GH Transcript Wednesday 10/11/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 10/11/06


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Lulu: Ok, I was working here -- against the table. I moved it over to the table, and I left it right here. Then I got a cup of coffee. Where is it? How am I supposed to get this jerk to give me an A when I can't find my comparative lit paper?

Dillon: Don't look too surprised.

Lulu: Just -- I'm getting used to the preppy look.

Dillon: Have you -- have you seen the E.L.Q. quarterly business report? I need it for econ. lab, and if I don't have, I -- I'm done. And -- wait, no, I -- I put it over here, and I came in -- I came in this morning to grab something -- what do you have? What do you have?

Lulu: Uh -- a bunch of numbers.

Dillon: Ok. I got words. "Mrs. Dalloway meets Daisy: A Comparative Analysis of Two Women Characters of Virginia Woolf and --"

Lulu: Yeah, give me that.

Dillon: Did you write this?

Lulu: Yes.

Dillon: Wow.

[Lulu sighs]

Dillon: I thought you hated college.

Lulu: I am making Pete Marquez -- the self-proclaimed God's gift to English -- give me an A, that's all. Is this what you want?

Dillon: Yes, the report. Thank you.

Lulu: Not that it makes any difference, but -- um -- I miss your old hair.

Dillon: Well, change happens, Lulu. You know that.

Edward: Is it expecting too much to want to read the first page of the newspaper in my own house with a cup of decent coffee?

Alice: I'm sorry, Sir. I'll call the newspaper office right away for a replacement.

Edward: Did you -- hey, did you take the first section of the newspaper again?

Monica: Ooh. Somebody hasn't had their coffee this morning.

Alan: I haven't even seen the paper this morning.

Alice: Well, I'm sure you haven't missed anything.

Tracy: Want to bet?

Jason: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey. Nothing has changed since last night, so you don't really need to check on me.

Jason: No, actually, I was checking on a worker from one of the coffee warehouses -- James Dawson?

Elizabeth: Um -- yeah, Dawson’s in room 715. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions.

Jason: It's ok. If it helps at all, I'm -- I'm nervous, too.

Ric: Alexis was anxious about starting chemo today, so she couldn't sleep. And I couldn't sleep, and then she got upset, so --

Sam: Did you ever think that maybe she knows?

Ric: You know, if Alexis knew that we slept together, we'd both be out on the street.

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Jason: Look, I know I probably shouldn't have told you I'd marry you. I -- I know I put you in an awkward position.

Elizabeth: No, no, you -- you didn’t. It was a generous impulse. It just -- it wouldn't be fair to anyone.

Jason: But if the child's mine --

Elizabeth: I already decided. It doesn't matter who the father is. I'm going to raise these children on my own.

Alexis: Morning.

Sam: Good morning.

Ric: Hi.

Sam: I was going to go make some coffee if you want any.

Alexis: Uh -- ok. Thanks.

Sam: Ok. Well -- coffee, breakfast, bagel, waffles -- no?

Ric: You know what? Why don't you get your coffee and we can take a walk on the lake. The leaves are changing. It's really beautiful this time of year.

Alexis: Why are you both acting like this is my last day on the planet?

Sam: I'm not.

Ric: What are you taking about?

Alexis: I start chemo today. It's daunting, but it's not the end of the world, right? So, anyway, before we go to the hospital, there's something that I'd like to talk to you both about. It's important.

Robin: Hey. I'm glad you called.

Robert: Hey. Don't worry, love.

Robin: Well, where are you? Are you ok?

Robert: Yeah, I just got off the plane.

Robin: In Port Charles?

Robert: Where else would I be?

Robin: Will you quit it with the superspy debonair act? What happened?

Robert: Well, alley cat went for the bait. A couple of his goons followed me, and as we speak, he's on his way to who he thinks is going to be Skye. Little does he know, she's on the far side of the planet.

Robin: Ok. Have you thought about what's going to happen when Alcazar figures this out?

Robert: Yeah, well, I thought I'd tell him a bold-faced lie and that Skye gave us both the slip.

Robin: And why would he believe that?

Robert: It's called saving face. He doesn't want to admit that I got the better of him. Hey -- I'm trying to be nice here.

Robin: Can I remind you that this man put you in the hospital very recently?

Robert: It's something I'm not about to forget.

Robin: I really wish you didn't get involved with this.

