GH Transcript Thursday 2/1/07

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/1/07


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[Music plays]

Det. Rodriguez: Mac.

Mac: Captain.

Det. Rodriguez: Someone's climbed out behind the sign.

Singers: Hey, you, hey, you devil's little sister listening to your twisted transistor and as your tears fall down turn it up turn it up a lonely life where no one understands you but don't give up because the music do music do, music do

Sam: The lobby's wired to explode!


Singers: Music do music do

Lucky: Let's go!


Patrick: Do something!

Mac: Go.


Singers: Hey, you hey, you this won't hurt a bit 'cause it won't hurt at all this won't hurt says who? Says who? This won't hurt a bit 'cause it won't hurt at all this won't hurt a bit just let me be between you and me don't fit


Singer: The music do and then it's reaching inside you forever preaching you, too your scream's a whisper music do, music do music do, music do

Nikolas: Emily!


Sam: Jason!


James: All right, boys and girls. Here we go.



James: Everybody stay where you are! This is a robbery. Cooperate and it will be over in five minutes. Now.

Maxie: This is insane.

Emily: Nikolas, no.

James: Excuse me, excuse me. How badly do you want to be employee of the month?

James: Very prudent. I doubt you're being paid enough to risk your own life. How do you inspire such loyalty and teamwork from your employees?

Carly: Everyone on my staff, do as you're told. No heroics.

James: I appreciate your support.

Carly: You can take anything you want.

James: And I intend to, starting with cell phones, PDAs and pagers, please.

Goon: No phone calls!

Elizabeth: Okay, okay, all right.

Emily: Stop! She's pregnant.

Epiphany: That didn't take long.

Patrick: Where's Mr. Alcazar?

Epiphany: In the lounge. The patient experienced a sudden, debilitating headache.

Skye: And blurred vision.

Lorenzo: I just need something for the pain. I have an important business meeting tomorrow.

Patrick: You can forget the business meeting.

Lorenzo: All right, that's not an option.

Patrick: Look, I picked out at least a dozen bullet fragments out of your brain and these symptoms --

Lorenzo: Look, you have your work to do and I have mine, cannot delay this meeting.

Patrick: If you don't let us run some tests and figure out what's going on, it's quite possible you will not see tomorrow morning.

Luke: I'm having a lot of trouble adjusting to being without you again. But I'll manage, don't worry. There's still a lot of bite left in this old dog. I might even learn a new trick or two. I'm sure as hell not ready to roll over and play dead. I've been thinking a lot about what I'm going to do with the next 25 or 30 years. Maybe I'll swim the English Channel or climb Mount Everest. Or maybe I'll just run away with the circus. My whole life's pretty much been a tightrope walk anyway. I miss you. I guess I always but that's no reason not to get on with the rest of my life, is it, sweetheart?

Lucky: It's good to see you, Dad.

[Knock on door]

Bobbie: You got a second?

Jason: Yeah. Is everything all right?

Bobbie: Well, actually, I'm supposed to be at a big fundraiser at the Metro Court tonight, but my daughter comes first. Carly is tearing herself up over Sonny and Jax and I am really worried about her. She really loves Jax, but he isn't here and Sonny is and Sonny has this pull on her like gravity.

Jason: Actually, I'm taking Carly to the Dominican Republic tonight so she can get the divorce.

Bobbie: Yeah, but the divorce is just a technicality at this point. Sonny knows what buttons to push and she's feeling so vulnerable.

Jason: I know, Bobbie, but Carly does whatever she wants and once she makes up her mind, no one's going to change it. You know that.

Bobbie: You can. And I'm hoping that you can change Sonny's mind, too. Jason, please, just talk to him.

Jason: I -- I --

Bobbie: Will you just get him to back off and let Carly be happy with Jax?

Jason: I -- I have tried, okay? I can't tell people what choices to make just like I can't tell them who to love.

Elizabeth: Just take the phone, take the phone.

Goon: Right.

Lulu: Don't touch my brother!

Alan: No, don't don't!

Maxie: What is wrong with you? Don't you understand you're putting all of us in danger, including Lucky's baby?

James: And you seemed so demure and quiet. You're a pleasant surprise, but you're going to be trouble.

Maxie: Just rob us and get it over with.

James: I apologize for the inconvenience, darling. Excuse me.


