GH Transcript Friday 12/22/06

General Hospital Transcript Friday 12/22/06


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Sam: Ok.

[Sam chuckles]

Sam: All right. Hurry up! Let's go. I want to decorate the tree right away. Come on. You can do it.

Jason: I'm not sure that tree can handle all this stuff.

Sam: Oh. Come on, I won't weigh it down with a lot of stuff.

Jason: Well, you bought a lot of ornaments.

Sam: Ok.

Jason: I mean, look at that.

Sam: I know. I'll only use the best.

Jason: Oh.

Sam: What?

Jason: "What?" Only you could go to a tree lot determined to get the biggest tree in the entire world and then end up with this thing.

Sam: Well, you know what? I felt sorry for him. He needed love just like me, and now we both have you.

Elizabeth: Are you sure? Because maybe that shipment came in while -- ok. All right. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you, too.

Audrey: Oh, yes. Thank you very much.

Elizabeth: Ugh, this is unbelievable.

Audrey: Oh. Well, I didn't have any luck, either.

Elizabeth: Who knew something called Chuggin' Charlie was going to be this year's must-have toy?

Audrey: I don't know.

Elizabeth: I'm such a terrible mom.

Audrey: Oh, now, stop it, Elizabeth. Come on.

Elizabeth: Well, I knew Christmas was coming. I should've ordered the stupid thing months ago.

Audrey: Now, now, you've had other things on your mind. Now, don't put this kind of pressure on yourself, huh? Cam is going to love anything that you get for him.

Elizabeth: Cameron is a little boy. He doesn't understand things on my mind, or that Lucky got addicted to drugs and had an affair and that's why he's --

Audrey: Oh, come on. Come on.

Elizabeth: Not around anymore.

Audrey: Come on. Come on.

Elizabeth: All right. Ok, fine, I'm not going to go there. I just need to be grateful for the things I do have.

Audrey: Right. And in the meantime, I'm going to keep calling about Chuggin' Charlie.

Elizabeth: Thanks, Gram.

Lucky: Hey. I was hoping you and Cam could use an escort to the Christmas party.

Michael: Mom?

Carly: Hmm?

Michael: Do you think Jax will save Jerry in time to see the pageant?

Carly: Oh -- I wish, but no. I'm afraid Jax is only going to be with us in spirit for Christmas.

Michael: Hmm.

Carly: And we're not going to be getting married on New Year’s Eve, either.

Emily: Well, Spencer, it's your big night. You ready for your close-up? Maybe we should ask your daddy that question.

Nikolas: Ok, I admit I've been kind of anxious about your stage debut. But playing Baby Jesus is a big role for such a little guy. But you did good in rehearsal and Emily’s been so loving and encouraging, I'm finally ok -- I'm more than ok.

Emily: Hmm.

Nikolas: It's going to be a great night. Nothing's going to spoil it.

["Carol of the Bells" plays]

Woman: Timmy, slow down. Sorry. We're all caught up in the spirit of the season.

Helena: Indeed.

Woman: We haven't even started rehearsal, Timmy. You can slow down.

Colleen: Oh. Excuse me, Father.

Priest: Sorry, sorry.

Colleen: I'm still finding my way around here.

Priest: We're all finding our way. Enjoy the evening.

Colleen: Hmm.

Alexis: Ned?

Ned: Alexis. It's good to see you.

Alexis: Hi.

Ned: Hi.

Alexis: It's good to see you, too. Are you home for the holidays?

Ned: Yes, yes. Well, Christmas is going to be kind of sparse this year at the Quartermaines', so I thought I'd try and cheer my grandfather up by giving him a couple of days to bark at me.

Alexis: That's very generous of you.

Ned: They're my family, however dysfunctional.

Alexis: Hmm.

Ned: Do you have a moment to sit down and talk?

Alexis: Sure.

Ned: Great. So, Alexis -- how are you feeling?

Alexis: I'm hoping that things turn around for the better.

Ned: Good.

Alexis: I really appreciate that C.D. you sent me.

