GH Transcript Friday 10/6/06

General Hospital Transcript Friday 10/6/06


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Robin: Get off me!

Lorenzo: You see how easy it would be to make you disappear in the middle of your life, without a trace, on an ordinary day -- the same way your father made Skye and my unborn child disappear. Now, how eager do you think he might be to tell me their whereabouts if he knew he were trading that information for his own child's release?

Alfred: I've notified the staff at your Athens house that you and Master Spencer will arrive on the seventh.

Nikolas: Ok. Thank you for handling that. Oh, I'm going to take Sheba around the perimeter here and see if there's any sign of my grandmother's presence on the property.

Alfred: How may I assist you?

Nikolas: You can go back to the house and get some rest. I don't want you pushing your recovery any more.

Alfred: Very well, Sir. Do be careful.

Nikolas: I will. Thank you.

[Sheba whinnies]

Nikolas: All right, I'm coming.

Lucky's voice: Elizabeth, it's me. I know you're not ready to talk, and I've been trying to write you a letter, but it's not the same. I hope to earn your trust back, and I know in time I will, but right now all I want to hear is your voice, and know that you and our baby are ok.

[Phone rings]

Lucky: Elizabeth? Are you there? Please say something. I left you a message earlier. I assume you got it, but just in case you didn't, I just want to tell you that I love you so much. You and our baby mean every-- everything to me.

Carly: You may want to tell Elizabeth if she plans to keep this a secret, she should resist telling her business in the middle of a hospital.

Jason: I'm sure Elizabeth had no idea you were hanging around listening to her private conversation.

Carly: Don't make me wrong in this. I was at the hospital picking up a prescription for Morgan. I came around the corner minding my own business, and I heard Elizabeth say that you could be the father of her baby.

Jason: Ok.

Carly: "Ok"? "Ok" what?

Jason: Ok, you -- you heard it by accident. Just leave it alone.

Carly: You're going to be a father, and I'm not supposed to care?

Jason: No, you can care all you want. Just don't say anything to anybody, ok? Don't try to fix anything. Elizabeth has enough to deal with right now.

Carly: Oh, wow. You know, I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

Jason: What does that mean?

Carly: What does it mean? You always have a soft spot when it comes to Elizabeth. You're always buying into her whole goody two-shoes act.

Jason: Don't even start in on Elizabeth right now, Carly.

Carly: And you're proving my point. Elizabeth is married to my cousin Lucky. Yeah, things are hard for them right now, but she had no business sleeping with you.

Jason: You don't even know what happened.

Carly: Oh, I can guess. This happened right after you saw Ric and Sam together. Your head was messed up, and she took advantage of you.

Jason: How is she going to take advantage-- that is -- what do you want, ok?

Carly: I want you to be careful. I want you to be careful, and I want you to think. Don't jump to any conclusions, and don't make any promises that you're going to feel obligated to keep, ok? And you really need to think about how you're going to handle this with Sam because this is going to break her heart.

Jason: Sam already knows about the night I spent with Elizabeth. And so far, it's only a possibility that I'm the father of her baby. Elizabeth is getting the paternity test next week. Once we get the results, then we can just sit --

Carly: You can't sit around and wait, ok? You can't do that. You need to make some decisions, Jason. Because if you turn out to be the father of Elizabeth’s baby, life as we know it will forever be changed.

Colleen: Oh, I love the view from up here. Straight out of a fairy tale -- "Princess in the Castle." I never used to believe in them, till I came here and met a real live prince, with a kingdom all his own. Everywhere, as far as the eye can see, belongs to Nikolas, who just happens to be the sweetest and most handsome man I've ever met. The stables, the moors, the pasture where your daddy loves to ride. Something awful is going to happen out there today. It hurts my heart, but it had to be done. I don't want you to worry, though. Colleen's going to make it all better. There, now. You're going to be all better.

Nikolas: Thank you for taking care of me. No one's ever done it better.

Colleen: Not even Emily?

Nikolas: No. Not even close.

Colleen: Um -- you better get your rest. I'll check in on you later.

Nikolas: Wait -- wait a minute. Don't go. Stay here. There's something I want to say to you.

