GH Transcript Tuesday 12/26/06

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 12/26/06


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Jason: I got here; I came down here.

Elizabeth: My bracelet. I -- I thought I had it on when I left the hospital, but I -- I got here, I came down the stairs, I was on my cell phone, and then I saw Chuggin' Charlie over here. But where was I standing?

Jason: You were standing right about there.

Elizabeth: Ok, so if it fell off, it would be -- oh.

Jason: It's right here.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. Thank you.

Jason: Here, I'll just --

Elizabeth: Oh -- ok, here. This is two Christmas miracles I owe you for. The first one for Cameronís gift, and now my holiday bracelet.

Jason: What's a -- what's a holiday bracelet?

Elizabeth: It's just -- it's a gift I bought myself for Cameron, for his Christmas, to remind me of what a special little boy I have. Thank you.

Jason: Kids are the best part of Christmas.

Lucky: Hey, you ok?

Maxie: I was hoping no one would notice me cutting out again. I'm turning out to be the world's worst elf.

Lucky: Well, I think you're the most incredible, unselfish person to be helping sick kids after losing our baby.

Sonny: You were, like, incredible in that pageant.

Michael: Could you even notice that the camel had missed his cue? That means that he didn't come in when he was supposed to.

Sonny: I didn't notice.

Michael: You didn't?

Carly: I think you were the best Joseph, ever.

Sonny: I'm very proud of you, buddy.

Michael: Thanks.

Max: Hey, Joseph, need a ride?

[Carly laughs]

Max: Get in there.

Sonny: Where's Morgan?

Michael: Hey, dad? Did you like the part where the wise guys showed up?

Carly: The wise men.

Sonny: It was great.

Carly: The wise men.

Michael: Sorry.

Sonny: Morgan?

Morgan? What are you doing? Get over here. Do not wander off like that, ok?

Emily: Ok. Here you go.

Nikolas: Thanks.

Father Coates: Nikolas, it was so kind of you to allow Spencer to play Baby Jesus.

Nikolas: Oh, no, that's ok. I had a few concerns there in the beginning, but I think Spencer enjoyed his stage debut.

[Father Coates chuckles]

Father Coates: Well, we appreciate your support.

Nikolas: Thank you. Merry Christmas.

Father Coates: Merry Christmas to you.

Nikolas: Ok. Excuse me. Thank God you took him out of that manger. When I saw he wasn't in there I completely panicked.

Emily: Spencer's not with you?

Nikolas: Has anyone seen my son?

Carly: Hey, where's your drum? Where's the drum?

Sonny: It's over there.

Carly: Go get it. No, no, Morgan, get --

Sonny: No, no -- now, listen to me. Put him in the car seat, I'm going to get the drum.

Max: Got it. Come on, buddy.

Carly: What, did you see someone over there?

Sonny: I was just looking for Father Coates. I just thought maybe he'd want to thank the boys for such a great job.

Carly: Well, he's getting slammed with people. We can do that another time.

Sonny: Yeah, you're probably right. Hey, here you go, buddy.

Morgan: Thank you.

Sonny: All right.

Carly: You know, Morgan, you're big enough to go after your things yourself.

Sonny: Yeah, your mama's right -- when you're at home. But I don't want him running around in public, ok?

Carly: Is something wrong?

Sonny: I just want to get home, you know, so the boys can put up the stockings. You want to have a Merry Christmas, right?

Carly: Yes, I do.

Sonny: All right.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Jason: You must be freezing.

Elizabeth: Well, I'm feeling a lot better than I was before you tracked down Chuggin' Charlie. Thank you so much. That was the only toy Cameron asked for this year.

Jason: I'm glad I could help. Does Cam needed anything else?

Elizabeth: Just to spend Christmas with Lucky.

Maxie: I'm sure you probably have someplace else to be.

Lucky: Well, I have plenty of invitations, but there's really no place to be.

Maxie: I know the feeling.

Lucky: You want me to give you a ride home?

Maxie: Yeah, that would be great. Thanks.

Lucky: You know, we better get going.

Maxie: I'm sure I probably shouldn't ask this, but do you think we could stop by Kellyís on the way? I've kind of been avoiding going there.

