GH Transcript Wednesday 10/18/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 10/18/06


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Carly: Sorry I'm late.

Jax: Oh -- hey.

Carly: Hey.

Jax: Hi.

Carly: Hi. Oh, I was with Jason. We were having this discussion -- about his love live. Not about mine because my love life is absolutely perfect.

Jax: Well, likewise, I'm sure. You ready?

Carly: Where we going?

Jax: We're going to go over to see Alexis, and tell her that we're getting married. I want to ask her to be best person.

Carly: I don't want that woman anywhere near my wedding.

Lulu: Maxie, why can't you get it through your head that nothing you do will make Lucky want you?

Maxie: You don't speak for your brother.

Lulu: All right. Unless you got pregnant on purpose and you're trying to trap Lucky --

Maxie: Which I didnít.

Lulu: Then there's really no reason that you should want this pregnancy.

Maxie: Wow. How did I guess that you would say that?

Lulu: Maxie, your dad's upset, and you didn't get the payoff that you expected with the Quartermaines. This baby is an accident. It can be terminated safely and legally.

Maxie: I love Lucky, and I love this baby that is growing inside me, but even if I didn't, I'm not like you. I could never have an abortion.

Elizabeth: Tell me exactly what Ric heard from the bug in Jasonís penthouse.

Det. Rodriguez: You said that it would destroy Lucky if it turns out that Jason is the father of your baby.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God.

Det. Rodriguez: I'm not judging you. I just thought you should know.

Elizabeth: What if Ric tells Lucky?

Lucky: Is Elizabeth ok?

Ric: Well, I just saw her at the hospital. She was a little tired and overworked.

Lucky: Oh, God, Elizabethís got to stop pulling so many double shifts. She's -- she's pregnant.

Ric: Yeah, I know. That's why I'm here.

Jason: I can't change anything that's already happened. And I can't go back all those nights I wanted to pick up the phone and call you, or take back all the times I pushed you away. All I can do -- all we can do is move forward.

Sam: Wow. I feel like all I've -- I've done lately is go in circles. Moving forward would --

[Sam sighs]

Sam: It would be really nice for a change.

Jason: Ok, ok, we -- we do have a choice. We can just stop and let go and move on in different directions, or we can keep going until we find a way to make this work -- even if I turn out to be the father of Elizabethís baby. I -- I told you what I want. Now it's up to you.

Sam: You know, I have thought about my options. And, yeah, I could transform myself into the daughter Alexis always wanted me to be. I could be the perfect sister to Kristina and Molly, deal with Ric however I choose to. Or I could -- I could rent a salvage boat; go up north for the winter. You know, that does sound like a good idea sometimes. But in my heart, Jason, I will always choose you.

Maxie: Maybe getting an abortion meant nothing to you. Maybe you don't care that you ended your baby's life.

Dillon: Oh, you know what, Maxie? Back off. Lulu agonized on the decision to have an abortion --

Maxie: I'm sorry, where do you get off defending Lulu in front of Georgie?

Georgie: Hey, Maxie, leave me out of this.

Maxie: You know, how much longer are you going to hide your head in the sand? When are you going to realize what's going on? Lulu lied to get Dillon into bed -- or, on the floor of the boathouse to be more specific.

Lulu: Oh, unlike you, who takes my brother upstairs to hook up?

Maxie: Dillon fell for Lulu's garbage, got her pregnant, and you still took him back. And now he's defending her and throwing her in your face. In fact, when are you just going to admit you want to be with this skank and let Georgie go?

Carly: Alexis hates me. Even with cancer, she will do everything she can to stop our wedding, Jax. There is no way she is going to be standing up there with us during the ceremony.

Jax: What if I said that about Jason?

Carly: Jason's different -- he's my best friend.

Jax: And Alexis --

Carly: I know she's your best friend, ok, but she will do everything to ruin us, and Jason wonít.

Jax: Sonny will.

Carly: Well, hopefully, Sonny's not going to be in our wedding.

Jax: Right. Look, my point is that -- that I'm not really fond of either of them, ok, but they're important to you. Now, you've already asked Jason to be in the wedding. Sonny is -- you know, he's part of the family. You have the kids, so he's going to be there. And Sonny and Jason, they kind of, you know, comes as a deal. Ok? They're a part of that frustrating, astonishingly beautiful person that you are.

