GH Transcript Friday 10/13/06

General Hospital Transcript Friday 10/13/06


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Luke: You better start talking, kid. You know, Max here is the nervous type -- he doesn't hear some answers, he might just snap and get rough.

Diego: Well, that won't be necessary. My father took Skye to South America, this place called Rancho Del Sol. If you have a map, I'll show you exactly where it is.

Luke: I'm not as stupid as I look.

Jax: Ok, this is a really big surprise -- that's why I needed you to help me keep it a secret. Ok? Can you do that? Ok, you can't tell mommy or Michael anything about this. All right? Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, right? Right. This is our secret. No one else can know --

Carly: Not even me?

Nikolas: Thank you for coming. Excuse me if I don't get up.

Jason: It's no problem. What do you need?

Nikolas: Sam was here. She was very upset and I think you know why.

Jason: I didn't realize you and Sam were so close.

Nikolas: I suppose cancer has a way of bringing families together. We both needed someone to confide in, and more often than not she was quite open, but I always felt like she was holding something back.

Elizabeth: Congratulations for what?

Sam: Oh. Really, come on. We both know you're not as innocent as you pretend to be.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry?

Sam: Don't be. Really, it's quite an accomplishment.

Elizabeth: What do you want, Sam?

Sam: You must feel like you won the lottery. Hmm? I mean, you are pregnant with Jasonís baby.

Nikolas: If Alexis does not survive this, she wants Sam and Ric to raise the girls together. Despite that request, Sam is adamant that Ric have no part in Kristina or Molly's life. She's even asked me to help fight for protective custody in the event of Alexis' death.

Jason: Family is important to Sam. She'll do anything to protect her little sisters.

Nikolas: Protect why? Ric is Molly's father. He has every right to raise his own daughter. There's obviously something more to the situation than Sam is leading on. Why is she so desperate to keep Ric away from those girls?

Jason: Do we really need to go down the list of all the sick things Ric has done? Ric is out for himself. Beyond that, anything that Sam knows is for her to tell you.

Lulu: Nikolas, you have to -- oh, I'm sorry. I didn't -- I didn't mean to interrupt.

Jason: No, that's ok. We're done.

Nikolas: Jason, I can't help if I donít know what's going on.

Jason: Nikolas, all I can say is if Sam needs your help, she'll -- she'll ask for it.

Nikolas: Ok.

[Door closes]

Nikolas: What's -- what's wrong?

Lulu: Um -- Elizabeth is being completely unfair to Lucky. Do you know that she hasn't visited him once since he's been in rehab?

Nikolas: Lucky has to get clean for himself. There's nothing more that Elizabeth can do for him.

Lulu: She could try being supportive. Lucky checked himself into rehab so that he could be a better father to Cam and the baby. He is trying to do everything he can to get his life back, and Elizabeth is acting like she could care less if he ever comes home again. I just -- I don't get it. I thought Elizabeth loved him. Why is she shutting him out when Lucky needs her the most?

Luke: Look around, junior. Your daddy's not here to protect you in case the big, bad man decides to break your knees. Think about self-preservation.

Sonny: Hey, Luke? Alcazar does have a place in Rancho Del Sol. He's used it as a safe house for years.

Diego: Look, if you want to find Skye, you better get down there now, ok? My father -- it's a matter of time before he moves her again.

Luke: If she's there at all.

Diego: I'm telling you the truth.

Luke: And why would you do that?

Diego: Skye wants out of my dad's life, right? And it'd be better off for everyone if he would just let her walk away.

Sonny: You mean better for you, right? Because you don't want your father to have anything to do with that baby, do you?

Carly: What are you up to?

Jax: Uh -- Morganís helping me with a little project that we're working on.

Carly: Oh. What kind of project?

Jax: Top-secret kind. Right, Morgan?

Carly: Well, you can't ask him to keep a secret from his mother. Right?

Jax: You tell your mother everything?

Carly: He's 4. How long do you think he's going to be able to hold out?

Jax: Ok, fine. I'll make you a deal, ok? If you have dinner with me tonight, I'll tell you about the secret.

Carly: Just like that?

