GH Transcript Thursday 11/9/06

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 11/9/06


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[Laura laughs]

Luke: How you feeling, angel?

Laura: Oh. I think I'm a little overwhelmed. I don't know. Sometimeit feels like it's only yesterday, and then other times I feel like I've missed a lifetime.

Luke: Yeah. Well, if you'd slow down a little bit, take this a step at a time, you might not be so overwhelmed.

Laura: Hmm. Well, getting married again feels like a step in the right direction.

Luke: Yeah, doesn't it?

Laura: Yeah.

Luke: Let's set a date.

Laura: November 16. And don't you dare ask why.

Carly: Look at these flowers -- they're hideous. I did not pick these out.

Jax: Actually, you did -- you did pick those out.

Carly: I have better taste than this. What was I thinking?

Jax: They're not all that bad.

Carly: "Not all that bad"? I don't want to settle for "not all that bad" with our wedding, and I don't want to start off our marriage like that!

Jax: Ok, then, you know, let's -- let's find "spectacular" and we'll go with that.

Carly: Something's going on. Something's going on. I can smell sabotage, and I bet you it's sonny. And you know what? You know what's worse? If it's not sonny, it means our wedding is jinxed. Do you know I have to start over, from the mints to the table linens? Do you know that?

Jax: You know what? Why don't we -- why don't we just save you the trouble, and accept the fact that we're not going to get married on november 16?

Alexis: You actually may have managed to derail jax and carly's wedding.

Sonny: Thank you.

Alexis: What impresses me most is the subtlety. The great and powerful sonny corinthos usually uses bold moves, but this was very subtle. Instead of seducing carly away from jax, you managed to plant tiny little seeds of doubt in her brain. That was very clever.

Sonny: Carly thinks that jason is her good-luck charm. And since jason and sam are on the run, he can't be there to give her away, which means she's not going to go through with it, that's all.

Alexis: You realize this is not permanent? You're just delaying the inevitable?

Sonny: Once carly puts off the wedding, who knows what's going to happen? So, in a way, jason kind of did us a favor by taking off.

Alexis: I hate what's happening to jason. I don't think it's fair -- or what's happened to sam. What happened to ric? What happened to him? How did he become this vindictive all of a sudden?

Sonny: You don't know?

Alexis: No, I don't know.

Sonny: Come on, now.

Alexis: I don't know -- maybe I knew it all the time and I just didn't want to see it. But in any case, he seems to be hellbent on dismantling our lives.

Jason: Sam? Sam?

[Phone rings]

[Phone rings]

Ric: Hello?

Officer: Right here.

Ric: All right, I'm pulling into the cemetery parking lot right now. Don't wait for me. Move in and arrest her.

Officer: Freeze! You're under arrest.

Ric: Don't give her the opportunity to run!

Officer: Put your hands behind your head. Freeze! She's down.

Ric: Hold your fire! Where's she hit?

Officer: Chest or shoulder -- it's hard to tell.

Ric: Call an ambulance.

Jason: Sam was ambushed. Ric had the cops waiting at her baby's grave. She tried to run and they shot her. Ok? I want you to find out where they took her. I want every hospital in this city staked out because I need to know how bad sam is hurt.

Officer: It's just a flesh wound. The bullet grazed her arm. We can take care of it at the pcpd infirmary.

Sam: Sorry to disappoint you, ric. I'm not going to die.

Ric: Well, I can see you're already working on your defense. But I wouldn't claim excessive force if I were you. Remember, you did resist arrest, you fired on police officers. The list of charges is growing with every passing minute, not the least of which was interfering with an investigation and assaulting an officer of the court -- that would be me. Could you get the E.M.T.S here, please? I want her at general hospital.

Sam: Hey -- what?

Officer: She's barely got a scratch.

Ric: Well, I want everything done by the book. I'm not taking any chances.

Sam: Oh, come on.

Ric: Go.

Sam: Ric, you are a bastard. The only reason why you're sending me to the hospital is so jason will come there looking for me. What, are you trying to trap him?