Lucky: You think you're ready?

Maxie: My whole world has changed. If I had been more careful for one split second, I wouldn't have fallen and lost our baby.

Lucky: I never should've been arguing with you on the stairs.

Maxie: I can't avoid Kellyís forever. I mean, my sister works there; the place has been part of my life for years. Sooner or later, I'm going to have to face those stairs and everything else. And I could do it alone, but it would be so much easier if you were there.

Lucky: Sure, I'll do whatever you want.

Maxie: You're the best.

Elizabeth: Cameron was so excited to see Lucky at the Hospital Christmas Party. He gave him this great, big hug, and I -- I just know it'd be the absolute high point of his Christmas if Lucky could be with us.

Jason: Is there any way that can happen?

Elizabeth: Cameron's confused enough as it is. If I include Lucky, I'll only be encouraging the both of them to count on a future that isn't going to happen.

Jason: I mean, I understand, ok, and I respect that it's your choice. But Christmas -- it's only one day. And think of all the kids who can't be with their fathers on Christmas for whatever reason. Now, you could be giving your kid something other kids can't have.

Father Coates: Excuse me, everybody, please! Can I have your attention, please? Has anyone here seen Spencer Cassadine, our Baby Jesus? Did any of you kids try to help by getting him out of the cold? Did you take him inside the church, or to your car? You won't be in trouble, I promise. We just need to find the baby.

Woman: I checked the sanctuary, the chapel, and every other unlocked room in the church and the school. There's no sign of the child.

Mike: Nikolas -- Nikolas? I checked -- I checked the parking lot, and no one's seen anything.

Emily: Ok, well, what about Michael? He promised to keep an eye on Spencer. I mean, maybe -- maybe he took him in his car.

Mike: No, no, no, honey, Sonny and Carly left before this started. There's no way that they would've driven off with Spencer.

Nikolas: Listen, don't -- don't let anyone else leave. The police are on their way.


Helena: Spencer's been kidnapped by his former nanny. Her name is Colleen McHenry.

Nikolas: Where the hell have you taken my son?

Michael: Yes.

Carly: Oh.

Michael: Oh, could you believe it when everybody started clapping?

Carly: Yes, I did.

Michael: Hey, you -- you did a great job as drummer boy.

Carly: Wow.

Michael: You are a nice brother.

Sonny: Say "thank you" to your brother.

Morgan: Thank you.

Michael: Hey, Jax is going to be so sad that he missed all that, and he's going to hate his brother because he had to go rescue him.

Carly: You know what? Why don't you guys go upstairs and get in your pajamas.

Michael: Ok. Come on.

Carly: And you need to help your brother because Leticia is away for the holidays.

Sonny: Let's go! Let's go!

Michael: Come on, Morgan. Come on.

Carly: All right, whoever gets down here the fastest gets the first cookie and help me hanging the first stocking.

Michael: Come on. Come on, come on, come on!

Carly: Ok, it's true. Jax had to go help his brother, and the wedding is postponed, and I don't know when he's coming back, but it doesn't matter because I'm going to wait for him as long as it takes.

Sonny: I got to go check something out.

Carly: What's going on? Are you ok?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm fine.

Carly: Did something happen at the church?

Sonny: No, I just got -- I'll be back before the kids and the stockings and the whole --

Carly: No, Sonny, if you are going to cause trouble for me and Jax, just don't, ok, please?

Sonny: I'll be back -- I'll be back as soon as I can.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: Meet me at the Queen of Angels. We may have a problem.

["Jingle bells" plays]

Sam: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Sam: So you left the Christmas party early for some last-minute shopping?

Elizabeth: Yes, and it was a successful trip. Although, I did hate leaving everyone when they were having such a good time.

Alexis: We really enjoyed ourselves. It was very special for me. You gave me a special surprise, didn't you, sweetie?

Sam: Yes, she did. You wished mommy a Merry Christmas, didn't you?

Elizabeth: Oh, that's great. Then you must be feeling better.

Alexis: And Molly is with Viola -- she's taking a quick nap -- and I thought we're going to celebrate by having some ice cream. What kind do you want? Chocolate? Chocolate. Yeah, that's what I thought. And then we'll go home and we'll make the stockings, ok?

