GH Transcript Friday 12/15/06

General Hospital Transcript Friday 12/15/06


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Carly: Hey, guys!

Michael: Hey.

Carly: I just love when the stores are open late before Christmas. Wait till you see the fabric I got for your costumes. And, yes, before you say anything, I know it's hard to believe that I can sew anything, but I can. No one is going to know that your costumes are homemade, all right? Look at this. This is for you, the Little Drummer Boy. And, Michael, with this, you are going to be the best Joseph ever.

Michael: Well, we're never going to be able to wear them.

Carly: Why? What's going on?

Michael: Well, we can't be in a Christmas pageant when dad's not going to be there to see it.

Lulu: It's easy to talk about who else had a motive to kill Rick Webber, but he hasn't been in Port Charles for decades. He only came in town for my mom and dad's first wedding.

Dillon: Lulu, there's always somebody with a grudge. I mean, it could be an old enemy. It's classic plot construction going back to the old British mysteries of the 1930s, which is actually where Alfred Hitchcock got his start. It kind of reminds me of the movie "Murder!" And --

Lulu: Dillon --

Dillon: Sorry. First, check all the people who had a connection to Rick Webber. That means his family; that means your family. Didn't your grandmother actually --

Lulu: No, no, no, my family can't know about this.

Ric: I'm not sure we were finished.

Lucky: Message received. My job is to go after Jason no matter how Elizabeth feels.

Ric: Good.

Lucky: One more thing, Ric. Why are my wife's feelings suddenly so important to you?

Alexis: You know, Ric has a very strong case against you, which is no surprise since he made it up from whole cloth.

Sam: Well, if you're going to frame somebody, you might as well make it airtight.

Alexis: I think the only thing we can do is prove that he had motive to frame you, which would mean telling the judge that you and Ric had sex.

Sam: Um --

[Knock on door]

Sam: Jason. Oh, gosh! Oh, thank God you're ok.

Carly: Hey --

Michael: Dad brought these over and said he'd call on Christmas day.

Carly: I think you misunderstood him, Michael.

Michael: No. He said that he'd be back in time before you and Jax go on your honeymoon.

Carly: You know what? I didn't realize your father had something scheduled, but I'm going to call him and ask him to reschedule it, ok?

Michael: Mom? Please, don't fight with dad.

Carly: I'm not going to fight with your father, but you know what? He needs to be here. This is all you talked about for days. And between the two of you finding Baby Jesus and convincing Nikolas to let Spencer do it? I have the fabric, ok? No one is quitting. Everything is going to go on as planned, and I will make sure that your father's there.

Dillon: Lulu, how do you plan on proving your mother's innocence if you won't even talk to your family about the murder?

Lulu: We will find another way.

Dillon: No. You look at any classic murder mystery and it's always about the people closest to the victim. Like "Murder on the Orient Express," which is actually --

Lulu: Dillon --

Dillon: I'm sorry. Where was I?

Spinelli: Family and friends.

Dillon: Family and friends -- if they're not the prime suspects, they can point you towards the prime suspects, and they always, always provide you with motive.

Lulu: Yeah, but no one in my family had a motive to kill Rick Webber.

Dillon: Remind me, who -- who found the body?

Lulu: Lucky and Nikolas.

Spinelli: Whoa, wait, you know those guys?

Lulu: Yeah, they're my brothers.

Spinelli: Well, those are -- those are two of the three names that keep repeating over in the police report. See -- Lucky Spencer, Nikolas Cassadine, and Luke Spencer. Luke was actually a suspect, but then it turned out that his confession was bogus.

Lulu: Yeah, Luke is my dad, and he thought my mom had killed her stepfather, so he confessed to protect her.

Dillon: Eventually it came out that he was covering so --

Lulu: Yeah, and then when he found out that she did, he told her, and she was already fragile, so she lost it.

Spinelli: Whoa. Bummer. Wait -- wait, but your -- your dad was wrong. She -- she didn't kill the dude, so, I mean, she had that whole breakdown for nothing. I mean, Dillonís right. We -- we got to talk to your old man.

Dillon: We canít. He's off on one of his stupid adventures again, which means we don't know when he's going to show up.

Lulu: Look, until I know that he's wrong and that my mom is innocent, I am not dragging him into this.

