GH Transcript Wednesday 12/20/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 12/20/06


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Lucky: Lulu.

Lulu: What? What's wrong?

Lucky: I need your help. Last night somebody put a bag of pills in my desk at work. Elizabeth found them.

Lulu: Somebody set you up.

Lucky: Yeah, they're not even my pills, but Elizabeth thinks I'm back on drugs.

Lulu: What can I do?

Lucky: I need you to tell Elizabeth that she can trust me.

Elizabeth: I needed that meeting. It really helped.

Patrick: I didn't realize you'd stopped going. I just thought you found another Al-Anon group.

Elizabeth: Well, I made the assumption that the worst was over and that Lucky was on his way to recovery.

Patrick: Hmm.

Elizabeth: I even imagined us having a future together. But yesterday I got a wake-up call.

Carly: That was great.

Jax: Oh, yeah?

Carly: Yeah.

Michael: I've never had steak and eggs for breakfast.

Jax: Well, that's a good Australian, standard breakfast right there.

Michael: It is?

Jax: It's what we have in the Outback.

Michael: Can we have it every day?

Carly: Every day?

Michael: Yes.

Carly: Sure -- if you want your cholesterol to by sky-high by the time you're 15.

Michael: Hey --

Jax: Jerry and I ate it all the time; we're fine. We're healthy as horses.

Carly: And may you both stay very healthy until we're safely married.

Jax: You know what? Tomorrow I'll make you my favorite Alaskan breakfast.

Michael: Now, is this what it's going to be like every day that you two are married?

Jax: Yeah, pretty much. I think eating together as a family is very important.

Michael: Yeah. Me, too.

Jason: Hey. You ok?

Sam: Yeah. I mean, I'm just -- Jason, I'll be glad to get this over with. I don't think Ric has a case, the judge is going to see it, and then we can all go home.

Jason: All right, well, let's do it.

Sam: Ok? All right. Hi.

Alexis: There you are.

Sam: Where is everyone?

Ric: Pretrial is closed. No press is allowed.

Alexis: Which is a good thing for you -- spare you the humiliation, because I'm moving for a dismissal.

Ric: Make all the motions you want, Alexis. Sam broke a lot of laws. She's going to pay.

Lucky: I passed the drug test -- even Mac said I was clean -- but Elizabeth won't listen.

Lulu: Well, Lucky, you have to understand you spent most of the summer lying to everyone about everything. And you made up all kinds of excuses that sounded really good and it was hard to call you out on any of it. And, I mean, why wouldn't Elizabeth think that maybe you're doing the same thing now?

Lucky: Well, how can I defend myself when my own sister won't believe me?

Lulu: No, I am not saying that I don't believe you. I'm just saying I understand why Elizabeth wouldnít.

Lucky: I'm clean, Lulu, and I'm going to stay clean for mom. I owe it to her not to trash my life.

Lulu: Well, I love you, and I believe you.

[Lulu sighs]

Lucky: Would you go convince Elizabeth that I'm telling the truth?

Elizabeth: Lucky made a big show of insisting on a drug test.

Patrick: What were the results?

Elizabeth: Those were negative, but it doesn't really matter because I'm sure he thinks he has this whole pill thing under control. You know, like he only has them for emergencies or he's only taking one or two. You know how it is -- the lies addicts tell themselves and everyone else.

Patrick: Or Lucky's clean.

Elizabeth: When I confronted him, he was so defensive. It's exactly how he sounded all summer long, and I refuse to get sucked back into that.

Patrick: Well, that's good. It's healthy that you realize you can't fix Lucky.

Elizabeth: Maybe if it was just me it would make a difference, but I have my kids to think about.

Patrick: Well, then it's a good thing you do. You would just be delaying the inevitable.  If Lucky gets clean, it's not going to be because you held his hand through this. Alone and afraid might be the best thing for him.

Elizabeth: I have to protect my kids. That's my first priority.

Robin: Hey.

Patrick: Hey.

Robin: Is it true that your 11:00 canceled?

Patrick: It is. I have time for a consult.

