GH Transcript Wednesday 1/17/07

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/17/07


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Patrick: Close your eyes; pretend I'm room service.

Robin: Hmm. This place is still better than the Metro Court -- even being mostly unfurnished.

Patrick: Well, you do wonders for an air mattress.

Robin: Oh, thank you.

[Knock on door]

Patrick: Was that breakfast? Did you call the deli when I was in the shower?

Man: We're Port Charles drovers. We got the couch you ordered.

Patrick: Couch? I -- you guys must have the wrong place. I didn't order a couch.

Robin: Uh -- I did.

Lulu: I need to find if Monica has a safe-deposit box -- better yet, I need to find if she has a key.

Dillon: I can't -- I can't help you right now, Lulu.

Lulu: But Monica was Rick Webber’s lover. I mean, even though she killed him, she wouldn't have destroyed the datebook. She would've locked it up someplace safe.

Dillon: Yes -- unless Alan was the one who took it, in which case it's still gone because he set it on fire or threw it in the lake or something.

Lulu: The datebook is the only evidence that we have, so I can't assume that it's gone.

Dillon: Leave me out of this, Lulu.

Lulu: Yeah, but, Dillon, I need time to search her room and her purse.

Dillon: You already did that and you came up empty.

Lulu: Yeah, but I wasn't looking for a safe-deposit key. And -- and I can look at her bank records, too. I can --

Dillon: Okay, Lulu, if I try to distract my family by instigating another stupid argument, I am going to annihilate any shred of faith my grandfather still has in me.

Lulu: Well, then just don't include your grandfather in the discussion.

Edward: Why are you both lounging around my living room? You should be in class.

Lulu: I don't have class till this afternoon.

Edward: Well, then you should be studying. And you, young man, you should be at P.C.U. trying to learn the business.

Dillon: Actually, you know what, Grandfather? That was something I wanted to talk to you about -- the way that this family does business.

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey. How's it going?

Lucky: Not bad, actually.

Elizabeth: Have you heard from Emily or Nikolas?

Lucky: Yeah. They're on their way to St. Petersburg.

Elizabeth: Oh. I don't know if it's better or worse that Helena has that baby instead of Colleen.

Lucky: Nikolas knows how to deal with his grandmother.

Elizabeth: I hope you're right.

Lucky: He's got Emily to stand by him -- like you stood by me. Not only did you figure out that Maxie lied about her pregnancy and faked her miscarriage, you were totally supportive of me.

Elizabeth: Well, now that you know the truth, maybe you can move on.

Lucky: That's exactly what I was thinking. Can I take you to dinner?

Jason: Well, the coffee shipment lands this afternoon. Okay. Well, I'll just -- I'll check it out, and then I'm going to call you back and tell you how I want to handle it, okay, Bernie? All right, thanks a lot.

Sam: Hey. You don't have to leave right this second, do you?

Jason: No, I have a little time.

Sam: Good, let's go upstairs.

Jason: Okay, first, I want you to tell me what's going on with you.

Robin: You've been so swamped lately -- I mean, we both have, really -- and I just happened to see this couch, and I honestly forgot they were going to deliver it today and -- it's really no big deal. If you don't like, they can take it back.

Patrick: I -- I like the couch. It's a nice couch. What?

Robin: No, nothing. Hmm.

Patrick: Do you like the couch there?

Robin: The couch is fine there.

Patrick: Okay. Good.

Robin: I don't know -- there's just more light over there.

Patrick: Okay. Can we -- do you guys mind?

Man: Sure.

Second man: Sure.

Robin: Actually, would you mind moving it toward the window, this way?

Man: Sure.

Patrick: Great. Window.

Man: All right.

Robin: Thank you.

Patrick: Great, great. Thank you so much. So, listen, before she changes her mind -- thank you very much, guys.

Man: Thank you.

Robin: I was going to tell you.

Patrick: It's no problem.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: You hate it.

Patrick: I don't hate it. It's a nice couch. Don't worry about it.

Robin: It's just that you've been putting off shopping or picking out any kind of furniture, and -- look, I bought it on impulse, but, honestly, it's no big deal if you want to take it back.