Carly: Nice try.

Jax: Look, all I'm saying is that we both have baggage, right?

[Carly sighs]

Jax: And my mother, who tries to run my life when she's not saving endangered lizards or something. And I have a brother who has a bounty on his head in, like, four countries. And then there's the -- you know, the best friend/ex-wife who can be a little bit condescending to you at times.

Carly: You think?

Jax: Look, I know Alexis isn't perfect, but I love her dearly. Ok? And if I have to be flexible, doesn't that mean that -- that you have to be a little bit flexible, too? I mean, isn't that what marriage is all about?

Patrick: Greeting from Paris --

[Robin squeals]

Patrick: Dr. Scorpio.

Robin: You're home!

[Robin squeals]

Patrick: Oh, jeez.

Robin: Oops.

Patrick: Well, if this is my welcome, I'll have to leave more often.

Robin: No, no, no, don't you dare. Hi.

Patrick: How are you?

Robin: Thank you for my present. I'm -- I'm kind of surprised you remembered.

Patrick: It looks like someone else remembered, too. Are those identical?

Robin: Um -- yeah. I don't really want to go there.

Patrick: Because you already have one?

Robin: No -- uh -- it's from my father.

Patrick: I don't want to go there, either.

Robin: Maybe my mother is right. Maybe you two are exactly alike.

Patrick: I don't think so.

Epiphany: Ahem. Are we in the supply closet?

Patrick: Epiphany. Did you miss me?

Epiphany: If you aren't working, get out of the way.

Patrick: Well, I missed you, too.

[Robin chuckles]

Patrick: So --

Robin: Hmm -- before we dive into that closet, I really want to know about Dr. Legrasse. Do you think that he can bring Laura Spencer back?

Elizabeth: Ric and I used to be married.

Det. Rodriguez: I know.

Elizabeth: And then he had a breakdown, and he did some terrible things and --

Det. Rodriguez: I heard all kinds of rumors.

Elizabeth: He can be volatile, he can be dangerous, but I don't think he would deliberately set out to hurt me. I mean, not now, especially while I'm pregnant. So why would he say anything to Lucky to undermine his recovery?

Det. Rodriguez: All I know is that Lansing pulled the plug on the surveillance and destroyed all copies of the tape as soon as he heard that part about you and Morgan. Whatever Lansingís up to, he obviously doesn't want word getting out. But I thought you had a right to know.

Elizabeth: Thanks. Yeah, I -- I appreciate that. You think I should tell Lucky?

Det. Rodriguez: It's your call. But given the situation, don't you think it's better for Lucky to hear the truth from you?

Ric: Elizabeth is a good person. I always regretted how our marriage ended up. I wanted a better life for her.

Lucky: Yeah, so do I.

Ric: But I've been very concerned about her lately, though.

Lucky: I messed up, ok? There's no question. I have a lot to make up for.

Ric: Yeah, I know how that works. I didn't give Elizabeth the marriage that she deserved, either. I mean, she trusted me; I gave her lies and deception in return. I put her in dangerous situations for my own selfish needs.

Lucky: Look, Ric, I don't mean to be rude, ok, but the only thing I can afford to think about right now is my recovery. I am going to give Elizabeth and Cameron and our baby a good life.

Ric: Well, maybe I can help you out with that. I know that Mac kicked you off the force.

Lucky: Yeah, he had good reason.

Ric: As the interim D.A., I'm prepared to offer you your job back.

Lucky: You'd do that?

Ric: Mm-hmm. Absolutely.

Lucky: Why?

Ric: Well, for Elizabeth -- so she can have that good life.

Lucky: Yeah? And what is it going to cost me?

Ric: Nothing. But I'll be keeping my eye on you. And if you cheat on her, if you go back to doing drugs, if you do anything to mistreat Elizabeth at all, I can -- and I will -- rip your world apart.

Sam: It won't be easy for us to keep trying. We're going to have to let go of the old pain. And we're going to have to be honest with each other, even when it hurts.

Jason: I know. I know. Then I -- I might as well just say this now. If -- if I'm the father, I -- I do want to participate in my -- my kid's life.

