GH Transcript Wednesday 11/15/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 11/15/06


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laura: Luke? Is that the face of a nervous bridegroom?

Luke: I'm retying the knot with the love of my life. What's to be nervous about?

Laura: Luke, what's bothering you? Please tell me.

Alan: Well, well, look who's here.

Jax: Alan, monica.

Monica: Hello.

Jax: You're leaving town?

Alan: Just for the day. We're taking the E.L.Q. Jet to manhattan for a medical conference.

Jax: Oh.

Monica: But we're going to be back in time for luke and laura's wedding. How about you?

Jax: Carly and I decided to take a last-minute trip.

Alan: Oh. And she's late, as usual?

Jax: Well, actually, I'm a little ahead of schedule. I'm sure she'll be here.

Carly: You turned off my alarm, didn't you? I cannot believe that you would stoop so low --

sonny: Little -- little -- little ears, little ears.

Michael: Hi.

Carly: Hi. You know what? It doesn't matter. I'm not going to get into it. Where's max? I need him to drive me to the airport.

Sonny: Max is not here right now.

Carly: Where is he?

Sonny: It's viola and leticia's day off, and he drove them to the city.

Carly: Who's going to take care of the kids?

Sonny: We are. Here, let me --

carly: No, no. See, I have a very important meeting with jax.

Sonny: Ok. Well, you're going to have to call a cab, because nobody else can drive you.

Carly: I am not standing up jax, do you understand me? Where are the keys? Where are they, sonny?

Sonny: What do you mean, where are they?

Carly: If you're not going to get me a driver, I am going to drive myself, ok?

Sonny: Ok.

Carly: Yeah.

[Pounding on door]

Jason: Hey, hey.

[Spinelli mumbles]

Jason: Listen, listen, calm -- calm down. Sam is sleeping.

Sam: It's ok. I'm awake.

Spinelli: Dude, this is your final warning. Let me go, or alcazar will obliterate you.

Jason: Is that -- is that what you want?

Sam: Jason, no, no, no, no. Come on, this guy's our only chance to prove that we're innocent.

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Laura: Luke, please tell me what's bothering you.

Luke: It's really nothing. I am -- I'm just -- I'm just thinking how lucky I am to have you back.

Laura: Is it me? Is it my mental state? Do you think maybe that I'm too fragile and --

luke: No, I don't think you're fragile. You've been to hell and back. I think you're stronger than ever.

Laura: You do?

Luke: I do.

Laura: Well, then what is it? Come on. We're about to exchange our vows again. I would think that you'd feel like you could trust me to tell me what's going on.

Luke: I do. I certainly do. I'm -- I'm -- you know what? I'm just -- I just keep looking back, and -- and thinking about what got us here from 25 years ago.

Laura: Well, we went through an awful lot.

Luke: And we made mistakes, and we wasted a lot of time.

Laura: Well, we're human. What couple gets a mistake-free existence?

Luke: You're so right, you know? I -- I got to tell my mind to just shut the hell up. You know? Let's be now, here in the present. This is all we have.

Laura: I know. That's hard for me sometimes. Oh, I just -- I can't believe I lost four years. Oh. I -- I still have a few blank spots.

Luke: Like what?

Laura: Oh, I don't know, you know? Little things about our first wedding that I can't remember. And little gaps here and there, like flowers in the garden that I don't remember planting, and a couple of pictures that I can't quite place. But you know, the worst part of it, of course, is leading up to that other breakdown that I had. I just -- I just wish that I could have faced it, you know? Instead of just shutting down completely.

Luke: Sweetheart -- angel -- angel, angel, please -- you know, we do what we can. Sometimes we do right, sometimes we don'T. But we hold on.

Laura: Hmm. You sure did. Oh, luke, I can't believe that you waited for me for four years. You're an amazing man. Thank you. I am so lucky.

Luke: I'm the lucky one.

Helena: Do you honestly feel it's necessary to keep me strapped into this ridiculous contraption?

Nikolas: My mother has made a full recovery, I'm looking forward to her wedding day. I will not allow you to interfere with that.

Helena: Nikolas, it is you I am concerned about. Your nanny, colleen -- she's the one who's unbalanced. She should be in one of these straitjackets.

Nikolas: Grandmother, grandmother, you are so transparent, you know that?

Helena: Oh, nikolas, please be reasonable.

Nikolas: The only reason you want me to fire colleen is so you can replace her with one of your own people.