Ned: Yeah, well, I'm glad you liked it. Sending music wasn't much of a gesture, but --

Alexis: It meant a lot to me that you were thinking of me.

Ned: You know, when I found out about your lung cancer, I froze right there on 64th and Madison. It just stopped me, and I just remember thinking that I'd seen -- I'd seen you so many times fight and win. And I just told myself that you're going to make it, you're going to beat this thing.

Alexis: I'm trying.

Ned: Good. So what -- you --

Alexis: Oh --

Ned: Last-minute shopping?

Alexis: Well, you know, I've got two girls and it keeps you busy at Christmas, which is a good thing because I remember those days when I wasn't busy during the holidays. It's why I hated them. There was too many happy people running around doing things and -- and I had way too much time on my hands. Of course, it explains why I walked into the grill that day and saw you shooting rubber bands at decorations. Do you remember that?

Ned: Oh, yeah, like it was yesterday.

Alexis: You know those sentimental movies where the character goes back in time at Christmas Eve? I just want you to know that if I were ever given that opportunity that I would've appreciated you more.

Ned: Well. We have -- we've both come a long ways since that night. I have a daughter that I've reconnected with and you have two daughters who are probably waiting for their presents, so --

Alexis: They are.

[Alexis chuckles]

Alexis: They're expecting me, actually, so I -- I shouldn't keep them waiting. I should get going.

Ned: Ok. Let me help you here. Oh, good to see you.

Alexis: It's good to see you.

[Alexis laughs]

Ned: I'll be thinking of you.

Alexis: Ok.

Ned: Merry Christmas.

Alexis: Merry Christmas.

Jason: Well, at least we didn't have to move that pool table.

Sam: Ok. Help, help. There. All right.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: He looks better already.

Jason: What do you mean, "he"?

Sam: He.

Jason: He?

Sam: Yes. A tree is a --

Jason: Tree.

Sam: Living thing and even though he's very small, he gives off a distinctive masculine vibe. I like it.

Jason: All right, well, that ought to do it. Thank you.

Sam: Stop teasing. You're going to hurt his feelings.

Jason: Oh, come on.

Sam: You know we have to get dressed for that party later.

Jason: I know, I know. We can't -- we can't stay too long. Jax took off on Carly.

Sam: What? "Took off" took off as in "no wedding next week took off"?

Jason: As in I guess we're going to just have to see what happens, but for now, Jax is a no-show, Sonny's out of the country, so I kind of promised that we'd go to the Christmas pageant to be around for Michael and Morgan.

Sam: Oh. Great -- a double dose of holiday cheer. Are you sure you're up for it?

Jason: Only if you'll hold my hand.

Sam: Well, I'll be happy too, especially since you were sweet enough to send Spinelli off to his grandmother's house.

Jason: Why are you doing that? Get away.

Sam: No --

[Jason and Sam laugh]

Jason: And for the record, I wasn't being sweet. I wanted him to get away from us so we can spend some time alone.

Sam: Well, it was a nice gesture, and he reciprocated, by the way.

Jason: How?

Sam: How?

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Well, he left Alexis a present. No, it's -- look, it, it -- nothing is in the house and he didn't leave a whole bag or anything.

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sam: He just left one, little --

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Itty-bitty medicinal joint just in case she gets hit by another big round of chemo.

Jason: Hmm.

Sam: Anyway, I think the first one worked. Even though she doesn't want to admit it, I think it worked.

Jason: Hmm.

Sam: Jason, why does helping people you care about have to be so hard?

Jason: If it was easy, it wouldn't mean so much.

Sam: Well, that's a nice, gloomy perspective for the holiday season.

Jason: Hmm.

Sam: You know what would make tonight, at least, a little better, maybe perfect?

Jason: What?

Sam: A white Christmas.

Jason: Well, it's cloudy out. That's a start.

Sam: Well, we could wish for one. You know, wishes do come true this time of year.

Jason: I know.

Elizabeth: I can't tell you not to go to the Christmas party or that you shouldn't wish Cameron a merry Christmas, but if you do, do not get his hopes up about plans for Christmas day, or make any other promises I can't let you keep. I don't want that kid any more confused than he already is.