Dillon: Well, it's going to be a lot harder to prove your mother's innocence without Lukeís help.

Spinelli: Whoa, maybe not.

Nikolas: Here you go.

Emily: Hey. Thank you.

Nikolas: You're welcome.

[Emily chuckles]

Emily: Don't tell me -- you're here to see the doctor about some anti-anxiety medication.

Nikolas: Oh, come -- very funny.

[Emily laughs]

Nikolas: Jeez.

Emily: You know, why don't you just ask him for some tranquilizers instead --

Nikolas: Listen --

Emily: And then you can --

Nikolas: Stop, stop, stop. I openly admit -- I openly admit that taking my son to see Santa was not on my list of enjoyable experiences. But -- I don't know. I guess it wasn't all that bad.

Emily: "It wasn't all that --" admit it, you loved the way Spencer was smiling at Santa.

Nikolas: I loved watching it through your eyes. You were just as excited and happy as one of those kids sitting in Santaís lap, waiting to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. You were just as --

Emily: I know. I mean, there's something wonderful about lifetime traditions, you know? You don't remember how they started. They're just a part of you.

Nikolas: Yeah. Well, I want you to spend every Christmas with my son -- and with me.

Ric: Elizabeth and I do have our own history. Considering everything she's had to deal with in the past few months, not the least of which is your drug abuse, your extramarital affair, and now Maxieís unplanned pregnancy, I'd say that she could use all the support that she can get.

Lucky: Which is why you gave me my job back -- for Elizabethís sake.

Ric: If it gives her a little peace.

Lucky: Well, then you need to make up your mind, Ric. Do I go after Jason even if it risks upsetting Elizabeth, or do I refuse the assignment so Elizabeth isn't stressed out? What do you really want?

Alexis: I'm glad you're all right. I'm assuming that you wouldn't be here if you were still a wanted fugitive?

Jason: No one called you?

Sam: No. What happened?

Jason: Well, I -- I finally found Spinelli -- at his grandmotherís. We turned ourselves in; he showed the cops how he faked the flash drive.

Sam: Ok.

Jason: When the cops went to get the original from Ricís office, it was missing.

Sam: Ok, that's no surprise.

Alexis: Without the original piece of evidence, there's no case.

Jason: Right. And the charges against me fell apart.

Sam: Will they have to drop the charges against me, too?

Carly: Hey. Why don't you sit down and make yourself comfortable.

Max: Uh -- I'd rather not.

Carly: Ok, well, I don't really care if you're comfortable or not, but you need to sit down.

[Max sighs]

Carly: So Sonny went to the island?

Max: Yeah. His plane just left.

Carly: You surprised? I was surprised. He never said anything about going out of town, so I have to wonder, what happened to make him leave so abruptly?

Max: Uh -- probably business.

Carly: "Probably"? I don't think so. I think it had to do with me. What do you think?

Max: You know, the boss doesn't confide in me about personal matters, Mrs. C.

Carly: Yes, he does.

Max: No, really. We try to keep things on a purely professional basis. It works out to be better for my health that way.

Carly: Ok. So let's say I call down to the island and I tell Enrique that I need to speak to Sonny. Why don't you tell me what's going to happen. What's going to happen, Max?

Max: You won't get through.

Carly: Won't get through. And why?

Max: Sonny left orders; said he wouldn't talk to you for any reason. If there was an emergency, Jason should call -- or me.

Carly: So anyone but me? So when you said this had nothing to do with me, it has everything to do with me. Sonny is punishing me for marrying Jax, right?

Max: Huh. You can't exactly blame him. You can't ask a guy to pretend to be happy for you while you waste all your wonderfulness on that shallow jerk.

Cay: "That shallow jerk" happens to be the man that I'm going to marry, and he happens to be the man that I love. So I would really appreciate it if you don't talk about him like that.

Max: I'm sorry. But you could have a little consideration for the broken-hearted men that -- man that you left behind.

Spinelli: Resistance is futile. You cannot escape the Jackal.

Lulu: Hey, enough with the threats. Did you find something?

Spinelli: Bow down to my greatness.

Dillon: We'll worship you later. What did you find?