Helena: Nikolas, listen to me, she is one of my own people. I hired her. She was there --

nikolas: We --

helena: Following my orders.

Nikolas: We have been through this over and over again. And --

helena: And you should start listening.

Nikolas: It's ok. It's ok, because your doctors have assured me that you will be very comfortable in the new facility I transferred you to, in arkansas.

Helena: Arkansas?

Patrick: Don't tell me you're obsessing about pete's warning that our relationship is doomed.

Robin: No, I have complete faith in you, no matter what your old friends say.

Patrick: Well, wow. Our relationship has turned a page. But something's wrong. What's up?

Robin: I just got a call from laura spencer. She wanted me to stop by the house.

Patrick: And the problem is?

Robin: The problem is, what if she realizes that there's a problem with her recovery? I don't want to be the one that tells her she's going to relapse.

Lucky: Elizabeth --

elizabeth: This is a surprise.

Lucky: My counselors released me from rehab this morning. They say I'm ready to go back to my life.

Sam: This is crazy. Spinelli, this kid, is the only one who can prove that alcazar and ric framed us?

Spinelli: I thought I had your support, awesome one. I -- I mean, don't you even care that this loser kept me locked in the closet all night?

Sam: No, I want to tell the truth so I can stop running from the cops.

Spinelli: Alcazar's a major criminal who'd waste me if I talk.

Sam: Your testimony will send him to prison. Then you would be safe.

Spinelli: Look, it's a bummer that you're on the guy's bad side, but he's not the forgiving kind. So why don't you just do the smart thing and leave town?

Jason: Actually, I was going to tell you to do the same thing.

Spinelli: No way! I didn't give you guys any information.

Jason: Uh -- how does -- how does alcazar know that? You've been out of circulation for almost 12 hours. Alcazar knows I found you, and you gave him up.

Spinelli: Dude, that is so unkind!

Jason: And by now, alcazar's probably looking to kill you. So you know what? That's fine, that's fine. Go ahead, walk out that door and make it easy for him.

Sam: Or you could help us.

Jax: Carly and I were supposed to get married tomorrow.

Alan: Yes, we heard that you gave away your wedding day so that luke and laura could be remarried on the 16th.

Monica: That was very generous of you.

Alan: And prudent. Now you have time to change your mind.

Jax: I realize carly's not your favorite person.

Alan: No, not really. She did destroy our son's life.

Monica: Well, A.J. Was very -- very troubled, but carly certainly didn't help. Jax, she's a very selfish woman. And I don't think she has any loyalty for anybody, except perhaps maybe her children and sonny and jason.

Jax: Well, I trust her. Otherwise, I wouldn't have asked her to marry me.

Monica: Hmm.

Alan: Seriously, jax, do yourself a favor and think this over very carefully before you say "I do" to a woman who is going to use you and dump you.

Monica: Come on, we've got to get to our plane.

Jax: Yeah.

Monica: Good luck.

Attendant: Mr. Jacks --

jax: Yes?

Attendant: You were scheduled to push back from the gate at 9:00. Is there a problem?

Jax: Well, it looks like my companion is a no-show. I'll be traveling alone.

Carly: Jax. Hi. Hi!

Jax: Oh --

carly: I'm sorry I'm late. I'm sorry I'm late. We couldn't get the stroller through security.

Jax: The stroller?

Carly: Yeah. I can't elope. I have to baby-sit.

Lulu: I just got back from the quartermaines'.

Laura: Oh. Is the garden ready?

Lulu: Yeah. Well, the gardeners are working overtime, but you are not going to believe how amazing it looks, mom.

Laura: Oh, that's great. Thank you!

Lulu: Yeah.

Laura: I guess we're just about ready for our walk down the aisle, then.

Luke: Guess so.

Lulu: Um -- except I -- I kind of need your help. I'm having second thoughts about the dress that I picked out. And so I was thinking maybe you could come shopping with me and help me pick out another one.

Laura: Oh. Ok. Well, I'm certainly happy to give you my opinion, but you know, you should just pick the dress that makes you feel the best.

[Knock on door]

Nikolas: Hello.

Laura: Oh --

nikolas: I thought it was about time the two of you met.

Laura: Oh, my gosh -- nikolas, he is gorgeous. Hello, sweetheart.

Nikolas: Hey, if he could speak, I'm sure he'd say the same thing about you.

Laura: Oh -- can I hold him?