Patrick: I like the couch. Look, I was just a little bit surprised.

Robin: Which is totally my fault. I can't believe I forgot to tell you. I never forget things like that.

Patrick: Okay, listen --

Robin: I don't -- oh.

Patrick: Will you feel better if we try it out?

Robin: I -- I got to go to work. I'm -- I'm already late. See you.

Lucky: The least I can do is buy you dinner.

Elizabeth: Well, I don't want you to go through any trouble.

Lucky: No, it's no trouble at all. I've been looking for an excuse to go to that new French place -- Giselle’s.

Elizabeth: Giselle's, Lucky? You can't get a reservation there.

Lucky: Well, it turns out that the maitre d' is an old friend of Cruz Rodriguez, and got us a table for two on Friday night.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well -- um -- I'll have to call my grandmother, see if she can watch Cameron. I guess I'll call you and let you know either way.

Lucky: That sounds great.

Elizabeth: Okay. I appreciate the invite.

Lucky: Not as much as I appreciate what you've done for me.

Jason: You quit a job you really liked. I'm just -- I'm still not sure why.

Sam: I told you I changed my mind about working for your grandfather.

Jason: Because of me, which doesn't make sense.

Sam: Sure it does. Jason, I decided that I don't want to spend my entire career being manipulated by your grandfather because I might end up having your baby.

Jason: Yeah, that's understandable, but you really liked the job, and you were learning from Edward, right?

Sam: Yeah, of course. I was learning from Edward, but all Edward wants is for you to be the heir of E.L.Q. and he knows that that's not possible, so give it to your child. And what's the next best thing? That's the only reason why I was hired -- because I, again, might have your baby. As long as I'm working for Edward, it's going to be about you, and I just -- I want to be accepted. I want to know that I bring something to the table. And, Jason, I just -- here I go -- I'm lecturing you again. I'm sorry.

Jason: You just seem a little -- you seem a little tense. I just get the feeling there's something going on.

Sam: No, I'm fine.

Tracy: I am way too busy for a family meeting.

Alan: Why should you get out of it?

Tracy: Because I have more important things to do than deal with the Quartermaine crisis du jour.

Edward: You're not going anywhere.

Tracy: Why did you call this meeting?

Edward: I didn’t. And why are you so sure of yourself? Is it because you just squelched a lovely, ambitious girl like Sam?

Tracy: I have way more important things on my mind than your choice of assistants.

Edward: Look, she just quit out of nowhere, and if Jason wasn't responsible for it, I can only assume that you are.

Alan: She quit her hospital job out of nowhere, as well, and I'm the one who stepped up to hire her.

Monica: Did you call this meeting to bicker about Sam?

Alan: I didn't call this meeting.

Dillon: I called the meeting.

Monica: Oh, my --

Tracy: What? Come on --

Alan: Oh, please --

Dillon: No, no, no, no, that doesn't mean you get to leave. You can't -- you're not leaving.

Edward: Get out of my way.

Dillon: I -- I need a family consensus.

Tracy: On what?

Dillon: Who -- who has the final say with all the decisions made at E.L.Q.

Edward: I do.

Dillon: Okay --

Edward: Meeting adjourned.

Dillon: I -- I vote that Grandfather be forced into retirement.

Tracy: Are you out of your mind?

Edward: Tracy, you put him up to this.

Dillon: No. No, she didn’t.

Alan: Then what are you trying to pull?

Dillon: Nothing. I just think the --

Edward: That's the problem -- you don't think -- and that's why I know your mother is behind all this.

Alan: You will do anything to make sure he's the next Quartermaine heir.

Tracy: Oh, please. Some of us have had to fight for our position in this family. Daddy always preferred you over me and your children over mine.

Alan: Are you kidding? He's belittled me my entire life.

Edward: Oh, God, will you forever be whining about that, Alan?

Monica: At least both your sons are alive. Edward belittled A.J. He drove him right out of the house, trying to make him make desperate decisions --

Tracy: Well, he is now obsessed with Jason -- you all are. All Dillon was trying to do was please his grandfather.

