GH Transcript Monday 12/4/06

General Hospital Transcript Monday 12/4/06


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Singer: I know I love you maybe.

Nikolas: What are you thinking about?

Emily: How perfect tonight's been.

Nikolas: Mm-hmm. And we owe it all to Alfred, don't we?

Emily: Yeah. You know what? I think I should go back up to the house right now and tell him how much I appreciate his help.

Nikolas: No, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. Alfred can wait.

Nikolas: Happy anniversary.

Singer: Do love you

Carly: I -- I like that you're safe. It's one of the many things I love about you.

Jax: Oh, yes, good old dependable Jax.

Carly: What are you doing? Why are you making this sound like a bad thing?

Jax: I'm sure that being with somebody who's safe and dependable, you know, is a good thing in theory. But how long do you think it's going to be before you get bored and lose interest in me altogether?

Lulu: If you want to go after Spinelli, fine. Have at it. But I am not going with you.

Jason: You've seen the picture of the house that Spinelli is heading to. We're going to Tennessee. You're going to point the house out, then you can come back.

Lulu: I am not going all the way to Tennessee --

Jason: Yeah.

Lulu: To give you a tour of a town.

Jason: Yeah, yes, yes, you are.

Sonny: No, no, no. Lulu's not going anywhere.

Sam: Hi.

Alexis: Where have you been?

Sam: Whew. I went for a walk. It's nice to be able to do that again.

Alexis: Sure it is.

Sam: How's Kristina?

Alexis: Lainey thinks that she just needs more time to process what happened.

Sam: Well, it's probably best not to push her.

Alexis: What would have been best is for her not to see the shooting at all.

Sam: What's all that?

Alexis: I'm going over your statement.

Sam: Look, it's late. I know you're really tired. I think you should rest for a little bit.

Alexis: Sam, the trial's going to be a lot longer. I need to be prepared before I walk into that courtroom.

Sam: Thank you, again, for doing this.

Alexis: I hope you enjoyed your night out on bail. Running off to see Jason might make it your last.

[Music plays]

Emily: You know, it really was thoughtful of Alfred to pack all of my favorite foods. Most men wouldn't have put that much time or effort into something like that.

Nikolas: Mmm. He's quite a guy, that Alfred.

Emily: Mm-hmm. His boss isn't bad, either.

Nikolas: Huh.

Singer: I know I love you maybe I don't know how

Emily: You know, when I came over here tonight, I had no way of knowing that this evening would end like this.

Nikolas: It's just the beginning.

Emily: Hmm. I hope so.

Nikolas: Listen, I don't -- I don't have any idea what the future may hold. But the one thing I know for sure is that I want to spend it with you.

Emily: Me, too.

Singer: That I do love you that I do love you

Colleen: Oh -- I'm -- I'm so sorry. I had no idea you'd still be down here.

Sam: I didn't go to see Jason, if that's what you're asking.

Alexis: Not for lack of trying, I bet.

Sam: It's getting late, and I really don't want to get into this with you right now. You're not feeling --

Alexis: You were released into my custody. That makes me responsible. So if I'm going to work on your defense, would you at least have the decency to act like a grownup instead of a self-defiant, self-destructive teenager? Because your actions have consequences, Sam.

Sam: Whew. I'll try to remember that.

Alexis: That's good. Do that, will you? And if you can't limit your behavior, Sam, I'd really appreciate it if you would refuse bail and stay in lockup until the trial.

Sam: Why don't you admit why you really took this case? Because it has absolutely nothing to do with defending me. You took this case because you want to get back at Ric.

Lorenzo: All right, what's so important?

Ric: Well, you tell me. Last I heard, you were on your way to South America to bury your son. Since you are here in town, I can only assume that something has happened that you need to tell me about.

Lorenzo: It's being handled.

Ric: Look, given how deeply I am involved in this whole venture with you, Mr. Alcazar, I need to be notified when the problem arises.

Lorenzo: All right. It's a little bigger than a problem. And if it's not handled properly, the situation could ruin both of us.

Jason: Lulu knows where Spinelli is. If Alcazar finds him first, he's dead, and Samís going to wind up in prison.

Sonny: I don't want Lulu involved in this any more than she has to be, Jason --

Jason: Alcazar knows that she's a witness. We should actually be protecting her by taking her out of town right now.

Lulu: Please, Sonny. I can't go. I have to do something for my mom. Right before she relapsed, she made me promise that I would prove that she didn't kill her stepfather. So I need to clear her name.