Carly: You don't want to marry me anymore?

Jax: Of course I want to marry you. I just want the timing to be right, ok? November 16 obviously isn't it.

Carly: No, it is a perfect day. It's before the holiday rush.

Jax: Why don't you just admit that you want jason to be there? Ok?

Carly: No. I already told you -- whatever problem jason has with you, he has given us his blessing. We are getting married, ok? We're going to get married.

Jax: And, meanwhile, the flowers are not only ugly, but they're jinxed. This is not going to end, carly. What's next, huh -- the food won't be right, the dress will be an abomination, the shoes won't fit, I'll look fat in my suit? When all this is really about is you want to wait for jason to walk you down the aisle.

Carly: That's not true. That's a little over the top don't you think?

Jax: No, no, no, let's just -- let's just agree that -- you know, that you want to wait for jason to be there when he's out of his little mess.

Carly: I can't do that. You don't understand. I cannot postpone this wedding. If I postpone this wedding, that means sonny wins. There's no way in hell I'm going to let that happen.

Jax: Oh, how romantic. I can't think of a more compelling reason to want to love and honor each other than to rub it into your ex-husband's face.

Sonny: You sure about this?

Jason: I had a tap on ric's cell phone, I heard it all. Ric knew this was the anniversary of the baby's death.

Sonny: All right. Um -- yeah, I hadn't realized that.

Jason: I don't even -- I don't even know where they took her.

Sonny: I cannot believe that he ambushed her. Ok, do me a favor. Don't move, I'll be right there.

Alexis: What happened?

Sonny: Ric set a trap for sam, she was shot.

Alexis: How bad is it?

Sonny: We don't know.

Alexis: I'm calling --

sonny: No, you're not calling ric. Don't count on his goodwill. He had sam shot at her daughter's grave.

Luke: That date is stamped so deeply in my memory, it's become part of my D.N.A.

Laura: Good.

Luke: November 16, 1981 -- the day that changed it all.

Laura: Mm-hmm. You were really scared, weren't you?

Luke: I still am sometimes.

Laura: Hmm.

Luke: But you did the impossible. You turned a crusty old cynic into a hopeless romantic. November 16 it shall be. Unless you think maybe we should choose a new date to signify a new beginning?

Laura: No, no. We tried that four years ago and it didn't go very well, remember? I think we should stick with what we know, and november 16 just sort of feels lucky to me.

Luke: Ok, I trust your instincts.

Laura: Hmm. And if it were up to me, I'd marry you again tomorrow. But under the circumstances, I think that would be pretty short notice for everybody. And I feel a little bit like fate is handing us a gift to remind us of where we began, you know? And after everything that's happened -- then and now -- I just want to tell you again that I love you -- in the same spot and on the same date.

Luke: I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but our garden is gone. The city sold the mayor's mansion sometime ago.

Laura: Oh, no. Well, what's there now?

Luke: A sports complex.

Laura: Oh.

Luke: You want to renew vows on a basketball court?

Laura: No.

[Luke laughs]

Laura: Oh, I know. What about lila quartermaine? I'm sure she'd let us use her beautiful garden.

Luke: Sweetheart -- wow. Lila is --

laura: Oh -- oh, no. Oh, sweet, sweet lila. What a fabulous woman.

Luke: Wasn't she?

Laura: Oh, yes.

Luke: What a dear -- dear, sweet thing, but she died peacefully in her sleep.

Laura: And that's the way it should be. Well, I really should go visit edward and pay my respects.

Luke: Well, there's plenty of time for that. Right now we have nuptials to plan. November 16 is not far away. I'll find a garden. You will have your garden, angel. And I will marry you november 16, and every november 16 for the rest of my life.

Laura: Oh. There's so much to do in such a short amount of time. If -- if I let myself think about it, I might be paralyzed with fear.

Luke: Oh, come on. We've fried bigger fish.

