GH Transcript Friday 11/10/06

General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/10/06


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Elizabeth: Sam? Do you know where you are?

Sam: In a room.

Elizabeth: Ok, you're in the hospital, and you've been sedated.

Sam: It's a trap. You have to warn Jason.

Elizabeth: Ok. Ok, I will. Sam? Sam?

[Elizabeth gasps]

Ric: No, no, no, no. Shh. You weren't supposed to see that.

Elizabeth: What are you doing grabbing me like that? You want me to lose this baby, too?

Woman: Oh, the baby's coming now! Oh!

[Woman groans]

Woman: Please, somebody help me, please.

Sonny: What are you doing here, Carly?

Woman: Oh, God!

Carly: That's none of your business, Sonny.

Sonny: Ok, you got to go home. You -- you need to go home now.

Carly: You son of a bitch!

Sonny: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Carly: I'll make you pay.

Sonny: You know you're not going to shoot me, so don't even -- don't even go there. Come on, what are you going to do? Come on --

Officer: Drop the gun --

Carly: I'll drop the gun when this pig is dead!

Sonny: Put the gun down, Carly, will you? Hey --

Carly: This can't come as a surprise to you, Sonny.

Sonny: She's not going to shoot.

Carly: Yes, she is!

Sonny: No, she's not.

Jason: Sam?

Det. Williams: Mr. Morgan -- right on time.

Orderly: Mrs. Cassadine?

Helena: Oh, Martin. It's not wise to startle me.

Martin: What are you doing outside? I thought we were supposed to meet in the meal hall.

Helena: Oh, it's such a beautiful day. This Indian summer just keeps going on and on. I thought I'd get some fresh air -- and now you're here.

Martin: So, what can I do for you?

Helena: I want you to check on the status of a patient.

Laura: Hmm.

Rick's voice: Laura, what are you doing here in the attic again? Your wedding is tomorrow. And if you keep bringing up these bad memories that are --

Laura: No, no, no, no.

Rick's voice: In this attic --

[Laura screams]

Luke: No. No, please. Please. Laura?

Laura: Oh -- I killed my stepfather. Didn't I?

Helena: I cursed my grandson for committing me, but actually it turned out to be most fortuitous. You see, Nikolas had no idea the authorities would place me here where his poor, demented mother rocks away her days -- at least, she did until recently.

Martin: What's the patient's name?

Helena: Laura Spencer. I want you to find out everything that happened. Here comes my grandson. Mustn't see me.

Nikolas: Ahem.

Lucky: I don't know -- should I be worried about Lulu wanting to see us?

Nikolas: Honestly, I don't know. I tried to get an idea of what this meeting was about, but she wanted to tell us together.

Lucky: You think it's about mom?

Nikolas: What else would it be?

Lulu: Hey, guys.

Lucky: Hey.

Nikolas: You ok?

Lulu: Brace yourself. You know mom and dad are getting remarried. You'll never guess when -- their anniversary, November 16.

Luke: Sweetheart?

[Laura sobs]

Luke: Laura, I want you to come with me now. I want -- I want you to talk to the doctors at Shadybrook.

Laura: Shadybrook? That's a sanitarium. I wasn't in there to recover from a car accident, was I? No. You put me there because you had me committed, because I'm crazy.

Luke: No, no, I did not have you committed. Don't say that.

Laura: But it's true, though, isn't it? I'm crazy.

Luke: No. No. I just don't think that we should get into this without a doctor present.

Laura: I heard you. I heard you on the porch when you were talking to Lulu. You were saying something about some kind of an extreme, emotional trauma, and that if I remembered it, that it might send me back. Back where? Back into madness?

Luke: No, you are not mad, Laura.

Laura: I am. Maybe none of this is even happening. Maybe I'm just imagining everything.

Luke: This is real. Laura, I am real. It's my job to protect you. Please, come with me. Let me take you to the hospital.

Laura: No! No. I will not leave this room until I find out what I need to know.

Ric: Well, you can't honestly believe that I would hurt you or your baby. †Why'd you think I wanted you transferred out of the ER tonight?

Elizabeth: Frankly, I don't know what to think when it comes to you.

Ric: I knew that Jason was going to go after Sam, and I knew he would probably do anything, including take you hostage, in order to get to her. Do you mind telling me what your excuse is?

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, "my excuse"?