Sonny: Lulu stays here.

Jason: Ok, you know what? If I'm going to find Spinelli, I need more than a town in Tennessee, Sonny.

Sonny: I'll call Stan and --

Jason: I need some help.

Sonny: We'll send professionals. Taking Lulu's just going to slow things down.

Lulu: Hey! I would not slow things down. If it wasn't for me, Jason would still be tied up in Alcazar's warehouse.

Sonny: Ok, Lulu, I can still change my mind.

Carly: Yesterday, we were planning our future together, and today, I'm going to lose interest?

Jax: Oh, yeah. It -- it could happen.

Carly: No.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: No.

Jax: No, it could happen.

Carly: I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Jax: You also love the idea of me.

Carly: What does that mean?

Jax: Well, sometimes a person sees their life going in the -- in the wrong direction, so they change it, you know? Turn over a new leaf, so to speak.

Carly: Oh, so that's what I'm doing?

Jax: Well, after going back and forth to Sonny, and -- and you realized that your life wasn't working, you went for the complete opposite, ok? I'm the person that you think you should be with. I'm safe, secure, but that's nothing to base a marriage on. You're not a "should" for me. I mean, if anything, you're --

Carly: Exactly what your mother warned you about.

Jax: I just don't want to be your safe choice.

Carly: Well, this should make you feel better, because you're the farthest thing from it. Marrying you is probably the biggest risk, Jax, I could ever take in my entire life.

Colleen: Uh -- I thought you'd be finished by now -- with the picnic. I -- I came to clean up. Alfred wouldn't have to walk all the way down here. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Nikolas: No, no. No, it's -- it's fine, it's fine. But if you don't mind, we could still use some privacy.

Colleen: Of course. I'm sorry, again, for the intrusion.

Emily: That was no accident.

Nikolas: Oh, I think she was just trying to be helpful.

Emily: Nikolas, that is always her excuse. What Colleen wants is to help me right out your life.

Nikolas: But I would never let that happen.

Emily: Wait I realize that -- that you want to give her the benefit of the doubt. But there is no way that Colleen just happened to walk in here.

Nikolas: No -- no, I -- I trust your instincts. I always have. That's why I did some checking of my own.

Emily: You did?

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: I would have told you about it before, but my -- my mother's situation took precedence. I have some interesting information about Colleen. It's in the study.

Pete: You done saving lives for the day?

Patrick: I was. Something came up.

Pete: Well, since we all know that you don't screw up; you must be talking about somebody else.

Patrick: You know what, professor? You're right, I am the best. I increase my patients' odds of survival. And that's not -- that's not just positive thinking. That's -- that's a fact.

Pete: Did I say something to provoke that?

Patrick: No, you didnít.

Pete: Did you and your dad have a disagreement?

Patrick: Yeah, well, that's a fact. I mean, my father and I can't agree that the sky's blue. But whatever. I'm used to that. It's the overnight personality shift that really does my head in. For months, I am told that I'm arrogant and impersonal, that I treat the symptoms and not the patient. How your bedside manner sucks and how compassion and -- and positive thinking are more essential to the the patient's care than proper surgical treatment. Now -- now all of a sudden, I'm a Pollyanna. No, even worse, I'm just a straight-up liar, because I give my patient a best-case scenario. You know? And it doesn't matter, because we're all going to die. It's just a matter of time. So why not just sit back and prepare for the worst? Why not just tell the kid's parents that his ticket's punched and he's going to die in two months? I mean --

Pete: I hate to say "I told you so," but I --

Patrick: Then, Pete, seriously, please, donít. I --

Pete: That's what you get for falling in love, buddy.

Carly: I've done a lot of crazy things in my life.

Jax: Yeah, I know.

Carly: Well, none of them had as much potential for disaster as marrying you.

Jax: How do you figure that?

Carly: Because I'm happy with you. And that's uncharted territory for me. I'm not constantly scheming or scrambling to measure up. I'm enough! And I don't know how that works. I'm terrified that the minute I start to trust that, the bottom is going to fall out and I'm going to be left with nothing, not even the defenses I used to have. You're anything but safe for me. But I love you, and you are worth the risk. Ok?

Jax: Ok.

Man: Ahem. Mrs. Corinthos? You have a call at the desk.

Carly: Oh, can you tell them to take a message, please?

Man: The caller is a guest. Room 815.