James: Oh, what have we here? Lovely. Excuse me. Thank you. Dispose of this, please. Thank you. And the phone girl --

Sonny: You know that guy?

Carly: His voice sounds so familiar.

Goon: You don't look like no priest I ever seen.

Carly: What are you thinking?

Sonny: This is not a robbery. These guys are after something.

Luke: Hey.

Lucky: Oh.

Luke: So, you okay?

Lucky: Yeah. I'm all right. Baby's good.

Luke: Elizabeth's baby?

Lucky: Yeah. It turns out that Maxie wasn't really pregnant.

Luke: Huh.

Lucky: But, you know, I don't want to go there.

Luke: You shouldn't have gone there in the first place.

Lucky: Oh -- where'd you go?

Luke: Uh, I've been around, you know.

Lucky: Mm-hmm.

Luke: I drove down to the Keys and chartered a boat, did some diving. Still a lot of treasure out in those waters, you know.

Lucky: Yeah?

Luke: Of course I didn't find any. And then I went back to Europe, bummed around a bit. Seems like one place is like another. Doesn't seem to matter how far or fast I go, I never seem to get where I'm headed.

Lucky: Yeah, I miss her, too.

Luke: She was so happy that last night with you kids looking through all the old family photos. Remember how she laughed when she found out you were a cop? Well, you and Lulu -- and Nikolas, too, I guess -- you kids, you mean everything to her.

Bobbie: You ever been involved with two women at the same time? Okay -- I'll take that as a yes.

Jason: I'm sorry, Bobbie. I need to get going. I need to see if Carly's at the hotel.

Bobbie: Oh. Carly is all over the map, which gets her in trouble, especially with Sonny.

Jason: She's planning to divorce him, I'm going to help. That's pretty much all I can do at this point, you know?

Bobbie: Okay, you're right. And I know that I can't tell my daughter who to love, but I can -- we can -- remind her of what life was really like with Sonny.

Jason: You know, sometimes that helps, but sometimes it makes her even more stubborn.

Bobbie: Jax is so good for her.

Jason: Jax hasn't even spoken with her in person since he left. It's all been voicemail.

Bobbie: Which is exactly why she's going to start acting out -- because she's feeling very insecure right now.

Jason: It -- you're probably right, but you know what? It's Carly's life.

Bobbie: Jason, I know that. But we can remind her of who makes her the happiest. We can remind her of who respects this new life that she's worked so hard to build for herself and who really has her best interests at heart. And then I guess we just have to pray that she chooses the right person to be with.

Sam: What? Come on, my boyfriend gave me this necklace.

Mateo: Please listen to me, Miss McCall. They can take the necklace, but not its meaning. You have to calm down.

Sam: Look, if you don't get away from me, I'm going to ask if they can kill you.

Mateo: Violence begets violence.

Sam: That works for me.

Goon: And the rings. The other one, too.

Carly: No.

Sonny: Do it, Carly.

Carly: Jax gave me that ring and I'm going to be wearing --

Sonny: Give him the ring.

Carly: No.

Sonny: Give him the ring!

Carly: No!

James: Is there a problem?

Carly: Yes. You can have my credit cards, you can have my cash. You can have anything you want in this hotel, but you're not getting my ring.

James: Well, you see, if I allow you to keep the ring, what about the other people? It would be unfair, wouldn't it?

Carly: This is my engagement ring. You have to understand.

James: I'm afraid I must insist.

Carly: Fine.

James: Thank you.

Sonny: Did you recognize his voice?

Carly: I didn't have enough time, you got rid of him so fast.

Sonny: Okay. From now on, no more tricks.

Carly: What the hell is going on here?

Sonny: This is -- this is about Alcazar.

Carly: How is it about Alcazar?

Sonny: He's working for a government agency. He was waiting for a shipment.

Carly: Of what?

Sonny: I don't know, but he was willing to kill me to make sure it got through. Did you see him around the hotel?

Carly: He was asking about the security in the vault.

Maxie: Seriously, you took everything I have. What else do you want? Stop feeling me up!

Goon: The hotel phones are all turned off.

James: Did you get the lobby phones, just in case?

Goon: It's all set.

James: Good. Five? You and Three clean out the vault. Take a hostage with you.

Maxie: No, wait. What are you doing? I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry! Please don't kill me! No! Don't!