Sam: Ok. I want you to be a father. I just -- I never planned on it happening like this. That's all.

Jason: Yeah, I'm sorry for what -- for what this is costing you.

Sam: I'm not the only one who's been hurt, Jason. If I could take back that night with Ric, I would. And I can't blame anybody else. I did what I did. This is all just -- it's part of the fallout. I apologized to Elizabeth, by the way. I don't want her to think that I envy her just because she's pregnant with your child.

Jason: Just so you know, Elizabeth is not counting on a life with me. It's actually just the opposite. She is really determined to be a single mother.

Sam: Would you be able to do that? I mean, could you let Elizabeth bring up the baby on her own? Would you be able to stay away, and stay out of your own child's life?

Dillon: Maxie, Georgie and I are in love with each other and completely committed.

Maxie: Then why are you always defending Lulu? I mean, she broke you and Georgie up because she lied. And then got pregnant, probably on purpose.

Lulu: That's a lie.

Maxie: And when she realized your family wasn't going to let her trap you, she had an abortion. How can you even stand to look at her?

Georgie: Maxie, please, give it a rest.

Maxie: You're supposed to b smart, ok? But you won't even look at what's going on right in front of your face. Lulu wants Dillon. Didn't you see him on TV trying to get out from underneath that lawsuit? Who do you think put him up to that?

Dillon: That was my idea, Maxie.

Maxie: Yeah, but Lulu backed you every step of the way, didn't she?

Dillon: Lulu had nothing to do with it.

Maxie: Look at her, standing there all innocent. Can't you see what's going on right in front of your face? She wants to steal Dillon. And if you don't do something about it, she's going to get him.

Lulu: Bye, Maxie. She's wrong about everything, and I hope you both know that.

Dillon: She didn't have any right to bring up the abortion.

Lulu: I set her off, Georgie. And I regret everything that happened between me and Dillon, from the first lie on. I am not after him. Please believe me.

Georgie: She's really upset that Mac found out, and she can't sue the Quartermaines, so she just really wants everybody to feel like she does -- miserable.

Lulu: Well, thank you for defending me.

Dillon: Yeah. Um -- well, here's the thing. Maxie can't possibly understand what you've been through. But some of us do.

Jason: I can't imagine bringing a baby into this world and not -- not wanting to take care of it, not wanting to protect it, teach it things.

Sam: Hey, you have every right to do that, Jason.

Jason: Do I? Or maybe I'm being selfish. No, maybe the best thing I can do for my baby is just -- is get out of the way. Look, I want you in my life, no matter what happens.

Sam: If we got together, I would want a family, too. And I'd want to know if that is ok with you, knowing that you have another child with another woman.

Jason: I mean, right now, that is -- that's a tough question. I -- I honestly don't know. That's why I just want to take this one step at a time.

Sam: You are so good at solving everyone else's problems.

Jason: Yeah, it's -- it's a lot easier cleaning up everybody else's mess than dealing with my own.

Sam: I'm ready to jump in and help you find a way through it, too.

[Phone rings]

Lucky: Jason?

Jason: Lucky?

Lucky: I need to see you. It's about Elizabeth.

Ric: Hey. How's it going?

Elizabeth: Twice in one day -- that's quite a surprise.

Ric: Well, I had a little time. Thought I'd check and see how you're doing.

Elizabeth: Shouldn't you be with Alexis?

Ric: She's at home. She seems to be doing ok. I practically had to throw her out of the office last night.

Elizabeth: Oh, yeah, well, sometimes the effects of the chemo don't really kick in until later.

Ric: Yeah, I know. Alexis is a powerhouse. I'm sure she'll sail right through it. You, on the other hand -- I told you, I'm a little bit worried about you, you know, taking all these hours. I'm wondering if you've been eating.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Ric: Well, just to be safe, what do you say I take you to lunch?

Patrick: Most of Legrasseís research is based on his own patients.

Robin: Not everything can be measured in a clinical trial.

Patrick: But good medicine can. You know that.

Robin: So you don't think there's any hope for Laura?

Patrick: I didn't say that. But hope is a long way from a guarantee. As a doctor, I have to think "First, do no harm."