Jax: Yeah. Yeah, just like that. Elm Street Pier, 8:00. Ok?

Carly: The pier? Why the pier?

Jax: It's a surprise, remember?

Carly: We're going out on your boat, aren't we? Where you taking me? Where we going?

Jax: Pier, 8:00, don't be late.

Carly: Come here. Come over here. Spill it. What did Jax tell you? Jax! You might as well tell me! I'm going to get it out of Morgan!

Sam: Don't bother denying it, Elizabeth. Jason told me everything.

Elizabeth: Well, then you obviously didn't hear a word he said, because there was only a chance that Jason is the father of this baby.

Sam: Yeah, a chance, but you're hoping and praying that he is, because that would pretty much solve everything for you, wouldn't it?

Elizabeth: What are you talking about?

Sam: "What am I talking about?" Jason could come in and clean up the mess that Lucky made of your life.

Elizabeth: Ok, I went to Jason as a friend. My marriage was already falling apart. I just needed somebody to talk to.

Sam: Well, maybe if you would've talked to your husband a little bit more, you wouldn't be in this mess.

Elizabeth: Oh, no, don't you dare put this off on me. You destroyed anything you had with Jason the second you slept with Ric.

Sam: And you took the first opportunity you could to jump into bed with Jason.

Elizabeth: I didn't plan it.

Sam: But you sure as hell didn't hesitate. You wanted it. And if you would've hesitated for a second, you wouldn't be in this mess.

Elizabeth: And I certainly don't regret anything that happened. I mean, why would I? Lucky and I were all but over, the two of you weren't together. There was nothing wrong with what we did. Can you say the same for you and Ric? I mean, what kind of person sleeps with their mother's husband?

Sam: You know what? I swear to God, if you were not pregnant --

Jason: Stop -- both of you.

Luke: So you're cooperating because you're afraid your papa's going to replace you in that cold-blooded heart of his?

Diego: Maybe I'm just in a better position to see how this should all play out.

Luke: Meaning?

Diego: Meaning my father has the best intentions -- he wants to give this kid a good life -- but what he hasn't figured out is that Skyeís baby is better off without him. He has no business being a father.

Luke: My kids say the same thing about me. I wonder what we did wrong to raise such annoying whiners.

Sonny: Thanks for coming by, Diego.

Diego: You didn't give me much of a choice.

Sonny: Max will take you wherever you'd like to go. You think he's lying?

Luke: There's only one way to find out.

Sonny: You're going to go to Rancho Del Sol?

Luke: I hear the tequila's 200 proof.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hallelujah.

Luke: That's me. Spencer. What about Laura?

Lulu: Lucky messed up in the worst possible way. He cheated on Elizabeth and he lied to her for months. But in his defense, addiction is an illness, and you wouldn't punish Alexis for being sick. So why does Elizabeth think it's ok to punish Lucky?

Nikolas: Wait -- well, Alexis did not choose to have lung cancer. Lucky made a choice every time he swallowed a pill, Lulu.

Lulu: Ok, yeah, Lucky made some horrible mistakes, but that does not give us the right to turn our backs on him.

Nikolas: Is that honestly what you think Elizabeth is doing right now?

Lulu: She hasn't returned his calls, nor has she gone to see him.

Nikolas: Elizabeth gave Lucky another chance and he repaid her by using drugs again.

Lulu: Ok, Lucky is not going to get better overnight. He is going to be fighting this addiction for the rest of his life.

Nikolas: Well, he might have to do it without Elizabethís help, because there just might be too much that can't be taken back.

Jason: There's no reason to be fighting about this right now.

Sam: No. Right. Of course there isnít. Because she's right and I'm wrong, now that she's carrying your child.

Jason: Sam, that -- that's not true. We don't even -- we don't even know that yet.

Sam: I know, Jason. Come on. It's too perfect. Congratulations.

Jason: Sam -- I'm sorry. She shouldn't really --

Elizabeth: That's -- please, I don't --

Jason: Take this out on you.

Elizabeth: I do not blame her. I mean, if I was the one who'd been with you for two years and then Sam wound up pregnant, I'd hate her, too.

