GH Transcript Thursday 10/19/06

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 10/19/06


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Lulu: What are you trying to do, Maxie? Wreck Lucky's recovery?

Maxie: I just came to see the father of my baby.

Lulu: Get it straight, Maxie. Lucky doesn't want to be with you.

Maxie: I told you how horrible she was being. She's trying to keep us apart.

Lulu: Oh, my God. Lucky, tell me you are not buying into this.

Maxie: She even wants me to abort our baby.

Sonny: Ok, don't make the next one, because I want to be able to -- look it, you know what? I'll call you -- I'll call you in a bit, ok, Bernie? So you came all the way here from Wyndermere, with that knee? Why didn't you just call?

Nikolas: Because I wanted to discuss this in person.

Sonny: Is this about Emily?

Nikolas: No, Emilyís fine. It's Alexis I'm worried about.

Sonny: She's having a tough time with the chemotherapy?

Nikolas: Not that she'll admit it. But the next few months are -- are critical for Alexis and I need to know, can Ric be trusted?

Carly: I get that you have really important things to do. But maybe you should pay attention to your wife who has cancer.

Alexis: Ric and I have been under a lot of pressure, so it's put an enormous strain on our marriage.

Elizabeth: When Ric and I we married, I know that he loved me, but that was a long time ago.

Jason: Did Ric threaten you?

Elizabeth: No, just the opposite. He's suddenly acting very concerned, asking about my pregnancy and wanting to know if there's anything he can do while Lucky's in recovery.

Jason: He's working you.

Elizabeth: I think he's reacting to the possibility this child could be yours.

Patrick: I'll be performing the spinal surgery in O.R. One. Have it ready in 30 minutes.

Epiphany: Did you bother to clear that, or should I just jam the patient that was scheduled out of the way?

Patrick: Alan Quartermaine signed off, and then Salinger agreed to move his hip replacement to O.R. Two.

Epiphany: You better be right because I don't want this coming back to land on me.

Patrick: Look, if you don't believe me, call Alan. And don't forget the protocols we'll be adhering to since the patient, Mr. Grossman, has A.I.D.S.

Epiphany: Hmm. Multiple H.I.V.-positive surgeries in the last couple of months -- must be a trend.

Patrick: I'm in the healing business, Epiphany. I don't discriminate between patients.

Epiphany: Why do you think I put up with the rest of your garbage?

Patrick: I can use you in the O.R., too. The patient's taken part in numerous drug trials. I could use your input on their possible effects.

Robin: Epiphany has experience with A.I.D.S. patients. I think she has it covered.

Patrick: I thought you'd be backing me on this.

Robin: I don't know -- um -- maybe she's right.

Noah: Patrick --

Robin: Maybe it is --

Noah: You cannot perform this operation.

Patrick: If I don't fix Mr. Grossman's spinal column, who will?

Noah: I will.

Patrick: Look, dad, with all due respect --

Noah: You've already been exposed to the A.I.D.S. virus in O.R. You need to take a break.

Sonny: I thought you and Ric were ok.

Nikolas: Who am I to question my aunt's choice of husband?

Sonny: Until she's diagnosed with cancer.

Nikolas: Look, Sonny, Ricís attitude is unsettling, we'll say. He just wasn't around to support Alexis when she needed to make difficult decisions.

Sonny: Alexis claimed she wanted, you know, Ric to give her room.

Nikolas: If Carly had cancer, would you give her room? He didn't even visit her in the hospital prior to her surgery. And while Alexis was in a coma, Samís telling me that Ric isn't the right person to raise Kristina and Molly, so --

Sonny: What did she say?

Nikolas: She didnít. She wouldn't tell me.

Sonny: Well, you know, I mean, Ric and Sam -- they don't like each other.

Nikolas: Yes, I know, but I think it's more than that. Sam knows something about Ric that's making her oppose Alexis' wishes about her girls, and I think you know what I'm referring to.