Robert: Look, Skye’s safe, I'm safe, and more important, you're safe.

Lorenzo: Skye's not there? Did you follow Scorpio? Do not give me any more excuses. No, forget it. I will handle this personally.

Skye: Oh. The ocean is just gorgeous this morning.

Maid: Hmm. Soon we'll be taking our little ones to the beach.

Skye: You're pregnant? Oh, I'm so happy for you! Does your husband know?

Maid: Oh, he's handing out cigars to all of his brothers -- mine, too. My mother, she's calling me every five minutes for advice. And aunts, uncles, and cousins -- all lining up to baby-sit. I'm sorry. I know you miss your family, especially now.

Alan: "An E.L.Q. subsidiary continued to market the faulty condoms for months after significant problems were significant problems were reported." This is a disaster.

Monica: "E.L.Q. is now threatened with a massive class-action lawsuit." How'd this even get in the newspaper?

Edward: It's the bloodthirsty liberal media. They have had it in for E.L.Q. for years, and you made it much easier for them, dear, because you used substandard products in those condoms.

Tracy: Everything we used was within industry-accepted guidelines.

Edward: Oh, really? Then why is my company being sued?

Lulu: Because you made condoms that didn't work. Because people's lives were ruined. Why shouldn't your company have to pay for that?

Monica: "Despite repeated attempts, no one from E.L.Q. was available for comment."

Edward: Since when do we stonewall the press?

Monica: Well, this article makes the Quartermaines not only seem irresponsible but just downright callous.

Alan: You called the lawyers in the P.R. Department, I hope? We need to issue an apology right away.

Edward: Absolutely not.

Tracy: I agree.

Alan: The sooner we own this, the sooner it'll disappear.

Edward: We will do nothing that could possibly be construed as an admission of guilt.

Lulu: But you are guilty.

Dillon: Not necessarily. Everyone knows that condoms are not 100% effective, especially if they're not used correctly.

Edward: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the brand-new Quartermaine secret weapon.

Skye: You don't have to apologize. The fire was a disaster for my family, but they will always live in my heart. And I know that they would love to be with me and the baby again if they could. But, hey -- enough sadness. I'm starving. Could you bring me some breakfast?

[Phone rings]

Alan: Alan Quartermaine.

Skye: Hello, Alan.

Alan: Skye. Sweetheart, how are you? God, we've been worried sick. How's the baby? Where are you?

Skye: I -- listen, I -- I can't talk long because I'm afraid they're going to trace the call, but the baby isn't here yet.

Alan: The baby isn't -- you're way overdue.

Skye: I know. That's why I'm so huge. But I am safe and -- and perfectly healthy. I just want to let you know that -- that I have a good doctor and I'm close to a very good hospital.

Alan: Listen to me. You need to come home. We'll figure this out. There is a way.

Skye: I don't want to create false hope. I just wanted to hear your voice and -- look, I -- I have to go, ok? I love you.

Edward: If a family member makes a statement to the press, it will help.

Tracy: I do not want my son in the line of fire.

Edward: He will be covering your backside, Madam C.E.O. Now, look, Dillon, I want you to go for the common approach. I want you to go out there, and I want you to identify with all of those people who say they have used an Enduro condom and have been adversely affected by it.

Monica: "Adversely affected"? Lulu got pregnant and had an abortion.

Edward: But don't you see? This is exactly why Dillon is the perfect representative for E.L.Q. He has been through the heartache; he's seen the suffering.

Tracy: And all of that can be thrown back in our face in court.

Edward: Oh. The press is probably at the gate right now. We need to give them access to the front of the house.

Monica: Now, that is a terrible idea.

Edward: It is not. We want to show them that the Quartermaines have absolutely nothing to hide. Alice, I want you to get some paper cups and some coffee out there. Use the cheap coffee -- they won't know the difference.

Alice: Right away, Sir.

Edward: Right. Uh -- so, Dillon? Now, we're going to go with your idea. You're going to go out there and look at the camera, and you're going to tell the whole world that you used an Enduro condom and you got a girl pregnant. But it wasn't that the condom was faulty. You just weren't using it properly.

Lulu: Why don't you use a banana and show them what you did wrong?

Edward: That is not funny, young lady.

Monica: He didn't do anything wrong. The product is defective, and what we have to do is own up to that and cut our losses and move on.