Jason: This -- this just has to stop. Have you taken the paternity test yet?

Elizabeth: I'm going to the hospital right now.

Jason: I hope it turns out the way you want.

Elizabeth: Thanks.

Luke: Yeah, I understand you've got other potential candidates. But I -- I haven't made up my mind. I'm not going to be rushed here. No! Doctor, I'm not going to be rushed about this treatment when my wife's life is at stake, for God's sake. Right. Right. Oh, man, doctors, huh? They'll never give you a straight answer, but they want you to give them one right away.

Sonny: How's Laura?

Luke: The same. Robin Scorpio put me in touch with this guy in Paris who's done a lot of research and he's come up with this wonder drug which could possibly break her out of the shell that she's in.

Sonny: What's the catch?

Luke: The catch is there are no guarantees. It could work, and she'd be back just the way she was, or it could fail. The worst part is it could kill her.

Sonny: That a lot to think about, right?

Luke: Yeah. This Dr. Legrasse -- he's all gung-ho to do it. Me -- I'm still weighing the odds, you know?

Sonny: You told your kids?

Luke: What? No. There's nothing to tell them. I don't want to get their hopes up in case I decide it's too risk

Sonny: Oh, I know. It's your call -- yeah -- you don't think Lulu deserves to know?

Diego: Tratame con respecto!

Lulu: Trust me on this, the wall always wins.

Diego: Ugh!

Lulu: Ok, ok, ok. Do you feel better?

Diego: No, not really.

Lulu: Well, it's too bad because you're going to be hurting a lot more in the morning. You should really put some ice on that.

Diego: I'm fine.

Lulu: Ok, if you say so. Is it anyone that I know?

Diego: What? What?

Lulu: Someone made you mad enough to want to break all the bones in your hand. Who was it?

Diego: It was your father, actually. Yeah.

Lulu: What did he do?

Diego: Well, he had some guys pick me up and take me over to Sonny's because he tried to scare me into telling him where my father took Skye.

Lulu: And did it work?

Diego: No. I saved him the trouble and I told him where they were, and that's where your dad decided to tell me how little respect he had for me because I had turned in my father.

Lulu: Well, why did you?

Diego: Listen, my father has -- has given in to all of his worst impulses, ok? He's trying to get back what's his, but this is not about territory, all right? It's not about power, who's got more power. It's not. It's about an innocent baby who doesn't deserve to grow up around bullets flying everywhere and -- and bodyguards and -- and lies!

Lulu: I just -- I thought that you always wanted to be like your father.

Diego: No, I wanted respect, Lulu. There's a difference, ok? There's nothing respectable about kidnapping a pregnant woman.

Lulu: I -- I agree. I -- I think his methods are wrong, but at least he wants to be a part of the baby's life. That has to count for something. I would much rather have a father who was somehow involved rather than not there at all.

Diego: Even if it got you killed? Even if it got you killed, Lulu? Listen, my dad said that he would quit the business so that he and Skye could raise this child without the violence and the danger. But the first chance he saw, he ran right for it!

Lulu: Yeah, but if he hadn't, you'd still be sitting in a prison cell.

Diego: Oh, my -- I didn't ask him to call in that favor, all right? He used me as an excuse, and I'm not going to let him use this baby more than he already has!

Lulu: Is this really all about the baby?

Diego: Look, this kid is my family, all right? If I don't protect it then who will?

Colleen: If I don't find blue bunny, Spencer will never get to sleep.

Nikolas: Here, I'll help you.

Colleen: You promised Alfred you wouldn't overdo it.

Nikolas: My leg's practically healed already. Ow! Ok, maybe not.

Colleen: Look at me -- I'm not hovering, not coddling, and not helping you back to the couch just like you asked.

Nikolas: Thank you. Ok, maybe -- maybe you can coddle just a little bit. Thank you.

Colleen: Ok. There you go. Oh.

Nikolas: Oh. When is this damn thing going to heal? I hate being stuck around here all day. I feel like a -- a potted plant.

Colleen: A potted plant can be nice to look at. Um -- I didn't mean that.

Nikolas: It's all right. Would you mind getting my pills there? I need to take two before I go to bed.