Patrick: You went to work against my advice. Now you're presenting symptoms of a brain bleed.

Lorenzo: I'm sure I can hold out till tomorrow.

Patrick: Right, because you're the expert. I'm just the brain surgeon that saved your life. Well, don't let me stand in your way, Mr. Alcazar. You're obviously a little too arrogant to listen to any doctor's advice.

Lorenzo: You know what? I'm already feeling better. Pain's going away and my vision's clearing up.

Skye: I don't believe you.

Lorenzo: Skye, you do understand how important my current situation is?

Skye: No business deal is worth your life. Your family needs you. And do I.

Lorenzo: Ahem.

Maxie: What -- what are you looking for?

Sonny: Did Alcazar put anything into the vault?

Carly: I don't know.

Sonny: Who would know?

Carly: The assistant manager would know.

Sonny: The --

Carly: He's over there.

Sonny: What -- where are you going?

Carly: Take what you want and get the hell out o

Luke: Who sent the daisies?

Nurse: Probably Mr. Cassadine, or the other man.

Luke: The other man? You mean my son, Lucky?

Nurse: No, the man who calls to check on Laura. He finally came to see her today.

Bobbie: Scotty?

Scott: Hey. Bobbie. You look like a million bucks.

Bobbie: Thank you. So do you.

Scott: Thanks. Hey, sit down.

Bobbie: Oh, well, thanks, but, you know, I -- I've only got a second because I'm supposed to be at this big --

Scott: Okay, here --

Bobbie: Fundraiser at the Metro Court. But when you called, well, you know -- you are the last person I ever expected to hear from.

Scott: Well, you know me.

Bobbie: Oh, yeah -- way long and far too well.

[Scott sighs]

Bobbie: Need I ask what you're doing here in town?

Scott: Ah. Well, um -- I heard that Laura came back to being herself.

Bobbie: Yes, she did -- for a while.

Scott: And then that good-for-nothing brother of yours -- he married her again.

Bobbie: How did you know that?

Scott: Was he responsible for her recovery?

Bobbie: Have you been keeping tabs on Laura all this time?

Scott: Well, you know, they can only tell me so much at the hospital.

Bobbie: Ah. I see. You want me to fill you in on the rest?

Scott: Yeah.

Bobbie: Okay. Robin Scorpio found an experimental drug in France -- ls-49. And Luke had the doctors give it to Laura, and I'll spare you the medicalese, but she recovered for a while.

Scott: Why is she back in the hospital, then?

Bobbie: Because the effects of the drug are temporary.

Scott: Well, why don't they just give her more of the drug?

Bobbie: Because they can�t. Ls-49 is a one-time thing.

Scott: So, what was she like when she was --

Bobbie: Oh, Scott, she was the same. I mean, it was really amazing, you know? She came to the hospital to see me once and it was the most natural thing in the world and I was -- I couldn't believe it.

Scott: So Luke just let her just wander around town?

Bobbie: Well, you know Laura. She always did exactly what she wanted to do and she was just as headstrong as ever and, well, you know, she was -- she was a little confused, but, I mean, who wouldn't be? She lost four years of her life.

Scott: Was she happy?

Bobbie: Yeah. I mean, given the circumstances, I think she was. I mean, we were all, you know, really afraid we were going to say the wrong thing. We were very careful because we didn't want her to fall apart especially when it came to her stepfather's death. I mean, after all, that is what caused the original emotional trauma.

Scott: So she -- she didn't remember how Rick died?

Bobbie: Actually, she remembered all of it.

Lorenzo: Oh, what is taking so long? I cannot sit here all night waiting for tests.

Skye: You are not going anywhere until Patrick says you're okay.

Lorenzo: Well, what he doesn't understand is staying here could be fatal.

Skye: It won't be. We will get through this.

Lorenzo: Skye, I don't like the way this is shaping up. Craig is getting too proprietary.

Skye: Hey, hey, look at me. The transaction is almost complete. And when it is, nothing will matter except our little family, okay? No more violence. It'll just be about us, all right? We'll share a great life -- you and me and Lila.

[Lorenzo sighs]

Lorenzo: You know, I'd given up thinking that this was possible.

Skye: I know the feeling.

Lorenzo: I'd just lost so many people in my life and I had decided that love was not worth the risk. Oh. Damn it -- suddenly -- I don know how you got through my walls and you leaped inside my heart.

