GH Transcript Monday 10/23/06

General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/23/06


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Skye: Ooh!

Luke: Now is not the time for this.

Skye: Oh! This is definitely real.

Luke: No, you -- there's no way in hell you're going to have this baby here.

Lorenzo: Help her to the couch.

Skye: Oh! We don't have a choice. The baby's coming right now! Ooh!

Lorenzo: Somebody help her to the couch!

Robert: You're going to be fine. You're going to be --

Luke: You know how to do this? You've done it before?

Robert: It happens a million times a day. How difficult can it be? I think --

[Skye screams]

[Luke screams]

Nikolas' voice: You've reached Nikolas Cassadine. Please leave a message and your call will be returned.

Emily: Nikolas, call me when you get this it's about Colleen -- you can't trust her.

Nikolas: Emily --

Colleen: Oh, my darling. We can finally be together.

Kelly: I have something that might help. The results of the paternity test just came back from the lab.

Elizabeth: Did you look?

Kelly: They were sealed before I received them. You are the only one who will know whether Lucky or Jason is the father of your baby.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Kelly: Yeah. I hope it all works out.

Elizabeth: Yeah, me, too.

Mac: Maxie, sweetheart, we need to talk.

Maxie: Dad, really, I don't have time to argue with you about Lucky, ok?

Mac: Wait, that's not why I'm here. I want to see Dr. Lee about your prenatal care.

Maxie: Well, she prescribed me some prenatal vitamins a couple days ago.

Mac: When is your next appointment?

Maxie: Dad, you know what? I'm fine, ok?

Mac: You're not fine; you're pregnant. With your history of heart problems, you need to be checked on a regular basis. Dr. Lee, do you have a minute?

Kelly: Sure. What can I help you with?

Mac: Thank you. Well, I have some concerns about my daughter's pregnancy. Call me overprotective, but Maxie had a heart transplant when she was a child. A few years ago she developed an infection that almost killed her. I'm just worried that this pregnancy could further strain her heart and put her or her child at risk.

Kelly: You have every right to be concerned. Have you set up that appointment that we talked about?

Maxie: I've been busy with school, so --

Kelly: Well, I've got some time before my next appointment. I can do the exam right now and order a complete workup on you and the baby.

Elizabeth: Please, God, let this all work out the way it should.

Woman: I -- I need a doctor. I'm -- I'm having contractions. Can you help me?

Elizabeth: Yeah, yeah, of course I can help you. Come on in. Just calm down.

Woman: The labor started about an hour ago. It's too soon.

Elizabeth: Ok, I'll get you to labor and delivery. Just take some deep breaths.

Woman: Thank you.

Elizabeth: Go right through this door.

Ric: Go ahead. You tell a woman who's fighting for her life that the daughter that she so desperately needs to help her get her through her chemo has slept with her husband.

Sonny: You got a lot to lose here, Ric -- a wife, a child, a career. You're too smart to let this come out.

Ric: You're bluffing.

Alexis: Anyone want to tell me what I just walked in on?

Ric: Nothing that you should be concerned about.

Sonny: This is your last chance, Ric. Fine. Ahem. It's about time you heard what your husband's been up to.

Alexis: I already know what you're going to say. You're going to say that he hates Jason and that he's going to have him arrested for attempted murder. But I highly doubt that the charges will stick, so you don't have to worry.

Ric: The case against Jason is solid. He tried to kill me. You read the police report.

Alexis: I did. Refresh my memory about the alleged assault.

Ric: "Alleged"? What do you mean, alleged? How do you think I got in the hospital?

Alexis: Just tell me, Ric.

Ric: I went to question Jason, routine questioning about mob business. I found him in the garage of his apartment building.

Alexis: Did you have a warrant?

Ric: No. I said it was routine questioning, so there was no --

Alexis: Was there police backup at the time?

Ric: I didn't feel that I was going to need -- he just snapped.

Alexis: Did you have any witnesses?

Ric: I told you all this before! What are you talking about? No, there were no -- there was witnesses. There was me and, of course, Sonny.

Alexis: Ok, what did you see, Sonny?

Sonny: Ric -- he called me, right, to meet him at Jasonís. And I was walking through the garage, and I saw Ric provoke Jason.

Alexis: And how did Jason respond?

Sonny: Like, you know, he was just, like, you know -- right? He was just standing there, like, not doing anything.

Alexis: So there was no attack?

Sonny: Not that I saw.

Alexis: Just to be clear, you did not see Jason assault Ric?