Carly: I'm busy right now, ok?

Man: The guest said that you'd know him from Jakeís. He mentioned a $20 bet.

Jax: "Hold that thought," right?

Carly: I'll be right back. I'm sorry.

Jax: It's ok.

Carly: Hello?

Jason: I need to see you. It's important.

Lorenzo: Lulu Spencer was with Spinelli when my men found them. They were forced to take them both.

Ric: Well, let her go.

Lorenzo: I'm afraid that won't be possible. Lulu already knew too much. Precautions had to --

Ric: You've killed Luke Spencerís daughter?

Lorenzo: Nothing so simple or straightforward. Of course, Mr. Jason Morgan showed up and managed to get her out of the warehouse.

Ric: Great. What about Spinelli?

Lorenzo: He managed to escape, as well.

Ric: How much does Lulu know? Does she realize that you were going to kill her? Is she aware that I'm involved?

Lorenzo: I think it's safe to assume that whatever she doesn't know, Morgan will be happy to tell her.

Ric: Oh, wonderful, wonderful.

Lorenzo: At this point, we need to find Lulu, and we need to keep her quiet. And if Morgan happens to be with her, that's icing on the cake.

Jason: Hey, hey.

Carly: Oh. Oh, my God, what are you doing here? You're hurt!

Jason: No, I'm leaving to find Spinelli. He's the only one that can prove that Ric framed Sam.

Carly: Why did you come here, Jason?

Jason: Because I want to say goodbye to Sam. Ok? And Ric is -- Ric is watching the house. It's not safe to call, so will -- will you do it for me, please?

Carly: Let me get this straight -- you're asking me for help? The person that you're always telling to stay out of it?

Jason: Come on, Carly. You know what? I don't -- I don't have time for this right now, Carly?

Carly: Just say it one more time, because you know I'm never going to hear it again. Come on.

Jason: Carly, please. You're as bad as Lulu.

Carly: What do you mean, Lulu? What's -- when did you see Lulu?

Jason: I saw her tonight. Look, I -- I got a lead that Alcazar was holding some girl in a warehouse. When I got there, it was Lulu.

Carly: Is she ok?

Jason: Yeah, for now. But she knows way too much, and Alcazar could be looking to shut her up.

Carly: Oh, my God. No, you don't think that Lorenzo would hurt Lulu?

Jason: Ok, listen, Carly, he -- he was planning to stage an accident. He wanted to get Lulu drunk, put her in the car, run it off Lookout Point. Ok? So the sooner I can -- I can say goodbye to Sam, the sooner I can find Spinelli, get back here with all the evidence to clear this up -- and make sure Lulu's safe, too.

Alexis: I hope you don't expect me to forget that you slept with my husband in this house, where I raise my children.

Sam: Why would you defend a daughter you don't even like, much less have me released into your custody?

Alexis: I don't have to like you to defend you, Sam. Ask any attorney. They'll tell you the same thing.

Sam: Oh. Oh, ok, I get it. So you stand up for truth and justice -- to do what, earn extra points for trying to save your skanky daughter?

Alexis: If you want another attorney, you can get one.

Sam: Now, why would I do that? Everyone knows you're brilliant. Besides, you are too motivated to win -- if only to make yourself look good.

[Phone rings]

Alexis: Hello? Yes, Carly, just a minute. Sam, it's Carly.

Sam: Whew. Hello?

Carly: Hey, Sam. I heard you made bail. Is Alexis driving you crazy yet?

Sam: Yeah, you have no idea.

Carly: I think I do. Anyway, Jax and I have been sitting around here having a drink, and we were wondering if you want to come over and join us, look at some of the new additions we've made to the rooms.

Sam: Yeah, actually, I would -- I would love to meet you for a drink. Yes.

Carly: Great. She's on her way over.

Jason: Thank you.

Alexis: I didn't think you liked Carly. Now she's your new best friend?

Sam: I'm working on tolerance. You should try it sometime. 

Sonny: Ok, you guys, you got to understand something. Ms. Spencer's going to be staying here for a little while. So you give her whatever she needs. Milo? Got that?

Max: Oh, yeah. We got it, Mr. C.

Lulu: This is never going to work.

Sonny: What?

Lulu: Keeping me here. People are going to notice that I'm gone sooner or later. Granted with my family, it'll probably be later. But people are going to wonder where I am.

Sonny: Well, we'll figure something out.