Robin: I agree. But sometimes the treatment does work, and if Luke understands all the risks --

Patrick: Luke knows that a lot can go wrong. Look, even Legrasse admits that. As a doctor, I don't know if it's better to leave Laura with psycho-motor disassociation or wake her from that, knowing that if this treatment fails, she could end up worse.

Robin: Luke already blames himself for the state that Lauraís in.

Patrick: Well, maybe we should just leave her where she is. She's not in any pain.

Robin: Yeah, but would you want to live that way?

Patrick: No.

Robin: What do you know -- we agree on something. And by the way, when you're all empathetic and compassionate, that -- that works.

Patrick: Oh, yeah.

Robin: That works for me.

Epiphany: Ahem. Take it to the supply closet.

Patrick: We're just on our way.

Epiphany: Too late. This patient is waiting and he won't speak with anyone but you.

Elizabeth: You're the last person I expected to ask me to lunch today.

Ric: Well, I think we're long overdue. Well, you've had a lot going on in your life, and so have I. I'd just like to reconnect.

Elizabeth: Why now?

Ric: Maybe we can help each other.

Elizabeth: Ok. I'll have lunch with you.

[Knock on door]

Alexis: Oh.

Jax: Alexis, you all right?

Alexis: Oh.

Jax: Alexis?

Alexis: Oh, God.


[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: Hi.

Jax: Hey. How you doing?

Alexis: Come on in. Hi, Carly.

Carly: Hello.

Jax: How are you feeling?

Alexis: I -- my first bad day with the chemo. Not feeling so great, but I'm feeling better looking at you. How you doing, Carly?

Carly: Good.

Alexis: Whoa. Look at that.

Carly: You like it?

Alexis: Wow.

Jax: Carly and I are getting married. And we wanted to ask you if you would -- be best person. We've been together a long time,

Patrick: Is there a reason why you asked for me by name, Mr. Williams? Your test results confirm acute migraines. I'm a neurosurgeon. I don't have time to deal with this.

Mr. Williams: I'm H.I.V. positive.

Patrick: Yeah, that's clear on your chart, but it has nothing to do with your migraines. You need an internist.

Mr. Williams: I heard you did great with April Gilbert. You're not afraid of patients with H.I.V. or A.I.D.S. That's why I want you to be my doctor. Because you understand.

Carly: Why should I go check on Alexis? She'd rather die than let me see her throwing up.

Jax: Fine, if you don't go, then -- then I'll go check on her.

Carly: No, you can't go check on her! That's going to be really humiliating for her.

Jax: I'm not going to just do nothing, ok? She could hurt herself.

Carly: Ok, ok, I will go check on her. But I can tell you right now, she will not be grateful.

Jax: Oh, damn it. Let me help you.

Alexis: I'm all right.

Jax: No, come on, come on.

Carly: She's not ok.

Alexis: I get the white-knight treatment.

Jax: Yeah, just let us take care of you, ok? Why are you here alone, anyway? Where's Sam? Where's your husband?

Ric: Listen, you order anything on the menu you like. I suggest the flourless chocolate cake. I remember how much you love chocolate.

Elizabeth: I wish, but I'm off of chocolate because of the caffeine.

Ric: Oh, right. I'm sure you'll pick something even better.

Elizabeth: Why are you suddenly spending so much time with me?

Ric: It's one lunch.

Elizabeth: You know what I mean.

Ric: I'm concerned about you. You know, you have been through hell this past year with Lucky.

Elizabeth: I didn't realize you were paying attention.

Ric: You'd be surprised. When I was sick and I was desperate, you saw the best in me, even though I didn't deserve it. I lied to you and I put your life in danger more than once.

Elizabeth: But you changed your life. You're practically a different person. Aren't you?

Ric: I've been looking for the opportunity to make things right.

Elizabeth: Why now?

Ric: As I said, you're under enormous strain, and I don't think you should go through it alone. I would like to help you, and your children, if you'll let me.

[Knock on door]

Jason: Lucky?

Lucky: Hey. Thanks for coming up. Come on in.

Jason: Well, you said it was about Elizabeth.

Lucky: In a roundabout way, yeah. Listen, a part of recovery is making -- making amends with people you've hurt and taking responsibility for your actions, and Elizabeth is on the top of that list. And you're right behind her.