Sonny: No, not to my knowledge.

Ric: Ok, I see. So I did this to myself? That's what you're saying, right?

Sonny: Well, I wouldn't put it past you. He was just probably looking for a fight and he got one and he lost, and now he's blaming Jason because it's convenient.

Ric: Come on.

Sonny: You said yourself you think Jasonís an animal, you want him locked up, and now you're in a position to make it happen.

Alexis: Do you see my point here?

Sonny: Huh. I mean --

Alexis: It's your word against his. You don't have a case. It's not enough to prosecute. Drop the charges.

Kelly: We'll start with new blood work to confirm. I'll do a complete physical and get your prenatal care set up.

Maxie: I've already done most of that.

Kelly: You told me you're pregnant, so I prescribed prenatal vitamins, but you didn't follow up.

Maxie: I was going to.

Mac: That's not good enough.

Kelly: You're a transplant recipient, so you need to be extra careful. All of your prenatal care should already be in place.

[Phone rings]

Mac: Uh -- excuse me. I have to take this. Hello?

Elizabeth: Epiphany, we need a wheelchair. Dr. Lee, she's been having contractions for about an hour.

Woman: My husband thinks it's false labor, but I --

Elizabeth: Ok, careful, the wheelchair's coming.

Epiphany: Where is your husband?

Man: Honey --

Woman: Right here.

Man: I found a parking spot. What did the doctor say?

Kelly: I'm the ob-gyn on call -- Dr. Lee.

Man: Hey, Dr. Lee.

Kelly: I'll do the exam immediately.

Man: Ok. Does the pharmacy have batteries for my television?

Elizabeth: No.

Man: Well, the Cowboys and the Giants are on "Monday Night Football."

Kelly: Your wife may be in labor, and you're worried about "Monday Night Football"?

Woman: Oh, I'm a huge fan, and I think our baby will be, too. Right, honey?

Epiphany: You can get ESPN on that thing?

Woman: Mm-hmm. Clear as a bell.

Epiphany: Well, it's going to be a great game.

Man: All right, I'll catch you later.

Elizabeth: Good luck.

Kelly: Ok, all right.

Lulu: Sorry.

Nikolas: Emily --

Colleen: We could be together, you and I. You aren't like the others who thought I wasn't good enough.

Nikolas: Hmm. Oh, I missed you so much. Stay with me.

Helena: You wretched little tramp. Get away from my grandson.

Patrick: A nurse and an orderly will be in soon to prep you, Mr. Billings. It's your choice if you want the whole Michael Jordan head shave or just a straight-up Mohawk.

Mr. Billings: I don't know -- how talented is the orderly?

Patrick: I hear he's an artist.

[Mr. Billings chuckles]

Mr. Billings: Well, I'll take the Mohawk. When I was a kid, they were all the rage, but my mother wouldn't let me have one.

Patrick: I like your style.

[Mr. Billings chuckles]

Patrick: Anything else, Dr. Scorpio?

Robin: Uh -- yeah. Just to say that you are in very good hands, Mr. Billings. Dr. Drake is famous for his success at this procedure.

Mr. Billings: That's why I came to him.

Patrick: Did he sign the waiver?

Robin: Yes -- you need to read this and sign.

Mr. Billings: Oh. I thought I signed everything when they admitted me.

Robin: This is an additional form. It just explains that Dr. Drake was exposed to A.I.D.S. in the O.R. of course, there is minimal chance --

Mr. Billings: You were exposed to A.I.D.S.?

Patrick: Last July during a surgery.

Mr. Billings: I can't let you operate on me.

Luke: Just hang on, Blaze. You're going to be fine. Just lie down for a few minutes.

Lorenzo: No, no, it's too soon to lie down.

Robert: Wait, who makes you the expert?

Lorenzo: I delivered Morgan Corinthos and a baby to a teenage mother in Kellyís. Skye, you need to stay on your feet for as long as possible. Let gravity put the baby in place.

Robert: Hey, you know what? That makes sense.

Luke: Yeah.

Lorenzo: Luke, walk with her, time her contractions. Robert, you get some water, boil it, clean some towels, and sterilize a knife.

Skye: A knife?

Robert: Hey, now, wait, wait, wait, wait -- we're the rescuers, and you're the prisoner. We call the shots. I think we need a little scotch.

Luke: Absolutely.

Skye: I am a recovering alcoholic!

Luke: Not for you. You don't mind if we have a drink?

Skye: I mind!

Lorenzo: Forget the scotch and focus. Get the preparations in place.