Laura: Oh, that's true, I suppose, isn't it? What's a little wedding ceremony, comped to outwitting frank smith and solving the mystery of the left-handed boy? Or parachuting into the river rapids?

Luke: Yeah, ok, enough staggering down memory lane. We have things to do. We got to keep our eye on the prize.

Laura: Right. Oh, I can't wait to see what our future is going to loo like.

Lulu: Hi, mom.

Laura: Hi.

Lulu: Hi, dad. Wow. You don't know how long I've been wanting to say that.

Laura: Oh, honey, come here. Give me a hug.

Lulu: Hey.

Laura: Hi, honey. Are you sure you're not angry with me?

Lulu: Angry -- what? Why would you even think that?

Laura: Well, because I think I would be pretty angry if my mother wasn't around when I really needed her.

Lulu: But, mom, you didn't do that on purpose, and you're here now.

Laura: Oh, thank you, sweetie. It's just that you had to go through so many big things on your own -- like your first crush and your first heartbreak and -- well, other than that invisible elvis guy.

Lulu: Huh.

Laura: Hmm.

Lulu: Um -- I was too busy being rebellious to work up a good crush.

Laura: I see.

Lulu: Hmm.

Laura: Well, you have grown into a beautiful, beautiful young woman, and I missed out on it -- all because of some stupid accident.

Luke: Hey -- you got anything planned on the 16th, cancel it.

Lulu: Why?

Laura: We're having a wedding.

Lulu: On the 16th of november?

Laura: Yes.

Luke: Yep.

Lulu: Wow.

Laura: And I could really use some help pulling together some of the details from my maid of honor. What do you say?

Lulu: Oh, my gosh, yes! I can't wait.

Laura: Ok, good. Because we've got an awful lot to do in a very short amount of time and it's got to be perfect, because we're only going to do this one more time.

Carly: Listen to me, I can see right through sonny. When he couldn't talk me out of marrying you, he tried manipulating me by using jason. Now, if I give in and I wait for jason to be at our wedding, sonny will know that it worked. He will start pressuring jason to come in between us. Of course, jason will refuse, but then he will feel bad because he's disappointed sonny. I will never do that to my best friend. So the best thing I can do for evyone involved is to marry you on the 16th. That way, jason will be off the hook.

Jax: I have -- I have no idea what you're talking about. But if it works for you, and it'll get us married, then I'm there. I'm -- I'm there.

[Phone rings]

Jax: This is jax.

Alexis: It's me.

Jax: What's wrong?

Alexis: I'm sorry, I didn't know who else to call. Sam was shot.

Sam: You're not going to use me to trap jason.

Ric: Ms. Mccall, we've read you your rights. The best thing you can do is try to remain calm.

Sam: I know what you're doing and it's not going to work, ric.

Ric: Paranoid delusions.

Sam: Ric --

ric: Oh --

sam: Bastard!

Ric: Could you give her a sedative, please?

Paramedic: She's not badly hurt.

Sam: Don't touch me.

Ric: Well, I -- I know --

sam: Don't touch me.

Ric: Now, but she may lose control and make things worse. She might try to escape.

Sam: No, you're the one who's losing control, ric. You're not even the D.A. You do realize that, right? You stole the job from a woman who has cancer --

ric: Like I said, paranoid delusions. Could we get to the hospital, please?

Sam: "Paranoid"? You are a pig, you know that? He is a pig. He wants my boyfriend de-- no, don't do that, please? No, don't do it.

Jason: Bernie has every man and woman on our payroll covering the hospitals. So far, there's no word.

Sonny: Well, that's a good sign. Hey, if sam were badly hurt, they'd have her at the emergency room. We just got to wait for --

jason: No, you know what? I got to go.

Sonny: That's what ric expects. I guarantee the cops are going to be looking for you. Is that what you want?

Jason: I don't care what they want! I need to get to sam!

Jason: It's -- it's only been a few months since sam was shot and almost died. I have to find her.

