GH Transcript Tuesday 9/26/06

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/26/06


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Lulu: Hey!

Tracy: You have missed school two days out of two.

Lulu: Well, two out of two -- that's 100%.

Tracy: Let me get this straight. Less than a week of college, and you've already decided to blow it off?

Lulu: So it seems.

Edward: Good. Then you can reimburse us for the tuition we sent to PCU for you, Little Miss Ungrateful. And, Tracy, while we're discussing higher learning, why are we paying for Dillonís? He can see basic cable and get the same information. All this nonsense about movies being a metaphor for life is nothing but a tragic waste of his Quartermaine genes.

Tracy: Dillon has my permission to follow his heart.

Edward: His heart is what gets him into trouble.

Dillon: I have a question. Grandfather, when you get a minute, could you -- could you get me a copy of the balance sheet for E.L.Q.'s third quarter?

Epiphany: How much longer do you plan on keeping this pregnancy a secret?

Elizabeth: As long as necessary.

Epiphany: Well, do a better job of it because you're a mess.

Elizabeth: Tell me something I don't know. A year ago today, I had a miscarriage, and I just can't shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen again.

[Knock on door]

Lucky: Cruz?

Det. Rodriguez: Yeah, it's me.

Lucky: Did you bring it?

Det. Rodriguez: Is there room here for you and the cockroaches?

Lucky: What'd you bring me? What'd you bring me?

Det. Rodriguez: What the hell is the matter with you, buddy? Where's your wife?

Lucky: She's gone. You know what? She's going to be back.

Det. Rodriguez: The commissioner fired you, your wife left you, you're living like a pig, and I've never see you look this trashed.

Lucky: Well, you know what? It's all about to turn around. Mac -- he's going to hire me back as soon as I bust Jason Morgan.

Jason: Where did it happen? Well, how much did he land? Did you guys figure out the route yet? I'll -- I'll call you right back.

Sam: Come on, Kristina.

Kristina: Jason! Could you take us on your boat?

Edward: Why on earth would you want to examine a balance sheet?

Lulu: It's time to sue them for selling faulty condoms.

Tracy: That's ridiculous.

Lulu: I say drag them through court for playing baby roulette with poor, unsuspecting customers like us. Isn't that the Quartermaine way -- to see a company wounded and bring them down.

Edward: Get back to your headphones. Nobody's suing anybody around here. Dillon knows better than to undermine his inheritance.

Lulu: Hmm, I don't know. I say you should get something out of it, Dillon.

Dillon: Thank you, Lulu. But I don't plan on suing a company I'm going to be working for someday.

Edward: Ahem. Work? What? What?

Tracy: E.L.Q.? Since when?

Dillon: Yeah, I signed up for some college courses. I figure I have some catching up to do.

Tracy: What happened to film?

Dillon: Oh, what was it grandfather said -- "A waste of my Quartermaine genes"?

Edward: What kind of a scam are you trying to run on me, young man?

Epiphany: That awful feeling you say you've got could be nothing more than the weight of keeping such a major secret.

Elizabeth: I don't really have a choice.

Epiphany: Sure you do. Tell your husband you're pregnant.

Elizabeth: And then I would have to tell him that this baby may not be his.

Epiphany: Would you rather carry on like this? The stress isn't good for you and it can't be good for the baby, either.

Elizabeth: Ok, look Epiphany, I really appreciate your concern but first, I need a paternity test, then I need to get the results, and then I will tell Lucky.

Epiphany: Then at least try pacing yourself. Better to take it easy than to continue pulling double shifts and working yourself into the ground like this.

Jax: Oh, hey.

Elizabeth: Hey. Alexis is still asleep, but if you want, I can put these in her room for you.

Jax: Actually, they're for you. I know this -- um -- probably isn't an anniversary to celebrate, but I wanted you to know that I hadn't forgotten. You know, what you did was -- was really generous and, you know, offering to be a surrogate for me and Courtney was a real gift.

Elizabeth: Thanks, Jax. I didn't think anybody remembered.

Jason: Uh -- you know what? The boat is being fixed right now, so we can't go on it today.

Kristina: When it's done getting fixed, then can we go on it?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Hey. Look who's over there -- the ice cream man. Go ahead, go get yourself some. Stay where I can see you, ok?

