GH Transcript Wednesday 9/6/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 9/6/06


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Carly: Are you all right?

Lulu: I don't know. Um -- I keep waiting to get hit by this surge of relief -- the kind that you feel when you're making the right decision -- but so far, I just feel like I'm drowning.

Carly: Okay, does that mean you've made a decision about what you're going to do?

Lulu: I wouldn't call it a decision, exactly. Um -- Dillon really wants the baby, and he is invested and he's committed, and like I said, the Quartermaines are all over me, promising this kid the moon. So -- so I gave in, and I'm going to have the baby.

Sonny: What are you doing, Luke?

Luke: Hey.

Sonny: Welcome back.

Luke: Where'd you stash the blue label?

Sonny: Oh, I -- I've had to make some lifestyle changes.

Luke: Don't tell me you're in recovery?

Sonny: Eh, something like that, but it's -- it's not that.

Luke: Oh, man, I'm surprised and disappointed.

Sonny: Well, I think you're going to be in for another surprise. It's good to see you.

Luke: Hey. Your errand boys were very polite but uninformative. They said it was urgent that I come back here, so -- you know, I know you don't panic or exaggerate, so I ditched the delicious dish I was doing and here I am. I hope this is good.

Sonny: Your daughter's pregnant.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Jason, you were right. No one can tell someone how to live or who to love. You have to make that choice on your own. Isn't that why you came to Alexis' room to wait with me?

Jason: You promised Alexis you'd stay away from me.

Sam: I know. And I'm breaking it and I want us to try again. Can you do that? Can you do that knowing I slept with Ric?

Luke: Grape juice? You toss a bottle in my face and give me grape juice?

Sonny: Believe me, if I had anything stronger, I'd -- that's all I got.

Luke: Pregnant?

Sonny: Yeah.

Luke: Pregnant?

Sonny: Hmm.

Luke: Are you sure?

Sonny: Yep.

Luke: How'd you find out?

Sonny: I was on the Elm Street pier a couple weeks ago, I ran into Lulu, she seemed upset, I offered help.

Luke: She spilled her guts because you offered to help? That doesn't sound like her.

Sonny: Well, you know, I can be pretty persuasive. Evidently, she needed the ear.

Luke: Who's the father?

Sonny: Dillon.

Luke: Dillon?

Sonny: Yeah.

Luke: Oh, man. No wonder Tracy sent her bloodhounds out after me. She must be chewing ten-penny nails.

Luke: So what's the rest of this sordid story?

Sonny: Well, you know, look, I -- I pretty much knew that Lulu wasn't happy with the situation, and Carly told me that she kept blaming herself, and Lulu made me promise that I wouldn't say anything. But I kept thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it. If it were my kid, I'd want to know, so that's why I told you, Luke.

Luke: Yeah, and I appreciate it, believe me. What the hell am I supposed to do about it, though? Is there any more grape juice?

Lulu: Dillon doesn't have a clue about what being a parent is really like. I mean, neither do I, but I don't think he's even been around a baby. I've at least held Spencer a few times, not that that qualifies me for anything. But regardless, ready or not, here we come -- the worst parents in the history of the universe. We're going to make my dad look like the father of the year.

Carly: Lulu, no one's great at parenting right away. You learn as you go along.

Lulu: Yeah, we probably won't have to. The poor kid's going to spend most of its time with a nanny. That's the Quartermaine way -- hired help, boarding schools. God, it shouldn't bother me, but for some reason it does.

Carly: Then why don't you have an abortion?

Lulu: Because you told me not to.

Carly: No, I didn't. I told you why I wouldn't. Lulu, this is your life; you have to make your own decisions. And you have to do it from your heart, not because the Quartermaines are pushing you into it.

Lulu: But it is not just them, it's everyone. It's Lucky, it's Dillon, it's Nikolas -- he's trying to be neutral, but it's very clear what he wants. And you -- I can't fight the world to have an abortion that I'm not sure that I want. The bottom line is I don't know what I want. And Dillon is so sure about doing the right thing that I have to trust him and have it. And if the kid grows up hating my incompetent guts, then I'll just deal with it.

Elizabeth: Oh, no, I got it, thanks.

Ric: You all right?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Uh -- yeah, I just skipped breakfast this morning.

Ric: I'd be happy to go to the cafeteria and get you a sandwich if you want.

Elizabeth: That's okay. I'm going to go home, get something there. Give Alexis my best?

Ric: Will do.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Doctor: Mr. Lansing?

Ric: Dr. Trent. I -- I was just on my way to see you.

Dr. Trent: I have the results of your wife's biopsy.