Sam: I'm going to stay for some ice cream with you, and then you're going to go to your home with mommy to see Molly, and I'm going to go to my home to see Jason, ok?

Alexis: But tomorrow I'm hoping we're all going to be together -- you and me and Sam and Molly -- because we've been invited to have Christmas at Wyndemere with Nikolas and Spencer.


Nikolas: You call your people; you get my son back to this church immediately.

Helena: I warned both of you that Colleen was deranged.

Nikolas: Don't blame this on Colleen.

Helena: Emily was concerned, too, and for good reason, but you were too arrogant to listen.

Nikolas: You did this! You did this, and you've probably been planning it since the day I brought Spencer home! Get him back here, or I swear to God I'll kill you right here.

Helena: Nikolas, calm down.

Nikolas: Shut up! Get him back here!

Helena: Calm down and --

Nikolas: Get him back here!

Helena: Oh.

Mike: Mac -- Mac, thank goodness. Spencer is missing. Somebody took him out of the manger. We can't find him --

Nikolas: Not just "somebody," my grandmother right here.

Helena: Listen to me, I have nothing to do with this.

Nikolas: Arrest her. You do whatever it takes to get her to tell you where my son is.

Emily: You also need to find Colleen McHenry. She's Spencerís nanny --

Nikolas: No, no, no -- Emily, don't you see?

Emily: She was recently fired --

Nikolas: Don't you see? This -- this is about Helena. Spencer's the Cassadine heir -- she took him just like she took me when I was a -- a child. Arrest her. Arrest her!

Mac: Nikolas, relax. You're not doing your son any favors by jumping to conclusions.

Nikolas: Mac, I'm stating the obvious here, and why are we still standing around? You need to get someone to the airport because she's trying to get him out of the country. I know this woman!

Mac: Anyone could've taken Spencer, all right? We're wasting time -- we hurt our chances of getting him back. Get statements from everyone here.

Officer: Right.

Mac: Cruz, I need a list of everyone that was in the pageant. And talk to the staff, see if they noticed any strangers, people that didn't belong.

Det. Rodriguez: Father Coates, can you get me that list?

Father Coates: Of course, detective. Mrs. Dembrowski, I need some help with the list.

Mac: Excuse me, Nikolas, you were the first one to notice Spencer was missing.

Nikolas: Yeah. I went to take him out of the manger; he wasn't there.

Mac: Can you tell me the last time you saw him exactly?

Nikolas: No, commissioner, I didn't check my watch. There's no point in any of this. Ok? There's no reason to question me or anyone else. My grandmother took my son. You know what she's capable of. Why can't you just believe it?

Helena: Perhaps because I'm offering my full cooperation.

Nikolas: And what better way to reverse suspicion. You need to get someone to the airport. I'm telling you, she's trying to get my son out of the country.

Emily: Take it easy, take it easy.

Mac: Helena may very well be responsible, but as an investigator, I can't assume she's the only suspect.

Helena: Well, I suggest that you start your investigation by sending a forensics team to the parapet room in the north tower of Wyndemere.

Nikolas: Oh, God.

Helena: No, that's where Colleen McHenry held me captive.

Emily: You can't expect us to believe that.

Helena: Oh.

Nikolas: No, the -- someone was held captive there in the --

Emily: You knew about this?

Nikolas: I wanted to wait for the forensics report to tell you but, of course, it isn't finished yet.

Helena: Emily already knows the truth -- Colleen is insane. She's dangerous. And because you ignored all of my warnings -- now she has Spencer.

Colleen: Oh, you've been such a good boy, Spencer. Hmm. Didn't Nanny Colleen promise she'd come back for you? Yeah, and here I am. Now no one will ever keep us apart again.

Flight attendant: Merry Christmas, everyone, and welcome to Flight 459 to Denver.

["Jingle bells" plays]

Sam: Mmm, this ice cream is really good, isn't it? I'm glad mommy's eating it. It's good, huh?

Alexis: I think it's some of the best that I've had in years.

Sam: That's great. I'm glad you're getting your appetite back.

Alexis: I -- I think that remedy that you and Spinelli gave me may have helped.