Jason: Obviously, I didn't know you'd --

Sam: No, I'm sorry --

Jason: Be here.

Sam: I know. She -- um -- she really doesn't understand what's going on, and I'm going to have to explain to her at some point that we can't --

Jason: All right, I just -- you know I'll try to help you. I'll just stay out of your way.

Sam: Jason, I'd like to see you. Is there some place that we can meet later where no one will see us? Just to talk?

Jason: Yeah, I know the place.

Det. Rodriguez: People have been trying to bust Jason Morgan for years; no one's ever made it stick.

Lucky: You know, I can't even imagine how many bodies Jasonís even put at the bottom of that lake. Somebody's got to stop him.

Det. Rodriguez: And you think it's going to be you?

Lucky: I got nothing to lose.

Det. Rodriguez: You don't have the authority, Lucky.

Lucky: Hmm.

Det. Rodriguez: After yesterday, you don't have the legal right to carry a badge or a gun.

Lucky: Very true.

Det. Rodriguez: You got no one to cover your back.

Lucky: Listen, I got a gun. That's all the backup I need.

Det. Rodriguez: You hung over or something?

Lucky: I had a bad night. You've had a few. It'll pass. Just give me the files.

Det. Rodriguez: It's Morganís whole rap sheet -- every acquittal, every arrest, every time we couldn't get anything to stick. The dude's Teflon.

Lucky: Ok, well, somebody didn't try hard enough.

Det. Rodriguez: Well, some of his victims are pond scum anyway -- mobsters just like him, drug dealers, stone-cold killers. Some people think Morgan ought to get a medal for it.

Lucky: Well, you know what? He can have mine because it doesn't do me any good.

Det. Rodriguez: Let me get you some help, buddy. All right, look, I know some people you can talk to. They deal with on-the-job stress all the time.

Lucky: You know what? I don't have time for this! I got a job to get back; I've got my wife to get back. Why don't you just go?

Det. Rodriguez: I was never here, right?

Lucky: Just -- I never saw you.

Det. Rodriguez: Look, I mean, if anybody finds out that I --

Lucky: Would you just go!

Lorenzo: I'll be landing another shipment this weekend. I expect the same cooperation from the Corinthos Organization, such as it is.

Jason: You stay out of my way; I'll stay out of yours.

Lorenzo: You have a better grasp of this business than I thought, Jason. No threats, no ultimatums -- that's good. You're realistic. And you recognize that neither you nor Sonny are in a position to fight me.

Jax: We all made a lot of mistakes last year, everyone working on their own selfish motives, except for you. You were always honest.

Elizabeth: Well, when it comes to protecting those you care about, it's not always easy being completely honest. It's funny how you keep secrets and they turn into lies and it's all in the name of love.

Jax: Yes, and then when the truth finally does come out, it's always a lot worse than if you'd just been honest to start with. You know, in spite of what happened, I really wanted that baby and I'm sure it would've changed a lot of things, you know.

Elizabeth: Jax, don't -- don't do that. Don't play the "what if" game.

Jax: Ok. I'm just glad that, you know, you were able to move on, that we were all able to move on.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Me, too.

Jax: How's Lucky?

Elizabeth: Um -- he's not really doing well.

Jax: I know that he was never comfortable with -- with you carrying my child. I'm sorry for that.

Elizabeth: Lucky always wanted a child of our own.

[Knock on door]

Maxie: Hi.

Lucky: Hey, what are you doing out of the hospital?

Maxie: They released me this afternoon and I need to talk to you because I know you're going to blame me for getting fired.

Lucky: We have nothing to talk about.

Maxie: Yeah, we do, Lucky. There were so many lies, I couldn't keep them straight and then I saw my dad and I had to tell him everything. I mean, I couldn't lie about the cardiac arrest after I O.D.'d.

Lucky: You know what? No one asked you to, Maxie.

Maxie: My dad is furious, but it's just because he doesn't want us to be together. He hasn't even had the chance to get used to --

Lucky: There is no "us."

Maxie: My dad is upset because he thinks you used me and we just need to prove to him that you didnít.

Lucky: You shouldn't be here.

Maxie: All I'm saying is my dad just wants me to be happy, and if we were together, he could see how happy I could be and then you will have your job back.

Lucky: We can't be together. It's not going to happen.