Robin: Oh, well, think of it more as a house call.

Jax: What are you doing?

Carly: Oh, the seating chart.

Jax: I thought you were going to leave that to the wedding planners.

Carly: Yeah, do you want some stranger to decide who sits with Tracy Quartermaine? No way.

Jax: Wait a second, how come all of my guests are sitting on one side and your guests are all sitting on this side? I mean, you're supposed to mix them up, aren't you?

Carly: Sure -- if you want World War III.

Bobbie: I picked up your gown!

Carly: Oh, no --

Jax: Ooh --

Carly: No, go --

Jax: Wedding dress!

Carly: Go to the dining room. You -- you can't see it. You can see it. Please go in the dining room? You need to leave immediately, ok? Please.

Jax: Why? What did I do?

Carly: Because you cannot see at dress under any circumstances. You canít. It's worse luck than black cats and walking under ladders.

Jax: You know, so is having sex, and that doesn't seem to bother you.

Bobbie: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Mother-in-law in the room here.

Carly: Go, go, go, go, go. You -- you have to go to work.

Jax: Oh? Oh, really?

Carly: You have to go work -- yes -- right now. Go make money and bring it home to the family, please, please, please. You got some big merger with Hong Kong, right?

Jax: Wow, I'm surprised you noticed.

Carly: Yes, it'll keep you busy until lunch.

Jax: You know paranoia's very cute on you? Bye, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Bye, Jax.

[Bobbie laughs]

Bobbie: He's so adorable.

Carly: Yes -- in a gorgeous, frustrating kind of way. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for helping me with my dress.

Bobbie: Oh, honey, that's my job -- and my pleasure. But you seem a little stressed. Is it pre-wedding jitters?

Judge: In the matter of the State of New York vs. Samantha McCall, the presiding judge, the Honorable Dennis Bryant, having been forced to step down due to illness, I'm replacing him as the judge of record. If there are any objections or petitions to set aside any previous rulings by Judge Bryant in this matter, I will entertain them now.

Alexis: Your honor, I am currently undergoing --

Judge: Undergoing chemotherapy. I'm aware. I am also aware that Judge Bryant has required that you wear a wig so as not to prejudice the jury. I agree with this decision. Anything else?

Alexis: Not at this time, your honor.

Judge: Mr. Lansing?

Ric: No, nothing, your honor.

Judge: Very well. We will proceed. Opening arguments, Ms. Davis?

Alexis: Your honor, the defense moves for a dismissal of all charges. My client was initially arrested for allegedly stealing police evidence that has now been proven to be fabricated.

Ric: I object, your honor. Defense's claims are completely unsubstantiated. The current charges against Ms. McCall are based solely and completely on her illegal actions.

Alexis: The actions are a result of her being framed by the D.A. --

Ric: The alleged frame was not proven because the evidence was stolen --

Judge: Knock it off, both of you. Ms. Davis, you may finish.

Alexis: Your honor, District Attorney Lansing has arrested my client out of spite. This has been a --

Ric: Oh, your honor, I object. This is completely ridiculous.

Sam: Hey, hey. That's enough, Alexis. We have to stop now.

Robin: See? It has all the features. It has a fireplace.

Patrick: Hmm.

Robin: It has a skylight. It actually reminds me of all the apartments in Paris that I wanted so desperately but couldn't afford, and it's been totally updated. It has new electrical. It has brand-new floors. And, I mean, come on -- two-car parking?

Patrick: I've only got one car.

Robin: Well, I have a car. And did I mention that it has a gym?

Patrick: Huh. I take it you like this place?

[Robin giggles]

Robin: Yes! Come on, do I have to show you the bedroom again? It's the size of my entire apartment -- all that room to play in.

Patrick: I don't have any furniture.

Robin: That's why God made catalogs.

Patrick: Do you know how annoying moving and packing and decorating is and --

Robin: I'll decorate for you.

Patrick: Why is this important to you?

Robin: Why are you so resistant?

Patrick: Because I have a great situation at Metro Court.