Jason: I want you to be okay.

Sam: I want world peace. I want my mom not to have cancer. We all want things, Jason. Some things are impossible. I want to know if we're possible. I want to know if you're just feeling sorry for me.

Jason: Of course I'm sorry. Your mom's sick, she's having surgery.

Sam: Okay, that's it? That's all? That's it? I am someone you can pity, but I am not someone you can love, now that you know that I've been with Ric? That's right, Ric, Jason! I had sex with Ric Lansing!

Jason: Stop it.

Sam: No, I know you hate it --

Jason: Sam --

Sam: So why don't you say the words?

Jason: I don't want -- I don't want to talk about it.

Sam: I know you, Jason! I can see it in your eyes! Say it! Say that you can't forgive me.

Jason: He's my enemy! He's my enemy! Not to mention your mother's husband. You know all the sick and twisted things Ric has done, and you let him put his hands all over you. You let him, Sam. I mean, how -- how could you -- how could you do that to yourself? How could you do that to me?

Sam: No, Jason, I did it to punish me! I did it because you left me. I did it because my mother told me that I was trash. So I figured, why not be what everyone thinks I am? Ric was there. And I guess I stopped thinking at all, because the next thing I remembered, I woke up on the floor, Jason -- on the floor, and I realized what I had done, and I realized that you would hate me. And that you would probably never be able to look at me the same. 

Luke: Oh, thanks, man. Oh, God. I expect her to raise hell, get into trouble -- I mean, she's my kid, after all -- but pregnant? That's stupid, that's careless. She's got her heart out on her sleeve, and Dillon just took it -- no, wait a minute, that's not it. No, she's too smart for that. We were always totally upfront with our kids about sex and passion and protecting themselves from S.T.D.'s and the whole bit. No, no, if she's pregnant, she meant to get pregnant. It was a conscious choice that she made. Maybe she's trying to create that picket-fenced family she says she missed.

Sonny: You think it's that deep?

Luke: I don't know. I don't know. And I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do.

Sonny: Well, you know what? You came back when she needed you most. That's got to count for something.

Luke: Huh. I guess. I mean, if she were in a Bolivian jail or kidnapped or on trial for grand theft auto, I'd know just what to do, but pregnant? This should be Laura's department.

Sonny: Yeah, it should. So what are you going to do?

Luke: I haven't got a clue. There's some comfort in knowing that no matter what I do, nobody will agree with it, nobody will approve.

Luke: Sonny, I owe you one. Thank you. Thanks.

Sam: Before you ever said you loved me, I knew from how you looked at me. Even when you pushed me away, I could see it in your eyes. You can't look at me with love, knowing that I slept with Ric.

Jason: I hate him, and you knew that.

Sam: And you can't forgive me.

Jason: If -- if it would've been anyone -- anyone else, it would've hurt, but I could -- I could accept it. You know, we were -- we were together for two years, we were getting married. I know that I pushed you away, Sam, but I thought you knew how much I loved you. I guess I thought underneath the hurt, you could see that I was actually trying to save you.

Sam: "Save me"? Jason, "save me"? How many times did I come to you? I begged you to take me back. I did everything -- everything I knew how. When we were on that terrace, for a split second -- for a split second I thought it was real, and I thought everything was going to be okay. But it -- but it wasn't.

Jason: I know, okay, I know. I know that I'm the one who set all this in motion. I'm going to take my responsibility for that. The choices that I made, the way I treated you, put you in that house on that night with Ric. I know that. But you could've walked out! You didn't have to sleep with him.

Jason: But you did.

Jason: Now, I want to try to get past it. I just -- I don't know how.

Elizabeth: You're home.

Lucky: I live here.

Elizabeth: Well, I thought you were going to go to the station after your meeting.

Lucky: Yeah, I spilled coffee on my shirt, and I just need to change.

Elizabeth: Uh -- there's clean clothes in the laundry basket. I'll go get you one.

Elizabeth: I think I left them in Cameron's room.

Lucky: Oh, hey -- hey, hey, hey -- what, you don't want me to touch you anymore?

Luke: What do you know about my daughter?

Carly: Lulu? Oh, well, she's a beautiful, young, funny girl -- kind of like me. Want to be more specific?

Luke: I hear she confided in you.

Carly: If you're trying to ask me if she's pregnant, the answer is yes.

Luke: Okay. Well, how -- how is she? How is she feeling? What -- what is she going to do about it? What -- what did you tell her?

Carly: You know what? You're not going to get any information from me acting like that.