Colleen: I'll pour you a cup of tea, as well.

Nikolas: Thank you. Have you gotten any calls from Greece? I should've heard from Emily by now.

Colleen: Um -- Alfred said not. Emily's probably been so tied up with her convention, she just hasn't had the time.

Nikolas: Well, if I call her at midnight our time here, I should be able to catch her before she leaves in the morning. Thank you.

Colleen: If you can stay awake until midnight.

Nikolas: Yeah. Thanks.

Carly: Jase? You ok?

Jason: I don't know.

Carly: What happened?

Jason: I told Sam that I might be the father of Elizabethís baby.

Carly: Oh. I'm guessing that didn't go over so well.

Jason: I hurt her, more than I ever thought I could. And Sam started taking it out on Elizabeth.

Carly: Yeah, well, good for Sam.

Jason: No, it's -- you know, Carly, this is not Elizabethís fault. She didn't plan it any more than I did.

Carly: Maybe not. Maybe not. But can you blame Sam for being hurt and angry? You spent one night with Elizabeth and she wound up with the one thing Sam wants most in this world -- your baby.

Jason: We don't even know if the baby's mine.

Carly: Ok, Jason, you may be waiting for a paternity test, but Samís already convinced. She knows that Elizabethís baby is yours.

Elizabeth: Dr. Lee.

Kelly: Hi.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry I'm late. If you have another patient --

Kelly: You're my last appointment.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Kelly: We can do the paternity test whenever you're ready.

Elizabeth: I've been waiting for this test for weeks, and now that it's finally here, I'm kind of nervous.

Kelly: Believe it or not, the hard part is over.

Elizabeth: I wish the test was, too.

Kelly: It'll be soon enough. Do you have any questions before we get started?

Elizabeth: Yeah -- when do I get the results?

Kelly: It'll take a few days for the lab to compare the D.N.A. from the baby's cells to the swab I took from Jason.

Elizabeth: And how conclusive is this test?

Kelly: It's 99% accurate in determining paternity. If the test rules out Jason, we'll know that Lucky's the baby's father. Do you need a few minutes?

Elizabeth: No. I'm ready to find out who the father of my baby really is.

Sonny: I think -- I think Lulu, being the daughter, would want to know what's going on with her mother. I think, you know, she seems like a strong kid; she can handle the truth.

Luke: What's your stake in this?

Sonny: Well, I told you I -- when I talked to her on the pier, I mean, she just -- it didn't take me that long to figure out that she's been feeling lonely for a while.

Luke: Yeah. She's having a tough time. She's vulnerable. Well, I got business in Rancho Del Sol.

Sonny: I can handle it for you if you want me to. I can have some of my men go take care of it --

Luke: No, that's ok. I appreciate it, Sonny, but I think better on the road, I always have.

Sonny: Ok. Good luck.

Luke: Um -- whatever it was that you did for my daughter -- thanks.

Sonny: Anytime.

[Knock on door]

Lulu: What's up?

Lucky: What's wrong?

Lulu: What -- why does something have to be wrong?

Lucky: Well, I just didn't expect to see you.

Lulu: Well, I didn't realize there was a limit on how often I could visit my brother.

Lucky: There's not. It's just I didn't expect you to be back here so soon.

Lulu: Wow. You are a hard man to please. First I'm here too often, and then your wife can't be bothered to show up at all.

Lucky: Whoa, whoa. You saw Elizabeth?

Lulu: Lucky, I'm taking five classes, I'm studying all the time. I barely have time to see anyone.

Lucky: But you managed to fit me in.

Lulu: Well, that's before I realized I had met my quota for the week.

Lucky: It's important, Lulu. Have you seen Elizabeth?

Lulu: This afternoon at the hospital.

Lucky: And?

Lulu: And nothing. I -- she was working, and then I left.

Lucky: You know what? For a Spencer, you're a lousy liar.

Lulu: What do you want me to say, Lucky? The conversation mainly consisted of me telling Elizabeth how I think she's a crappy wife for not supporting you.