Spinelli: They call that "security," I call it a walk in the park. Iíve broken the PCPD's code, and now you have a window into Rick Webberís autopsy file. Everything you ever wanted to know about how your mother's stepfather died -- and maybe a few things you donít.

Dillon: Ew.

Lulu: Ooh, let me see.

Dillon: No, I -- don't think so.

Ric: You know, given your conduct in recent months, I really don't think you should be questioning me, detective. Drug abuse, using the commissioner's daughter and then ultimately getting her pregnant -- I mean, Mac Scorpio could have you fired right now.

Lucky: I'm clean and sober, playing by the department's rules.

Ric: You're not hearing me, Lucky. I am the only thing that stands between you and the unemployment line and whatever the official paperwork says, you work for me. And what I want is Jason Morgan arrested, tried, and convicted.

Lucky: Why is that my problem?

Ric: Because Jason will go easy on you for Elizabethís sake, which pretty much brings us full circle. You're my obvious choice. You find a way to bring Jason Morgan do or it's your badge.

Lucky: Cruz?

Det. Rodriguez: What's up?

Lucky: I need the newest files on Morgan. If I can't make a case against him, I'm finished.

Det. Rodriguez: Let's go.

Jason: My attorney said the case against you fell apart the minute the evidence disappeared. And before you ask, I did not take it. I wanted to find that evidence so I can prove it was faked.

Alexis: Ok. Did your attorney say anything about Diegoís shooting?

Jason: Yeah. Diego was a parolee, he had a gun, there's evidence he fired it. So Diane thinks that --

Alexis: Di-- Diane Miller?

Jason: Yeah, that's right.

Alexis: Oh, Jason, that woman is completely amoral. She's for sale -- all right, whatever.

Jason: She got me released in 15 minutes, and she thinks she has a strong argument that can prove that Sam acted in self-defense.

Alexis: I think she's being a bit optimistic. Sam did break the law more than once in the past few weeks. She was an armed fugitive, shots were fired, people suffered -- there tends to be a price to pay for that kind of violence.

Jason: You know what? Let's just see how -- how everything shakes out, ok? I know that you're going through a lot with your chemo and with Kristina, and if it would be easier for you for Diane to take her case, just say the word.

Sam: Ahem.

Alexis: Well, that would be Samís call. I, of course, would like to see it through to its conclusion.

Sam: I just -- I don't want you to feel like you have to do this out of any sort of obligation.

Alexis: I want to see you exonerated.

Sam: Ok. Ok, if you feel like you're strong enough, then yes, I -- I want you to defend me.

Alexis: Then it's settled.

Jason: Meanwhile, there is no reason that we need to stay away from each other.

Sam: Well, I can't think of one single thing.

Lulu: Ok, I know Rick Webber died from a blow to the head. I'm sure the autopsy pictures are gross. But I don't care, as long as it proves that my mom is innocent.

Dillon: Lulu, we're not forensics experts, ok? Photos like that aren't going to prove a thing to amateurs like us other than some guy got his head smashed in. And I don't care if you think it's offensive, ok? You don't need to be going to sleep at night with that in your head.

Lulu: Oh, you don't think I can handle it. You think I'm going to go crazy like my mom.

Dillon: Don't -- don't put words into my mouth. Gross pictures of anybody is going to freak you out. I don't care if your mom is a prime suspect.

Lulu: I'll take my chances. Come on, tough guy, show me the pictures.

Spinelli: It's like the fourth level of Street Killer but with real dead people.

Lulu: Just do it.

Spinelli: If your mom was capable of that, she gets to move to the third level.

Dillon: Do we know how tall Rick Webber was?

Lulu: Does it matter?

Dillon: Yeah. Actually, it matters a lot.

[Knock on door]

Jax: Carly? Hello? Hey.

Carly: Hi.

Jax: Wow.

Carly: Hey.

Jax: Wow, you look nice.

Carly: Thank you.

Jax: Except -- um --

Carly: Here they are.

Jax: You're going to -- you're going to freeze.

Carly: What do you mean, I'm going to freeze?

Jax: Well, we're taking the boys to the pageant rehearsal, remember? You look like --

Carly: Oh.

Jax: You're going to go on a cruise or something.

Carly: No, I have to go to the island. Can you please take the boys to rehearsal by yourself? I have to go down -- I'm going to go talk Sonny into coming back.