Colleen: Are you ok?

Nikolas: That's up to you. Yeah, I've hated being stuck in this bed all this time. But it's given me an opportunity to appreciate what an amazing woman you are. And I know how good you are with Spencer, but with me, you've been so wonderful. I just --

Colleen: It's my pleasure.

Nikolas: Please stay with me. And not just tonight.

Alfred: Colleen! Colleen, come at once! Something terrible has happened to Mr. Nikolas!

Lorenzo: Let her go. Robin, I'm not in the habit of grabbing up members of the Police Commissioner's family, so as you can see, I am at the end of my rope. I have to find Skye. She has my child.

Robin: Well, obviously, she doesn't want to be found. Why can't you just respect that?

Lorenzo: You know, I find that curious coming from you, because according to my sources, you have a history of reuniting children with their rightful fathers.

Robin: What do you want from me? I barely even know Skye. It's not like she's going to call me and tell me where she is.

Lorenzo: I just want to be there when my child is born. You understand that? So you tell your father that he's running out of time. Now, he can do this easy for all of us by telling me what I need to know, or we can do this the hard way -- with collateral damage. Tell him.

Patrick: Hey.

[Robin sighs]

Patrick: What's going on?

Robin: Oh. Nothing.

Patrick: I don't believe you.

Robin: Alcazar cornered me again.

Patrick: "Cornered you"? Do you want to be a little more specific?

Robin: Fine -- he had a couple of his thugs grab me.

Patrick: You ok?

Robin: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm -- I was supposed to be intimidated. I was supposed to run crying to my father about big, bad Alcazar, and then that was supposed to make my father scared for my safety and, in turn, give up Skye’s location, but that's not going to happen for two reasons. Number one, my father is not so easily intimidated, and number two, I do not intend being used that way.

Patrick: Well, we -- I say we don't give Alcazar another chance. Come with me.

Robin: Come with you where?

Patrick: I'm going to Paris. I'm going to meet your illustrious research mentor, Dr. Legrasse.

Robin: Huh.

Patrick: It's not like I don't trust your high opinion. I just want to see for myself if he can realistically reverse Laura’s condition. You can help convince me.

Robin: I can't go to Paris.

Patrick: Yes, you can. It's easy -- we get on a plane, a couple hours later, we're looking at the Louvre.

Robin: I am in week two of a three-week treatment with a patient.

Patrick: You can get somebody to cover.

Robin: You know I can't do that.

Patrick: You can do anything if you want it bad enough.

Robin: Stop it. My -- my answer is the same.

Patrick: Hey -- you don't have to be stubborn just because you can. Lorenzo is a dangerous man. He's threatened you twice.

Robin: No, he's not going to hurt me. He just needs a messenger, that's all.

Patrick: Oh, and you're going to deliver it?

Robin: Have you met my father? He's only going to make things worse.

Patrick: I don't know if you're being really brave or really stupid right now.

Robin: Well, a lot of people told me that when I first got involved with you.

Patrick: You're really going to pass up an opportunity to come to Paris with me?

Robin: Sorry, I can’t. Rain check?

Patrick: Ok. But in the off chance that you get a sudden urge to come visit me, the offer still stands.

Robin: Sounds good. I'm really glad that you're going to meet Dr. Legrasse. You'll have to give him my regards.

Patrick: I will.

Robin: Ok. I got to go. I'll -- I'll see you later. Bye.

Patrick: It's Patrick. I need to talk to you right away.

Jason: I've talked about this with Elizabeth, and we agree --

Carly: Oh, did you just hear what you said? You said "you and Elizabeth." You don't even know if the baby's yours, and you're already talking like you're a family unit.

Jason: Carly, what are you talking about?

Carly: You just said "we." You said "we." It's just wrong. I mean, there shouldn't be a "you and Elizabeth." Why weren't you more careful, Jason?

Jason: Elizabeth caught Lucky with Maxie in bed, and I had just seen Sam with Ric. We were both hurt, you know? We trust each other, we're friends -- it just happened, you know?

Carly: I get it, I get it, I get it. Ooh. You're not allowed to ever question my sexual behavior ever again, ok? I mean, come on. She's a nurse. H.I.V.-positive Robin used to be your girlfriend. Why weren't you guys more careful?