Sonny: If Sam wanted to tell you, she'd tell you herself.

Nikolas: Sonny, one of your daughters is involved. I -- I was hoping that you cared enough to tell me.

Sonny: Ok, I'm not going to get specific, but I will say this. My brother, Ric, is not trustworthy. And he's a far cry from the good man Alexis wants him to be.

Nikolas: Why is everyone dancing around this? I don't understand. What exactly has Ric done?

Ric: What -- what's going on? You look -- you look pale. Are you feeling all right?

Alexis: I've felt better.

Sam: I can run to the pharmacy really quick to pick up your new meds.

Ric: New meds? What --

Carly: Oh, you weren't here. So I had to call her oncologist and they prescribed a new anti-nausea medication.

Alexis: I felt all right yesterday. I thought maybe the chemo wouldn't have an adverse effect on me, but it kicked in today, so I'm feeling pretty weak and nauseous.

Ric: Well, I think you should rest.

Jax: You know what she really needs, Ric, is friends and family around.

Alexis: You know, you and Carly don't -- no reason for you to be here, really, because you're just going to watch me lie on the couch and feel miserable. So you two should be out celebrating. You should go, have a glass of champagne --

Jax: You know what? We could -- we could do that here. We could celebrate here.

Alexis: Yeah, but if you're here, then I won't sleep, and if I sleep, it's the only way that I'm not going to feel nauseous.

Jax: Ok. Well, when you put it that way, your wish is our command. I'll check in with you tomorrow, ok?

Alexis: Congratulations, both of you.

Jax: Thank you.

Carly: Thank you.

Jax: Bye.

Ric: Did you eat anything today?

Alexis: No. No. But I -- I probably should try.

Sam: I could go in there and make you anything. I mean, what are you in the mood for?

Alexis: I'm not in the mood for anything. I should try to eat some protein, the doctor said, so maybe some turkey.

Sam: Ok. All right, you got it. I'm going to stop at the grocery store on my way to pick up your meds.

Ric: Yeah, yeah, thanks, Sam. And -- um -- would you mind staying here for the rest of the evening to be with Alexis?

Alexis: You're going to go?

Ric: Yeah, I'm sorry. I -- I have some business that I need to take care of. I'll be home soon.

Jason: How'd you find out about the surveillance on my apartment?

Elizabeth: Someone at the PCPD.

Jason: Who?

Elizabeth: Look, I don't want to get anybody in trouble. I just thought you should know that Ric is aware of the situation.

Jason: Ric has hated me from day one, ever since he figured out Sonny trusts me. I want -- look, I despise Ric for a lot of reasons. When Sonny was going through his breakdown, Ric tried to make it worse. When I called him on it, that's when Sonny cut ties with him.

Elizabeth: So he blames you for turning Sonny against him?

Jason: Yes. And I think he slept with Sam as a way of paying me back. He could be going after you for the same reason.

Elizabeth: Ever since our divorce, he's been awfully nice to me.

Jason: Ok, then just listen to me. He knows that we slept together. That could be reason enough for Ric to turn against you.

Elizabeth: Especially now that I might be carrying your child.

Jason: Wait a minute. That would explain why Ric went to see Lucky in rehab today.

Elizabeth: What? He went to see Lucky?

Jason: Yeah, today. He apparently offered to get Lucky his job back.

Elizabeth: Ric just took me to lunch. He didn't say anything about that. If Lucky finds out that you could be the father of my baby, it will ruin him.

Maxie: Just because this pregnancy was unplanned doesn't mean it should be terminated.

Lucky: Maxie --

Maxie: I'm not like you. I couldn't end a pregnancy just because it's inconvenient.

Lulu: I didn't try and trap Dillon the way that you're trying to trap Lucky.

Lucky: Lulu did what she thought was right. I never want to hear you punish her for it.

Maxie: Lucky, if you're hoping I'm going to have an abortion, I wonít. I could never do that.