Jax: No, you're not.

Nikolas: Hey. You ready to leave?

Emily: Hey. Uh -- not quite yet.

Nikolas: Can I wait for you?

Emily: If you want.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: Wouldn't you rather be home with Spencer?

Nikolas: He's napping right now, preparing for his big debut.

Emily: You know tonight's only the rehearsal for the Christmas pageant?

Nikolas: Oh -- oh, no --

Emily: You know that, right?

Nikolas: I -- I know. And I cannot wait to deposit my son in a manger to be cared for by grade-school children. I can't wait.

Emily: Nikolas, Michael is very responsible, and you know the way he takes care of his little brother.

Nikolas: I know. It just -- it would make me feel better if you were there to stop me from making a fool of myself.

Emily: Ok, I'm planning on it. But -- but if I get stuck here --

Nikolas: Please don't get stuck.

Emily: Ok, I'm -- I'm not going to. But Carly is -- is going to be there.

Nikolas: What can I do to guarantee that you will be at this rehearsal?

Emily: I'm going to be there. I promise.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: But I don't know why you're so nervous about this.

Nikolas: I'm a Cassadine. Even the semi-sane are neurotic -- take my uncle, for example. When I was a child climbing up the stairs

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: He had servants waiting to catch me in case I fell.

Emily: Oh, God.

Nikolas: And Alexis -- you know I adore her, and she's a -- she's a great mother but, you know --

Emily: Mm-hmm. Yeah -- no, she's a little overprotective.

Nikolas: Yeah. And I -- I used to tease her about it, and now I'm exactly the same way.

Emily: It must be a genetic flaw.

Nikolas: I know -- it's because the Cassadines know how quickly you can lose the people you love. I guess the Spencers know that, too, don't they? Look what happened to my mother.

Lucky: Hey, what are you doing here?

Maxie: Oh, I got a text that you wanted to see me.

Lucky: At Kellyís. We can't talk here.

Maxie: I get it -- you're afraid of what people might think.

Lucky: Ok. I'm glad you got my message, Maxie. Listen, I'm free to go to Kellyís now, or someplace else if you'd like. But I just think it's time for us to have that real talk about this baby.

Maxie: Really? I'd like that.

Det. Rodriguez: Something I can help you with?

Ric: Nope, I got it. Hey, do you know the changes in the Tyndell case?

Det. Rodriguez: Not yet.

Ric: Walk with me. I'll fill you in.

Sam: You got it.


[Siren fades]

Sam: It's nice, because that's the first time in a really long time I didn't think they were coming for us.

Jason: Feels pretty good.

Sam: Yeah, I -- it feels wonderful. It's nice to be home.

Jax: Has it ever occurred to you that Sonny went to the island so you would follow him there?

Carly: Jax, I know Sonny better than I know myself. He is not playing games this time.

Jax: He's not playing games? You're kidding, right?

Carly: He wouldnít have slipped away quietly. He wouldn't have. He would've told everyone he was going out of town, and he would've packed for two days to make sure I show up and stop him.

Jax: You can't be serious. I mean, seriously, you can't be serious.

Carly: Listen to me, he knows how important this pageant is to Michael and Morgan and how badly they want to spend Christmas with him. I know Sonny has issues, but he would never disappoint his children just to prove something to me. He wouldn't do that.

Jax: Really? Then why would he take off now?

Carly: Because he can't stop our wedding and that's freaking him out. He doesn't want to stand there and watch you and I promise to love each other for the rest of our lives.

Jax: You know, a normal person would just send their regrets and find something else to do that day.

Carly: He's not normal, we know that!

Jax: This could be a blessing. You know, Sonny's taken himself out of the picture. So we should just appreciate his tremendous generosity and respect his wishes. Right?

Carly: It's not fair to Michael and Morgan.

Jax: Their father made a decision, ok? That is not your fault. It's -- it's not your problem.

Carly: Maybe he doesn't know how upset they are, and I have to tell you I am really worried about Sonny's state of mind right now, you know? What if he goes off his meds, or -- or what if he starts drinking again and he does something reckless, Jax?

Jax: "Reckless" is how Sonny makes his living.