Sam: "May have" helped?

Alexis: I was not the only one that ate a plate of --

[Sam laughs]

Alexis: Of cookies at the Christmas party.

Sam: Ok. I understand.

Alexis: You know what? We have to go. Molly's waiting for us, and we have stockings to hang.

Sam: Yes, mommy's right. The sooner we get home; the sooner Santa Claus can come. All right? Here.

Alexis: Here you go, babe. You all set?

Sam: Yeah, she's got it.

Alexis: Ok, hold on.

[Sam laughs]

Alexis: Here we go. Let's go. There you go -- ooh, it's cold. I hope Molly and Viola have that snack plate out for Santa.

Sam: Ah.

Alexis: Maybe we can sample some.

Sam: Ok, I need to get home because I got to see Jason. But I will see you tomorrow. Merry Christmas.

Kristina: Merry Christmas.

Alexis: Merry Christmas, Sam.

Lucky: You know you don't have to do this.

Maxie: It's not going to get any easier. Maybe you could just hold my hand.

Sonny: Did you really think I'd let you live?

Priest: Mr. Corinthos, correct? My name is -- you're mistaking me for my brother.

Jason: You will die this time; I'm going to make sure of it.

Priest: My brother Manuel is dead. My name is father Mateo Ruiz.

Sonny: You know what you got to do, Jason.

Father Coates: Wait. You're making a mistake.

Sonny: I apologize for any misunderstanding, Father, but this man is evil.

Father Coates: Manny Ruiz is dead. Father Mateo Ruiz just arrived here in the diocese. He just came here from Miami.

Sonny: Well, I know him from Miami. That's where his family are major players in the drug business.

Mateo: Mr. Corinthos? My father is dead. He was murdered by my brother Manny, who is also dead. So is my brother Javier. Both men were killed by Jason Morgan -- in self-defense, I'm certain.

Sonny: Ok, I don't want -- I don't mean any disrespect here, but you expect me to believe that this man is Manny's identical twin? He's probably got tattoos all over his body, too. You going to tell me that, too?

Father Coates: Tell -- tell him, Mateo.

Mateo: Manuel and I were twins. We got identical tattoos, both marking ourselves for life to honor the gang that we were in.

Sonny: Jason, how come we never heard of him?

Mateo: The family doesn't want anyone in the business to know that I exist. It's their way of keeping me safe. I've been working in the church for a long time, for many years.

Father Coates: It's true. I have all the documentation to prove it.

Mateo: Mr. Corinthos, Manny and I both ended up in prison. That's true, ok, but that's where our paths changed. Ok, Manny found a bottomless rage that led to his death, and I found God.

Father Coates: Brother Ruiz has been working with at-risk teens in Miami trying to overcome youth violence.

Sonny: Why didn't you stay in Miami?

Father Coates: Father Ruiz is our new youth minister.

Sonny: Why'd you come to Port Charles?

Mateo: I asked to be transferred here.

Sonny: Yeah? Even though your father and your brother died here?

Mateo: Manny caused so much suffering here. I came here in the hopes of making amends for my brother's crimes.

Sam: Jason?  Hello?

["We Three Kings of Orient Are" plays]

Lucky: Do you need some help?

Elizabeth: No, I'm fine, thanks.

Lucky: You found Chuggin' Charlie after all.

Elizabeth: Yeah, it turned up at the last second -- a little Christmas miracle.

Lucky: Cameron's really going to love that; that's all he really wanted.

Maxie: I'm surprised you're not at home with Cameron right now.

Elizabeth: I'm on my way. I just wanted to give Gram a chance to get him tucked into bed before I slip in with the big present for tomorrow.

Maxie: Christmas is such a special time for kids. It must be wonderful to know you're giving your son exactly what he wants.

Elizabeth: Yeah, that's the best part of Christmas. Maxie, I'm -- I -- I really am sorry for your loss -- the both of you.

Maxie: Everyone says the pain will fade, but --

Elizabeth: I know. And I'm sorry anyway.

Lucky: Are you sure you can handle this?

Elizabeth: Oh, it -- it's not heavy.