Lucky: That's a little hard going down after being Cam's dad all this time, but I'll abide by your wishes.

Elizabeth: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Lucky: But I'm not giving up. I'll find the person who shook your faith in me and when I do, they a going to regret the day they ever planted those pills in my desk.

Elizabeth: Whew.

Ric: Ahem. I see things are still a little strained with Lucky.

Elizabeth: Ric, I don't mean to be rude, but I can't discuss my personal life right now. I'm still working and there's a lot to be done before the Christmas party.

Alexis: All right, here we are! Come on, Molly.

Viola: Yeah.

Alexis: Come on, girls.

Viola: Ah.

Alexis: Wow. Look at that tree. That's pretty, huh?

Viola: See the tree?

Alexis: Want to go with Molly, lay ornaments on the tree, honey?

Molly: There's daddy!

Viola: Yeah.

Alexis: That's right. Oh, you want -- you guys go look --

Viola: Come on.

Alexis: There's ornaments, huh?

Viola: Let's look at the tree -- it's so beautiful -- and the presents.

Ric: Ho, ho, ho.

Alexis: Ho, ho, ho. So you're here to what -- steal Christmas?

Ric: No, I was just hoping that I'd see my daughter. How is she?

Alexis: She's good. She's happy and she's healthy and Kristina still hasn't spoken a word. But I still am holding hope for the possibility of a miracle because 'tis the season.

Ric: Well, maybe we can spend some holiday time together -- you know, so Kristina can get a sense of the ground underneath her feet.

Alexis: I don't doubt your sincerity -- I don’t. Just your ability to effect the situation.

Ric: You seem -- I don't know, better.

Alexis: I am. 'Tis the season.

Carly: Morgan, you can't keep losing your props before the pageant.

Michael: Ok, mom? I do not understand -- are you and Jax going to get married or not?

Carly: Yeah, sweetie. Of course we're going to get married. But do you remember when you said that if anything happened to Morgan and he needed your help, that you wouldn't let anything stop you from helping him?

Michael: Yes.

Carly: Yes? Well, Jax feels the same way about his brother. And when he gets back, we're going to elope -- all of us.

Michael: Me and Morgan, too?

Carly: You and Morgan, too. We're going to go someplace fabulous.

Michael: Like Africa?

Carly: Well, we already went to Africa.

Michael: We can go again.

Carly: Well, let's go someplace a little more tame but just as fabulous. And you and Morgan are going to be our Best Men. Ok, so you're not over the moon about that.

Michael: Well, I'm bummed. Jax is going to miss the pageant and dad won't be there, either.

Carly: Well, I'm going to be there. Grandpa Mike's going to be there, Jason’s going to be there. Who knows who else is going to be there? And you know the one thing you can always count on at Christmas? Surprises.

["Joy to the World" plays]

Father Coates: Nikolas? Thank you for loaning us your son tonight, not to mention your generous donation to the parish homeless program.

Nikolas: My pleasure on both fronts.

Father Coates: Emily, thank you for your family's matching donation to the youth project.

Emily: Oh, we're glad to help.

Father Coates: Yeah, my new youth minister is here somewhere. I was hoping you could meet and maybe set up a time to speak at a meeting. It's great for the kids to have tangible examples.

Emily: Oh, sure. No problem.

Father Coates: Great. I'll go see if I can find him. Thanks.

Emily: Ok.

Mike: Hey, guys. How are you?

Emily: Hey. Michael and Morgan are going to be so happy that you came.

Mike: Well, not only would I not miss my three grandsons in the same play together, but I'm recording it for posterity.

Nikolas: Hey, why didn't I think of that?

Mike: Well, it turns out you didn't have to. Will you look at that? Sound asleep. This kid will never have stage fright.

Emily: Think he takes after his father.

Nikolas: Yeah. Hey, let me -- let me show you the manger, so you can get a good shot of him when he's in there.

Mike: Oh, terrific. Right. I see.