Alan: Well, don't waste your life trying to please your grandfather. It can't be done.

Tracy: Well, at least Ned got that right.

Edward: Oh, please. Your firstborn son is a hopeless wannabe in leather pants.

Tracy: No, Daddy, my firstborn son is a respected record producer in New York.

Edward: Oh, please. And this second son is a nincompoop.

Alice: Dillon is not a nincompoop.

Dillon: Thank you.

Tracy: But you are willfully sabotaging your future.

Dillon: You know, maybe the future I want for myself isn't the same future that you want for me.

Edward: Oh. Then you admit that your mother created this whole ruse? She convinced you to pretend to abandon your hopeless dream of being a film director.

Dillon: No! No, I wasn't pretending. I sold out, Grandfather. I sold out. I sold out to cynicism, I sold out to despair, I sold out to the almighty dollar. Well, guess what -- maybe I don't want to be the head of E.L.Q. Maybe I don't want to be the next Quartermaine heir. Huh? Maybe I don't want to be sitting in this room the next 20 years bickering about who's going to be running this stupid company. No, no, no, no, no. Or should I say "yes"? Yes, huh? Yes to following my dreams, yes to believing in myself, yes to giving credence to my crazy view of this whole world. Yes, I want to be -- a director.

Lainey: I almost forgot -- this came for you at the loft.

Robin: Oh, thanks. It's from my mom.

Lainey: Aw.

Robin: I'm surprised she got a letter out. I didn't think the revolution was going that well. Anyway, it was very nice for you to bring that in for me.

Lainey: Of course. I mean, who knows when you would've gotten it otherwise? You're hardly ever at the loft anymore.

[Lainey snickers]

Robin: Is it that bad?

Lainey: No. I mean, things seem to be going really well for you and Patrick, right?

Robin: Hmm -- until this morning.

Lainey: You had a fight?

Robin: Not a fight, a couch. See, I found this couch that I thought would be perfect for Patrick’s apartment --

Lainey: Mm-hmm.

Robin: And, um, I -- I bought it.

Lainey: You didn't?

Robin: Yes. I bought the couch -- I mean, never mind the fact that he hadn't even seen it, and we hadn't discussed it.

Lainey: Nice.

Robin: And I meant to tell him, but I kept putting it off, and then I realized it was supposed to be delivered this morning.

Lainey: Mm-hmm?

Robin: And when the delivery guys came, Patrick thought that I had ordered breakfast from the deli.

Lainey: Oops.

Robin: Yeah. I swore I would never be this person. I mean, the doctor formally known as self-sufficient, independent Robin Scorpio is now just plain old pushy girlfriend.

[Knock on door]

Pete: What's up, buddy?

Patrick: Professor.

Pete: How are you, man?

Patrick: Good. And you?

Pete: Wow. So you finally got an apartment, huh?

Patrick: Yeah -- more or less.

Pete: Hey, it's not bad.

Patrick: It's all right. Look, I haven't been on this thing since I got to Port Charles, so --

Pete: Ah. Well, so much for the king of the halfpipe.

Patrick: Can't risk injury.

Pete: Tell that to the bartender at Jake’s, man.

Patrick: Which is exactly my point. See, I finally realized that I'm not invincible. And unless you have, it's all yours.

Pete: Well, thank you. I appreciate it.

Wow. Nice couch. Now, you see, this is what every English professor needs. It's too bad only a doctor can afford it.

Patrick: Neurosurgeon.

Pete: Sorry -- too bad only a neurosurgeon can afford it. What did this thing set you back?

Patrick: I don't know -- Robin bought it.

Pete: I'm sorry, what? You let your girlfriend pick out your couch?

Patrick: She saw it, she liked it, she had it delivered, and she forgot to tell me about it --

Pete: Okay, okay, stop.

Patrick: I mean, I like it.

Pete: Listen to your frat brother here, all right? Today Robin buys you a couch, tomorrow she moves in, and the next day Robin is setting a wedding date.

Lucky: Cruz? Hey. I'm sorry I'm late. I stopped by to say hi to Elizabeth.