Sonny: You're not going to get near her, jason. And ric's going to have you arrested, or worse. Unless you want to go up against the entire police force. Is that what you want? You know they got orders, shoot to kill.

Jason: I can get around them, ok?

Sonny: No -- hate him or not, he's not stupid. He knows how to push your buttons. He got you to beat him within an inch of his life. He trapped sam twice, including tonight when she went to the grave.

Jason: Go on. What?

Sonny: Well, we got to turn this around. Otherwise, ric will win, and you and sam are going to end up in prison or dead.

Elizabeth: Cubicle one.

Patrick: What's going on?

Epiphany: Another boring emergency. Sorry to call you from the supply closet.

Robin: It's ok. I'll take this one. What happened to sam?

Paramedic: She has a superficial gunshot wound to the left tricep. We gave her two milligrams of morphine.

Robin: Ok, thank you. Well, it's nothing two stitches can't take care of. Why is she sedated?

Ric: It's for her own good. Sam was agitated.

Robin: Get this cleaned up and I'll have it sutured. Then the D.A. Can take ms. Mccall downtown.

Ric: No, ms. Mccall is staying here, doctor. It's a police matter. Just do as I tell you.

Alexis: Sonny was here when he got the call.

Carly: From who?

Alexis: I don't know. He hung up and he told me that sam was shot by the police. I called the department and they confirmed it. But they told me they didn't know anything else other than that she was here.

Jax: I'll see what I can find out.

Alexis: No, I want you to take me down down to the E.R. So that I can see her.

Jax: No, no, alexis, the last time you got out of bed, you collapsed, ok? So just -- just stay here and I'll see what I can find out.

Alexis: She is my daughter.

Carly: Use your head, ok? This is ric trying to set up jason. Why give him a two-for-one and walk right into his trap?

Lulu: Professor marquez, I'm sorry, but I can't see the play with you. No, I didn't chicken out. It's just that the 16th happens to be the day that my parents are getting married -- remarried. You know what? It's -- it's actually a really long story. And frankly, it's none of your business, so find yourself another date.

Luke: Classmate?

Lulu: Huh. English professor.

Luke: You had a date with your english professor?

Lulu: No. No, not a "date" date. Just sort of plans. He just kind of ma me his special project after he read a paper that I wrote about -- you know what? It doesn't even matter what I wrote about. He just wanted me to see a play that had the same theme.

Luke: Oh. What's the play?

Lulu: "A streetcar named desire."

Luke: Ah.

[Southern accent] "I have always relied on the kindness of strangers."

[Normal voice] Blanche dubois.

Lulu: Hmm. You know it?

Luke: Sure I know it. It's a classic. Tennessee williams.

Lulu: Was -- was she as nutty as she sounded, this blanche person?

Luke: Blanche dubois.

Lulu: Yes.

Luke: She was a throwback to another time, to a kinder, more genteel society. And people didn't understand her. And she couldn't adjust to the changes in the world.

Lulu: I bet the men with white coats came and dragged her off in the end, right? Yeah, well, actually, at least she didn't drown herself, like ophelia did.

Luke: I take it this paper was about -- madness?

Lulu: I don't even know why I thought to write about it. It's just -- once I started, the words kind of poured out of me. I guess I had thought about it more than I had realized. And I'm not even angry with professor marquez, I'm just angry with myself that I am sharing so much information with strangers that's so personal.

Luke: I'm not a stranger.

Lulu: No, but you have enough to deal with.

Luke: Why don't you let me be the judge of that?

Lulu: I lie awake at night, and I have these thoughts. And they just get bigger and scarier. And I start thinking, am I going to know when it happens to me? Am I even going to have a clue? And -- and then it becomes this obsession, and I think it's already starting. I'm going to end up crazy like mom. I feel these tingling sensations

carly: If you drag yourself down to the E.R. Right now, you may not live long enough to help sam. What a gift for ric --e gets molly. And what good is it going to do for sam to see you, except to be reminded that you think that she's a pathetic slut?