Jason: Is that -- that's why you wanted to see me? To make amends?

Lucky: Well, it is if I want to stay clean and get my life back with Elizabeth. I resented you for killing Manny and --

[Lucky sighs]

Lucky: Listen, I was messed up real bad that night. You probably saved my life, too. You know, I -- I never thanked you. Instead, I accepted a medal for something that I don't deserve. I hit bottom. I hit bottom bad, and I was trying to frame you for drug possession. I just wanted to save my career, impress Elizabeth. Instead, I almost got her killed.

Jason: But you didnít. Lucky, you're getting the help here that you need. And we -- we can all move on.

Lucky: No, not until you understand how sorry I am. I apologize completely. You've been a friend to me; especially to Elizabeth. I'm glad that she could turn to you when I let her down

Jason: If you need me to forgive you, I for-- I forgive you.

Lucky: Thanks.

Jason: Yeah, I'm just -- you know, I'm glad you're getting help. I saw what Alan went through when he got addicted to pills. It was just -- it's a terrible, terrible disease.

Lucky: Then I -- then I tried to frame you. I realized what I had all to lose in this, and -- Elizabeth and Cameron, our -- our baby. I -- I almost threw it away.

Jason: I hope you can work something out.

Lucky: You know, it's so weird how things fall together when you're trying to get your life back on track. You'll never guess who stopped by here. Ric Lansing.

Jason: What did -- what did Ric want?

Lucky: He's going to get me my job back. Oh, it's because of Elizabeth. He just wanted me to be able to support her and Cam and our new baby.

Jason: Oh. You know, we may be on opposite sides, but I'm -- I'm glad that you have a job to go back to.

Lucky: It's the start of a second chance. Once I get out of here, I'm going to give Elizabeth and Cameron and our new baby the best life I can.

Elizabeth: I'm sure my situation looks terrible on the outside, considering everything that's happened to Lucky.

Ric: He put you through hell.

Elizabeth: He was addicted to drugs, and now he's in recovery. Everything else is between me and Lucky.

Ric: I'm only trying to help.

Elizabeth: I know. I know, and I appreciate it. But really, my situation's not that dire. And my grandmother is thrilled to have me back at home. And she's a big help with Cameron, and we're all very excited about this new baby. And I have really good medical insurance, and my maternity leave is pretty good.

Ric: But you shouldn't have to work that hard.

Elizabeth: If it becomes too much, I'll cut back. And I have Emily and Nikolas. They've always supported me. And I do have other friends.

Ric: Yes. You have a lot of people who genuinely care about you. I happen to be one of them.

Elizabeth: The truth is, my life has calmed down a lot since Lucky has gone into rehab.

Ric: I'm glad to hear it.

Elizabeth: So you see? You don't have to worry about me. You can continue to focus on Alexis.

Ric: Yeah, well, Alexis is -- ahem -- she's a little hard to help sometimes. She's -- sometimes she's so independent, wants things done her own way that I wonder -- does she ever really need me? You, on the other hand, I can help.

Elizabeth: How? Like I told you, I have all the support I could possibly wish for.

Ric: I don't want to throw this up in your face. But you are pregnant by a man that you cannot rely on. Now, I know that's a terrible thing to admit. All I'm saying is, for what it's worth, you can rely on me.

Jax: Here. See if this will stay down. No?

Alexis: So much for my sailing through the chemo.

Carly: Thanks. I just got off the phone with your oncologist. They're going to prescribe another anti-nausea medication.

Alexis: Thank you, Carly.

Carly: You're welcome.

Jax: What else can we do?

Alexis: How about a distraction?

Jax: Ok. Then answer me this question. Will you be the best person in our wedding?

Alexis: What exactly does the best person do?

Jax: Everything the best man does, you know? You stand up at the altar with me, and when it's the appropriate time, you -- you hand over the rings, and you say -- you say something at the reception. Something nice, hopefully.

Alexis: What if I'm making the toast; will I be able to do it in between running to the bathroom to throw up?

Jax: Oh -- you know what? The worst will be over by then.

Alexis: I wouldn't be so sure.

Jax: You know what? Then we'll work the wedding date around your chemo schedule. Ok? I mean, I don't care, as long as -- as long as you're there wishing me well.