Skye: It's only fair. You did the same thing with me.

Lorenzo: Listen to me. No matter what happens tonight, I'm not leaving you, okay?

Skye: Okay.

Lorenzo: I promise.

Patrick: Robin, hey. It's -- it's me. I was on my way to the Metro Court to see you and now I'm stuck at the hospital. Mr. Alcazar ignored my advice and pushed himself into a brain bleed, but while I was yelling at him for being stubborn and arrogant, I realized I was being the same way. I'm going to schedule myself for another HIV test tonight. I love you.

Elizabeth: Carly, don�t.

Robin: Don�t.

James: I take it that impulsive streak of yours gets you into lots of trouble.

Carly: I own this hotel and I'm responsible for everybody in it. I'm not going to let you hurt or bully anybody else.

Elizabeth: What is she doing?

Emily: I'm not sure.

Alan: Carly, are you out of your mind? What do you think's going to happen if you were to pull his mask off?

James: She's counting on the fact that I won't kill any of you, which is a very dangerous assumption.

Sonny: Did Alcazar put anything into the vault?

Man: �He�s going to shoot her.

Sonny: Answer the question.

Man: A -- a briefcase.

Sonny: What kind?

Man: Um -- silver with a high-tech lock and a flashing security light.

Sonny: Don�t.

James: What did you just do?

Five: I got it.


Luke: This man visited today?

Nurse: That's right.

Luke: Did he sign in?

Nurse: I don't think so. It isn't required.

Luke: How old is he?

Nurse: A little younger than you. Dirty blond hair.

Luke: Shifty blue eyes?

Nurse: Yes, you could say that. But he seemed nice to me.

Luke: He's a slimeball.

Nurse: He obviously cares very deeply about Laura.

Luke: Yeah, he would say that.

Nurse: Then you know him?

Luke: Oh, yeah. I know him.

Bobbie: Well, the doctors were afraid that the shock of how her stepfather really died would cause Laura to relapse even sooner. And Luke wanted every day to be perfect because we had so few. And so he invented this cover story about how Rick Webber -- he died in a car accident.

Scott: So he just -- just lied to her, huh? That -- that's great.

Bobbie: Scott, he was trying to protect her. But it didn't work. Because she went back to the attic. I mean, Luke followed her there, and with his help and his support, she remembered killing Rick Webber.

Scott: Well, that must have been horrible for her.

Bobbie: But you know what? She finally realized that it was a terrible accident. And actually, realizing what really happened freed her in a way. And she was able to enjoy the time she had left with her family.

Mateo: No, no! Please don't hurt her! She doesn't mean any --

Goon: Hey, get down!

Mateo: Ah!

James: Two, enough. I'm curious. Why did you try to stop her from hitting the silent alarm?

Sonny: We don't need the police. Your guys got into the vault. You'll be fine if you get away now.

James: Where's the briefcase?

Five: It's in the vault. The door started closing. I thought Three was right behind me.

James: You left the briefcase in the vault?

Robin: What about Maxie?

Five: She's in there with Three.

James: And the briefcase, you idiot!

Carly: You won't be able to get into the vault for the next 12 hours.

Sonny: Things are about to go seriously wrong. You still got time to cut your losses. But you're going to have to leave now.

Jason: Hold -- hold on. If they know you're here, somebody could get killed.

Lorenzo: You're just as impatient as I am.

Skye: I'm trying to be discreet. How long can it take to run a couple of tests? So --

[Skye sighs]

Lorenzo: I love you.

Skye: Feel free to tell me as often as you like.

Lorenzo: Yeah?

Skye: The feeling's mutual.

Patrick: You have an intracranial bleed. I need to operate immediately.

Lorenzo: How long will I be unconscious?

Patrick: Anywhere from four to 24 hours.

Lorenzo: Oh, that's too long. I'll have to do this tomorrow afternoon.

Skye: Not an option.

Patrick: Blood is leaking into your brain. That headache you feel right now is nothing compared to what will happen next. You'll feel like your head is exploding, and it will be from the inside. You'll have a grand mal seizure and that'll be that. It won't matter if you're here or in the middle of some business deal. You'll be dead.

Skye: Then you have no choice.

Patrick: Mr. Alcazar, if I don't operate immediately, you will not make it through the night.