Carly: I have to go down to the island and make sure he is ok, and I need to bring him back here for his children. Do you understand that?

Jax: Ok, so, in other words, this is -- this is turning out exactly the way Sonny planned.

Nikolas: I know it's strange how -- how quickly I felt like I was part of a family. My mother's recovery only lasted a few weeks, but I felt like Lucky and Lulu and I -- you know, we were in it together. And now she's gone again, and it feels like we're pulling apart again. And I -- Lulu -- I know that she's -- she's grieving, but she barely returns my calls anymore. She says it's because of some project that she's working on, but who knows? And Lucky's thrown himself back into work, and I can't say I blame him for that. He's going through a lot himself. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm a little lonely.

Emily: Nikolas, people deal with grief in different ways -- you know, Lucky with his work, Lulu with her project.

Nikolas: Yeah. But I have and I'm grateful for that. Even so, I feel like I'm taking advantage of you, too, sometimes. I mean, here you are working, and I'm chatting you up like we're at home.

Emily: Well, first of all, my pager's on, and, you know, you're a board member here at the hospital.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah.

Emily: You're one of the chief benefactors. So I think it's probably policy to be attentive to you.

Nikolas: Then I shall commend you to your supervisors.

Emily: Ok, I have a better idea. Why don't you go home, check on Spencer, see if he's up from his nap, make sure that his snowsuit is warm enough for tonight. And by the time I get home, then we're going to be ready and we'll go to the rehearsal.

Nikolas: Are you trying to get rid of me? What's going on?

Emily: I'd kiss you goodbye, but I think that that would probably by unprofessional.

Nikolas: Yeah, we'll see. But I am one of the benefactors, remember?

Emily: Yeah. Bye.

Nikolas: Bye.

Lulu: This is where my mom grew up -- in this house, not in this attic.

Spinelli: Wait, are -- are we allowed to be here?

Dillon: Yeah, it's ok, I know the owners -- Mac Scorpio --

Spinelli: What, the -- the police commissioner?

Lulu: Yeah, Dillon has connections.

Dillon: Anyway, the point is you always want to come back to the crime scene because some, you know, undiscovered clue ends up showing up. There was this one Fritz Lang film --

Spinelli: Yeah, but dude, that was, like, four years ago. That's ancient history. We're going to need an archeologist to find something new.

Lulu: Where was Rick Webberís body found?

Spinelli: I'll check on the file.

Dillon: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Spinelli: What --

Dillon: Not there. You -- you stay out of the way -- over here, over here -- until we retrace Lauraís steps.

Spinelli: Who died and made you Indiana Jones?

Dillon: You ok?

Lulu: What happened in here changed everything -- my life --

Spinelli: All right, I'm in. Ok, the police report says the dead dude is here, and he was probably standing when he got hit.

Dillon: Now, you're -- getting ahead of me. I need to know who came in the room first.

Spinelli: Ok -- Lulu's mom, so -- oh, so she'd be, like, further inside the room -- unless she was, like, sneaking up on the dude. Like, hiding behind the door and stuff?

Lulu: Wouldn't it say that in the report?

Dillon: All right, you know what, though? This is wrong. There's a better way to do this. Why don't -- you be Laura, ok? Just be Laura. I'm going to be Rick, and --

Spinelli: Uh -- who am I?

Dillon: The Jackal.

Spinelli: Huh -- righteous.

Dillon: Hey -- where did they think Laura was standing?

Spinelli: Uh -- there.

Dillon: Right there? Ok, right there. So that's your mark right there. I'm going to go out, and I'm going to be Rick, and I'm just going to come in and, you know, we'll see what happens.

Lulu: Ok.

Dillon: Uh -- "action."

Spinelli: Oh, dude, why -- why would Webber come up here in the first place?

Lulu: Um -- to see what my mom was doing?

Dillon: Or to stop her from -- ok, if I come at you, what do you do?

Lulu: I'd try and run.

Dillon: Yeah, no, but I'm blocking the door.

Lulu: Ok. All I can do is back up -- wait, if -- wait a minute. If Rickís back was facing the door, that means that someone could've easily come up behind him and hit him over the head, while my mom watched. Maybe my mom flipped out not because she committed a murder, but because she watched one.

Georgie: Hey, Mike.

Mike: Hey, Georgie.