Jax: Carly --

carly: No. I don't think it's a great time for alexis to ease her guilty conscious.

Jax: There's a big difference between being honest and downright cruel.

Carly: Ok, I'm going to be honest with you. My best friend in the whole world is on the run right now because she had to meddle in sam's life.

Alexis: You might have done the same for one of your children.

Carly: Well, I wouldn't have trusted ric, for starters. Look, I have so much sympathy for what you're going through. I am sorry for you, I am sorry for your family. And I know you're going to beat this. But when you beat this, you are still going to be the same neurotic and self-centered woman you've always been, because unfortunately, there is no cure for that.

Jax: Alexis --

alexis: You don't have to make excuses for her. Partly because she's right.

Doctor: The patient in cubicle a is waiting for this.

Epiphany: That's cubicle one. If I wanted to be an actress, I would have signed up for drama.

Doctor: Hey, watch the attitude.

Epiphany: I talk to all the doctors like this. Here's your sugar water. Now quit wasting my time.

Ric: Listen to me. Listen to me. I know who you are. And I know who your son works for. I'm watching you very closely, epiphany. So lose the attitude and just make this look good.

Epiphany: Now, you listen to me, mr. D.A. We're in a hospital. There are actual sick people who do not need my time taken up by your personal agenda.

Ric: Ok, if anybody asks, this is sam mccall, one of those patients that you are so wried about. So hook up detective williams to the leads and patches and get out of my face. If everything goes well, and everybody plays their part, jason morgan won't know what hit him.

Jason: Well, just let me know if you hear anything, please.

Sonny: It's on.

Tv newscaster: We have an update on the search for fugitive samantha mccall. According to the port charles police department, mccall was shot today while resisting arrest. Sources tell us that she was taken to general hospital in critical condition. We'll bring you --

sonny: You don't think ric knows you're watching the updates? He wants you so panicked, you can't think straight. Don't give him what he wants. You need to assume that sam will live. I'll call a lawyer, we'll get all the charges dropped.

Jason: Ric is not going to let it happen that easy, sonny. You know --

sonny: The only way to beat ric is not to play his game.

Ric: Elizabeth -- elizabeth -- listen, I know you don't want to be involved in this. I understand. I don't blame you. I know jason is your friend. I'm just trying to look out for you and your baby. Maybe you want to be assigned to a different floor tonight.

Patrick: There's something off about this sting operation.

Robin: Yeah. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Patrick: Why don't you call mac and see what's going on?

Robin: Why don't you call your dad and ask him for advice on your next surgery?

Patrick: It's not at all the same thing.

Robin: Listen, it's not a door that I want to open. If there's something that I need to know, he'll call me and tell me.

Patrick: So you think sam's guilty?

Robin: I don't know. I've seen a woman do a lot worse than steal evidence for the man she loves.

Patrick: Really?

Robin: Really. When you're in love, logic and reason go right out the window.

Patrick: Oh.

Robin: Oh, what's that look for?

Patrick: Just wondering how far you're willing to push the envelope for me.

Robin: Tell a man you love him, and immediately he wants to test you.

Luke: Lesley lu, what happened to your mother isn't contagious. And it isn't hereditary. You don't have a ticking time bomb inside you. What happened to your mother was an event that her mind couldn't handle. So it just shut down. Under similar circumstances, the same thing could happen to almost anybody, I'm sure. But it has nothing to do with genetics.

Lulu: That's not true.

Luke: Who told you that?

Lulu: Dad, I have done my research on the internet.

Luke: The internet? Oh, lord, the internet -- I've been all over the world talking to doctors, specialists. You just -- the chances of this happening to you are so small, so minuscule, it's not even worth worrying about. Come on, you've got to concentrate on your mom now. She's vulnerable. Which is why I'm so protective of her. And why I don't want her dwelling on the past.

Lulu: Yes. Yeah, because if she remembers, it could send her back to where she was. And then we would lose her all over again.

Luke: Right.

Lulu: Ok.