Maxie: My dad's going to make sure you never work as a cop again.

Lucky: Not necessarily. Your father -- he's going to bring me back in because I'm about to hand him the biggest bust of the decade.

Lorenzo: You know, timing is everything. Yours has been unfortunate. Trying to take over Sonny's business while he's self-destructing -- that has to be a challenge. And you have managed to keep things afloat, but you have hardly inspired confidence in your associates.

Jason: Business hasn't suffered. I can still protect our interests.

Lorenzo: You're not in any kind of position to take on an outside challenge, Jason. You hardly are ready for a full-out war, are you? Right now, you have so many people depending on you, so many people who need your protection. I almost feel sorry for you.

Jason: Don't push me. If you're thinking of seeing how far, I will find another way to stop you.

Lorenzo: I think you forgot about my friends in high places, my friend.

Jason: What's the purpose of this meeting?

Lorenzo: To let you know that at the moment, I'm all right with the status quo. But any sudden demands, changes, alterations, and I will shut down the Corinthos Organization permanently. You know, you don't look good, Jason. Better catch a movie, go see a ball game, relieve the stress. It will kill you.

Sam: I told you the lost-and-found would have your dolly and they took good care of her, too.

Kristina: I want mommy.

Sam: Come here. Sit down. Mommy -- mommy is still sleeping. Ok? And remember what I said -- that we have to let mommy get all the rest that she can get. Yeah? But guess what -- the doctors said that they're going to call us first when mommy wakes up, so that's really cool, right? Ok. But you know what? It is getting late and you've got to eat some supper and you got to wash up and then we'll tuck you into bed.

Kristina: Can we watch a movie, too?

Sam: Not tonight, sweetheart. I've got a meeting to go to, but Viola is there and she'll take --

Kristina: No! I want you!

Edward: I wasn't born yesterday, Dillon.

Dillon: Yeah, I know, which is exactly why I need to make up for lost time. No offense, grandfather -- you're not getting any younger.

Edward: I won't have you flimflamming me.

Dillon: You can check with the registrar at PCU. I did sign up for business classes -- marketing, economics, business tactics, you name it.

Tracy: What is this all about?

Lulu: I think he's serious.

[Dillon sighs]

Dillon: I just want to do something real with my life. Film is undependable and it's wishy-washy.

Tracy: But you love it.

Dillon: You haven't sat through one of my classes, mom! Look, I'm sorry. All they talk about is -- is shots and character arcs and film think. I mean, it -- it's fun, yes, but it's a movie, for God's sake. The most you can say about them is that they open big and make a lot of money, but you can do that elsewhere. Look at Warren Buffett, look at Bill Gates. They seem to be plenty happy in the real world.

Edward: Yes, but they give it all away. You see, we don't do that around here. We -- we reinvest in ourselves.

Dillon: Then reinvest in me.

Edward: You're serious, aren't you? He -- he is serious. Oh, Praise the Lord -- finally, a grandchild with some common sense.

Tracy: You know what? If you're serious, I couldn't be happier, but please remember I already have one son who gave up his dream to make the family happy.

Edward: Oh, please, Tracy. You never saw Ned in those leather pants. It wasn't a dream -- it was a nightmare.

Tracy: Well, I don't want to see this one get bitter and unhappy.

Dillon: Mom? I've grown up. When I was 6, I wanted to be a superhero. That dream didn't last, either. Film -- it's an escape for me. And no matter how many times I bury my head in the sand, I'm still going to come up for air and realize that the real world is there.

Lulu: Is this going to somehow be my fault?

Edward: What fault? You have brought joy into my life right on the heels of tragedy.

Dillon: Grandfather, I have a small favor to ask.

Edward: Ask away.

Dillon: If I end up having a knack for this business thing, I'd like a -- an internship at E.L.Q.

Edward: Whoa, ho-ho-ho-ho, wow. Let's break out the champagne! Oh-oh. Oh.

Tracy: Are you sure this is what you want?

Dillon: Try to take yes for an answer, mom.

Lulu: Who do you think you're fooling?

Jason: Hey, do you have a minute?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Is everything ok?

Jason: Yeah. Yeah, I -- actually, I was going to ask you that. You seemed pretty upset on the roof last night.