Lulu: So, what, I'm supposed to just stay here in -- in the same clothes that I have been wearing for days --

Sonny: Ok, give --

Lulu: Because you said so?

Sonny: Ok, give Max your sizes. He'll pick out whatever you need.

Lulu: And that's it? Hey --

Sonny: Yeah.

Max: What's wrong with you?

Milo: Look at her. She's --

Max: Luke Spencerís daughter, which means she's off-limits.

Milo: Why?

Max: Milo, there are just some women you don't get involved with.

Lulu: I made a promise to my mom. I said that I would clear her name.

Sonny: What your mom would want more than anything is for you to be safe.

Lulu: Why can't we just go to the police and tell them that Alcazar tried to kill me?

Sonny: Because that would be your word against his, now, wouldn't it? We need to find Spinelli so he can confirm that Alcazar gave that order. Until then, you're going to stay here, where I can protect you.

Lulu: I meant what I said, Sonny. I can take care of myself.

Sonny: Your dad was a friend of mine. He -- he would not forgive me if I let you walk out of here and you got yourself killed.

Lulu: Or, I could go to the police and say that you kidnapped me.

Sonny: Yeah, you could! Wise decision. Your daddy would be very proud of you.

Milo: Need some help?

Carly: Hi.

Sam: Hey.

Carly: It is really good to see you. Room 815. So how does it feel being a free woman?

Sam: Well, gosh, you know, better than expected, thank you so much. This is --

Carly: Oh, you're doing us a favor. We have so much work to do before the wedding. We really appreciate your help.

Sam: Well, anything that I can help with you, you just let me know.

Carly: Well, why don't we talk about it over drinks?

Sam: Ok.

Carly: Can I get a bottle of the best champagne we have? Three glasses?

Sam: Yum. Ok.

Carly: Ok. Why don't you go freshen up first?

Sam: Ok, I'll do that. Thank you.

Jax: Wow. Help with the wedding? You don't even like her.

Carly: Yes, but I care enough about Jason to give her an alibi.

Jax: Well, so despite what people say about you, you actually -- you can be generous when you want to be.

Carly: Only with the people I love. And that includes you.

Jax: Yes, it does.

Sam: Jason? Jason?

Jason: Hey, hey.

Patrick: I should try and be more understanding, is what I should do.

Pete: Understanding is futile. You're up to your waist in quicksand. So grab a branch and pull yourself out before you drown without a trace.

Patrick: Very colorful metaphor, but it doesn't make any sense.

Pete: It -- it means you're about to sink into relationship world. Ok, she'll make all the rules, and she'll only tell you when you break them.

Patrick: Thank you for the insight, professor.

Pete: Come on, man. I'm trying to save you here, ok? Let's go to a bar. Let's go drink. There's a bar across the street from campus that is full of attractive, available women.

Patrick: Because that's exactly what I need, right? To pick up on some sophomore with fake I.D.?

Pete: Limit your focus to seniors, ok? Walk up to the prettiest girl in the bar and tell her how you almost made the NASCAR circuit.

Patrick: I didn't almost make the NASCAR circuit.

Pete: It -- stop. It's close enough for a one-night stand. You do remember those, right? No complications, no commitments. Tell me your life wasn't a hell of a lot simpler when the most meaningful thing you had to say was "Thanks, maybe we should do it again sometime."

Nikolas: I know you have some concerns about Colleen, so I decided to dig a little deeper.

Emily: No, no, wait. Nikolas, we really don't have to do this right now.

Nikolas: I don't mind, it's fine, ok.

Emily: No.

Nikolas: It's right here.

Emily: Ok. All right. Well, let me just -- what do you -- what do you have? What is this?

Nikolas: It's information on Colleen's former employers. There was nothing in there that would indicate she had anything to do with either of their deaths.

Emily: Are you sure?

Nikolas: Well, the car accident victim had a history of alcohol abuse. Several D.U.I's on his record. The other had extensive medical problems, any of which could have led to the weakening of his heart, and I just --

Emily: Wait, so, what about the one that -- that went missing?

Nikolas: He was an adrenaline freak. Hang-gliding was one of the safer activities he chose to participate in.

Emily: No. Not on this day. Nikolas, don't you find it the least bit suspicious that Colleen was the last person to see him alive?

Nikolas: Yes. I -- I know how it looks. But there's no proof. There's no proof in there that would indicate she was involved with his disappearance.

Emily: Ok. I -- I guess my instincts about her have been all wrong.

