GH Transcript Friday 11/17/06

General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/17/06


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[Music plays]

Sonny: Hey, Jax, do you think maybe I can cut in?

Jax: No.

Carly: No. Oh, my -- what?

[Music stops]

Ric: Sorry to break up the party. We're here on official business. †It seems Sam and Jason didn't surrender themselves as previously agreed. That would make them fugitives still. And now you are officially an accessory. You want to arrest him, please?

Sonny: It's not right.

Carly: You can't do this. Sam and Jason have 15 minutes.

Sonny: Unless -- unless you know something we don't, Ric -- like they didn't make it because you set up an ambush. Is that what happened?

Jason: Get out -- get out of the car!

[Music plays]

Damian: That was wicked.

Sam: Spinelli!


Laura: Even the skyline has changed since the last time I was here.

Luke: Forget the skyline, darling, and all the changes. In fact, forget everything but us -- the once again and forever Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Lorenzo Spencer in our eternal bridal suite. What should we drink to?

Laura: The truth about me.

Emily: No, no, stand back. She needs room.

Lucky: Are you ok?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I'm fine.

Emily: Did you cut yourself?

Elizabeth: No, I don't think so.

Lucky: What about the baby?

Elizabeth: I'm fine.

Edward: Would somebody please tell me what the hell is going on in my own home?

Carly: Why don't you ask Ric, our wonderful D.A.? Sonny made a deal for Sam and Jason to turn themselves in, but Ric made his own deal to have them both killed, huh?

Ric: You know, Carlyís delusional, as always.

Carly: Yeah.

Ric: Sam and Jason broke the law. It's my job to bring them in.

Carly: Ha-ha.

Ric: Oh, what, you're trying to get ahold of Jason there and you can't?

Carly: I swear to God, if anything happens to him, I will kill you.

Sonny: Check your watch, Ric. Jason and Sam still have time to surrender. Unless you want all these people to testify that you jumped the gun on a deal that your own people made?

Ric: You made the deal with Mac, not me. Ok, I may have gotten the surrender time wrong.

Carly: Yeah.

Ric: We'll wait, give Sam and Jason the benefit of the doubt.

Lucky: I think you should sit down for a minute.

[Phone rings]

Damian: Wow! Just like Bad-Ass Angel IV.

Sam: How did you find your way over here?

Damian: I know all the back alleys around here.

Jason: Yeah, throw some --


Lorenzo: I've decided to make an appearance at a committee meeting. I should be tied up about an hour or so.

Diego: Well, that's smart, right? Have some witnesses for your whereabouts before Jason and the others get it?

Lorenzo: Yeah. One of my men will call to confirm when it's done. You stay as far away from that alley as possible.

Diego: What, that -- that's it? Well, what am I supposed to do, go home now?

Lorenzo: Yeah, go wherever you want. Your business is done for the night.

Diego: Ok, Dad, it's kind of hard adjusting to that, ok, going from 100 to zero in 10 seconds flat? There's got to be something I can do. All right, I can tie up some loose ends, make some phone calls --

Lorenzo: What you can do is learn. The first important lesson is to know when to be involved and to know when to sit back and act surprised.

Diego: I can do that.

Lorenzo: Whoa -- Alexis up and about. You're looking well.

Alexis: Even a man with your considerable charm can't pull that off. By the way, I wanted to tell you I've been watching the news a lot lately. And I've noticed that you have kept your underworld mayhem to a minimum, and I want to thank you for waiting till I take my job back so that I can arrest you myself. Have a nice day.

Lorenzo: My pleasure.

Alexis: Don't say anything. Don't say anything. I've checked myself out. Nothing you can say. Today's a very special occasion.

Laura: Did you really think you could keep something from me after all these years? I so didn't want to believe Helena.

Luke: Helena?

Laura: Yes.

Luke: When did you see Helena?

Laura: Earlier.

Luke: Today?

Laura: Yes.

Luke: She's supposed to be locked up somewhere in the Ozarks.

Laura: I went out to the rose garden before the ceremony. Something -- something inside me was just craving sunlight and warmth. And then there she was.

Luke: Well, what -- did she threaten you or --

Laura: Of course she did. Yeah, I asked her if she was here to curse our wedding again, and she said she didn't have to. She said that should go ahead and get married because it would all just fade away. And then during the ceremony, just as I was about to say my vows, she stepped in behind you just over your shoulder so only I could see her and I froze. And you said something. You said, "Are you still with me?" -- As if you were expecting me to slip away. Luke, this miraculous recovery of mine isn't going to last, is it?