Robin: Ugh. You've been living in a hotel room for months. It's so impersonal.

Patrick: Yeah, but I've got daily maid service.

[Robin sighs]

Patrick: And if I'm hungry, I call somebody, and they deliver food. And if my neighbors are annoying, I know they're going to be gone in a couple of days. It's practically perfect.

Robin: Hotel rooms are for people who are just passing through. You can take all of your stuff; pack it up one day, and leave.

Patrick: I'm not leaving.

Robin: Don't look at me like that.

Patrick: Well --

Robin: Don't look -- furious. I am not suggesting, God forbid, that we live together, ok? All I'm saying is that when we are together, it might be nice to spread out a little bit, and not use shampoo that's in those tiny little bottles.

Patrick: You have the strangest priorities.

Robin: I'm serious. Listen to me, you have a life here; you have a job!

Patrick: Ah.

Robin: You say you love me, but then you can't bring yourself to buy a sofa or sign a lease.

Patrick: Wow. That's good for at least a year or two of therapy -- of course, if I'm in town long enough.

Man: So, did you get a look around?

[Patrick sighs]

Patrick: Yeah, I did.

Robin: Yes, yes, yes, he did, he loves it, it's perfect.

Man: Well, we can do a one-year lease -- the first and last, and references, of course.

Robin: Oh, Dr. Drake has several references from General Hospital.

Patrick: Do I get any say in this?

Robin: Of course you do. Curtains or blinds -- totally your choice.

Man: Uh -- I'm afraid there's -- there's a problem.

Patrick: Oh, yeah, of course -- curtains are so last week.

Man: No, I -- I made a mistake. The apartment's already leased.

Lulu: Elizabeth. How are you?

Elizabeth: You saw your brother? I know you're trying to be a really good sister, but you're not going to change my mind.

Lulu: I know, but you can't just shut the door on your life with Lucky when he could be innocent. He swears to me that he was set up.

Elizabeth: For most of the summer he was swearing one thing or another -- that he was done with the pills, that he was done sleeping with Maxie, that he was sober and clean and fine. But they were all lies, and I'm not going to go through that again. I have two young children depending on me, and for their sake, I can't afford to be a nervous wreck -- walking a tightrope between my children and Lucky's disease and dysfunction.

Lulu: Do you love my brother?

Elizabeth: Of course I do. I will always love him. But it was too easy for me to believe that he's using again, and that lack of trust is not good for me or for him or our family.

Lulu: I know, I understand and, really, I can't even say that you're wrong. But Lucky is in love with you, and you believing in him is what's going to make all the difference.

Mike: Hey.

Maxie: You haven't seen Lucky, have you?

Mike: Matter of fact, he left a little while ago.

Maxie: Did he seem ok?

Mike: Not particularly. Are you ordering?

Maxie: Yeah. Um -- herbal tea, peppermint, please. Was he alone?

Mike: No, no. He was with his sister.

Maxie: Oh, great. Lulu usually makes things worse.

Mike: Oh, honey? Why don't you, well, just give Lucky a break, ok? I mean, it's hard enough to stay sober without a lot of people putting pressure on you.

Maxie: It might be a little too late for that. Lucky was busted with some pills in his desk at work last night. He said he was framed.

Mike: Yeah, well, I know that routine by heart. You'll say anything to make it someone else's fault.

Maxie: Were you on drugs, Mike?

Mike: No. No. My addiction is gambling. And it's a little more insidious because it's more of a -- a mental addiction than a physical one, but it still is very destructive to your life and to your familyís.

Maxie: Well, I thought family was what would help Lucky stay sober -- for this baby.

Mike: Lucky has two babies on the way. I mean, that complicates his life even more.

Maxie: Look, me and my baby are not the reason that Lucky is using again -- if he's even using. The problem is Elizabeth. Lucky just needs to realize that she doesn't want him anymore.

Mike: Whatever you believe, Maxie, I know Lucky. And I cannot imagine him ever giving up on Elizabeth.

Maxie: Think what you want, Mike, but Lucky may not have a choice -- because Elizabeth has given up on Lucky.