Luke: Caroline, wait a minute, I'm sorry. Maybe I got off here on the wrong foot. I'll -- I'll start over. Please, put your bloodthirsty instincts aside for a minute. I'm here for my daughter. In order to help her, I need to know what she said to you and what you said to her.

Carly: Have you seen Lulu?

Luke: Not yet. I'm going to do that when I decide what it is she needs.

Carly: She needs her father. Why don't you go see her.

Jason: I -- I don't want to hurt you more than I already have, or ask you to try again, because I can't promise to get back what we had.

Sam: Do you think I would ever sleep with him again?

Jason: No, I don't.

Sam: No. And would you ever be with Elizabeth again?

Jason: Elizabeth?

Sam: She's not my enemy. Jason, I barely know her. And I was the one who was unfaithful first, so I'm not allowed to feel betrayed that you slept with her. I'm not allowed to feel like my heart was ripped out of my chest. But I still do.

Alexis: You know anything about orchids? Because Jax gave me this one before surgery, and it's starting to look a little peaked, I think.

Ric: I don't know anything about plants, but -- uh -- it looks okay to me.

Alexis: Fresh air. I think it needs some fresh air. He said something about humidity and -- and the bathroom. I'll have to check my notes. I -- I really want the girls to see this orchid bloom.

Ric: Well, we can always call a houseplant service and get them to come tell us how to take care of it.

Alexis: You found Dr. Trent?

Ric: The nurses' station.

Alexis: How bad is it?

Ric: Only two of the lymph nodes were clean. The rest were affected.

Alexis: So the cancer spread?

Carly: Lulu was seriously considering an abortion.

Luke: Did you put your two cents in?

Carly: She asked my opinion.

Luke: Which was?

Carly: Which was I wouldn't do it because I'm grateful for my boys, but this was a decision that Lulu has to make.

Luke: And after you gave her the politically correct answer, what did she say?

Carly: She says that you regret having her. And she doesn't want her kid to grow up feeling unwanted and abandoned like she did.

Luke: Oh, God. What's she going to do?

Carly: Well, she was leaning towards an abortion, but the Quartermaines are pushing her hard to have the baby.

Luke: Well, of course they are -- a fresh heir. Edward must be thrilled.

Carly: Dillon's pushing her, too. And I think she finally caved under pressure, because when she left here a little while ago she said she was going to have the baby.

Dillon: Hey, you okay?

Lulu: I'm ready to barf. Thank you for asking.

Dillon: Um -- I actually did some internet research on morning sickness. Turns out that it's not --

Lulu: It's not limited to mornings. It can happen anytime, especially when it's most inconvenient.

Dillon: Yeah. But, I mean, the good -- the good news is that it only lasts for the first trimester. So, I mean, once you get a little bump, I mean, you won't be sick anymore. You know, a lot of women enjoy being pregnant.

Lulu: Hmm. Yeah, and I bet they actually wanted the baby. They're counting down the days 'til they can bring their bundle of joy home after a stimulating round of natural childbirth. Yum.

Dillon: Don't you think all this negative attitude is going to make the baby mad? It's a joke. I'm joking.

Lulu: Did you research that on the internet? Is that -- because, you know, actually, I've been doing my own research on the internet, as well, on teen pregnancy -- something I wish I had done before I slept with you, but oh, well -- and, actually, 80% of teen pregnancies, the guy wants nothing to do with the girl or the baby.

Dillon: So do you -- you want me to act that way? You want me to just, like, throw up my arms and walk away?

Lulu: Yeah. Right now, pretty much.

Edward: Not so fast. I need a moment with both of you. And Dillon has told me the happy news -- that you've agreed to have the baby. Now all we have to do is formalize the agreement.

Lulu: What -- what agreement?

Edward: The legal one giving Dillon sole custody of the child.

Ric: I told Dr. Trent that I -- I wanted to be the one to tell you, but, obviously, you want to meet with him and discuss your options. Uh -- I'd be happy to -- to sit in on the consultation if you want, or if you don't want me to be there, I --

Alexis: I appreciate the moral support.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: But I -- I think that we can predict what Dr. Trent is going to say. He's going to recommend the chemo. Even though he can't give any guarantees, he's going to say that's my best shot. Then I'm going to have to decide whether I want to spend the rest of my days frail, sick, tired, and bald, or if I want the cancer to just let it take its course, and be present in my daughters' lives for the time that I have left.

Ric: Look, I -- I know that the -- the diagnosis is bad, but it's not terminal, Alexis.

Alexis: If it were you, what would you do?

Ric: I'd choose option three. I would choose to believe that the chemo was going to work and that you were going to get through this. I'd choose hope. I'd like to think that you would choose it, too.