Skye: Ok, well, do what he says! Do it now!

Luke: It doesn't matter what he says. You are not having this baby here. We got to get you to a clinic!

Robert: Uh -- did you forget? We sent Alcazar's men off on a wild-goose chase, and I dismantled all the vehicles.

Lorenzo: Then get outside and fix them.

Luke: Well, we can't do that. I ripped out the wires and threw the batteries in the river.

Skye: And how, may I ask, were you planning on rescuing me?

Robert: Well, we -- we've got a jeep, but we can't have you bouncing over a rough ground in it.

Lorenzo: All right, cut me loose and I'll call for help.

Robert: Uh -- well, my erstwhile companion had me take out the communications, as well.

Luke: Right, and if you hadn't spent all morning getting outfitted in gaucho gear --

Robert: Hey --

Luke: We'd be out of here by now.

Robert: Listen, I did a brilliant job of hiding her, don't forget that.

Luke: Yeah -- that's why Alcazar found her in 10 seconds.

Robert: He only found her because she insisted on calling her family -- something I said don't do.

Skye: Oh, what difference does it make? Lorenzo found me, you found us, and now I'm having a baby!

Luke: You're not having it here!

Robert: I guess you won't find a signal.

Skye: What? Don't tell me -- we can't be stranded here?

Robert: No, no, no, no, don't think of it as stranded. Think about it as high adventure.

Skye: Oh, God, I hate adventure -- tell him. I hate it. I hate germs and dirt and -- and improvising! I hate this!

Luke: I'm going for help!

Robert: Wait -- wait, I'll come with you.

Lorenzo: Everyone stop! Like it or not, we are in this together.

[Skye groans]

Luke: Keep walking, keep walking.

Lorenzo: Short, quick breaths, Skye. How far apart are the contractions?

Luke: I lost count.

Skye: They're obviously getting closer!

Lorenzo: Untie me!

Luke: Forget about it!

Lorenzo: Well, at least get the ropes off my wrist so I can look at my watch and time the contractions.

Skye: Get his watch.

Luke: Here, I've got a watch, I've got a watch.

Robert: Ok, listen, I've got some water boiling and I sterilized the knife. We're going to bring your child into the world in high fashion.

Lorenzo: You need to check how dilated she is.

Luke: Hey, that doesn't matter. The baby will be here when it gets here.

Skye: I want to know.

Robert: Look, I'll check, ok?

Skye: You don't know what the hell you're doing!

Robert: Look, children are born in worse situations than this every day.

Skye: And that's supposed to make me feel better?

Robert: Look, you're fine. You're in good hands, ok?

Lorenzo: Look, if anything happens to that baby, it's going to be --

Luke: You want us to gag you, keep making threats.

Robert: Ok, ok, look, let's go down onto the couch and --

Luke: Come on, dear, you'll be ok.

[Skye moans]

Luke: Take it easy. Easy does it. There you go.

Robert: Come on.

Luke: There you go. Good. There you go.

Robert: Very well.

Skye: Ok. All right, I need to be --I need to be 10 centimeters before I can start pushing, ok?

Luke: How much is a centimeter?

Robert: I don't know, about -- a centimeter's about --

Luke: You need 10 of them?

Robert: Yep.

Lorenzo: Untie me!

Robert: Look, don't think of me as -- as that face across the breakfast --

Skye: Ooh!

Robert: Think of me as Marcus Welby.

Lorenzo: Look, I don't know who that is, but you obviously have no idea what you're doing.

Luke: Hey -- that does it. Where is the gag?

Robert: Look, all of this carrying on and panic isn't helping Skye. Now, why don't you shut up? She's in good hands. She's going to be fine, all right? Um -- you know what? That idea of yours about getting some expert help -- I think we should look into that. Ok --

Skye: Ugh!

Luke: Where are you going?

Robert: I'll be right back.

Luke: What are you -- what -- you get back here! Get back here! This is not one of my jobs!

[Luke and Skye scream]

Patrick: I was stuck with a needle during a surgery and exposed to A.I.D.S. My first two tests came back negative and I'm on a medical protocol. This is just a precaution.

Mr. Billings: I appreciate that, Dr. Drake, but I can't let you operate on me.

Robin: Let me just say, Mr. Billings, that he is brilliant at this procedure. He's your best chance of survival.

Mr. Billings: Can't you picture it? I survive the surgery and die of A.I.D.S.?