Nikolas: Yes, of course. Go to grandma.

Laura: Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful baby. Hello! Oh, aren't you a big boy. Oh, honey -- oh, I'm so sorry that I wasn't here when you were born. But you know what? I'm going to make up for lost time. I'm going to take you for walks. I'm going to take you out for picnics. I'm going to take you to the zoo.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, I don't mean to bring up an unpleasant subject right now, but I -- I just want to reassure you both that my grandmother won't be making any trouble.

Luke: Is that assurance based on fact or wishful thinking?

Laura: I hadn't even thought about helena. But I guess if she knew that something was --

nikolas: Ironically, she's been held at shadybrook. I know. But I -- I just signed the papers to have her transferred to a facility out of state.

Laura: Oh. Thank you, nikolas. Thank you so much.

Nikolas: You're welcome.

Laura: Well, with helena out of the way, we can just focus on our future. Ooh! And what a beautiful future it is, huh? What a beautiful future. Oh.

Carly: Viola and leticia had the morning off, so I tried to drive myself. I end up crashing the car, so sonny had to bring me.

Jax: You couldn't have taken a cab?

Carly: No! The cabs take forever. I didn't want to be any later. So we had to pile everybody in the car, and here we are.

Jax: To tell me that you can't come with me?

Carly: Oh, it's impossible, jax. I'm sorry.

Sonny: I'm sorry, can you guys work this out on your own time? Because I -- I got a meeting I got to go to.

Carly: No, you're not going anywhere.

Sonny: Yeah, it's a very important meeting, and I got to be there real quick because I --

carly: Sonny, I have something really important to talk to jax about, ok? Now look, these kids are yours as well as mine. You can't disappear. So you either stay here with them, or you take them with you.

Sonny: Ok --

carly: But I am talking to jax.

Sonny: Carly, listen to me, all right? My meeting with jason takes priority over whatever romantic problems you have with jax. Can you just -- I really got to go.

Carly: Sonny --

sonny: Hey, look at -- look at -- look at the baby.

Carly: Hi.

Sonny: One second. Just hold him for a second. All right.

Carly: It's ok. It's ok. Whoo! I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Sonny is obviously doing all this on purpose.

Jax: Yeah, well, it's working. He's managed to completely ruin our plans to elope.

Carly: Oh, wait -- I'm sorry. Wait a second, wait a second. No, michael, morgan, get over here!

Michael: You're not going to get me --

kristina: I will.

Ric: Still no sign of sam, spinelli, or your computer tech.

Lorenzo: Well, we have to assume the worst. Jason got ahold of spinelli, which means that he has a witness that you and I worked together to fabricate evidence against sam.

Ric: We don't know that.

Lorenzo: Are you willing to take that chance? You need to destroy the proof, ric. That flash drive has to disappear.

Ric: What about my case?

Lorenzo: The whole point was never to put sam on trial. The point was to provoke jason so that he could be in a position where you could take him out legally, no questions asked.

Ric: That still can happen, all right? There's A.P.B.S out on sam, spinelli, and jason. They're all considered armed and extremely dangerous. The cops are going to shoot first and ask questions later.

Lorenzo: Maybe.

Ric: Those are their standing orders. Just give it time to play out.

Lorenzo: I'm running out of patience! Corinthos broke into my home, made threats in front of my daughter and her mother. Now, I want him destroyed, and the first step is eliminating his enforcer, do you hear me?

Jason: Ric and alcazar are going to be looking to cover their tracks.

Sam: Which means they're going to want to shut you up.

Spinelli: This is totally bogus. You're just trying to trick me into cooperating. Alcazar needs me. I set up his whole system.

Jason: Listen to me. Anyone can be replaced, especially when you have the money and you have the backing that alcazar has, ok? My advice to you, really, is to -- is to start running, ok? But you do what you want to do.

Spinelli: No, no, no, flag on the play! The bodacious one just said I'm your key witness.

Jason: You know, ric -- ric knows that I've got you, ok? And by now, he's probably destroyed the flash drive because he doesn't want the cops to know the evidence is phony. So the only proof left is you. So walk out of here. Good luck.

Spinelli: This hurls! You -- you totally made me look guilty, dude, and now you're bailing.

Sam: You know, spinelli's right. We did grab him without his consent. We owe it to him to --

spinelli: Just -- well said.

Sam: Keep him alive, right?