Luke: So just be aware of that, and be careful.

Lulu: I can't even imagine what you're going through.

Luke: You know, every time I see her face when she looks at you or your brother or -- or nikolas, I know that no matter what happens, I did the right thing. Enjoy her. She's back. This is what you wanted. And stop worrying about that. We've got important and positive things to obsess about. We got a wedding to plan. So come on.

Lulu: Ok. It's going to be great.

Luke: It is. It's going to be great.

Lulu: Bye, daddy.

Luke: Bye, sweetheart.

[Luke sighs]

Laur there you are. I was just talking to my mom, and I think my first assignment is going to be to find a dress. And you have to find a suit, and you have to find a new garden.

Luke: Are you sure you're ready to jump into this like this?

Laura: Yeah, yeah, sure. Absolutely. I mean, I've planned two weddings to you already, and the third one's going to be a charm.

Luke: Ok.

Laura: So -- you just have to hold up your end of the bargain.

Luke: Which is?

Laura: Loving me as long as we both shall live.

Luke: I think I can manage that.

Laura: Go find me a garden.

Luke: Ok.

Laura: Forget something?

Luke: Yeah. I forgot how wonderful it is to see you standing here in your own house.

Laura: As long as we both shall live.

Laura's voice: I won't let you hurt me again.

Rick's voice: I have never tried to hurt you.

Alexis: A lot of what she said is true. I did meddle in her life. I did meddle in sam's life. I tried to control her, and -- and force her to make choices that I would have made, not that she would have made. And I was naive enough to apparently trust my husband. I mean, who knew? So you see, I did set the chain of events in motion. And now my daughter is in the E.R., And I -- I'm too dizzy to get out of bed to help her!

Jax: You care about sam. And you're willing to take responsibility for your part in this. I admire that.

Alexis: I could have handled things a lot better. Oh, god.

[Alexis sighs]

Jax: You ok?

Alexis: You want a memento? I mean, why do I care? It's just hair. Oh. I'm a disaster.

Jax: You know what? You're allowed to hate the chemo. I hate what it's doing to you, as well. But you don't give up, ok? Get mad, you get well, but don't hate yourself, ok? Don't give up hope.

Alexis: I'll do everything that you say. Just go downstairs and find out if my daughter's ok.

Nurse: Oh, I thought you were on E.R. Duty tonight.

Elizabeth: Change of plans.

Nurse: Good, because I'm shorthanded. We just admitted a new patient to 309. Could you check her patches and leads?

Elizabeth: Sure.

Nurse: Thanks.

Elizabeth: Sam? Sam, are you ok?

Sam: Jason --

elizabeth: Ok, take it easy.

Sam: Jason --

elizabeth: You're in the hospital.

Sam: You're going to have jason's baby.

Sonny: Get away from me.

Ric: Oh.

Officer: I spotted him coming into the E.R.

Ric: I could have predicted this. What are you doing here, sonny?

Sonny: I -- I could ask the same of you.

Ri well, we got sam under police protection while the doctors try to save her life. Of course, you know, there is concern that jason might show up. Did he send you as his representative?

Sonny: Well, jason's a fugitive. If I had any contact with him, I'd be required to notify the police.

Ric: Oh, right, of course. Don't worry, I won't hold my breath.

Sonny: Where's sam?

Ric: No, you're not family.

Sonny: Ok, I'm bringing my lawyers into this, and they will prove that you are abusing the power of your office.

Ric: Are you serious?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm serious.

Ric: A man who has built his entire life on lies and corruption and murder -- ok, you call me -- you call me the one who's abusive of my power? I'm uphoing the law, sonny. Whatever I'm doing here today is protecting the citizens of port charles.

Sonny: No, this isn't about the law, except for as an excuse for you to put a bullet in jason.

Ric: I'm not going to use excessive force, unless it's warranted.

[Phone rings]


Luke: Ahem.

Edward: Oh. I was hoping we had seen the last of you. Congratulations, by the way, on -- on laura's recovery.