Luke: No. †At first I was afraid that the drug would work, because I didn't -- I didn't want to put you through this experiment. I was afraid, but I was more afraid that it wouldn't work. And then I flipped back again when the doctors told me what to expect.

Laura: And what is that?

Luke: You will start to forget things, lose time. A little bit here and there, but continually until we're back where we started.

Laura: No, no. That canít be true. I can fight it. I can't do that again! I can fight it! Come on, let's call Robin right now.

Luke: Sweetheart, there's nothing that can be done.

Laura: You've given up on me?

Luke: No, never, never. I'm just -- I'm telling you the facts, Laura. Your prognosis has changed. This thing, this "psychomotor disassociation" they call it, it -- this condition started as an emotional condition, and now it's become a physical one and they can't operate. And they can't turn it around.

Laura: But the medication worked.

Luke: The medication was a big risk. But it was always a temporary fix.

Laura: But -- but I -- I disassociated because I couldn't remember that -- that I killed my stepfather. And I have remembered now. So doesn't that just negate everything?

Luke: I'm so sorry.

Laura: Oh, Luke --

Luke: I'm so sorry.

Laura: I -- I did lose a little bit of time when I was out in the rose garden. And when I came back inside to get dressed for the wedding, I got lost in the hallway -- one that I've walked through a hundred times. And -- and I've been forgetting things that people say to me just a few minutes earlier. I've known, Luke. I feel something trying to drag me under. It's like quicksand.

Laura: How long do I have?

Luke: I don't know. Not long.

Laura: How long have you known about this?

Luke: Since before they administered the drug. It was one of the things I had to consider. I knew when you looked at me with recognition in your eyes for the first time in four years. I knew when you held your children, when you asked me to marry you. The only thing I haven't known is whether it was the right thing to do. I told myself I was doing it for the kids, and then I told myself I was doing it for you. But the truth is I'm a selfish bastard, Laura. I did this for me. I wanted you back. I need you. I'm lost without you!

Laura: No, you're not. You're not.

Luke: Maybe I should've just -- maybe I should've just let it go. And, look, what -- what would you do if somebody told you that they could give you time with the person that you love more than life but that time is brief? What would you do?

Laura: I would do exactly the same thing -- with one exception. I think I would've told you from the start how it would end.

Damian: No, hold on! I've got to -- got to breathe!

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. We can spare a few seconds, come on. Don't worry, we're going to get out of this.

Damian: Who -- whose posse is that?

Jason: Alcazar's Ė itís his backup plan in case the car bomb failed.

Damian: He really wants us dead, doesn't he?

Sam: Look, I don't understand how our cover got blown. I never left the safe house.

Jason: I was not -- I was not followed, I am sure of it.

Damian: Ok, ok, it was probably me.

Sam: Oh, gosh.

Jason: How?

Damian: Well, I -- I was going nuts for some chips, so I --

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Jason, Jason --

Damian: I'm -- I'm really sorry, Goddess.

Sam: Hey -- hey, what's done is done. Come on. What's done is done. What's next?

Jason: Ok. Well, if we can get to one of our --


Woman: Ok, sweetie, I'll be right back.

Alexis: Oh!

Kristina: Mommy!

Alexis: There you are, sweetie! I missed you so much!

Kristina: I missed you, too.

Alexis: Oh, I love you. You know what? We're all together now, that's all that matters. We're going to have the best time.

Mike: Look who's here.

Alexis: Look who's there? Why, there's Molly. Let me see Molly.

Mike: Who's -- who's that?

[Alexis squeals]

Kristina: Can I see the puppy?

Alex: Yes, honey, you can see the -- make sure she's friendly, though, babe. Hi! Where's Viola?

Mike: Oh, she had some last-minute arrangements, you know, for the party. But it's really good you could make it. Um -- you look terrific.

Alexis: No, I donít.

Kristina: Hi, puppy. Hey, boy. Hey, boy.

Alexis: All right.

Mike: So, tell me, what's --

Alexis: Ooh.

Mike: What's going on?

Alexis: Well, I -- I have a secondary infection -- it's gone -- and I'm ready for the second round of chemo and, no, I'm not supposed to be here. I'm supposed to be in the hospital, but I'm not missing it because birthdays only come once a year. Hi there. Hi there.