Alexis: I'm just a little dehydrated, that's all. Thank you.

Sam: You can barely stand.

Alexis: I just need a minute.

Sam: Your honor, how do I get another attorney?

Judge: Ms. Davis?

Alexis: I just need a minute.

Jason: Ok, I can -- I can call my attorney, Alexis. It's no problem.

Alexis: Your honor, I am not -- nor have I ever been -- trying to seek sympathy from the court. I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to continue to give due diligence to my client, and I'm requesting a recess.

Judge: Mr. Lansing, do you have an objection?

Ric: Ahem. In light of recent eves, your honor, the state is prepared to drop all charges against Sam McCall.

Carly: I don't know about the veil. What do you think?

Bobbie: Oh, sweetie, this is your prettiest wedding dress yet. You just look so -- beautiful.

Carly: Are you crying?

Bobbie: I'm just so proud of you. You have been through so much, and you never give up. And, well, just when you get to a place where you realize that you don't need a man to be happy, you meet a man to spend the rest of your life with. I mean, isn't it funny how life is like that?

Carly: Oh, it just makes it that much sweeter.

Bobbie: Nobody deserves a happy, stable marriage more than you do.

Carly: I am happy, you know? I'm really happy. And that should give you hope. You're going to meet a man. You are. You're going to meet a guy, and you're going to be with him, and you're going to be like "This is the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with."

[Phone rings]

Carly: Hello? Hello?

[Line disconnects]

Carly: Ok.

Bobbie: So who was it?

Carly: Uh -- just someone who doesn't like it when I get all mushy about Jax, so --

Bobbie: Speaking of which, did you invite Sonny to your wedding?

Carly: Yeah, he doesn't want to come.

Bobbie: Well, I think that's just as well. You don't need him undermining your wedding day.

Carly: Yeah, Sonny and I are complicated. And he knows that this is what I want, and I'm not going to let anyone or anything stop this wedding.

Jax: I forgot my phone.

[Carly gasps]

Jax: Ooh, whoa --

Carly: Jax, no!

Jax: Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, I'm sor -- I'm sorry.

Carly: I can't believe you did this!

Jax: Wow, that's -- wow. Wow, that's -- you look amazing.

Carly: You ruined everything, Jax.

Robin: Wait, not even 30 seconds ago, you were offering us a one-year lease.

Patrick: "Us"?

Robin: You. Don't change the subject.

Patrick: I'm not sure what the subject is, actually, right now.

Robin: Biff here is going to tell us why this apartment is suddenly not available.

Biff: Well, a man came earlier today, and he just text-messaged me, and he says that he wants to take it. So I -- I'll be happy to take Dr. Drake's information, and I'll let him know in case anything else opens up.

Robin: No. I see what's happening here. You saw the feature piece, right, of the handsome doctor who treats patients with HIV and AIDS, and you just realized it's him, and that's why you're pulling the apartment away from him, aren't you?

Biff: Hey, I think what you're doing is great. No, no, I do. But I -- I have a whole lot of tenants here, ok, and I just -- I have to keep their best interests in mind.

Robin: And because Dr. Drake treats people with AIDS, that suddenly disqualifies him from living in the same building?

Biff: He's exposed. You expose yourself to HIV all the time.

Patrick: And that scares you because? Well, you do know that you can't get HIV or AIDS from an elevator button, or -- or from the air-conditioning ducts, or even from the sweat on a treadmill in the gym.

Biff: Ok, the jury is still out on -- on that.

Robin: Actually, it's not. Maybe you should do your research before you make decisions that affect people's lives. Didn't I tell you that there were still ignorant people in the world who haven't read a newspaper since, like, what -- is it the 1980s?

Biff: Ok, you can insult me all day long, but I'm telling you, this apartment is no longer on the market.

Ric: Your honor, if it pleases the court, upon further review, there is -- there is no way to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sam McCall didn't shoot Diego Alcazar in self-defense. And since the burden of proof is on us, we would rather not waste the rest of the court's time or what's left of counselís health.

Judge: You're dropping all the charges?