Lorenzo: I'm going to give you one last chance to walk away. Skye, you could take Lila. You could go to Switzerland. There's money waiting for you there. You will have a good life.

Skye: No. Not without you. We are in this together, do you hear me? All the way.

Lorenzo: Well, you better make sure that you mean that. Because once I bring you into this deal, there's no turning back.

Mac: Someone broke into the vault. It triggered a call to us.

Jason: Yeah, the windows are painted over, okay? The place is locked down. I saw men with ski masks carrying automatic weapons. I think they're holding hostages in the lobby.

Lucky: Elizabeth was supposed to meet me in the lobby. So were Nikolas and Emily.

Jason: Sam is in there.

Lucky: What about Lulu?

Jason: I -- I didn't see her.

Lucky: There's a big charity fundraiser in there tonight.

Det. Rodriguez: We could be dealing with hundreds of people.

Mac: Maxie's working. Robin just booked a room at the Metro Court.

Jason: These people are professional, okay? They want what's in the vault. There's hostages. Just let them get it and get them out of there.

Mac: Don't worry. We have a strong protocol for a hostage takeover. We're not going to go rushing into anything. All right, listen up, you guys. Listen.

Jason: Spinelli -- okay, look, I need you to meet me across the Metro Court Hotel. No, right now, okay? Bring your laptop. I need information.

Maxie: Okay, look. We're going to be in here for God knows how long. Hours, maybe days. And if you shoot me, think of the mess that's going to make. It'll be gross. And the smell -- unless that's what you're thinking -- smell, air, oxygen. You're going to shoot me so you can have all the oxygen. That's your plan, isn't it? Okay. Well, I'm going to breathe as much as I want, because why should you get any extra oxygen out of this plan? And if you want to be stuck in the vault with a corpse of an innocent young woman, then fine. Go ahead, fine. Shoot me.

Three: This vault runs on a closed-air circulation system. We won't run out of air.

Maxie: Oh. Well, what if the bullet ricochets off the ceiling and goes from wall to wall to wall and hits you right in between the eyes?

Three: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Maxie: That could happen.

Three: Yeah, on a cartoon.

Maxie: Okay. Well, we're not in a cartoon, and I don't want to be stuck in a vault with a corpse any more than you do. I don't want to die, especially not like this. It's not like anyone outside was lining up to save me, in case you didn't notice. But nobody wants to die with a stranger. And for what? Whatever's in that stupid briefcase?

Sonny: You came after the briefcase. That didn't work out. You got a chance to get away, but you got to leave now. I don't think anybody wants a hostage situation. Especially since the vault won't open for another 12 hours. That's a long time to hold off the cops. I don't think you want to attract that kind of attention, do you?

Carly: I promise you, we won't press any charges.

Sonny: So I'm thinking maybe you'll leave here in a body bag, or you and your people can slip out the service entrance through the docks, and -- I'll tell you what. I'll even volunteer to be your hostage. But you got to leave now.

Sonny: Are you going to tell me that whatever's in that briefcase is worth you dying?

James: Excuse me.

Mac: This is the Port Charles Police. We have the place surrounded.

James: Well, now, I don't have much of a choice, do I?

Mac: No one fires a shot without a direct order. Are we clear on that? I don't want any dead civilians, and I know you don't, either.

Det. Rodriguez: We got into the building through the east entrance. The lobby is sealed off.

Mac: How many people are in there?

Det. Rodriguez: There's no way to tell. But we're trying to patch in footage from the security cameras in the lobby.

Mac: All right, start evacuating the rest of the building. Go, go.

Jason: Spinelli, over -- hey.

Luke: Hey. What's going on?

Lucky: Some kind of botched robbery.

Luke: At the fundraiser?

Lucky: Yeah. As far as we know, they haven't got up yet.

Luke: Well, Lulu's in that hotel somewhere.

Lucky: Yeah, so is Elizabeth, and Nikolas and Emily.

Mac: Lucky?

Lucky: I got to go.


Luke: Ugh.

Scott: Jeez. What?

Luke: I don't want you bringing Laura daisies, or any other damn thing.

Jason: Okay, are you in?

Spinelli: I'm The Jackal, Stone Cold. No system can defy me. You should know that.

Jason: How long is it going to take you to get into the vault?

Spinelli: Okay -- many valuable items --

Jason: What, you're in the vault now?