Robin: Ok, there is a minuscule chance that you will contract --

Patrick: Robin, listen, hey, it's ok. This is Mr. Billings' right. But just to be clear on something, you wouldn't contract A.I.D.S. If you got anything, it would be H.I.V., and they're not the same. H.I.V. isnít a death sentence anymore.

Robin: Right. I have been living with H.I.V. since 1995 and I am perfectly healthy.

Mr. Billings: You're not serious? What is wrong with this place?

Alan: Is there a problem?

Robin: Mr. Billings wants another surgeon to do his surgery.

Alan: Well, there is Dr. Richardson. He's already scheduled to assist.

Mr. Billings: I'll take Dr. Richardson. I can't believe you have two doctors on staff here with H.I.V. treating patients without warning?

Alan: They are both excellent doctors.

Patrick: Dr. Scorpio is an amazing researcher and diagnostician.

Mr. Billings: I'm dealing with my own illness. I can't worry about anybody elseís.

Robin: Let me just say that you are risking your health by not letting Dr. Drake operate on you.

Alan: Robin --

Robin: What? We both know that Patrick is a better surgeon.

Mr. Billings: I'll take my chances.

Alan: Why don't you two go? I need to talk to Mr. Billings.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: He doesn't even know what he's talking about.

Patrick: How's that for ironic? You're worried about me risking myself operating on people with H.I.V. Now I have a patient that doesn't want me to operate because of -- well, pretty much the exact same reason.

Helena: Do you know what happens to dirty little peasants when they try to seduce Cassadine men?

Colleen: You don't scare me.

Helena: Because you are young and stupid. Well, so was she when I caught her with my beloved Mikkos. I slit her throat.

Colleen: Who's Mikkos?

Helena: Alexis was watching when I killed her mother. I'll show you how I did it.

Colleen: Get away from me.

Helena: As soon as you're dead.

Emily: Nikolas?

[Knock on door]

Colleen: Thank God you're here! Helena was trying to smother Nikolas in his sleep!

Mac: Tell the mayor I'll be right there. I understand. Look, I'll -- I'll get there when I get there. Ok.

Maxie: Dad, you don't have to wait around for my exam. Dr. Lee has to take care of that very pregnant lady first. I don't even have an appointment. It could take forever.

Mac: I don't care. I want to make sure you're taking care of yourself and the baby.

Maxie: Ok, but the exam will be a lot easier for me if you're not there.

Mac: You know what? You've made some terrible choices over the past several months. I blame Lucky for most of them, but you're the one bringing this child into the world.

Maxie: And I'm going to be ready. I can't wait until the baby gets here.

Mac: Maxie, I want to believe that --

Maxie: Dad, just seeing that pregnant lady -- I mean, it's not going to be long until I'm in her place, and I'm really excited about that.

Mac: That doesn't mean you're ready to become a parent.

Maxie: Were you ready to become a parent to me and Georgie? No, but you stepped up to the plate anyway. And you set a really good example for me. And you shouldn't have to wait for my doctor. I mean, that's my consequence, not yours.

Mac: Ok, ok, but I want to see the paperwork after the exam.

Maxie: You will, I promise.

Mac: Call me when you're out?

Maxie: Yeah. Just don't keep the mayor waiting.

Mac: Ok. All right.

Kelly: I'll need a full battery of tests on our football fan.

Epiphany: I've already ordered them, and I'll go check on them now.

Kelly: You're the best.

Epiphany: Hmm.

Kelly: Are you ok?

Elizabeth: I never saw the results.

Kelly: What?

Elizabeth: I was opening up the envelope in front of the hospital when that pregnant woman showed up and she asked for my help, and somehow I dropped it, and now I don't know if the father of my baby is Jason or Lucky but you can get me another printout, right?

Kelly: I can't get those test results again for at least a couple of days.

Ric: This is crazy. Sonny had to drag Jason off me to keep him from killing me.

Sonny: I don't know what he's talking about, Alexis.

Ric: Oh, come on. Of course he's not going to incriminate his own mob enforcer!

Alexis: What about evidence? Do you have forensics evidence? Do you have D.N.A.?

Ric: I --

Alexis: No. Did they scrape under his fingernails -- anything? Documentation? Does he have scrapes on his forearms, scratches on his face?

Ric: I had -- I needed medical attention. Sonny's -- one of Sonny's guards brought me to the hospital while Sonny got Jason out of the country.

Alexis: I understand that, but you have no witnesses, you have no forensics evidence, you have nothing.

Ric: Alexis, why are you trying to help Jason? Why do you want --?