Elizabeth: Oh, yeah, well, just momentary overload, but I'm -- I'm doing better now. Lucky's just -- you know, I'm not going to make you listen to any more ramblings about him.

Jason: Ok. But I don't mind, so --

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, I'm getting pretty sick and tired of hearing myself talk in circles and not come up with answers and I just wish I could stop caring.

Jason: I've learned that shutting down isn't much of a solution.

Elizabeth: Well, I wouldn't mind it right now, at least until all this is over.

Jason: Until what's over?

Elizabeth: Just Lucky's downward spiral. But remember if I start talking like this again, just shake me, ok?

Jason: Uh -- I'm sorry. I can't do that.

Elizabeth: I'm ok, really. I -- I am, but thanks for checking on me.

Jason: You know, I was going to ask you something.

Elizabeth: Yeah. What? Ask away.

Jason: I know that Ric is here a lot because of Alexis, but have -- have you seen him talking to Alcazar?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I think so. They were outside in the hallway of -- outside of Alexis' room and then once in the lounge. Why?

Jason: I'm just trying to see a pattern.

Elizabeth: Well, you know Alcazar is on the Hospital Board and Ric is here all the time because of Alexis. I mean, they could be talking about bad coffee or lack of parking spots.

Jason: Yeah, yeah, maybe. But if you see them together again, will you just let me know?

Elizabeth: Ok. What's going on?

Jason: Probably nothing. But if there is, I do not want you involved. So promise me.

Elizabeth: Ok. I promise you, I will just call.

Jason: Ok. Thank you.

Elizabeth: It's kind of nice being able to help you for a change.

Lulu: Here's a headline for you -- I didn't get pregnant because you were a filmmaker, ok? Maybe if you had something made and had it released and I was some sort of groupie, that would've been hot, but your career choice has nothing to do with my pregnancy or my abortion.

Dillon: Well, believe it or not, Lulu, this has nothing to do with you. The past few weeks have opened my eyes, ok? Do you know what the odds of me making it as a director are? Zero, ok? I don't want to live my life chasing a dream that isn't there, and this company of my family's -- that's available to me. All I have to do is learn the ropes and I am good to go. It's something I can do in a classroom.

Lulu: You really think that you can sit through Business Economics?

Dillon: Well, I don't know. We're going to find out, aren't we?

Lulu: Dillon, you are so talented, the way that you see things and the way that you express yourself, and you're not like one of those jerks who's out there to make a buck. You're actually passionate about something.

Dillon: Ok, you know what? So what, Lulu? What if -- what if I was passionate about ball bearings? That doesn't have any relevance to the real world.

Lulu: Dillon, I just want you to be honest with yourself deep down. Maybe you're trying to compensate for getting me pregnant or maybe you're trying to make up for what you see as some massive cosmic error. If -- if you please your parents and you're the person that they want you to be, you won't feel so guilty that I ended the pregnancy.

Dillon: Lulu, what part of "This isn't about you" don't you understand?

Lulu: Dillon, what part of "Be honest with yourself" don't you understand?

Dillon: Well, it certainly beats sitting around the house like a couch potato, doesn't it?

Lulu: Ok, I'm quitting school for the same reasons that you're quitting filmmaking -- it's all meaningless.

Sam: See, before mommy went to sleep, she asked if I would do something special for her and I, of course, told her that I would, so I've got to go to this meeting. But, Kristina, come on. Viola -- you two have so much fun together. You're going to have fun with Viola, ok? And guess what -- guess who's coming home. Daddy Ric. Yes. When he couldn't catch the plane, he decided to rent a car, so he's going to come as fast as he can. But I promise you, once I've had this meeting, things -- they are going to be so much easier, and then we can see all the movies you want. Hey, you know what? We can do anything you want.

Kristina: I love you.

Sam: I love you.

Elizabeth: I have nothing to say to you.

Maxie: I've been in the hospital -- Mercy.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Maxie: Elizabeth, please.

Elizabeth: Look, I don't care where you've been or why you were there or even how you're feeling. I don't like you, I don't trust you, I don't want to know anything about you.

Maxie: Ok, but this is important because I've done something really stupid.

Elizabeth: Oh, gee, what a surprise.

Maxie: No, I overdosed on pills to try and get Lucky to stay with me.

Elizabeth: I know. Your daddy's not happy.

Maxie: I know, but you don't know what Lucky plans to do about that.