Ric: Why were you looking for Sam?

Elizabeth: I wasn't! The floor nurse sent me in there. Oh, what, you don't believe me? Her name is Joan Clark. Go ask her yourself. I came up here after I took your suggestion of leaving the ER. I didn't know she was in there until I walked in! Oh, what, you think I'm lying?

Ric: I'm sorry, I just think it's a little coincidental, considering your close relationship with Jason.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, you don't believe me? Put me in protective custody.

Ric: Oh, come --

Elizabeth: You're already turned this whole hospital into a police state.

[Phone rings]

Ric: DA Lansing. She's -- she's got a gun? All right, I'll be right down.

Jax: Hold your fire. Carly's just angry, ok? She'd -- she'd never hurt anyone, especially Sonny. Please put the gun down.

Carly: Not until he's dead on the floor.

Jax: Please?

Sonny: Give me the gun.

Carly: I'm warning you, you better stay away from me.

Sonny: Why you doing this?

Carly: You know I'll do it, don't you? I will blow your head off your shoulders.

Officer: Easy there, Carly. Nobody has to get hurt.

Carly: He does.

Det. Williams: Hey --

Officer: Drop the gun and put your hands behind your head.

Carly: You may take me in, but not until I put a bullet through his heart. I have nothing to lose, Sonny, not since you've cost me the man I love.

Jax: That's not true, Carly, I'm right here. Please, don't do anything to hurt yourself.

Sonny: Ok, you got -- you have children. You don't want to -- you don't want to do this.

Carly: You just better stay away.

Sonny: What about our boys? I'm telling you --

Carly: You better stay away!

Ric: She's faking, you idiot. She's setting up a diversion for Morgan. You fell for it!

Nikolas: Next week?

Lucky: That seems kind of soon.

Nikolas: Well, "kind of soon"?

Lulu: Well, it's -- it's their 25th anniversary, and mom's supposed to be this big romantic, so it makes sense that they would get remarried on the day that appeals to her. They're in love, it's --

Nikolas: Hold on -- hold on. Let's -- let's just play word association here for a moment. I'll throw out a name, and then you answer with the first thing that comes to mind. Tracy.

Lulu: Current wife.

Lucky: Bigamy.

Nikolas: Exactly. Does that seem a little extreme to anyone other than me?

Lulu: Maybe dad talked to Tracy and got a quickie divorce.

Nikolas: Or he just assumes that we' stand by and condone it, all in the name of trying to keep something from our mother that might upset her. She's -- she was sick. She's not an emotional cripple.

Lulu: You have a point.

Nikolas: And has Luke -- has he even -- has he even hinted to when or even if he's going to start easing her into the truth?

Lucky: No. But he can't put it off forever. Sooner or later, mom's going to have to know everything.

Lulu: Maybe we should try and sit down and reason with him again.

Nikolas: And while we're on the subject, does anyone think it's suspicious that Luke appointed himself disseminator of information between us and mom's doctors?

Lucky: Ok, so you don't think he's telling us everything?

Nikolas: Yeah, I -- I think that's a possibility, yes. Look, I'm -- I'm going to go find Robin. I mean, for me, for myself, I need confirmation that lying to mom about what a wonderful world we live in is the right thing to do.

Lucky: Yeah. I know what's going on in that little mind of yours.

Lulu: Oh, do you?

Lucky: You want to tell mom about the abortion.

Laura: It's time for me to know the truth about everything, and I need to hear it from you, right here and right now. So you start with how Rick died.

Luke: I can't do this again.

Laura: "Again"? I -- I don't understand.

Luke: Laura -- please, we just need a doctor before we get into this, to help us.

Laura: No! Please, why won't you just tell me this? Don't you understand? I lost four years of my life. I -- I need to know why!

Luke: Because of me! It was because of me. I forced you to confront things that you weren't ready to handle. I was arrogant and I was stupid. I thought that I knew better than the doctors, I thought I could handle it. I thought that I could take care of you -- me and my big, powerful love. I can't -- I can't do this again. I can't risk it. You need professional guidance. I'm not equipped. You need a doctor.

Laura: No. I need you. That's all I've ever needed, is you.

Man: So we move forward?

Lorenzo: Tonight, while the planets are aligned. Morgan's on the run, Lansing is hot on his heels, and Corinthos and his entire organization are ripe for the taking. And you know what? We're going to oblige him and take it. Confiscate his shipments.