Ric: Yes, your honor, we are.

Judge: Case dismissed. The defendant is free to go.

Bailiff: All rise.

Ric: Now will you go home and get some rest?

Sam: Don't even pretend you did this to help Alexis. You know she could've proved that you framed me.

Ric: You know, believe it or not, Sam, not everything that goes on between me and Alexis has anything to do with you.

Sam: You made a huge sacrifice for me. I will always be grateful for that. Thank you.

Jason: I'll give you a ride home if you need one.

Alexis: No. It's ok, thank you, but I would prefer not to.

Sam: I'll take her. You go. We will celebrate later.

[Jason sighs]

Spinelli: Bernie Abrams, please. Bernificent one, it's me. Yeah, dude, your firewall totally sucks. No, I'm telling you, I broke in, and it says Jasonís got all these checking accounts offshore that are just loaded with cash. Dude, that's some wicked-nasty language. My grandma would totally wash your mouth out with soap. Wait -- what, you think I'm enjoying this? Dude, I could be totally blogging right now but, no. Hello?

[Knock on door]

Spinelli: Bernie? Ah, blond one.

Lulu: I need the Jackal.

[Spinelli sighs]


Spinelli: Can't you see I'm busy? Well, I am.

Lulu: Ok, yeah. Well, we need to prove my mom's innocence before you get grabbed or eliminated.

Spinelli: Well, have you, like, heard -- have you heard some rumors or something? Because, I mean, we can get some money real fast. There's some accounts offshore --

Lulu: Yeah, that's really nice. Ok, you can steal from the mob and get killed, but can you do that, like, after we finish what we started, maybe?

Spinelli: What's your hurry?

Lulu: Because I would like to do something right for my mom for once, ok?

Elizabeth: Lucky, I can't deal with this.

Lucky: Did Lulu come and see you?

Elizabeth: I wish you hadn't put your sister in the middle of this. It's not fair to her, and it's not going to change my mind.

Lucky: Well, what would be fair is if you just give me five minutes to tell you what happened.

Elizabeth: I don't want to fight with you, and I don't want to constantly have this debate. So if you truly have feelings for me, Lucky --

Lucky: Of course I do. You know I love you.

Elizabeth: If you love me, you'll do as I ask and leave me alone.

Lucky: Not until you listen to me. I was framed, and I'm pretty sure I know who did it.

Michael: Mom -- is everything ok?

Carly: No, it's not ok!

Bobbie: Ok, now. Your mother's having a little pre-wedding jitters, but she's going to be fine.

Carly: Do you realize what you've done? Do you? We -- we're jinxed now, Jax. We're jinxed, yes, because you are the groom, and you are not supposed to see the bride in her wedding dress!

Jax: Ever?

Carly: Before the wedding!

Jax: Oh.

Michael: Mom's -- uh -- what's the word?

Jax: "Superstitious."

Michael: Yes. Thank you.

Jax: But I'm not. I'm not superstitious. I believe in fate, I believe in a little bit of luck, and I certainly don't believe in old wives' tales.

Carly: I believe I'm going to hit you upside the head if you don't get out of here right now.

Jax: Ok -- ok, Michael, this is -- this is -- you should learn, this is when to give a woman her space.

Michael: Yeah.

Jax: Ok, this is --

Carly: Out, Jax!

Jax: Ok! I came -- the cell -- I came for the cell phone. I'm sorry. I didn't -- I didn't mean to do anything crazy. Hi. Bye. You look very lovely. Bobbie, it was good to see you.

Bobbie: Yes.

Jax: I really love the dress.

Carly: Out!

Jax: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Jax: Hello? Hello?

[Jax sighs]

Bobbie: The man is obviously crazy about you, and he's very romantic.

Carly: No matter which way you cut it, this wedding is jinxed. It's completely jinxed now.

Bobbie: Only if you let it be.

Michael: Mom, you look like a princess.

Carly: Thank you, sweetheart. I appreciate that, but --

Michael: It's true.

Carly: The dress is going back.