Jason: We did --

Carly: Why didn't you use protection?

Jason: We did use -- obviously, it didn't matter.

Carly: This is a disaster. You know that?

Jason: Well, we've -- we've had worse.

Carly: All right, back to my original question. How are you going to deal with Sam?

Jason: The only way possible. I'm going to tell her the truth.  Sam and I were actually making a little progress. But with everything she's going through, she made the understandable choice to focus all her time on Alexis and her sisters. She always wanted a family. And now she has one, and they need her. I'm not going to ask Sam to turn her back on them, Carly.

Carly: There's no reason why Sam can't stand by her family and have you in her life. Oh, my fault, there is -- Alexis. She manipulates every single person that walks in that room with her illness, especially Sam. So Ric gets to gloat over the fact that he slept with the woman you love. Kristina and Molly, they can have Sam’s undivided attention. Everyone gets what they want, Jason, except the two people who deserve it the most. That's not fair.

Jason: I appreciate your support.

Carly: You're always going to have my support, and you know that. I just want you to be happy. And for some reason that I don't understand, Sam gets the job done. If it turns out that Elizabeth got herself knocked up --

Jason: Elizabeth didn't "get herself" anything. The responsibility goes -- you know what the bottom line is here? You don't like Elizabeth.

Carly: What does she expect from you? What does she want?

Jason: She wants the baby to be Lucky’s.

Carly: Does he know about this?

Jason: He knows that she's pregnant, he knows -- he thinks it's his. He has no idea we were together.

Carly: He could've watched you guys doing it right in front of him and he wouldn't have seen it through his drug haze.

Jason: Stop, ok? Stop right now.

Carly: What?

Jason: I want to answer your question so you don't go off spinning your own interpretations and causing a bunch of trouble.

Carly: I would --

Jason: Just listen to me. If the baby is mine, Elizabeth expects nothing.

Carly: Good for Elizabeth. Follow her lead and stay out of it.

Jason: I can't do that.

Elizabeth: Oh --

Patrick: Whoa.

Elizabeth: I'm so sorry.

Patrick: You -- you ok? You look upset.

Elizabeth: Yeah, that -- that about says it.

Patrick: Well, the doctor's in. What's going on?

Elizabeth: Oh, God. Are you sure you want to hear this?

Patrick: I wouldn't ask if I didn’t.

Elizabeth: But I'm always dumping my problems on you.

Patrick: Would you feel better to know you had a sympathetic ear?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Patrick: Ok. So use it.

Elizabeth: Lucky called from rehab.

Patrick: And how's it going?

Elizabeth: I don't really know because he just left a message. And I wasn't going to call him back, but then I started to miss him, so I did, and when I heard his voice, my throat just closed up. And he continued to talk and he told me how much he loved me and that he was trying and -- and I could hear that he was desperate to make a connection, but I couldn't even bring myself to say hello.

Patrick: I got a plan. Let's get out of here, we'll go sit in the park, get some fresh air.

Elizabeth: Fresh air I could use. But I think I need to be alone right now.

Patrick: Ok.

Elizabeth: Thanks.

Nikolas: Ok, you got me here. Now, go home where you can do so real good. Spencer needs you, Alfred just got out of the hospital, Emily’s on her way to Greece.

Colleen: Alfred is fine to take care of Spencer, and someone needs to be with you. I'll go back to Wyndermere once I know you're settled in.

Robin: What happened?

Colleen: Nikolas fell off his horse.

Robin: I didn't know that was possible.

Nikolas: I took a turn at a pretty high speed, and then the saddle slipped to the side. I must not have been paying attention when I put it on and left the girth too loose. Ow!

Patrick: That answers my first question.

Nikolas: Could you not do that, please?

Patrick: Rate the level of pain.

Nikolas: High. You happy?

Patrick: I am. No pain, no gainful employment for me. Take him to x-ray.

Nikolas: Well, what's -- what's the verdict here?

Patrick: Your knee is swelling and I want to check for a concussion. See you in five minutes.