Lucky: You know what, though? Mike hasn't had a chance to clear the walkway yet, and I just don't want you to fall or --

Elizabeth: Lucky, I'm fine. Excuse me.

Maxie: You can go after her if you want.

Lucky: There's no way I'd walk away and just leave you.

Maxie: Thank you.

Emily: I understand why you don't want to believe that Colleen may have taken Spencer. You don't want trusting her to have been a mistake.

Nikolas: I don't -- I don't think she would hurt him --

Emily: But you're getting in your own way here, Nikolas. What matters is finding Spencer. We have to explore every possibility, ok?

Nikolas: I know, and that includes investigating Helena.

Mac: Nikolas? We just got the forensics report on the parapet room. We got two sets of prints and DNA from Helena and Colleen, but no way to establish who, if anyone, was held prisoner.

Helena: Commissioner, your evidence is standing right in front of you. Colleen held me captive.

Nikolas: Why?

Helena: Because I was on to her. I knew that she was a danger to Spencer, even if you didnít. No, she left me chained up in the parapet.

Mike: Excuse me, excuse me. Then how did you escape?

Helena: A mighty surge of adrenaline, I suppose. I have no interest in dying a miserable and lonely death.

Mike: Then why didn't you tell the police, huh?

Helena: Because my dear Nikolas had already tried to have me carted off to an asylum -- in Arkansas, if you can believe that. Well, I was afraid he would try again.

Mac: Why come forward now?

Helena: My dear commissioner, my great-grandson has been -- he's been kidnapped by a madwoman. Now, if you could rule me out as a suspect, I suggest that you issue an amber alert immediately -- and actually start looking for Spencer and Colleen instead of wasting your time with me!

Mac: Arrest her.

Helena: Oh!

Det. Rodriguez: Helena Cassadine, you're under arrest for the kidnapping of Spencer Cassadine.

Helena: Fine, but hurry. God knows where Colleen is taking that baby.

Det. Rodriguez: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against --

Nikolas: No. Let her go.

Sonny: I apologize for the misunderstanding. But you got to understand that Manny tried to take me out on more than one occasion. He also kidnapped and terrorized Jasonís girlfriend; shot her in the back. So when I see somebody that looks identical to him -- we have an obligation to protect ourselves and our families.

Mateo: I deeply regret the terrible crimes my brother committed. I only hope to make some small amends.

Father Coates: Sonny, Father Ruiz has an excellent reputation. He'll be a great asset to our parish.

Sonny: I don't doubt it.

Father Coates: Well, if you'll excuse us, there is another situation that needs our attention.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Mateo: Thank you.

Sonny: Thank you, Father.

Father Coates: Merry Christmas.

Sonny: Yeah, you, too.  Do you believe any of that?

Jason: We've been working with the Ruiz family for a long time. Why didn't -- why didn't we ever hear that Manny had a twin?

Sonny: Maybe his family is trying to protect him.

Jason: Yeah, yeah, maybe. But one brother is a sick, twisted son of a bitch, and the other is a priest? Come on. Come on, Sonny.

Sonny: He could do a lot of damage hiding behind the church, especially since Father Coates believes his cover. How can I put a hit on a priest?

Jason: If he's here to avenge Manny, you have no choice.

Sonny: First thing we got to do; we got to figure out who we're dealing with. So you got to call Stan and Bernie, have them check it out. And tell them to dig deep because this guy's going to have a cover. If there are any holes, we will assume it's Manny, and we'll take him out.

[Christmas music plays]

Lucky: Well, it's not exactly fashionable, but it's the only hat that I got.

Maxie: That'll keep me warm on the way home. Someday I'll bring myself to go up those stairs again.

Lucky: Maxie, just -- you know what? I think you just -- just give it some time.

Maxie: Thank you for bringing me here.

Lucky: I thought it might help if you help me open my mystery gift. Somebody left it in my room the day after yesterday.  I'm guessing it's from Lulu. You want to see what's inside?

Maxie: Actually, it's from me. Just give it back.

Lucky: Wait, it is? What -- what is it?

Maxie: It's stupid. Please don't open it.

Lucky: Why?

Maxie: Because it was a present for our baby.

Lucky: Oh. I'm sorry.