Alexis: This isn't about helping Jason, it's about helping you. You don't have a case, Ric.

Sonny: You keep pushing this, Ric, you're going to hurt yourself, and you're going to hurt a lot of other people.

Ric: I'm not going to allow myself to be blackmailed by --

Sonny: Fine! You want to end this right now?

Alexis: I agree. I think we should just end this right now. Ric, I know -- we all know -- how much you hate Jason. It's long-standing, it's mutual, it's permanent. So I think the only way to solve this problem is for the two of you to just stay away from each other.

Ric: No, I am the D.A.; Jason is a criminal. It is my job to make sure that he is prosecuted for --

Alexis: Do it for me. Just do it for me so I -- I don't have to deal with this when I'm trying to get better.

Ric: You want me to neglect my duties as interim D.A. and ignore the fact that Jason tried to kill me?

Alexis: You're the one who told me to keep a positive attitude. The prospect of Jason going to jail and you and Sonny fighting with each other continually is not positive. It upsets me.

Ric: Why are you trying to --?

Alexis: It makes me obsess about my death and worry about what's going to happen to my children!

Ric: Why are you trying to defend Jason?

Alexis: I'm trying to protect myself. So if you care about me, if you care about my family, if you care about your family, drop the charges, and back off Jason.

Ric: Fine.

Alexis: Thank you. The charges are dropped, Jason can come back.

Sonny: Thank you very much. I -- I hope you feel better, Ric.

Ric: That was quite a performance, counselor.

Alexis: Think of it as benevolent intervention, Ric. You were going to embarrass yourself in a courtroom; you weren't going to win the case.

Ric: Well, maybe. But I have to wonder, if Jason had tried to kill Sonny, would you be so quick to defend and forgive?

Helena: Oh, she's lying. Why, I adore Nikolas. You know I would never harm him.

Colleen: I'm just glad you got here in time.

Helena: I found her in bed with Nikolas, groping him. Well, he's obviously groggy and confused. She must've drugged him.

Colleen: She's lying.

Helena: Oh, you should've been fired weeks ago.

Colleen: I just happened to walk by and saw her standing over your bed! She had a pillow and she was about to put it over your face! It was awful!

Nikolas: Emily, call the police.

Colleen: Tell them it was attempted murder.

Helena: I don't "attempt murder." Now, I would do anything to protect my darling Nikolas.

Colleen: Call the police.

Helena: If you don't get rid of her, I will.

Colleen: She's insane.

[Door closes]

Nikolas: Thank you. You probably just saved my life.

Patrick: Well, now that I'm not doing Frank Billings' surgery, I have the afternoon off.

Robin: Oh. Really?

Patrick: Yeah. Well, I was thinking that I would go get a picnic dinner from Ginovessi's and take a trip out to the beach.

Robin: Sounds fun. Have fun with that.

Patrick: It's not fun alone.

Robin: Oh. You're invited me, after you implied that my concern for you puts me in the same category as a man who refuses to let you operate on him because he's afraid of A.I.D.S.?

Patrick: That's not what I meant.

Robin: That's what it sounded like.

Patrick: Ok, it's true. I enjoy a challenge. If I didn't, how could I hold another person's life in my hands? It's also true that operating on a person with H.I.V. or A.I.D.S. poses a greater risk. It makes the stakes even higher. Do I like it? Yes. On some level, I do. But on another level, a more important level, I realize that these people need me. I see what they face every day, I faced it today -- the prejudice and irrational fear that they have when it comes to people with H.I.V. You deal with it your way, and I deal with it mine. I guess my way is to push the envelope, even if that means risking exposure again.

Alan: Um -- I was looking for you both.

Patrick: How did Mr. Billings' surgery go? Did Dr. Richardson have everything the patient wanted?

Alan: Dr. Richardson did his best, but there were complications.

Robin: What kind of complications?

Alan: The patient died on the table.

Luke: Scorpio! Get back here! I can't do this alone! Coward!

Lorenzo: 1,006, 1,007 -- whew, whew -- keep breathing --

Skye: Oh!

Lorenzo: 1,008 -- quick breaths. Good, that's right, that's right.

Skye: Luke, Luke, get over here!

Luke: Hold on, Blaze, just hold on.

Skye: I can't do this!

Luke: Yeah, sure, you can. You're going to be just fine. You're going to be just fine.

Lorenzo: Turn me loose. You cannot deliver this baby alone.

Luke: Sure -- sure, I can. I've had --

Lorenzo: You just said you couldn't deliver the baby by yourself.