Tracy: Whatever we do, we are keeping Dillon out of it. Sweetheart, I am delighted that you want to be part of E.L.Q., but making a statement to the press that can be easily proven false is a bad idea.

Edward: I disagree.

Tracy: It's too much to ask. He's not doing it.

Dillon: Yes, I will.

Alexis: I am so happy to be home and not in the hospital anymore. But there's a few things that are going to happen now and I want to talk about it, because we talk about everything, right? You listening? Good. Ok. So, what's going to happen is Sam and Ric and I are going to go to the hospital, and they're going to give mommy some medicine.

Kristina: Will it make you fall asleep?

Alexis: No. This medicine will not make mommy fall asleep. I will -- I will be home tonight, and I'll be here in the morning when you wake up, ok? I'm going to have to take this medicine four times before Christmas. It's not going to hurt, but it's going to make me a little tired and a little cranky -- kind of like I am before I have my coffee in the morning. You know what that's like, right? It's kind of going to make my tummy hurt a little bit.

Kristina: Why would the medicine make your stomach hurt?

Alexis: I know. It's silly, isn't it? Medicine is supposed to make you feel better. But in this case, the medicine will make me feel better; it's just really, really strong. So it's going to upset my tummy. And it also may make me look like Queen Volton in that cartoon you watch that Ric lets you watch -- when he thinks mommy isn't noticing?

Kristina: Will you have pointy ears?

Ric: Hi, sweetheart.

Alexis: I don't think so, but --

Ric: Listen, listen, listen. Come here. After mommy -- after mommy's done getting her medicine and -- and her hair's all grown back and her stomach feels all better, she's going to be back to normal. Everything's going to go back to normal this spring, ok? And you know what the best part is? Mommy is going to be all better. Huh? Why don't you give her kiss? Go.

Alexis: Ok.

Elizabeth: I know how much it hurt you to give up Michael, and I saw what you went through when Sam lost her baby. Are you going to be able to stand by and watch me raise your child?

Jason: You know, I'll do whatever we decide is best for the baby.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I know last night I practically asked you to forget the fact that you could be the father, and now I can't stop talking about it.

Jason: It's tough on both of us.

Elizabeth: It'll get easier once I take the paternity test.

Jason: Well, just call me if you need anything.

Elizabeth: You know I will.

Maxie: Elizabeth? I just thought you'd want to know that Lucky's back in rehab.

Elizabeth: Now, why would I believe the lying skank who got pregnant just to trap him?  You deliberately set out to get pregnant, didn't you? Because you know that without the drugs, you're nothing to Lucky.

Maxie: You tell yourself that if it makes you feel better.

Elizabeth: I'm sure you planned this very carefully.

Maxie: You know, Lucky needed me, and we made a child together. I'm not ashamed of that. I owe you no explanations.

Elizabeth: Wait, let me see here -- you fed him pills so he'd sleep with you. I don't see how that's going to add up to much of a future.

Maxie: Well, he wouldn't have had to look at me twice if you weren't such a cold, unforgiving --

Elizabeth: Ok, Maxie, just stop, all right? Do you hear how pathetic you are? I mean, honey, look at your life. You're volunteering at a hospital because you can't hold down a job. You're tearing apart somebody's marriage while you're pretending to grieve for a boyfriend who died in the line of duty, and now you're keeping Lucky high so he'll stay with you?

Maxie: You treat Lucky like dirt, you always have.

Elizabeth: Ok, now you have no idea what you're talking about.

Maxie: No, no, you pretended to be all sad when we all thought Lucky died in the fire, but you didn't really care. You just ran off to Jason.

Elizabeth: That's not what happened at all.

Maxie: No, and then when he came back and he was ready to marry you, you still didn't care. You ditched him and married Ric.

Elizabeth: Ok, years later.

Maxie: And then you had Zander’s baby, and you didn't care when he died. And Lucky finally took you back, but you're -- you're just not good enough for him, Elizabeth. You never have been.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Elizabeth: You actually believe that, don't you?

Maxie: You'd like to think that you are Lucky's -- I don't know -- love of his life. But you're not. You're just his high school girlfriend who got stuck in this town with a kid, and now another one's on the way, and you're blaming Lucky because your life just didn't work out.

Epiphany: Right on time -- I'm very impressed.

Alexis: Well, it's a big decision. I told you I'm going to stick to it.