Spinelli: Well said, awesome one. Thank you. You guys owe me. I mean, you can't let alcazar waste me.

Jason: Yeah? Give me one good reason.

Spinelli: How about proof that he and that slimeball D.A. Framed the goddess of hotness?

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from a cold or allergies...

Laura: You don't know how much it means to me that you named your son after your sister and your brother.

Nikolas: I named him after you, too. You know, I used to wish that -- that he would grow up knowing his grandmother. Now here you are.

Laura: I'm so sorry I didn't raise you. That is the greatest tragedy of my life.

Nikolas: No. It's ok. We've more than made up for that.

Laura: I'm so grateful to you that you don't hold it against me, but I'm sorry. No mother should forsake a child, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. I --

nikolas: It's all in the past, mom. It's like you said -- what we have now is the future.

Laura: I know I wasn't a good mother. But I'm going to be a good grandmother, I promise.

Robin: Hi.

Laura: Hi.

Lulu: Hi.

Laura: Oh, robin, isn't --

nikolas: I got you.

Laura: Isn't my grandchild a beauty?

Robin: Oh, he's gorgeous.

Nikolas: Here, buddy.

Robin: And he's so happy. He smiles all the time. Don't you?

Nikolas: Ooh.

[Spencer fusses]

Robin: Yeah.

[Robin laughs]

Laura: Thank you for coming over.

Robin: So how are you feeling?

Laura: Good, good. But my memory is still a little bit shaky, you know. Sometimes, people say things, and I can't quite recall what they're talking about. But physically, I -- I feel fine.

Robin: Well, good. I'm just so happy that you have a chance to reconnect with your children, and with luke, of course.

Laura: Yeah. Well, I hope that you're going to come to the wedding.

Robin: I -- I would love to, thank you.

Laura: Well, that'll be great. Because it just wouldn't be the same without you. I mean, after all, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't even be here at all.

Helena: I am perfectly sane. My grandson's only sending me to arkansas to torment me.

Luke: Arkansas, homeland of black beans and pork pie. Get yourself a 10-gallon hat, you're going to be queen of the rodeo.

Helena: Oh, you put nikolas up to this outrage, didn't you?

Luke: Do you play banjo, by any chance?

Helena: Oh --

man: All right, this patient is dangerously psychotic, so you're going to have to go.

Luke: Doctor, I'm very aware of her mental state. If you check your records, you'll see that nikolas cassadine ok'd this visit.

Doctor: I'll do that.

Luke: Hmm. You look fine. This little jacket suits you.

Helena: You're cute. Nikolas is just being overly dramatic. I don't need to be in a straitjacket. But laura might.

Luke: What do you mean by that?

Helena: Well, I'm merely suggesting that you keep one handy in case your lovely bride's highly celebrated recovery doesn't go well.

Luke: It's a real good idea you're going to be in exotic arkansas. Because if you tried to interfere with this wedding in any way, I'd have to snap that lovely neck.

Helena: Hmm, I love it when you talk dirty.

Doctor: Time to go.

Helena: Oh.

Helena: This isn't the last you've heard of me, partner.

Luke: My regards to the good old boys in hillbilly heaven.

Carly: Ok, I'm sorry. Now, what were you saying?

Jax: You know, sonny's getting very creative to try to ruin our wedding plans, not only how you're stuck with your kids, but ric's, as well.

Carly: Well, it's partly my fault. I forgot that we didn't have help today.

Jax: Well, you're handling things quite well, all things considered. I do have one question for you, though. If you weren't stuck with the kids, would you still agree to elope?

Carly: It wouldn't have felt right, jax. It's wouldn't have -- it's like we're giving into sonny, and I want us to get married the way we planned, right here at home.

Jax: You want to stick it to sonny.

Carly: No, no, I don'T. I -- I don't want him to think that he can control me, because he doesn't control me.

Jax: And having the wedding here would prove to him that you can marry me despite his interference, which would make it more about you and sonny than about you and me.

Carly: No, that is not what I meant. That's not what --

jax: Look, I love you, ok? But I really don't know how this is going to work.

Michael: Yes!

Sonny: Sorry I'm late. I had a few things going on.

Jason: It's ok.

Sonny: The kid's --

jason: He's handled.

Sonny: He's going to cooperate?

Sam: Yes, but spinelli is bringing up all of his original programming for the flash drive.

Spinelli: Who's the pacino-esque dude?