Nikolas: Well, not entirely.  I know you've had reservations about Colleen since the first day you met her, you know, and that's not something I can just ignore. If having her here is a problem for you, I'll just get another nanny.

Emily: You obviously trust Colleen.

Nikolas: Well, I don't think she would ever hurt Spencer or -- or me, for that matter, despite my grandmother's best efforts to convince me otherwise.

Emily: You think Helenaís lying about Colleen?

Nikolas: I think she looked into Colleen's background and found a perfect scapegoat.

Emily: I just find it hard to believe that Helena would ever want you dead.

Nikolas: I'm not the heir anymore, Emily. Spencer is. I've become an impediment to my grandmother's plans to control my son.

Emily: If you honestly believe that Helenaís responsible for everything that's happening in this house -- you know, Alfred, his collapse, the cinch on your saddle being cut -- then why consider letting Colleen go?

Nikolas: Because I've noticed how possessive she gets of Spencer and of me whenever you're around. If -- if we're going to have any kind of future together, I just think it's best that I find another nanny to take care of my son.

Patrick: What you're saying makes sense from a certain perspective.

Pete: Yeah -- yours. "Pre-Robin"? I'm just quoting you back to yourself, so pay attention.

Patrick: Ok, I am paying attention. And yes, ok? My life was simpler before Robin, but it was a lot less satisfying.

Pete: That quicksand, it's now up to your neck.

Patrick: Look, Robin has problems. I mean, why shouldn't she? She was 18 years old when she watched her first boyfriend die of AIDS Now, you don't just get over that. You don't just move on. It comes up every time she faces loss, every time she tries and fails to save someone. Now, I'm not in quicksand, Pete. But my girlfriend is and I got to do everything to try and get her out of there.

Pete: Ok, fine. Say you manage to help Robin deal with her delayed grief or whatever's bothering her -- then what, huh? Do you really see yourself spending the rest of your life with this person? Because you might not be thinking that way, but trust me, she is.

Patrick: Ok. And what -- and what about you? What about your last girlfriend or the -- or the one before that? I mean, do you tell them upfront that it's only going to last a semester, and do they listen? No, or do they just hope against hope that you might actually care about them?

Pete: Whoa. I happen to care a lot, ok? I just know my limits. I'm nobody's lifetime partner. I am a learning experience.

Patrick: Oh. Ok, well, your learning experience is on your own tonight. I got work to do.

Pete: Oh -- wait, wait, wait. And then, you're going to call Robin?

Patrick: Yes.

Pete: Hey. Let the girl call you, ok? At least hold on to a little dignity, Patrick. Man.

Jax: Those are nice.

Carly: They're too close to the ones I picked for before.

Jax: So? Those were nice.

Carly: So I gave them to Luke and Laura for their wedding and look how happy that turned out.

Jax: Why don't you do the flowers and I'll look at cakes?

Carly: Ok.

Jax: Yes -- ooh. How do you feel about "buttercream icing"? Wow, page six -- "buttercream icing."

Carly: You know, that's the reason I love you so much.

Jax: What, buttercream icing?

Carly: I know you're not crazy that I'm helping Jason, but you're willing to sit here and act like everything's fine.

Jax: Well, I'd rather be in on the lie than be told one.

Carly: I agree.

Jax: You know, in that case --

Carly: "In that case" what?

[Jax sighs]

Jax: It's probably nothing, but I've -- I've been getting some strange calls, messages from Jerry lately.

Carly: Really? What did he say?

Jax: Well, the reception's really bad, so I'm just getting words, mostly "help" and "jungle."

Carly: No. Do not tell me you are planning on running off and taking care of your brother. We're in the middle of planning a wedding, Jax.

Jax: Well, it's just Jerry sounds pretty desperate.

Carly: If it even was Jerry.

Lulu: Uh, well, after being stuck inside that warehouse, I could really use some fresh air.

Milo: I'd be happy to show you around the property.

Lulu: Oh, no, no. You don't have to do that. I can --

Milo: Uh -- yeah. I kind of do. I'll -- Mr. C. asked me personally to look after you, so we could take a walk down by the lake, look up at the stars?

Lulu: Hmm. Actually, what I could really use right now is a nice, long, hot bath. Do you think you could help me with that?

Milo: How?

Lulu: Well, I -- I can't put on these dirty clothes when I get out of the tub, so do you have anything that I could borrow?