Alexis: I will always wish you well. Because I love you.

Sam: What happened?

Jax: She had a bad reaction to the chemo, ok? She could barely stand. And where's Ric? And where the hell were you? Why aren't you taking better care of your mother?

Dillon: Georgie, you've already changed the salt shakers. You checked the ketchup; you've rinsed out the coffee pots twice. You've got zero customers. You're running out of excuses to ignore me.

Georgie: How can I ignore you if you won't leave?

Dillon: Huh. Can we just admit here that -- that Maxie got to you?

Georgie: I hate what Maxieís done, and she's dead wrong about a lot of things -- what she did to Lucky and Elizabeth, how she broke Macís heart. And you know, maybe she did get pregnant just to trap Lucky, and that is awful, but she is right about one thing. You defend Lulu every opportunity you have.

Dillon: Well, I'm not going to stand there and let her trash Lulu.

Georgie: Dillon, it was Lulu who was saying the awful things about Maxie.

Dillon: Maxie's done awful things, Georgie.

Georgie: So has Lulu. The pregnancy, the abortion, the changes that have been made in both of your lives. Do we forget how she got pregnant in the first place? Dillon, she lied. She lied to you because she wanted you desperately. And now the two of you are closer than ever.

Dillon: Ok -- yes, Lulu and I will both always share that loss, but that does not mean that I want to be with her.

Georgie: You sure?

Dillon: Georgie, Georgie, Georgie, Georgie, Georgie -- I love you. I'm committed to you. Maxie is just jealous. She doesn't want you to be happy when she's not.

Georgie: It just seems a little convenient.

Dillon: Ok, all right -- so -- so maybe I'm wrong about that. Maybe I don't know what Maxieís motivation is, but don't let her undermine your faith in me. You're the only one I love. Come here.

Maxie: Lucky, it's me. I need to talk to you. Please, Lucky, it's -- it's really important. I'm just going to be a minute.

Lucky: You know, you really shouldn't be showing up --

Maxie: Oh, I just needed to see you. It's so awful. Lulu has blabbed to everyone that I'm pregnant. I mean, all my friends know. So do the Quartermaines. Worst of all, Mac found out.

Lucky: Ok, it was bound to happen eventually.

Maxie: He's devastated, Lucky.

Lucky: Does he know I'm the father?

Maxie: Of course he does. I'm proud that you're the father, and even if no one else in the world wants this baby, I do. I already love it with all my heart. And I just really need to hear that you -- you're going to love our baby, too.

Alexis: I was really feeling fine when Ric and Sam left this morning. And they were just a phone -- phone call away, and I was ok with that.

Sam: I am so sorry.

Alexis: Jax didn't mean it. He's just upset.

Jax: Fine. I apologize. I just can't understand why you would leave Alexis alone when you know how much she needs you.

Alexis: Jax and I need to have a little chat.

Sam: Ok, sure. Um -- I'll be right outside, ok?

Alexis: Mm-hmm. †Whatever happened to the unflappable Jasper Jacks charm?

Jax: Oh, it flies out the window when my friend is being neglected.

Alexis: I really was feeling fine this morning when they left.

Jax: Yes, but why did she leave? Ok, she knows how sick you are.

Alexis: You're terrified, and I can tell.

Jax: No, don't be ridiculous.

Alexis: You think that I'm not going to pull through this. And I'm telling you that I will.

Jax: Yeah, but not without help, ok?

Alexis: You did help me. You were here today. And as shockingly as it was, Carly was a big help, as well.

Jax: Yeah, well, still, I want to throttle that so-called husband of yours for leaving you alone.

Alexis: Actually, at the moment, the less I see of him, the better. Ah.

Jax: Why?

Carly: Jax is just really worried about Alexis.

Sam: No, Carly, he's right. I should have been here, instead of taking off to see Jason.

Carly: If Alexis needs a full-time nurse, then she needs to hire one. You need to spend as much time as you can with Jason before Elizabeth uses this baby to steal him away from you.

Elizabeth: Can we go inside?

Jason: Yeah, sure. Are -- are you all right?

Elizabeth: Oh, yeah, I'm just fine.

Jason: Um -- what are you doing, Elizabeth? What --

[Music plays]

Elizabeth: I've always wanted to dance with you.