Jason: I don't even remember driving home from the lake house. I came through the door, it was dark because of the blackout. I went to the cabinet, got a bottle of tequila, and I started drinking because I wanted to forget. And the more I tried, the more I remembered -- and not just you and Ric.

Jason: But you and me. You know, the little things -- like the way you'd leave your dictionary around and look up words you didn't understand. Hawaii -- you know, we had a water fight and I threw you in the water. And then there was a knock on the door, and for a split second I thought it was you, so I opened the door, and Elizabeth was there.

[Jason sighs]

Sam: Because Lucky was on drugs, she had nowhere else to go.

Jason: Yeah, that's right.

Sam: "That's right"? Jason, what about her grandmother? What about Wyndemere?

Jason: Elizabeth didn't come here intending to sleep with me, Sam.

Sam: You know, it -- it almost would be a little bit easier if she had, because then I could be mad at her, I could resent her. You know, I do resent her, Jason -- she got to comfort you when I hurt you. That's -- that's worse than knowing that you two slept together.

Jason: It was nothing we planned. You know, it was just one night, that's it. One night we helped each other.

Sam: And now? What do you feel about her?

Jason: She's my friend.

Sam: What do you feel about me? 

Lucky: Have you -- have you heard from Lulu?

Elizabeth: Yeah, she came by the hospital earlier. But before you ask, she made it very clear she didn't want my opinion on what to do about her pregnancy.

Lucky: Well, did she say what she was planning on doing?

Elizabeth: She didn't have a chance. Edward blew in and intimidated her.

Lucky: How?

Elizabeth: He said that she better not be there making an appointment for an abortion. But I tell you, if that man doesn't back off, he's going to drive her to the very thing he's trying to avoid.

Lucky: You know, I need to get her out of that house. You know what? Nikolas and I, we're going to go over there and get her and move Lulu into Wyndemere.

Elizabeth: Lucky, listen, she's really fragile right now. The last thing she needs is her well-intentioned brothers barging in and trying to take over her life.

Lucky: You don't want me around Lulu because you don't think I can handle it. 

Elizabeth: I am just suggesting that you give her a little room, and if you can't hear that without getting angry, it's because you're trying to quit these pills cold turkey.

Lucky: Here we go back to the pills with you again.

Elizabeth: Well, is there another reason why you're jumping down my throat?

Lucky: You're right. It's just -- the withdrawal is getting at me. I'm sorry I snapped at you.

Elizabeth: I really, really wish you would reconsider rehab.

Lucky: Wait, wait -- oh, my God, rehab. We've been over this. The worst part of withdrawal is over. I don't -- I'm going to meetings. I'm going to meetings. That's -- that'll be fine.

[Door slams]

Jason: When you first came to live with me, you used to ask how I could -- could have room for you. You know, you -- you couldn't figure out how my life could be so empty that you could live here. Well, I figured it out. I can't let go of things. You know, I loved Robin. She was my whole life. Anything she told me, I accepted that it was good and that it was right. Then she told A.J. he was Michael's father, and something -- something broke inside of me. Something -- I couldn't -- I couldn't love Robin anymore, not -- not like I did before, so she just -- just left. Then there was Carly. You know, we were together, I was starting to fall for her. She slept with Sonny --

Sam: And something broke inside you again.

Jason: Yeah, I didn't -- I didn't lose Carly. She's one of my best friends, but I can't -- you know, I can't be in love with -- with her. I can't even make myself try. I --

Sam: Maybe we should give up, walk away with two years of really beautiful memories instead of destroying it by trying to hold on.

Jason: Is that what you -- is that what you want?

Sam: I will love you for the rest of my life, Jason. If I die tomorrow or if I live to be 100. Even if I never see your face again. You're asking me what I want. What I want is for us to try. I just -- I can't do that alone.

Jason: I don't trust myself. I don't know if I can put down the anger. But I do know if I don't try, I could lose you. I could lose you forever.

[Music plays]

Sam: Maybe you should take this back.

Jason: It -- no, that's -- that's your ring. I gave that to you.

Sam: No, Jason. Maybe you can put it back on my finger one day when we're ready to make those promises again.

Singer: Baby it's just you and me we got a thing they can't shake

[Knock on door]

Singer: Maybe it's a little hard

Sonny: It's me, Sonny.

Singer: Sometimes to take but I'll tell you something it's a life worth living just so you know

Sonny: I need you on the next plane to Buenos Air-- I'm sorry. I didn't know you had company.

Sam: No, it's okay. I have to go to the hospital to see Alexis.

Sonny: Well, I don't want to chase you out of here.