Luke: I've had plenty of experience in these things.

Lorenzo: You just said!

Luke: Don't listen to him, don't listen to him. You can't trust him. You can trust me. Just trust me.

Lorenzo: Look, if something goes wrong, seconds will count.

Luke: It's just you and me, Blaze. Just you and me, like the old days.

Skye: Oh, oh, God! Turn Lorenzo loose!

[Skye screams]

Luke: Oh -- ok, ok.

Lulu: Hey, Elizabeth. What are you looking for? Can I help you find it?

Elizabeth: I was just looking for a bracelet that I dropped when I was helping a patient.

Lulu: Well, I -- I can help you find it if you want me to.

Elizabeth: No, that's ok. I'm -- I'm done out here. I probably just left it in the locker room.

Lulu: Oh. Was it a gift from Lucky?

Elizabeth: No. No, no. It was just -- um -- something I bought on sale. Are you ok? What's wrong?

Lulu: No -- no, I'm fine. I just wanted to let you know that I -- I went to go see Lucky again.

Elizabeth: How's he doing?

Lulu: He's good, he's good. He's working really hard and he's sticking with the program.

Elizabeth: Good. Yeah, he seemed better to me, too.

Lulu: You -- you went to go see him?

Elizabeth: Uh-huh.

Lulu: Lucky must've been thrilled but -- I mean, aren't you worried? Maxie's completely undercutting Lucky every chance that she gets, and I don't even think she's pregnant. I think she's just trying to keep a hold on him.

Elizabeth: Yeah, there's not a whole lot I can do about that right now, whether she is pregnant or not.

Lulu: Lucky wants to spend the rest of his life with you, and I know that you love him, so why are you letting Maxie ruin his life?

[Skye moans]

Luke: I'm untying you on one condition --

Lorenzo: That I don't take the baby and try to escape?

Luke: On two conditions -- I coach, you catch.

Skye: Oh, God! Just untie him, will you?

Lorenzo: Ok. You're doing fine, you're doing --

Skye: I didn't know anything could hurt this much!

Lorenzo: Focus on the baby.

Skye: Oh, why did you have to do this? Why did you have to chase me?

Lorenzo: We'll get through this.

Skye: I could be in a hospital. I could have doctors and nurses and pain medication! Why did you have to take me to this Godforsaken place? Instead, my baby's going to be born in the middle of nowhere, without a doctor! Oh, God, I know something's wrong!

Lorenzo: Try to relax. Everything's going to be fine.

[Skye screams]

Kelly: Sorry that took so long.

Maxie: It's ok. I don't even have an appointment. Um -- how's that woman doing?

Kelly: Oh, her husband's right -- it's false labor -- but we're going to keep her on a monitor for a while just to be safe.

Maxie: Oh, it's so sweet how he went and got that little TV for her so she could watch football.

Kelly: Well, she's a pretty serious fan.

Maxie: Yeah, but you could just tell how much they love each other. I mean, they even want their baby to be a football fan. It's how I want my life to be. I understand it's going to be a little complicated since Lucky Spencer is the father.

Sonny: Hey.

Elizabeth: Thank God, Sonny.

Sonny: Hey.

Elizabeth: I lost the results of the paternity test.

Sonny: Before you looked at them?

Elizabeth: I know it sounds ridiculous, but yes.

Sonny: Maybe it wasn't an accident. Maybe you don't want to know.

Elizabeth: But I have to. Whatever's on that paper is going to affect the rest of my life.

Sonny: Who do you -- who do you want to be the father?

Elizabeth: I don't know. I don't know who would be a better father to this child -- Jason or Lucky.

[Skye moans]

Lorenzo: Everything's fine. You're dilating perfectly.

Skye: No. Something's wrong; you're lying.

Luke: No.

Skye: I'm not going to make it.

Luke: No, no. Come on, what kind of attitude is that?

Skye: No, go away!

Luke: No, no, you're going to make it. You're going to make it.

Skye: No, I'm not!

Luke: Come on, that's the spirit. Buck up, hang in -- you can do it.

Skye: If I don't make it, kill him --

Lorenzo: Gladly.

Skye: In a slow and painful way, would you? Oh -- and won't you be a very good father to our baby?

Lorenzo: I will be. And you're going to be a really good mother.

Skye: Oh, no, I'm not. I'm not going to make it. I just know I'm not going to make it! I'm going to die here out in the middle of nowhere and our baby is going to grow up alone, abandoned! I just know it -- and it's all your fault!