Lucky: I would never ask you to.

Maxie: Look, I know we didn't plan this, but I love our baby, and I need to know that you do, too.

Lucky: Whatever happens, I will take care of you and our baby. I promise.

Maxie: Thank you. It means a lot to hear you say that. I'm glad you're getting well.

Lulu: You get that she's playing you, right?

Lucky: Maxie thinks no one cares that she's having a baby.

Lulu: Are you even sure that she's pregnant?

Lucky: Look, I appreciate your concern. But there is no way that Maxie could fake --

Lulu: Just don't take her word for anything, ok? Tell Maxie that you want to see a hospital file -- and a paternity test. Who knows who that tramp's been sleeping with?

Lucky: I don't need proof that I'm the baby's father. Maxie was desperate for attention, and I took advantage of her.

Lulu: Well -- oh, Lucky, hold on. She supplied you with pills.

Lucky: Because I asked her to. Half the time I even paid for them myself.

Lulu: You were addicted; she played on that. She had sex with you for weeks even though she knew you were trying to hold on to your marriage!

Lucky: It takes two.

Lulu: Would you stop defending her? Look, Maxie tried to trap you.

Lucky: Lulu, I love you for standing by my side, but you're only looking at this from a worried sister's point of view.

Lulu: And that's a bad thing?

Lucky: I am a recovering addict. I have to take responsibility for my actions. I got myself involved with Maxie. It's on me to handle the consequences.

Sam: Can I get you anything else?

Alexis: No. I had the tea and the crackers -- they're all I can manage -- but thank you.

Sam: Ok. Well, then how about tomorrow I go to the grocery store and I get you all that stuff for the turkey sandwich you want? I don't want to leave tonight because I want to stay here. I am not leaving you unless --

Alexis: No, you are going to leave. Jax didn't mean it. He was just worried about me and he took it out on you.

Sam: No, Jax was absolutely right. I should've never left you by yourself.

Alexis: Yes, you should leave me, and you're going to. You have a life, Sam. It's not your job to sit and babysit me.

Sam: Well, he did let me have it, didn't he?

Alexis: He's just very protective of me, Sam. He always has been.

Sam: No kidding. Look, I don't know if I was more shocked by his temper, or the fact that he actually got engaged to Carly.

Alexis: Hmm, that's quite a surprise, isn't it? Yeah.

Sam: You don't like Carly much, do you?

Alexis: I love Jax. He's my best friend, and there have been many times where I don't think I would've gotten through without him. And I want him to be happy, and if Carly makes him happy, then who am I to judge?

Sam: Ok. Well, that's -- that's a really good point. You know, I -- I actually owe Jax a lot. I would not be in Port Charles right now if it weren't for him.

Alexis: I forgot that you were once with Jax.

Sam: Well, you know, it was more like a non-commitment, you know, but -- not a long-term relationship. It wasn't --

Alexis: And we were married.

Sam: Huh.

Alexis: It's funny, isn't it? Yeah. I mean, it wasn't a marriage -- well, never mind. It's just we were with the same guy. It's kind of strange.

Sam: Yeah, but, you know, we really -- we didn't know we were mother and daughter, so --

Alexis: Not just once, but twice, because there was Sonny, too. I mean, you were with Sonny, I was with Sonny. I mean, those are two pretty big coincidences.

Sam: Definitely.

Alexis: It's almost incestuous the way we've been with the same men.

Sonny: I've let Alexis know how I feel about Ric.

Nikolas: Facts, if you have them, would be more convincing.

Sonny: She has cancer. I -- you know, it's not the time to tell her.

Nikolas: This is exactly the time to tell her. If -- if you have reason to believe that Kristina and Molly shouldn't be in Ricís care, you need to tell Alexis that while she can still take action.

Sonny: Alexis -- look, she needs to know that she's built a -- a solid home for her daughters. If she, you know, doubts her husband, she's not going to be able to beat the -- you know, this cancer --

Nikolas: So -- so what?