Nikolas: I don't know. Apparently, there's some dome lighting the sky --

Father Coates: Her family makes regular donations to the youth project so, as the new youth minister, I thought you'd want to say hello. Her name's Emily Quartermaine.

Priest: Oh, Quartermaine. I've heard the name.

Father Coates: Good.

Emily: I know you're playing Baby Jesus, Spencer, but you look like an angel. There won't be one person who won't want to take you home after tonight's brilliant performance.

[Christmas music plays]

Maxie: Ok. When do I get too old to wear this ridiculous outfit?

Mac: What are you doing here?

Lucky: Yeah, I'd like to hear the answer to that. You should be resting after your loss.

Maxie: Why be sitting at home feeling sorry for myself when I could be helping kids who are stuck in the hospital have a better Christmas?

Patrick: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I hope you're not bailing on work to participate in this little party thing.

Robin: Well, "Bah, humbug" to you, too.

Patrick: Our patients need attention.

Robin: This has your name on it.

Patrick: Just read the diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Robin: I don't think that we offer that particular therapy here.

Patrick: Ah. How about over here?

[Robin giggles]

Jason: Ok, look, I'm going to go see Michael and Morgan, ok? You can meet me over there or I'll just see you back home.

Sam: Ok.

Elizabeth: I have been hounding every toy store and nobody has Chuggin' Charlie and you know I can't disappoint Cameron, so what do I do?

Epiphany: Call the toy stores in Greenfield and Dixonville. Sometimes the smaller towns don't sell out quite as fast.

Elizabeth: Ok. That's good advice.

Epiphany: Well, I'm the voice of experience. When your little one sets his heart on something, it's your job to get it for them.

Alfred: Ah. Miss Emily.

Emily: Hi.

Alfred: Have you seen Mr. Nikolas?

Emily: He's over there with Mike.

Alfred: Ah.

Woman: Oh. Oh -- you're new. We'll make proper introductions later. For now, the more, the merrier.

Alfred: I stopped by the police station to inquire. So far, there's no forensic report available on the scene of the parapet.

Nikolas: Ok. Just so you know, I haven't told Emily about what we found up there. I don't want to upset her.

Alfred: Of course. You can count on my discretion. Something strikes me as odd, Sir.

Nikolas: Tell me.

Alfred: Well, if someone had been held against their will and managed to escape, why not notify someone at the house rather than disappearing?

Nikolas: All I know is a lot more went on in my home then I knew about and I don't like it. I want answers.

Alfred: Yes.

Carly: No, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Are you nervous?

Michael: No.

Carly: No? Not at all?

Michael: No.

Carly: Good, because you're going to be great. You're going to be fantastic, ok?

Mike: Oh, oh, oh -- excuse me, excuse me.

Carly: Ok.

Mike: Ok, guys. Hey -- oh. Get together, get together here. Ok.

Carly: Smile.

Mike: Smile. Big waves, big waves.

Carly: Michael, stop. Put your hands down.

Mike: Oh, that's great.

Michael: Fine.

Mike: That's great. You know, I'm taping all this so your dad doesn't miss anything.

Carly: Thank you.

Michael: Hey, have you seen Jason? Because he needs seats.

Mike: Uh -- no. I haven't seen him.

Woman: I need the cast assembled --

Mike: Oh.

Woman: Now.

Michael: That's us, that's us.

Carly: Ok, wait, wait, wait, wait. Let me see him, let me see him. Are you ready? Do you think you're ready?

Michael: Yes.

Carly: You guys are going to be great. I'm so proud of both of you.

Michael: Mom, mom?

Carly: What?

Michael: We haven't done anything yet.

Carly: Ok. Go.

Michael: Come on.

Carly: Go, go. Oh.

Mike: You know, that's -- well, it's some set of rocks you're wearing there.

Carly: Oh, yeah. Early Christmas present from Jax.

Mike: Nice.

Carly: Yeah, thank you.

Mike: So, wait, where is he -- parking the car?

Carly: No. No, he's not.