Elizabeth: That's because I don't want to know.

Maxie: Are you sure? Because he's doing it for you. He says he wants to redeem himself.

Elizabeth: Oh. It's a little late for that, don't you think? If he wants to get Mac to forgive him, that's his deal.

Maxie: Look, Lucky wants to bust Jason Morgan tonight.

Georgie: Ooh, you are so busted. If your mother catches you with her PDA, she will bury you. Dillon, what's with the look and the -- the glasses? When did you start wearing glasses? You used to wear contacts.

Dillon: Huh. Uh -- well, the PDA is actually -- it's actually mine. I bought it today and I'm trying to program the sucker, but I tell you, it takes a college degree just to get this thing to work.

Georgie: Ok. Um -- well, guess who's going to be the second-most-famous director in this family? Me, me. I -- I got into Mrs. Donner's beginning film class. That's the one you really liked, right?

Dillon: Uh, yeah, yeah. It's good. It serves its purpose.

Georgie: "Purpose" -- right. Um -- well, you know, I figure it would be a really great way for us to spend time together and then maybe I could figure out why you like James Cameron and Mc -- Mc -- McQ.

Dillon: McG --

Georgie: Right.

Dillon: And I hate James Cameron, by the way, but it doesn't matter.

Georgie: Oh. Well, you know, I figured that people that love each other should, you know, try and get an insight on what makes them tick.

Dillon: I run on batteries.

Georgie: What's wrong?

Dillon: Nothing. No, nothing's wrong. I'm actually -- I'm really great. I -- I decided I'm going to -- I'm going to drop film, going to take some business classes.

Georgie: Ok, Dillon, I don't get the joke.

Dillon: No joke.

Georgie: But, Dillon, you hate business.

Edward: I've decided to take Dillon on a tour of the E.L.Q. offices tomorrow, you know, to -- to reintroduce him. The last time he was there was after that rather brief and unsuccessful stint in the mailroom. But you see, now he is preparing to take his rightful place in the family enterprise.

Tracy: Don't get your heart set, daddy. Dillon's young and impulsive.

Edward: Oh, yes, but he's on the right track.

Tracy: And by tomorrow at this time, he could be an airline pilot.

Edward: You don't have much faith in your son, do you, Tracy?

Tracy: Daddy, Dillon doesn't relate to what motivates the rest of us. Bottom lines, corporate mergers, profit margins -- they hold no interest for him.

Edward: Don't you underestimate my grandson. He is bright, and he is energetic. And he's just trying to find his way. You give that kid one hostile takeover, and he will love this game. Hmm-hmm.

Tracy: Don't put his name on the letterhead yet.

Edward: You mark my words, Tracy. This whole unfortunate situation with Lulu forced Dillon to grow up. And maybe something good will come from this whole situation.

Lulu: Hello? Hello?

Man: Oh. I didn't know anyone was here.

Lulu: Yeah. He'll be back in 10 minutes.

Man: Who?

Lulu: The guy -- "Professor Peter Marquez."

Man: Pete. I think everyone calls him Pete.

Lulu: Ok, whatever. Well, I was here first, so take a number, and it won't be long.

Man: And why is that?

Lulu: Because I need a form signed to get my tuition refunded.

Man: Freshman?

Lulu: That's right.

Man: So you're dropping out of college after just two days?

Lulu: Actually, no days. Oh, wow. That's great. You don't even know me, and you're already judging me.

Man: I have to put something on the form.

Lulu: What?

Man: I'm the guy. Pete. The professor you have to convince to sign off on you quitting college before you ever started.

Maxie: Elizabeth, please, you have to do something. I know that you don't want Lucky to get hurt. And if he goes after Jason Morgan, who knows what's going to happen.

Elizabeth: Why is it every time you do something stupid, everyone else ends up paying the price?

Maxie: Ok, does that mean you don't care about Lucky anymore?

Elizabeth: Ok, I feel like this is a setup.

Maxie: No -- ugh. Look, I've seen you with Jason. I know that you guys are friends. Can't you just warn him Lucky's coming after him, or tell him to go out of Port Charles for a couple days? Anything, until Lucky calms down?

Elizabeth: Right. So I warn Jason, and you run to Lucky that I've been disloyal -- just like you did with Patrick.