Spinelli: Yes. Item on the top of the list, signed over by Lorenzo Alcazar.

Jason: What is it?

Spinelli: A briefcase -- contents unlisted.

Jason: Okay, what -- what are the specs?

Spinelli: Silver, probably stainless steel or titanium.

Jason: Dimensions?

Spinelli: Uh -- 18 x 13, 4 inches deep.

Jason: That's it? There's no weight?

Spinelli: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- wait. Weirdness. Okay, see, every other item has a listed estimated value, to appease the bean counters of the insurance world.

Jason: Okay, but no estimated value on the briefcase?

Spinelli: Patience, Stone Cold, I'm getting there. Okay, it does. "Estimated value of said briefcase -- priceless."

Skye: Listen, you haven't talked me into anything. I want to do this.

Lorenzo: Skye, once I tell you this, you will not have deniability. You cannot claim ignorance.

Skye: Will you just trust me enough to let me do this?

[Lorenzo sighs]

Lorenzo: Okay. The briefcase I put into the vault at the Metro Court is an Equinox model. It has a self-destruct feature. Once the self-destruct is armed, a six-digit code must be re-entered every 24 hours, or the briefcase will implode, and the contents will be destroyed. This is the seller's way of making sure that the shipment doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Skye: Okay. So I assume that the self-destruct has been armed?

Lorenzo: If the code isn't re-entered by 1:55 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, the briefcase and the shipment will be destroyed.

Skye: So what do you need me to do?

Lorenzo: Oh -- I need you to go to the hotel tomorrow morning, get the briefcase, re-enter the six-digit code to reset the self-destruct feature. And I need you to wait in the lobby for Mr. Craig. He's going to give you a wire transfer for payment.

Skye: Okay, that's no problem. I've handled lots of wire transfers, all right?

Lorenzo: And once you're sure that the payment has gone through, Skye --

[Lorenzo groans]

Lorenzo: You give Mr. Craig the briefcase and the code.

Skye: Okay. I understand. Okay.

Lorenzo: All right, the code -- the code is 7-6-7 -- ow.

Skye: Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Get a doctor in here! Please hurry! Please.

Patrick: We need to monitor his airway. Give me 10 milligrams of lorazepam.

Skye: My God.

Patrick: Hurry up, Epiphany. We're losing him!


James: Now that I have your attention -- have a long night ahead of us. I can't leave without that briefcase, and the briefcase is locked up in the vault for the next 12 hours. So, there's no point in spending our time together in an unpleasant way. So we're going to play a little game. We'll call it "get to know you." We're going to go walk around the room, ask your name and a word to describe yourself. For example, my name is One. So I would say "Fun One." Doesn't have to rhyme, but you get extra points if it does. And points will be very important as the night rolls on. Anyone who drops this will end up as a human shield as we leave here. Go.

Carly: Kick-ass Carly.

James: Very good. Now toss it to someone else.

Max: Uh -- Menacing Max.

James: Fair. But he or she who hesitates -- you know the rest. Now, go. Don't make me repeat myself again.

Lulu: Screw-you Lulu.

James: Love it. Faster.

Nikolas: Nightmare Nikolas.

Elizabeth: Baby's Breath Elizabeth.

Emily: Intern Emily.

Robin: Uh -- Job in Robin.

Alan: Howlin' Alan.

Sam: Sweet Sam.

Bellhop: Ready Eddy.

James: Come on, now. Come on. Think! You had plenty to say about what's in the vault, didn't you? Now, come on. It's not that difficult. Kids must have called you something at school, no? Ladies and gentlemen, we have the first loser of the night!

Man: Marty McFarty.

James: Now, then. Well, that's a good one. Toss it.

Sonny: Michael Corinthos Jr.

James: Nice work. Nice work, all of you. Bravo, bravo. So, now that we all know each other a little more, don't think of yourselves as hostages, but think of yourselves as my guests. Sit quietly, behave yourselves, or die. It's that kind of a party.


Alan: Oh --

Robin: Oh! Ah!

James: So, now you all know I mean business.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Mac: I'm sending you in.

Luke: You don't even know if any of them are still alive.

Jason: What did Alcazar stash at the Metro Court? Innocent people are going to die.

Alan: You have to let someone take her out!

Sonny: You want to shoot somebody, shoot me.

James: Ladies first.

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