Mike: Is -- is he all right?

Carly: He's perfect. His brother, Jerry, is in trouble, so I insisted Jax go help him.

Mike: It's awfully close to the wedding for Jax to be off on a rescue mission for his brother.

Carly: We're going to have to put the wedding on hold. And no, Sonny doesn't know about it. I don't want him to know about it. The last thing I need is your son taking advantage of the situation and making it worse.

["God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" plays]

Dillon: What are you doing?

Lulu: What are you talking about? I'm doing the best that I can.

Dillon: Listen --

Lulu: Just get it together, ok?

Dillon: Start from the bottom up and then just --

Lulu: Look, we are in a hallway. I'm doing the best that I can.

Dillon: Fine.

Georgie: And how exactly does this fit into the category of unraveling the mystery of who killed Rick Webber?

Dillon: No. No, no, no, no. No, this is not what it looks like.

Georgie: You know what, Dillon? Save it. I have work to do, and to think I used to dread being an elf.

Dillon: Oh. Well, now that she brings it up, I mean, has Spinelli, like, found anything else to help prove her innocence?

Lulu: No, no, no. Spinelli's out of town, but I mean, we know what we need to do -- we need to find someone who had the motive to kill Rick Webber.

Alan: Hey, Ned! Good to see you.

Ned: It's good to be seen.

Alan: How's Manhattan?

Ned: Big, noisy, and a safe distance away from the family shrapnel.


Edward: You know, we -- we could really use you here, Ned, hmm?

Ned: Really? I found you all doing so well at Thanksgiving -- mother being two-timed by Luke Spencer, Skye, of course, getting knocked up by the local crime lord, and Dillon, of course, now practically running E.L.Q. after someone -- I can't imagine who -- has broken his spirit and made him give up on his dreams.

Edward: Oh, here we go again. Listen to me -- the snide remark was not about Dillon. It was about you, hanging up those stupid leather pants, and you should be thanking me for it, young man.

Monica: Edward --

Edward: What?

Monica: Put a sock in it. Merry Christmas, Ned.

Ned: Oh, Merry Christmas to you. Hey, you ok? You look a little tense?

Monica: Yeah, you know -- family issues. The usual.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Cameron: Merry Christmas, daddy.

Lucky: Merry Christmas, big guy.

[Bells ring]

Georgie: Look, kids. Look, it's Santa!


Dillon: Merry Christmas! Oh, ho, ho, ho! Ho, ho, ho! Oh, are how you? Ho, ho, ho!

Ric: You know, I'm sorry that -- that Kristina’s still struggling with having witnessed a shooting. Maybe it's not such a good idea to have Sam and her --

Alexis: Why don't you go over there and spend some time with your daughter? That way, you can dispense that "Keep your feet on the ground" kind of advice that you -- come on.

Dillon: Ho, ho, ho!

Carly: Oh. I was so afraid you weren't going to make it. Come on, sit down. Ahem.

Choir: Little town of Bethlehem how still we see the light ooh, ooh, ooh

Woman: "In the days of Caesar Augustus, a decree went out that the whole world should be taxed. So all went to the enrolled, each to his own town. And Joseph, too, went up from Galilee from the town of Nazareth to the city of Bethlehem to be enrolled with Mary, his betrothed, who was with child."

Woman: "When they reached Bethlehem, they lodged in a stable, for there was no room for them at the inn."

Michael: "Let us rest here in the stable."

Woman: "While they were there, the time came for Mary to have her child, and she gave birth to her firstborn son. She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger."

Carly: Oh.

Sonny: Looks like I got here just in time.

[Choir hums]

Alan: "Over 2,000 years ago, in the town of Nazareth, there lived a young woman named Mary who was married to a carpenter named Joseph. One day, an angel appeared to her and said 'Do not be afraid. You have been chosen to carry a special child. The baby will be the son of God, and you must call him Jesus.' Not long after, a decree went out that everyone had to enroll to pay taxes. So Joseph went to the city called Bethlehem to be enrolled with Mary, who was now with child."