Man: You want a heads-up once we're all clear?

Lorenzo: No, don't bother. I think by the time you and your men are raiding his cargo, I will be working on an airtight alibi.

Skye: So are we on time--

Det. Williams: Oh.

Det. Rodriguez: A high-tech kid's water pistol.

Ric: It's cute.

Sonny: Where's Sam, Ric?

Carly: Yeah, is she even alive?

Ric: Now, understand something -- if your little stunt that you just pulled here compromises my case, I'm going to make sure you're all convicted of obstruction of justice.

Carly: No, leave Sonny and Jax out of this. They had no idea I was faking it.

Jax: No, don't listen to her.

Sonny: We're all in it together, Ric. I don't know what you're talking about.

Ric: Keep these three clowns in a cubicle; question them one at a time.

Sonny: Oh, boy.

Ric: If any of them moves, shoot them.

Det. Rodriguez: What about Room 309?

Ric: I'll take care of it myself.

Sonny: Come on.

Det. Rodriguez: Let's go.

Carly: Ha-ha!

Det. Rodriguez: Don't try anything; you heard the DA. There'll be a man stationed right outside your door to make sure you stay here.

Carly: Yes, sir. It worked, ok, it worked. We bought Jason enough time to rescue Sam.

Jax: What the hell were you thinking?

Elizabeth: Thank God you're ok. Ric has Sam hid in Room 309. Don't listen to the news reports. The bullet barely grazed her.

Jason: Ok.

Elizabeth: She's sedated; she came out of it long enough to tell me to warn you against a trap.

Jason: The undercovers were in ER, ok? This place is crawling with them. I need to get Sam out of here fast and I'm going to need your help.

Carly: Oh -- ok, look, when I heard Sam was arrested, I knew Jason would go after her, and I knew he'd need a diversion. So I came to the hospital and I spotted him coming in and I knew the cops would spot him coming in, so I had to act fast!

Jax: Going after Jason isn't the issue. Pulling a gun in front of those cops -- it's crazy.

Carly: It was a water gun, Jax!

Jax: Well, nobody knew that, Carly! Nobody knew that, ok? You started waving that thing around under the noses of cops wanting to shoot an armed fugitive, ok? It was a stupid thing to do. It could've ended in tragedy.

Sonny: Are you listening? Because for once, Jax is right. You're not the lone ranger. You got two little boys who don't deserve to lose their mother because she did something stupid and dangerous.

Carly: You know, I can't believe you, of all people, are making that comment with a straight face. And if you two were so concerned about me getting shot, why didn't you stop me? Instead, you both played along, and I'll tell you why -- because you knew it was a good plan and you knew it would help Jason.

Det. Rodriguez: Mr. Jacks, we're ready to question you now.

Jax: Try to stay out of trouble.

Sonny: Ok, you know what?

Carly: What?

Sonny: I don't -- Jax is not going to be able to handle this. Do yourself a favor -- don't marry him.

Elizabeth: Ok. I'm going to get you out of here, but I need you to stay quiet, ok?

Sam: Ok. Where's Jason? Is he ok?

Elizabeth: Jason is fine. You're going to see him soon.

Epiphany: Oh! Oh, holy mother of God, he's got a gun.

Jason: I don't want to hurt you, so just stay quiet.

Epiphany: Ok.

Jason: I want you to stay quiet.

Epiphany: Ok! Ok.

Jason: Let's go, let's go. Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Officer: Release the hostage!

Jason: Back off, back off.

Epiphany: Ease up, officers!

Jason: Back off, ok?

Epiphany: Don't make him shoot me.

Jason: Just back away.

Epiphany: Ok.

Jason: I don't want to hurt her.

Epiphany: Ok.

Officer: I'm warning you --

Jason: Back away.

Officer: Let her go.

Epiphany: Ok -- ok. Whew.

Jason: You did a great job, they bought it. Thank you.

Epiphany: Of course they did. Now, you practically cracked my rib with that gun. So just so you know, on the way out of here, ease up on that gun, or I'll turn around and slap you in the head.

Elizabeth: Ok, that's our cue. Jason must be out of here. Listen to me. It's very important that you keep quiet, do you understand? Ok, here we go.

Nikolas: Elizabeth? Hey, what -- what are you doing?