Colleen: Follow doctor's orders. I'll call Alfred and fill him in, and don't worry. I'll make sure everything runs smoothly at home.

Nikolas: All right.

Maxie: Let go of me!

Lucky: What -- what are you doing?

Maxie: I need to talk to you.

Lucky: You can't be here, Maxie.

Maxie: Trust me, Lucky; I need to speak with you alone. It's important.

Lucky: No, it's done.

Maxie: No, you're going to hurt the baby!

Lucky: What did you say?

Maxie: Oh -- that's right, Lucky. Congratulations -- we're pregnant.

Nikolas: You're a nanny, not a nurse. You shouldn't be doing this.

Colleen: I'm a care provider. And right now, you need care. Alfred isn't well enough to lug you in and out of bed, which is exactly where Dr. Drake says you have to stay.

Alfred: How's the patient?

Colleen: Crabby, I'm afraid.

Nikolas: I just pulled a ligament, that's all.

Colleen: He's supposed to stay off it in the hope that it'll heal on its own.

Nikolas: And my head is killing me right now. How's Sheba?

Colleen: Back in her stall. She's fine, but --

Nikolas: But what?

Colleen: I was going to tell Alfred in private, but you may as well know.

Nikolas: What?

Colleen: The cinch on her saddle wasn't loose. It was cut, almost half the way through. Your fall was no accident, Nikolas.

Patrick: Well, Nikolas got lucky. It could've been a lot worse. As of now, he's got a torn ligament. As long as he keeps his weight off it, he should be fine.

Robin: Good. I'll check in on him in a day or so.

Patrick: I'm not even on the plane, and you're already gearing up to take care of helpless men in bed?

Robin: Well, what are you worried about? I mean, according to you, you're the best lover in the universe.

Patrick: That's right. Don't you forget it.

Robert: Here I am.

Robin: What --

Robert: What's up?

Robin: Ugh. As if I don't know what happened.

Patrick: If you're not going to take care of your own welfare, someone has to. I'm taking off for two weeks. This would be a good opportunity for you to take a stab at protecting your daughter.

[Robin sighs]

Patrick: She's been threatened -- twice.

Robert: Threatened? Alcazar.

Patrick: Alcazar thinks if he leans on Robin, she'll go running to daddy, you'll tell him where you're keeping Skye and the all-important unborn child.

Robert: The hell he does. I want to know everything that Alcazar said and did to you, and be prepared to live under my watchful eye for the foreseeable future.

Robin: Ok, well, in case you haven't noticed, I've taken pretty good care of myself for the last 15 years without your so-called "watchful eye," so butt out. You butt out, too.

Georgie: Maxie, it's me. I'm back at work, I did what you wanted, and I left while you took that test. You need to call me back. Are you pregnant with Lucky's baby or not? I'm serious, call me.

Maxie: I know what you're thinking -- I got pregnant on purpose to trap you into some kind of commitment. But I didn’t. This is the last thing I wanted, Lucky. I saw what it did to your sister, and I'm no more ready for a baby than Lulu is. Unfortunately, my options are limited since you've made your feelings on abortion crystal clear. I wish you wouldn't look so panicked -- I don't expect you to do anything. I got to figure this out on my own. I just wanted to tell you.

Lucky: Maxie -- wait.

Carly: You are way too loyal and responsible for your own good, you know that?

Jason: What do you want me to do, Carly? Turn my back on my own kid?

Carly: No, I want you to have a child. I want you to have a child with the right woman, and that's not Elizabeth.

Jason: I can't change what's already happened. If Elizabeth is having my kid, then --

Carly: Then you and Sam are not going to get back together.  You know how bad this is going to hurt her?

Jason: Of course I know how bad it's going to hurt her.

Carly: Jason, this has happened to me twice. When the man you love is having a child with another woman, it's devastating. And Sam hasn't been able to have a child of her own, so it's going to be even worse.

Robin: And for the record, I don't appreciate you calling my father when I specifically told you I didn't want him involved.

Patrick: It's too late. Your father got involved the minute he made Skye disappear. That's why Alcazar's trying to intimidate you because, once again, your father got involved in a covert mission without thinking of the consequences to the people around him.