Lucky: One part of getting clean is taking responsibility for what I've done to other people. I've been writing it down so I could see it in black and white, and looking at my list, I can understand why Elizabeth wouldn't want to see me. Why would she? I cheated on her; I got Maxie pregnant.

Carly: You know I'm not a big fan of Elizabeth -- I'm not really a big fan of most of the women you've dated -- but I do envy her a little. I always wanted to have your baby.

Jason: Carly --

Carly: Relax, relax, relax. There are enough people vying for that honor without me having to push my way to the front of the line.

Jason: Then why do you even bring it up?

Carly: Because I just want you to know that I understand how Sam feels. She made the biggest mistake of her life, and it cost her the person she loves most. If that wasn't bad enough, she drove the man she loves into the arms of another woman -- who is now pregnant with his baby. If I were Sam, I'd want to rip Elizabethís hair out.

Jason: Why? We don't even know yet. We don't know if I'm the father.

Carly: But do you want to be?

Jax: What are you doing here?

Carly: Well, you tell me. You're the one who said our date was here on the pier.

Jax: Well, no. It's just that you're very early and --

Carly: No, no, on time. Ok, maybe a little early.

Jax: Very.

Carly: I couldn't wait any longer, so I need to know about my -- Jason, look, we're not finished yet.

Jason: No, Carly, we are for now, ok?

Jax: Problem?

Carly: Nothing that I can solve. Ok. I kept my end of the deal, now it's your time. Where's my surprise?

Jax: All in good time. For now, you're coming with me.

Colleen: Nikolas? Are you having sweet dreams? Hmm. Well, you can thank me for that. It's a dream to you, but I know the truth.

Emily: What are you doing?

Colleen: I'm glad you came when you did. Uh -- the medication he's on put him into such a deep sleep. I can't wake him.

Emily: Nikolas? Nikolas? Come on, wake up.

Nikolas: Huh?

Emily: Oh, God.

Nikolas: You came back.

Emily: Yeah. What's with the pain pills?

Colleen: He injured his knee.

Emily: He's not used to strong meds -- some people have bad reactions. Thank you, Colleen. I'll handle it from here.

Nikolas: I was just about to call you.

Emily: Well, I'm glad I'm here.

Nikolas: Yeah, me too. So nice.

Sonny: You guys hungry?

Michael: Dad! What are you doing here?

Sonny: Well, I missed you guys so, you know, I decided to come over here and make you dinner -- not the, you know, junk food your mom puts in the microwave. Where's your mother?

Michael: Oh, she went out with Jax. Uh -- Leticiaís upstairs.

Sonny: You think she'll be back in time for dinner?

Michael: What are you making?

Sonny: No, no, no, no, no. You're going to have to wait and see.

Michael: All right, ok.

Sonny: Hey -- did mommy say where she was going?

Morgan: It's a surprise.

Sonny: Ah.

Carly: You've been walking me around in circles. Just tell me what the surprise is. Come on.

Jax: Why don't you see for yourself?

[Music plays]

Carly: Oh.

Jax: Surprised?

Carly: Jax --

Jax: Hmm? I hope it was worth the wait.

Carly: Oh. This is incredible.

Jax: I'm glad you like it.

Carly: What's the occasion?

Jax: I wanted to give you an evening without any interruptions. I can assure you there will be no bodyguards feigning heart conditions or worms in your salad tonight.

Carly: I would take a hundred worms in my salad, as long as I was with you.

Jax: Really?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Lulu: You got Maxie pregnant?

Lucky: It's not like I planned it.

Lulu: Did Maxie?

Lucky: She would never do something like that.

Lulu: Maxie kept you hooked on pills for months, and then the minute that you don't need her, she winds up pregnant? I think you should think about that for a minute, Lucky.

Lucky: You know what? No matter how it happened, Maxie is pregnant. That baby is just as much a part of me as the one I'm having with Elizabeth. I just have to take responsibility.

Lulu: I hope you know what you're getting into.

Lucky: I can handle Maxie, but I could use a favor.

Lulu: Name it.

Lucky: I need you to make peace with Elizabeth.

Lulu: Forget it.

Lucky: Oh, come on, she's my wife.

Lulu: In name only. Lucky, you can't ask me to play nice after all the awful things that she's done to you.