Det. Rodriguez: That's no problem. We got the apartment under surveillance. They'll give us a call as soon as the perp shows up.

Lucky: You must be a mind reader. Thank you.

Georgie: Lucky, it is the least I can do after what happened with Maxie. I -- I am so sorry, and I really want you to know that if I had known anything about it, I would've never gone along with it.

Lucky: Georgie, what Maxie did was not your fault. Thanks for the coffee.

Georgie: No problem.

Det. Rodriguez: Do I want to know?

Lucky: Well, it turns out Maxie was never pregnant.

Det. Rodriguez: She just had a miscarriage.

Lucky: Well, she faked the whole thing trying to hold on to me.

Det. Rodriguez: That is messed up.

Lucky: Yeah, well, Maxie has a lot of issues. Her mother's not around, she lost Jesse, she had some health problems when she was a kid -- whatever. You know what? I'm just glad that Elizabeth found out, otherwise I'd still be buying into all of Maxie's lies.

Det. Rodriguez: Look out.

Lucky: You know what? Don't even try.

Elizabeth: Jason?

Jason: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey. What are you doing here?

Jason: That's one of our ships out there; we've been having a problem with it. I just need to take a look at it.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, don't let me distract you.

Jason: I've seen what I need to. What are you -- what are you doing out here?

Elizabeth: Just thinking. It's sad that they tore that old bridge down.

Jason: Yeah, I know. The city said it was some kind of safety hazard. Originally it was a private estate, it was never meant for all the use it got.

Elizabeth: I liked that it was in the middle of nowhere.

Jason: Yeah, me, too. You remember the night I gave you the boxing lesson?

Elizabeth: Just in case I needed to blow off some steam by getting in a bar fight at Jake’s?

[Elizabeth chuckles]

Elizabeth: Yeah, that's not an option now.

Jason: You feel like getting into a bar fight?

Elizabeth: Oh, well, I feel trapped in a situation that I've created. I know it's not my fault that Lucky got addicted to pills, but all the choices I made surrounding that are my responsibility. Like the choice to turn to you, and the choice not to tell Lucky about our night, the choice to end my marriage. Lucky and I have been together for so many years. He just -- he can't let go of it, and I -- I can't seem to bring myself to tell him the very thing that would make him.

Robin: I can't stand women who define themselves by their boyfriends -- by what their boyfriend does, what their boyfriend wants. Women who move from dating a guy to running his life, and then all of a sudden expecting a marriage proposal. Oh, my God -- I've turned into Carly Corinthos.

Lainey: You bought Patrick a couch, that's all.

Robin: Like an idiot.

Lainey: Well, look, maybe you got a little bit carried away, but that doesn't mean that you're trying to run Patrick’s life.

Robin: Are -- are you kidding me? I told them where to put the couch in his apartment. Patrick was so upset he practically ran off the delivery guys.

Lainey: Do you think that you could maybe be reacting -- or overreacting -- just a little bit?

Robin: I don't know, you're the shrink.

Lainey: I'm your friend first.

Robin: But I'm sure you can see my behavior for what it is.

Lainey: And what is that?

Robin: Symbolic. I -- I love being with Patrick. I love him. But I love living on my own terms -- which is why I found him an apartment, then I practically forced him to rent it. And then I filled it with all of my own stuff, and then I bought him couch.

Lainey: Could you just maybe give yourself a little break?

Robin: Well, I am obnoxious; I am the girlfriend from hell.

Lainey: No, you're human, and you're a woman, and that is what we do. I mean, we nest and we make connections and we plan things, and -- and of course you're thinking about moving in with Patrick -- who wouldn't? And just to be clear, there'd be no hard feelings from your roommates if you decide that that's what --

Robin: No. Put that idea right out of your head because I am not moving in with Patrick.

Pete: Do we need to go to Vegas like we promised in college, huh? Remember -- if one of us sees the other one getting in too deep --

Patrick: It isn't what you're seeing. She's got her own place, she's got a roommate. She's not planning on moving in.

Pete: Right. Did Robin stay here last night?

Patrick: Yes.

Pete: And what about the night before that?

Patrick: Yes, but we --

Pete: And the night before that?