Sonny: Is what I'm saying.

Nikolas: So you're just going to keep your mouth shut or you're not going to do anything?

Sonny: It's not the time to tell her.

Nikolas: Alexis would want to know whatever it is. I don't think she would appreciate you shielding her from the truth, no matter difficult it might be for her to hear.

Sonny: Well, that's your opinion.

Nikolas: Ok, look, just -- just put yourself in her position for a moment. If you thought that you might be dying, wouldn't you want to feel that your children have the best possible chance at a happy, secure life? That's all I'm saying. Whatever you know about Ric, Alexis should know, too -- and as soon as possible.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hello?

Ric: It's Ric. Meet me at Jasonís. There's something I want you both to hear.

Elizabeth: You don't have to do this.

Jason: I'm going to walk you to the street, I'm going to put you in a cab to your grandmother's, and I want you to promise me to get some rest.

Elizabeth: I will -- after I see Lucky.

Jason: Elizabeth, if Ric was going to tell Lucky I was the father, he would've done it today.

Elizabeth: He could be waiting for the right time to get Lucky angry enough to come after you.

Jason: Ok, yeah, you're right. Maybe Ric is hoping that Lucky's going to do his dirty work for him.

Elizabeth: Or maybe he never has any intention of telling Lucky at all. I mean, Ric and I did get married because I was pregnant, and he was devastated when I miscarried. I just can't see him hurting me to get to you.

Jason: If Ric thinks Lucky's the father, it's going to buy us some time. If I'm the father, I will do everything I can to protect you and your children, ok? I promise you --

Patrick: You tried to pull my O.R. team from the Grossman surgery?

Noah: Excuse me. I didn't try to do anything, I'm doing it.

Patrick: I answer to the board of this hospital --

Noah: You're not qualified to perform this surgery.

Patrick: You're not qualified to make that decision.

Robin: Noah -- I know you're acting out of concern --

Patrick: Obviously not concern for the patient.

Robin: He's right. You're interfering with his patient's care and you can't do that.

Noah: I'm not delaying the procedure. I'm just replacing Patrickís team with my own.

Patrick: Where do you get off --?

Noah: You're acting unresponsibly.

Patrick: If I want to operate on a patient with A.I.D.S, that's my decision to make.

Noah: Well, that sounds familiar. I've heard those words coming out of my own mouth when you gave me half your liver to save my life. I was acting about as reckless as you are.

Patrick: I'm a doctor, that's what I do.

Noah: Yeah, you've already been stuck with an infected needle. I know it was a freak thing, but the more you do these kinds of operations, the more you run the risk of it happening again.

Patrick: Fighter pilots take risks, NASCAR drivers. The adrenaline makes them better at what they do, and the same principles apply to a surgeon.  I'll prove it to you.

Noah: Patrick --

Robin: Wait, hold on. Look, I know you're worried. But I think he's up for the challenge.

Noah: Yeah, that's just it. That's why he's doing it -- for the challenge.

Carly: You know, Sonny has the boys for the next few days. You know what that means?

Jax: It means we can celebrate our engagement.

Carly: Exactly. We can go anywhere.  We can go to Manhattan, we can go to Paris, we can stay home.

Jax: You know what? I actually have something in mind.

Carly: Wow. For two whole days? I'm sure I can handle that.

Jax: How soon can you be packed?

Carly: Where are we going?

Jax: Well, I -- um -- I wanted to tell Lady Jane in person about our engagement.

Sam: I've done a lot of things that I am not proud of, things that I would change if I could -- especially some of the things that I've said to you. I just -- I hope it's all behind us now.

Alexis: Me, too.

Sam: I want to help you get through this, ok? There is nothing that I want more than you beating this cancer.

Alexis: I'm grateful for all the things that you've done for me.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Hey.

Nikolas: Hey. Hey, how you feeling?

Alexis: I should be asking you that question. What are you doing walking around?