Lucky: Ok, don't do it for Elizabeth, do it for Cameron. I don't want him thinking that his daddy forgot how much he loves him.

Lulu: Cam knows that you love him.

Lucky: No, he needs to hear it every single day. If you're with him, I know he will.

Lulu: This is low, even for you. I cannot believe you're using Cam to manipulate me.

Lucky: Did it work?

Lulu: Huh. You know I have a soft spot for that kid. It's not --

Lucky: Oh, thank you!

[Knock on door]

Luke: Well, Lulu, I didn't expect to see you here.

Lulu: Yeah, well, it's good that you're here because Lucky can use all the family support.

Luke: You've certainly got mine. I hope this works for you.

Lucky: It will.

Luke: I'm glad to hear that. Well, it's good that you're both here. Um --

Lucky: Dad, what's going on?

Luke: Alcazar has kidnapped Skye. She's in trouble.

Lulu: And you're going to go rescue her.

Luke: I owe her a lot.

Lulu: Well, have a safe trip.

Lucky: Dad, I don't supposed you could actually stick around in town and at least be a father to Lulu, at least until I get out of rehab?

Luke: Well, look, I -- I'd love to do that, but I really can't do it right now because Skye is due to give birth any day now.

Lucky: Well, what about your family? When are we going to matter?

Emily: Nikolas --

Nikolas: What?

Emily: What are you doing?

Nikolas: Oh, that was so nice, let me tell you.

Emily: Are -- are you sure you're all right?

Nikolas: Oh, man. I feel great.

Emily: Do you have any idea who you just kissed?

Nikolas: Mm-hmm -- Emily, the woman I love -- whom I love. What's -- am I dreaming? What's going on?

Emily: Why would you think that?

Nikolas: Because I dream about you all the time. And I dream that you had me back. And then I wake up and it's not real. Can you try to be real this time?

Emily: Yeah. Don't worry, Nikolas. You can sleep and dream all night, and when you wake up, I'll be here.

Nikolas: Ok.

[Mobile plays]

Jason: Sam?

Sam: Do you remember when we picked this out? You said it would help the baby sleep at night. You know, when I can't, I close my eyes, and I imagine her in her crib, listening to the music, falling asleep. Jason, do you ever think about how different our lives would've been if my little girl had lived?

[Mobile plays]

Jason: There's no point in wondering what could've been.

[Mobile stops]

Sam: Why not?

Jason: Because it won't change anything.

Sam: What am I supposed to do? Am I just supposed to forget about all the plans we made and the life we were going to have together? That may be easy for you, Jason. But when I am lying in bed at night trying to picture my baby, you -- you'll be holding yours. How do I move on from that? Tell me, please? How do I accept that Elizabeth could be having your baby?

Kelly: You should take it easy for the rest of the night. Some cramping is normal, but if you experience any bleeding, you need to come back to the hospital.

Elizabeth: Ok. Well, thanks for all your help.

Kelly: You're welcome. I'll call you in a few days when I have the results. Until then, try to relax. Stress isn't good for the baby -- or you.

Elizabeth: Well, I'm not going to make any promises because you know how good I am at waiting.

Kelly: Have you decided what you're going to do?

Elizabeth: Even if this baby is Lucky's, I'm still going to divorce him because I can't raise my children around an addict.

Kelly: And if Lucky's not the father?

Elizabeth: I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do if it turns out Jasonís the father of this baby.

Luke: What do you say we skip the part about my prolonged absences during your sister's formative years and cut right to the part where you blame me for everything that's wrong in your life? Come on, I'm working against the clock here.

Lucky: I'm not going to blame you this time.

Luke: Really? Why not? Go against your 12-step cha-cha?

Lucky: I can't blame my addiction on you or anybody else. I got myself addicted to pain pills and I am going to crawl out of this on my own.

Luke: Ok. Ok, well, what is it that you need from me to help you get back on track?

Lucky: Nothing. It's just that I find it ironic that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get my family back, and you're willing to do whatever you can to stay away from yours.

Emily: Hello?

Nikolas: Oh.

Emily: Hi.