Patrick: Okay, look, we've been working 65-hour weeks. It's easier just to come back here.

Pete: Oh, but she still has time to buy a couch and have it delivered?

Patrick: She saw the couch, she liked the couch, so it's not a big deal.

Pete: Yeah, and you know what the next thing that she's going to see, is going to be an engagement ring, followed by a wedding band right here, buddy.

Patrick: Hey, look, you're being ridiculous.

Pete: Okay. If you want to settle down, go for it. But why not get the three-bedroom ranch house in the suburbs close to a good school?

Patrick: Nice -- now you're an ass.

Pete: Doesn't mean that I'm wrong.

Patrick: Robin's life plan is not to marry a doctor, get a nice house, and get a membership to some country club. She's a brilliant doctor on her own.

Pete: She's still a woman, and you guys are a couple, and this right here, buddy, it's a not-so-subtle hint that Robin is ready to take the next step.

Patrick: She knows not to go there with me right now. She's not planning on moving in.

Pete: So why is she having furniture delivered, dude?

[Pete sighs]

Pete: Look, if you're not ready to go where Robin is headed, then you need to tell her. Just be honest with her. If you really care about this woman, don't let her get her hopes up. Show the boundaries -- or you better be ready to give up the bachelor life.

Lucky: I don't want to see you. So don't get all dressed up trying to pretend to run into me.

Maxie: Did I say hello to you? Did I head to your table? I don't even think I looked in your direction.

Lucky: Don't show up where I am.

Maxie: Lucky, my sister works here, and Kelly’s is a public place, so I can stop by and say hi whenever I want.

Lucky: Oh, so that's why you're all dressed up?

Maxie: Actually, this has nothing to do with you, I have a job interview. Excuse me.

Georgie: Maxie, why are you putting yourself through this?

Maxie: For once, I actually didn't even come here to see Lucky, but I'm not going to hide from him.

Det. Rodriguez: You need to dial it down a notch. The commissioner's already gunning for you. You don't want to upset his daughter any more than you already have.

Lucky: I just can't believe she's pulling stuff like this.

Det. Rodriguez: I know. Look, Maxie was wrong to lie to you about being pregnant. But you aren't totally blameless here. You had an affair with her, you got addicted, and you probably promised her all kinds of things, didn't you? You would've said anything to Maxie to have her get you some more pills.

Lucky: Listen -- you know what? I know I brought a lot of this on my own. But my life is finally starting to turn around with Elizabeth and I might have a chance.

Jason: I mean, whatever is happening, you know, I'd like to -- I'd like to help even if it's just by listening.

Elizabeth: Okay, maybe it would help if I said it out loud.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Elizabeth: Maxie was never pregnant, which means she obviously lied about her miscarriage, too. I thought something was off, and -- and when I found proof, I went to tell Lucky, but then she -- she told him herself.

Jason: How -- how did Lucky take it?

Elizabeth: He was pretty upset. Mostly, he feels like a fool, which concerns me because I don't want him to feel tempted to go back to pills. So I bought him dinner at Kelly’s and I stayed with him to be supportive. But now he's asked me out on a date, and I just feel like if I turn him down, then maybe --

Jason: Do you -- do you think it's your responsibility to save Lucky?

Elizabeth: Maybe. I don't know. What would you do if you could save someone you love just by being with them?

Spinelli: Ooh!

Sam: Hey.

Spinelli: The goddess has returned.

Sam: Hi, Spinelli.

Spinelli: It's such an unexpected gift. It's a gift. I thought you had to work.

Sam: Not today, no.

Spinelli: Ooh, can I interest you in a quick game of Galactic Combat? I'll front you 10,000 star points.

Sam: Sorry. I got a lot on my mind.

Spinelli: It's a brand-new game that hasn't officially been released yet. I broke into the system and downloaded it for my own personal enjoyment, but I would gladly share it with you, the goddess. Um -- I'll give you 20,000 star points if that's what you desire.

Sam: Can you really break into any system?

Spinelli: I'm the Jackal. No system is safe from my clutches.

Sam: Answer the question -- can you?