Maxie: No, Lucky was the one that thought you were having an affair with Patrick.

Elizabeth: But you did everything in your power to encourage his jealousy. Guess what, Maxie, I have good news for you. Lucky and I are over. So you can live with the drug addict, and you can watch his life fall apart right in front of your face.

Maxie: All right, I'm not going to deny it. Yeah, I want to be with Lucky. And I want to help him. But more than anything, I want to make sure he doesn't get hurt. And if he goes up against Jason Morgan, he might get killed. And I'd like to believe that you still care about Lucky enough to save his life.

Jason: Alcazar is overconfident. He thinks he has the upper hand. Well, I know it's going to get ugly, Bernie. That's just a matter of time, but we are not going to war yet, ok? This is what we need to do, and this is what I want you to handle. We need to watch his every move. See who he meets with, see who he socializes with, and we need to figure out all of his weaknesses. Then we're going to lull him into thinking he's won. And that's when we hit him, hard. Hold on. I got another call. Yeah?

Lucky: Jason. Glad I caught you. It's Lucky.

Jason: What do you want?

Lucky: I have some important information. I'm sure you want to hear it.

Jason: I'm listening.

Lucky: No, no, no. In person. It's about Sam.

Georgie: Look, Dillon, no matter how messed up your life has been, you always wanted to be a director. I won't believe that that dream just disappeared overnight.

Dillon: I -- I went to class this morning -- Foreign Films and Culture -- and there was this heated debate about Kurosawa and how he translates into Western sensibility, and I realized that for the first time, I had nothing to say. And so I sat back in my chair, and I listened to Mr. Young go on and on about his vision. And I thought to myself -- "What a load of crap!"

[Dillon laughs]

Dillon: I mean -- I mean, really, how fast would that vision disappear if somebody said, "Well, Mr. Young, here's a million-dollar contract. There's no moral center, and it's based loosely on soft-core porn, but the money's good, right?"

Georgie: Dillon --

Dillon: Hey, no, I'm saying if I'm going to sell out, I might as well do it the old-fashioned way -- big business, baby.

Georgie: This is just a reaction --

Dillon: Don't say that. I know what you're going to say. You're going to say it's about the baby. It's not. The baby's dead. Ok? I'm moving on, just like everybody says I should. And I'm not going to base every decision in my life from here until I die on a child that never was.

Edward: Dillon strikes me as a very standup young man. And he wants to earn his internship, rather than having it handed to him. And if he sticks with his classes and gets -- ooh -- decent grades, that will prove his sincerity.

Tracy: Don't pressure him.

Edward: I'm just glad that Dillon came to this on his own. And remember, Tracy, this is not just helping Dillon, it's helping E.L.Q.

Tracy: How is it that a boy who has had absolutely no interest in business is suddenly an asset to E.L.Q.?

Edward: Don't forget that Dillon is a victim in this Enduro liability scandal, hmm? Now, so far, we've been able to -- to keep a lid on it. But if it should come back to bite us, it will be very nice to have Dillon on our side.

[Edward chuckles]

Lulu: So you do this a lot, professor?

Pete: What? Lose my paperwork?

Lulu: No, head games. Trick people into thinking that you're just another student?

Pete: It's a big part of our professional training. Messing with your tender young minds, confusing and alienating as many of you as we can. We actually keep score in the Faculty Club. But you don't have to worry about it, because you're quitting, so you won't be subjected to my abuse. So, who's the coward?

Lulu: What?

Pete: Your name?

Lulu: Lesley Lu Spencer.

Pete: Cute. Reason for withdrawing?

Lulu: I hate college.

Pete: And this opinion is based on the 10 minutes it took you to walk across campus and another 10 inside this office? And you think I'm judgmental? We need a better reason to satisfy the bean counters.

Lulu: All right. You want a better reason? I'm a lousy student. I had to take summer school just to get here, and that was mostly to get certain people off my back. I have seen the students here. It's really just a big playground for rich kids who want to grow up. They show up to party for four years, get drunk, hook up, and then eventually graduate. And then, that's when the dads come in and give them a job in the family business where they can pretend that they're adults. I've already grown up this past summer. So basically, this place has nothing to offer that could be remotely useful to me.

Pete: Got it.

Lulu: Yeah? What'd you write?

Pete: You're alienated, insecure, and would rather quit than risk taking a chance.