Ric: Yeah, you're going to find out very quickly that my wife is one of the most stubborn women you've ever met.

Alexis: "Tenacious" is a kinder word.

[Epiphany chuckles]

Ric: Not accurate -- right.

Epiphany: Do you have any questions?

Alexis: Are you kidding me? I could teach a class in chemotherapy, I've been researching it so much.

Ric: Yeah, listen, just to double-check, is it all right that I'm in the room with her the entire time?

Epiphany: Oh, the doctors recommend it. Actually, both of you are more than welcome.

Alexis: Oh. Lucky for you two. All right, here we go. Let's do it.

Dillon: I want to help the family out of this mess if I can.

Tracy: Dillon, you have suffered enough, so has Lulu.

Monica: The company is at fault. Now, we have an obligation to help the people who were affected.

Edward: What about our obligation to our employees? If the stock keeps dropping, we're going to have to start laying them off.

Alan: Father's right. If this scandal brings down the Quartermaines, we're going to take thousands of families with us.

Tracy: You're getting way ahead of the game here. Nobody has filed suit. And the lie you want to tell doesn't make any sense. Even if Dillon did use the condom improperly, it still could be defective.

Edward: But all Dillon needs to do is just muddy the waters. The lawyers will take it from there.

Alan: Don't do this to please your grandfather. I've learned from experience it can't be done.

[Door closes]

Alice: The press is setting up.

Edward: Now, you'll do fine. You just go out there, and you show your concern for anyone who feels that he or she has been affected. But be sure that you make it clear that the condom was not faulty. You used it improperly, and that's the reason that Lulu got pregnant -- don't use her name -- but that's the reason that the little girl got pregnant.

Dillon: I -- I got it.

Tracy: You don't have to prove anything to me or anybody else.

Edward: Look, Dillon is perfectly willing to defend this family. After all, if those condoms are faulty -- which has not yet been proven in court -- it was just -- please, it was just an innocent mistake. No serious damage was done.

Lulu: Do what you have to do -- that's what I did.

Tracy: You're not going out there. I'm going to make a brief statement and I will send them to the company lawyers.

Dillon: No, I'm doing this.

[Reporters murmur]

Epiphany: We'll give you two liters of fluids and anti-nausea medication before we start the chemo. Now, just relax, and you'll be fine.

Alexis: Ok. If you say so. Thanks. I'll be here if you need me.

[Epiphany chuckles]

Ric: Well, I -- I think it's important to keep a -- a positive mental outlook while the drugs are in your system.

Alexis: I wonder what Pollyanna would do if she were getting chemo.

Ric: You got your charm, I see.

Alexis: I got my -- I got my lucky charm.

Ric: Maybe it'll help you visualize.

Alexis: Visualize what?

Ric: I don't know -- happier things? You know, something that creates a -- a positive mental state.

Alexis: I'm the one that told you about the positive --

Ric: I know, I know.

Alexis: Ok.

Ric: Look, why don't you dig down deep and come up with something happy. I brought a few things for you.

Alexis: You didn't bring me any ocean music with crickets and chirping birds, did you?

Ric: No, I didn’t. I just brought a couple of your favorite pictures.

Alexis: Ah. Now, see, that makes me happy.

[Music plays]

Alexis: Thanks.

Ric: You're going to beat this.

Alexis: Thank you.

Singer: Do I need to be invisible to just survive or am I foolishly wasting my time? I try so hard to quiet my expensive dreams before they take me out

[Jason sighs]

Singer: And leave me wondering

Sam: There was a time when this would have been really easy for me, and -- and I would've been able to put all of my energy into this, but I can't, Jason. I don't have the energy to put into it. Every time we take a step forward, we take two steps back.

Singer: But I'll tell you

Sam: This isn't working.

Singer: Something

Sam: This is starting to hurt worse than it did before.

[Phone rings]

Singer: I wouldn't give it up, no

Jason: Hello?

Sam: Jason?

Jason: Are you ok?

Sam: I need to see you. I try to do everything right.

Robert: Well, it's not that I don't appreciate you picking me up at the airport, but you know I'm a big guy. I know I can find my way home.

Robin: I don't know about that, and I wanted to make sure that you didn't get into any more trouble.

Robert: Well, that was sweet but completely unnecessary.

Robin: Fine. Will you let this go now? You helped the damsel in distress. Whatever Skye and Alcazar have to work out, let it be their problem.