Spinelli: Uh -- well, I guess the department of defense might have some files I couldn't hack into -- or, at least it would take a while, you know, with national security and all that. But, like, the regular flotsam and jetsam out there in cyberspace -- I own it. It is mine.

Sam: So, what if you found some information?

Spinelli: Are we speaking hypothetically?

Sam: Yeah, of course.

Spinelli: I love hypothetically.

Sam: So, what if you found this hypothetical information? Could you erase it? Could you get rid of any one person online?

Spinelli: Ooh. Who do you want to disappear?

Dillon: I just finally figured out something that I already knew, something I know as clearly as I know how the light hits the windows in the boathouse.

Edward: I'm going to have that den of iniquity bulldozed right to the ground.

Dillon: There's no pleasing my mother.

Edward: What, you're just grasping that? Then you're a bigger nincompoop than I thought.

Dillon: There's no pleasing you, either, Grandfather.

Alan: You got that right.

Dillon: The truth has been staring me in the face all along. It just took till now for me to find the courage to accept it.

Tracy: You know what? I didn't buy your spiritual epiphany the last time, and I don't buy it this time. You are definitely up to something, and I would bet my rent that Lulu is involved.

Edward: Oh, please. You never paid a day's rent in your life.

Monica: Where is Lulu anyway?

Tracy: This whole thing is an elaborate smokescreen.

Edward: The only one throwing up a smokescreen is you. You somehow bamboozled this kid into impersonating a worthwhile candidate to inherit my company. But he could not keep up the charade, and now I'm on to both of you, lady.

Alan: Wow. You're disappointed with Dillon and fed up with Tracy -- what a surprise.

Dillon: You know -- you know, for a while after Lulu got pregnant and had the abortion, I kind of lost my way. I didn't think there was any point in having dreams, let alone going after them. But now I realize -- now you helped me realize -- that to give up on my own dreams, to disavow what is most important to me -- that's the ultimate betrayal. And not to you, not to you -- to me.

Edward: You're still a nincompoop, and a self-deluding one at that.

Alan: I disagree. I chose medicine over your objections. I've never regretted it.

Edward: Well, I have. You have disappointed me from the very beginning. But you, young man, I had some trust in you. But now you have really disappointed me, and you have proved that you are no better than any of them.

Dillon: Rather disappoint you than myself.

Tracy: You never gave Dillon a chance.

Edward: Listen to me, the only Quartermaine who is worth a damn is Jason.

Tracy: Jason is a Morgan. He abandoned the family name and the family, for that matter -- thank God.

Monica: Watch it, Tracy.

Tracy: Monica, he's a professional criminal.

Edward: Listen to me, Jason survived a tragedy that would have destroyed most people, and he built a life for himself which I despise. But he lives it on his own terms, by God, and he is -- he is strong and he is courageous and --

Tracy: Could you spare us all the litany of Jason's imaginary virtues?

Edward: Jason is the only Quartermaine who is worth a damn, and his child will inherit my fortune.

Alan: Is Jason going to be a father?

Edward: Well, I -- I don't have confirmation of that yet, but I hope for it very soon.

Spinelli: See, I could design a custom search engine to -- to destroy any references of that hypothetical being -- find and zap, no problem.

Sam: Okay, well, what about images?

Spinelli: Image, as in poetry, as in metaphor? No problem.

Sam: Pictures.

Spinelli: That's a problem.

Sam: Why?

Spinelli: Well, because, see -- no name, no tag, no identifiable feature that can, like, be reduced to any form of language. Right. Okay, for example -- okay, um, Waldo Hogbottom, okay, our hypothetical guy. So I order my -- my search engine to -- to zap those words or anything similar or anything attached to those words. So where's Waldo? He's gone, never existed. But a picture of Waldo with no tag, no information attached? I don't know how you could track it.

Sam: Okay. Thank you. Thank you very much. You've been very helpful. Appreciate it.

Spinelli: You -- you present, like, an almost impossible challenge, then leave me hanging? Come on, come on, let -- let the Jackal show you what he can do. Allow me to prove to you how good I say I am. Come on, tell me, who do you -- who do you want to disappear? Who does the goddess want --

Sam: No one.