Georgie: Great, you're here.

Pete: Hey. What's up?

Georgie: Ok, I found this amazing website about Hollywood studios in the 1940s. All the power was in the studio heads, and the actors were like these indentured servants. So if a studio wanted to, like -- I don't know -- say, use Clark Gable for a film, they basically had to --

Pete: Whoa -- slow down. Did you write this down?

Georgie: Of course.

Pete: I love how you're already into it.

Mike: Hey, guys. How are you? So, are you eating tonight?

Maxie: Oh, yeah. I'm eating for two, so I'll have the French-dip, fries and a side salad, please.

Lucky: Yeah, just coffee for me.

Mike: Piece of pie, on the house. Hey, Lucky, I'm really glad you're back at work. I know what it's like to have a monkey on your back, and it takes a lot of guts to kick it.

Lucky: Thanks, Mike. I really appreciate your support.

Mike: Yeah.

Maxie: I thought we were having dinner.

Lucky: I'm not hungry.

Maxie: Ok, then why'd you bring me here?

Lucky: Well, I wanted us to talk away from the department.

Maxie: Ok, well, you start.

Lucky: You know, I've been thinking about this pregnancy and how it was so unexpected.

Maxie: Well, life is full of surprises.

Lucky: I was trying to imagine how you would manage college and having a life. Taking care of yourself and a baby -- you must be pretty scared to face that all by yourself.

Maxie: Well, I'm accepting volunteers if you're interested.

Lucky: Hey, Maxie, you're a beautiful girl. You're going to have a lot of dates, go to parties -- I heard you were drinking on Halloween.

Maxie: God -- you know, Lulu has a real problem.

Lucky: Look, I am not judging.  I know you want to do what's best for this baby; so do I.

Maxie: It's good to hear, Lucky, because sometimes I really wonder.

Lucky: What this baby needs are two parents who will love it and give it a real home and a family.

Maxie: That's what I've been saying this whole time.

Lucky: Well, it seems pretty obvious you're not prepared for motherhood, and I can't possibly be the father this baby deserves. Which is why I think you should consider giving this baby up for adoption.

Sam: Now, it's kind of scary how much I enjoy this meal, even though you didn't cook it yourself.

Jason: Well, you know what? I can't even -- I can't cook, really.

Sam: Come on, you're an amazing cook. You made a pretty good dinner at the safe house.

Jason: Well, I can make a couple of dishes. It's no big deal.

Sam: Well, it's a big deal to me when you're talking about someone who can't make toast.

Jason: Well, you see, the problem is you put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect.

Sam: Oh, that's nice. Perfect, yes.

[Music plays]

Sam: Said by a man who does -- yep -- everything well.

Jason: Ok, fine. I'll -- I'll teach you to cook the two things I know.

Sam: And I'll make a mess of it, I'm sure.

Jason: You know something? You have to --

Singer: My time

Jason: You have to realize that --

Singer: I try so hard to quiet

Jason: Something can be great without being perfect.

Sam: Really? That's a philosophy I wish I could believe in.

Singer: Baby it's just you and me

Jason: Did you mean what you said --

Singer: We got a thing they can't shake

Jason: About being home?

Lulu: It is so simple. Why didn't we think of this before? Rick's murderer came up behind him; hit him over the head while my mom watched.

Spinelli: Sorry, but your -- your theory doesn't match the facts. See, it was a blow to the temple that killed the dude, so --

Dillon: Oh.

Spinelli: He was hit from the front, not behind.

Lulu: Fine. Dillon, you're Rick, right, and -- and you come up here to say something to my mom, and then you hear something behind you. What do you do?

Dillon: I turn. I turn to see who --

Lulu: Right, and then they hit you in the temple.

Dillon: Ok, all right, so, bam, I go down -- "Oh, oh, the head! Ow, oh -- oh, it hurts so bad. Ow, ow, ow --"

Spinelli: Dude was actually closer to the door.

Dillon: Ok, so I go, "Ow, ow, ow --"

Spinelli: Ok, the Wi-Fi connection is totally busted up here.

Dillon: "Oh, this is really going to hurt a lot."

Lulu: Are you guys even interested in proving that my mom was innocent, or are you just playing?