Robert: Wait, wait, wait. We're getting a little judgmental here. Now, what consequences were you thinking about when you were counting all those notches on your bed --

Robin: No -- just stop. Bickering is not helping either of your causes.

Patrick: Ok, if we stop, will you consider our causes and let your father keep an eye on you?

Robin: Hmm, let me think about that -- no!

Patrick: Look, you can be as mad as you want. I am not going to apologize for wanting to keep you safe.

[Pager beeps]

Patrick: I got to go.

Robin: Don't let me stop you.

Patrick: This isn't over.

Robert: Do you have to bust his chops over everything?

Robin: Why are you defending him?

Robert: Well, it's easier than defending myself. I mean, we both know who you're mad at here.

Robin: Ok, once again, you've given yourself way too much credit. My world, my being, has not revolved around you since I was -- uh -- 12.

Robert: My point exactly. I was gone for all that time when you needed me the most, and I'm still paying for it. But him? Well, he's here, right now. And this guy really cares for you, and he's prepared to put up with all of your garbage --

Robin: Oh --

Robert: To that end. I mean, explain to me the downside of all of this.

Alfred: Did you find something in the stable to support your theory? Is there a knife perhaps?

Colleen: No, but the girth was definitely cut, not worn.

Alfred: The culprits must have left fingerprints.

Nikolas: No, no, there won't be any evidence -- just like there was no trace of who almost killed you.

Colleen: Oh, my God!

Nikolas: What?

Colleen: I am such an idiot. I can't believe I didn't remember sooner. When Helena accosted me in the park, she asked something. It didn't seem alarming at the time, but --

Nikolas: What? What did she ask you?

Colleen: If you still rode that magnificent palomino mare.

Alfred: We really must call the police.

Nikolas: No. We will just be wasting our time. Helena's like a ghost -- she can appear and disappear at will.

Colleen: I don't understand. What does Helena gain by putting you out of commission for a few days?

[Nikolas sighs]

Nikolas: If I know my grandmother, she was probably going for something more permanent.

Colleen: That's awful. You say Helena’s done horrible things to people, but you're family. Why would she want you dead?

Nikolas: I'm the one thing between Helena and what she wants most in this world -- my son, the Cassadine heir.

Georgie: I'm really sorry. I was on -- uh -- the phone with a friend. Um -- what can I get you?

Elizabeth: You don't have to try so hard.

Georgie: Sorry.

Elizabeth: I don't hold what your sister did against you; I'm just here for a bite to eat.

Georgie: Ok. Um -- we have chocolate cake.

Elizabeth: That's perfect. And I'll take a glass of milk with that.

Georgie: Milk?

Elizabeth: Please. What, is milk not cool to drink these days?

Georgie: No, you’re just, you know, normally a coffee person, that's all.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Georgie: So, could I say something about Maxie without making you crazy?

Elizabeth: Um -- probably, but go right on ahead.

Georgie: She's been really messed up since Jesse died. She really loved him, you know.

Elizabeth: Hmm. Well, now she really loves Lucky.

Georgie: I'm just saying she hasn't been herself these past couple of months.

Elizabeth: How are you and Dillon doing?

Georgie: We're fine. Ok, we're better than fine -- we're working back to what we used to be.

Elizabeth: Hmm. That's good. Yeah, I'm going to give you a hypothetical. Say Lulu got Dillon hooked on alcohol just to keep him in her bed. In the meantime, you wound up pregnant. Would you really care what spun Lulu out of control if it turned your entire family upside down?

Georgie: No. Probably not.

Elizabeth: We all have to take responsibility for our actions and live with our consequences, and not whine and play the victim card like your sister seems to do so well. Look, Georgie, I like you, and I actually understand your loyalty to your sister -- I have an older sister, too. But right now, I just have ill feelings towards Maxie. Because while she was throwing herself at my husband and waving pills in his face, I got pregnant. Yeah. That's why he's in rehab. And no matter what the future holds, I'm just really glad he's safe in a place where she can no longer take advantage of him.

Lucky: Come here. Sit down. With all of the things that I've been agonizing over, you being pregnant has never crossed my mind.

Maxie: Are you unhappy about it?