Jason: What?

Elizabeth: Please, I need you to dance with me right now.

Patrick: I sent Mr. Williams home with a prescription of Sumatriptan for his migraines.

Robin: Oh, you're treating migraines now?

Patrick: The guy has H.I.V. He heard I was sympathetic.

Robin: Oh. I guess word's getting around about April.

Patrick: Yeah, I guess. I considered referring him to an internist, but all he really needed was someone who wasn't afraid.

Robin: And that someone was you.

Patrick: If this is going to be another one of your lectures, I really don't have time.

Robin: Well, I don't lecture.

Patrick: Correction -- you don't only lecture me.

Robin: Really? What's that supposed to me?

Patrick: Let's just say Dr. Legrasse and I compared notes.

Robin: Whoa, whoa, wait. Hold -- I don't know what he told you, but if you're implying that I lectured him at all, you're completely wrong because --

Patrick: You know what this is sounding like?

Robin: What?

Patrick: Another lecture.

Robin: Am I really that bad?

Patrick: No, no, no, no. You're perfect.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: About that supply closet --

Patrick: I thought you'd never ask.

Epiphany: We have another request for your brilliance, Dr. Drake. A patient with A.I.D.S. needs surgery.

Lucky: You getting pregnant is just not what I expected, ok? I -- I know I was out of it, but I'm pretty sure I used protection.

Maxie: It didn't work, Lucky, and I don't care. This baby is meant to be, whether you want it or not.

Lucky: I'm not saying that I don't want it. I'm just -- I will be a good father, ok? I will be a good father to it. I'm sure that we can work out some kind of custody arrangement.

Maxie: You won't even consider raising this baby with me? Look, I know it's not what you planned, but can't you just see us pushing a stroller around in the park, or showing the baby off at -- at Kellyís? I'm sure we could find a nice little apartment we could afford. We could be a real family.

Lucky: I'm sorry, Maxie, but it's just not realistic.

Maxie: I know I shouldn't keep thinking about what our life would be like together. I just can't help but feel so alone.

Lucky: You know what? We'll work something out, ok?

Maxie: I just need you.

Lucky: Maxie --

Lulu: Get away from my brother, you slut!

Jax: You know what? An unconventional marriage is one thing, ok? But a husband that's M.I.A. while his wife is battling cancer? That's -- that's another. And -- and you don't even want Ric around?

Alexis: Ric and I have had our moments. This just doesn't happen to be one of them. He was really good the first day of chemo. He's good with the kids. They need him. That's why I'm trying to forgive his shortcomings.

Jax: What shortcomings?

Sam: Ok, I get that you're trying to help, but Jason and I -- we -- we're in a good place right now. We're actually starting to trust each other.

Carly: That sounds nice. But make no mistake about it -- if Elizabeth is carrying Jasonís baby, she has the golden ticket, and she won't hesitate to use it, Sam.

Sam: No. No, no, no. Elizabeth said that she wants to raise the baby on her own no matter who the father is.

Carly: Ok, so you believe that? Elizabeth has always wanted Jason. She may have given up on him, but she never lost hope, or she wouldn't have showed up at his door that night. She was playing him then, and she's playing him now. Do not underestimate Elizabeth, do you hear me?

Ric: What was that about Elizabeth?

Carly: Wow. Where have you been? Do you not care that your wife is going through chemo?

Singer: I blew my mind

Elizabeth: Your penthouse has been bugged. The police say they've ended the surveillance, but I don't really know.

Jason: Stan swept my whole apartment earlier today. There's -- there's no way anybody can hear what we're saying.

Elizabeth: Are you sure?

Jason: Yeah, I'm sure. So go ahead. Just tell me what you need to tell me.

Elizabeth: Ok. Ric was listening last night. He knows you could be the father of my baby.

>> In eight days, Genie Francis returns as Laura Spencer on "General Hospital."

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Carly: Maybe you should pay attention to your wife.

Alexis: Ric and I have been under a lot of pressure. He has disappointed me.

Jason: Did Ric threaten you?

Elizabeth: Just the opposite.

Jason: He's working you.

Sonny: Ric is not trustworthy.

Nikolas: What has Ric done?

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