Milo: Uh -- Max is going to get you some new stuff. He just needs to know what size you wear.

Lulu: Oh. Really? Well, here. Can you see this? And then, um -- here. How's that?

Milo: Perfect. I -- I mean, I got it. I got it.

Lulu: Well, thank you so much for all of your help. What's wrong?

Milo: Should -- I should find Max.

Lulu: Ok.

Jason: How -- how you doing?

Sam: Better. Better now. How about you? How are you doing? How's your leg?

Jason: It's fine, it's fine. It's -- it's healing.

Sam: Healing?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Jason, come on. You got to sit down.

Jason: No, no, no --

Sam: Come on. No, you have to rest. Please sit down and rest.

Jason: No, no, no -- I don't have much choice, ok? I have to leave to find Spinelli.

Sam: You canít. You called me here to say goodbye?

Jason: I'm not coming back without him.

Sam: Jason? Come on. No, this is unfair. This is so unfair. Every time we get close, something or somebody pulls us apart. No, I don't want -- I don't want to go. I want to be with you.

Emily: It's hard to believe that Christmas is only three weeks away.

Nikolas: It's even harder to believe that I haven't done a thing about it. Spencer's first Christmas, I'm yet to buy him a gift or even a tree, for that matter.

Emily: Ok, well, if you want, we can go pick out a tree together.

Nikolas: Ok. Only on one condition, though.

Emily: What's that -- I help you decorate it?

Nikolas: Help me enjoy it. Spend the holidays here.

Emily: With you?

Nikolas: Yeah, and Spencer. I'd like to ring in the New Year together, as a family? Oh, I'm not -- I'm not pushing you --

Emily: No, no, no, no.

Nikolas: Too hard or anything?

Emily: Uh-uh, no.

Nikolas: No?

Emily: It's the perfect way to spend the holidays.

Colleen: I trusted your daddy and he pushed me aside like I was nothing, just to please her. His precious Emily is jealous of what we have together. She wants to take away our family, and your daddy is letting her do it. But I don't want you to worry, Spencer. I'm going to do whatever it takes to make sure you're always with me.

Carly: You know that Sonny will do just about anything to stop this wedding, including hire someone to sound like Jerry.

Jax: I wouldn't put it past him, but these calls are definitely from Jerry.

Carly: How do you know? How can you be sure?

Jax: Because I recognize his cry for help.

Carly: So, what, you're just going to drop everything and go find him?

Jax: He's my brother, ok? I'm not going to leave him alone out there.

Carly: Where, though? Where? You don't know what jungle. It could take you months just to find him.

Jax: Well, he did. He left -- he left one clue. He left one clue.

Carly: What is that?

Jax: He mentioned the word "pygmies." There's only one jungle in the world where they are.

Carly: Oh, come on.

Jax: What?

Carly: Forget what I said about Sonny -- this has your mother written all over it.

Jax: Oh.

Carly: You know it makes sense. She tried to talk you out of marrying me, and when you wouldn't listen, what better way to postpone our wedding than to send you on some kind of rescue mission.

Jax: Ok, you know what? It's a -- it's a small possibility that my mother and Jerry are in cahoots on this.

Carly: Then don't play into their hands. Don't do it.

Jax: Oh, we got bigger problems right now.

Carly: What?

Ric: I want every inch of this place searched top to bottom.

Jax: You're going to need a search warrant before you disturb any of my guests.

Ric: I have reason to believe that one of your guests is a wanted fugitive.

Jax: Well, we charge double for that sort of thing, don't we?

Carly: If not, we should.

Ric: Oh, you think that's funny, do you?

Jax: Yeah.

Ric: See, if I find Jason Morgan anywhere on this property, I'm going to charge you both with aiding and abetting. Carly's about to get you in a lot of trouble, Mr. Jacks. Do yourself a favor and get out while you still can.

Jax: Well, unlike you, Ric, I don't bail on the woman I claim to love when things get a little difficult.

Carly: Thank you.

Jax: You're welcome.

Ric: Ok. You can come along. Let's go.

Carly: Where?

Ric: To find Sam.

Sam: Hey, I want to go with you to find Spinelli.

Jason: Come on, Sam. You can't jump bail right now. It's going to make things worse. You know that.

Sam: Worse? Jason, I'm about to go on trial for murder. If I get convicted, I could spend the rest of my life behind bars.

Jason: Not if I find Spinelli, and I'm going to find him.