Nikolas: I -- I need to speak to you. Do you mind giving us some privacy?

Sam: No. Gosh, not at all. See you in a little bit.

Alexis: Thank you for helping out. I appreciate it. Ok, that sounds serious. What's going on?

Nikolas: Is Ric here?

Alexis: No.

Nikolas: Good. Because there's a serious problem and he's caught in the middle of it.

Ric: Didn't expect to find you here.

Elizabeth: Jason and I were just discussing something about Emily --

Jason: What do you want?

Ric: I'm here on official business. You mind leaving us alone?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I'll be -- I'll be fine. Thanks for your input on Em.

Ric: You really think it's safe for Elizabeth to be visiting you for advice?

Jason: I got nothing to say to you. Call my lawyer.

Ric: Well, I doubt any lawyer's going to give you counsel on your relationship with Elizabeth, but I can -- stay away from her.

Jason: Anything else?

Ric: She got a lot on her plate right now, Jason. I don't really think she needs you to be asking her over here, lying about Emily to keep up appearances.

Jason: You're paranoid, Ric. If you really have no legal reason to be here, you should probably leave.

Ric: Jason, really, do you think you're fooling anybody? The only reason that you're hanging around Elizabeth -- my ex-wife -- is because you're jealous that I slept with Sam. By the way, did you know that she actually asked for it, that she really came on to me?

Jason: You can't be this stupid. Just get out of here, Ric.

Ric: Come on, Jason, really, did you believe that whole act of hers, the whole innocent victim? She's a con artist, she's only one step above a hooker, but I have one thing to ask you. Did she give it up for you as much as she did for me? Ugh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Agh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Sonny: Stop! Jason, stop!  Leave him alone, Jason! Hey --

[Ric groans]

Sonny: I said leave him alone! Somebody got to take him to the hospital.

Jason: He's going to charge me with attempted murder. Just let me -- just let me kill him.

Sonny: No.

Jason: I'll get rid of the body. Nobody's going to be able to trace it back to me.

Sonny: This was a trap! You walked right into it. You don't want to throw your life away. Ok, come here. You get him to the hospital, ok? I don't want anybody to know what happened. You don't know how he got hurt.

Richie: All right.

Alexis: I assume that -- that Jax called you because he came here, and I'm not feeling well today --

Nikolas: No, no --

Alexis: And Ric wasn't here --

Nikolas: I -- I haven't spoken to Jax. This is based upon my own observations. Ric's been distant since you've been sick. You've been pushing him away.

Alexis: We've been under a lot of stress.

Nikolas: Alexis, there's something wrong, and you know it. Whatever the problem is, face it before it's too late.

Alexis: Why are we talking about Ric?

Nikolas: I saw Sonny today. He told me that Ric can't be trusted.

Alexis: Sonny always says that Ric can't be trusted.

Nikolas: Yes, yes, I know. But he implied that something specific happened.

Alexis: Ok --

Nikolas: He didn't say what it was --

Alexis: Ok, well, you need --

Nikolas: Just that Ric -- what?

Alexis: Consider the source.

Nikolas: Look, I -- I don't like Sonny. Normally I wouldn't take anything he said at face value, but he wasn't speaking out of spite. He's generally concerned about you, Kristina, and Molly.

Alexis: I appreciate you being protective of me -- you know that I do -- but I really do know what I'm -- I'm doing here.

Nikolas: Aren't you the one who told me that only a fool makes an uninformed decision? You're not a fool. Get to the bottom of whatever Ric has do, before you just hand your daughters over to him.

Alexis: Ric is Molly's biological father. I can't take Molly away from Ric, even if I found out he was untrustworthy.

Nikolas: What -- what about Kristina?

Alexis: I don't want the girls separated. I do not want them separated like I was. I won't put either one of them through that.

Nikolas: But if Ric has done something -- but if Ric --

Alexis: He's a good father. He's a good father; he's a good stepfather. And I want what's best for -- for both my girls -- even if it means leaving things the way that they are.