Laura: I've never met these doctors that you hold in such high esteem. They're strangers to me. And I don't trust them. But I do trust you. Even though I know that you've been hiding things from me lately, I have faith in you. I -- I know that you've been doing it to protect me. What I'm asking for is for you to have a little bit of faith in me right now. And -- and just believe that I can handle what I'm asking you to tell me.

Luke: But you couldn't handle it before, sweetheart. That's why --

Laura: I know, I know I couldnít. I couldn't handle the truth then, but I can now.

Luke: You don't know that.

Laura: I do. I know it. But you donít. Oh, Luke. Please, tell me.

Laura: I must just be some sort of a pathetic shell of what I used to be.

Luke: I would never think that.

Luke: Ok. Ok. I'll tell you what you want to know. I'll help you remember.

Carly: You know what you can do with your so-called advice, right?

Sonny: Hmm.

Carly: You're just jumping at another opportunity to undermine my relationship with Jax, and I'm not having it. And just so we're clear, everything I said to you when that gun was pointed in your face wasn't just for show. You need to butt out of my private life.

Sonny: I'm just putting into words what we both saw. On his best day, Jax cannot handle you.

Carly: And you can?

Sonny: A lot better than he can, but I'm not saying -- hey, look, I'm not saying that Jax is wrong. I'm as irritated with you right now as Jax is. You know, putting yourself in between Jason and a couple of trigger-happy cops is reckless, but you know what? It's not my -- my problem anymore, it's Jaxís. But from what I witnessed, he can't handle it. And you know what? You are going to drive him crazy a little more every day. As a matter of fact, it's already started. Keeping fugitives in the hotel, pulling out toy guns, getting yourself arrested, shot, and for what? For Jason, the man that Jax can't stand? You go off halfcocked without warning; you put yourself on the line -- and sometimes for reasons only known to you. It's not fair to any man who's thinking of marrying you. And whether you want to admit it or not, you know I'm right.

Nikolas: Oh, I guess you haven't heard -- they spotted Jason on this floor.

Elizabeth: Oh, really? No, I -- I didn't know. What are you doing here?

Nikolas: Well, I was here looking for Robin, and the police told me to leave. They said they want everybody out of here.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Nikolas: So that means you, too.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I know. I'm just going to take this patient to oncology, and then I'll meet you in the lobby.

Nikolas: Ok.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Ric: Oh, damn it, she's gone.

Nikolas: Ahem.

Ric: Did you see Sam leave here or -- or anyone else?

Nikolas: No, no, I havenít.

Jason: You ready?

Epiphany: One day soon, we're going to sit down and discuss my son's future -- away from your organization. Please help me! I'm not ready to die! Oh, no! Ok -- all right, don't -- I'm not ready to die! Oh, lord, don't let him take me before my time!

Officer: Stay sharp, Morganís coming.

Epiphany: Somebody help me. Somebody help me --

[Epiphany screams]

Epiphany: Oh! Oh! I can't breathe!

Luke: You need to understand that remembering these things is what shut your mind down.

Laura: I know. But I don't want to live in fear of myself -- or of my past. I want to move on. So, please, help me to me on. Please, Luke, tell me, why would I kill the man who raised me?

Luke: I love you.

Laura: I love you.

Luke: When you were a teenager, you came into this attic, and you found Rick here having sex with one of his nurses. The woman had a screw loose. She attacked Rick, and then she turned on you. To defend yourself, you grabbed the nearest object -- a camera. You accidentally killed her. Rick and Scott Baldwin tried to cover up the accident and Rick gave you a drug to make you forget. Then four years ago, when Rick came to town to give you away at the wedding -- I don't know. Maybe it was because you hadn't seen him in so many years and because you were here, in the attic, searching for your old wedding dress -- he tried to make you forget again.

Laura: I remember. It was the night before our wedding, right?

Luke: Yes.

Laura: It was raining, and I came up to the attic, and he followed me.

Rick: Laura, what are you doing here in the attic again?

Laura: He wanted to hurt me. No, no, donít. You stay away from me. Don't you try to drug me. You can't make me forget this time by drugging me. He -- with a needle, he -- ah, I was so afraid. Oh. I -- I backed away from him. And -- and then what? What?

Luke: You thought you were defending yourself. You picked up a candlestick.

Rick: Please, no.

Laura: And I killed him.