Kristina: Hey, puppy. Hey. Doggy, that's a good boy. Yeah. Puppy, wait.

Ric: There was an explosion in an alley.

Carly: What about Jason?

Ric: He's been seen in the vicinity, as well as somebody presumed to be Sam -- and some unidentified man. Shots were fired; police have been dispatched. It seems that Jason has changed his mind about giving up.

Carly: And you're on your way over there to make sure he doesn't get out alive? Is that it? Huh, Ric? Does anyone here care that this man is about to murder someone we love? Do you?

Jax: Carly, this isn't helping.

Ric: Are you all right? I'm not trying to kill your friend. I'm just doing my job. You believe that, right?

Elizabeth: Yeah, of course, I do.

Lucky: Why are you covering?

Carly: So what's your boyfriend using as an alibi tonight, huh?

Kristina: Puppy, you here? Puppy?

Sam: If we run out of ammo, we're trapped.

Jason: Ok, we need to find cover.

Sam: Where?

Diego: You need to finish this now! If Jason and his girlfriend go to the cops, my dad is out for blood!

Sam: Create a diversion.

Jason: Ok. I'll draw their fire, you and Spinelli get to the warehouse.

Sam: Go.

Jason: Go, go.

Luke: So I should've told you? I should've told you that the time was limited as soon as you could understand? God, why didn't I do that? I guess I just wanted to give my family something of value. I wanted to -- I wanted to see the joy in your face when you reunited with the kids. I wanted Lucky and Lulu to have one last shot at some decent parenting, and to have somebody who could actually answer these questions that they're constantly asking. And I wanted to spare you the fear and the desolation that I feel.

Laura: Time is so elusive, isn't it? You always think you have enough of it. The years just sprawl out in front of you and they're all yours for the taking to do whatever you want with, to waste them? There's plenty of time to live and plenty of time to love and make decisions and change your mind. Then you just blink, and 25 years -- or four years -- are gone. Out of your reach -- and so is the future. Oh, Luke -- Luke. This is happening to both of us. You should never have tried to carry this alone.

[Luke sighs]

Luke: So, what do you -- what do you want to do from here?

Laura: Well -- ok. First of all, no regrets. No regrets -- not about past decisions, and not about the letting go.

Luke: That's a pretty tall order.

Laura: I know, but you're up to it. I know you are. You are because I need you to be. Because now that I know that my time is going to be short, I want to enjoy every moment of it.

Luke: You are the bravest person I've ever met.

Laura: No, I'm not. I'm scared, I'm scared to death. My heart is in my throat and I am angry! And right now I feel damn sorry for myself. But I don't have the luxury of time to waste on all those negative emotions. So --

[Laura sighs]

Laura: I wonít. What about our kids? Do they know?

Luke: No.

Laura: I need to tell them.

Lulu: Well, at least my mom and dad got to have their happy ending before everything imploded.

Dillon: Yeah, well, maybe now you'll have a little more insight into why my family was so desperate for you to have the baby. They're always keeping their eyes pealed for a replacement for Jason. Because no matter how much they curse what he does or condemn him, he's still the golden boy. And the only way that's going to change is if, you know, Jason has a baby of his own, which --

Elizabeth: I'm fine. Really, I -- I just got a little lightheaded from all the excitement of the day.

Lucky: And worry for Jason. Jason is as hooked on danger as I was on pills. He won't give up his addiction; I did. Maybe I have a better reason.

Nikolas: Mom just called.

Lulu: On her wedding night?

Nikolas: Yeah. She wants you, me, and Lucky at the house.

Lucky: I -- I canít. Elizabeth --

Elizabeth: Lucky, go. I'm fine. Your mother needs you. Go.

Emily: Elizabeth, you are not fine. Neither am I. Let's just pray Jason is.

Damian: Great! Now what?

Sam: Are we surrounded?

Jason: Catwalk -- let's go.

Sam: Come on.

Carly: You know, you don't have to stay.

Jax: No, it's fine. I know how important Jason is to you, so we can just wait here together to hear the news.

Carly: That's really sweet. And I don't want to sound like I don't appreciate that, but I really want you to go. I love you, and I know that you love me. But I may have lost my best friend, and I am going to say and do things that you are not going to like me very much.

Jax: Do you think that I can't figure out what's going to happen next? I don't agree with it, and I don't think that Sonny should do anything, but you're going to ask him anyway, so why don't you just go ahead and ask?