[Knock on door]

Lucky: Elizabeth. You look -- you look great. Oh -- come in.

Elizabeth: I don't know if I should even be here. There's so many things that I haven't come to terms with.

Lucky: No, I understand. I don't want to push. I'm just glad to see you.

Elizabeth: I -- um -- I came here to tell you in person that -- Lucky, whatever happens between the two of us, I just want you to get well. And I would hate it if I undermined your recovery in any way.

Lucky: No, no, no, you -- you couldnít. You've been great.

Elizabeth: But this doesn't change anything. I'm still moving forward with the divorce because that's what I need to do for me and my children, and this is not about punishing you.

Lucky: I understand. I made some terrible mistakes. And you'll always be the same beautiful, kind, most generous woman I ever met. And you're pregnant with our child. Just seeing you reminds me of how much I have to get well for. That wasn't pressure. That was hope that things get better between us.

Elizabeth: I'm just really glad you're in recovery.

Lucky: You know, as long as you're here, would you mind if I spoke to the baby?

Patrick: Surgery was a complete success. Mr. Grossman needs to stay in bed till tomorrow afternoon, then I want him walking around every couple of hours.

Epiphany: Standard antibiotic and fluid drip?

Patrick: Yes. Post-op should be by the book. No need to worry, dad. No errant needles, no infection.

Noah: This time.

Robin: You know, there's no point in arguing about this. I know you're worried, but Patrick is a skilled surgeon.

Noah: Yeah, who keeps putting himself at risk.

Robin: What would you have him do? Turn away patients with H.I.V., or stop dating me for the same exact reason?

Noah: Oh, God, no. You're the best thing that's ever happened to Patrick. You could actually be the one that could save his life.

Patrick: You always this so melodramatic?

Noah: You're always a risk taker. In the school yard it was dares, then it was fast cars, now what? The new high is surgery?

Patrick: Thank you for your input on other people's weaknesses.

Noah: It's not enough to hold a person's life in your hands, is it? You got to put your own life on the line, knowing that any slip could expose you to H.I.V. -- if you're not already infected.

Patrick: I had one accident. I'm on the protocol, and so far, I've tested negative.

Noah: Yeah, and we won't know for sure until January. What, does that add to the rush?

Patrick: If you're saying I have a death wish, it's not true.

Noah: I'm not saying you have a death wish, Patrick. But you just don't feel truly alive unless you put your life on the line, too.

Patrick: Ok, dad, you're right, I like the challenge, don't get me wrong. But I'm not running with A.I.D.S., and that's an insult to both Robin and me.

Noah: This has nothing to do with Robin. Her viral load's undetectable. She's basically non-contagious. You keep performing these kinds of surgeries, and sooner or later your luck will run out.

Patrick: Talk about overreacting.

Robin: I disagree, actually. You're the most important person to come into my life in -- um -- in a long time. I'm afraid he's right about you.

Jax: Oh, that's great. Now, we'll be there soon. The jet is prepped, ready to go. We're going to get there on the late side, but Lady Jane is a night owl, so she'll probably still be up.

Carly: Ok. Why don't you call her and tell her we're coming?

Jax: No, I want it to be a surprise.

Carly: Ok. Let's go.

Jax: Yeah. Well, hold on a second. You could muster up a little bit more enthusiasm --

Carly: I will. I'll get it all going right before we land.

Jax: Really? Hold on a second. What's the -- what's the problem?

Carly: What if she's not happy about this?

Jax: Why wouldn't she be happy about this?

Carly: Well, I don't know!

Jax: I mean, you know -- come on, what's --

Carly: What if she has second thoughts about this, you know? You and I dating is totally different than being a member of the family.

Jax: Lady Jane adores you. Why do you think she tricked you into coming after me in Africa?

Carly: Well, adoration doesn't translate into daughter-in-law.