Lorenzo: This is perfect -- spending the evening with the two most important women in my life.

Skye: Oh -- dinner's not bad, either. And one of your good qualities, you make a great host.

Lorenzo: Hmm.

Skye: We keeping you from something?

[Lila Rae fusses]

Lorenzo: Didn't you say Lila Rae was due for her bottle about now?

Skye: Oh. You know, she just ate. Let me see what's the matter.


Skye: Oh. I think she needs a little burping. Come here, sweetie. Maybe -- uh -- you would like to do the honors, hmm?

Lorenzo: Well, I would love to, but I'm more than a novice at this. I've never burped a baby in my life.

Skye: You might as well start now. Here.

Lorenzo: I -- I don't want to do anything wrong.

Skye: Oh, don't be silly. It's the most natural thing in the world. You just hold her like that --

Lorenzo: Oh, yeah --

Skye: Put her against your chest.

Lorenzo: Shh, shh, shh.

Skye: Yeah? And then you just pat her on the back just like that.

Lorenzo: Good girl.

[Lila Rae burps]

Lorenzo: Oh -- you're right, it does seem very natural.

Skye: Yeah, you're doing great.

Lorenzo: Oh, look at her. Picking up new skills must be a family trait.

Skye: Hmm.

Lorenzo: Makes me think that Lila Rae is going to be breaking wild horses with me by the age of 10.

Skye: Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Lorenzo: What? I want her to learn things that boys learn.

Skye: You misunderstood me. Lila will be breaking wild horses by the age of 8. By the age of 10, she'll be bucking for a real challenge.

Lorenzo: Oh. Well, then, what do you think about spearfishing?

Skye: Are you kidding me? What do you think we're doing next spring? Oh, baby. Your daddy wants to treat you like a china doll, but we' not going to let him do that, are we? Uh-uh-uh. No, sweetheart. No.

Jax: They're ready for you.

Sonny: Ok.

Carly: So, do you agree with him? Do you think I'm unfair to you?

Jax: I think you're impetuous. It's like -- it's like this -- this switch flips, and then you lose all sense of reason, and -- and then you proceed with -- with reckless disregard.

Carly: I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry, and I didn't mean to make you worry. But I had --

Jax: Just let me finish, ok? What you did was -- was crazy, ok? But it also represents everything that I love about you. That you would go so far, that you would risk everything for somebody that you love -- that's very rare. And I know that if I were ever the target of a manhunt, you would have my back the same way.

Carly: I would -- both water guns a-blazing.

TV announcer: According to sources in the police department, Jason Morgan was heading out of town. DA Lansing refused to comment for this story.

Sam: I have to go. I've got to find Jason.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no. Do you want to ruin everything? First of all, you're in no condition to catch up or keep up with Jason, and second, he's leading the cops away from you.

Sam: Ok, where do you fit in?

Elizabeth: What?

Sam: "What?" You're pregnant. Why are you putting yourself and -- and your unborn child in the middle of a dangerous situation to help me? Right. Ok, right. I mean, this really isn't for me at all, is it? You're putting yourself on the line for Jason, but I don't understand why you always do that.

Luke: It was an accident. You misinterpreted because you were afraid and confused. You tried to defend yourself because you thought he was trying to hurt you. Laura, are you listening? Rick was trying to administer a drug that you didn't want. You didn't understand. But it wasn't murder. I need you to understand that.

Laura: Were you with me when I killed him?

Luke: No. When I got here, he was already dead; the candlestick was near him. You were so fragile. I thought if I could get you away from here, we could -- we could deal with the trauma, you and I. If I had insisted that you get professional care at that moment, everything might've turned out differently. But I didnít. It was an accident, Laura, an accident. Baby? Are you still with me?

Laura: Yes. I'm all right. I am. Thank you.

Jax: Oh, no, no. Come on, come on, leave it alone.

Carly: Possession is 9/10 of the law. Right now, the law has my possession. I'd like my son's water gun back, please.

Officer: Sorry, that's evidence.

Carly: Not anymore. Our lawyers had the charges dropped, and you now have my 4-year-old's favorite current toy. I'd like it back.

Det. Rodriguez: Trust me, you want this to be over.

Carly: Thank you.

Det. Rodriguez: Try to keep your girlfriend out of trouble, will you? Life's way too short.

Jax: Ok.

Carly: Is that what you want to do? You want to keep me out of trouble?