Maxie: No -- you know what? Just open it. It doesn't -- it doesn't really matter now.

Maxie: I know how your dad used to always call you "cowboy," so I thought it would be sweet, especially if we had a son.

Lucky: Hmm. Cowboy.

Audrey: Cam is going to love that present.

Elizabeth: I know. I can't wait to see his face tomorrow.

Audrey: I really have to hand it to you -- you're both ingenious and determined. I mean, between us, we must've called every store in upstate New York and there wasn't a Chuggin' Charlie to be found anywhere.

Elizabeth: Well, don't give me too much credit. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Audrey: Well, that still counts. We're supposed to have more snow tonight, so Cam's going to get all of his Christmas wishes.

[Audrey chuckles]

Audrey: Well, except one.

Elizabeth: I tried, ok, Gram? I waited around at Kellyís to ask Lucky if he would spend Christmas with us, and then he walked in with Maxie, hand-in-hand.

Audrey: Oh, what is that man thinking?

Elizabeth: They just lost a baby; they're grieving. I understand that. And as much as I despise Maxie, I understand what it feels like to miscarry, and I'm sure she's devastated.

Audrey: Well, it's a sad situation all the way around.

Elizabeth: Maxie needs Lucky tonight. Maybe he needs her, too.

Jason: Whew. Stan, ok, listen to me. I want you to track down everything -- birth certificate, school record, medical history -- ok? And I want you to figure out why we have not heard of this guy until now, and see if he actually lived the life that he described to me and Sonny. You got that? And then I want you to check every catholic seminary in the country, find out if he was there, and when he was ordained. Ok, look, we know this guy's an ex-con. Find out where, when, how long he was in prison, double-check the release date. You got that? His fingerprints are on file, run them against Manny's. No, it's a possibility that he could be Mannyís brother, but it's also possible Manny killed his brother and stole his identity.

Sam: Manny's alive?

Michael: Dad! Dad, you made it!

Sonny: Where else would I be, huh?

Morgan: Wait up! Wait up!

Sonny: Come on! Come on!

Carly: Well, you are just in time because two little boys need to hang their stockings, or Santaís going to just fly right over the house!

Morgan: Ha-ha!

Carly: Whoo!

Michael: We could not hang our stockings without you.

Sonny: Ok, let's celebrate the Christmas -- family Christmas that your mama promised us, ok? Come on, give me those things.

Michael: All right.

Carly: Ok. All right, go, go, go!

Sonny: Ok, let's see what we got.

Michael: What do we got?

Sonny: Do we have letters for Santa?

Michael: Right here.

Morgan: Right there!

Sonny: Cookies?

Michael: Ok, I laid out the cookies and some chips, and the carrots are from Morgan -- for the reindeer.

Sonny: Oh, you always got to take care of the reindeer.

Michael: You have to.

Sonny: Right. All right, let's go, let's get these up.

Carly: Let's go. We have it all.

Sonny: What do you want, Morgan?

Morgan: Penguins!

Sonny: How did I know that?

[Carly laughs]

Sonny: Ok. You get that.

Morgan: Whee!

Carly: Ok, ok, wait -- one, two, three.

Sonny: All right, good, good.

Carly: Oh, such -- ok. Ok, one, two, three.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Ok, one more picture.

Michael: All right.

Sonny: Ok, you know what? I think pictures are good. Good pictures. That's fine.

Michael: And --

Sonny: All right!

Michael: It's perfect, it's perfect.

Carly: Ok, ok, now it is "The Night Before Christmas."

Morgan: Yeah!

Carly: And then you guys go right to bed. Get over here; sit down with me.

Michael: Ok, you will tuck us in, right?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm going to tuck you in, and I'll be here tomorrow morning to watch you guys open the presents.

Michael: Well, why do you have to come back? Can't you spend the night here?

Jason: All right, we're checking out every part of father Ruizís story -- and we're having him watched.

Sam: All right, though, it -- it could be Manny faking another transformation or it could be his brother who's back for revenge.

Jason: I don't know, but I'm not going to let anyone hurt you. Can you trust me with this?