Jax: Oh, come on, Carly. You know a better mom? Lady Jane thinks you're perfect daughter-in-law material. You should hear how she talks to her friends about you.

Carly: Yeah?

Jax: Yeah. I'm serious. Look, I know that, you know, you're a little bit nervous.  It's only natural. But we fought our way through the hard stuff and we're not giving up now.

Carly: Maybe you're right.

Jax: Lady Janeís going to be so happy to know that she's gaining another member of the family.

Carly: I love you.

Jax: And I love you, too.

Lucky: Hi, baby. I'm your daddy. I've thought about you for so long. And now here you are. I've made some bad mistakes, but I did one thing right. I helped make you with your mommy. By the time that you come into this world, I'm going to be well, I promise. And I'm going to be the best daddy I can. We have so much to look forward to. I know. I feel it, too. Thanks for coming to see me.

Elizabeth: Yeah -- um -- I'm just glad you're getting well.

Lucky: Do you -- um -- do you think you can come back by sometime again?

Elizabeth: I'll try.

Sonny: Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Jason: You should've let me kill him, Sonny.

Sonny: You know what? It's too late now. He's on his way to the hospital.

Jason: No, it's not too late. Call Richie. He can turn the car around, meet me at the pier. You know what? You don't even have to be involved, just let me do it. Let me do it!

Sonny: Ric's not going to die tonight!

Jason: Why?

Sonny: Because it's too -- it's inconvenient.

Jason: It's inconvenient? You're -- you're saving him because he's your brother.

Sonny: That's beside the point.

Jason: No, it's not. He is out to destroy everything that matters to you.

Sonny: You're right! Ric's an ongoing threat, and I'm an idiot for letting him live, and you're an idiot for trying to kill him with your bare hands in your own garage, where you live. Anybody could've seen you. How many tenants you got in this place? A homeless person walking by? Anybody could've seen you kicking the District Attorney to death. Now, what if the cops show up with a witness? How long do you think it's going to be before they get any evidence? Because I'll tell you right now, Ricís blood was all over the floor. You don't think you left any fingerprints?

Jason: Fine! Fine, I'll -- I'll call the cleanup --

Sonny: No, I'm going to call! You're going to get out of the country right now.

Jason: No, I'm not. I'm not leaving.

Sonny: Ok, what are you going to do, Jason?

Jason: I'm not leaving.

Sonny: You going to wait? You going to wait for Ric to regain consciousness and swear out a warrant? He got what he wanted; he can charge you with attempted murder. You got about a half-hour to start running before they arrest you and lock you up for the rest of your life.

Jason: It's Ricís word against mine, right? Right?

Sonny: If you leave now, but if the cops arrest you tonight -- they already, you know, ran forensics. You don't even -- you -- you didn't even have any gloves. You didn't set it up. You were sloppy and emotional. You're going to get caught. Give me some time to make it go away.

Jason: Elizabeth had the paternity test. And she's getting the results back. Ok, I have to know if I'm the father, and if I am, I don't think I can leave.

[ Ding-dong ]

Lucky: Remember when dad didn't believe there was a plan for the universe? Well, I've got proof that things happen for a reason. I love Elizabeth, but I still couldn't stop the drugs. I ruined my marriage, lost my job, and I still couldn't stop.

[Lucky sighs]

Lucky: I was probably days away from overdose. When Elizabeth told me she was pregnant.  Everything's changed. My baby's not even born yet, it's already saved my life.

Sam: Hi. Thanks for coming.

Elizabeth: What did you want to see me about?

[Sam sighs]

Sam: Jason will want to be involved in your baby's life if it turns out that he's the father.

Elizabeth: Well, that's up to Jason. I would never keep him from his child.

Sam: Ok. Well, what about Lucky?

Elizabeth: That's our business. But my plans are the same. Regardless of who the father is, I'm going to raise my children on my own.