[Spinelli laughs]

Sonny: Ok, that's good, because that way, we can validate his testimony.

Spinelli: Well, my work speaks for itself, dude. I'll give up the programming, but no way am I getting verbal in a courtroom.

Sonny: Ok, here's what's going to have to happen.

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Ric's going to want this thing to end in a shootout where both of you conveniently die, all right? So the longer you guys are on the run, the more chance he has of that happening.

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: So, both of you need to turn yourselves in.

Sam: We can'T. S.

Jax: Michael? You know, you're a terrific kid. You're fun to hang out with, and I'm glad that you and I are friends. You know, you go after what you want.

Michael: So do you.

Jax: Yes, that's right, I do. And we don't always get our own way, and this is one of those times. Your parents are not going to get back together and I think your mom's made that very clear. You need to accept that.

Michael: Yeah, but what if she doesn't want to marry you?

Jax: Michael, I'm not going to go away. Hey -- I love your mother very much. I want a life with you, carly. The details are not important. We can do it when or wherever you want. No one -- not michael or sonny or alexis or anyone else, for that matter -- are going to keep us apart.

Carly: That's what I've been trying to tell you.

Laura: Oh, thank you for coming over.

Elizabeth: Oh, of course.

Laura: That was really nice of you. And congratulations on your pregnancy.

Elizabeth: Thanks.

[Laura chuckles]

Elizabeth: We're so thrilled you're back. We have really missed you.

Laura: Thank you. I -- I can't believe that it was four years. I didn't even know it until I saw my own children and -- oh, and look at you.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Laura: You're still just as beautiful as ever.

Elizabeth: Oh, please. Well, look at you -- you're amazing.

Laura: Oh.

Elizabeth: How do you feel?

Laura: I feel good, I really do. I still feel a little hazy from time to time, but the doctors say that that's to be expected. And I'm really excited about my wedding tomorrow.

[Laura chuckles]

Elizabeth: We all are. Where's your family? How come they're not with you? I thought they wouldn't leave you alone for a second.

Laura: Oh, you just missed nikolas and lulu. They went out shopping for an alternate dress for the wedding.

Elizabeth: She didn't want you to go with her?

Laura: She did, she did, but I wanted the opportunity to speak to you alone.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Laura: Hmm. Sit down, hon.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Laura: Elizabeth, honey? Please, try to keep an open mind.

Elizabeth: You mean about lucky?

Laura: Yes, I do. He told me all about his addiction to the pills. He told me that he was on a terrible downward spiral. I know about the affair that he had with maxie and that they conceived a child together.

Elizabeth: Hmm. That pretty much sums it up.

Laura: Yeah.

Elizabeth: But maxie's no innocent.

Laura: And I'm glad you can see that.

Elizabeth: But it -- it doesn't change what happened.

Laura: No. No. Well, um -- for what it's worth, I'd like you to know that lucky is fighting very hard for his recovery right now. And he's fighting to try to get back to the man that he used to be. And that man always loved you, elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I know. He's a wonderful person.

Laura: Hmm.

Elizabeth: And he has been a great husband and -- and even better father. But he broke my trust.

Laura: Yes, I know, and that's the hardest one to get over. But some loves are strong enough to endure almost impossible odds. My husband and I are like that, you know?

Elizabeth: Hmm.

Laura: I always thought you and lucky were, too.

Det. Rodriguez: Spencer? Hey, nice to see you.

Lucky: Hey, thanks, cruz.

Det. Rodriguez: You back on the force?

Lucky: We'll see. Ric promised me my job when I returned.

Ric: Lucky. I assume you've been officially released from rehab?

Lucky: I've got my paperwork here.

Ric: Very good. Well, let's get you reinstated, providing we're clear on one thing.

Lucky: What's that?

Ric: Well, I can't show you any preferential treatment. You're going to have to take whatever cases I give you -- that means anything that implicates jason morgan. You ok with that?

Lucky: Yeah.

Ric: Well, good. We'll get your badge and your gun to you as soon as you're processed. You should be able to start working as early as the day after tomorrow.

Lucky: Oh.

Mac: I have a problem with that.

Ric: Well, mac, as acting D.A., I do have the final say here. I would like detective spencer reinstated -- unless, of course, you want to have him prosecuted, in which case you would probably want his alleged accomplice prosecuted, as well. That would be your daughter, right?

Mac: It's your call.

Ric: That's more like it.