Bobbie: Oh, honey, at this late date? Come on, the dress is beautiful.

Carly: I will wear a sweatshirt before I tempt fate. The dress is going back.

Lucky: Maxie was sitting at my desk. Maxie scored pills for me all summer. I'm not blaming her, but I think she had something to do with this.

Elizabeth: She's having your baby. Why would she want to hurt you?

Lucky: She wants to hurt us. She can't stand that I love you. Maxie probably thinks that if she can make you walk away from me, that I'll go back to her.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, Lucky, because the more you explain, the less I believe you. It's all so familiar -- the way you manage to make yourself sound and look like the man I fell in love with. But you're a stranger, angry and jealous and lying every time you open your mouth.

Lucky: If I can't defend myself, then what can I do?

Elizabeth: Respect my decision. We're finished.

Lucky: Why do I have a feeling you've always been looking for your way out? It's not over. I'll never give up on you or our child.

Jason: What's going on?

Lulu: Spinelli's helping me prove that my mom is innocent, remember?

Spinelli: Not to worry, dude. I helped you out today, too.

Jason: Yeah, Bernie told me. Don't do it again.

Spinelli: Oh, no, I'm -- I'm done -- done with the Bernificent one, but I was talking about the R-site thing.

[Spinelli snickers]

Jason: The what?

Spinelli: Dude, it's this website, and I told you -- you and the Goddess, you were never meant to be, so I posted this amazing profile page for you. Once you -- once you find, like, a perfect playmate online, then you can move on. And the Goddess, Samantha, will be with me -- where she belongs -- and --

Jason: Ok --

Spinelli: No need to thank me, dude. I'm just looking out for you, bro.

Jason: Yeah, yeah. You're looking out for me, aren't you?

Spinelli: What are you --?

Jason: Spinelli's going to have to help you later, ok? He's going to be doing a few extra things this afternoon.

Lulu: No. No, no, no, no. I need him, it's important.

Jason: Well, you know what? I have some security issues, and this guy right here -- he's going to fix them for me.

Spinelli: Nice touch, you know that?

Jason: Yeah.

Lulu: All right, fine, I'll call you later.

Spinelli: I -- that's kind of rude, dude. I mean, she's just trying to help her mom out.

Jason: Take your computer, get upstairs, ok, and don't come back down here until you've erased the webpage and straightened out Bernieís account. You got it?

Spinelli: Yeah.

Jason: Whew.

Alexis: I'm just having a bad chemo day -- some are worse than others. I'm all right.

Sam: Uh --

Alexis: Oh --

Sam: Should I go get you your meds?

Alexis: I took them already. As you can see, they're working wonders. I just need to lie down for -- for a little bit, and then I'll feel better. It'll pass.

Sam: There must be something I can do.

Alexis: I'm ok.  My wig's on crooked, isn't it?

Sam: No. Thank you for defending me.

Alexis: Sam, I didn't want you to go to prison. I'm sorry, Sam, I can't forget about what you did. Every time I walk into this room, I -- I keep seeing what happened in here.

Sam: I -- I -- I guess the only way I can help you, probably, is just to go, then, huh?  You can't do this alone. You're going to have to find somebody that wants to help you, ok?

Mike: Here you go.

Maxie: Thank you.

Mike: Sure.

Maxie: Could I have some spicy mustard, please? It's -- it's just a craving of mine. I get them now that I'm pregnant.

Mike: Yeah, yeah, I understand. But you should know I've had a lot of pregnant customers that said that spicy foods -- you know, like spicy mustard -- upsets their systems.

Maxie: Not me. My baby and I are in perfect sync. You know, there's really no bond like the one between a mother and a child. Oh -- by the way, I heard from Lucky, and he needs to see me. I think he's going to ask me for my help.

Mike: Well, I hope things work out for all of you.

Lucky: It's time for the truth, Maxie. You planted those pills in my desk.  You came to the PCPD. You were at my desk when no one else was around.

Maxie: I didn't do it.

Lucky: You want Elizabeth to dump me; let her believe that I'm using again.