Sam: Ok. I just -- look, I -- I just hope you mean that. Because when it comes to Jason, there's something that you should know. I -- I'm going to fight for him.

Nikolas: I -- I always knew you loved Ric. But you're making it sound like you're trapped because of Molly.

Alexis: "Trapped" is too strong of a word.

Nikolas: Would you be with Ric if you didn't have Molly?

Alexis: Ric and I are complicated people, and you put two people like us together, there's bound to be friction; there's bound to be anger. But there is also love, Nikolas.

Nikolas: So you're saying the scales are balanced here?

Alexis: I'm saying that he has disappointed me in ways that I can't even tell you about. But when it comes to my girls, he has never failed me, not once. Not once, Nikolas. He loves them, and they love him, and that's what I need to focus on right now. And to get better, I need to focus on Ricís strengths rather than his weaknesses.

[Phone rings]

Nikolas: I'll get it. I'll get it.  Hello? No, this is her nephew, Nikolas Cassadine. Ok. Thank you for calling. Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Who was that?

Nikolas: That was the nurse from the hospital. Ric's been admitted. He's been beaten severely.

Det. Rodriguez: Oh, damn. You got roughed up pretty bad.

Ric: Yeah. Could've been worse. I could've ended up in the morgue.

Det. Rodriguez: Did you get a good look at your assailant?

Ric: It was Jason Morgan. I want him charged with attempted murder.

Sonny: I didn't just happen to show up. Ric called me, said he wanted to meet me here because he had something to tell us both.

Jason: You think Ric was counting on you to stop him?

Sonny: I don't have to be a psychic to know what -- what happened next. He started calling Sam names, am I right? It was a -- it was a setup. I'm surprised you didn't know.

Jason: I -- I know, ok? I saw it, I didn't care. I don't care!

Sonny: Well, you should care! Anger's for amateurs. I know it feels good to beat the hell out of somebody. But in the long run, you're only hurting yourself. Still, Ric took a big chance because you're a big guy; you could've killed him. How did he know, you know, I was going to stop him in time? This is just --

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: He's desperate, and you know why?

Jason: I mean, it -- it's got to be Elizabeth.

Sonny: What about Elizabeth?

Jason: Ric knew she could be pregnant with my child.

Sonny: She told him?

Jason: No, no, no, no, she didn't tell him. Ric had this apartment under surveillance. He had some kind of long-range microphones. Stan put in new blockers, so it's safe, but Ric heard Elizabeth and me talking -- talking about the baby.

Sonny: How long has he known?

Jason: At least since last night.

Sonny: Then that's -- you know, that's what's going on here. Ric is -- you know, he's like -- he's got a wife who has cancer. He -- he should be at home taking care of his wife and kids. But it's more important to him that you stay away from Elizabeth. Ok, you know what? We're going to talk like this forever. You need to get out now.

Jason: No, I canít. I told you I canít. Sonny, I can't leave. It's not just the paternity test, Sam --

Sonny: Look, Sam doesn't want you in prison any more than I do. Got to give me time to clear your name. Now, you got to stop attacking Ric. You got to stay away from him, ok? If he comes to you and he wants to talk to you, don't -- no, you know what? Just stay away from him. Ok?

Jason: Ok, I'm going to do -- I'm going to do this your way.

Sonny: Ok.

Jason: But you need to understand something.

Sonny: Mm-hmm?

Jason: Ric kidnapped Carly when she was pregnant. He wanted to steal your child because he hated you. If I turn out to be the father of Elizabethís baby, I will do anything to protect my child. I will do anything.

>> In seven days, Genie Francis returns as Laura Spencer on "General Hospital.Ē

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Robert: If we're going to get her out of here, it's got to be now.

Skye: I passed my due date. What happens if I go into labor?

Alexis: I think that Jason knows Ric and Sam had sex. He tried to kill Ric.

Ric: I got everything I need to put Jason away, and I got you to thank.

Kelly: The results of the paternity test just came back.

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