Carly: Don't let Ric hurt another person you care about. You find a way, and you kill him.

Alexis: Honey, come on -- Kristina? Kristina?

Diego: Don't move!


[Kristina screams]

Lucky: Did Mom sound upset?

Nikolas: I couldn't tell.

Lucky: It's only been a couple of hours. I mean, what could Dad have done?

Lulu: Hi.

Luke: Hi. You all made it.

Laura: Hi. Oh, sweetie. Well -- um -- you know, before we get into anything, I want to thank all of you for making this such a memorable day. You have no idea what it means to your father and me to -- to look out there and see all of you kids supporting us like that.

Nikolas: Did -- did you enjoy the carriage ride?

Laura: Oh, yes.

Luke: It was great.

Laura: It was fabulous, in more ways than one. And then we -- we danced in the gazebo out by the woods. It was just -- it was just like a dream.

Lulu: So -- um -- so, why did you want to see us?

Laura: I didnít. Did I?

Sam: Kristina. Hey. Come here. What are you doing here? What are you doing here, baby? Are you ok?

Officer: Lose your weapons and come out with your hands where we can see them.

Jason: No, no, no -- hey, wait.

Sam: No, no, no, go after him!

Jason: No -- Sam, I'm not leaving you.

Sam: He's our only way out of this mess, Jason, go. Go!

Jason: What about you?

Sam: I have to stay with Kristina. Hey -- hey -- it's ok.

Sonny: How many times has Jason beaten the odds? He -- he knows that Ric and Alcazar are coming after him. He's not going to let them get him off-guard.

Carly: That's not the same and you know it! Sam is with Jason this time, and he will do anything to protect her, and that's what scares me. And Ric is counting on that, and that's why he set up this trap. Jason loves Sam so much that he will do anything. He's willing to die for her, Sonny, and you know it.

Det. Rodriguez: All right, easy now, boys. Put your guns down. Easy, put it down.

Ric: What the hell?

Det. Rodriguez: Ok, put it down. Put it down. Put it down.

Ric: Morgan's got to be around here someplace. Come on, up the steps. Go!

Det. Rodriguez: He's dead?

Sam: It was self-defense. We need to take care of my sister.

Det. Rodriguez: It's ok, sweetheart. How you doing?

Sam: It's ok.

Det. Rodriguez: All right, come on, let's get her out of here. Come on. Hold your fire. Put your guns down. We got a scared little girl on our hands. Morgan's still at large?

Officer: Up there.

Jason: That's it. We're going to turn ourselves in the way we planned and that's it. What are you doing -- no, wait --

Officer: Stop right there! Put the gun down.


Ric: He's got another gun! Shoot!

[Gun fires]

Sam: Jason!


Ric: We got Sam.

Mac: What about Morgan?

Ric: He was shot resisting arrest.

Det. Rodriguez: There was another man up there.

Ric: Yeah, well, he got out through a door up on the catwalk. Don't worry, we'll find him.

Mac: Get some divers in the water, search for Morganís body.

Ric: Kristina, are you all right? What'd you do to your sister?

Sam: Stay away from us, Ric, please.

Alexis: Get away from her.

Ric: Alexis, what the hell are you doing?

Alexis: Get away from my daughters!

Ric: Fine.

Alexis: Is she hurt?

Sam: No.

Alexis: What happened?

Sam: It was an accident. She saw me shoot someone.

Lorenzo: Where's my son?

Sam: He's inside.

Alexis: I got to get her out of here. Come here, sweetie. Come to Mommy.

Sonny: Sam and Jason work as a team. She'll have his back.

Carly: Really? Do you believe that, or are you just grasping at any excuse not to kill your brother?

Sonny: No, I'm scrambling to believe that my best friend is alive.

Jax: You know, I can't speak for Jason. But if something did happen to him, do you really think that this is how he'd want the two of you to go about it -- by going at each other?

Carly: I'm sorry, Sonny. I'm sorry. I'm just scared because we can't lose Jason. You know, we can't lose him.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hello? Talk -- talk to me.

Carly: No, Sonny, no.

Sonny: Jason --

Carly: Sonny --

Sonny: Was shot on -- on a roof. His body went into the water. He was unarmed. They haven't found him.

Elizabeth: Dear God. Please don't let Jason be -- just let him be alive.

Officer: You can't be here. This is a crime scene.

Lorenzo: That's my son.

Officer: I'm sorry for your loss.