Singers: Away in a manger

Alan: "It was there that she gave birth to the babe in the manger because there was no room for them at the inn. There was a shepherd living in the nearby fields keeping watch over his flock. An angel appeared to him. He cowered in fear."

Boy: "Why have you come, angel?"

Woman: "The angel said 'Do not be afraid. For behold, I bring you tidings of great joy which shall be to all people. For today, in the city of David, a savior is born, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be a sign to you. You will find the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.'"

Michael: "Look yonder. A heavenly host of angels."

Woman: "And suddenly, there were a multitude of heavenly hosts praising God and singing."

Choir: Hark the herald angels sing glory to the new-born king

Woman: "And then, a star rose in the east and came to rest above the stable. And kings from the east came following the star. When the kings found Baby Jesus, they did him homage. And then, they opened their treasures and offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. And the star shone down and others followed it, coming to offer the Christ child their own gifts."

Michael: "Play, little drummer boy. Play your best."

Morgan: Dad?


Woman: Focus, everyone.

Michael: Uh -- "play, drummer boy. Play your best."


Michael: "Of all the gifts brought to Baby Jesus, yours is the one that made him smile, because it was given out of love."

Woman: "And so, on that night in Bethlehem, a child was born to bring light and hope to the whole world. Let there be peace on earth and goodwill to all people."

Choir: Joy to the world the lord is come let earth receive her king let every heart prepare him room

Lucky: Maxie?

["O Holy Night" plays]

Lucky: You ok?

Maxie: I think I just have a cold.

Lucky: You don't have to hide what you're feeling.

Maxie: Lucky, I just have to get through it.

Lucky: We both do. Losing a child is one of the most terrible things that can happen.

Maxie: I'm really ok. I mean, you could go back to everything. I don't want Elizabeth madder than she already is.

Lucky: Right now, I'm concerned about you.

Maxie: I was just listening to Alan and looking at all those little kids' faces, and it made me realize that our baby's never going to see a Christmas tree or hear a Christmas song.

Lucky: You know, in time, the pain's going to pass.

Maxie: I don't see how.

Lucky: I'll help.

Dillon: Oh, ho, ho, ho! There you go.

Georgie: There you go.

Boy: Merry Christmas, Mrs. Santa Claus.

Georgie: Thank you, Jonathan. You're going to want to sit with everybody now, ok?

Tracy: Why on earth would you volunteer to be Mrs. Claus? You and my son already failed at marriage.

Georgie: And everything else we've tried.

Tracy: So maybe it's time for a change.

Georgie: Meaning?

Tracy: Why don't you stop beating a dead horse and reinvent yourself?

[Edward chuckles]

Edward: Oh, my, she's beautiful. Hey, little baby.

Skye: We think so.

Edward: Well, motherhood agrees with you, because you're even more radiant than usual.

Skye: Flatterer.

Edward: We've missed you so much since you -- since you moved out.

Skye: You mean since I moved in with Lorenzo.

Edward: And we would be very pleased if you and Lila Rae could join us for Christmas, hmm?

Skye: Well, we'd love to both be there. Does that mean Lorenzo’s invited, as well?

Bobbie: Hey. Is everything ok?

Lulu: Yeah, my mom should be here. Christmas is her favorite time of year.

Bobbie: You know, your mom also was very lucky, because she also had a family who made sure she didn't miss it.

Lulu: Yeah, but I'm -- I'm starting to figure out why my dad always bails on Christmas. I mean, I -- I've always known, but now I think I understand. For him, Christmas is synonymous with my mom.

Bobbie: Hmm.

Lulu: And everything that she loved and everything he loses when she's gone. I mean, even the Christmas angel. That's what he called her -- Angel. And it wasn't a nickname, like Cowboy or Gumdrop. It's -- it's real. She was an angel. And without her, he's -- he's incomplete.

Bobbie: I know, honey. Luke has always pretended to have no use for Christmas. And he's always said things like "It's cheesy, it's commercial, and it's sentimental." But you know something? When we were growing up, every year, he always made sure I had a present, even if he had to steal it.