Lu: Thank you, edward. I'm here to ask a favor.

Edward: You know, I'm assuming that since laura is back home with her family again, that you and tracy will be ending your unfortunate union.

Luke: That's already been handled.

Edward: What? You and -- you and -- you and tracy are divorced?

Luke: That's why they invented the dominican republic.

Edward: Oh. Oh, god, no wonder tracy has been even more unpleasant than her usual self. And you are no longer my son-in-law. So this calls for a celebration. Why don't you join me in one final scotch before you leave this house forever?

Luke: Actually, not forever.

Edward: What does that mean?

Luke: Laura and I are going to remarry.

Edward: Oh, god, poor foolish woman.

Luke: On november 16, the 25th anniversary of our first wedding.

Edward: Oh, I remember. I remember the day. It was in the garden of the old mayor's mansion.

Luke: Right, which is now a sports complex. So we need another garden. And I'm here to ask if you will loan us yours.

Edward: Lila's rose garden?

Luke: If you'll agree, yes.

Edward: Well, that isn't very nice to tracy. Of course, it wasn't very nice of tracy to inflict you on this family for the past year. And after all, lila and I were very fond of laura. So, all right. You can use the rose garden. In fact, you can use the whole house if you want to. Just celebrate your remarriage to your heart's content. And then never darken my door again.

Luke: Thank you, edward. You have no idea what this means to laura.

[Music box plays]

[Music box plays]

Laura: Oh.

[Laura gasps]

luke: Oh -- hold on. I think my wife has to explain this to you. My ex-wife -- my next wife. Anyway, hang on a second.


Honey -- I'll call you back.


Lesley: Luke, what's wrong?

Luke: Where is she?

Lesley: She said she was going to go for a walk.

Luke: Were you and she talking about her wedding dress earlier?

Lesley: No, why? What?

Luke: I think she must have overheard lulu and I talking. I think she's gone to the attic.

Lesley: Oh, god --

laura: Hmm, hmm. Hmm.

Rick's voice: Laura, what are you doing here in the attic again? Your wedding is tomorrow. And if you keep bringing up these bad memories that are in this attic --

[Laura screams]

Laura: No!

Laura: Oh -- oh --

elizabeth: Sam, do you know where you ar

sam: Room -- it's not -- not a nice room.

Izabeth: Ok, you're in the hospital, and you've been sedated.

Sam: It's a trap. It's a trap. You have to warn jason.

Elizabeth: Ok. Ok, I will. Sam? Sam?

[Elizabeth squeals]

Ric: Shh-shh-shh. You weren't supposed to see that.

Carly: Have you seen sonny corinthos?

Epiphany: I've seen cops, I've seen mobsters. This isn't a hospital, it's a joe pesci movie.

Carly: Could you just page sonny corinthos?

Jax: Hey. I thought you went home.

Carly: Hey. I -- I did. I -- I came back.

Jax: I -- I promised alexis that I'd give her an update on sam's condition.

Carly: Can we not do this now, ok?

Jax: Look, I know I was a little harsh on you, but, you know, you were a little harsh on alexis, as well.

Carly: We can talk about this later, all right?

Jax: I'm not siding against you over alexis, ok? If that's what you're thinking.

Carly: Not now, jax, ok? Not now.

Woman: Ow! My baby's coming now! Oh --

[Woman moans]

Sonny: What are you doing here, carly?

Carly: That's none of your business, sonny.

Sonny: Ok, you t to go home. You -- you need to go home now.

Carly: You son of a bitch. I'm going to make you pay.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "general hospital."

>> On the next "general hospital" --

laura: I killed my stepfather, didn't I?

Officer: Drop the gun.

Carly: I'll drop the gun when this pig is dead.

Sonny: Give me the gun.

Jax: Please put the gun down.

Sonny: She's not going to shoot.

Carly: Yeah, she is!

Sonny: No, she's not.

Jason: Sam --

det. Williams: Mr

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