Lucky: I don't know how I feel; it hasn't sunken in. Just -- ok, just promise me you won't tell anybody about this yet.

Maxie: I'm not ashamed of having your baby, Lucky, and I would never try and keep it out of your life like Elizabeth.

Lucky: I didn't hear a promise.

Maxie: I'm going to have to tell Dr. Lee eventually -- she's my gynecologist.

Lucky: Ok. That's ok. You know what? You're covered by doctor/patient confidentiality.

Maxie: It's only going to last for so long. I mean, eventually, my condition's going to be obvious.

Lucky: Well, maybe by then, we'll have some idea of how to deal with this.

Maxie: I already know. I'm going to keep this baby whether you want me to or not. It's a part of you that I'm always going to have with me, and I can raise it on my own. I'm sure Mac will let me live at home -- once he gets over wanting to kill you.

Lucky: I -- slow down! It's going way too fast. I need to think.

Maxie: You're right. Sorry.

[Lucky sighs]

Maxie: I shouldn't have come all the way here and just dumped this on you. That was selfish of me, and that's an old habit I'm trying to kick. I don't want to stress you out or make you stray off the program or whatever they call it. I want you to concentrate on getting better. I'll handle this. The first thing I have to do is explain to Elizabeth that the pregnancy was an accident, and I know you want to get back together with her. I'm not trying to be an obstacle.

Lucky: No, just stay away from Elizabeth.

Maxie: Fine. I'm just trying to help. I'll do whatever you say. After all, we are in this together.

Jason: I want -- I want Sam to be ok. But at this point, no matter what I do, I end up hurting her somehow.

Carly: Oh, that's not true. It doesn't mean you stop trying to reconnect. Look at me -- I have taken love on over and over again with varying degrees of success and failures. But no matter how many times it disappoints me, I pick myself up, I dust myself off, and I go back in swinging. You got to take the ride, Jason. Life isn't nearly as fun without it. You know I'm right. You're just too jaded right now to tell me I'm right.

Jason: It's just I can't turn my back on Elizabeth, Carly.

Carly: Oh. Can you please for once think about yourself, instead of doing what you think is best for everyone else?

Colleen: My plan is working even better than I'd hoped. Nikolas thinks it's all Helena. Not just his fall, but Alfred’s accident, as well. I hope you understand I didn't mean for your dad to be seriously hurt. I -- I just needed him vulnerable for a while. I want Nikolas and, given time, he'll want me, too -- once he's seen all my sterling qualities. Once he realizes that everything he's looking for is right under his nose -- the perfect surrogate mother, partner, and wife. And if Helena should interfere -- well, God help her. Helena may think she's the big, bad wolf in this scenario. But she has no idea what I'm capable of.

Robert: Look -- look, sweetheart, listen to me, will you? You got to stay low. You can't go running around in your delicate condition, ok? You got to trust me on this. Oh --

Lorenzo: Skye, it's Lorenzo! Skye, I want -- what the hell is this?

Robert: Sally Randall -- she gives this really cool stock report. You should check it out. You stupid idiot. You think I'd be dumb and stupid enough to call her out here in the open?

Lorenzo: You were stupid enough to cross me to help her.

Robert: You know, I've always been a -- been a sucker for a good-looking woman in distress. Every time. But when that woman turns out to be my daughter -- well, we're talking about a whole different set of rules. Robin knows nothing because I've told her nothing, and she will continue to know nothing. And Skye -- Skye’s going to go off and have her baby and never have to clamp eyes on you again. I mean, just because you make a child doesn't make you a great father. Why don't you cut your losses? Go off into the -- into the sunset somewhere, and ease yourself with a lot of --

[Lorenzo whistles]

Robert: A lot of pain.

Lorenzo: Now, you see how easy it would be to make you disappear in the middle of your life, Mr. Scorpio. Can you name anyone who would possibly care if you did?

Robin: Hey. Do you have time for a quick consult before you go?

Patrick: Who's the patient?

Robin: A young, Caucasian female with a cautious heart and a possibly fatal case of independence. What would you prescribe?

Patrick: I already told you -- two weeks in Paris.

Robin: Ah -- the patient can't fly.