Robert: There's no way, you know, that he can find her -- unless, of course, she does something dumb and makes a phone call.

Robin: Great. So that means you can be done with it, right?

Robert: Maybe.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: It must be terrible expecting a child so far away from home. I don't know how mom did it.

Robert: Knowing your mom, she was a different animal. Irritating in the extreme, but extraordinary, nevertheless.

Robin: Yeah. Skye must be really lonely.

Robert: Well, I guess we both know a little bit about that. You know, I disappeared for all that time, and the reasons now are kind of foggy. You -- you went to Paris.

Robin: I did. But I was still in contact with Uncle Mac and a lot of other people. I was alone, but I wasn't isolated. I don't know -- if I were Skye, I would want to work things out with Alcazar rather than be cut off from all the people that I loved.

Robert: You really do miss Patrick, don't you?

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: Yes? Finally, some good news.

Edward: Congratulations, young man. I am so proud of you. You showed your colors as a true Quartermaine today.

Monica: Oh, yes -- you blatantly lied to the press about a pending class-action suit. Well done.

Edward: You -- you did us all proud.

Tracy: Are you all right?

Dillon: Fine. Yeah, I'm good.

Edward: Would you stop coddling that boy? Just give him some space. Why aren't you proud of your son just for once?

Tracy: You never should've asked him to do that.

Edward: It was his idea. He did very well for the family today. He cleaned up your mess and he may very well have saved E.L.Q.

Tracy: And what was the cost?

Edward: Well, we'll -- we'll take care of him. Don't you worry.

Tracy: And what he lost, he can't buy back.

Georgie: How could you lie like that, Dillon? You know that those condoms are defective, but there you were, the E.L.Q. poster child, lying through your teeth when you know your family's at fault.

Dillon: It's complicated.

Georgie: No, Dillon, it's not -- you lie or you don’t.

Dillon: I was thinking about all the factory workers at E.L.Q. A class-action suit could put them out of a job, Georgie.

Georgie: Can you say "liability insurance"? Do you really think this family isn't covered up to its ears? Who told you this, Dillon? Your mother, your grandfather?

Dillon: No, I chose to.

Georgie: I don't know what movie you think you're playing in, or what character you think you are, but it isn't Dillon.

Lulu: Of course it is. Just because Dillon does something that you don't approve of doesn't mean that he's a different person.

Georgie: Lulu, how can you defend him? Those condoms nearly destroyed your life.

Lulu: Stuff happens. You adapt and you move on.

Georgie: But, Lulu, it's the Quartermaines' fault that you --

Lulu: But I'm not going to blame the Quartermaines or fate or Enduro condoms. I made my own choices.

Dillon: And so did I. We're just dealing with consequences now, that's all.

Georgie: Wow. So what is this, you guys, a new club -- cynics bound by adversity? I guess there's no room for me.

Elizabeth: You don't have to work so hard to get between me and Lucky. He's all yours. So whatever fantasy you have going on about building a life with him and your baby and a bottle of pills, go for it, because I don't care.

Maxie: Then why are you acting this way?

Elizabeth: Call it collateral damage -- a chance you'll take every time you cross paths with me.

Maxie: There's something to look forward to.

Elizabeth: Oh, believe me, I have every right to tell you what I think of you.

Maxie: No wonder Lucky started taking those pills. He probably couldn't stand your smug perfection any more than I can. Go ahead, Elizabeth, live your blameless life with your blameless children. Lucky and I are humans, and we have flaws and we understand each other, and we will be completely happy with our child.

Elizabeth: I feel sorry for that baby, but I don't feel sorry for you, because you have no idea what you're getting yourself into. Lucky doesn't love you, and he never will.

Sam: Alexis is having chemo, and it -- it might take a while.

Jason: Is she ok with it?

Sam: I guess.

Jason: How are you?

Sam: Terrible. I can't do this anymore. Jason, I can’t. My life -- it just doesn't make any sense without you, and I've tried. I've tried to give everyone -- Alexis -- everyone what they want. All I want is you. I don't want to waste any more time trying to stay away from you anymore.

Georgie: You have both been through a terrible experience and I expected it to change you, but not like this. You both have become very bitter people who look at the world as a cold, awful place.

Lulu: But why is this your problem?

Georgie: Because I love Dillon. And despite everything, I do consider you a friend. I just can't believe you gave up on your dreams so easily. And for what, Dillon, the Quartermaines' money? I feel sorry for you both.