Spinelli: Dude's just trying to be thorough. Gosh.

Dillon: Ok, all right, here's -- first thing we have to do is see if the crime can happen the way that it says in the police report, the way that Luke remembered it, if it could've happened that way, and then we'll go from there.

Lulu: Ok. How?

Dillon: Run it again.

Georgie: Dillon talked a lot about Hollywood in the golden era, which is how I learned so much about the online film community. So doing research for you is obviously the next step.

Pete: So how does Dillon feel about you stepping all over his territory?

Georgie: Dillon's been a little preoccupied.

Mike: There you go.

Lucky: Thanks, Mike.

Mike: Sure.

Lucky: All I am asking you to do is consider --

Maxie: No, Lucky, I know what you're asking, ok, and I can't believe you would expect me to give our child away to complete strangers.

Lucky: Well, I have done the research. There are so many couples out there who want to adopt with so much love to give our baby.

Maxie: I have love to give, and apparently this child is the only one who will love me back.

Lucky: You have your whole life, Maxie. You can have children when you're ready and you have someone to share that with.

Maxie: Oh, please, Lucky. You don't care about that. You just don't want there to be any strings so you're free to be with Elizabeth.

Ric: I'm glad you called. We need to work out a visitation schedule with Molly. Now, I'm willing to be as flexible as I can, but I also want this to work out.

Alexis: Why don't we let our divorce attorneys hammer that out? In the meantime, I think we should talk about Samís case.

Ric: You looking for a plea bargain?

Alexis: I think you should drop it.

Ric: Because you asked?

Alexis: Because you have no case. Because the hard drive is missing -- probably forever. Because you have no evidence.

Ric: Oh, I see you've spoken to Jason. Well, I don't know how he made the evidence disappear --

Alexis: We both know that you took the flash drive -- and probably destroyed it -- because it could prove that you framed Sam.

Ric: I see your imagination's working overtime as usual.

Alexis: You know, you and my good friend Lorenzo Alcazar -- you know, the one that keeps repeatedly threatening me?

Ric: Ok, can we stick to the facts of the case here --

Alexis: The fact is, is that you set up Sam and Jason to get killed. The fact is, is you are having obsessions again. The fact is, is that you should seek therapy immediately. And in the meantime, you should drop the case, or deal with the consequences.

Ric: Which are?

Alexis: Having to explain to Molly that when she wants to see daddy, she has to talk with a screen in between the two of you. Because if you continue down this road, you're the one that's going to end up in prison.

Ric: Oh, that's -- that's very good, Alexis. Really, bravo.

[Ric applauds]

Ric: You haven't forgotten how to run a bluff.

Jason: I don't want to pressure you.

Sam: You arenít.

Jason: Ok, because, you know, the last time we started talking about a future was on Halloween right before you were arrested. And you said you were going to go back to work, which you did.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Jason: You're going to be on your own, and I told you that I would respect your decision.

Sam: Well, you know a lot has happened since that night --

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sam: And we got through it all together.

Jason: Yeah, we did. And the past few weeks have shown me what I already knew about you. Ok? You are amazing. You're strong, and I'm not going to undermine that. I don't want to -- I don't want to pull you back into a relationship you're not ready for.

Sam: The only thing pulling at me is my own heart, ok? I -- I still have a lot to figure out about myself -- what my relationship is with my mother -- if I even have anything -- but I don't have anything to prove to myself anymore -- or to you. Ok, well -- I'm sorry for saying this. I just -- it one thing. I mean, if we could just put that night with Ric and Elizabeth behind us, that would be good.

Dillon: Ok. I'm Rick Webber, I'm coming at you, I have a needle.

Lulu: Right.

Dillon: Right? And it's -- you know, it's, like, a sedative.

Lulu: Ok, and I don't want you anywhere near me, so I grab something like this.

Dillon: All right, but I'm probably too, you know, like, determined to even notice. I'm, like, angry or scared or whatever --

Lulu: Ok, yeah, and I defend myself.

Dillon: Well -- wait a minute, how tall is your mom? You're not taller than your mom?

Lulu: No, we're like -- we're like the same.

Dillon: Ok, well, I'm Rick Webberís size. I mean, there's no way he would -- do it again -- there's no way he wouldn't have been able to block it.