Lucky: Can I have a word with you?

Mac: It's not necessary.

Lucky: Yeah, it is. There's something I need to say.

Mac: Interrogation room.

Lucky: I owe you an apology.

Mac: Maxie needs your apology.

Lucky: Well, I've already spoken with her. I caused maxie a lot of pain and I'm truly sorry.

Mac: Maxie isn't blameless, but you're a cop and a married man. You should've acted like a responsible adult.

Lucky: I know. I'm going to do all I can to make amends.

Mac: Well, you're back on the force, against my wishes. But I'm warning you, lucky -- the first screwup, the first sign that you're using drugs again, you'll not only lose your job, but I will take great pleasure in busting you myself.

Sam: Ric is the D.A. If we turn ourselves in, we're going to give him a free pass to set us up again.

Sonny: You want to keep running the rest of your lives?

Spinelli: Yeah -- works for me. Uh -- costa rica has a righteous cyber scene, so we should go.

Sonny: Ok. Ric knows his evidence -- it won't hold up in court. It's fabricated.

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: So as soon as you, jason, and this geek over there turn yourselves in, the flash drive will -- it will disappear somehow, ok, and all the charges will be dropped.

Jason: All right, set it up.

Sonny: That's good?

Spinelli: Oh, wait -- hey, speak for yourself, boneheaded soldier. I don't take orders from the godfather.

Sonny: I -- I can't deal -- I can't deal with this guy right now, so I'm going to go ahead and go.

Jason: Ok.

Spinelli: Do -- either the suited one has been watching too much "scarface" or you haven't seen enough.

Jason: Please --

spinelli: Somebody's going to die here, my friend, and --

jason: Please, shut up, please.

Spinelli: This is bogus. You know what? Let your boyfriend turn himself in if he wants to. You -- you and I can run away. I mean, you can live the life your hotness deserves. I'll give you everything you ever wanted.

Sam: Oh, you have no idea what I want.

Patrick: How'd it go with laura?

[Robin sighs]

Robin: False alarm.

Patrick: She didn't mention anything about her condition?

Robin: Just to say that she's feeling really good. She wanted to ask me to go to their wedding tomorrow.

Patrick: Hmm.

Robin: And she told me how grateful she is for the miracle cure that helped restore her family.

Patrick: Ouch.

Robin: It was all I could do to keep from screaming "I am a fraud! I didn't cure anything. All I did was give you a few weeks before you sink back into endless silence." I was sure that that was the best thing to do, that giving her a little bit of time was better than no time at all.

Patrick: You thought what you did was right?

Robin: No, I should've listened to you. The ethical choice would've been to leave her alone. But because of my arrogance, I didn't do that, and now laura and her family has to pay the price.

Patrick: Robin, you did your job. I shouldn't have tried to talk you out of it.

Laura: Must feel good to be out of rehab.

Lucky: It does.

Laura: Hmm.

Lucky: But this is where the work begins. I have an addiction and I'll have to fight it every -- every day.

Laura: Sounds to me that you're being very realistic and that's great. That makes me believe that you're going to be successful.

Lucky: I can't fail, mom. I lost everything that was important to me, and I need to earn it back.

Laura: You just stay focused on that recovery program -- I mean it -- and then you will be ok.

Lucky: I have a lot to prove before I ever hope to be with elizabeth again.

Laura: Hmm. Um -- she -- she was here a little earlier.

Lucky: What, you talked to her? What'd she say?

Laura: Uh -- she's hurt, but she did say that she would try to keep an open mind. But, honey, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told her -- I think the two of you do have the kind of love that can last a lifetime. And a baby only cements that kind of a bond. Oh, lucky. You're going to be such a great father.

[Laura chuckles]

Spinelli: Maybe bonehead has a reason to stay and get shot, but we -- we don'T. I mean, costa rica has tasty waves and beaches worthy of your hotness. Look, I'll buy you all the swimwear you want.

Sam: Ooh.

Spinelli: And I'll get a job at one of the casinos or some other international business and they'll pay me a fortune to set up their systems. I already have got money stashed offshore.

Sam: You know, that is a generous offer.

Spinelli: Think about it. Wide beaches, warm nights, exotic fruit drinks and lots of recreational activities. I mean, what's not to like?

Sam: You make it sound alluring.

Spinelli: God, I love the way you say that. Come, come, say it again.

Sam: I can't go anywhere because jason is here.