Sam: No, no, no. It's okay, Sonny, it's okay.

Jason: Hey -- it sounds like I might have to leave. When I'm away, are you going to be okay?

Sam: Yeah. Just promise me you're going to be careful.

Jason: I'm always careful.

Sam: If you say so.

Jason: Look, if you need me -- if you need me, just call Sonny. He'll get -- he'll get a message to me.

Sam: I'm going to be okay. You just call me when you get home, okay?

Singer: With your quiet smile baby, it's just you and me I wouldn't give it up, no.

Lulu: I've barely decided to have this baby, and now you want me to sign it away?

Edward: And you know something? I commend you for not romanticizing the situation. Raising a child can be very stressful. You've already said you're not ready for the responsibility, and, fortunately, Dillon has a family that is capable of providing for him and his child. So once you sign over custody to him, and after the baby is born, you're free as a bird.

Lulu: Is this what you want?

Dillon: Look, don't -- don't listen to him, okay? Um -- just know that I would be happy to take custody if you're willing to give it to me, but I want to share it with you. I mean, you -- you've been telling me all along that you're not ready for this, that you don't want the baby, that you don't think you could raise it. Well, I don't know -- I don't know, Lulu. I mean, if you -- if you do this thing, then maybe all the pressure's off and you can just relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, knowing that you're not going to have to worry about your life at the other end.

Edward: I really think this is the best solution for all concerned.

Lulu: Well, I've already gone this far. I might as well go all the way.

[Lulu sighs]

Lulu: Dad?

Luke: I heard you were facing lions, baby. I thought you could use a whip and a chair.

Alexis: Did the doctor say when I'll be able to leave the hospital?

Ric: Well, they said you're still at risk for contracting pneumonia, so it's going to be a couple of days at least.

Alexis: I can't think in this place.

Ric: You don't have to think right now, you don't have to make any decisions at the moment. It's going to be a couple of weeks before they would even start the chemo.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Hey. I'm just checking in. Do you need anything?

Alexis: Do you want to talk?

Sam: You look -- tired.

Alexis: We have to talk.

Sam: Okay.

Alexis: The biopsy results are in, and the cancer spread.

Sam: So we keep fighting.

Alexis: Ooh, you're good.

Sam: Me?

Alexis: You didn't even blink.

Sam: I am not going to lose you, so we're going to do whatever it takes. End of story.

Alexis: I'm really glad that Kristina and Molly have you to count on. I know what a huge sacrifice it is for you to stay away from Jason, and I really appreciate that.

Sam: You don't have to worry about that anymore.

Elizabeth: Pregnant.

Michael: Whoa.

Jax: Check it -- check it out. I'll show you how it works.

Morgan: I want to hold this.

Jax: This is really cool.

Michael: I know how it works.

Jax: You do?

Michael: Yeah.

Jax: Really?

Michael: Turn it on.

Jax: Oh.

Carly: Can I talk to you for a minute, please?

Jax: Hey, you know what -- yeah -- there's a button on the --

Carly: No -- out!

Jax: What -- all right, what?

Carly: You should be ashamed of yourself, trying to use my boys to get to me? I got to tell you something -- it's not working. It's not working at all.

Jax: Really?

Carly: Yes.

Jax: You know, I happen to like those boys. Okay? And as for "getting to you," the only reason you're mad is because it's working.

Lulu: I didn't realize that you were coming home.

Luke: Uh -- well, I heard you needed backup.

Lulu: You -- you know?

Luke: Yeah, I know.

Edward: You see, Lulu has made a very wise decision, Luke. She has decided to give custody of the child to Dillon. And since you have no interest in children, why don't you go back to Bora Bora --

Luke: Is this the way it's been? You just stand here mute while this old bastard calls the shots?

Dillon: No. No. I just want to do what's right for the baby, even if it means accepting the old bastard's help.

Luke: And what about you? Is this what you want?

Lulu: I don't even know if I want this baby.

Dillon: Lulu, you said that you might --

Luke: Quiet. You forget all this pressure. You forget what these people are saying. This is your decision to make, and anybody who tries to bully you into anything else is coming through me first. Now, you two, get out of here. Give us some time. I need a minute or two alone with my daughter.

Dillon: Luke, I'm the father --

Luke: Out!

Lulu: I'm really glad you're home.

Luke: Oh. Me, too, gumdrop. Me, too.

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Michael: You're going to have to work a lot harder.

Kelly: Are congratulations in order?

Elizabeth: I need to make sure I'm really pregnant.

Sam: Jason?

Alexis: Sam? Who were you talking to?

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