, hostages running for the exits, and what -- what's Robin going to do? Nobody's going to carry her out. You're her uncle. How can you not care about what she needs?

Mac: What she needs is for you to stay alive, not get caught in the crossfire. Look, in this instance, you're not equipped for the job. As soon as I get a handle on the situation, I'll send in a search-and-rescue team --

Patrick: Mac, Robin doesn't have time for that.

Mac: I have already cuffed Luke Spencer to a drain pipe to keep him from going off halfcocked. Don't make me do the same to you.


Luke: I got to pick the lock here. Check your pockets, see if you got a ballpoint pen or a hairpin or something like --

Alexis: Oh, sure. Let me just take the hairpin out of my wig that I use to embed into my bald head.

Luke: I'm sorry, but you're going to have to scold me later. Right now I need your help.

Alexis: Why should I?

Luke: Because the idiot that put a mortar through your family is about to get them killed -- along with my daughter, daughter-in-law, and a whole bunch of other people. Or does "storming the lobby at dawn" sound like a great solution to you? Listen, Natasha, those people took that lobby 12 hours ago. That wasn't their original plan. They planned to get in there and get out. But what they came for, they couldn't get, and they have waited -- with all of Port Charles' heavy artillery surrounding them. That means they're not going to leave till they get what they want. That also means that those hostages could very well be collateral damage.

Alexis: So you're going to run in to the rescue?

Luke: Are you going to trust their lives to Ric Lansing or me?

Russell: I said "catch your breath," not "free a felon."

Luke: Hey, mind your own business. If you had spent more time thinking than -- than barking at good-meaning medical personnel and cancer patients, you'd know that if you freed me, I could help you keep the death toll down!

Epiphany: Do we look like prison guards to you, or police officers? We are medical professionals gearing up to save lives. Now, you might not like it, but the only contribution that anyone wants you to make around here is to sit there chained to that drain pipe and keep your mouth shut! If you don't, I can -- and I will -- sedate you.

Ric: That won't be necessary, Epiphany. You just continue to focus on your work. I'll deal with Mr. Spencer here.

Epiphany: Good luck.

[Ric sighs]

Ric: I had a feeling that you would ask Alexis to free you. You know, in case it wasn't obvious to you, she is debilitated on chemo and she really shouldn't be out here.

Alexis: Which should show you how important this is to me and to him. Wouldn't you do the same thing if molly were in there? Now, stop acting like such an ass and unchain him and let him go get his daughter!

Skye: Won't be long now. A couple more hours, it'll be over soon.

Lorenzo: Tell me again how that's going to happen.

Skye: At 5:30 -- ahem -- the hotel vault will automatically open, and either Mr. Craig will get his briefcase and get away, or he'll get caught. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that.

Lorenzo: What do you mean?

Skye: On the one hand, I want Craig arrested. I want him tried and convicted and put away for all the fear and terror he inflicted on those poor, innocent people.

Lorenzo: Skye, you said "on the one hand," as if you want him to get away equally as much.

Skye: The other outcome would be better for us. If Craig could somehow get past the police and vanish with his precious briefcase, there'd be a glimmer of a chance that we'd be safe. Those covert-ops people you were just talking to -- they wouldn't feel like they'd have to clean up loose ends. They could deny any knowledge of the transaction because there'd be no proof.

Lorenzo: There's only one flaw in your logic. For Craig to get away, those hostages would have to die.

James: Now I want the code in its entirety, or Six shoots Carly right here, right now.

Carly: Who are you kidding? You're going to kill us all anyway.

Six: Shut your mouth!

Sonny: You kill Carly, you take away my motivation, Mr. Craig. I'd be happy to die with the last two numbers. Then where would your big plans be?

James: It seems that we are at an impasse, so I shall be a reasonable man and I will reconsider your offer -- the code for Carly's freedom.

Sonny: 7-6-7-4-4-3.

Six: He's bluffing.

James: No, he's not. He's trying to save the only thing in the world that matters to him. Michael Corinthos Jr. would never knowingly try to sacrifice his wife, would he? 7-6-7-4-4-3.

[Briefcase beeps]

James: Ah.

James: Success, at last. well -- well, Mrs. Corinthos, I'm a man of my word. You're free to go.

Carly: No, thanks. No, you don't always have to have the answer...

Sonny: Carly, leave now.

Carly: Not without you.

James: Well, that's not very smart -- unless it's touching.

James: Is that your final answer?

Six: They cut the power!

James: They're coming in early. Give me the detonator now.

Det. Rodriguez: Mac!

Mac: Captain?

Det. Rodriguez: Someone's climbed out, behind the sign.

Mac: One of the hostages?

Lucky: They're all in black, wearing a mask.

Captain: Hold your fire.

Mac: Be ready to shoot if he pulls a gun or makes a threatening move.

James: Ladies and gentlemen, it's been emotional.

Mac: It's Sam. Hold your fire, hold your fire!

Sam: The lobby's wired to explode! Get everyone out! You got to get everyone out now. No -- wait '

Maxie: Don't.

Mac: Hit them with the tear gas. Go on my command.


James: Push the button now!

Lucky: They're going to know we're coming.

Det. Rodriguez: At least they won't be able to see us.



Lucky: We got to get them out of there!

Mac: Go! Go! Go!

Nikolas: You got her?

Patrick: Robin? Nikolas, how is she?

Nikolas: Emily's done everything she can, but --


Nikolas: Emily? Emily!

Sam: Jason!

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Luke: Help me get out of this!

Alexis: How am I supposed to do that?

Luke: The key!

Patrick: We need help. Robin's critical. Hold on.

Nikolas: Emily?

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