Luke: Come on now, Blaze. Where's your fighting spirit? You can do this. You survived the fire. You survived the epidemic. You survived the Quartermaines and me and this loser. Come on. That's it, get angry at the pain. Go -- get mad at it.

Skye: Oh, go to hell!

Luke: That's the spirit! Come on, you can do it. Get furious.

Skye: I want my epidural, you miserable bastard!

Luke: That's it. That's it.

Skye: I want my doctor with his Ivy League education and the best care that money can buy!

Luke: That's it.

Skye: Ah! I want clean sheets and I want -- I want Alan in the waiting room, and I want Edward calling out to the nurses. But instead, what do I get? I get a guy who can't stick around long enough to have a relationship, and -- and the father my child would rather risk having me give birth in the middle of nowhere than admit that he's wrong! Oh, to hell with both of you!

Lorenzo: Yes! Yes! Here it is!

Luke: Oh! Oh-ho-ho-ho!

Lorenzo: Here we go!

Patrick: What a pointless waste of life.

[Patrick sighs]

Patrick: I guess this is why you didn't want to be a surgeon, isn't it?

Robin: Mm-hmm. I didn't want my patients to have to choose between me or their fear. Wait till you come across the guy who won't even let you touch him because he's afraid he'll get infected.

Patrick: I was quick to judge you. I'm sorry.

Robin: It's ok, I forgive you. Do you forgive me?

Patrick: For what?

Robin: Letting my fear get in the way of what you do best?

Nikolas: I -- I need a court order to put my grandmother away. Tonight -- she tried to kill me. No, I -- I'm better now, thank you. Oh, ok.

Emily: Are you really all right?

Nikolas: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just -- I'm just a little groggy.

Emily: Ok, what do you remember, exactly?

Nikolas: I took -- I took my medicine with some coffee, went to sleep. And I heard some arguing, woke -- woke up, and saw Helena.

Emily: Was she standing over you?

Nikolas: Uh -- I'm not sure. It's -- it's all kind of garbled up. I -- I heard your voice.

Emily: But your pain medication shouldn't be nearly that strong.

Nikolas: I don't know. Maybe -- maybe Helena drugged me. I don't know.

Emily: I suppose she could have.

Nikolas: And I keep having these really vivid dreams about you.

Emily: Nikolas, what if it wasn't a dream? What if Helena was telling the truth and Colleen really was in bed with you?

Elizabeth: I can list so many reasons why it would be bad if Jason turns out to be the father. I mean, his job is dangerous and he's still in love with Sam. He is reliable and he's loyal and very protective. I know he's going to be a great father one day.

Sonny: I agree.

Elizabeth: And the Lucky I married -- he's been a really great dad, too. The Lucky I'm divorcing -- he'll get there, but right now he's an addict in recovery.

Sonny: Yeah, but if -- if he gets out, there's a chance he'll stay clean.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but even so, Maxie is having his baby. That means she is forever going to be a part of my life.

Sonny: I understand that, but the real problem with Lucky started with drugs, right?

Elizabeth: Right.

Sonny: So if he stays clean, you guys have a chance.

Elizabeth: That's a really big "if." He already tried to quit once, and I'm not going to put my children through another relapse.

Sonny: Well, people beat the odds -- I've been able to do that. I mean, I'm doing it for my kids. What I'm saying is if this baby is Lucky's, it could change his life.

Ric: Alexis?

Alexis: Why aren't you at the hospital?

Ric: I checked myself out.

Alexis: Against doctor's orders?

Ric: What's the problem? As far as you're concerned, I wasn't even attacked.

Alexis: That's not what I said, Ric. I said that you couldn't prove that it was Jason who attacked you.

Ric: I dropped the charges.

Alexis: It's a good call.

Ric: If it's ok with you, I'm going to be sleeping on the couch tonight.

Alexis: Fine.

Ric: Why are you doing this?

Alexis: Could you be a little more specific?

Ric: I've supported you through your cancer in every way that I know how. I've held your job for you. I have tried to get along with Sam for the benefit of the family, exactly as you wanted. I just don't understand how you're repaying me by making sure Jason doesn't go to jail when you know full well that he tried to kill me. I just don't know how to respond to that.

Alexis: You could start by not harassing me when I feel this crappy.

Ric: You know, Alexis, I know that you have cancer, but that does not give you Carte Blanche to do whatever you want and to hurt whomever you want.

Alexis: What about what you've done to me, Ric?