Laura: Did I make something up in my head?

Nikolas: No, no -- I'm sorry, I -- this is my fault. I misunderstood.

Laura: No, that -- that's ok.

Nikolas: No, I -- uh -- I didn't check when -- when that message came in. Obviously it was -- it was an old one. We -- we should go.

Luke: Yeah, as much as we love your company, don't let the door hit you on your tiny little butts as you go. Sorry about the confusion, kids.

Laura: Don't go!

Lucky: Mom, what's going on?

Laura: I've been having some memory lapses and -- um -- losing time. Uh -- I -- I am so profoundly grateful to have had these last few weeks here with you, I really am, and I wouldn't give that back. Not for anything. But unfortunately --

Lulu: No, I don't want to hear this.

Luke: Lulu --

Laura: You know --

Luke: Let your mother have her say.

Lulu: No, I wonít.

Laura: Go after her.

[Door closes]

[Laura sighs]

Nikolas: Your recovery isn't permanent, is it?

Lulu: It's not true. Mom can take more of that drug.

Luke: It wouldn't keep her with us.

Lulu: You're not surprised. Which means that you -- have you known that it was going to end up like this all along?

Carly: You know, I shouldn't have jumped all over Sonny like that. I lost perspective. Jason's not dead. I mean, if he were dead, I would know it, you know? I would feel it in here -- that's why they haven't found his body yet. We're each other's best friend, and Jason knows I count on him. And he knows that he can't leave me because he can't leave me, so he's fine. He's totally fine. No, you can't do that. You can't -- you can't do that, Jax, because I have to feel this. I have to feel this. I have to listen to my heart and figure out what's going on here. Because if I have lost Jason, that means that I -- um --

Jax: Hey --

Carly: I mean, I don't know what I'm going to do if I lost Jason. You know?

Jax: Ok.

Det. Rodriguez: You realize that was murder? I thought we were supposed to be better than they are.

Ric: What are you yammering on about, Rodriguez?

Det. Rodriguez: You ordered those officers to fire on an unarmed man.

Ric: Jason Morgan was a cold-blooded hit man who deserved what he got. If you're feeling the urge to shoot your mouth off --

Sonny: Detective Rodriguez?

Ric: I would suggest you do it outside --

Sonny: You're a man of integrity, I respect you for that. That's why I'm going to ask you to leave me alone here with my -- with my brother. And forget you ever saw me.

Ric: It's ok, detective. You can leave. My brother's not going to hurt me. Look, you want to go ahead and make threats, make threats. But what I told Rodriguez about Jason is true and we both know it.

Sonny: You know how many times Jason begged me to let him kill you, starting when you chained Carly to a wall when she was pregnant with our son because you wanted to steal our baby, up until you slept with Sam? And you know why I let you live? I'll tell you why I let you live. One reason, and one reason only. Because you're my mother's son. Now Jason is dead. He was my real brother, and you had him killed. That takes all bets off the table.

Ric: You're not going to do it, Sonny. There's no way you can kill me.

Lorenzo: Why? Why? Oh, why? †I swear to you, Diego. No matter what it takes, or who has to pay, I will spend my last dying breath seeking revenge for you.

[Lorenzo sighs]

Mac: We need to take Sam into custody.

Alexis: Kristina's in a state of shock. If you take her away from Sam, it could make her worse.

Mac: Look, I'm sorry. She's an escaped prisoner who just shot and killed a man.

Alexis: It was self-defense.

Mac: Argue that before a judge. We have to take her in.

Alexis: I have to take Kristina.

Sam: Ok.

Alex: Come here, sweetie, it's ok. Come to Mommy.

Mac: Ok, sweetheart, go to Mommy. It's ok.

Sam: It's ok, baby. Mommy's going to take care of you.

Officer: You can go to Mommy now. Come on, now. There you go. Come on, there you go.

Alexis: Oh, that's a girl. That's a girl. It's going to be all right, let's go.

Jason: Elizabeth --

Elizabeth: Jason? Oh, my God, are you hit? Hey, can you hear me? Please don't die, ok? Please don't die. You have to stay with me -- for the baby's sake. It's not Lucky's, Jason. The baby is ours.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lulu: How could you keep it a secret? I'll lose you again! I don't want to lose you again!

Laura: Shh.

Jason: No cops, please.

Elizabeth: You've been shot. I have to call 911.

Jason: We can do this. I trust you.

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