Sam: No, forget about Spinelli.

Jason: I thought you wanted --

Sam: Let's just disappear, please.

Jason: I thought you wanted to stay here and fight this. That's what you said.

Sam: No. Jason, no, I don't want to fight anymore. Ric -- he's always one step ahead of us. I can't do it. Come on. Let's go to Costa Rica, please. I'm -- I'm begging you, Jason. Please.

Jason: Sam? I would go anywhere with you, ok? And I can make arrangements if -- if you want to go ahead, but I canít. I can't yet. Lulu's involved and she's not going to be safe until I find Spinelli or Alcazar turns up dead. Either way, I have to stay. I have to stay and see this through.

Max: The boss has been under a lot of pressure lately. It's not a good idea to go switching things around on him. Besides, what do you know about women's clothes?

Milo: I know Lulu would look good in blue.

Max: Hmm. Reel it in, ok? If you don't snap out of this, you're going to get us both fired.

Sonny: Max, Milo, get in here!

Max: You're such an idiot. You need -- you need something, Mr. C?

Sonny: Where is she?

Max: Lulu?

Sonny: Yeah, Lulu. Where is she? You guys are supposed to be watching her. She's not here. Where'd she go?

Milo: She went to take a bath.

Sonny: She took a bath? Outside she took a bath?

[Milo sighs]

Sonny: What?

Milo: I'm sorry, Mr. C. --

Sonny: Ok, you know what? Get the car. We got to find Lulu now.

Man: Need a ride?

Lulu: Yeah, it's freezing out here.

Man: Ok. Where you headed?

Lulu: Um -- anywhere as long as it's far away from Port Charles.

Lorenzo: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Emily: Since this is Spencerís first Christmas, I just wanted to make it memorable.

Alfred: Hmm. How may I be of assistance?

Emily: I was hoping that you would help me decorate, huh?

Alfred: Mm-hmm.

Emily: A few wreaths, you know, maybe some garland.

Alfred: Hmm, consider it done. I'm pleased that you'll be joining us here for the holidays.

Emily: I wouldn't miss it.

Alfred: Hmm.

Emily: You know, Nikolas went to a lot of trouble tonight to convince me.

Alfred: I'm afraid you getting locked in the stables was my doing, not Master Nikolasí.

Emily: You don't have to cover, Alfred. I know stranding us down here was all Nikolas' idea.

Alfred: About time, if you asked me.

Nikolas: Did Colleen mention where she was going?

Alfred: No, sir.

Emily: Hmm. What's wrong?

Nikolas: Spencer's not in his room. I can't find him or Colleen anywhere.

Alfred: Oh.

Alexis: Oh! Oh. Oh, yeah. This works. Oh, God! This sucks! This sucks! It just sucks! Oh, oh, God! God! God, it --

Jax: You know what? This is ridiculous. No way, Jason Morgan is not hiding out in this hotel.

Ric: Well, you better hope not because if he is, you're both going to jail. Kick it in.

Carly: Wait a minute. What the hell do you think you're doing? It's a brand-new door, there's no way I'm going to let you kick it in, Ric.

Ric: Shout all you want. Jason's time is up, ok? Do it.

Sam: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Sam: You looking for me?

Lorenzo: You shouldn't be out here alone. Let me give you a ride home.

Lulu: Why? So you can finish the job that your guys botched? Forget it.

Lorenzo: I don't know what my men did to harm you, but I apologize. They made some kind of mistake.

Lulu: Yeah, yeah. I guess leaving me alive was never a part of your plan.

Lorenzo: What plan? I left for Diegoís funeral; I gave my men explicit instructions to release you.

Lulu: I heard you. You -- you asked your guys to -- to kill me and Spinelli and make it look like an accident.

Lorenzo: All right, there's obviously been some kind of misunderstanding. Hop in the car, I'll give you a ride home, we'll sort it out.

[Car approaches, tires screech]

Sonny: Get away from her.

Lorenzo: This doesn't concern you, Corinthos.

Sonny: Alcazar, let her go.

Lorenzo: You walk away or Lulu dies where she stands.

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>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Georgie: How's my little niece or nephew doing? Why are you so jittery today?

Emily: What if Colleen has kidnapped Spencer?

Ric: Search the room.

Carly: This is crazy, Ric.

Ric: She's meeting with a wanted fugitive.

Sonny: Just walk towards us.

Lorenzo: I don't want to hurt you. I just need you to cooperate.

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