Lulu: Stealing presents -- yeah, that sounds like my dad.

Bobbie: So before he left this time, he gave me something for you. They wouldn't let your mom have this at Shadybrook. But Luke wanted you to keep it for her.

Lulu: This is my mom's engagement ring.

["The First Noel" plays]

Bobbie: And Luke knew that your mom would want you to have it.

Lulu: No -- this is a symbol of their love.

Bobbie: So are you, sweetie. And that's why your dad wants you to keep it for her.

Sam: Psst. Hi. Do you want to give this present to mommy and wish her a merry Christmas? Yeah? Go ahead.

Alexis: Hi. What you got there? It's a present? Thank you, sweetheart. Thank you.

Kristina: Merry Christmas, mommy.

Alexis: Oh, it sure is now.

Maxie: This is all wrong. An elf never cries on Christmas. It's a rule. Anyway -- um -- I should get back. Santa's really a slave driver this time of year.

Lucky: Hey, elf? You would have been a great mom.

Maxie: You saying that really means a lot to me.

Elizabeth: But that's not fair. You told my grandmother you had one Chuggin' Charlie left. Yes, I understand that. What -- what about the first person who calls and put-- hello? Hello? Oh. "To Cam, from Santa"?

Jason: By way of a friend.

Elizabeth: Jason -- how did you know?

Jason: Does it matter?

Elizabeth: Well, yeah. I don't -- no, I can't accept this.

Jason: Well, no, it's not your gift, it's -- it's Cam's.

Elizabeth: You are so wonderful, you know that?

Jason: Merry Christmas.

Elizabeth: Merry Christmas.

Michael: You made it.

Sonny: Yeah. I wouldn't miss your Christmas pageant for anything in the whole world. Actually, your mother -- I called her up, and she was emotional, and I -- I just -- so I decided to come home.

Carly: Oh, my gosh. I think it's going to be a white Christmas. Look at this. How about that?

Michael: You are going to spend Christmas with us, right?

Carly: You bet he is. We are going to have a full Corinthos day.

Nikolas: Look at that. That smile. He's so happy right now; I'm just going to leave him in there. Ok, you were right. I didn't have anything to worry about.

Emily: See? Now you can be as proud of Spencer as I am of you. It's getting colder, so I'm going to go to the car and get a blanket for Spencer, ok?

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: All right.

Mike: Hey, Nikolas --

Nikolas: Yeah?

Mike: Take a look at this, huh? Is that great?

Nikolas: Yes, it is.

Mike: Isn't it? Look at that. That smile.

[Music plays]

Singer: Have yourself a merry little Christmas let your heart be light from now on our troubles will be out of sight

Singer: Have yourself a merry little Christmas make the yuletide gay from now on our troubles will be miles away here we are as in olden days happy golden days of yore faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us once more through the years we all will be together if the fates allow so hang a shining star

Sonny: Can I tell you something? You were, like, incredible in that pageant.

Michael: Could you even notice that the camel had missed his cue? That means that he didn't come in when he was supposed to.

Sonny: I didn't notice.

Michael: You didn't?

Carly: I think you were the best Joseph, ever.

Sonny: I'm very proud of you, buddy.

Michael: Thanks.

Singer: Here we are as in olden days

Max: Hey, Joseph, need a ride?

Singer: Happy golden days of yore

[Carly laughs]

Max: Get in there.

Singer: Faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us

Sonny: Where's Morgan?

Singer: Once more

Emily: Ok. Here you go.

Nikolas: Thanks.

Father Coates: Nikolas, it was so kind of you to allow Spencer to play Baby Jesus.

Nikolas: Oh, no, that's ok. I had a few concerns there in the beginning, but I think Spencer enjoyed his stage debut.

[Father Coates chuckles]

Father Coates: Well, we appreciate your support.

Nikolas: Thank you. Merry Christmas.

Father Coates: Merry Christmas to you.

Nikolas: Ok.

Singer: And have yourself a merry little Christmas night.

["In Excelsis Gloria" plays]

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