Maxie: Lucky, I would never hurt you like that. Besides, drugs aren't your problem anymore anyway. It's -- it's Elizabeth. She doesn't want you and you can't stand it.

Lucky: You know what? If you want to lie about it, then I'm done. I'll deal with our child through a lawyer.

Maxie: Lucky, it wasn't me. I swear.

Lucky: The hell with you, Maxie. We're through.

Maxie: Lucky, wait!

Robin: Come on, Patrick. You can spend your rent money elsewhere.

Patrick: No, I'm not leaving.

Biff: I'm sorry, Dr. Drake, but I know the Housing Committee will take a position on this.

Patrick: Not that it should matter, but you know that I'm not HIV-positive, right?

Biff: Yeah, but you expose yourself all the time.

Patrick: Well, maybe we should look into your behavior and see what kind of risks you take.

Biff: Well, my behaviors don't affect property value.

Robin: Oh, God.

Patrick: Maybe you haven't heard, but it's against the law to discriminate. I mean, you can't discriminate against anyone with HIV or AIDS or MS or congenital blindness. This is America, biff. So let me ask you, do you live in this building?

Biff: No, I donít.

Patrick:  Oh, well, that's great, because then when I move in, I won't have to see you.

Biff: Ok, perhaps I haven't made myself clear --

Patrick: Or there's another option. You could face the biggest discrimination lawsuit the state of New York has ever seen. You're worried about property values? There'll be lawyers and torts and protestors, and when WLPC news shows up, there goes the neighborhood. You understand me, Biff?

Biff: Come back tomorrow, and bring a cashier's check for the security deposit.

Patrick: I knew you were a reasonable gentleman.

Robin: Wow.

[Patrick sighs]

Robin: I have to say, that was a total turn-on.

Patrick: I just did battle with a guy named Biff --

[Robin giggles]

Patrick: For an apartment I don't want, in a building filled with bigots.

Robin: You'll bring some decency to the place.

Patrick: Oh.

Robin: I'm really proud of you. So, in honor of your courage, noble heart, and your general hotness, I say we proceed with the ritual christening of the apartment. Pick a surface, any surface, and do with me what you will.

Patrick: Wow. I love rewards. Get up here.

Robin: Hmm.

[Robin giggles]

Carly: Wow, look at you.

Michael: Well, grandma wanted to see me in this before she left.

Carly: You look very handsome.

Michael: Yeah.

Carly: Come here.

Michael: Jax must really love you if he's going to wear one of these.

Carly: Well, he does. What do you think about that?

Michael: I'm -- I'm always going to love dad more.

Carly: Of course you are.

Michael: But Jax loves you, and you love Jax. Me and Morgan are going to be happy whenever you're happy.

Carly: Thank you.

Sam: It's over.

Jason: Yes, it is.

Sam: We can sleep in our bed. We can wake up together if we want.

Jason: We can --

Sam: We can do absolutely nothing, if you choose.

Jason: Hmm. How's Alexis feeling?

Sam: Oh, Jason, she's sick. You know, she's really sick, and there's nothing I can do except -- well, she won't have any --

Jason: What's -- what's wrong?

Sam: Do you smell that?

Jason: Spinelli, you're a dead man!

Carly: Oh, come on, Michael, Morgan, check your shoes if you guys don't stop and settle down.

Michael: Good.

Bobbie: Ok, honey, I'm leaving.

Carly: Ok. Thank you.

Bobbie: This is such a shame. Are you sure about the dress?

Carly: No, it's going back. I can't wear that dress, ok?

Morgan: Ah!

Carly: We'll go shopping tomorrow. Love you. Thank you.

Bobbie: Oh, I love you, too. See you tomorrow.

Carly: Watch, don't get hit by them.

Bobbie: Yeah, bye, guys.

Carly: Watch it.

Michael: A present.

Carly: Oh.

Bobbie: Hey.

Jax: Ooh, hey.

Bobbie: It's all your fault.

Jax: Oh. Well, thanks for the warning.

Bobbie: Oh, yeah.

Jax: Bye.

Bobbie: Bye.