Spinelli: And that's a reason? The -- the dude is harsh and uncheerful! You deserve so much better.

Sam: I know, you know, but if jason wanted to go, I would go. He wants to stay, so I'm going to stay.

Spinelli: The bullet wound is hot, but do you -- do you want to risk another one? Bonehead can't be worth it.

Sam: Oh, no. He's worth it.

Sonny: Hey, mac? Can I speak to you for a minute?

Ric: If this has anything to do with sam and jason --

sonny: I got nothing to say ric.

Mac: Hold on, hold on. I'll handle this. Interrogation room.

Sonny: Thanks.

Sonny: Ok. Um -- jason is willing to turn himself in, also sam, damian spinelli, who ric put on the most wanted list.

Mac: So you're telling me that jason, who's made a career of stonewalling the system, is suddenly willing to trust law enforcement?

Sonny: Ok, mac -- sam was framed by the esteemed district attorney.

Mac: You have proof?

Sonny: Yeah. Well, jason and sam are -- they're willing to come in and give full cooperation to the cops.

Carly: Molly is asleep -- she's taking a nap. Michael, morgan, and kristina are eating ice cream in the kitchen under milo's watch. Oh.

Jax: Well, sounds like everything is just under control, isn't it?

Carly: Want to hear the best part? Max is on his way home with viola and leticia as we speak.

Jax: Hmm.

Carly: That means I'm free to concentrate on you.

Jax: Well, I don't feel neglected in the slightest.

Carly: You made a pretty powerful declaration at the airport.

Jax: And I meant every word. I'm not --

carly: Hey.

Jax: What?

Carly: My turn.

Jax: Ok.

Carly: I'm fierce about getting what I want, no matter what life's thrown at me, and life has thrown a lot. And when I want something, I get it. I want you. We're going to be together, ok? So tomorrow when we're at luke and laura's wedding, I am going to be looking at you and thinking of the day when it's our turn to make those promises.

Jax: So will I.

Carly: Ooh-ooh.

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: Oh, he'd love that, wouldn't he? Oh, no.

Jax: What? Oh, well. Looks like sonny's going to be at the wedding, too.

Sonny: Mac's going to have everything ready for you when you turn yourselves in tomorrow at the station at 7:00.

Sam: Does ric know?

Sonny: I don't know. I didn't talk to ric, but he'll find out sooner or later. You know ric.

Jason: Ok, then you can't be there.

Sonny: No, no. I'm walking with you.

Jason: Listen, if you show up with me and sam, you know ric is going to charge you as an accessory. You know that. You need to be as far away as possible, so you need to find something else to do, something with a lot of witnesses.

Ric: Sonny brokered the deal. He's probably going to be the one to bring all three fugitives in.

Lorenzo: There's a complication we don't need.

Ric: Well, I could charge him as an accessory, but I don't think it's going to matter if they can prove that sam was framed.

Lorenzo: The simplest solution is for spinelli, sam, jason, and sonny all to die before they can surrender.

Ric: I don't want sonny killed.

Lorenzo: Ric, your sentimental attachment to your brother is touching but irrelevant. Once the shooting starts, there's no guarantees. I can't promise we're going to avoid sonny. But I will promise that spinelli, sam, and jason all die tomorrow.

Luke: How goes the prenup prep?

Laura: Oh, I think I'm going to win an award for fastest wedding planner.

Luke: Is there anything I could do to assist other than just stay out of the way?

Laura: Uh -- well, I'm just going over this guest list one more time. I really want robin scorpio to be there -- that's important to me -- but I wondered if you had any last requests.

Luke: Sweetheart, whoever you want to be there, invite. It's your day.

Laura: But it's your day, too.

Luke: It is, and it's going to be a perfect day.

Helena: This dreadful jacket was necessary to convince luke and nikolas that I was under control, but it didn't have to be quite so tight.

Man: I -- I'm sorry, madam.

Helena: Well, you will be well paid for your efforts. Just make sure you follow up on that paperwork. If anyone calls the asylum in arkansas, I have to be listed as a patient.

Man: It's already taken care of.

Helena: Excellent. Now all I have to think about is what to wear. Luke and laura are being remarried tomorrow and I wouldn't miss that for the world.

>> On the next "general hospital" --

jason: You are the best thing that's ever happened to me. We need to make the most of whatever time we have left.

Minister: We've gathered here today to witness ni we need to make the most of whatever time we have left.

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