Dillon: Georgie -- Geor--

Lulu: Why don't you go chase after her?

Dillon: Yeah? And what would I say? I don't even know if she's right. Have we completely lost who we are?

Lulu: I -- I feel like I'm the same person. There just needed to be a change.

Dillon: Well, then who are we changing into?

Lulu: Anyone is better than who I was before. I need my life to matter. I need for the choice that I made to count for something.

Edward: Well, Dillon, you -- you turned in a magnificent performance, but the -- the press conference didn't go exactly as I had hoped. There is an individual who plans to sue us immediately, and he -- or she -- is on the way here now.

Ric: Could you try to visualize it --

Alexis: I'm trying. I am.

Ric: Then please work with me here.

Alexis: I promise you I'm trying.

Ric: All right, just -- think of light zapping the cancer cells, ok? What do you see?

Alexis: Radiation --

Ric: Ok --

Alexis: Fire --

Ric: No, no, no, no --

Alexis: Sunburn --

Ric: No, no, no, no, not good. Listen, try this -- try water washing over you, ok?

Alexis: Ok.

Ric: Nice and easy, it's carrying you away. Anything? Any better? Anything?

Alexis: Floods, it's flooding.

Ric: Great --

Alexis: Then there's uncaring bureaucrats who won't help.

Ric: No, look --

[Ric whistles]

Ric: Time-out. Ok, hold on to your charm. Hold -- hold on to your charm. How about soap? How about bubbles?

Alexis: Bubbles?

Ric: Bubbles, yeah. You know, as in soap. Soap --

Alexis: "Bubbles"?

Ric: Scrubbing, washing -- come on, go with me with this, all right?

Alexis: Oh, ok -- like washing the cells away. All right, all right.

Ric: Right.

Alexis: Like washing from the inside out. Like -- like when -- like when you clean a baby bottle.

Ric: Ok.

Alexis: Ok. Ok. It's in there scrubbing the cells, scrubbing them, scrubbing them, scrubbing them clean and fresh and new. I like this one. I can do this one.

Ric: Good. You're doing good.

Alexis: So are you, actually. Thank you.

Ric: For what?

Alexis: This is the first time since I started that I actually feel like I can win. Mm-hmm.

Sam: I missed you.

Jason: I missed you, too.

Sam: Oh. I thought I was doing the right thing, Jason. I thought I would -- I thought it would make it easier on the both of us, and I -- I don't -- look, I know it's not exactly the same thing, but I -- I do understand what you did and -- and why you did it.

Jason: Sam --

Sam: And why you wanted to stay away from me -- I --

Jason: What happened happened. There's -- there's no going back.

Sam: I guess what I'm saying -- I'm -- I'm ready, Jason. I am -- I'm ready to move forward if you are.

Jason: I -- I need to tell you something.

Skye: Tara? I bought some things for the baby. I know I shouldn't have. I already have plenty.  How did you find me?

Lorenzo: The call to Alan. It's ironic, isn't it, how the love you have for your family led me straight to mine?

Alan: Skye hasn't had the baby yet; she's way overdue. And God knows what kind of medical care she's getting.

Monica: Oh, now, Robert isn't going to dump Skye in some horrible place.

Alan: But I have no idea where she is or how I can find her. God knows she's got to be desperate if she'd risk making a phone call here.

Monica: Ok, then, you can call Robert. Tell him that Skye has made contact and ask him to go and get her.

Alan: Yeah, but then her problem is going to be waiting for her here. Her child's father is such a dangerous man.

Edward: Dillon, you don't need to stay here. I'll -- I'll see whoever it is.

Tracy: Why is a litigant coming to the house? I'll have Alice tell whoever it is to just go to the lawyer's office.

Edward: No, no, no, I want to speak to this person face to face.

Monica: Why? So you can negotiate a bribe?

Edward: Damn it, Monica, my company has supported you and yours in fine style for years. Why the hell are you so eager to drive it into the ground?

Monica: Why the hell can't you accept some responsibility? Settle this as soon as possible and get E.L.Q. out of the headlines.

Tracy: I agree.

Monica: Thank you.

Dillon: Well, a low profile is worth considering, especially if the stock keeps going down.

Tracy: I can't believe you just said that.