Sam: Yes. I mean, of course I trust you. It's just, Jason, we have worked so hard to get our life back, and then out of nowhere, somebody shows up --

Jason: I know, I know. I mean, there is a possibility this could be Mannyís brother. But no matter who it is, I'm not going to let them hurt you. Ok?

Sam: Ok. Hey -- thanks for decorating the place. It looks great now.

Jason: Oh, come on. I wasn't really sure how you wanted it to look, so --

Sam: It's perfect. Well, almost perfect -- you forgot to put the star up.

Jason: No, I left that for you.

Sam: Ok, then we'll do it together.

Jason: All right. I hope this big tree doesn't fall over.

Sam: Very funny. It's not going to fall.

Jason: There, like that, maybe.

Sam: Ok. I like it.

Jason: You do?

Sam: It's perfect.

Jason: Wait -- wait a minute. What -- what is this? It has your name on it.

Sam: I guess Santa left me a present already. It's a star.

Jason: Merry Christmas.

Sam: Thank you. God, Jason, thank you.

Carly: "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night." You know what that means. Upstairs -- you better go! Santa's coming.

Michael: Come on.

Carly: Go, go, go.

Sonny: Go --

Michael: You sure you can't stay?

Sonny: Yeah. You go tuck your brother in; we'll be up there later to tuck you in, ok?

Michael: Ok. Hey, Morgan, all we have to do is go to sleep. And when we wake up, it'll be Christmas.

Carly: Should I be worried about anything that happened earlier when you left?

Sonny: Nah, it's being handled. I'm glad I came back when I did.

Carly: You know, it meant a lot to the boys -- and me -- that you came back to spend Christmas with us, but I just want you to know that I love Jax, and when he comes back, I'm -- I'm going to marry him. So --

Sonny: Merry Christmas, all right?

Father Coates: Detective Rodriguez? I'd like to introduce you to our new youth minister, Father Mateo Ruiz.

Det. Rodriguez: Excuse me?

Mateo: You must've known my brother Manuel.

Det. Rodriguez: You hired this guy to work with kids?

Father Coates: It's a long story.

Det. Rodriguez: Yeah.

Mateo: I was here tonight when the baby disappeared, and I realize I'm viewed with suspicion because of my brother's crimes. But I want to cooperate with the investigation, if I might.

Det. Rodriguez: Well, we're in the process of pursuing other suspects at the moment. But you're on the list, so don't leave town.

Mateo: I'm not planning on going anywhere.

Mike: Mac, if there's even the chance that Helena took Spencer, I want her locked up.

Nikolas: No -- she'll only escape. Besides, I do now believe that Colleen McHenry has my son. So I'm not pressing charges against my grandmother.

Mac: Fine, let her go. We'll be in touch. We may have further questions.

Helena: Thank you, Nikolas. It's a sign of honor and nobility for a man to admit his mistakes.

Nikolas: Get out of here, before I change my mind.

Mike: Helena kidnapped Spencer, and you're -- you're letting her walk away? What are you --?

Nikolas: Mike, Mike -- Colleen may be as deranged as Helena wants us to believe.

Emily: I don't think that Colleen would ever hurt Spencer. She seemed to genuinely care about him, Mike.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, I agree.

Mike: All right.

Emily: Look, Colleen probably thinks that she can take Spencer, but she's only a nanny, right? Even with severance pay, how long is she going to be able to cover her tracks? The police are going to find her within hours.

Nikolas: Helena's behind this. Colleen may have taken Spencer, but Helenaís paying for it. The only way I'll ever find my son is I let her lead me to him.

Helena: I need an immediate update on the search for Colleen McHenry. I must find that despicable little guttersnipe before Nikolas does. It's an ideal opportunity to reclaim my great-grandson. Huh.

Flight attendant: We've started our final descent into Denver. Please fasten your seat belts and return your tray tables to their original and locked positions.

Colleen: Now, Spencer, I'm not going to be your Nanny Colleen anymore. From now on, you're going to be my little boy, and I'll be your mommy. Ok? Ok, come on.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lulu: You know who killed Rick Webber?

Spinelli: The killer is in our midst.

Mac: We have a lead.

Colleen: Mommy made sure they'll never find us.

Sam: I'm applying for a job at General Hospital.

Jason: It will show the end of the story.

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