Robin: You are a brilliant surgeon, and your skills should be available to the people who need you. Let the patients research you and your track record and your genius in the O.R. Explain to them the odds against contracting H.I.V. Look up the internet sites that will arm them with the facts. Then if they decide to be operated on by a less-capable surgeon, so be it. You can't save everyone. But you can save the people who are brave enough to trust you.

Patrick: I don't think you've ever paid me so many compliments.

Robin: I mean it.

Patrick: Now it's my turn. I understand that you're worried about me. I appreciate the concern. It doesn't mean you're bigoted or prejudiced. It means you know firsthand what it's like to live with H.I.V. Perfectly reasonable. Actually, I like it when you're worried about me. I look at you and I realize how fortunate I am.

Robin: That's right.

Emily: Why would Helena suddenly want to kill you?

Nikolas: So she can steal Spencer -- he's the Cassadine heir. That's all she cares about.

Emily: I -- maybe, but Helenaís always seemed to love you -- in her own twisted way. I mean, she might try to brainwash you or frame you to make you go to prison, but I can't see her ever wanting to end your life.

Nikolas: Don't -- don't tell me that you believe her?

Emily: Nikolas, I found Colleen in bed with you twice. She always has excuses.

Nikolas: No, no, Colleen is not the threat here, Helena is.

Emily: All right, maybe they both are. This message is from me. I checked out Colleen.

Nikolas: What'd you find out?

Emily: Well, she's had several jobs, which is already a red flag. But in three of those places, the man of the house either disappeared or died. Do you think that's a coincidence?

Lulu: You seem nervous.

Maxie: I just had my first exam. I'm nervous for my baby.

Lulu: Hmm -- and that's if you're really pregnant.

Maxie: I'm worried about my baby -- not like you would know anything about that since you aborted yours.

Lulu: Oh. At least I wasn't faking it.

Kelly: I put a rush on your blood work.

Maxie: Is everything ok?

Kelly: Perfectly normal. In seven months, you should deliver a healthy baby.

Maxie: I can't wait to tell Lucky.

Luke: Push!

Skye: I'm pushing!

Lorenzo: Come on, push.

[Skye groans]

Lorenzo: You can do it. Push!

Skye: I can't push! You pull.

Luke: What, what, you're just going to stop?

Skye: I'm too tired.

Luke: Oh, no. Come on, it's a little late to change your mind. Now, push.

Skye: I --

Lorenzo: I can see the head!

Luke: That's it. Come on, call me every name in the book. Come on.

Skye: Ooh, you're a liar!

Luke: Oh, you can do better than that.

Skye: You're a jerk!

Luke: There you go! Come on!

Skye: You just -- you don't let anybody get close to you, you just -- you disappear!

Luke: That's right.

Skye: You just -- you hit the road. You won't commit to anybody ever and you'll never change!

Luke: That's right.

Skye: And you -- you, you're -- you're such a bully. You're a pretender. You -- you pretend to be this tragic intellectual, but you're really this common criminal who should be in jail!

Lorenzo: Yes! Ok, here it comes! Here it comes!

[Skye groans]

Lorenzo: Push!

Luke and Lorenzo: Come on!

Luke: Push!

[Baby cries]

Sonny: I'll get that for you.

Ric: I've made mistakes, all right, but I'm not the only one. Ok, you lied, you manipulated, you shut me out.

Alexis: Can we not have this discussion right now?

Ric: Ok, see, that's exactly what I'm talking about. You see, it's either your way, Alexis, or it's no way, and the cancer's only made it worse.

[Alexis laughs]

Alexis: You're going to blame me for having the cancer?

Ric: No, I'm not going to blame you for having the cancer. I'm going to blame you for using your cancer to try to control everything.

Alexis: Ever since I was diagnosed with this cancer, I have bent over backwards to try to make this ok for the family.

Ric: You know, you didn't even tell me about the diagnosis right away. You had to withhold that from me, Alexis. You told the mayor that you had cancer before you told me.

Alexis: Good God, Ric, are you ever going to let that go?

Ric: You know what? I'm not going to continually take flak for not being the one who's close to you, ok, because the fact of the matter is you don't want anybody close to you. You're going to do everything, you're going to make every excuse in the world to not have me close to you -- you're going to use the girls, you'll use work, you'll even use your cancer. So why don't you just come out and say it, Alexis? You can't stand the sight of me.

Alexis: I can't.

Ric: Right, because I'm not Sonny. Because every time you look at me, you see the one that got away, right, and somehow that's my fault?

Alexis: Every time I look at you, I see you having sex with my daughter.

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