Lulu: Oh. Ok.

Dillon: So -- well, you know what? That means there could have been somebody else.

Lulu: Ok. Let's do it again, then.

Dillon: Ok. All right -- uh -- take two. This time we'll just do it faster -- you know what I mean? -- See if the speed changes the arc at all.

Lulu: Yeah, yeah.

Dillon: All right.

Lulu: Ok.

Dillon: Um -- "action," again. All right, I'm Rick; I'm coming at you fast. Oh --

Jax: Look, I don't doubt that Sonny's hurt is real, ok? He's lost you, and -- and he's realized that. He can't just pull a few strings and -- and drag you back into his dysfunction, so now he has to find a new approach. Now he's playing the sad -- you know, the sad, lost guy who -- who's really heartbroken.  He slips away to the island. You're a caretaker by nature, Carly, and Sonny knows that and he's counting on that. He's going to assume that you're going to just, you know, run down there and want to fix it.

Carly: That's not fair.

Jax: But it's true. You -- you can't deny that.

Carly: I have never --

Jax: It's been -- listen, it's been the pattern of your relationship, ok, and it's up to you to break that pattern.

Carly: I have never pretended to you that I didn't care about Sonny. I care about him. I care about our family and anything that happens that affects that. I know when I'm being manipulated, Jax, and this is not one of those times. You're not even going to realize I'm gone. I'll be down and back so fast, it's no big deal.

Jax: You know what? Go after Sonny; stay as long as you want, because it really doesn't matter. But understand, if you get on that plane, we're not getting married.

Maxie: You can't just throw away our child because it's inconvenient for you.

Lucky: I am thinking about this baby and your future.

Maxie: No, you're thinking about your future.

Lucky: Maxie, we are not together and we never will be. All I want you to do is consider these options, and what we can do for this baby's life.

Maxie: I can't imagine letting strangers raise my child.

Lucky: Ok, then think about an open adoption. We could handpick the parents. I mean, it would be a great life for this child, and it would be the most unselfish thing that we could do.

Maxie: If that's true -- I mean, if you really believe that -- then I think you should ask Elizabeth to put her child up for adoption.

Ric: I'm not afraid to take this case to court, Alexis. I've got Sam on a list of charges dead to rights here on -- let's see -- fleeing the scene, resisting arrest, assault, and not to mention the ever-popular murder of Diego Alcazar.

Alexis: Which was self-defense.

Ric: Which is what the jury will decide.

Alexis: If these charges were against anyone but Sam, you would've dropped them by now.

Ric: I just want to see justice done. If I get some personal satisfaction out of it -- hey, the more the better.

Alexis: You are so full of it. You want to punish Sam for having the bad taste to have sex with you. And worse, you want to punish me for calling you on your disgusting behavior and finding the strength to throw you out.

Ric: Hey, you want to go up against me, sweetheart, bring it on.

Alexis: Fine. I won't hesitate to expose your sorry ass to the court and tell them all you slept with my daughter.

Ric: Oh, you think that that's -- that's going to hurt me? Wait till the jury gets an eyeful of the older, insecure wife seeking revenge by dragging her oversexed daughter through the mud. Yeah, I can't wait to see that.

Jason: You know, we can't pretend that night didn't happen, but we can move forward.

Sam: You really believe that?

Jason: I really know that.

[Music plays]

Jason: I know that we can get through anything together. And I -- I trust you. I just want you to be able to trust me again.

Sam: Jason, I do.

Singer: It's the hardest thing

Sam: I trust you.

Singer: But I'm gonna hope and I

Sam: But more than that, I love you.

Jason: I love you, too.

Singer: It would take discover the line

Sam: Nothing can keep us apart.

Sam: Let's go upstairs. Let's go upstairs. Tonight is the night --

Singer: Don't think you're all alone

Sam: We're going to try to make a baby.

Singer: Here's another dream, we will find it

>>On the next "General Hospital" --

Maxie: Stop trying to get me to dump my kid.

Elizabeth: Why do you think adoption is the answer?

Lucky: We have a baby of our own on the way.

Sam: I don't want to pressure you.

Jason: No -- I'm just not sure if I should be anybody's father.

Carly: I'm going to the island -- if that makes you call off the wedding, cancel it.

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