Patrick: Ah. Common problem with humans.

Robin: So what do you think?

Patrick: Well, I would prescribe something like this. You're not going to get an apology out of me.

[Robin laughs]

Robin: I know. And I am not going to live in fear or hide behind my father. But I will be open to the fact that you care about me. I don't want to lose you.

Patrick: Vice versa. I'm already starting to regret this trip.

Robin: It's important. You should go. Dr. Legrasse could help Laura Spencer.

Patrick: Yeah, or it could be nothing more than a glorified hair tonic salesman.

Robin: Oh, are you starting to feel guilty because you're only going to prove me wrong?

Patrick: I'm going to prove you right.

Robin: Oh. And why would you do that?

Patrick: I don't want my inbred cynicism to get in the way of someone getting help.

Robin: Well, I want to be right about this. I know that you don't know Laura, but she's remarkable. She has a lot to offer, and her family really needs her right now.

Patrick: All right. What can I bring you back?

Robin: Hmm. Just you.

Patrick: Just me? All right. Well, that I can happily manage.

Bernie: No, no, you misunderstand. Mr. Corinthos does not want the repairs of his wife's house finished in a timely manner. The whole idea is for it to take a couple of weeks at least. Yeah, that's right. He wants you to drag your feet. He wants his wife in residence for as long as possible.

Nikolas: Oh --

Colleen: What do you think you're doing?

Nikolas: I feel better.

Colleen: If you don't stay off your knee, you're going to make it worse. And your head obviously took more of a hit than you're willing to admit. Come on. Back in bed, Sir. Immediately.

Nikolas: You're more demanding than Alfred is.

Colleen: Get used to it. Alfred's restricted to the first floor, except on very rare occasions.

Nikolas: Colleen, you can't take on all this work yourself.

Colleen: I've served as a nanny in a house with five children. I can handle you, Spencer, and Alfred -- it's almost like a vacation.

Nikolas: Somehow I believe you. And I'm in no position to put up an effective argument right now, but I want you to promise me something.

Colleen: Sure.

Nikolas: Don't take any chances. The first sign of Helena, you grab Spencer --

Colleen: The attempts your grandmother made on you and Alfred both failed, except to alert you to her presence. I don't think she'll try anything else for a while, so don't worry about us. Put yourself in my more-than-capable hands, and concentrate on getting better. You can start by taking in a little nourishment. I brought some of your favorites.

Nikolas: I see that.

Carly: Jax? We're having dinner. The most decadent, self-indulgent, romantic dinner I can pull together on a moment's notice. Someplace lavish, someplace we haven't been before -- Sonny's living room. Sonny's out of town, Max is going to take the boys to my mother's, and we are going to have all the privacy we can handle. Sonny wants me to live here; I'm going to treat this like my home. I'm going to do whatever I please with whomever I please, and I'm pleased as punch to do it with you.

Robin: Dad? Dad? Dad, are you ok? It's just me. It's me, it's me, it's ok. It's ok.

Patrick: Lucky, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be in rehab.

Lucky: I don't have time to explain. I need to see Elizabeth.

Patrick: Well, she signed out.

Lucky: Where is she?

Patrick: I have no idea.

Lucky: Would you tell me if you did?

Patrick: Be smart -- go back to the clinic; work on your recovery. It's the only chance you have with your wife.

Lucky: Nothing is going to stop me from getting my family back.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Hey. I got your message. What's going on?

Jason: Well, I just -- I just think we really need to talk about what we're going to do if -- if the baby is mine.

Elizabeth: "What we're going to do"?

Jason: Yeah, we need to be prepared.

Elizabeth: Ok, I don't know where you're going with this.

Jason: Ok, what I'm -- what I'm trying to say is I -- I want to do the right thing. If the baby is mine, I would marry you.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "General Hospital."

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Robin: Who did this to you?

[Robert coughs]

Maxie: Hey, Lucky. I was just going to tell Dr. Lee that I'm pregnant.

Carly: Jax is going to be here any minute. I want this to be a night to remember.

Elizabeth: You'd marry me?

Jason: Even if the baby isn't mine.

Elizabeth: We'd be a couple?

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