Elizabeth: Jason, please call me back when you get this. It's about Lucky, and I really need to talk to you. Ok.

Epiphany: Your victim is still in surgery. He got sliced up pretty bad.

Det. Rodriguez: Thanks.

Elizabeth: Cruz, have you seen Lucky?

Det. Rodriguez: Yeah. Um -- I heard you left. It's too bad, because he could really use somebody to rein him in right now.

Elizabeth: Why do you say that?

Det. Rodriguez: Lucky's messed up. I guess he has been for a while. But now he thinks he can save his badge by busting Jason Morgan.

Elizabeth: Save his badge?

Det. Rodriguez: You didn't know? Mac Scorpio fired him yesterday. Threw him off the force.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God.

Det. Rodriguez: And Lucky thinks by busting Jason Morgan, it's going to make it right.

Elizabeth: But he's not thinking straight.

[Det. Rodriguez sighs]

Det. Rodriguez: I didn't realize how far gone Lucky was until today.

Elizabeth: Oh, gee.

Det. Rodriguez: But there's nothing I can do unless something goes down.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Det. Rodriguez: I don't want to have to bust him.

Elizabeth: Yeah -- no, right. Thank you, Cruz.

Elizabeth: Bernie, it's Elizabeth Spencer. I need to speak to Jason. I realize that, but this is an emergency. Ok, Bernie, listen to me. I need to talk to Jason right now. Something terrible might happen tonight.


Lucky: Drop it! Drop your weapon now.

Jason: What -- what are you doing? We don't have --

Lucky: Do it now! Now back off.

Jason: Lucky, what -- what's this about?

Lucky: I'm arresting you for drug possession. You know, that deal that you had with Alexis? It's history. Lansing -- he's the new DA, and I'm sure he'd love to see you hang.

Jason: Lucky, I don't -- I don't touch drugs -- personally, professionally. Everybody knows that, ok? Every-- no.

Lucky: Huh. You do now. Yeah.

Lulu: I'm not afraid of failure. I'm not afraid of anything. You don't even know me.

Pete: Generally, when a student says they're not interested in something, they're scared to look stupid. But when they say they're not interested in anything, that's a little more pathological.

Lulu: Oh, wow. For a professor, you really don't know much.

Pete: You're intimidated. That's why you're running away. Which is a fairly typical reaction, so I wouldn't worry about it. And I wish you luck in your promising new profession. Can you say "Clean up on aisle seven"?

Lulu: Huh.

Sam: Jason?

Jason: Lucky, you don't have -- what are you doing? You don't have to do this.

Lucky: I saw you. You were acting suspicious. I searched you. I found cocaine. You know, I was surprised, because you have a reputation for not getting involved with drugs, but --

[Lucky chuckles]

Lucky: Evidence doesn't lie.

Jason: Ok, Lucky, listen, it's -- it's not going to stick.

Lucky: Mac is going to be so happy to see you behind bars.

Jason: I'm going to walk. And you're going to wreck whatever's left of your career, Lucky.

Lucky: People believe that I am the one who killed Manny Ruiz. That's why I'm the hero. Who better to bust then the dirtiest mobster in the city?

Jason: Lucky, it's one lie on top of another. You're never going to be able to keep it going.

Lucky: Well, if it's my word against yours, I win. I'm Lucky Spencer.

Jason: Lucky, you're too high to even think straight.

Lucky: I'm not an addict!

Jason: I've known you for a long time. You are too good for this. Lucky, you need help. Ok? Just put -- put down the gun and I'll try to get you the best help --

Lucky: What, you're going to help me? How the hell are you going to do that?


Lucky: You're stalling. Is someone coming? Is that it, huh?

Jason: What -- no, I don't have -- I don't have backup coming. I trust you.

Lucky: You're lying. This is an ambush! Where are they? Back off, or I will shoot!

Jason: There's no one coming.

Lucky: Where are they? I know they're here.


Elizabeth: Lucky!

Lucky: Elizabeth!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lucky: Elizabeth!

Jax: You didn't get the flowers I sent -- or my invitation to dinner.

Patrick: If we keep her sedated much longer, she runs the risk of permanent brain damage.

Nikolas: Then we have to wake her up.

Ric: I say we wait.

Nikolas: What do you think?

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