Spinelli: To zap out --

Sam: Are you kidding? No one. I just wanted to know -- I mean, you know, that it was possible, that's all.

Spinelli: Always poss-- possible for the Jackal, just -- see the difference?

Sam: Understood. One more thing.

Spinelli: Name it.

Sam: We never had this conversation. Okay?

Georgie: How was everything?

Det. Rodriguez: It was great, thanks.

Maxie: You look so serious. I hope whatever case you and Lucky are working on isn't too dangerous.

Det. Rodriguez: Thanks for your concern.

Georgie: There you go. Have a good day.

Maxie: You should be careful, too, Lucky. I wouldn't want Elizabeth to worry.

Lucky: Don't even talk about Elizabeth.

Maxie: Oh, take it easy. I'm not running her down. I actually admire Elizabeth. It takes a special kind of woman to take her man back after he cheated on her and got addicted to pills. I did -- but, then again, I was in love with you. Elizabeth, on the other hand -- she's another story. She just feels sorry for you, and there's a big difference there -- huge, actually.

Det. Rodriguez: Why don't you do yourself and Lucky both a favor and get over this?

Maxie: Thanks, Detective. I'll take that under advisement.

Georgie: Have you lost what's left of your mind?

Maxie: Look, I did what I did, and I got caught, okay? There's no use apologizing. Besides, I'd rather Lucky regret taking Elizabeth back when he could've had me.

Elizabeth: Since that night that Lucky got hurt trying to save me, there have been two Luckys. The one I married, the boy I fell in love with, the boy who saved me and healed me and the one I owe my life to, my sanity and my heart. Then the other Lucky is the one on drugs. The one who lies and is unfaithful to me. Unfortunately, he loves those pills way more than he loves me, which is really scary. And he upsets and he confuses Cameron. I just feel like it's better to not have a father at all than to have someone like that around. And the only thing that separates the two Luckys is a bottle of pills.

Jason: Okay, what if Lucky can stay off the pills?

Elizabeth: The program says that I have no effect on whether he uses or not. But I know him. I know that if I -- if I were to take him back as my husband and as a father to my children, then he would have a better chance at staying in recovery. So do I owe him that chance for all the years we've been together?

Jason: When you love someone, you know, their happiness matters more than your own. And it is tempting to -- to make choices for them, to play God, and to convince yourself that you're doing it for their own good.

Elizabeth: But is that so wrong?

[Jason sighs]

Jason: I don't know. If you look at it, it means that you don't trust either person to -- to make their own choices, and without trust, love does not last. For what it's worth, if you want to love Lucky again, I just -- I just think you need to find a way to trust him.

Lulu: Uh, hey. I --

Dillon: Hey.

Lulu: I don't know what you did to distract Monica, but it really worked. I mean, you had the Quartermaines arguing much longer -- nice sketches.

Dillon: Yeah? Thank you. Wait, did you find the safe-deposit key or --

Lulu: Uh -- I looked through Monica’s room and purse and I wound up with nothing. I'm so sorry that I made you lose more ground with your family for nothing.

Dillon: It's okay, it wasn't for nothing. It was actually kind of fun.

Lulu: Okay, if you say so.

Dillon: Yeah. You know, I thought I was -- I thought I was actually, you know, buying you time. But, really, I was telling the truth for the first time -- because of you, by the way.

Lulu: Okay -- really?

Dillon: Yeah. Yeah. I, um, kind of realized through this whole mystery thing, I know what I want to do with my life.

Lulu: You want to be a detective?

Dillon: No. No. I want to care, you know? I want -- I want my life to matter more to me than just about money. I mean, when -- I think when you had the abortion, I kind of just gave up. You know, I thought I'd be easier or less painful to be cynical and -- and to, you know, not really care about anything and just take the easy route, but what a waste. What a waste.

Lulu: No, I -- I agree.

Dillon: You know, the whole, you know, proving your mother's innocence and finding out who killed Rick Webber -- that matters so much more to me than a spreadsheet at E.L.Q. That's how I want to spend my life -- you know, doing something that matters to me. Whew.