[Jax chuckles]

Jax: Hi!

Michael: Hey, Jax, look --

Jax: Whoa!

Michael: I have tuxedo shoes just like you.

Jax: Wow. Is it bad luck for me to see those, as well?

Carly: Ok, I had a very minor, minor meltdown, and now I'm fine. Everything is under control.

Jax: Ok. That's good.

[Phone rings]

Jax: Just a minor --

Carly: Minor.

Jax: Little, tiny meltdown. Ooh, I'm going to get you!

Carly: Hello?

Michael: You're never going to catch me, Morgan!

Carly: Hello?

Michael: Oh -- oh!

Carly: I'm sorry?

Michael: Look out!

[Jax laughs]

Michael: Look out!

Carly: What? You guys -- you guys, keep it down.

Jax: Ok, quiet, quiet.

Carly: I'm sorry, operator, what did you say? Hold on. Collect call from Jerry.

Alexis: Dr. Trent, I -- I've never had it this bad.

Dr. Trent: Are you nauseous?

Alexis: I -- I can't eat. I -- I haven't eaten since yesterday, and I'm -- I'm really dizzy, and my veins feel like they're burning through my skin.

Dr. Trent: Well, I'm sorry, Alexis. Some patients can't tolerate the meds. I'm afraid we've exhausted all of our options.

Alexis: So I just have to suffer through this?

Dr. Trent: Well, it's cyclical. It'll pass.

Alexis: If I don't kill myself first. There's got to be something that can help.

Spinelli: Goddess Sam.

Sam: Having fun, Spinelli?

Spinelli: I was just deleting Jasonís online profile. It's a shame, bro. You had, like, 152 hits, some major babes.

Jason: Cough up the drugs.

[Spinelli snickers]

Spinelli: That's kind of funny, because you said "cough up the drugs."

[Spinelli coughs]

Spinelli: Your fault.

Jason: Ok, listen to me. I don't allow drugs in my home.

Spinelli: What, I'm -- I'm being punked, right? Mobsters are, like, the first stop on the weed express. Ooh, Jason --

[Spinelli giggles]

Spinelli: Don't flush it, dude. It's --

Jason: Not in my house.

Sam: Wait --

Spinelli: That's primo --

Sam: Whoa, whoa, wait, wait.

Jason: What?

Sam: I need that.

[Choir sings]

Ric: Well, you know how it is with junkies. It's only a matter of time before he starts using again. I just -- I just gave him a little -- a little push. I placed drugs where they could be found. It wasn't my intention that Elizabeth would find them, but now that she has, she can leave Lucky with a clear conscience.  I made Elizabethís life difficult when I was with her, all right? I owe it to her to fix for her now. She'll be better off without Lucky. Eventually, she'll just turn to me. Do you understand?

Priest: My son, it's never all right to intentionally hurt someone else. Say 10 "Hail Marys," and think how you can make amends for your actions. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, go in peace my son.

Elizabeth: I wanted to tell Jason about you from the start. He deserves that much. But then Lucky turned his entire life around because of you. And I was so afraid that if he found out you weren't his baby, that he'd go back to taking pills. But I guess he did that anyway, and that really terrifies me. He says he's not going to give you up. Oh, God, what if he tries to get custody of you? Then we're going to end up in court, and there's going to be blood tests and the whole truth will come out anyway. So maybe it's best if I just face it now. Then Jason and I can decide what's best for you.

Maxie: Lucky, you can't just make a baby with me and then walk away!

Lucky: Listen, I just want the truth.

Maxie: I told you the truth. You can't blame me for something I didn't do!

Lucky: Listen, I don't want anything to do with you or this baby. You're just as toxic as the drugs. Now, let go of me. Maxie! Maxie?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Maxie: The baby -- something's wrong, it's hurting.

Elizabeth: I will never trust Lucky like I once did.

Jax: Jerry? I lost the call.

Carly: What are you going to do?

Sam: I know someone who needs it.

Jason: You're not serious?

Sam: I don't want her to suffer.

Alexis: How could you help me?

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