Dillon: Well, whoever -- mom, whoever this is probably has an army of lawyers coming this way. We should let our attorneys handle it.

Edward: Well, you know, you may -- you may be right about the stock. But if the lawyers get ahold of this, it'll take years, and we don't have that kind of time.

Alice: Mr. Quartermaine --

Edward: No, no, no. Alice, I said no visitors.

Maxie: Oh, this'll just take a second.

Edward: This is not a good time, young lady.

Dillon: We have to face the first litigant against E.L.Q.

Maxie: That would be me. I had sex with someone who uses Enduro condoms and I'm pregnant, and now you're going to pay.

Diego: Hello. How are things?

Lulu: Don't ask.

Diego: Well, I did.

Lulu: I'm being dumb. Everything is fine. I live in a mansion. I have people cook and clean for me. I drive my own car. I get to go to college, all expenses paid. What's wrong with me?

Diego: Um -- listen, I -- I found out about -- what happened.

Lulu: Hmm. You mean you found out about the pregnancy, or you found out about the abortion?

Diego: Both, all of it. Look, I am -- I'm really sorry --

Lulu: Why? Why? You didn't do anything wrong.

Diego: Yes, I did. I helped you plan the Georgie-Dillon breakup, remember?

Lulu: Diego -- Diego, you didn't make me lie to Dillon. You certainly --

Diego: No, I --

Lulu: Didn't make me sleep with Dillon. I made my own choices all the way down the line. The one thing that I didn't expect was a faulty batch of condoms, but even then, it was my decision to end the pregnancy. I just -- I want this to be over right now. I want to move on from this, and I guess I -- I keep going in circles because it's always there. This morning at the Quartermaines', a big discussion about the Enduro scandal and, of course, it comes up that I got pregnant. And then even though no one said that "and she had an abortion," I know that's what people are thinking. I mean, maybe it's even better that Maxie just throws it in my face.

Diego: Wait -- wait, wait, wait, wait, Maxie? Maxie, of all people? She's the last one that should be criticizing, ok? She's a very screwed-up little girl.

Lulu: Yeah, in case you haven't noticed, I'm a very screwed-up little girl, too.

Diego: Look, this --

Lulu: You know what -- no. Diego, the -- the worst part is, is that I'm doing exactly what I promised myself I wouldn’t. Right now I am obsessing over it. I am letting it control my life. I -- I get emotional, and I -- at the same time I feel numb inside. I find myself crashing into things just because I want to want something again, just to care about something. At the beginning of summer, all I wanted was Dillon. But after everything that's happened, I don't think that I can want anything -- or anyone -- ever again.

Alexis: Hello.

Kristina: Mommy!

Alexis: Hi. Hi!  Ooh, my gosh.

Ric: Honey, there's nothing wrong with mommy's hair yet.

Alexis: I'm ok.

Ric: And her ears are going to stay just the same.

Alexis: Yeah, no pointy ears. You know what? It was ok; it wasn't so bad. The doctors were wonderful, and Ric and I spent the time looking at some fabulous pictures of you and Molly.

Kristina: Are you scared?

Alexis: Not anymore.

Georgie: Hey -- uh -- I'm looking for Maxie. Have you seen her?

Elizabeth: Unfortunately, yes.

Georgie: So you know she's pregnant?

Elizabeth: Oh, she made sure I found out.

Georgie: I hate this as much as you do, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: For some reason I highly doubt that.

Georgie: I hate what's going on with Maxie. I really do. But ever since Jesse died, she just lost it.

Elizabeth: Well, she made her own choices. Now I don't really care what happens to her -- or to Lucky.

Georgie: Please don't say that.

Elizabeth: I shouldn't be saying any of this to you.

Georgie: I know what happens when terrible things happen to people -- they become strangers -- but that doesn't mean that we've lost them forever.

Elizabeth: I wish that were true.

Georgie: It has to be. I believe that I will get my sister back, and I believe the same for you and Lucky. I believe you'll get back the Lucky that you fell in love with -- if you want him.

Sam: Hey. Whatever it is, just say it.

Jason: Elizabeth is pregnant, and the baby could be mine.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lorenzo: How's the baby?

[Skye gasps]

Skye: Oh --

Lorenzo: Are you all right?

Robin: What did you think of Dr. Legrasse and his idea for treating Laura?

Carly: You can't stop yourself from manipulating me.

Sam: Elizabeth is pregnant?

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