Georgie: Maxie, please, just let this go. Lucky hurt you, you hurt him back -- let it be over.

Maxie: Does this mean you're through with Dillon?

Georgie: That is a completely different situation.

Maxie: No, no, no. Look -- look how you flirt with Professor Marquez -- not that he isn't a complete super hottie, but you have to admit part of it's because you want to pay Dillon back for spending so much time with Lulu.

Georgie: What's going on between myself and the professor has absolutely nothing to do with Dillon or Lulu, and I don't flirt with him. I don't -- I don't like him that way.

Maxie: Okay, I don't know if you're lying to me or to yourself, but you definitely like him "in that way," and I think he likes you, too.

Georgie: Maxie, shut up. Don't you dare say a word, or I swear to God I will personally murder you.

Maxie: You just proved my point.

Georgie: Maxie, don't!

Maxie: So, I think it's time for a little honesty. Are you interested in dating my sister or not?

Lucky: Come on.

Lucky: Police! Freeze!

Elizabeth: Please forgive me. I'm not even catholic, but there's no one else I can talk to.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Elizabeth: I'm pregnant, and my husband and I are separated. He's turning around his life for this baby, except the baby isn't his, and I don't know if I should tell him or the real father the truth.

Mateo: How can I help you?

Robin: Hi.

Patrick: Hi.

Robin: Uh -- I just got a call from the delivery place that delivered the -- couch that you sent back already.

Patrick: Look, I -- I don't want you to get the wrong impression, and it's not --

Robin: No, you know what? You don't have to explain anything.

Patrick: No, listen, I --

Robin: I was completely out of line. I shouldn't have went ahead without your permission and just bought you --

Patrick: Will you please just listen to me?

Robin: Will you let me talk?

Patrick: Please, let's not fight about a couch.

Georgie: Okay, Maxie, this stopped being funny the minute you opened your mouth. Excuse me. Professor Marquez is obviously here to discuss research.

Maxie: Why don't you just admit it? We all know he's here to see you.

Georgie: Excuse us. I -- I apologize.

Maxie: Just one second --

Georgie: Excuse me. Out.

Maxie: Anyway, well -- uh. Well --

Georgie: Out. Maxie, I get that you're hurt and you want to make Lucky pay, but why do you have to embarrass me?

Maxie: Oh, I was just telling the truth for once.

Georgie: Maxie, you were deliberately trying to hurt me, after -- after I've tried to understand, after I've been completely supportive.

Maxie: Yeah, and I was returning the favor. So why don't you run along to Professor Marquez and see if it worked?

Georgie: I am so sorry about my sister. She has a really weird sense of humor. What she said was completely out of line.

Pete: Why? What makes you so sure I won't ask you on a date?

Lucky: Let's get him out of here.

[Man grunts]

Man: You can't do this without a warrant!

Lucky: We have probable cause and enough evidence. Read him his rights.

Det. Rodriguez: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights I just read to you?

Sam: Jason? Hey, I just -- I heard you come in. I wanted to take the test before you got home in case it's wrong, but there's a chance I may be pregnant.

Elizabeth: My husband was unfaithful to me -- in our home, in our bed. He was addicted to pills. I believed my marriage was over. I spent the night with another man, an -- an old friend of mine, and the next morning my husband checked himself into rehab and promised to get clean. So I stayed quiet for his sake. I want to tell the truth, I want to be honest. I want to believe that he's strong enough to hear it and -- and that he won't be tempted to go back to using drugs. But maybe -- maybe it's just an excuse. Maybe I'm afraid of the baby's real father knowing because he has a life of his own, and a woman that he loves. And I wouldn't want him to give up his life, or this woman, for me and the baby because I wouldn't want him tied down to me for the wrong reasons. So I guess Jason could never know that the baby is his. And he will never know that I love him.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Alexis: This is my last one. It is my last one, isn't it?

Ric: You are going to help me get my daughter back.

Sonny: Subpoena?

Diane: We will just see about that.

Epiphany: If you're being nice to the man so that he'll stay clean, you're not doing him any favors.

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