Jax: No.

[Carly laughs]

Jax: That's not exactly what I had in mind.

Skye: Look at her -- knocked out.

Lorenzo: So my first burping was a success?

Skye: Only the best first burping in the history of fatherhood.

Lorenzo: Well, flattery will get you whatever you want. What the hell? What do you think you're doing?

Sonny: There's no need to be frightened. I'm not here to hurt you, your baby, or even your boyfriend. It's just that Alcazar made an unfortunate alliance with my brother against my people, and now I'm forced to intervene. You guys go ahead and see what you got in here. I got to tell you something -- can you guys take -- hey!

Lorenzo: You just made your last mistake, Corinthos.

Elizabeth: I wouldn't exactly call wheeling you out of the hospital and driving you here a dangerous mission.

Sam: You broke the law. I don't know you very well, but from what I've been able to gather, that doesn't come easily to you -- unless, of course, it's for Jason.

Elizabeth: Why don't you ask Epiphany why she let him take her hostage at gunpoint? I don't know -- people just like him -- in spite of what he does for a living. Because he's a good person and he's put everything on the line for you, and some of us are willing to help him. It's as simple as that.

Sam: Oh, I was so worried. I'm really glad you're here.

Ric: What's the range on this?

Officer: It's satellite tech -- we can find them anywhere. Did you place the tracking device on the right witness?

Ric: Yeah, no question about it. She'll lead us right to them.

Officer: Got it.

Ric: Where's it at?

Officer: 1138 Walcott Avenue.

Ric: Ok, that's just a few miles from here. Go get us some backup. Good work, Elizabeth.

Lucky: Did you find Robin?

Nikolas: No. I left her a message on her voicemail. Ok, if -- if Lukeís plan is flawed, I think -- I hope -- that Robin will be honest about it. What?

Lucky: Lulu and I decided to give our father the benefit of the doubt a little while longer.

Lulu: We've -- we've only had mom around for a few days. She's been staring at a wall for four years, missing out on life, and now she's happy and she feels loved and safe, and she's going to marry the man that she loves.

Nikolas: Well, she's missing a bigger piece of the puzzle -- the man that she "loves" inconveniently happens to be married to someone else.

Lucky: And it's on dad to handle that, not us.

Lulu: I -- I just think that we would be doing more harm than good if we go blundering into a situation that we don't really understand. Dad loves mom. He's obviously not going to do anything that would hurt her.

Nikolas: He -- he did before, though.

Lucky: Which is why he will be careful not to do it again.

Lulu: Ok, look, Lucky and I are going to be at the wedding on Thursday and -- and, you know, if you don't feel the same way, I understand.

Nikolas: No, no, no. Look, listen, I -- I don't like it, I think Lukeís been dead wrong from -- from page one. But for now, anyway, I can set aside my doubts. I'm in, I'll be there.

Lulu: Oh, thank you, Nikolas. You're awesome. Oh.

Lucky: What -- ahem. What am I, chopped liver?

Lulu: Ooh, ok.

[Lucky laughs]

Nikolas: Let's -- uh -- let's go take a walk. This part gives me the creeps.

Lulu: Ok.

Helena: So that's it, then? You'll have to arrange my escape by the 16th. Huh. Oh, that is one wedding I wouldn't dream of missing.

Laura: I can remember it all now. Rick with that woman all those years ago? I can see it all clearly now.

Luke: It was an accident.

Laura: I know.

Luke: Do you?

Laura: Yes. I wish to God that it had never happened. But I paid dearly for what I did. I lost four years of my life forever. I think that even Rick would say that that was enough.

Luke: I'm sure he would.

Laura: There's one more thing I need.

Luke: Anything.

Laura: I need you to put down your guilt. I can hear it in your voice, and I can see it in your eyes when you look at me. We were all victims of a terrible chain of events. But that's behind us now, hmm? I'm whole again. I'm back with my family. And wherever that place is that I -- I go, I -- I won't go back there again. What matters now is where we go from here -- hmm? -- From this day forward.

Luke: From this day forward.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Luke: Nobody knows what's really going to happen.

Robin: At least warn Laura.

Laura: You all tried to keep the truth from me. Be honest with me.

Sonny: Do you really want to do this in front of your daughter?

Jason: Hold on -- Ricís already on his way.

Ric: Don't harm Elizabeth.

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