Nikolas: You really are here. Huh. I thought I was dreaming. I wasn't sure.

Emily: Yeah, well, the convention was a bust -- it was really for surgeons -- so I flew right home. What a waste, huh?

Nikolas: Well, you could've toured Greece.

Emily: What, without you? Why bother?

Nikolas: Well, I'm glad you're here. I -- oh, man, I'm -- I'm having the strangest dreams, really -- really vivid dreams lately.

Emily: Well, you know, we'll -- we'll have to ask the doctors to switch your -- your medication. You're clearly having a bad reaction to this one.

Nikolas: You can tell?

Emily: Yeah, you -- when I got here, you had -- you had zoned out. You know, I -- I couldn't wake you.

Nikolas: Did I do anything embarrassing?

Emily: Well -- uh -- your eyes were open, but -- but you thought you were asleep. It was just the -- the tiniest, tiniest bit strange.

Nikolas: Oh, no, no. No, you have to tell me now. What?

Emily: What -- uh -- you kissed me.

Nikolas: No, I didnít.

Emily: Yeah, you did.

[Emily laughs]

Nikolas: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

Emily: What, really?

Nikolas: Well -- I -- no, I mean, it just -- well, what kind of kiss was it?

Emily: Um -- you, you know, kissed me like -- like you -- like you meant it.

Nikolas: Did I say anything?

Emily: Uh -- no, I -- I don't remember.

Nikolas: You -- you're such a liar. You don't get to leave here until I get a full report on what a fool I made of myself.

Sonny: What's this secret Morganís talking about?

Michael: I don't know.

Sonny: So, Jax never said anything when he was here?

Michael: Not to me.

Sonny: Um -- did Carly say where she was going?

Leticia: Um -- all she said was that she'd be out with Mr. Jacks, and that she'd call to check on the boys later.

Sonny: Oh. Has she?

Leticia: Not yet.

Sonny: Hey, buddy?

Morgan: What?

Sonny: Hey, can I talk to you for a second?

Morgan: Yes.

Sonny: Yeah? So, did Jax say anything about this surprise? Is it -- is it for mommy, or did he say what the surprise is? Would you like to tell me what it is?

[Music plays]

Carly: Life has a funny way of working out -- look at us. Who would've ever saw that coming?

Jax: Well, certainly not me.

Carly: Of course not. I am the furthest thing from being your type.

Jax: Oh, really?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jax: My type? What's my type?

Carly: In a word?

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: "Victim."

Jax: Oh.

[Carly laughs]

Jax: No, that's -- you know, that's just --

Carly: Oh, come on. If you see a damsel in distress --

Jax: No --

Carly: You can't resist sweeping her off her feet. Face it --

Jax: Oh, you know --

Carly: You are every woman's fairy tale.

Jax: Women may turn to me in a crisis, ok?

Carly: Uh-huh.

Jax: But then they -- you know, they -- they lose interest. They miss the very thing that -- that drew us together in the first place -- "danger."

Carly: There is something irresistible about a man who lives life on the edge.

Jax: Right, which would explain your four marriages to Sonny.

Carly: Three. Three marriages to Sonny.

Jax: Oh, only three? Ok.

Carly: You know, I thought Sonny had everything I wanted -- power, passion, money. And then once you break his trust, there's no getting it back, and believe me, I tried everything. And then I realized, you know, love shouldn't be that hard. You know what?

Jax: What?

Carly: With you, it's not.

Jax: You know, I lost at love so many times. I was -- I was afraid of getting hurt again. And you came into my life and you just -- you turned everything upside down.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: That's my specialty.

Jax: Somewhere along the way, I stopped thinking of us as a risk. I started thinking of us as an opportunity for happiness, happiness that I never thought I could find again. Now that I have, I never want to let it go.

Jax: I love you. Will you marry me?

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "General Hospital."

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lulu: Do you even care what you're doing to Lucky?

Sam: How could you deny me a child and give one to Elizabeth?

Sonny: If Jax tries to take my place, he's got something coming.

Carly: It means so much that you'd ask me to be your wife.

Jax: Is that a yes?

Carly: Why do you want to?

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